Rooming With Jodie

Jody was two inches smaller than me. She wore a washed out blue hoodie, faded jeans with holes everywhere, and pink trainers. I knew her - only from seeing her from afar, of course, and from the rumours about some rather nasty things she was supposed to have done - from college. She was one of these ‘rebels’, or nerds, or whatever you liked to call that riff-raff with no class at all. Her shoulder length, dirty blonde hair was a mess of tangled strands. The baby fat in her rounded, makeup-lacking face gave away the fact that she had just turned eighteen. She was young, she was sloppy and she was rude.

“You’re Chrissie?”

That was all she had said as a greeting, and before I could even start to reply, she had sat down right next to me on the small bench in my backyard, so close that our thighs touched, and disrupted a perfectly relaxing afternoon. The cloud of perfume almost made me dizzy. I tried to wiggle and get some space between us, but she followed my movement, and the only thing I accomplished was that I was now balancing precariously on the edge of the bench.

I swallowed down the feeling of discomfort from having my personal space invaded, introduced myself and hesitantly told her about the room, even though I had no inclination to share my flat with her.

If I had expected questions about the layout of the room, about using the garden or details of the kitchen, I was wrong.

Instead, she bent close to me, uncomfortably close, until her face was just inches from mine, and declared, “It’s perfect. When can I move in?”

“Uhm, listen,” I stammered, trying to be polite, “I’m going to meet another prospect later…”

I didn’t get to finish the sentence. My body stiffened and my eyes grew wide as saucers at her audacity. I tried to protest, but all that came over my lips was a feeble, “Oh!” when her hand lifted up my skirt, ever so slowly, and then her other hand went to my exposed thigh, touched it and sneaked upwards in slow motion, until it was finally pressing down rhythmically on my pussy.

I should have grabbed her hand and stopped her. At least, I should have jumped up and ran away at this moment. I don’t know why I didn’t. Something about the sheer vulgarity of watching her shameless action, of feeling her hand invade my skirt and touch my pussy through the thin fabric of my panties, touched a part deep inside. The self-assured grin she sent me from inches away stopped any left-over words from forming.

“You can tell them the room’s already taken,” she told me, and when I didn’t respond immediately, she pushed down hard on my crotch and drew a whimper from me that carried all the embarrassment, shock and - my heart started to beat like mad when I realized what these emotions were - arousal that I suddenly felt.

The hand that had lifted my skirt now dug into my purse. I never let anyone open, much less touch the insides of my purse! But I once more managed nothing but a parting of my lips in protest, because she used that exact moment to stroke her thumb over my slit, which pressed the panties into the cleft between my pussy lips and sent tingles of delight through my body.

“Call them!” she urged, pushing my cellphone into my hand. “Cancel the other appointment.”

My breaths started to come faster. My cheeks burned even hotter. I could have come up with any number of excuses.

“I lied! There’s no one else!” The smug grin that spread over her face at my admission made me want to shout in frustration.

She pulled back her hand. “The keys!”

“Listen,” I started, my mind spinning and my emotions in a turmoil.

She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand towards my purse. “The keys!”

Goosebumps spread from the spot where she touched me. I slowly dug out the ring with the spare keys, and she snatched them from my hand.

“I’ll be moving in tomorrow morning. Make sure you’ve coffee and donuts ready.” And without further ado, she stood up and left, the keys in her pocket and a spring in her steps.

I felt dumbfounded, outraged, humiliated and confused. And aroused. Incredibly aroused, but I couldn’t for the life of me understand why. I had disliked her from the moment I had laid eyes on her, but her touch triggered something inside me which I couldn’t control. It was only now that I realized how hard my breathing had become. I wanted to cry, because I could make neither heads nor tails of my own reaction. But most of all, I wanted to push my hand between my legs and finish what she had started.

I wasn’t a slut! I would not give in! I mustered all the courage I could find and headed back into the house, determined to resist these strange feelings. I’d take a stand and get back my keys as soon as she stepped inside.


I woke, bleary-eyed from tossing and turning into the late hours, and knew immediately that something was off. Then I heard it - scratching and muffled bumps. My heart sped up and I started to panic, but I finally remembered the possible cause of the ruckus. And sighed in desperation. There went all my well-laid plans.

After slipping a bathrobe over my scarcely covered body, I stepped out into the hallway and found my suspicions confirmed. The door to the guestroom - Jody’s room - stood open, and I could hear muttered expletives from within. Taking a deep breath, I pulled up my shoulders and entered the room.

Cardboard boxes were everywhere, clothes and other items strewn all over the room, and in the middle of it stood Jody, hunched over one of the boxes and cursing. Something was a bit off, but I couldn’t grasp it. It was far too early for sharp conclusions.

