The Devils Pact Chapter 53: The Fall of Rome

Introduction: Chase plans the downfall of her parents and their Theocracy. The Devils Pact
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2013, 2014

Chapter Fifty-Three: The Fall of Rome

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My name is Chasity Alberta Glassner, the Tyrants daughter. I write these words down so my motivations will not be lost to time, and so there will be no confusion, speculation, or misunderstanding about my actions.
Excerpt from The Tyrants Daughter: An Autobiography by Saint Chasity Alberta Glassner

Mark Glassner May 9th, 2053

Im ready, Grandpa, little Liza smiled at me.

Well, she wasnt really that little at sixteen. She was my youngest grandchild, daughter of Marcelo and Calypso. The other grandparents, Alison and Desiree, watched happily as dusky-skinned Liza stretched out on the bed in a frilly, pink nightgown, her lush body peaking invitingly through the sheer fabric.

I want you to be my first, Liza cooed.

You wont regret it, mi Florecita, Desiree beamed. Her arms were wrapped around our son Marcelo.

Master knows how to use his cock, laughed Alison.

Yes, he does, giggled Calypso. She was perched on her mothers lap, her honey-brown hair, a slightly lighter shade then Alisons, falling in a thick braid between her breasts. Alison leaned down, and licked our daughters nipple with her pierced tongue, then sucked the pink nub into her lips. Umm, thats nice, mom.

After Ive made you a woman, are you sure you want to be bound to me? I asked my granddaughter, sitting on the bed, my hand stroking her thigh.

I want to lick your cum out of Great-Nanas cunt, Liza smiled.

Just call me Nana, my mom scolded. You make me feel so old.

My mom was a beautiful, mature woman. When I bound her in her early forties, her beauty had just ripened into its lush fullness, and she still looked the same, her body trim, her breasts just starting to sag. Mary cuddled up to my mom on a love seat, stroking my mothers beautiful tits.

Liza rolled her eyes, Youre ancient Nana. Like in your eighties. But you still look beautiful.

Thank you for the compliment, my mom smiled, and Ill forget that you called me old.

Mary gave her tit a squeeze. You are definitely not old with a pair of tits like this, Sandy. Then my wife bent down and sucked a pink nipple into her lips.

In a month, Mary and I would have been married forty years. She was fifty-nine, but still looked as youthful, and as beautiful, as they day we met. None of us had aged. Mary and I due to our Gifts, and our families due to the Zimmah ritual. Calypso and Marcelo still looked sixteen, Alison seventeen, and Desiree twenty-seven.

I stretched out beside Liza, a bit of apprehension in her eyes. Itll be okay, I told her, bending down to gently kiss her tiny lips. She relaxed, kissing me back eagerly.

She wasnt a bad kisser. I knew shed played kissing games with her two older cousins Matt and Tamara, my two other grandchildren by my son Silas and his two wives. I let my hand touch her silk nightie, sliding up her side to grope her small breasts. After tonight, shed be an A cup and sixteen for the rest of her life.

Her breast felt firm, her nipple hard, then I slipped my hand inside her bodice and felt her warm flesh directly. She shuddered delicately as I groped her small tit. Her kiss grew passionate, her tiny hands reaching out to feel my muscular chest, then sliding down to hesitantly grasp my hard cock. She traced my length up to the mushroom-shaped head. Her fingernail scraped my sensitive flesh, a shudder passed through me.

Oh, Sandy, I heard Mary moan.

I broke the kiss to see that my mother had slipped to the floor and had buried her face into my wifes waxed pussy. Mary smiled at me, squeezing her freckled breasts and savoring my mothers tongue in her pussy.

They werent the only family members making love. Desiree had mounted our son, his hard cock sliding into his mothers cunt. Marcelo had his face buried in her pillowy breasts as her plump ass flexed as she rode him. Calypso sat next to her husband on the divan, squeezing Marcelos hand as Alison went down on her. Our daughter had gathered a handful of Alisons honey-brown hair, pulling her mothers face into her cunt. I sometimes missed Alisons pink hair. It had been thirty years, I think, since she stopped dying it.

Dont forget about me, Grandpa, Liza pouted.

Sorry, but dont they all look so happy?

Liza giggled. They do. We have the best family in the world. All of us loving each other, and…

Her voice trailed off, she must have seen the pain in my face. My family wasnt whole, I hadnt seen my daughter Chase in sixteen years. She was the only child Mary and I ever had. Sure, we had other children with the sluts, but she was special. She was ours. Sometimes I would go days without thinking about her, and then I would be reminded about her and the pain would come crashing back. We did something to our daughter, something that disgusted her so much that she wanted nothing to do with us.

I think she found out the truth about us.

It was easy to forget that we were human when everyone worshiped us as their Gods. But we werent, my wife and I were just regular humans that sold our souls and made the most of it. But Chase was such an idealist, poisoned by some book she had read. Mary kept saying shell come back, we have eternity, we can be patient and let her work it out. After sixteen years, I was losing faith that I would ever see her again.

Sorry, Liza, I said, turning back to my beautiful, and very nubile, granddaughter. I slipped one of the straps of her pink nightie off her shoulder, pushing it down her arm. A dusky breast and a brown nipple was exposed. I couldnt resist, and bent down and captured the hard nub, enjoying the feel of it between my lips.

Umm, Grandpa! Liza cooed as I sucked. That feels wicked!

