Teenage Boy Has Sex With His Adult Neighbors - Part Two

We learned in Part One of this story that I was a sixteen year old virgin boy named James with a very thick, nine inch long cock, but everyone called me Jimmy. My neighbor Norm was forty-two at the time. His wife Lindsey was forty-one and their son Todd was eighteen and away at college.

I went with Norm to open up his lake cabin for the summer. We were skinny dipping on an unusually warm day for spring in Wisconsin and he convinced me that we should masturbate one another on the boat. That evening he let me look at some porn videos, with one showing an adult male and a teenage boy sucking each other’s cocks. Norm convinced me to let him suck my cock, and I also sucked him but didn’t like it that much. Part One ended on his bed after he sucked my balls, perineum and asshole.

Part Two:

I rolled off of Norm’s face and lay back on the bed after he ejaculated onto his stomach. He had previously swallowed my big cum load while I was on top of him on the couch in a sixty-nine position fucking his mouth. Then I sat on his face as he enthusiastically sucked and licked my testicles and ass. I found myself experiencing a perverse thrill at having a grown man begging me to allow him to suck my cock and then to feed him my ass.

It felt as if my psyche had changed in a matter of hours from that of an innocent teenager, to the point that I enjoyed having such influence over him. He was acting irrationally because of his sexual hunger. I wanted to understand his mindset, and comprehend how he could become so submissive to a boy my age and do such nasty things.

He was lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling when I said, “Damn, Norm, that was pretty nasty sucking my asshole, as if swallowing my cum and sucking my sweaty balls were minor things. And you even said that you liked to suck cocks, even if they aren’t clean or are wet with piss. Strangely, I enjoyed what you did for me, but I’m trying to understand how you got this way.”

Norm replied, “Yeah I know, Jimmy. I’m ashamed of myself sometimes but I couldn’t seem to control my urges for you today. All of this started over eighteen years ago. Lindsey was a Sunday school teacher for sixteen and seventeen year olds at our church. Her breasts were huge, just like they are now, and she attracted a lot of attention from the boys in her class.”

He paused for a few moments and leaned over to give my soft cock a couple of sucks and then continued, “We don’t have time for me to get into all of the details, so I’ll give you the highlights. She was on an overnight church outing, and a couple of the boys hit on her after the others went to bed. She was only twenty-two years old at the time and almost a kid herself. One thing lead to another and both of those boys fucked her that night. The really unfortunate thing was that she wasn’t on birth control since we were trying to have a baby.”

I was shocked to hear a story like that and said, “Fuck, Norm, you must have been furious with her.”

Norm replied, “She came home the next day and admitted everything to me. I was angry at first, that is, until I begged her to tell me all of the details. She told me that she resisted their advances until the boys pulled out very thick cocks, one being over eight inches long, and she sensed their strong sex pheromones. You can just imagine that my thin, four and a half inch dick can’t satisfy her like a big cock can. So I didn’t know what was wrong with me; maybe I was just feeling inferior because of my small dick. Anyway, hearing about her fucking those two boys got me so aroused that I wanted to watch them fuck her.”

It was hard to believe his story and I said, “Come on, Norm. What self-respecting husband would willingly give his wife to two boys to fuck? And what is that sex pheromones thing all about?”

He replied, “Maybe that’s it. Maybe I just don’t have any self-respect. Lindsey explained the pheromone issue and it sounded plausible to me. She told me that after she turned sixteen, boys had an unusually strong attraction to her. Lindsey was also attracted to the boys, and was especially drawn to their taste and body aroma. She went to her Ob/Gyn doctor for a routine check up and told him about the strong mutual attraction she had with boys. That’s when he explained the pheromone phenomenon.”

Norm leaned over to give my cock a few more sucks and then continued, “The doctor’s research indicated that some men and women have a genetic disposition to much higher, abnormal levels of sex pheromone production. Those people are also more sensitive to the sex pheromones of others. Such women can have very strong urges to have sex with men, especially during ovulation, and of course the men are also strongly attracted to them at that time. He felt certain that she was one of those women who produced unusually high levels of sex pheromones, based on his own attraction to her.”

“The doctor postulated that someone with high levels of those pheromones will also experience heightened sensitivity with other senses. For example their partner might taste better and the body aromas they can consciously smell will be very attractive to them. Also, women in that condition seem to be able to select the men with larger genitalia. One other thing is that men and women with high pheromone levels seem to be especially attracted to the smell and taste of vaginal fluids and semen of others, even of the same sex. He surmised that those bodily fluids also contain high levels of human sex pheromones.”

