Sisterhood of Sin -- 24 -- The Underground Railroad To Redemption

I wear the thong panties to please Celine, and I seem to stay perpetually aroused as my ass only slowly becomes accustomed to the ever-present thin strap in my crack and the rougher fabrics of her bush clothing. The warmth of the sun on the aluminum boat benches adds to the pleasure of the residual sting from the spanking. The fishing is excellent as we spend the first half of the day catching enough for the evening's dinner. Marta and Margaret try to keep up with us in another boat, but Marta's inexperienced efforts are comical. She finally lands a large pike and we cheer across the water to them.

While the man of the camp focuses on preparing for the Fall, the camp mom and guides occupy the children and make sure that Keri and Mindy get time alone together. It has quickly become obvious that they're in love, or at least very interested in consoling each other on the loss of their husbands by having lesbian sex, and not yet very interested in fishing.

I mention my guesses that Wil was dominated by Darlene and felt neglected by Mindy, and Lini senses an opportunity to recover more than we expected.

"If we find the balance that he needs, if we walk between his lines of abuse and neglect, so that he feels the alpha bitch is making proper use of him, that's where he will be happy. Claude is like that. It took me a while to find that happy zone for him. If Wil can be happy with Mindy, there is hope for him. It's the religion and parenting in our past that drives our desires. If he feels unloved when he is not guided or driven by a woman, that is something we can fix."

We run the idea by Mindy and we can see our statements raising her hopes. She had asked both Dan and me why he cheated and she heard a lot similarities to her own marriage, but she admits that she knew Wil needed more guidance from her. The religion link clicked for her.I don't know that much about the Lutheran faith, but it seems to bind the parents less and the children more than Catholicism. Wil obviously fixated on a dominant mother. Lini asks Mindy a bunch of pointed questions that I can tell are direct from her experience with Claude. Mindy's answers confirm our suspicions.

"So, it's my job to steer him. He was unhappy and ripe for the picking, and I was... asleep at the wheel. The children took up all my time."

"Yes. You will have to be stern with him, but not too stern. And it will have to appear to him that you are directed by us, an über-authority, but that you have substantial control over his fate. That will emulate the religion." Lini leaves unsaid that Mick was the über-authority for Darlene and Karl. We think he will respond well to a matriarchy.

From this we formulate a plan, but Mindy throws in suggestions that astonish me with their boldness and amuse Lini with their cleverness.

"If we can pull this off, Cherie, this would be one for the books." I get the impression that Lini has participated in other underground railroad runs.

But then Mindy brings up their other concern. "We want to do something for Karl, to make him less likely to become like Mick."

"Do you have something in mind?"

"Can we let him come into Canada, alone, once each year to a place like this, with security, to see his daughter for a week? His parents can be included, or they can have supervised visits in the US. If we offer him that, at least he'll know we made the attempt. If he won't take it...", she shrugs her shoulders. "Keri's counting on us to keep Kada safe."

"He'll have to meet her at the remote site, and give us his passport and ID until he leaves again without her."

"That sounds reasonable. We want the offer to sound like we're bending over backwards to do something for him, but that we're serious about keeping him under our thumb when he's with her."

"Was this Keri's idea or yours?"

"Mostly mine. I wanted to help her with the guilt, about Kami. We can't offer him the same deal as Wil. Keri doesn't want him back. She was ready to run from him. You did something special for Mrs. Emerald. Can you do the same for her? She can live with us and... help me with Wil. She's interested in his... in sex with a better lover."

I see the way her thinking is running, a threesome union dominated by two women. Celine and I discuss it privately and we are not against it. We use the sat-phone to propose our plans to Kyra and Liz. They bring Barbie into the conversation to discuss the psychology of both men and the acceptability of raising the kids with two mothers and one father. The plans are attractive enough and they give us the green light to put them in motion.

I call Wil in Anchorage with an offer to meet to discuss a more favorable arrangement. He is eager to talk, and he doesn't balk at the requirements that I place on him.

We schedule a mid-week pickup at the lake and prepare to fly out first thing in the morning. As Lini and I make our way down to the dock at dawn, Kami's there in her pajamas, ordering her mom not to go. Keri points to me and I assume she's laying down the law on my behalf. Finally, Kami comes over to me and looks me right in the eye as if she would be in charge, if only she was big enough to make it so. "You have to promise to bring her back. If you say it I will believe it."

