Community Involvement Ch. 12

The two weeks that comprised the end of term one holidays in New South Wales, which also included Easter this year, had come and gone so fast. It only seemed like yesterday that I had left the mercurial Clare on what had effectively been the last school day of the term for Clare and I; the government schools still had the Friday to negotiate.

My wife worked through the break, as was usual (she referred to bank her leave and use it during our summer holiday period). However, my daughter and I had not done anything overly exciting during that time but, then again, it had not been boring either. A bike ride or two and a game of squash and tennis, things of that nature, had filled in some time, plus some school assessment tasks required a visit to the library for additional research. We had had a good time together regardless and the days had slipped by quickly. To my pleasant surprise, leading up to the last Friday of the break, one of her friends had asked her around to their place. After dropping her off early that morning I had taken the opportunity, after doing a few domestics, to put the feet up and relax.

“Arrgghhhh! Who the fuck…” I moaned and cursed under my breath.

The phone had rung which made me jump; startling me back to reality from the cosy, dreamy world I had slipped into, remembering that last week of term one and all that amazing sexual activity I had come my way (pun intended). That had been one crazy week for me, and I would gladly do it all again and again and again.

“Hello?… Ray?”

“Yes,” I replied, still trying to clear my head.

“Sorry, it did not sound like you at first. I hope I haven’t disturbed you too much?”

The soft, lilting intonations of the soothing, friendly female voice on the other end of the land line, slowly filtered into my foggy brain, “If you can, I would love to see you around here, but only if you have the time? I bumped into Daniella while I was on the return leg of my morning walk and she told me that you had just left after dropping your daughter off at her place. So I… ” Her voice faded out, but I was not sure if it was intensional or just the bad line.

“Sure, Michelle. Like you said, I am flying solo today. Is everything okay?” I asked.

My senses had flown into hyper-drive upon hearing her sultry voice. I had not expected to hear from my dear, lovely and extremely sexy neighbour for at least another three weeks.

“All good. I dropped my son off last night at a mates house and now, like you, I have some free time. I know surprises are not your thing, but… ”

I listened closely as the land line connection was not a good one… I got the distinct impression that she was up to something. “Are you sure?”

“Definitely! I was just pottering around wondering what to do with myself. You know how it is, sometimes having unexpected free time can be difficult to fill in. Anyway, I thought of you, as I do often when I am alone (this last comment was made in a hushed sext tone), and I got to wondering if you might like to come around and catch up… ”

“What are you up to?” I asked warily. I knew that she was conjuring some sort of mischief, which knowing Michelle would be of the ‘fun’ variety, but I did not want to go spoiling things for her either. As she said, I am not usually good with surprises but for this particular lady, I was willing to make an exception.

“Little ol’me?” she asked in a really bad Henny Penny voice. Her laugh that followed her reply brightened my day considerably.

“I will be on your doorstep in about five!”

“Could you make it ten? That would be so excellent if you could. See you then.”

She promptly hung up. I shook my head in disbelief, not only at the coincidence of both of us being sibling free on the same day during the school holidays, but also at the rather unusual verbalisation Michelle had used.

“Oh well,” I said out loud to myself, “beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, it is a great opportunity to tell her my news about Clare and the music tour.”

The day was a touch grey and overcast. Though the clouds were not low and foreboding, the light was still dull and uninspiring. Everything looked drab… to be expected when winter is approaching I suppose. However, I was not going to let the weather keep my heart from soaring as I hopped the small fence into Michelle’s carport, rounded her small silver grey Mazda 3 and bounded up onto her veranda.

I rang the doorbell. A long moment of silence greeted my ears as I stood there eagerly awaiting the door to open. I was just in the throws of ringing again when Michelle finally answered.

“Hi Ray!” she said excitedly. “Um…sorry, I got caught with another phone call, and therefore, I misjudged the time it would take for you to get here.”

“Are you okay?” I asked quizzically.

“Me! Sure. Well…yes and no.” She looked (facially) as beautiful as always, but her expression told me she was caught in two minds about something.

“Can I come in?” I asked, laughing slightly at her indecision.

“Yes… NO! Wait, please.” She looked at me smiling wanly.

“I can come back?”

“Ugh, I knew I should not have rushed,” she said aloud, although it seemed more of a reprimand of herself. She looked at me apologetically. “You don’t have a clue what I am talking about do you?”

Her infectious laugh and cute smile made me reciprocate as I shook my head.

“I wouldn’t have the foggiest. But I do get the impression you have something planned. Would it be something that you were going to deliver after your holiday, which you are now rushing to try and deliver today?”

“Very perceptive,” she said with a cute, shy look.

Hand caught in the cookie jar.” I thought looking at her expression.

“I know you don’t like surprises, but… ” Her eyes peeked at me from under her slightly down cast brow, their sky blue colour and her cheeky smile held and melted my heart, all in one quick moment.

“Sorry, I had better not leave you too much longer standing there,” she apologised and quickly continued. “Do you want your surprise straight away or should we have some tea and chat first?”

“As much as I would love to know what you are up to, I am going to take the tea option first… just so you have more time.”

“I was hoping you might say that, my dear man.” She definitely seemed relieved. “I hate to ask… but… sorry, but can you give me a few minutes to get sorted? It is up to you. You are more than welcome to come in and relax on the lounge or you can go home and come back.”

“I will be back right at this spot in fifteen minutes.”

“Cool.” The overjoyed look on her face was priceless. “Oh, Ray, do you know how to get around the back so you can enter via the deck?"

“Yep, I think I could manage that.”

“Phew, thank you. That saves me having to worry about opening the front door. Just knock and come straight in. See you in fifteen?” She promptly closed the door and I heard her squeal like a little girl as she ran off down her hallway.

Curiouser and curiouser.” I thought as I returned home.

I busied myself getting some invoicing out of the way while I waited. Twenty minutes had actually passed by the time I finally reached her rear deck / entertainment area, the site of our first ever encounter that involved anything sexual. I let those happy memories pass as I walked to her door and knocked as she had suggested.