My hand slid down her body as I worshiped her nipple, pulling up the hem of her nightie, and found her dripping, shaved cunt. I stroked around her labia, her sighs and coos filling my ears. Her body jumped as I slid a finger into her hot depths, finding her hymen. I had to taste her. I moved down her body, spreading her thighs, and inhaled her tangy honey.

Holy shit! she gasped as my tongue slid through the furrow of her pussy.

You are in for a treat! Mary purred. Your grandfather gives the best head, for a man.

My tongue found her clit. My granddaughter jumped, her thighs pressing tight about my head. Her fingers rubbed through my hair, gripping me as I worshiped her hard nub. Her hips started moving as I sucked, her sighs transforming into moans, loud and throaty.

Oh, Grandpa! she groaned. Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Im gonna cum! Oh, fuck, this is so much better than my fingers.

I want to see you cum, Calypso panted. Oh, shit, Im gonna cum. Lets cum together, baby girl!

Yes, momma! Liza moaned. Oh, fuck! Oh, fucking yes!

Calypso gasped, cumming on Alisons hungry lips, as Lizas orgasm seemed to explode through her. So much juice shot out of her pussy, I thought she was going to rocket right off the bed. Her enthusiasm seemed to set everyone else off, I heard Marys beautiful cries of passion, and Desirees rapture came out in her musical Spanish.

I kissed my way up my granddaughters body, nipping her nipple, before I reached her lips and let her taste herself. Umm, I taste wonderful, she giggled.

Yes, you do, Liza, I told her, then kissed her a second time.

Grandpa? she asked, apprehension returning to her hazel eyes.


Can I be on top?

I smiled, and rolled us onto my back. Her light body pressed atop me, lithe as she wiggled about. My cock ached to bury into her. Deflowering virgins was something I lived for. Every day, a pretty virgin out in the world won the lotto and was brought to me, eager to have a God make a woman out of her.

Mary stretched out beside me, a flushed, satisfied smile on her face, then she bent over and gave me a brief kiss. Go slow, Liza, she advised. Dont just jam your pussy on his cock. Let yourself stretch and give.

Yes, Grandma, Liza said. Mary wasnt technically her grandmother, but we had an unusual family.

Desiree slid on the other side of her, stroking Lizas leg. Youll love his cock, mi Florecita.

I know I will, Abuela. Liza answered, then bent down, and gave Desiree a passionate kiss.

Alison pressed up behind Desiree, nuzzling her wifes neck. Im horny, wanna make me cum?

Desiree rolled over. I always do, mi Sirenita.

Oh, yes! my mother moaned, Calypso had knelt before her, spreading her grandmothers thighs and burying her face between her legs. Marcelo knelt behind his wife, and buried his cock into Calypsos cunt, his eyes fixed on my mothers breasts.

I was lost watching my son and daughter fuck my mother, but Lizas pussy lips brushed my cock, bringing my attention back to her. Her weight slowly slid down my cock, engulfing me in warm, wet pleasure. She was tight the way only a virgin could be, her pussy stretching for the first time before a hard cock. She slid a few inches into her pussy, then stopped as I nudged her cherry.

She took a deep breath, Here goes nothing. Then she relaxed her thighs, letting her weight pull her down on my cock. Her hymen gave, bending before my cock, and then it snapped. She gasped in pain as her weight drove her pussy all the way onto my cock.

I told you to go slow, Mary said, sliding up behind the girl. She pressed her naked body against my granddaughters back, kissing Lizas dusky shoulder. Marys pale arms wrapped around the girl. One hand grasped an apple-sized breast, while the other stretched down to play with her clit.

Her cunt tightened on my cock as Marys fingers found her little pearl. Umm, Grandma, that feels nice.

Her hips started to move. Hows the pain? Mary asked.

Its vanishing, she purred, rising up and down. Umm, and its starting to feel absolutely wild!

Good. Mary licked her neck, up to her ear. Move your hips, and lean forward or back. Itll change the way his cock slides into you. Find what feels best, then ride him hard, my little peach.

She leaned forward, rolling her hips, eyes widening. Oh, wow! I see what you mean.

Mary ground her groin against my cute granddaughters ass. Give my horny stallion a good ride!

I will! The best ride! Liza boasted.

She gave me a spirited ride, almost as good as my naughty fillys, but no-one was quite as good as Mary. Lizas cunt was a tight glove as she rode me. She turned her head to make out with my wife over her shoulder. Marys fingers stroked her hard clit, giving Liza two hard cums. Her cunt spasmed delightfully on my cock each time, bringing my balls closer and closer to flooding her once virgin hole.

Fuck, your pussy is tight! I groaned. Youre about to get your first load!

Yes, Grandpa! Flood my cunt!

Alison and Desiree, their faces sticky with each others cum, watched eagerly. Flood her filthy hole, Master! Alison cheered.

Im going to lick your cum out of her pussy, mi Rey!

I want that, Abuela! moaned Liza.

Every muscle in my body seemed to tense as she rode my cock. The friction sent my balls to boil, my entire body tensing as my release neared. With a grunt, I flooded my granddaughters cunt. She slammed down on my cock, grinding her clit into my groin, and shuddered as another orgasm ripped through her body.

Now youre a woman, Mary whispered in her ear.

