Sisterhood of Sin -- 23 -- Bush Bound

I come off the plane feeling refreshed but very disturbed by the dark fantasy that I just masturbated to. I embrace Margo as Mindy and Keri are herding their kids onto the other plane. Keri doesn't recognize me at first but Mindy must be telling her who I am. I hear her say, "Oh, she's pretty," and I wonder at her sanity. She's never seen me without my mask, but I haven't had time to touch up my eye makeup since I took it off.

"It's good to see you, Cate."

"Just like old times, Margo." The unfortunate reminder of our past rescue of Claire is heavy on my mind.

"I should have watched Darlene better, or shot Mick."

"Maybe we shouldn't have jerked his life out from under him. I mean the first time. I still feel guilty about that."

"I don't think anything we could have done, other than leave Claire and her girls to suffer with him, would have prevented this. That wouldn't happen on my watch. I'm afraid we haven't see the last of him. He just can't seem to let go. And now two more."

"I'm hoping we can negotiate a truce with these guys."

"Good luck. I hope we're right about these women."

"What's our final destination?"

"We still haven't decided yet. Denver just wasn't working out and we still have to get some ducks lined up. Sorry about that." She gives me another hug and we say our goodbyes.

Mindy and Keri's kids are adorable. The youngest is two and the oldest is six. Both are Keri's girls, Kada and Kami. Mindy has one of each. Her five year old daughter Mina is almost as big as Kami. Her 3 year old son, Johan isn't so adorable once we get in the air. Mindy gets the airsick bag to him just in time. When we get to Chicago, we deplane and a woman in a burqa is there to herd us onto yet another plane. I also see a woman who is obviously a bodyguard watching us. Mindy and Keri look wide-eyed at the steps we're taking.

I'm the last in line. The woman hands me a thick paper sack that's stapled shut.

"Hi, Cath."

"Kyra! Damn, girl, why all the mystery?" I giver her a big hug.

"We're still not sure on them. We don't want to take unnecessary chances. We don't want them to know about the black card sisters yet. By the way, don't open this bag. A sister will take it from you."

"Where are we going?"

"Where the pilot takes you. Try to rattle them. See what falls out."

When we get airborne, Mindy asks, "How will we ever pay this back?"

"Mrs. Emerald's picking up the tab."

"You're charging her for all this?"

"Charity is a trap that she wishes to avoid. This is her mess, her cleanup. At least that's the way she sees it. It's not that much to her. She's got a head for investing. I ride her coattails there. But of course, all this charging and billing that we do is mainly just for record keeping and for recognition of potential for more responsibility. No good deed goes unpunished. The more helpful you are to our cause, the more opportunity to be even more helpful you will be offered. We are all sisters, we just recognize that we all need to be contributors and that contributors need to be rewarded."

"Oh. I think I understand. Mick's her ex and she's still a sister?"

Astute observation.

"She has a very special skill set."

"Like Keri. Something tells me you didn't need Karl."

Another astute observation.

"We prefer to keep couples together. There are exceptions when it's clearly better for the children to be without a particular father."

"You needed me to get Wil."

"We needed you at your job as much as we needed Wil at his."

"And now you've lost both."

"We'll salvage something, Mindy. Maybe we can help you find a substitute for Wil. If nothing else, you would make a beautiful pro."

"That's... not how I want to make a living."

"Well, I noticed qualities that would have been useful if you had a husband, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what plays out."

She looks lost and I feel bad about not telling her more about the black card sisters, especially since she seems to think Keri is in a safer position with us, which may be true. Keri has a big mouth, and comes off as dim in conversations, but she is a whiz at her job.

"So, where are we going?"

"Debriefing, then the underground rail road. It's better not to be more specific. It might seem a little like an interrogation. Don't sweat it. Just tying up loose ends."

"He sounded so forlorn, and his first thought was for his parents. I hope the kids will still be able to visit them. And I want them to see my parents, too. I can't help but think I could have handled Wil better. I neglected him. I never thought he would do something like this. Did he even have a gun?"

"No, I'm beginning to think he was a patsy for Karl. His talk seemed like all bravado. He'll be interrogated in Alaska, and he'll get his chance to plead his case."

"Separately from Karl I hope. I mean, I think you'll get more from him if you separate them. He follows the leader. That was me until..."