I asked, “So you actually believe that strong sex pheromones were the cause of her fucking those boys?”

Norm continued, “I trusted Lindsey and her explanation seemed believable to me. Besides, I wanted to watch her fuck those boys and the pheromone explanation helped me to accept the whole thing. We invited the boys over as often as we could and they were fucking her at least three times a week. It didn’t take Lindsey very long to get pregnant. We never had Todd tested to find out if I was the father, but I’m pretty sure that one of those boys knocked her up since I was only rarely fucking her. After the boys found out she was pregnant, they really started dominating me. I gladly did everything with them that I did with you today, and even more.”

I was feeling bad for him and asked, “So how did all of that end up and how do you feel about yourself now?”

Norm explained, “I got to the point that I wanted and needed to be submissive to those boys. Over time they brought some of their friends over and I was sucking cocks and eating cum almost every day. As you know, boys that age can cum multiple times with little rest in between.”

“After two years of that I got a job with the company I’m working for now, and was transferred away from that town. Besides, Todd was almost old enough by then to be able to see that our way of life was not normal. It’s been almost eighteen years since we’ve done anything like that. I know that deep down; I still crave the feeling of being submissive to teenage boys with big cocks. So when I saw your huge cock on the boat today, all of those feelings were refreshed in my mind.”

I didn’t know whether or not Norm was hinting that Lindsey might be available to me. Even at forty-one years old Lindsey was still a stunning woman. She’s five feet and five inches tall and weighed about one hundred and twenty-five pounds at that time. Her shoulder-length, light-brown hair was silky smooth and complimented her jade-green eyes very nicely. She also had rather large D-cup breasts and a tight, shapely ass. I just had to know what Norm was thinking and asked, “So where do we go from here, Norm?”

He replied, “Well, Jimmy, a lot of that depends on you. I can’t guarantee that Lindsey will be receptive to fucking a teenage boy again after all of these years. I’m willing to try to make it happen for you, with no promises, if you can help me to relive my past. All you have to do is agree to let me continue doing the things with you that we did today. I will do anything that you tell me to do, no matter how disgusting or repulsive you think it might be. I’ll even let you do things to me that you haven’t even thought of yet, like those other boys did.”

I didn’t expect Norm to lay everything out so clearly and unashamedly and I knew that I would agree to his offer. I was curious about something though and said, “Fuck yeah, Norm. I’ll let you suck my cock and balls all you want to get a chance to fuck Lindsey. But what other things did those boys do with you?”

Norm said, “Well, I guess there are really only three things that we didn’t do today. You sat on my face and let me suck your ass tonight, but it only lasted about fifteen minutes. Those other boys would sit on my face for even longer, taking turns as they each fucked Lindsey. They didn’t bother taking showers first either. I just loved the smell and closeness of having my face buried in their hairy ass cheeks, even though it was hard to breathe sometimes. The other thing I did was suck their cum from her pussy. Sometimes that was the only break I had from the face-sitting.”

He looked at the ceiling, as if he was thinking about saying the third thing. He continued, “The third thing will sound even nastier. Remember when I said that I didn’t mind if you had just finished pissing before sucking your cock? Well, those boys actually pissed into my mouth. I didn’t enjoy it at first, but then realized that the feeling of their urine spraying into my mouth actually turned me on. I even got beer for them sometimes just so they would feed me more of their piss. I researched it years later and found out that urine is basically sterile when it is fresh from a healthy person with no medical problems or a urinary tract infection. I hope that doesn’t seem too disgusting to you.”

I thought about what he said for a minute and said, “Sure, Norm, I guess I can do those things if you really want me too. I was surprised at how good it felt when you were tonguing my asshole. And maybe you can supply me with some beer too when I’m over at your home playing with the trains. Do you think it will take a while to see if Lindsey’s interested in fucking me?”

Norm laughed and said, “Damn, Jimmy, I can see that you are anxious to get your big cock into her cunt. The best approach might be to find out if you produce high levels of those pheromones. It would probably be easier to do that up here at the cabin this summer. Since we’re always changing out of our clothes into bathing suits, you can leave your dirty underwear and shorts out on the bed or in the bathroom where she can find them. If she finds them, sniffs them, and is attracted to you, she might leave her dirty panties out for you to find. If that happens, it should be fairly easy to get you two together. But I had a vasectomy about ten years ago, so Lindsey is not on birth control anymore. We’ll just have to decide what to do if and when you two get together.”