Liza beamed and Desiree helped our granddaughter dismount my cock. True to her word, my Latina slut buried her face in Lizas messy cunt as my mother joined me on the bed. I fucked her doggy style, pounding her snatch, as she ate out Alisons cunt. The slut grinned at me, playing with her pierced nipples. I could just see her tattoo above my mothers head. Cum on in, it read, with an arrow pointing down at her pussy. I remembered the first time I saw that tattoo in the Hot Topic store. Mary had been in the back, I think, trying on clothes, while I fucked around with Lillian and Alison in the front of the store, training them.

I missed those daysthings were simpler. Mary and I were just having fun, not a care in the world as we fucked whomever we wanted. We didnt have our family though. Our children and grandchildren and, one day, great-grandchildren. Family is whats important, and I loved to share these special times with them.

With a grunt, I flooded my moms cunt. Her pussy convulsed about my cock before she collapsed on the tousled bed, spreading her legs wide for Liza. My granddaughter knelt down, and buried her face in my moms pussy, taking a big swipe. I cast the Zimmah spell, energy flowed from mom into me and Liza, chaining her soul to mine. She shivered, grinned at me, then buried her tongue into my moms pussy.

What a delightful granddaughter I have, my mom groaned.

Great-granddaughter, Liza corrected, an impish grin her on sticky face. An incestuous mix of cum and pussy juices dripped from her chin.

Mom grabbed her head and shoved her face back between her thighs. You owe me at least two cums for saying that, Liza!

Yes, Great-Nana, came Lizas muffled answer.

My cock stirred. My wife laughed, gave my cock a few stokes, then knelt behind Liza. She spread the teens asscheeks, revealing her puckered sphincter, and tongued her. Liza gave a squeal. My daughter Calypso nuzzled my crotch, and sucked my cock into her mouth as I watched my wife rim my granddaughter.

Shes ready, Mary smiled, Lizas asshole gleaming with spit.

Do you mind, dad? Marcelo asked.

No, I laughed. Shes your daughter.

Marcelo mounted the bed, his hard cock nudging his daughters ass. Liza gave another squeal as he forced his cock into her bowels. He fucked her slowly, leaning over her and grunting softly. Mary smiled, then giggled as Desiree and Alison launched a two front assault on her. Alison wiggled between my wifes thighs, while Desiree sucked on her tits.

Calypsos mouth popped off my cock. You can fuck my ass, Daddy.

She knelt next to her daughter, wiggling her face down to share my mothers pussy. Lizas and Calypsos faces pressed together, lips kissing each other as much as they worship my mothers cunt. Calypsos fair ass, as perky as Alisons, wiggled at me, and I spread her open and plunged in.

Much later, Alison and Desiree, their children, and grandchild, retired to the sluts bedroom to continue their celebration. I lay in bed, my wife pressed on one side, my mother on the other. Marys hand idly played with my chest hair.

How are things between you and Betty? Mary asked my mom.

I could feel Mom tense, for the last few months I heard there was some friction between my mom and her wife. Getting better, Mom answered. Shes almost forgiven me my indiscretion.

It was only one village girl, Mary said dismissively. Hardly worth her getting upset over. And those Latin women can be quite…feisty.

Betty isnt as comfortable with an open relationship, my mom answered. She doesnt mind if its within the family, but she made it clear to me years ago that anything else is cheating. I saw hurt, self-loathing, and disgust flicker across my moms face. Maybe Im just not cut out for monogamy. I cheated on your dad, and Maria was hardly the first village girl that found her way into my bed. I get weak sometimes, especially when were apart.

She knows that you love her, right? I asked my mom.

Of course she does, Mom sighed. Itll sort itself out. She shifted, then casually asked, And how is Chase doing?

It was Marys turn to stiffen.

Well. She spent some time in a village on the Jordan, but her relationship with a local boy seems to have fallen apart. She walked south into Saudi Arabia, following the coast, I answered. Quatch is keeping tabs on her since shes in his territory.

Like that fat friend of yours is good for anything, Mary muttered, just loud enough for me to hear her.

What was that, Mare? I asked.

Hmm? She had a look of innocence on her face. I didnt say anything, hun.

Right, you…

The golden power, the Gift, buried deep inside my soul for these last forty years, was torn away. I screamed in pain at the sudden loss, writhing on my bed as a piece of my being left a ragged, bleeding hole in my spirit. Marys anguished cry barely penetrated the fog of pain. I collapsed back onto the bed, awash in agony that suffused my entire being.

And then it was gone. My breath came in ragged gasps. I felt a little more tired, a little sluggish, as I sat back up. My enhanced strength, my reflexes, my stamina, were gone. What just happened?

Chereb! I shouted, holding out my hand, expecting my Celestial blade to appear.


Whats wrong! Mom gasped, staring at the two of us.

What just happened, Mark? Mary demanded, face ashen.

A faint red outlined her body. I swallowed, concentrating, and her aura sprang up red. Not the bronze of a Shaman, but the red of a Warlock. Her emerald eyes widened as she stared back at me.

Its gone, Mark! my wife sobbed. Someone stole our Gift!

A sinking feeling entered my stomach. What did that mean?

I am completely baffled, sir, Sam replied an hour later as our inner circle met in the Matmown in the mansions basement. It reeked of musk, and the air was thick with dust. We hadnt needed the Matmown since the Demon Wars ended. I didnt think it was possible for the Gift to be stolen outside of the Ganubath ritual. And that didnt happen, right?