Apparently, I've become the boss of this bunch and she's the boss-in-training. I smile and look right into her eyes. "Sure, Little Bug. I promise. We'll have her back by dark tomorrow night. Can I count on you to take care of your sister and your new friends?"

This seems to please her and we get on our way as the camp mom takes her back to the kitchen to help make sure everyone gets a good breakfast.

We fly from the lake by bushplane to the same lake and small town that we left, but from there we go to Sault Ste. Marie. When she sees that she has phone service, Lini sends the two before-and-after spanking photos of my ass to Claude. She laughs when he replies by text message. Celine knows I'm curious and want to see it. "It's in French, and there is something you should not read, but it says, 'Wow! I am hard. I can't wait until you bring that sweet ass back here!'" That gives me a very good feeling.

We don't want Dan to know that I'm in Canada, so that he'll have no reason to think of Celine, so I hold off on sending the photos of her. In the Soo, Lini gets a makeover to look as much like me as possible, which, with the addition of the blue contact lenses that Lini sometimes wears, is so close that the stylist won't believe that we aren't twins. From there, we fly on to Anchorage aboard a private jet.

When we land, I send my photos of Lini to Dan. She blushes when I tell her his reply, a response I fortunately don't have very often. It says, "Holy shit! Looks like you got what you must have deserved. I want to be right there behind you, pushing that silly piece of cloth aside with my rhc. Please wear those when you come home."


"It's our textspeak for 'rock hard cock'. Before you ask, it's 'hwp' for 'hot wet pussy'."

"Mmmmm. That's what I have right now."

"Me, too."

After checking into our hotel, I place a call to Karl in Fairbanks and offer our modified divorce/visitation deal. He accepts it. He seems grateful and relieved to be out of his marriage. He has followed up with his end of our exile condition, notifying the Knights to back off and not to trust Mick, and he seems surprised and pleased that we offered him this olive branch.

"We aren't what you think we are, Karl. What we do is for our children's future. You really shouldn't want your daughter to grow up thinking that she's inferior to men."

"It's the way we were raised. But I see what it did to Darlene, and to me, I guess. Please tell Keri that I'm sorry. I don't want to speak to her ever again, but I don't hate her. We both made mistakes. I like my handler. She's not my type, but she's nicer to me than I expected. She's much smarter than Keri. I'll cooperate with her."

I'm glad to hear that, but I'm also glad that his monitor and his handler are two different sisters. We've hopefully learned our lesson.

Marta doesn't like the idea that she and Margaret won't be in the room with us as we present our offer to Wil, but she acquiesces when I agree to carry my handgun, which somehow mysteriously appeared in the plane as we flew back into the US. My holster conceals it inside my waistband behind me. We enter the conference room of an anonymous sister's real estate office. It's after hours and she's there to witness.

Wil is standing naked at the front of the room, per my instructions, as we enter. He has a chair to sit on, but I insisted that he stand like a gentleman for our entrance. Keri and Mindy enter first, followed by the masked anonymous sister. Then I enter and his attention locks onto me. Then Lini enters and introduces herself as Caroline Blanc. We watch as his eyes open with surprise. Finally, Barbie enters. She is wearing a burqa and a ball mask, and she remains silent. I pull a chair for her as a gesture of respect. Lini sits on her left and I sit on her right. We two are wearing bandit masks. We want to look like a triumvirate with Barbie as the highest in rank.

Mindy and Keri sit next to me and I hear Keri whisper, "Wow! It's big and it's not even hard. Karl was like..." Her two fingers are only about three inches apart.

Mindy giggles and whispers, "No wonder you wanted to leave him. Like I said, you're in for a treat. I can't fault Wil there."

Lini interrogates Wil for about an hour, drawing as much intel from him as she can, attempting to trip him up on details, running down any hint of ambiguity, and listening for falseness. She asks many questions that I wouldn't have thought to ask and gets what little he seems to know about the group. It's a rigorous grilling, and he seems to be answering honestly. Occasionally, Barbie whispers a suggestion to her. She finally asks him what he thinks this organization that his wife has joined is about. We tried during the session with the husbands to present our case for membership, and we want to know why that didn't convince him to play ball with us.

Lini, Mindy, Keri and Wil actually all converse about our mission for the next half hour. Barbie and I deliberately remain silent, although it sometimes strains me to hold back. I'm there to let them work it out and then, if they achieve success, to forgive Wil for his attempt against me. Being silent gives me plenty of opportunity to watch his responses and judge his sincerity. My eyes move often from his face to his cock, which seems to have a life of its own as it hardens and softens without apparent cause while their attention is on him.