“Come in,” she called. “Thank you for being fashionably late. I totally screwed up my timings for… well, I got behind schedule, as it were.”

“Happy to oblige,” I answered opening the door.

Michelle knew I prided myself on being punctual so her greeting, together with the sound of gratitude in her voice, made me smile and laugh to myself. I entered and immediately turned right which put me on a course straight toward my lovely hostess who was busy in her open plan kitchen. As I closed the door behind me, I noticed Michelle took a quick peek over her left shoulder but as I approached, she studiously kept her attention forward as she continued to plate up the array of small cakes she had to accompany our morning-tea.

The nearer I got the more I noticed a small upward movement of her cheek; it appeared her anticipation of my greeting her matched my own heart-felt excitement. I pressed my body into hers from behind, feeling the gentle curve of her behind as I closed my arms around her waist. I breathed deeply, the heady perfume she wore filled my nostrils with a delightful mix of florals and earthy tones. I grazed my lips across her left shoulder and gently kissed my way along the slope of her fragrant flesh up along her soft neck and nuzzled her ear. She shivered slightly as I repeated my greeting on her right side.

“Hhhmmm, you will make me weak at the knees if you keep doing that,” she breathed, obviously enjoying my greeting as she rolled her head to the side to give me better access. She snaked her left arm upward and cupped the back of my head and ran her fingers into my hair. “I have missed you too.”

“You can read my mind can you?” I asked in mocked shock.

“It’s a good read, too.” She purred, ‘Don’t stop… I was quite enjoying the way you were saying hello.”

I placed a series of small butterfly kisses from the tip of her right shoulder, up to her ear and down the other side. Michelle tilted her head each time, offering her neck to me.

“Your lucky I am not a vampire,” I whispered. “I could’ve sucked the very life blood out of you by now.”

“I doubt that my dear,” she said in a hushed voiced as she rested the back of her head on my shoulder with her eyes softly closed. “You give me life not take it away.”

I gently sucked on her neck as a vampire would have which made her giggle quietly.

“Before I forget,” I whispered to her, “I have secured the contract teaching position. I am a proper subsidised staff member for the music tour.”

“Oh Ray,” she breathed, “That is wonderful news.”

She turned in my arms and kissed me tenderly. I responded and hugged her closer, feeling the swell of her breasts against my ribs. We kissed with a soft passion that spoke of the depth of feeling between us. Long minutes passed as we entwined yourselves in each others arms and reacquainted ourselves with heated kisses alone.

Minutes passes and then, smiling broadly, Michelle broke away. “Now that was the best hello I have had for quite some time.”

I concurred wholeheartedly.

Eager to hear more of my recent achievement, Michelle told me to sit, indicating the lounge a few metres away, while she finished off the tea prep.

“So how is Clare?” Michelle finally asked as she flopped on the lounge next to me. She curled her subtle body into the corner of the cushions behind her and brought her left leg up and folded it, forming a comfortable number four shape with her right leg resting over her left ankle and planted onto the floor. I drank in her every curve, it seemed ages since I had been in such close proximity to my lovely neighbour, confidant and dearest friend…okay, lover. There, I have said it.

Her shoulder length hair was brushed to a shimmer and was cut so that the sides barely brushed upon her shoulders but followed the curve and crossed her back in a soft arc just below the nape. It suited her beautifully, which I complimented her on, causing her to blush noticeably. Her eyes were neither huge nor small, but they were as bright as a summers day at midday, despite the current external gloom. Her lips were slender and curled slightly upward at the corners, giving her a look that seemed to reflect her infectious good humour. Upon them she had donned a peach coloured lip stick, which matched her soft feminine cardigan that she wore over a simple white T-Shirt styled top with a low sweeping arc for the neckline. Her lithe legs were covered by ankle length leggings made from a stretch electric blue denim coloured fabric with a little dark blue leaf patterns running through it.

“You look sensational,” I blurted, running my eyes from foot to head and back again for the umpteenth time.

“I am glad you appreciate my efforts,” she responded warmly. “It is not everyday that I get such compliments and your eyes seem to be enjoying themselves as well.”

“Yes, they are,” I laughed at being caught out. It was not hard I suppose, I had not surreptitiously gone about looking her over.

“Clare was great,” I stated, getting back on topic. “We met up on the Thursday before the end of term. That is when she told me about the tour and that I was to be included as a staff member.” I had not personally dwelt on the events of that day all that much since, but doing so now made me sit up straight. “It’s kind of exciting now that I think of it.”

“You certainly understate things sometimes, my dear.” She laughed. “It’s not just exciting (said in a flat, off hand manner)… it is fantastic!”

We laughed together like a pair of BBF’s in an American sit-com.

“And what else did she say?” Usually when asked this sort of question by certain other people I could mention but won’t, I would sort of shy away from a direct answer. This style of question usually invoked in me a feeling of being interrogated but the way Michelle posed the question, it was not of the probing variety. It was a relaxed, communicative way of asking for more information to keep the flow of dialogue going.

“Um…well…you know... ” I trailed off, cheekily avoiding coming straight out and telling her what actually transpired.

“Ohhh, I see.” Michelle picked up her tea and sipped it and gave me a knowing stare over the rim. “You did not do much talking…again!”

“Um… no,” I admitted.

“At least you admitted to it.” She shrugged. “Not like last time. I had to pry it out of you.” Michelle looked at me and remained silent for a second or two and then threw her head back, and theatrically brought her hand to her brow.

“Oh, I am love with a serial fucker… what am I to do?” She burst out laughing at her own humour.

“Fucked if I know,” I replied. We both broke into gales of laughter, tears rolled down both our cheeks.

“Actually, I spoke to Clare earlier in the week.” She inserted this piece of information quietly with the precision of a surgeon… she knew when to strike.

“Oh, really,” I replied with raised eyebrows.

“She did not tell me about the staff appointment. I suppose she left it to you to tell me the exciting stuff. I had to ask her about instrument insurance and the like, as I am part of the tour organising committee. But she did prompt me to ask you about her aunt… Daph?”