Definitely not, Mary snapped. Someones attacked us.

Maybe we should reactivate the Legion, mi Rey, suggested Desiree, Secretary of War.

Theyve been disbanded for twenty-five years, I sighed. Theyre all into their fifties and sixties. The only combat-ready troops we have are the Bodyguards. And they only number three hundred. Thirty years of world peace had negated the need for soldiers, or even police officers. Everyone on the planet was under our command.

We should warn the Districts, 51, Chief of the Guard, said. Ill start recruiting more to the guard. We do have a class of fifty in training every year in case we have any losses from accident. We could easily do six classes a year. Ill have the guard doubled by this time next year.

Do it, Mary said.

Lets reactivate the Legion, Alison added. We can use them to train fresh soldiers..

How are we going to arm them? Jacob, Secretary of the Treasury, asked.

Rachel, one of his wives, sat next to him and nodded her support. We mothballed most military hardware decades ago, letting the materials be used for the restoration. Theres, what, a plant that manufactures small arms for the bodyguards? Thats it.

And theres the matter of transporting so many troops, LeahJacobs second wife, and our Secretary of Transportationsaid. Our fleet of airplanes is not large enough to mobilize entire armies. And Boeing only has one manufacturing line anymore. It would take years to ramp up production to more than a few airplanes a year.

There are boats, my son Silas, Assistant Secretary of Transportation, pointed out. We have plenty of freighters.

Those are slow, Leah countered. If we need to move troops rapidly, that will not be good enough.

Master can make Portals, Lillian, Secretary of Energy, stated. And so can Mistress. We used them during the Demon Wars.

For small troop movements, I said. It takes too much time to move more than a battalion through Portals.

Were forgetting one thing, Mark, Mary whispered. The Gift. You cant use the Ragily prayer any longer. Do you even have the Legions loyalty anymore?

My stomach sank, shes right. We cant afford to arm anyone not bound by the Zimmah ritual. Anyone else could be turned by a nun.

Then we must be vigilant, Master, Violet, Secretary of Agriculture, declared after a moment of silence. We should let the clergy be our eyes and ears. There is a church with a priest or priestess in every community. We should rely on them to inform us if anything unusual happens. Otherwise, we may be jumping at smoke.

Violets wife, Cindy, nodded in agreement.

Violets right, Master, Jessica threw in. We have the entire world on our side. Even untrained, that is a lot of manpower we could hurl at the situation.

Thats a little cold, Jessica, Korina, Secretary of Education, objected. We cant just throw defenseless men and women at the problem.

No, we cant, Mary firmly said.

*In an emergency?* I asked my wife telepathically. We strove never to contradict each others commands in public. In the first few years of our marriage, that had caused a small amount of friction.

Her eyes found mine. *Perhaps in an emergency.*

That will only be a last resort, I stated. Mary gave an agreeing nod.

Maybe we should summon Karen? Sam asked.

It will have to be the old way, I told her. Without the Gift, I cant summon all the ghosts to fight for me.

A grimace flickered across Sams face. Maybe you should do it, sir. You are stronger than us. Last time I did it… She shuddered, and Candy patted her hand.

Unfortunately, Karen was equally baffled. All she could say was, My sight has been obscured in this matter. Heavenly forces move once more, Master.


June 6th, 2054 Mark Glassner

It was after midnight when I stepped through the portal into the mansion. I had just left Paris. My little sister, Antsy, who administered Europe with Via, her wife, had captured a few agitators. The last few weeks, a strain had cracked across the Theocracy. People were snapping out of our control, questioning our authority, and trying to lure people to gatherings.

It was worrisome. It seemed a few Nuns were roaming the world, freeing Thralls. 51 had delivered on her promise, and had doubled the bodyguard. But six hundred wasnt enough to police the world. And they were spread thin, a compliment protecting each of the fourteen Administrative Districts, protecting my Governors as well as the local Bishops who shepherded the faithful. Twenty-eight different places to guard, in addition to our Mansion and the Cathedral, the ecclesiastical center of the Church.

My Lord, Pearl bowed as I entered the mansion.

Pearl had been the Chief Maid since we had founded them forty years ago. Her charges curtsied as they welcomed me home. One took my jacket, damp with rain, while a second handed me a warm cup of tea. I admired all my maids practically exposed breasts beneath their transparent blouses, and fondled a pair, as I drank my tea. It warmed me up, Paris had been miserable, a fierce thunderstorm drenching the city.

Wheres my wife?

Your bedroom, my Lord, Pearl answered. She was still up the last I knew.

I handed the cup to Pearl, and strode through the mansion. The bodyguards that accompanied me to Paris all headed off to their barracks. One of them kissed a maid, her wife, with some passion, pulling the maid along with her.

A pair of bodyguards stood at attention flanking our suites door. They saluted, I gave them each a grope, bringing a smile to their faces, and went inside. A pair of maids leapt to their feet, curtsying, then helped strip me out of my wet clothes. I gave each a kiss and squeezed their naked asses, before opening the door to our bedroom.

I thought youd be asleep, Mare, I said when I found her reading a book, one of the Twilight novels. I never understood how she could read that insipid trash over and over.

I couldnt sleep after returning from Honolulu, Mary sighed. While I was meeting with Alice and her husband, the bodyguards found ten of these…agitators. A Nun has definitely gotten her hands on them.