“Morning,” I greeted her, my voice still sleepy, and blinked a few times.

“Ah, the landlady!” She whipped around and walked towards me, stepping over the strewn possessions with a grin that immediately made me feel uneasy.

Then my eyes went a bit lower, and I stifled a gasp. “Jody!” I complained and looked quickly away, not wanting to stare at her naked legs and the tiny triangle of a green thong that barely managed to cover her pussy. She was still wearing the blue hoodie though.

“What, Landlady?”

Her voice sounded from far too close, and I took a step back. And another, because I felt her upper body touch mine. I was quickly pressed up against the wall in the hallway.

“Don’t!” I protested.

“Don’t what?” She snipped back. “Don’t get too close? Well, get used to it, we’re going to be around each other a lot. Or did you mean,” she paused and gave me time to register the sound of blood rushing in my ears, “not to touch you?”

Something pulled on my bathrobe. I started to tremble. The flaps of the robe fell apart, and then there was a silky touch on my thigh that felt electric. I looked down and gasped.

Jody’s upper legs was rubbing against mine, and didn’t feel anything like the sticky, yucky touch I would have expected. It was soft and warm and, actually, really, really nice.

“I know how you work,” she whispered while she continued rubbing her leg against mine, “you’re all uppity and play untouchable, but that’s only because you’re such a slut deep inside. Anybody could have you, if they only tried.”

“No!” I exclaimed, a hint of a whimper in my voice. “I’m not a slut!” The moment the words left my lips, I wanted to slap myself.

She only giggled.

I gasped again when her hands grabbed my wrists and pulled them downwards. Before I could realize what she was doing, my fingers touched her thighs, touched the silky, hot skin there and started to tingle.

It was a crazy feeling. The discomfort I felt towards her was still present, but it was overshadowed by something more carnal, an almost morbid fascination that entranced me and made me jelly in her hands.

“Rub my pussy,” she whispered throatily, “it’s creaming for you.”

“No,” I stammered, but my hands trailed up her thighs already, “I’m not a - a lesbian.”

“You don’t need to be. In fact, it’s much sweeter that you aren’t. Come on, rub my dirty, sticky snatch!”

Her thong was soaked. Her pelvis pressed against my hand as soon as I touched it. Dirty, yes, that was exactly what this felt like, dirty and depraved, and when she started to rock her crotch against my fingers and the fabric slid wet and slippery against them, I felt faint and aroused.

“You’re trembling.” Her voice shook with arousal and her cheeks were flushed. “God, you’ve never touched a girl before, have you?”

I shook my head, too afraid that my voice wouldn’t obey me.

Then she pulled her thong aside and my fingers were rubbing the real thing - a shaved, smooth, slick, warm, puffy pussy whose scent wafted up to me with heady strength. “Faster!” she urged and tweaked my nipples, which felt disgustingly pleasant, and thrilling sparkles shot through my breasts. I sped up my ministrations, and her breathing followed along.

Soon, she was panting and moaning while my fingers rubbed all over her dripping snatch with squelching sounds. “Slut,” she accused between moans, her voice rising in volume and pitch, “dirty slut! Fuck, I’m going to… fuck, fuck, fuuuck!”

Her whole body trembled, and she pressed herself against me, trapping my hand between us. I could feel her hips jerk and her juices dribble over my fingers. She was coming! I had just masturbated a girl to orgasm! Her moans turned into soft little whimpers, and she gently rubbed herself against me.

“Good slut,” she whispered and licked over my lips, making me freeze again, before she withdrew and winked at me.

I had never before in my life felt so uncomfortable - and never before been so aroused. I think I whimpered when she took a step back, and it didn’t escape her astute eyes. One corner of her mouth quirked up. One eyebrow went up amusedly. She tilted her head, and with a dripping sweet, sarcastic tone, she drawled, “Ow… does my little slut want to come too?”

Strangely enough, that was exactly what my body demanded with almost frightening intensity, and the few strands of modesty I was trying to hold onto wilted and snapped under her self-assured stare.

“Yes,” I finally whimpered.

“Then what’s stopping you?”

“But…” My breath hitched and swallowed the question, which got moot when she gestured towards my slightly spread thighs.

“Don’t tell me you need instructions how to finger your own pussy.”

I slumped back against the wall. My heartbeat grew faster and faster. My whole body felt like a single, tingling blush. And my fingers - my fingers dove between my thighs and slid over my own pussy, mixing our juices and sending small lightnings through my loins.

My knees parted on their own accord, and my upper body slid down the wall. The heat inside my pussy intensified with each stroke of my fingers, and small beads of sweat formed on my forehead.

“Spread your snatch for me,” Jody urged and sat down cross-legged right in front of me, her eyes riveted to my lewd action.