...until Darlene. I've finally put that together with the info we gathered from the men's session with me. He obeys the alpha bitch, which Mindy stopped being. Darlene, the black card sister who was both monitor and handler for Mick, seduced Wil and helped Karl recruit him into an organization that Karl joined because of his Lutheran-inspired self-loathing. A group that, like Mick, thinks women need to be dominated. That irony put them on a collision course with me, because I failed to make a safer deal with Mick.

I decide that I can get no more from Mindy without it becoming obvious that I'm trying. Keri's sleeping on the floor with a daughter snuggled on each side of her. I don't want to risk waking them to pry into her thoughts.I email Margo to suggest that Wil's 'parole officer' be a ball buster and to split Karl and Wil up. I suggest a smarter and more sensitive handler for Karl, to help him with his self-image problem, and to trick rather than coerce any intel out of him. I also ask her to hold off on grilling Wil. I think Barbie and I should be present for that. Sister Cate is available if he needs an alpha bitch.

That leaves me alone with Marta, and with my concern for what happened in the back of the plane on the previous leg of this journey into uncertainty. She seems to grasp that I need to talk to her.

"Is there something on your mind, Ma'am?"

"On the other plane... You seemed to know a lot about the reaction I had."

"I took a few courses while I was in the service. Personal reasons, but they helped my career, too."

"When I was in the back of the plane, I... it was disturbing."

"Like guilt or..."

It's difficult to get the words out, but I finally say, "Overly aggressive fantasy."

She looks at me with surprise, then quickly tries to cover that up. "Oh? Victim revenge?"

Hearing it put into such a succinct term is somewhat shocking. I nod.


Hearing that word scares the shit out of me. I nod again.

"Unusual, but not harmful unless it persists. Masochism would be worse. I'm not qualified to counsel you, but I've been through... a lot. I'm here for you. I'll tell you if I think you're crossing any lines that alarm me. I can understand a wider range of reactions to stress than most people. You should try to get some real sleep this time."

It's dawn when we land and I've had about an hour of sleep. As the plane rolls to a stop, I see the red and white maple leaf flag of Canada and discover that we've landed in Ottawa. Why Canada? Safety comes to mind. Nobody will look for us here. Celine also comes to mind.

As usual, the small private jet taxis to a distant terminal, far from the main airline terminals. We deplane and our luggage is loaded onto a cart. A man in a customs uniform boards the plane, presumably to search it, although I'm sure it's just turning around to fly back to Margo's territory.

The cart is pulled into the terminal by another man. He's in plain clothes, except for a jacket that indicates he is employed by the terminal service operator. We follow him and I discover Celine and another woman talking with a woman in a customs uniform. My joy at seeing Lini is dampened by the fact that I'm carrying a sack with absolutely no idea of its contents and I'm about to go through customs.

We are herded into a room where we are supposed to be presenting passports and declaring anything we are supposed to declare. The customs agent points to me and says, "Please form a line behind Madame Blanc." She takes the sack from me, pulls the staples out, looks inside, and passes it to Lini. "Welcome home Mrs. Blanc. I understand you have ancestors from Quebec. I hope your stay will be pleasant."

I recall Kyra's words, 'A sister will take it from you.' A sister in the customs service for when Kyra sends something special to Celine.

"I trust you have nothing to declare?"

My gun stayed with my trench coat and mask, in Bethany's care.

"That's correct."

The runaways pass through without problems next. No passports are shown. No ID's are checked. None of them are searched.

Marta steps forward last and gives a card to the customs agent, who reads it, glances around, and sends all but Marta out into the public space, closing the door behind us. Less than a minute later, Marta emerges.

I whisper, "Damn quick for a cavity search."

I see only a hint of a smile. "Not for a change of citizenship."

Ah. I wondered how she would get past customs with at least one handgun in her possession. She's now a licensed Canadian bodyguard. I ask Mindy and Keri to give me some privacy as I discuss next steps with our hosts. They round up the kids and take them to watch planes through the big windows.

Lini introduces me to her bodyguard, Margaret, and then Marta and Margaret become inconspicuous as we discuss the plans.

"Dan says that you like walleye and you're not so crazy about pike. Kyra says you know how to flyfish."

"Fly-in fish camp? What a fantastic idea. I don't have the right clothes for that."

"Ha! I found a way to get you into my pants."

"Oh, Lini, that was so bad."