The next two weeks were such sweet torture. I knew that I was going with Norm and Lindsey to the cabin for the four day Memorial Day weekend and I so much wanted to fuck Lindsey. They took off from work and I took off from school on Friday so we could make it a longer vacation. Todd was going to Michigan with his girlfriend, so I would be alone with his parents. At least Norm sucked me off every day I went over there. I enjoyed his mouth’s daily love fest with my cock and balls and I even pissed into his mouth a few times after he gave me beer to drink.

Memorial Day weekend finally arrived and we left early on Friday to go to the cabin. I rode in the back seat of their car and they were in the front. Lindsey was more talkative with me than she usually was and it seemed like she was turned in her seat looking back at me for most of the ride. I was so turned on thinking about fucking her that my underwear was wet with precum.

We arrived mid-morning and everyone helped unload the car and put the groceries and other supplies into the refrigerator and cabinets. Then I rode with Norm back to the gas station, which was about six miles away, to get the gas cans filled up for the boat. On the way back to the cabin Norm said, “That’s a good sign that Lindsey was talkative with you on the trip up here. She might have been affected by your pheromones. So when we get back, be sure to leave your dirty underwear and shorts on your bed after you change into your bathing suit.”

I put on my bathing suit and left my clothes on the bed. Norm and I went outside and carried the gas cans out to the dock. He was pouring the gas into the boat’s tank and I walked by the cabin on my way to the garage to get the ski rope and skis. I glanced in my bedroom window and saw Lindsey holding the crotch of my underwear to her nose. She breathed in deeply for what seemed like a minute before she stuck out her tongue and licked and sucked the precum stains in my underwear. She was rubbing her pussy through her shorts the whole time she was sniffing and licking my precum.

My mind was racing and my cock was hard from watching Lindsey. When I got back to the dock I told Norm all about it. He smiled and said, “I have to admit that I told Lindsey about your big cock, but not about me sucking you. You’re the same age as the boys were when she fucked them that first time. She must want to see if she is strongly attracted to your smell and the taste of your cum. Just act as if nothing has happened and then you go in and smell her panties to see if you are attracted to her scent.”

Lindsey finally came out to the dock and she was wearing a tasteful, but skimpy bikini that showed off her big breasts and sculpted ass. It was hard to focus on anything else, knowing what she had been doing with my underwear. We skied for a while and sat in the sun and she continued to be nice and even attentive to me. My bathing suit was not that tight or revealing, but that didn’t stop her from trying to see the shape of my cock as I moved about.

I went inside to use the bathroom while both of them were outside. On the way back I glanced into their bedroom and saw her bra, blouse, shorts and panties on the bed. I glanced out the window and saw that they were still on the dock, so I went in. The gusset of her panties was damp with the sweat of the day and what had to be the juices from her wet pussy. I held her panties to my nose and breathed in my first smell of a grown woman’s cunt. Her scent was intoxicating to me and I licked the gusset with my tongue.

Then I brought her bra to my nose and just loved the scent of her womanly flesh, which had just a hint of perfume. I never really believed Norm’s explanation about the pheromones, at least not until then. I thought her scent was having a much greater affect on me than could be explained by just her natural odors.

I was becoming suspicious that Lindsey and Norm were in on this little charade to trick me into discovering my attraction to her. Of course, as a teenage boy, it wouldn’t take much to get me interested in fucking a gorgeous woman like Lindsey, under any circumstances.

When I got back out to the dock, Norm was across the lake on the boat, talking to some of their friends. I sat on the dock close to Lindsey’s lounge chair and adjusted my bathing suit so she could see the shape of my soft cock if she looked down there. I was close enough for her to sense the precum in my bathing suit, if she really was that sensitive to pheromones.

We just talked about skiing and boating for a few minutes until she rested her hand on my shoulder and said, “We’re so happy you were able to spend the long weekend with us, Jimmy. You’re so mature for your age and it’s almost like having another adult with us. Norm told me that he has sometimes given you beer to drink when you come over to our home. Would you be a dear and get us both one from the cooler?”