I had just taken a mouthful of tea. Unfortunately, I sprayed it instead of swallowing as she mentioned Daph’s name.

“What…(cough, splutter)… about Daph?” I finally managed. “Sorry… it caught in the throat.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Michelle indicated the tea spray dismissively. “I have to clean the house tomorrow. Anyway, it will mostly have dried by then. I gather you have ‘spoken’ with Daph, as well as Clare, and there is some sort of connection I gather?”

“Clare is Daph’s niece… ” I did not get to finish what I was going to say before Michelle broke in; a light bulb moment for her.

You fucked Daph!” she said loudly. Not that she shouted in anger or anything, it was more out of astonishment. She looked at me for confirmation. ‘Oh my god, you had sex with dear old Daph. I don’t mean old, as in old… you know what I mean… you’ve seen her naked?”

‘Yes… I have fucked her. And my hairdresser as well, on the Monday of the last week of term. I confess my sins and pray for your forgiveness.”

“There is nothing to forgive, is there, she said, a slight look of shock on her face. “Daph… I would not have picked the one.”

I explained the circumstances of my going to see my hairdresser and then about going to see Daph. The hairdresser was just a case of right place at the right time and, as such, did not command much attention. However, for the Daph episode, I related how one thing lead to another and then to another, so on and so forth. Michelle quietly drank her tea and offered me cakes as I spoke and asked appropriate questions as I went. She even asked for explicit details relating to my discovery of Daph’s masturbatory forays and how we had ended up in the shower, and finally, even the minutest detail about my deflowering of Daph’s arse.

“Are you okay?” I asked, feeling a bit sheepish.

“I’m just feeling a little jealous, ’tis all.”

‘I’m sorry if I have… ”

“You’re not sorry. I can tell.” she sort of snapped, then softened her tone.

‘Well, no… not really.”

“Good. I am fine with all of that, really. However, I am just jealous because I have missed out on all your ‘fun’. We made a pact about this area of our relationship, and I do not pull back from that one bit. It’s just that I have not had any…sex, yet you have had heaps, by the sound of it. Why shouldn’t I be jealous of you for that?”

“I could remedy that?”

“Not right now but thank you for the offer. Always the gentleman. Anyway, I have… ” She stopped herself from going on with her sentence. It made me wonder, again, what she was up to.

“So what happened with Clare?” she asked quickly trying to change the subject, as she took my hand and kissed my fingers softly.

Another ploy to distract me from asking more about what she was up too,” I assumed quietly to myself.

It was also a gesture of acceptance of what I had done and gratitude for being open with her and telling her about it all. As well as a confirmation of the bond between us and the strengthening of our relationship.

I proceeded to tell her about Clare’s telephone conversation with her contacts in Salzburg. I had already explained to Michelle, as part of the Daph confession, about my Aunt Renee, and how Clare’s mum had been a parachute packer with my aunt in Wagga, and as such, both had known Renee’s war time, and later in life, man-friend and companion, Bob.

“You did what?” Michelle asked suddenly.

“I went down on her while she was on the phone.” I smirked.

“You naughty boy. Don’t get any ideas if my phone rings,” she said, scolding me playfully.

I gave her a blow by blow run through of what Clare and I had got up to. Michelle took all I had to say in eagerly. She even started to squirm as she sat and listened and even asked questions for more detailed information at certain points. I assumed she was getting sexually twitchy by what I was relating. To tell you the truth, I was enjoying telling her. Not from some perverted sense, it just felt wonderful to have a beautiful female companion to share such intimate details with… quite extraordinary.

That said, I could not deny, my penis had grown appreciably as well.

I moved my hips and squirmed as I sat, trying to give the ever increasing length in my crotch some extra room to expand. Michelle noticed and smiled. I looked at her as I finished off my tale and as I did so, her look changed. It appeared that something she had been mulling over in her mind had suddenly become clear… I got the sense that she was about to put her plan into action.

“That was some week, that last week of term, by the sounds of it," she said, uncurling her legs. “I’m surprised you have any spunk left to give to any other cock starved woman. I must admit, you certainly are embracing the spirit of community involvement?”

“I guess I am. Not that I planned any of it.”

“It would appear that I have unlocked a monster… ”

Her eyes were a calming blue but there was a fire in them that burned bright. She snaked herself along the lounge. Her hands reached forward and the rest of her subtle body followed. I remained sat were I was watching her approach, wondering what she was going to do. Her hands found my knees but did not stop there. They pressed into my thighs firmly as she snaked her body along mine, her breasts grazed across my legs and abdomen, her mouth slowly parted as she neared my face.

She crushed her body flat onto mine, her hands feverish as she fumbled and tore at my jeans, desperately trying to tear them open. Her mouth clamped to mine, her tongue attacked and pushed deep inside my mouth, scouring and probing every tooth it contacted. Our breathing, rhythmically syncopated, grew deeper and deeper as the passion of our kiss increased. I reached for her, slipping my hand under her upper layers.

“No!” she said abruptly, her mouth still pressed to mine. She gently pulled my hand away and used it, together with her other hand, to finally open my fly. Her hand drove on, feeling the thick meaty monster she had awoken.

“Hhhmmm, looks, and feels, like you enjoyed telling me all about your naughty exploits.” She pumped her hand up and down the length that greeted her searching fingers. 

“I bet you equally enjoyed it,” I retorted, forcing my hand inside the waist band of her leggings. I did not hold back, I pushed hard and covered the crotch of her knickers. They were drenched through.

“You have a way with words.” She smirked. “But for now, I suggest you remove your hand.”

“I don’t think I can.” I feigned being stuck. She sucked her tummy in slightly and pulled my hand free. I did not put up a fight being happy to play along with her game.

“See, you can do as you are told. Now! Just let Mistress Michelle take control here, okay?”

“Mistress Michelle, is it?” I responded with a broad smile.

“Yes, I hope you like it.”

“I love it!”

“That is reassuring to hear.”

“I am in your hands.”

“Oh you will be, most certainly,” she cooed. “Remove all your lower garments!”