I crawled into bed with Mary. I still had mixed feelings about Alice, even if it wasnt entirely her fault for shooting me. And she had tried to get Mary to break-up with me. Well, I didnt have to like my wifes friends, even if one of them ruled Oceania for us.

I gave my wife a kiss and she snuggled up against me, her naked breast and hard nipple pressing against my muscular chest. Theres definitely more than one Nun, I told her. The three agitators my sister caught were all exorcised from our control. And yet they resisted my power. Some new prayer is protecting them from my wish.

The same in Honolulu. So at least two nuns are out there, Mary sighed. One in Paris, and one in Hawaii. And thats assuming one of them is Tina. Maybe Doug gave his gift to a woman?

I doubt Doug would let a woman murder him just to add one more nun into the world, I pointed out.

Right, Mary nodded. That stupid forgive your killer clause the monks have. That still doesnt make sense to me.

When a Monks killed, he can choose to give his Gift to his killer. Its the only way they can pass on their powers. It seemed ridiculous, how do you forgive your killer? That seems like the hardest thing in the universe to do.

Anyway, I think I know what happened last year, I told her. The Gift was returned, and then given to new people. It was given once, it stands to reason it could be given again.

Have you been talking to Sam? Mary asked, eying me suspiciously.

Nope. I came up with this all on my own.

Sure, she nodded.

I did, I protested.

Fine. You figured this out all on your own. I believe you, she giggled, then sighed and frowned. Well, that would explain where these nuns are coming from. But how did they do it?

Well, Doug and Tina have the original copy of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor, right?

I believe thats what Maryam told me. It has been forty years, but I think thats what she said. Mary shifted. That would mean theres, what, one-hundred-and-forty-four new Monks and Nuns out there.

So why did they choose now to come crawling out of the rocks, I groused. What happened last year to change the status quo?

Mary gave me a kiss, rubbing her body against me. We can worry about that tomorrow. You do remember what today is?

What? I asked, struggling to think.

Why am I not surprised. Mary rolled her eyes. We met forty-one years ago, today. You made your Pact, then walked into my Starbucks and swept me off my feet.

I smiled. You were so beautiful as you stood trembling before me. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I never read that book I found in the library. Would we even have met?

Yes, Mary declared. Were soulmates. I talked to Azrael about that, years and years ago. Surely I told you?

It was my turn to shake my head.

She gave me a look. Are you getting senile in your old age? Im sure I told you.


Well, it was during the Baal-zebub campaign, she shrugged. I seem to recall that was pretty hectic.

That was an understatement. Baal-zebub had retreated from his stronghold in Austria to Switzerland. It had been such a mess to break through those passes. I could still remember leading troops through Gotthard Pass, and the bloodbath at the Devils Bridge. Alison had broken the tide that day, leading her commandos up the cliff face without any climbing gear.

Anyway, Azrael told me that Lucifer nudged you into summoning him, and that caused you to meet me a few weeks earlier. Apparently, I was going to catch my boyfriend cheating on me and then Id bump into you and it all would have fallen into place. She sighed. I bet Chase wouldnt have walked away if we were just normal people.

Mary was right, if we were normal, Chase would never have run off. Too late for that now. We were in too deep. If we freed the world, they would be howling for our blood. Mary and I had worked too long and too hard to escape Hell, we werent about to lose it all now. Sure, I was immortal, but Mary could still be killed. She only was young and healthy as long as I was alive, but that wouldnt save her from getting shot in the head.

I kissed my wife as we shared our grief. I pulled her atop me, her lithe body writhed atop me as we kissed, her perky breasts rubbing against my muscular chest. My hands slid down her supple back, down to her plump ass, and gave her cheeks a squeeze. My cock was iron hard, pinned between our stomachs. Our kiss grew more and more passionate.

After forty-one years, you still excite me, I told her, stroking her auburn hair.

She smiled, her cheeks cutely dimpled, and said, Feel how wet I am for you.

Her pussy was a faucet, drenching my hand in her sweet, spicy juices. Her hands found my hard cock, her hips rose up, and she engulfed me. I was sliding into my wifes pussy, the place I loved to be. The best place in the worldinside my love. I cupped her left breast with my hand, enjoying the perky firmness as she slowly rose up my cock. I thumbed her nipples as she slid home, a soft sigh escaped her lips.

My horny stallion, she whispered, pressing her forehead against mine, her green eyes staring down with love.

My naughty filly, I whispered back, then grasped an auburn lock, pulling her face to mine, and kissed her tenderly as she slowly made love to me.

I let go of the stress of today, the uncertainty of our new foe, and the questions that churned inside of me. I let it all go until only my wife, and our fervent embrace, remained. I caressed her body, stoking her passions, while her pussy stoked mine. I kissed her fingers, sucked her nipples, and nuzzled at her neck, while her hips rose faster, adding twists and pivots that slid my cock through the silk of her sheath.

Oh, Mare, I groaned. My sweet, beautiful filly. Cum for me! Let me feel your passion.

Yes, yes! she panted as I stroked her thigh, feeling her toned muscles lift and lower her pussy on me. I thrust up to meet her, bouncing her up and watching her breasts rise and fall, her dusky nipples dancing through the air, a beautiful ballet. Oh, Mark! Oh, my stallion!

The ripples of her sheath on my sword were exquisite. The pleasure of her orgasm milked my cock, sending rapture surging through me. I clenched my teeth, driving up one last time into her sweet embrace, and spilled my love into her. Three large blasts of ecstasy.