I got up and stood with my crotch close to her face, hopefully without being too obvious, and then got us a beer. I handed her a beer and sat back down next to her drinking mine. Then I said, “I appreciate so much that you and Norm let me enjoy your cabin with you. I really like both of you a lot. You’re a lot more fun than my high school friends.”

From the way I had adjusted my bathing suit I knew that she was getting a good view of the shape of my thick cock. She continued the conversation saying, “You know, Jimmy, I can’t help but notice how much you have matured physically this summer. I guess those teen hormones must be raging in you now. Are you dating any girls that might help you relieve some of that pressure?”

It was obvious that she was trying to find a way to get me to tell her about my sexual experiences. I decided to be honest and compliment her at the same time. So I smiled at her and said, “I wish I had a girlfriend. But most of the girls my age seem so immature and girlish. I’d like to find a girl who is more mature. And I have to tell you that none of the girls my age are as beautiful and sexy as you are, Lindsey. I don’t know how you keep yourself looking so good.”

Lindsey beamed with joy at hearing my compliments. She placed her hand on my shoulder again and said, “Thank you so much, Jimmy. I try hard to stay in shape and I’m glad that a handsome and strong young man like you notices it. Don’t be discouraged, Jimmy, you never know when you’ll get a chance to relieve that pressure with someone.”

Just then Norm came cruising back up to the dock and tied up the boat. I noticed that Lindsey lifted her eyebrows in some kind of non-verbal communication with Norm, and I had no idea what that was about. We sat around and swam for a few more hours before deciding to clean up and get ready for dinner. Lindsey went up her shower first while Norm and I sat on the deck and talked.

Our backs were to the cabin and Norm put his hand on my cock, saying, “Lindsey gave me a little signal that she really likes you a lot. I’ll find out more tonight, but she must have liked the aroma in your underwear and enjoyed talking alone with you. So tomorrow after breakfast, when we’re changing into our bathing suits, you need to masturbate and leave some of your load in your underwear for her to find. If she is really turned on by you, then she will probably leave her panties nice and wet for you too. That should get things started.”

The next morning I did as Norm suggested and quickly masturbated before going down to the dock. I left about one third of my load in my underwear so it wouldn’t be too obvious. Norm and I headed out the door to the dock and Lindsey said she would be down in a few minutes.

I doubled back to look in the window to see if she went to my room. Sure enough she went in there and reached for my soiled underwear. She took a deep breath and then sucked the cum out of them, before rubbing the wettest part all over her face and holding them over her nose for a little while. She turned to head for the door so I hurried to catch up with Norm. I told him what happened and he said, “That’s perfect, Jimmy. She must love your pheromones and cum. You should make some excuse to go back to the cabin in a while, and jerk off into her panties. She’ll know for sure then that you want to fuck her.”

We skied and swam for a while and I made an excuse to go back to the cabin to use the bathroom. I immediately went to their bedroom and found Lindsey’s panties. The gusset was soaked with much creamier juices than the previous day. My cock was raging hard, and I decided to send her a message of my own. I wrapped her silky panties around my fuck meat and started jacking it. In the state I was in it only took me a couple of minutes to ejaculate a huge load of my semen and sperm into her panties. I waited for a few minutes to calm down. Then I left her cum-filled panties on the bed as an unmistakable sign that I was there and became excited by them.

I went back out to the dock as if nothing had happened, and Lindsey immediately went inside. When she came back out about fifteen minutes later, her face was flushed with sexual arousal. She sat next to me and said, “I have to thank you for the nice present you left in my room, Jimmy. It was thick and tasted so good. You must have really liked the soiled panties I left for you too. Norm told me that you wanted to fuck me and would be turned on by my wetness and smell. We’ll let you rest your big cock out here for a while, and then I want to be your first fuck. I’m so happy that my nasty, cock sucker husband has found me some big, hard, teen cock to fuck.”

We sat on the dock and talked for another hour or so, and then headed to the cabin, ostensibly for lunch. All pretenses were off though, and Lindsey took me by the hand and led me to their bedroom. I sat on the bed as she stood in front of me and removed her bikini top. Her huge breasts swung free and she stepped closer, pulling my mouth to her nipple. I could hardly believe my luck at being able to fondle and suck the breasts of a mature woman like her. Her tits were so round and heavy, and sucking them gave me an immediate hard on.