Lini does the most to correct his wrong impressions, even offering suggestions to Mindy and Keri where she senses confusion or lack of commitment on their part. By the end of the discussion he seems convinced that we're not what he thought we were, some socialist-liberal-feminist-wiccan-tree-hugging-granola-chomping-crazy-cat-lover stereotypical collective. Where do these neanderthals get these ideas about us?

With a nod from Lini, it's Mindy's turn to present her offer. Provided he will agree to the re-nup, as modified during this meeting, he will be welcome back into the new combined family of Keri, Mindy, and their kids. He'll be the father figure for all four children, but he'll receive guidance, primarily from Mindy, but also from Keri when Mindy is away. Of course, he'll have to accept their open marriage arrangement. Sex between any two of them will be okay with the third, and Keri indicates that she is attracted to Wil by smiling at him as he mentally grasps that she's part of the deal. Having seen Karl, I agree that Wil is a big step up for her. And Keri is no Mindy, but she is beautiful and deserves credit for more brains that Karl gave her.

There will be no outside mistresses for him, but the sisters will send him gifts when he travels on business, and business travel will be frequent because we have a new job lined up for him. Both women plan to be gifts for other sister's husbands, and he will have no say over that aspect of their lives, but they will never both be out with other men and leave him unguided with the kids at the same time. I insisted on this for the sake of the children, but they both agreed with me that female-on-top sex with him while he was being cuckolded would held to manage any separation anxiety.

As expected, his cock hardens quite noticeably as he listens. From his perspective, he's to be both fucked and cuckolded by two attractive women and one will be running him while the other is out having fun. He agrees to all of Mindy's terms. It's 'Caroline's' turn to speak again. It was supposed to be me who presented the sisterhood's final conditions to him, but Barbie convinced me that it would be better if Lini played the bad witch.

"Because you tried to abduct one of our sisters, we will only accept this new re-nup agreement if we witness a power shift in your household. Should you agree, every one of us here will know that it has happened. You will see that we sometimes take from you, but we have much to offer our allies. Mindy has agreed to do this for us."

Actually, it was Mindy's idea to require this. This would help her to take back, from Darlene, the power she had lost.

He looks very suspicious then. "What is it?"

I pull out my strapon from my large purse as Celine continues.

"You will bend over for Mindy and take this cock up your ass. We won't require you to beg, or wear panties, or pretend you enjoy it. Just take it like a man who realizes he's made a mistake and is willing to show he can change. Think of it as atonement for your sins. If you do this, we can conclude this agreement now, go have dinner, get a good night's sleep, and you can see your children tomorrow."

From the waist up, he seems very unwilling, but his cock betrays him. It's hard and as big as it has gotten since the meeting started. It's not huge like Benedict's or Gabe's, but it's substantially bigger than Dan's. I want it.

"Okay, let's get this over with."

The anonymous sister, who has been taking notes, just lost a $100 bet with Lini. She shows him to a bathroom where he finds the necessary supplies to prepare. Mindy and Keri get the strapon installed. Mindy pulls her panties up beneath it and buttons her jeans back over it, so that she is as covered as possible. The CFNM aspect of this negotiation seems to have worked with him and we want to reinforce it throughout his capitulation.

When he returns, he balks at the sight of the small video cameras on headbands that Lini, Mindy, and I are wearing. Lini assures him that the video from all will be kept strictly confidential, as long as he sticks to the agreement. He reluctantly accepts his fate. Any hope he had of ever regaining his dignity by denying this surrender in the future is erased. He's a beaten man. We had discussed many options for what to do if we got him to this state. Mindy finally made the choices. She would have to live with the consequences, so she claimed them as her right. She looks nervous as she prepares to put them in action.

She stands directly in front of him. In heels, she matches his height. His erection is gone, so for the moment she has the all the power of the cock. He feels her cock touch his limp dick as she leans in to kiss him. Loudly and clearly, she says, "I promise that I won't do to you what I won't allow you to do to me." She waits as the implications of her words settle in. She has always denied him anal sex. I can't blame her, because his cock is larger than anything I've ever taken anally. But after this, her ass will be his, at least once. His cock starts to swell.

She looks him right in the eye, a tactic I told her to employ, and says, "My cock isn't going to suck itself." The expectation is clear in her tone.