‘Well… okay.” I shrugged, not knowing what the hell she was truly playing at. I assumed that since she had asked, more like commanded me, to take some of my clothing off, she was going to do something about my current state of erectness.

“Sit.” She pointed back to the lounge. I obliged, eager to discover her motivation.

Michelle dropped to her knees and abruptly pushed my legs apart. She reached for my cock with of her orange painted fingers. I had not taken notice of her nail polish previously but as she dextrously manoeuvred her fingers and negotiated the sagging sac of my scrotum, I saw her nails were painted to match her lip-stick. She smiled up at me as her chin dipped under my cock and her tongue snaked out. I bit my lip as I felt the first soft touch of her wet tip at the base. I reached out to caress her hair and she quickly hit it aside.

“I told you, let me take control here!” she snapped. “Do not touch me unless I have asked you to do so!”

“Yes my mistress," I replied in what I hoped was an appropriately submissive voice.

Inwardly I could not wait to see or experience what she had in mind.

Her breath was warming on my maleness as she mimed the act of fellating me. She tilted her head to the side, and softly pressed her cheek on my lap. She looked up into my eyes as she parted her lips and snaked her tongue forward. I held my breath, waiting for any contact but it never came.

Michelle moved her head up one side, across the turgid crown and down the other, never once did she allow her lips to touch my cock flesh…her mouth moved, like a proverbial hovercraft, just above my sensitive skin. Every now and then, a heated gust of her breath would gush forth and surround me, which made me squirm, which, in turn, made her smile wickedly. Suffice to say, it did not take long for my penis to ache from being rigid with the anticipation, the insinuated simulation of Michelle using her mouth on me was nearly, but not quite, enough to bring me to climax; god knows what would have happened if she had actually performed the act.

“Looks like someone does not need to be physically touched in order to stand tall?”

I fumbled verbally for a response but nothing came. Michelle sniggered lowly and grasped the base of my shaft, looking up at me from her position on the floor and then plunged her mouth hard, down onto my cock, sucking it all the way in until her nose was buried in my fuzzy pubic hair. I gripped the lounge so tightly my knuckles were white and I groaned with sheer delight as her hot saliva soaked my shaft.

Michelle kept her eyes open as she commenced to fuck her face with my penis, noisily slurping up the excess saliva as she went. Her free hand soon joined the fray, and firmly cradled my swelling balls. She squeezed them as she bit softly on the thick turgid head. I bucked at the feel of her teeth, pushing my cock fully into her mouth. She started to move faster while her hand squeezed hard on my balls.

“Ohh, fuck… Michelle. Shit, going to come….”

She sucked harder and pumped her face quicker, driving my cock to the very back of her mouth, not once stopping to rest. I was fighting a losing battle and she knew it. She had me and all I could do was hold on and moan at the fast approach of my blinding orgasm.

“Nnuugghhh, god, yesss. Fuck me, Mistress… Cannot hold it… arrghhhh”. I screamed as she pistoned her beautiful face.

She drank all of the fiery liquid I had, it shot long and deep into her throat. I could see traces of my sperm leaking from the corners of her mouth as she strove to keep it all contained. She finally held still, her mouth clamped fully to my cock. Her tongue flicked the underside of the gland causing me to buck once more as she hit that sensitive spot on the underside of the head.

I was spent and my cock started to deflate. She held her mouth on me as I softened, her glistening eyes sexily watching my every reaction. She let my limp dick fall from her mouth as she rose to her knees. She opened her mouth to show me it was full of my come. I looked into her face, my head spinning from the force of my orgasm. She moved her mouth to mine forcing me to open to her as she spat some of my come into my mouth quickly followed by her tongue. All I could do was to yield and accept her lusty offering. It tasted slightly tangy yet very creamy with it mixed with her hot saliva. I sucked her tongue deeply, drinking my come from her mouth until it was empty.

“Swallow,” she commanded.

I nodded and opened my mouth to her in confirmation.

“Mmm, you taste good, Mr Ray,” she whispered seductively, “and there was a hell of a lot of it too. You must have needed that badly?”

“You can say that again,” I said smiling happily, trying to regain my breath at the same time.

“Good," she retorted. “That was just an entree, you might say. I know you are not good with surprises but I hope you can see your way clear to let me have some fun with this, um… lets just say, I have a plan!”

I nodded, a little lost for words and still riding my orgasmic high.

“You can recover yourself there,” she whispered and stood. “I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

I leant back into the ‘oh-so-comfy’ lounge and dreamily drifted away. It is quite amazing how your perspective of a day can change following a wonder come. All of a sudden, things did not seem as dull and gloomy as the weather would have me believe. The light had a different brightness to it and everything seemed joyful and peaceful.

I must have looked like a right idiot when Michelle returned.

“Is that a ‘I am so pleased with myself’ look or do you always look like that, with a silly grin and your gob hanging open?”

She had startled me big time and I jumped appreciably into a sitting position.

“Huh…oh, sorry. I must have dozed off.” I smiled and blushed and felt quite embarrassed. “Dangerous lounge that one.”

“So it would seem. Now, if you don’t mind, could you please put this blind fold on?”

She threw an aircraft issue eye cover my way. It seemed an odd request but I let it pass, giving Michelle the benefit of any doubts I was harbouring. I noted, though, that she had donned a long, towelling robe, which also seemed unusual.

“Why the robe?” I asked in a nonchalant manner not making eye contact but busying myself with the eye cover.

“You’ll see. You can leave your lower half naked. You won’t be needing them where you’re going," she said in a playful yet stern tone and took my hand. She adjusted the eye cover a little and asked if I could see at all, and after answering in the negative, she guided me away from the lounge. She led me out of the lounge room toward the front of the house, that much I could easily ascertain, but where she was leading me too and what she had in mind were questions I knew I would just have to wait and be patient about; all would be revealed in the fullness of time, I assumed.

“Good. That’s it. Keep walking, now stop and no peeking.”

I did as she had instructed and let my guide direct me onward.