Like watching a movie, I saw the fingers of my free hand spread my petals apart and expose the rosy, shimmering wet folds to her. My clit stood dark and swollen from its hood, a shiny, pearly confession of my wanton feelings. The moment I saw it, the urge to flick it became overbearing, and when the tip of my finger touched it, my knees almost buckled.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled and repeated the motion. And again. My pleasure was shooting skywards with breathtaking velocity, and I knew that, any moment, I was going to come harder than I had ever before.

That was when her fingers gripped my wrists and pulled my hands away. I let out mewling sounds of protest and struggled against her, but she was stronger than me. With anger and pure need warring in my eyes, I stared hard at her.

This only amused her more. “Tsk, tsk,” she told me with a grin, “a bit eager, aren’t you?”

“Fuck off,” I snapped back and tried to extricate my hands to no avail.

“Let’s make a deal. You get to come, but on my rules.”

I tried to protest again, but she simply leaned forward and blew lightly onto my pussy from up close. Shivers of delight shot through it and tingled up and down my spine. I whimpered again.

“What?” Jody inquired.

“Okay,” I agreed meekly, desperate to reach the peak that had already been so close.

Before I knew it, she had stood up and was pulling me along behind her with one hand. I followed her, dizzy, each brushing of my thighs against the other making me acutely aware of the simmering heat between them.

Then we were in the bathroom, and she slid my bathrobe down my arms and threw it into the corner.

“This is so wrong,” I protested against her hand, which roamed over my bum and tummy, though there wasn’t much heart in my words.

“Get into the tub and lay down,” she ordered and slapped my bum sharply, making me gasp and a strange, hot feeling explode where her hand had struck.

Nevertheless, I awkwardly climbed into the bathtub under her stare, feeling insecure and more naked than ever before.

“What…” I started to ask once my back touched the cool enamel, but she was already climbing in with me.

She knelt down above me, facing me, so her pussy was right above mine. “Go on,” she told me with a nod.

It took a few moments until my fingers found the comfortable touch again, and I once more blushed all over. But then my clit started to send these wonderful tingles again, and I forgot all about modesty. I rubbed it and circled it and flicked it, and my breaths turned into moans.

The pleasure between my legs built into a spiral of epic proportions, swirling and clenching, pure lust dripping from my pussy in rivulets. I was getting closer and closer, hotter and hotter, and my moans turned into whimpers and meowls.

“Look at me,” Jody hissed just when I was about to explode, and in the short moment it took to meet her hungry gaze, something warm and wet started to spread over my hand.

“Oh god!” My exclamation of shock was quickly drowned out by a climax that shot like a hurricane through my loins and sent every nerve in my body tingling with incredible sparks. I writhed and moaned, I shook and gasped, while my hand rubbed my pussy in a mad dance and Jody’s pee poured hot and dirty over both and down my ass-crack.

“Shit,” I finally declared, out of breath, happy and dreadfully embarrassed. Jody lowered her body onto mine, and it felt good to have her weight there. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt safe and kept. She grinned smugly at me, like the cat who ate the canary. She looked… cute.

I groaned. “Fuck, you’ve messed up my life, just so you know!”

I was answered by a giggle. “When I saw you and heard that you’re looking for a roomie, I just had to have you.”

“Why me?”

“You’re all uptight. And you’re pretty.”

I blushed. I mean, girls give each other compliments all the time, but this didn’t feel like a girl’s compliment at all. “Thank you. But I’m…”

“...confused. Because you’re not a lesbian.”

“Hu-huh.” I nodded.

“Well, you’re definitely not straight either, let me tell you that.”

“But I’ve never…”

She didn’t let me finish. Instead, her finger was suddenly resting on my mouth, and the subconscious part of me that had enjoyed her kinky game didn’t wait a second to make me part my lips and wrap themselves around it. There was a salty, slightly tangy taste on it, and my eyes went big as saucers.

Jody threw back her head and laughed. “God,” she declared, “you’re so funny!”

She didn’t make a move to extricate her pee-covered finger though, and at that moment, something gave way in my chest. It felt as if I was able to take a deep breath for the first time in my life. There was a giddy joy, a naughty, uninhibited freedom that filled me. I caressed her finger with my tongue, and she sighed dreamily.

I gently pulled her finger from my mouth and smiled up at her. I felt… wicked, and I mimicked the sly smile she had given me earlier. “I want to lick your pussy,” I declared.

This time, it was her turn to look surprised. “You want to lick my dirty, pee-soaked snatch?”

“Uh-uh.” I nodded, dumbfounded by my own courage.

“And if I, uhm, wasn’t completely finished peeing?” Jody asked, her voice suddenly sounding extremely throaty.