With a resigned shrug, he drops to his knees. It is not enthusiastic, but when her cock enters his mouth, it is a powerful moment. We have remained seated until now, but like moths to a campfire, we are drawn to surround the couple and watch as he pretends that he is sucking a real cock. I feel my nipples stiffen against my bra and curse myself for not wearing a burqa for this event. As I walk around behind him, I see that he is sporting the buttplug that I left in the bathroom with the supplies. He he was not ordered to use it, but I'm glad that he took the hint.

"That's enough. I may require you to do that again in the future, but only if you seem to need a reminder of who's in charge. Now, elbows on the conference table." Mindy seem less nervous now.

He stands and bends over the table to comply. She removes the buttplug and places it on the table right beneath his face, so he can see a symbol of his surrender. She eases the head of her cock into him and he gasps. Slowly she eases the cock all the way into him as he clenches his jaw. He gasps again as he feels Keri's warm lips engulf the head of his cock. She has crawled beneath the conference table and caught him unaware. His cock reaches full size and she strokes his shaft while she sucks the head.

"If you come now, we can say that Keri gets the credit, rather than my cock in your ass. We are going to make this new marriage worth your cooperation."

Mindy begins to stroke into him, but fails to find the sweet spot. "Up on your hands."

He pushes up and Keri adjusts her position. Mindy's cock now finds his prostate and he moans, suddenly much more enthusiastic about what is happening to him.

She pulls her cock back a little, holds onto his hips, and says, "Fuck yourself on my cock."

He rolls his hips as he rides her cock, finding his P-spot each time. Keri positions her face and holds it steady, receiving the tip into her mouth over and over as he withdraws from the cock in his ass. He strokes faster, maximizing his pleasure and I slip my hands into my panties to maximize mine. Lini follows my lead and we struggle not to moan as we pleasure ourselves.

"Ungh. I'm gonna come."

"Good boy."

He erupts into Keri's mouth and she does a good job of catching all but one spurt. It crosses her lips, from her nose to her chin. She refrains from licking her lips. Mindy comes next, clearly surprised that she does.

When his cock starts to shrink, Mindy stops thrusting and tells him to stand up straight. She keeps her cock buried deeply in his ass as Keri stands and kisses him. She feeds him some of his cum and then orders him to clean her face. When he's done, she kisses him passionately. Mindy pulls her cock from his ass, orders him to turn around, and then she also kisses him passionately.

Finally, I say my first line, "Please hold for a decision." As planned, both Mindy and Keri and the anonymous sister immediately become quiet and turn their attention away from Wil and toward Barbie, Lini, and me as we confer quietly amongst ourselves.

"That was hot!"

"I agree. I'm satisfied, or at least I will be later when I can deal with this raging desire."

"So Barb, thumb up?"

"Yes. Well played. Give him the good news."

We turn and I step forward. "We are satisfied. Mindy and Keri you many rejoin us in good standing. May I?" It's time for me to play the good witch.

I open my arms to embrace Wil and he steps into them. "Welcome to our cause, Wil. I really admire you for doing this. It took great courage. It's very important to us to keep families together when we can. And you will get what Karl has lost by failing to see that superior sex is something you do, not something you are. There will be no more scenes like this. We are satisfied that you accept that mothers know what's best for their children and have the right to require it. Of course, if you want scenes like this, we could use a man like you for training new recruits."

He stiffens, but stays silent. It's not a refusal, which would have surprised me.

"If you're interested, it will be very lucrative. You'll have to take an oath. You'll wear a mask. Nobody in the room except the instructor will know you. The recruits you meet will beg to become a gift for you. Some might even pay for the privilege. You'll get so much pussy you'll have to worry about getting worn out. If that's okay with your wives of course."

Mindy says, "I'm on board. You would be a really great specimen for them, Wil. I won't force you to do it, but I want you to, if you have the courage and the interest." I admire her challenge to him.

"Can I conduct the classes with him? I'll help protect him."

"Sure, Keri. If it's okay with the instructor." I reach down and give his buns a little squeeze. "You are a very lucky man, Wil. These two sisters will see to your needs and we will make sure they do."

His arm comes up and he awkwardly pats my waist. He feels the gun there. A final test. It's not loaded, but he doesn't know that. This is a moment of truth for him. He drops his hand and says, "Sounds like something I can accept."

It really is a good solution. To my knowledge, it's our first polygamous marriage. Neither of the women will have to join the black card sisters. Wil might qualify for a copper card after a period of probation. Claire has agreed to be his monitor. Mindy will be his sponsor, and Keri's. And maybe I will get my husband back.

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