“So far so good. Now we are going upstairs. Your feet are right at the bottom stair and they go straight, not like your stairs, we do not have a curved bit. Not that your stairs are wrong or anything,” she added, not wanting to offend. I nodded my understanding of her instructions and placed my left foot on the first step. Once that was achieved it was simple task to climb the rest in a slow rhythmic tread pattern, all the while her hand gently held mine and guided me onto the first floor landing.

“Are you sure you want to bring me up here?” I asked, knowing her bedroom was near by.

“I can’t see any reason why not,” she replied. “Besides, all the, um…ingredients I need are up here.”

“If it’s okay with you it’s okay with me…you're the boss.”

“Damn straight," she answered and burst out laughing. “Sorry, that sounded really odd as soon as I said it.”

I just shrugged and gently squeezed her hand. She led me forward a few more steps and then stopped.

“Just say there, I’ll be back with you in a second.”

She dropped my hand and I heard her feet pad away on the carpet off to my right. I could feel a slight breeze from behind and guessed there might be another bedroom with a window open there. 

“Okay.” Her voice came from a small distance but I knew she was walking toward me. “You can remove the blind fold.”

When she asked me to uncover my eyes I gasped loudly at the sheer beauty of the woman before me. A brief steam of sunlight gleamed in some windows from behind her, silhouetting her wonderfully. She was dressed in the personification of the ‘little black dress’…it was all black, not another colour to be seen. Not that it mattered. The dress was form fitting to the max, accentuating her every curve. I stood agog, admiring the hip hugging lower section that had a split along the top of the left thigh, the black ribbed top, which also fitted close and poured over her womanly bust and flowed across her tummy and buttocks like she had been molded into it. Over this stunning couture offering, Michelle wore a knee length coat, also in black, its hem line finishing just about the top of her black boots. With the coat closed you could be forgiven for thinking that she had nothing on beneath, well that is what I had been thinking.

“Oh my god! What a beautiful outfit. You look better than sensational.” I was gobsmacked.

“I am so glad you like it,” she said demurely and turned around to show off the garments. “Now you know why I had on the robe.”

“I’m glad it’s gone,” I laughed. “You didn’t have the boots on though?”

“No. That was part of the reason for the delay once we got up here.”

She walked closer and gently took my hand. She kissed me softly.

Just as her lips had met mine I felt her hand move lower and grab me. She pulled away and turned. She had hold of my limp cock and balls and was dragging me by them. I started to object in a less than convincing manner.

“Shut up and follow me!” she said sternly over her shoulder.

I followed in silence, feeling a bit unnerved by her sudden return to her Mistress role. I winced as she tugged with each step she made. Michelle turned away from what I believed to be her own bedroom and continued to lead me, my genitals in-hand, down the hall. As she walked, her black coat flapped out behind her which seemed to consume the light. Through the door at the end of the hall I could see a bedroom. It was a large room at the front of the upper level, so I guessed it to be the bedroom where the breeze emanated. Off to the right, just past the top of the stairs, I could see a strong orangey light coming from what I assumed was an upstairs, family bathroom. My mind was racing trying to ascertain what this little minx had in mind. It was not long before I found out as she pushed the door open with her foot.

“Now Mr Ray,” she purred, turned to me and pressed her body in close, as she pulled me inside. I could feel her up-thrust breasts boring into my chest as she leant against me, her hand still holding my spent member. “I have some special surprises for you. See the bath I have prepared for you? Get in to it, and be quick about it if you please.” Her voice was stern and level.

I quickly disrobed and slipped into the warm water. It felt very good, especially since she had let my nethers go. The scent of sandalwood rose from the surface of the water as I immersed myself.

“Feel nice does it?”

“Mmm, yes, very nice in deed. Thank you!”

“Now for surprise number one.”

Michelle held aloft a twin blade razor and waved it about. I looked at her with questioning eyes and she just smiled. “I think your crotch will look better if it was bare, don’t you?”

“I don’t know… ”

“It was a rhetorical question, you don’t have to respond,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Actually, my dear Mr Ray, you do not have a say. I think it will look better devoid of pubic hair, therefore, it shall be.”

“Um…okay,” I mumbled not really sure of what I was getting into.

“Sit up on the side there with your back to the wall!” She pointed to where she wanted me as she knelt on the mat at the side of the bath.

She lathered some soap and gently applied it, rubbing it into the springy hair above my dangling penis. She pushed my legs apart and proceeded to lather my scrotum pushing all the way back to my anus. As she passed over the tight opening she cheekily stabbed at it with a soapy finger, giving me a wicked grin.

“I wonder what you would do if I fingered your arse?” I spread my hands aside, gesturing that I did not know how to answer. “Maybe another time we could explore that… ”

She trailed off continuing her comment as she dipped her hands into the warm water and scooped up handfuls to wash the soapy bubbles off my crotch.

“This may feel a little cool on your skin,” she informed me as she shook a can of shaving creme. With deft strokes and swipes of her slender fingers she quickly had my entire crotch and scrotum covered in a generous coating of the white, foamy cream.

Michelle locked her eyes onto my crotch, her concentration fully devoted to her task, as she bent to apply the first stroke.

“You will have to remain still while I do this, I don’t want to nick you. Cuts in this area tend to bleed profusely and I don’t want to have to clean up the mess.” She laughed quietly, more to herself than to me.

“So far so good,” she commented, “good thing I gave you a good seeing to downstairs. We couldn’t do this with your pecker up now could we?” She giggled at her little joke.

I was a little less amused, but strangely fascinated at the same time. I felt the blade drag across my anus and saw it dip towards the water with a thick coating of black hair. She used the instrument with some aplomb much to my relief, her strokes quick and sure. She deftly followed the curve of my lower thigh round to my buttocks across my anus and down the other side. Then a quick wash in the bath water and back to work. As her strokes approached my balls, which had tightened somewhat since she started, she used her left hand to gently smooth out the creases and caressed the blade across the sensitive skin. I shuddered slightly after a short time feeling the cool air flow across the newly exposed flesh.

“Are you getting cold?” she asked.

“Just a little. I suppose that area is not used to being uncovered,” I chortled.

