Community Involvement Ch. 14

“Hey, wait for me!” I cried in mock, child-like distress at being left behind.

I quickly pulled on my Peter Alexander pyjama shorts and my discarded T-shirt, disentangled myself from the white Sheridan bed sheets and ran to the top of the stairs. Michelle was already at the bottom and, as she turned to head off along the hallway, she paused and glanced approvingly at me.

“I see you made yourself presentable for breakfast.” She flashed her radiant smile at me and it damn near took my breath away.

“I couldn’t well come down naked, now could I?” I exclaimed in an overly flamboyant voice.

“Oh, I don’t know.” She retorted coyly and promptly pulled her white towelling dressing gown aside at the top, just enough to suggest she was naked beneath. It clung delightfully to her hidden curves. If it was not for the fact that she had drained me of my impregnating juices only a matter of minutes earlier, I knew I would have been sporting an erection then and there.

“Nice view,” I replied, as I slowly started my descent and ogled her cleavage.

“I’m glad you approve,” she said haughtily and skipped her way out from under my gaze.

I ran down the remainder of the stairs, tripped on the last one and crashed into the wall adjacent. Laughing at my own clumsiness, I recovered and speedily made my way after my alluring host. When I entered the large open family room come lounge area, which also opened onto the kitchen, Michelle was nowhere to be seen. Knowing how to play such a game (it being a favourite with my daughter and I) I started to tread quietly toward the back door. I assumed she had slipped out and was hiding on the back deck somewhere. I gently pushed the door open. I listened intently, as well as scanning the peripherals, for any hint of where she might be. The back deck was clear so I doubled back and went into the lounge and back along the hall.

Maybe the downstairs bathroom,” I thought. The door was ajar, which I assumed could have been a ruse, but as I entered, no Michelle.

She does have home ground advantage. She is good at this though.”

Back into the kitchen and on tip toe, I peered over the kitchen bench to see if she had done the obvious; simply bobbed down on the floor. That was too obvious though. Another blank. I wandered about downstairs for a few minutes looking high and low and listening for any foot fall coming from upstairs, just in case she had doubled back when I went outside. After a good five minutes I was starting to wonder if she had actually gone down into the backyard, although that did seem doubtful. I tip toed back into the kitchen and stopped near the refrigerator.

“Got you!” Her arms suddenly wrapped around my waist as she grabbed me from behind.

“Holy shit!” I cried. She had scared the day lights out of me. “Where did you spring from?”

“The cupboard under the stairs,” she said triumphantly. “I didn't realise you spooked so easily.”

“I am not good with surprises and well…” I laughed and felt a little embarrassed at the same time.

“Oh well, better luck next time.” She kissed me on the cheek and skipped passed into the kitchen. “One egg or two?”

“How about I undo that robe of yours and scramble your eggs?”

Ohhh,” she said, exaggerating a shocked demure look as she clamped her hand onto the top folds of her gown. “What are you suggesting, Mr Ray. We are in the kitchen and the sun is out. One does not do those sort of things just anywhere, or at any time of day, for that matter.”

“Oh I think we could do all sorts of things…”

“I have a fry pan and I am not afraid to use it!” she retorted laughingly cutting me off. She held it over her right shoulder as if it were a baseball bat. Her gown gapped pleasingly and exposed her right breast. I pointed a finger and fixed my gaze on her erect nipple.

Michelle quickly covered herself before we both broke into childish gales of laughter.

“Two please,” I finally replied, regaining my breath. “Sunny side up if I may. Can I do anything?”

“You could make some tea or coffee.”

“Definitely tea for me. What would the lady of the house like?”

“Coffee, please.” She gushed is if she would die if coffee was not administered stat.

We adjourned to the large table on the deck, the very place where our (sexual) relationship had begun.

“So what do you have in mind?” She beamed over the rim of her coffee cup and then checked her comment. “For getting out of house, I mean.”

“I know you have a holiday unit near Narrabeen Beach…”

“Yes we do but we can’t go there. It’s rented out at present.”