I continued sucking her tits as I reached down to push her bikini bottom to the floor. I pulled back to look at thick labia, covered in a neatly trimmed layer of brown hair. She was wet and I could smell her arousal. Then she pulled away and laid back on the bed saying, “Come on, Jimmy boy, let’s see that big cock of yours.”

Norm moved in behind me and pulled down my bathing suit and pushed me onto the bed. Then he took off his suit and sat in a chair by the bed as I lay down next to Lindsey. She quickly twisted around in the bed until we were in the side-by-side sixty-nine position, and she took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me. I was staring at my first pussy, and I loved the aroma of her womanhood.

She struggled to take more of my cock into her mouth as I began tonguing and sucking her wet pussy. The taste of her juices was amazing, and having my mouth on her hairy labia brought back memories of Norm’s story about her fucking those other teens so many years before. We were only sucking one another for a few minutes before she pulled back and began turning around in the bed. She laid next to me and kissed me passionately, pushing her tongue into my young mouth. Then she said, “Fuck me now, Jimmy. This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and I need it inside of me now.”

I rolled on top of her and started pressing my oozing cock head into her vulva. She moaned and squirmed beneath me as I shoved more and more of my thick cock into her. I initially bottomed out on her cervix with two inches left to go. Then I kept pressing as she swiveled her hips, and something shifted inside of her. I was buried to the balls in that beautiful woman’s hairy, wet, mature cunt. The feeling of a wet pussy gripping tightly around my cock was even better than being sucked by Norm and Lindsey.

She aggressively humped back against me as I fucked her sweet pussy with long, fast strokes. Norm got onto the bed between our legs to watch my big cock move into and out of his wife’s wet cunt. Lindsey’s head was thrashing back and forth as she screamed out, “That’s it, Jimmy, fuck my unprotected, married cunt with your huge teen cock. It’s been two weeks since the end of my last period so this is risky, but I’ve just got to feel your young cum shooting into my pussy anyway.”

I remembered that Norm said she wasn’t on any birth control. Even I knew from taking sex ed in high school that two weeks after her last period could be her most fertile time. The creamy pussy juice in her panties was another sign that she could be ovulating. For some perverted reason it excited me knowing that Lindsey had no protection from the big load of virile teen cum that I would soon be shooting into her.

Lindsey already had one orgasm and was starting her second one as I was overcome with lust and my cock began throbbing in her pussy. I held my cock head against the mouth of her womb and shot my third load of the day into her. The arousal of having my first piece of pussy helped me shoot a big load of semen and sperm. I stayed on her, slowly fucking, as my cock deflated.

When I finally pulled out and rolled to the side, Norm moved between her legs and began sucking my cum from her pussy. Lindsey pulled me over to kiss her as Norm continued cleaning her cunt. Then she pushed me away and said, “Jimmy, look at that sick excuse for a husband gobbling down your young semen and sperm. He just loves eating man juice.”

Norm finished sucking Lindsey and then moved between my legs to clean my cock and balls. He didn’t show the least bit of embarrassment at sucking me in front of his MILF wife.

We finally left the bedroom and had lunch, before spending the rest of the day on the dock and boat. We enjoyed talking about everything that had happened and made plans for the rest of the weekend. Lindsey insisted that I sleep with them in their bed on Saturday and Sunday nights, and we all went nude when we were in the cabin. I fucked her many times each day, only stopping to let my cock recover periodically.

Norm cleaned Lindsey’s pussy and my cock after each fucking, and he also spent time sucking my balls and ass when we were resting in between. Lindsey didn’t hesitate to degrade Norm in front of me for being a disgusting, cock and ass sucking cuckold. We continued drinking beer all weekend, and Lindsey and I both pissed into his mouth to debase him even more. We fucked the last time on Monday afternoon, just before the drive back to Madison.

I continued to visit them every day in their home and at the cabin on weekends. I was fucking Lindsey at least once every day, and never used condoms or protection of any kind. Two weeks after the first time I fucked her, they let me know that Lindsey missed her period and I was most likely the one who had impregnated her. They decided that they were going to keep the baby, and I enjoyed fucking her during her pregnancy, up until two weeks before the delivery.

They had a beautiful baby girl, and I soon learned the joy of sucking mother’s milk from her breasts. I continued fucking her and letting Norm suck my cock for another year until I moved away to go to college, and still enjoyed them whenever I came home on holidays. I look back and consider myself to be so lucky to have had such lustful and sharing neighbors who taught me the joys of sex.

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