Michelle made no response but just kept her attention riveted to the task at hand. She seemed pleased with what she saw as she gently washed me down. Her soft hands carefully lifted each testy to check for stray hairs. The tuft of hair she had left above my penis had been shaved back a little leaving a distinct ring of pink skin around the top. I liked what I saw and secretly held thoughts of seeing my new bare cock ball deep in her pussy.

“Hmm, it seems I will have to redo you. I should have changed the razor mid-way through.” Her comment was more of a chastisement of self rather than a comment directed to me.

“You can sink into the water to wash off fully, and then get back up there.”

I quickly did as she bade. The water was still warm and welcoming as I sank into the bath. While I immersed myself, Michelle changed the razor blade. I looked at her as she attached the blade and tested it was fixed properly in place. I had never seen this side of her before, not even a hint, yet surprisingly I was enjoying being under her control. In fact I was eager to see myself denuded of pubic hair as much as she was. She turned her back, her black cloak rustled softly as she moved.

I wonder if her husband knows of this aspect to her personality?” The thought came out of no where but made me smile. “I bet he doesn’t. His lose, he was missing out on something truly wonder.”

Any disquiet I might have harboured as we ascended the stairs I now put aside. I knew Michelle and I had bonded deeply over the past weeks and I felt confident that I knew she was simply role-playing for our mutual enjoyment, not out of any sudden psycho-driven personality change.

At least I hope so." I laughed to myself.

Her black coat was long but well made, I observed as I luxuriated in the bath. It had two small ribbing lines running down the back from each shoulder, angling in toward the waist. The belt was about two inches wide and made of the same fabric and was supported by three thick belt loops; one on each side and one at the back. From the waist it flared slight out to about shoulder width so that with the belt done up, it would give the wearer, a beautiful hour glass silhouette, especially from behind. It suited Michelle gloriously, even despite the black colour.

“Enough floundering about in the water. Out you get and resume your position.”

She turned as she spoke and waved the razor in my direction again.

With the same deftness, she reapplied the lather and made absolutely sure each part intended for the razor was covered. Each stroke she made was gentle yet firm and, to my surprise and relief, I felt no razor rash developing. She cradled by sac in her left hand as she delicately scrapped the razor across the crinkly flesh. She used each testy, by moving and rolling it this way and that, to make a smooth surface upon which to drag the blade. She hefted them skyward to get in underneath and remove the last of the stubborn hairs along the lower gland and further back toward my anus.

The second time round was much quicker than the first and when finished, Michelle seemed more than pleased with her efforts. She ladled water in her hand and gently caressed the newly shaved skin with her soft fingers as she washed the residual cream away. It felt marvelous, the way she washed and soothed me, which had the effect of making my cock twitch back to life. I had to laugh though, she even fetched a mirror to show me the completed job.

“It would appear you like what I have done?” It was another rhetorical question so I did not reply. I simply stroked my quickly rising cock in a lurid display hoping she would do something about it.

“My, my…What a wonderful response from a happy customer.” Her smug expression told me she was well pleased with herself.

“Now who’s the happier here?” She bent low and rested on the edge of the bath, and spoke to my rising member. “Is it this fine, upstanding specimen, or is it the owner?”

Without moving her torso, Michelle looked at me through the tops of her eyes.

“Both,” I said with a huge grin.

“Well, regardless, I need you both and your current state of ‘readiness’ is precisely what I require for surprise number two.”

Michelle stood and faced me, her eyes fixed straight upon my shaft. She licked her lips with just the tip of her tongue as she shrugged off her coat and let it slip, with a muffled floppy scrunch sound of leather, to the floor. Her chest heaved noticeably as she drank in every detail of my hairless cock and balls. She reached around behind her back and, with a fluent movement, unzipped her dress. She started to remove the garment by slipping it off her shoulders, which I assumed she intended to send on its way to join her coat. However, just as the neckline started past her shoulders, she stopped and turned her back to me and bent over to retrieve her coat stopping to give me an eye fully of her gorgeous arse. She bent lower and slowly dragged the hem up, over her hips. I gasped aloud as she revealed that she was not wearing any panties, and as such, I got a wonderful eye-full of her beckoning anus. She arched her back and with her left hand pulled her buttock to the side to give me an even better view.

She remained bent at the waist as she moved closer and slowly backed up and placed her rump on the side of the bath. She poised her creamy behind way over past the edge; I could see it reflected in the surface of the lukewarm water. Her mid thighs were supported by the rim and the rest of my body she braced by using her arms; her hands outstretched and holding the sink. I could not fathom what her intentions were but I had a few ideas of my own.

“Fuck my arse, now! Mr. bald balls. Fuck me hard!”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I can’t just fuck your arse without prep.”

“I have taken care of all that. I am extremely ready for this.” I was taken aback. “First though, you had better fuck my front bottom, to get your anal deflower all nice and slick. The Sorbelene creme on the side of the bath will do all the rest.”

I needed no second telling. I grasped my cock in one hand and placed my hand on her rump for support.

“I told you not to touch me until I told you. All I asked for now was you to fuck my front bottom and then my arse, so do it!”

I was astonished beyond belief by her outburst, but the opportunity take her virgin arse…to have anal sex with her was too much to pass up. I grabbed my rod and guided the bulging head past her puckered rear entrance. I pressed the thick head against her puffy, wet lips and thrust upward. Water sloshed from side to side as I fucked myself up hard into her body. I placed my hands on the rim of the bath behind me for leverage and slapped my groin against her butt.

“Ohhh, god yes," she cried as I pounded her pussy from behind and below. Her breathing was ragged and hoarse and in no time her head hung low between her arms.

After a few minutes of my relentless pussy fucking, she raised her head and looked back at me over her shoulder.

“Now take my virgin arse! You did it for Daph, so do it for me…only better.”

With this ultimate command, I could see now, that she had preplanned all this. Her arsehole was generously coated with KY Gel ready for action. It also explained the reason she had not worn knickers.

Well,” I thought, “she asked so I am damned sure I am going to deliver.”