“I didn’t mean we go there, sorry.” I took her hand and I placed it softly to my lips. “Do you ever go further up the coast? Say, to Palm Beach?”

“No.” She seemed excited at the prospect and wiggled closer in her seat. “We don't go anywhere further north. Simply because all we need is either in the unit or around the beach front. You know what I mean.”

“How about we take a drive up to Palm Beach? Maybe have a picnic lunch? Get out, just the two of us and make a day of it. We could even take some extra clothes, shoes and that, and stop later for dinner. Somewhere nice-ish.”

“What about Jonah’s for dinner?’

“Hmmm, it’s more of a lunch place, don’t you think?” I was hoping to change her mind.

Johan’s was in Palm Beach, on the border with Whale Beach, which meant it was still good way from home. It was not just the drive though. If we had wine with our meal, I didn’t think either of us would relish the thought of running the risk of being caught for being over the limit.

“You don’t see the sun set over the water either because you’re facing east and an ocean view at night is basically like looking out into the inky darkness. I was thinking somewhere closer to the city. Something like Sails at McMahon’s Point or Ripples near Luna Park.”

“Ooohhh, that sounds excellent.” She paused, weighting up options in her mind. “Ripples! I’ve never been there but I’ve heard about it.”

“Cool. Done,” I said, knocking on the table as if I where an auctioneer. “Ripples should be the easier than Sails anyway. I don’t think we’ll need to book either, not this time of year.”

We finished breakfast chatting intently about the upcoming music and it’s preparations, as well as the tour leader, Clare. However, we both could feel the excitement of our impending full day (and evening) together building. The thought of it, and the thought of having Michelle all to myself, was beyond belief. It made my heart pound hard in my chest just thinking about it. 

We picked up the plates and cups and shuttled them back into the kitchen. I packed the dishwasher while Michelle tended to the pans; she preferred to hand wash them.

As I moved about the kitchen I kept an eager eye on my robed lover. Especially the overlap of the garment that was just starting to gape again. Michelle was fully into getting the frying pans cleaned and had not noticed, or if she had, she was not wanting to adjust it.

Briefly, I toyed with the idea of not doing anything more than completing the job at hand. It was a good hours drive to Palm Beach. However, as I glanced at the clock I decided a small delay was not going to cause any harm to our rudimentary plans.

“I feel like a banana,” I commented casually. “May I?”

“Sure, help yourself.”

“Want one?”

“Maybe when I finish here,” she said not looking up.

“I’m trying to increase my intake of fresh fruit but of late I’ve been naughty and haven’t had any.”

“Good on you for at least recognising a dietary deficiency and doing something about it. Not many guys would do that, especially those in their teens.” I knew she was talking about her son and I empathised about my daughters’ eating habits. I picked up a rather large banana; the skin was yellow with a hint of green still.

Just the way I like it,” I thought to myself.

“Did you get one?” Michelle glanced over her shoulder to see if I had indeed helped myself. “Wow, that is a big one!”

She was still cleaning some cooking utensils that were not dishwasher safe with her hips pressed against the edge of the bench. However, I noticed a sly smile cross her face and a slight rocking in her stance as she moved her feet to about shoulder width apart. I took the bait; hook, line and sinker. My cock had risen to the occasion at the mere thought of what was concealed beneath her robe.

I moved in behind my adorable host and gently pressed my length into the crease of her behind. She gasped aloud but continued her work. My left hand slowly slid up her back to her arm pit and, as it made contact with her arm, she moved it away from her body slightly allowing me to proceed forward to her breast. Michelle cooed softly as I cupped her breast through her robe and I slowly undulated my hips against her rounded bottom. 

I had peeled the banana before moving closer to her body and as my hand slowly massaged her full globe I presented the banana in front of her face which she engulfed with her sensuous lips as if fellating a cock; no teeth. I was envious and wished it was my cock.

My rapt eyes followed Michelle’s tongue and soft pink lips as they made love to the length of the banana. Visions from previous encounters with my beautiful lover jumped into my head, interspersed with these luscious slices of reality occurring right in front of me. While all this erotica took centre stage, and our immediate attention, my hand persisted with the stimulation of her bosom.