"What? We look the same size. My pants might be a little loose. I even bought you some new panties that I would like to see you in." She gives me an exaggerated wink.

"Um, I don't think I need special panties for a bush trip, but does this mean...?"

"I hope so. I'm ready if you're willing. I saw the video of your mission live and I was terrified, but when you pulled it off, I was just... I want to fuck you, Catherine."

"I've been wishing for that since that night in Chicago. Will we have privacy?"

For the next few minutes as she tells me about the place, I doubt her sanity for planning to go fishing with such young kids, but the place is owned and operated by sisters and she says it's set up for children as young as nine months. It was selected because it will help the kids forget the weird circumstances of the night flight. They'll remember the sudden unexpected vacation in a strange and wonderful land, the bush country in the pleasant days near the end of Summer, when the black flies have died back and lost their sting.

It's time for Celine to meet Mindy and Keri. "Please, Cate, introduce me as Caroline Blanc. That way you can keep calling me 'Lini'. It's just a precaution. We want to watch and see if that name appears in the intel. It might be good for them to think you have a twin sister. We might have to cause some doubt about your identity in the future." I don't want to have any more doubts about Mindy or Keri, but I realize that the suspicious circumstances of their induction into the sisterhood might follow them for a long time.

We fly out on a smaller twin-propeller plane to a remote town in northern Ontario where an old schoolbus picks us up and takes us to a lake. We wait our turn as fishing parties fly out to other lakes and finally, we board a large single engine floatplane. Forty minutes later, we land on another lake and pull up to the shore at a site that has seven small cabins and a large main lodge.

"And this is all for sisters?"

"Right up until moose hunting season. We can even do that sometime if we want."

"Wow. A moose hunt. Why didn't I think of that?"

"You would hunt?"

"It must be something in French Canadian blood. I used to hunt deer in Wisconsin before I met Dan. I had to prove I could do what my brothers could do. A freezer full of moose meat would score big points with my twins."

I sense that I've gained some respect from her. "I'll make it happen, Cherie."

The fish-camp is beautiful. The air is clean. The water looks very clear. The owners and guides, two married couples who seem more like a foursome, are very friendly. Lini and I share a cabin that could sleep eight. Lini insisted that it be the most remote. She laughs off my concern about it being the one that the bears will target.

Marta and Margaret seem to speak to each other without talking, as if what needs to be said and done is obvious. They let the staff handle our baggage, but they handle their own as they choose the cabin between ours and everybody else.

Keri and Mindy decide to mix their kids into one cabin with them. It's on the opposite side of the main lodge where meals will be served.

I want to get out and enjoy the fishing, but Lini insists that we begin the debriefing of the sisters. Mindy and the staff mind the children while Marta and Margaret somehow manage to make our cabin feel surrounded by security as we interview Keri.

"This is all my fault."

"What makes you say that, Keri?"

"My marriage got off on the wrong foot. I conceived Kami with another guy just before I met Karl. Then... well, things got complicated and I let him think he was the father. He could have been. Things were that close. He proposed to me before I even missed my period. We didn't really know for certain until Kada was born. We had to do some DNA tests for some symptoms she showed. Kami turned out not to be his. He resents her now. That's why he joined that group. He felt deliberately deceived."

This revelation really changes nothing. It was an error of omission and it's water under the bridge. It explains why Karl joined the Knights of Old Prussia, and Darlene's presence in the picture explains how he met Mick, but it was Keri's over-sharing of information that increased the risk to me, and that is Lini's focus. After two hours of questions on what she knows and what she shared with Karl, and numerous apologies from Keri, and promises to be more careful, it still seems like that was just innocent and incautious, not intentionally harmful to us. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson, but we will be careful with her and try to keep her from learning anything that can harm us. We need her skills, but there is little risk to us from her use of them.

It's Mindy's turn in the barrel next, and even though I have these weird maternal feelings for her, I assist Lini in taking her story apart and examining each piece for falseness and risk. Nothing new of any significance comes from it. She is either a very good actress or a victim of circumstances, but Lini becomes convinced that she's not a good actress. We happily inform them both that they have satisfied us and that we will find a home for them in the sisterhood. The mood in the camp at dinnertime is much improved. The wonderful combination of fried walleye and Canadian ale is a blast from the past for me.