I jabbed the eye of my cock at her arse from close range, scoring a direct hit immediately. Keeping the turgid head pressed at her opening I thrust upward as hard as I could, surprised that her sphincter yielded so easily. But yield it did and I was able to glide on in to the hit. I slammed my body upward into her arse and once fully inside I stopped, delighting in the sight of my newly shaved groin meeting her accepting arsehole.

“Oh, god yesss, Ray… Please fuck me hard. I need you there so badly. I hope you like your surprise…ohh, fuck, I love the way your cock feels up there.”

Hearing her pleas and her need I thrust upward again using the rim behind me for leverage again. She lifted her arse slightly so she was in a mid-squat position. It also allowed her to push downward as I thrust up, thus giving our coupling a more forceful meeting. I fucked myself very hard into her arse; in fact I was only concerned for my own desire. She had demanded I do this so I was going to do it with all the might I could muster.

Michelle’s extremely slippery dark channel was taking all I had and more. I pumped myself vigorously, slapping my lap against her cheeks with each thrust. She expelled grunt after grunt with the force of our bodies colliding repeatedly. Her guttural grunts spurred me on even more. My hips swung up again and again, withdrawing the fullness of my shaft but leaving the head buried and then heaving deep inside her body, the anal muscles gripping me firmly, drawing me in.

In the bright light of the room, I could see my shaft was fully coated with a mix of KY and Sorbelene, and delighted in the way her arse tighten as the first signs of my orgasm twanged in the pit of stomach and deep in my balls. I quickened my efforts using shortened strokes, my pace was frantic and water sloshed and slopped up the sides of the bath and out onto the floor. My head bent back, as I gritted my teeth, the building force starting deep in my stomach and spreading throughout my body.

“I can feel you getting close…good god your cock feels huge up there…fuck me faster.” She lifted her head only to drop it between her arms again, she was starting to fly, mirroring my feelings exactly. “God, I love this…. Fuck my arse, feels sooo good,” she moaned, her head lolling and then resting on her arms.

“Never knew anal sex could feel as good as it does. I love you”.

“Fuckkkk... God, Michelle… Cumminnngg!!!” I groaned as a powerful surge bucked me forward, impaling her arse in one final deep thrust. I pushed forward as deep and as far as I could go and, leaving my hairless crotch pressed hard against her arse cheeks, I pumped what felt like litres of my overheated sperm into the deepest recesses of her anus. I could not move. All I could do was keep myself ball deep in her arse, feeling every pulse of my cock and the creamy backwash that was surrounding it. Finally, I could not hold myself up anymore and I flopped back into the water, my breath rasped through my dry lips.

Once I had disengaged, she slowly raised her arse, her own breath as ragged as mine from her own exertions.

My brain was off flying about the room, yet somewhere in the distance I could hear some words she had spoken but I could not distinguish what they were for now. I reclined further into the remaining water and closed my eyes, hoping this was not all a dream. Suddenly I felt her fingers in my hair. I opened my eyes and saw she was kneeling, bent at the waist and leaning over the bath; she was trying to pull me toward her.

“God, that was good. Now suck my arsehole. Get your mouth full of your come.” She used her fingers in my hair to direct my face to her well fucked rear. I dreamily clamped my mouth to her rectum and sucked. The taste was very oily from the lube but quickly I soon got a mouth full of my gizz. She held me to her arse as she humped her hips to force the muscles to expel the copious juices I had deposited there. She finally let me go. However, before turning to face me she deftly stooped and scooped up a towel and quickly tied it around her waist obscuring her lower body from view.

“Now for surprise number three.” She smiled. “But keep that mouthful for the moment, I want it and for a very good reason.”

The tangy yet oily mixture was a little nauseating and it took all my self-control to stop myself spitting it out. Somehow I managed; I think it was the curiosity about the mysterious use Michelle had for it that kept it in.

She quickly removed her upper garments and looked at me intently.

“Curious turn of events so far?” she asked. All I could was nod in agreement.

“I woke this morning feeling so incredibly horny and very wicked. I have long desired to have you take me anally but I have not had the nerve…until today. Bumping into Daniella this morning and hearing you were childless today, kind sealed the deal. All it needed was for you not to have other commitments, hence what you have experienced so far.”

So far?” I thought. “My god, where was she going with this? Oh well, I am upper it, I hope.”

As she approached the edge of the bath she firmly squeezed her breasts. Cupping her hands beneath and thumbing her rosy nipples until they stood out very erect.

“Now, coat my breasts with that wonderful creamy mixture in your mouth.”

I eagerly took her left breast into my mouth and whipped the stiff nipple with my tongue, coating it as requested. I then did the same to her right breast. Her coos and groans told me she was enjoying what I was doing. I lifted my mouth and placed my lips above her nipple and let some of my come dribble from my mouth. It ran freely and dripped off her nipple into the water. I did the same to her other breast and continued to alternate until my mouth was empty. I looked up into her eyes and she raised her hands to massage the slimy arse-cum-goo firmly into her tit flesh.

“Fuck Ray that was a very horny thing you did then. Please come out of the bath and lie on the bed and let you show you something. Oh, best dry off first,” she giggled.

I did so quickly and literally ran into her bedroom. Like a child, I gayly jumped and flew through the air, turning as I went and landed in a star shaped lump in the middle of her queen sized bed. I laid back comfy on her bed and wiggled gleefully. Michelle stood on the bed astride my hips with the towel still around herself.


“Very. Especially now.”

“Did you hear what I said as you fucked my arse?”

I thought for a moment trying to recall what I heard. A distant voice was echoing in my head and then: “I love you?”

“Yes, and I do. I mean it. Please do not say anything. I must show you surprise number three first.”

I lay there mesmerised. She stood high above me, her lithe, smooth legs astride my hips. They angled inward and upward and disappeared beneath the fluffy towel she had tied around her waist. Slowly she removed the towel. My eyes flashed in disbelief. She had shaved herself totally. Her vaginal area was totally bare.

“Oh my god!” I said. “Now that is a perfect surprise.”

“Like the look?”

“You bet.”

She ran her fingers down across her lower tummy, spreading them as she went. She eased them down both sides of her mons and then gently pulled her labia open. I got of clear view deep into her inner folds.