I love you, she whispered, cuddling on my chest, my half-hard cock buried in her cunt.

I stroked her hair, kissed her forehead. With all my heart, Mare.

Marys breath grew shallow as she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I held her, enjoying the feel of her chest rising and falling, the warmth of her breath, of her body, on my chest, and the beat of her heart pounding in rhythm with mine. My eyes were heavy. I let them close, feeling safe in the embrace of my wife. Wed face this new problem together.

Like we always had.


Chase Glassner

I flashed into the cafeteria on a beam of pure light. Doug and Tina awaited, along with hundreds of men and women that had been freed from my parents tyranny. Around the world, seventy-one other pairs of Nuns and Monks had gathered similar groups, poised to lead their hundreds against the apparatus of my parents rule.

Today, we would free mankind.

Today, I would die with my parents.

For the last year we had prepared slowly. Each Nun exorcising clusters of Thralls in small communities, careful and cautious, while I coordinated everything. Holding onto all those one-hundred and forty-four gifts, if only briefly, had changed me. I could see the Light, and travel upon the heavenly rays like the Angels. When I spoke, people listened, and were swayed by my new-found eloquence, understanding me in their native tongues. I would speak English, but a Spaniard would hear Spanish, a Filipino, Tagalog, an Egyptian, Arabic. My words would protect them, armoring them against my parents words. A few had been captured, sadly, and hopefully they would hold out against torture.

We had thousands free ready around the world to attack all the centers of the Theocracys powers. It wasnt enough just to kill my parents if the bureaucrats and priests remained behind ready to continue to rule in their names. We had to have something to offer in their place, or we were just condemning the world to anarchy.

I would be with Doug and his group as they attacked. I knew my parents and their security drills. Theyd activate the shield and evacuate the mansion on the lawn. Theyd be in the open and I would have my opportunity before they fled to whatever bolt-hole they decided and then things would be far more difficult.

Ive spoken to all the rest, I told Doug, glancing at my watch. Flashing seventy-two times in just a short time was tiring, but the adrenaline pumping through my veins was helping to mask my weariness. They will start their marches in seven minutes.

Doug nodded, and summoned his golden armor. My father once had armor like that. He had been so magnificent when I had watched him duel Ashtoreth on the mansion lawn so many years ago. I had thought he was a hero. But I grew up, and, like all children, learned my parents were only flawed humans.

My hand shook, and I turned my back on Doug, walking to the window. I looked up South Hill at the concrete wall that segregated the Theocracys Capital from its slaves. In a few minutes, five groups of armed, free Thralls would start marching on the seat of my parents power, attacking it from all sides. Guns were checked as our followers readied themselves for battle, eager to take back their Liberty.

The blood of Patriots and Tyrants…


Mark Glassner

Mary and I awoke to frantic knocks at our door.

Sir! 51 shouted, bursting in. She had dressed hastily, her blouse buttoned up wrong. The Theocracy is under attack!

What? I asked, sleepily. Mary stirred on my chest, sitting up.

There are five armed groups attacking the perimeter. They number in the hundreds!

Shit! I muttered. Hundreds? Those fucking nuns had been busy! Pull back the guard! Sixty-four cant possibly hold against that many!

Yes, sir! she saluted, her ebony face fierce and beautiful.

Mary stood up as maids scurried in with clothing. We hurriedly dressed, pulling on the black, utilitarian clothing we hadnt worn in thirty years. My heart raced, I hadnt felt adrenaline coursing so violently through my system since that day when the last Demon attacked the mansion. I had dueled Ashteroth just outside on the mansions lawn and beheaded the bitch. April and Xiu had died that day.

My anger rose. We had grown lax. Thirty years of peace had made us complacent. This time well account for every last nun and priest. Ill set the entire world to hunt them down!

After pulling on black fatigues, I strapped on body armor. I missed my Celestial armor, and I had never fought in the enchanted vest before. Lastly I pulled on my bronze amulet, tucking it beneath the vest. Mary was dressed identically, sheathing a 9mm handgun while a maid tied her auburn hair back.

Maids, take shelter in the basement, I ordered, then we rushed out to the security room.

Alison and Desiree were waiting for us, hastily dressed in black fatigues. Excitement burned in Alisons face, she had always been so reckless during the Demon Wars. On the banks of security cameras was footage of the outer walls breached, and hordes of men and women pouring in, all carrying various automatic weapons.

Where the fuck did they get those? Mary demanded.

Alison shrugged. Some cache a paranoid dictator buried during the troubles. Does it really matter, Mistress?

Sir, were getting reports from across the globe, a seemingly young Japanese communication officer said. Her name was Ami, a former Air Force officer that served us from before Lucifer was defeated. Nine of the Administrative districts report theyre under attack.

I swallowed, feeling cold. Nine of fourteen. Which ones?

She opened her mouth to answer, then paused, listening into her headset. Sir, Washington D.C.s about to fall. Sean and Tiffany have barricaded themselves in their bedroom with the last two of their guards.

Central America? I asked, fear clenching my stomach. My mother ruled from Mexico City.

They havent responded, Roni, another former Air Force officer, answered. Im sorry, sir. Paris is reporting an armed mob attacking them, and there was a brief message from Tokyo.