During dinner, I begin to think about how strange it is going to be to have sex with a woman who looks like me. I'm not really my type, I'm not slender, tall, athletic, or anything like Dream Girl. And if Kyra is any indication, I'm not Lini's type either. I've been outside my type before, but not with any woman who looks so much like what I see in the mirror every day. I think of a sure fire way to get me warmed up if I have any trouble with that. It occurs to me that Marta and Margaret might hear what's going on and get the wrong idea, so I warn her that she might hear sounds of violence and pain from my cabin later, but not to worry about it. She quickly gets a knowing look in her eye. "Somebody's been a naughty girl, eh."

I smile. "Or somebody's going to be."

"That will be good for you, after last night."

For some reason I'm glad she's made that connection. A little mock violence and a little ass-burn from an open hand are acceptable. Fantasies of hurting Karl and enjoying his screams aren't, even if Dream Girl approves.

I'm very happy when I discover that a campfire is planned for shortly after dinner. Waiting for dark would put it way past the children's bedtime. We listen and clap when Kami and Wilhelmina sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star long before the first star comes out. The children and their mothers are soon showing signs of sleepiness as the strangeness and stress of the journey catch up to them. They hit the sack by eight PM. Lini and I converse with the staff and our ninjas until nine and then make our excuses. Marta gives me a knowing smile.

The level of awkwardness is high when we close the door and Lini offers to pour us drinks. "You have to try the black sheep of Canadian whiskeys. It is one of the things that Kyra sent in my gift. It is Canadian, but the 100 proof version is only available in the US."

"One of the things?"

"Some business mixed with pleasure. Need to know, Cath." She pours me my first and hopefully last taste of Yukon Jack. I take a tiny sip and roll it around my tongue. It is the sweetest whiskey I have ever tasted, but the honey in it doesn't help.

"Gah! This stuff is horrible!" I hand the glass back to her. "But if that's all we have, I'll have some more." She laughs, pours herself a sip and drinks it. We have drunk from the same vessel now, a shared communion sacrament.

"I have a bottle of Talisker for you, compliments of Claire."

"Oh, thank God. That other stuff is for desperate times only."

"Kyra doesn't like it either. But she takes very good care of me. She even sent you to me after I threw a big enough tantrum." She pours herself more and takes a big sip. "Perhaps it will taste better on my lips. I usually only drink it on very cold nights. But this is a special occasion."

She pours some Talisker into a clean tumbler for me and I take an equally big sip. "Oh, now this is much better. And I want to see these undies you got me. I've been wearing these clothes since last night."

I discover something unexpected. She has bought me tiny thong panties. "Ooh, these are pretty. I've never worn thongs for everyday use. Just bedroom fun."

"Well these are what I usually wear. They're the next best thing to going commando. And I drive Claude wild with them. So if you don't like them, I won't have to return them."

"I like them. This could be interesting."

She picks up the black ones and asks, "Will you model these for me?"

"Model them? At my age?"

"I'm the same age as you, Cath. I think I can handle looking at an ass that probably looks better than mine."

"I'll bet our asses look just the same. If I'm wrong, you can spank me. I'f I'm right, we can spank each other." I got the challenge in, not the way I planned to, but it's in.

She chuckles. "Who can refuse an offer like that? How will we compare."

"Well, we both have cell phones. We can take before and after spanking pics. It will give me something to send to Dan when we get back to civilization."

"I like this idea. Even better, we can send our husbands the wrong pics and see if they notice."

"Lini! That's so naughty! I love it!" The prospect of her sending photos of my ass to a man that I've never met is doing it for me. And I want to send pics of her ass to Dan. That's the next best thing to sending her to him as a gift. And it will be very interesting to learn whether he sees a difference that I don't see. Of course, I run the risk that he will actually think she looks better than me from the angle we present, but the more I think of it, the more I just have to know. "Can I take a shower first?"

"Only if I can watch you get naked. And join you in the shower."


There really is very little difference between our bodies and as I soap and rinse her, it is like washing a twin. There are three significant differences. Her nipples and caps are significantly darker and smaller, but they won't be in the photo. Neither will her current hair style, which is longer than my current cut. But her bush is unshaven. Most of that will be hidden under her panties, but she lets me shave the few strays that will fall outside the boundaries. It reminds me of the 'fur checks' that I used to perform for Kyra, and that reminds me that she is also one of Kyra's lovers.