“I guess I’ll have to…” My heart did a painful somersault before I could muster the courage to continue. “...swallow, don’t I?” My own throat didn’t feel any softer than hers sounded.

“God, I love you!” Jody got up onto her knees again, a warmth in her eyes that made my insides melt.

She crawled up toward my head while I slid down the tub, and then her pussy was right above me, wet, puffy, with tiny golden pearls clinging beautifully to her soft folds. I leaned towards it, and she lowered her hips at the same time. Before I knew it, my tongue was delving through the soft folds of skin and tasting her mix of sweet, heady pussy-honey and sharp, salty pee, and I echoed her sigh of delight.

I felt her tremble a little and noticed her thighs tighten. Then she purred above me and short, small spurts of pee shot from her pussy. The first one covered my face, but I aimed my mouth and let it get filled. I didn’t really taste bad, but I had never before in my life felt so naughty. Jody’s delighted moans and the needy jerks of her hips were like music. I swallowed and kept licking her pussy between spurts, which came more sparingly soon.

Then I was licking faster and faster, pushing my tongue up her channel to tickle the soft, slick walls there and licking through her pussy with long strokes that ended with flicks to her swollen clit.

“Fuck!” She exclaimed, her breath ragged and her body shaking with every touch of my tongue. I loved to be able to do that to her, and I licked for all I was worth.

“Fuck! Fuck! Chrissie! Yes! Ohhhh yesss!” Her thighs clamped around my head and fluid gushed from her pussy. I couldn’t tell if it was pee or cum or both, I simply held on for dear life and kept licking until the last of her jerks had run its courses and she was breathing more regular again.

“Fu-hu-huck!” she purred and crawled backwards, her eyes shining with fulfillment, until we were at the same level again.

She rested her weight on me once more, and this time, there was no embarrassment. I kissed her, long and wet and lovingly, and our tongues danced and my tummy was filled with thousands of fluttering butterflies.

“I love you,” Jody whispered into my ear.

“I love you too,” I answered and kissed that sensitive spot right between shoulder and neck. “I shouldn’t, not with the way you went after me; the way you treated me.”

“But you do nonetheless,” she told me with a wide grin, “because you’re a dirty girl, and I finally treated you like one.”

“I disliked you the moment I saw you,” I confessed.

“Because you’d have otherwise had to accept that naughty side of you.”

Was that it? I looked at her relaxed face, the lips that could say such dirty things and sneer so intimidatingly. I looked at her breasts, small and firm, adorned with two delicious nipples. I lifted my head a bit and looked over her back and towards her tight buttocks. What would it feel like to kiss her in between them?

I sighed. “I guess you’re right. I still can’t believe all this, though…”

“Just wait until I tell my friends!”

“Tell your friends?” Panic filled me. “You can’t! Oh god!”

Her finger on my lips shushed me, and her lips and tongue on my earlobe made me lose my line of thought. “They’ll love it. They’ll love you. And I’m sure they’ll want a demonstration.”

“Oh god,” I groaned.

“They’ll want to see you lick my pussy and swallow my pee. They’ll get all horny doing so and we’ll watch them diddle themselves or make out with each other.”

My breathing started to fly.

“If they behave, I might let them pee in your mouth too, allow you to drink their yummy pee from between their legs. How does that sound?”

I had no words. I kissed her, hard, pulled her to me almost painfully, and a second later, we were rubbing our pussies against each other’s thigh, both of us moaning feverishly.

The night Jodie rocked my world x

She was my best friend, Jodie was her name and she was a regular in the bar where I worked. I never would of guessed that she was interested in girls, she always told me she loved me and that I was her baby but I guessed that to be affection.Then one night after she had been drinking in the club where I worked, I invited her to follow the night through at my flat which I shared with a friend, my friend was out for the night looking after her mum. Jodie, Isobel and Darren came...


The night Jodie rocked my world x

She was my best friend, Jodie was her name and she was a regular in the bar where I worked. I never would of guessed that she was interested in girls, she always told me she loved me and that I was her baby but I guessed that to be affection.Then one night after she had been drinking in the club where I worked, I invited her to follow the night through at my flat which I shared with a friend, my friend was out for the night looking after her mum. Jodie, Isobel and Darren came...


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Rooming With Jodie

Jody was two inches smaller than me. She wore a washed out blue hoodie, faded jeans with holes everywhere, and pink trainers. I knew her - only from seeing her from afar, of course, and from the rumours about some rather nasty things she was supposed to have done - from college. She was one of these ‘rebels’, or nerds, or whatever you liked to call that riff-raff with no class at all. Her shoulder length, dirty blonde hair was a mess of tangled strands. The baby fat in her...


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In The Barn With Brad

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