We should retreat to the bunker, Mary whispered, her face pale. Both of our parents were in trouble. And our sisters. Shit.

Bunker? I asked, my mind struggling to work as my fear was growing into white-hot anger. My mom and sister were in danger! These filthy vermin thought to hurt my family?

The missile silo, Mary answered. I hadnt thought of our bolt-hole in Oklahoma in decades. I was pretty sure we still had it maintained. Those SWAT officers were stationed there with their families. Theres no way they can know about it, Mark.

Sam entered the room. Sir, Ive triggered the mansions shield. I predict it will last fifteen minutes under the volume of fire.

Fuck that! Im going out there and fighting them, I barked. Im immortal. They cant hurt me! Even if they empty every fucking bullet they have into me Ill keep on going!

Youd be swarmed under and captured, Mary objected.

I have the power to do it. Ill open the ground beneath their feet, summon the winds to batter them, and cook them with fire! I am Mark Glassner, and Ill show them why you dont fuck with a living God!

Its too risky. We dont know enough, Mark.

I can crush them like the insects they are! Molechs flames danced on my skin and Milcoms lightning crackled between my fingers. Ill send the vermin scurrying back to their holes while you evacuate the mansion.

She grabbed my arm. We dont have enough information. What if there are more? We need to regroup and figure out whats going on!

Fuck! I snarled. Her hand was soft on my hand, calm. She was always too cautious, but she was usually right. We evacuate to the bunker.

My anger died to a cold simmer. The gall of these Monks and Nuns to challenge us. Once weve regrouped, Ill make them realize the error of their mistake. Ill enjoy crushing them beneath my boot.

Well make them pay, she whispered, her hand stroking my arm. Theyll suffer for every member of our family theyve hurt.

We walked outside, the blue shield shimmering in a dome around the mansion. Five gold columns blazed like the sun, powering the spell. Only our most trusted servants and our family could walk through the shield, anyone else would be rebuffed. Outside, the mob beat at it, shot at it, and hurled whatever objects they could at it. Every impact sent ripples of blue spreading across the shield and dimmed the golden columns by a fraction, reducing the energy sustaining it. Eventually it would fail, and they would pour in like water rushing through a breeched dam.

The maids are assembled, my Lord, Pearl stated, standing before the ranks of her girls. They all looked scared.

My sons and daughters, and their children, huddled nearby. Silas had Delilah and Andrea clinging to him, and Marcelo and Calypso hugged their daughter Liza. The sluts stood in a nervous clump, Violet hugging Cindy, Jessica trying to stay calm as Korina trembled in Lillians arms. Thirty bodyguards were spread out in a circle around us, watching the shield. 51 nodded to me, then gave a worried glance at her husband. Even she was afraid, and she had survived Brandon, the Patriots, and been through the worst of the Demon Wars.

Alison strode out of the mansion. Master, the mansions been evacuated, and Ive destroyed the computers.

Anger burned inside me, I would destroy those fucking nuns and monks and spike their heads as a warning to future generations. Then lets go, I snarled, and drew a bronze dagger, prepared to cut a hole in the air, creating a Portal to the Shadows.

Light flashed down from the heavens, pure white, blinding, connecting earth and sky for one brief moment, and then it flashed back up. Where the light had fallen on the lawn stood a person


I heard Mary gasp, a sharp intake of breath. The bronze dagger tumbled out of my hand. It was Chase, my beautiful daughter, her blue eyes fixed on me, a sad smile on her freckled face. Her auburn hair fell loosely about her shoulders, swaying in the gentle breeze. I drank in the sight of her. Hope, happiness, joy, filled me up.

My beautiful daughter had come home.

I didnt remember crossing the distance between us. One moment I was staring in amazement at her, the next she was just before me. I must have run to cross the distance so fast. I threw my arms around her, crushing her against my chest. She was wonderful, real, alive, beautiful.

I didnt see the ugly dagger clutched in her hand.

The pain was sharp as it sliced into my thigh. Im sorry, Daddy, she whispered.

I stumbled back, the small cut burning with venomous agony. The fire spread through my veins, every beat of my heart spreading the pain. Dizziness swept through me, my legs wobbled. I stared at my daughter in astonishment, her blue eyes were full of sorrow.

Mark! my wife shouted as my leg buckled. I collapsed onto my back. The blue sky was above mea perfect, beautiful sky. I had seen its like once before, so very long ago.

Mary knelt beside me, her crying face above me, an even more beautiful sight. Her hand grasped mine, bringing it up to her face. She gently kissed my knuckles, then red light engulfed me. Pain still burned through me, her healing spell failed. Everything was starting to grow dark, my vision grew fuzzy as the pain burned through my veins, drawing closer and closer to my heart.

This has happened before. And Lilith wasnt going to save me this time.

Mispachs! Candy shouted. Hurry, we need to kill her and spill her blood on him before he dies!

The dagger of Cain. The only way to save me was for Chase to die. And when I died, my beautiful Mary would, too. I had once condemned the world to darkness to save my wife. I would do anything to protect her, to save her. I thought I could kill anyone to keep my wife alive.

I was wrong.

No, I croaked. Mary nodded, tears glistening in her eyes.

Do not touch our daughter! my wife commanded with steel in her voice.

We all die when he does! Candy objected. If none of you will kill the bitch, then Ill…

You will do nothing! 51 roared. I could hear a scuffle, a woman screaming in pain. A gun barked, and Sam gave a muffled cry of anguish.