"Is Kyra your normal type, Lini?"

"Yes. I love that thick dark hair. I wish I could have met her before she lasered her bush. My other female lovers have been Mediterraneans. Italian, Spanish, and Greek like her. You're the first outside my type. Oh yes." As she's saying that, I'm rubbing my hand through her crotch from her tailbone to her navel as I gently suck one nipple. "It appears that I'm like you in another way, not exclusive to my type. This is... let's finish and take these pics and start again."

We finish, but slowly. We towel each other dry, free our hair from our shower caps, and both of us put identical black thong panties on. She uses her cell phone and I stretch out in the doggy position on the bed, arching my back in reverse and placing my knees at wider than shoulder width so the black panel covering my pussy contrasts with my pale skin and the white sheets beneath me. Lini takes several pics with her phone, showing them to me until I find one that I want her husband to see un-spanked. My pussy is having no trouble maintaining the slow burn that started in the shower.

Celine takes her position on the bed and I use the pic on her phone to position her as exactly as I can. I enjoy touching her, tapping her inner thighs to spread them a little further apart, adjusting the waistband over her hips, pushing the thin strap a little deeper into her ass-crack.


"Just trying to get it perfect, Sweetie."

I notice another slight difference as I hold my phone next to hers. Her pussy is just a bit wider, or maybe just currently more expanded by arousal. I snap several pics, keeping my phone next to hers until I get one just right. Then I show the one perfect pic to her. The photos are so close that I almost can not tell them apart. The shade of her skin is just a little darker, something easily attributable to the light and only noticeable when the two images are compared side-by-side. "Looks like I'll be burning your buns, Lini."

"I was so hoping that would be the case. I was afraid I wouldn't measure up. Remind me to give my trainer a bonus. My ass is yours. Warm it up."

After sixteen hard ones, complete with howls and screams and giggles, her ass has a rosy red glow. I position her again as exactly as I can and snap another pic. Then it's my turn. By the time she is finished spanking me, my ass is on fire and I want to crawl all over her. I can barely contain myself as she positions me. I suddenly feel her push the string firmly against my anus. "Hey!"

"What goes around comes around, Cherie. Hold still now."

She shows me the pic. "Claude is going to love this. And it isn't even me."

"And Dan will love these of you."

"Good. It's like I finally paid for what I did to him. God, Cath, my pussy is so hot! I can see why you and Ky like this spanking stuff." I love how she has adopted Kyra's name for me and mine for her. It makes me that much hotter. My nipples are hard and I can feel my wet pussy lips sliding against each other and against the fabric of these decadent panties.

"Fuck me, Lini."

She sets the phones down and joins me on the bed. Our fingers roam all over each other. We kiss. We lick and suck nipples. The panties come off and fly away somewhere. My hand slides between her thighs and finds warm wet slippery lips nestled in a soft bush. Her fingers find my clit, then her tongue finds it as she turns for a soixante-neuf. She pushes me and I roll onto my back as she rolls her leg over me and straddles my face. She humps gently against my lips and chin as I lick her clit and she licks mine. Her soft pubic hair tickles my chin and lower lip as her nectar coats my face. I squeeze her ass cheeks and she stops licking me while she comes, filling the cabin with the sounds of blessed orgasmic release.

As her shudders wane, her pussy leaves my mouth and her tongue comes back to my clit. I'm close and she senses the edge. She sucks and munches my clit and I cascade over, writhing under her as her skilled tongue and lips roll and punch my eager nub until I am sated. The end comes slowly, with many whimpers of decreasing intensity, until I give her pussy a big wet kiss and she rolls off. Twin daughters of different mothers, we pull the covers over us and kiss each other's faces, tasting ourselves on each other until that ends, too.

"I should warn you, Lini. I'm told that I snore after really good sex. You might find out tonight."

"I know about that. I read your stories, Cherie. I feel like I know so much about you already."

"Well, not everything I write is true. I have to hold a little back and mix in some misdirection, but the snoring is probably true."

"I'm sure it's true. Kyra told me about it. She said she loved hearing it. It helped her to sleep when she had insomnia. But I sleep soundly, and we have fish to catch tomorrow, and we will need to talk about the futures of our new friends. But no more talk. Bon nuit, ma chérie."

"Goodnight, my dear, Celine."

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