“You can masturbate yourself if you like or just enjoy the show," she said with a voice full of lust.

“I got nothin’…” I said as I lightly wiggled my deflated penis.

“Just enjoy then. It will better that way I think. You will not be otherwise distracted.”

Her salacious smile said it all. I just laid there as I watched Michelle pull her labia again, opening her folds more fully. She then slowly pushed two fingers deep inside herself above me. Her eyes closed with the intense feeling of her penetration. I already knew she was as horny as, but I did not know she was this horny.

I watched the inner lips grip her fingers as they withdrew, the retreating digits dragging the deep pink inner lips with them. As soon as her nails came into view she thrust them quickly back in knuckle deep. I saw her twist them at the top of the inward push, and untwist as they came away. Over and over she plunged her fingers into her pussy, her hips bucked in more animated ways as the pace increased.

“Agghhhh… Fuck… feels, so… Goood,” she moaned, writhing her hips onto her thrusting fingers. She was going wild with lust, finger fucking herself for our mutual pleasure. She quickly pulled her fingers away only to replace them with three more. At this she threw her head back and grunted loudly. Michelle’s fingers were a blur, her hips bucked frantically as she ground them deep inside her churning loins. I soon felt drops of her juices dripping from her arm. She was wanking her pussy and dripping her flow over me, giving me a wild ride of the voyeuristic kind.

“Come for me, my love,” I yelled.

She screamed out something incoherent and then exploded in an intense orgasm that shook the bed. Her body convulsed, her face contorted in a pleasure and pain grimace. I was amazed that she was able to remain standing. Her copious juices dropped from her in large dollops onto my stomach and pooled in my belly button. Finally, exhausted, she collapsed, falling in a crumpled heap beside me.

We lay there on the bed together our limps entwined. She nuzzled in against my shoulder as I stroked my hair. The early afternoon sun had broken through the clouds warming us, leaving us in a peaceful dreamy space that only we knew about.

Building a Community

[This is what a teacher of mine would call a lesson story. Not a sex story, a cheating wife story, BDSM or anything like it. I found out six years after my previous wife cheated. When I found out I also found out that there were at least a dozen ‘friends’ of mine who had known all along. They weren’t family or in community with me. They aren’t with me at all, now.] * ‘I think of all of you as my family. I look at each of you and my heart fills with hope...


Community Involvement Ch. 12

The two weeks that comprised the end of term one holidays in New South Wales, which also included Easter this year, had come and gone so fast. It only seemed like yesterday that I had left the mercurial Clare on what had effectively been the last school day of the term for Clare and I; the government schools still had the Friday to negotiate. My wife worked through the break, as was usual (she referred to bank her leave and use it during our summer holiday period)....


Community Involvement Ch. 09

Re-cap Although I had not planned a visit to ask Daphne (Daph as she preferred throughout the neighbourhood) it had turned out to be quite a startling and revealing visit, on a couple of fronts. Although in her early seventies and a grandmother, Daph but still had the figure many forty to fifty year olds (or even younger) would envy. Her face, while still reflecting her younger beauty, was a little wrinkled about the eyes and corners of her mouth, however, she did...


Community Involvement Ch. 04

The first month of autumn in Sydney was feeling more like summer. Although the nights wore the tell-tale signs of the approaching winter, with a real chill in the air, but by day it was glorious. To make my day even better, I had received a text message from my sexy neighbour asking if I could meet her for brunch. “Certainly.” I typed as my reply, despite driving in the West bound morning peak, returning home from my usual drop-off run of various family members....


Community Involvement Ch. 08

“Pink sky in the morning; a sailors warning.” I recalled the old saying and looked skyward. Directly overhead was cloudless and blue but as I scanned eastward, the building menace of the billowing clouds loomed. The day had dawned with a vivid pink display, the low and towering Cumulonimbus clouds out over the sea strongly reflected the morning sun. It was beautiful but at the same time eerie. The air was still and the birds were quiet. “Not a day for outdoor...


Community Involvement Ch. 15

“I have an idea!” Michelle exclaimed excitedly. We had just left Palm Beach and were headed south toward the big smoke. Next stop Sydney and the city lights. “I’m pleased for you,” I laughed with a hint of sarcasm. She shook her head in dismay. “You just can’t get good help these days.” Without missing a beat she ploughed on. “It’s such a lovely evening, which matches perfectly with the magical day we’ve had, and neither us needs to go home...


Community Involvement Ch. 10

Return to Clare ‘As one door closes and another door opens’ as the saying goes and to say that I was living that saying would not be too far a stretch of the imagination. To put you in the picture, it was just over six months ago (November 2013 to be more precise) that I was made redundant from my accountancy position which was quite a set back for me on a number of fronts, as it is for most people. Fortunately I had been able to get some contract work with a...


community Involvement Ch. 06

“What happened to you?” Michelle asked as I finally returned. I had gone home (next door to be precise) to change out of my wet clothes following the torrid squirting orgasms I had produced in Michelle. The sight, taste and smell of her deep orgasmic fluids filled me with immense satisfaction, not only because I had stimulated her to that level, it was a satisfaction gained from sharing the moment; being there with her and for her as she exploded and gushed so...


community Involvement Ch. 06

“What happened to you?” Michelle asked as I finally returned. I had gone home (next door to be precise) to change out of my wet clothes following the torrid squirting orgasms I had produced in Michelle. The sight, taste and smell of her deep orgasmic fluids filled me with immense satisfaction, not only because I had stimulated her to that level, it was a satisfaction gained from sharing the moment, being there with her and for her as she exploded and gushed so...


Community Involvement Ch. 14

“Hey, wait for me!” I cried in mock, child-like distress at being left behind. I quickly pulled on my Peter Alexander pyjama shorts and my discarded T-shirt, disentangled myself from the white Sheridan bed sheets and ran to the top of the stairs. Michelle was already at the bottom and, as she turned to head off along the hallway, she paused and glanced approvingly at me. “I see you made yourself presentable for breakfast.” She flashed her radiant smile at me...


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