Chase knelt on the other side of me, her blue eyes swimming with tears. Im so sorry, Daddy, she cried. It had to be done. Your tyranny had to be stopped. I couldnt take the chance that you wouldnt listen.

I looked from my wife to my daughter as agony pumped through my veins. She was as beautiful as her mother. Chase hesitantly reached out to grasp our hands. They were soft, warm, as we three held each other. I struggled to speak, there was something very important I had to tell my daughter.

I forgive you.

Turned out it wasnt hard to do at all.


Chase Glassner

The life went out of Fathers blue eyes.

Mother slumped limply forward across his chest. Around me, my siblings, the sluts, the maids, and the bodyguards all fell dead. I killed them all. Tears ran hot down my cheeks. Hundreds just died from a single knife stroke. Was I as bad as my parents? Were my murders as justified as theirs?

I didnt know.

Hundreds dead so that billions could be free. That math had to add up, right?

Silver glinted on my fathers chest. The sun was warm on my face, it was too lovely a day for such tragedy. The silver was a locket, shaped like a heart, a single, pink rose sculpted on the front. It must have spilled out from beneath Mothers armor as she fell forward, landing upon Father. I grabbed and opened the locket, my parents smiled up at me. With shaking hands, I unclasped it from my mothers neck, and draped it around my own.

I realized I wasnt alone. The shield had failed, those that were attacking the compound had gathered in a circle to stare down at the False Gods, the Tyrantsmy parents. Around the world, the elements of my parents oppression, those bureaucrats and priests not bound directly to my parents, were being captured or killed. The Theocracy was being erased. Hopefully, a better government would rise from the ashes.

I silently walked away, the crowd parting before me. I could have ridden on the Light, flashing to wherever I wanted to go. Wherever that was. I needed to walk, to think, to wonder why I didnt die with all my family, with my parents. I was bound to them. I shouldnt have lived.

I wasnt supposed to live.

Now I had to live with the question: could I have talked my parents into giving it all up? To free mankind from their bondage? I dont know. I just knew that I couldnt take the risk that they would say no. I had this one opportunity to end it, to liberate the world. I had to take it, and now all I could do was walk, cursed like the shoemaker to wander on and on forever, guilt tearing apart my heart.

Hopefully, the world was worth it.


Mark Glassner

I was falling, falling, falling.

Into Darkness.

Then Darkness gave way to heat, to fire.

I opened my eyes. Oppressive heat buffeted my body and blood-red rocks crunched at my feet. Anguished wails echoed through the airthe chorus of the damned. I stood on a rocky hill, overlooking a hellish plain and a city of brass. Trees made of twisted bone dotted the plain, growing next to rifts that smoked sulfurous fumes.

Mary appeared at my side. I wrapped my arms around my wife. Together forever, she whispered.

A collar bound my neck, made of red, pitted iron, leading off into the distancemy Pact with Lucifer. The iron was weak, pitted, it snapped easily. I had far more power than the Devil ever had. I had stolen the power of every DemonLucifer, Lilith, Molech, Dagon, and moreI had slain, the energy split between Mary and myself. Mary reached up and easily snapped her chain, the iron flaking away into rust on the searing wind.

More souls appeared. Chasity and Noel knelt before me, joined by 51, while the bodyguards knelt in ranks behind them. Weve awaited you for a while, Master, Chasity said, smiling, her blue eyes twinkling with joy.

Karen threw her arms around me, kissing my cheek. Then April, glasses reflecting the hellish landscape, melted against me. And lastly Xiu sauntered up, naked, I pulled her to me by her nipple piercing. I missed you all, I told the three of them. You were never forgotten.

Thank you, Master, Xiu smiled, tears shining in her eyes. We swore to serve you forever.

The other sluts joined us: Lillian, Korina, Violet, Jessica, Alison, and Desiree. Korina reunited with Xiu, hugging her enthusiastically. Alison and Desiree gazed into each others eyes with love. Our families were next: my mom and her wife, Tiffany and Sean, Missy and Damien, Shannon and George, Antsy and Via. Their children and ours. Pearl and her maids, our other servants, the Cunningham twins and their Bishops, and our friends who helped us rule the Theocracy. Around us, reunions happened as those that had passed on before us were reunited with friends, family, and lovers.

The only one missing was Chase. I concentrated, and I could sense my daughter walking away from the mansion, crushed by her guilt. Anger flashed through meI had failed her. I hadnt been a good enough father to her. I was too concerned with escaping Hell, of making sure that there were no threats that could harm me or my loved ones. Mary and I shackled the entire world out of selfishness. Chase is a better person than I ever was. I hoped one day I could tell her that, then, maybe, we could be a family again.

*We will,* Marys voice whispered in my mind. *She just needs time. And we have all the time in the universe now.*

What are your commands, Master? Violet asked, her arm around Cindy.

Were ready to kick some ass! shouted an eager Alison. Somehow, she had conjured a machine gun, red flames flickering across the black metal.

I could see the lesser demons and the shades of the dead hovering at the edges of our group, watching us warily. Beyond them lay the city of brass. Dis. I glanced at my wife, gave her shoulder a squeeze, then looked at our family and followers. For a moment, black chains flashed around all their necks, connecting them to Mary and myself.

I grinned, Well, Ive heard it said that its better to rule in Hell.

To be concluded…

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