Michelle’s mischievous sucking of the long piece of fruit, stimulated my imagination, not that I needed much encouragement in that area. The sexual charge of the moment was only enhanced by the anticipation we both felt. It seemed inevitable that Michelle’s licking play was a only prelude to something naughtier.

“You finished there?” I asked in a low, husky voice as I muzzled the nape of her neck.

“Hmmm, they can wait,” Michelle responded as she arched her back and inclined her head to give me further access to her long neck.

“How about I take you to the lounge?” I whispered.

“You won’t get any argument from me.” She breathed softly as she took her mouth off the banana and kissed me fully on the lips. “Let me show you the way.”

Teasingly, she stepped away from me and started to back toward the nearest of the two light grey three seater lounges. As she backed her way slowly, yet maintaining eye contact, she deftly let her robe seductively fall open. The upper hems caught on her erect nipples stopping the opening from falling fully open. However, it was enough to reveal the inner swell of each breasts as well as her womanly tummy and incredible lower body. She smiled wantonly as, at the first contact on the backs of her thighs of the rounded arm of the lounge, she casually disengaged herself from her robe entirely.

With sensual aplomb Michelle laid herself along the lounge. Her full breasts fell slightly to the sides of her chest.

“Maybe you should try sucking that banana, just like I did?” she suggested more than asked. I knew she was teasing me.

“I don’t think I would be any good at it,” I muttered, my eyes glazing over as I looked along her sexy body.

“Oh, I don’t know. You did it once? Remember, you told me all about it…”

“That was some thirty five odd years ago my dear,” I said, cutting across her utterances concerning things from my past. I did not want to go back through all that history, especially now.

“Maybe I could teach you?” She looked at me with a devilish smile. “I know! I could give you lessons with the vibrating cock you bought for me… us!”

“Knowing my luck I would probably break my teeth as it vibrated in my mouth,” I chuckled.

Michelle snickered in response to my attempted humour.

“Anyway, that all happened in ages ago. It’s ancient history as far as I’m concerned. And it was also a one-off and never repeated. Never likely to be either, just so you know. Anyway, since then I have developed a better alternative.”

“And what might that be?” she asked, although we both knew what the answer would be. Michelle raised her left leg and placed her calf on the back of the lounge opening her creamy thighs before me. Her vaginal lips were puffy and so inviting I could not restrain myself.

I slid onto the lounge at her feet and snaked my body along the length of her smooth leg. My palm softly pushed against Michelle’s loins as my tongue tickled her inner thigh. I smiled salaciously as I kept my eyes riveted on hers. In one fluid movement I moved the banana upward and brought the thick fruit against Michelle’s private parts. My temples throbbed due to the proximity of the glistening folds between her out stretched thighs and her brazen, yet casual, acceptance of my sexual advances.

Michelle stiffened with heightened excitement as I stroked the phallic fruit along the exterior of her pussy, and gave a tender love bite to the top of her pubic mound. I continued the lingering, sliding motion along her puffy labia and slowly increased the pressure which exposed her shining opening within. I continued to compliment this erotic touch by softly stabbing her clit with my tongue.

With each passing second Michelle went soaring higher and higher. She reached along her body and played her fingers through my hair as I danced an erotic waltz on the throbbing organ at the zenith of cleft.

“Fuck your good at that.” She gasped. Her back arched off the lounge with each probe along her clitoral hood. “Forget to cock sucking lessons I mentioned. You seem to be quite proficient at that, definitely. It’s like being pulled between agony and ecstasy. Ohhhhh my g…”

She trailed off as her body twitched noticeably, the build toward climax had well and truly begun.

Tenderly I prised her outer lips apart and gazed lustily at her winking inner depths. I knew she was close so I quickly inserted the banana deep inside her body.

“Oh my fucking word…” she cried as I filled her with the fruit. She pushed herself up and looked down along her sweating body. “Did you put the banana inside me?”

“Yep!” I announced, delighted with my efforts. “And now I’m going to eat it!”

I plunged my face onto her mound. My mouth encircled the small portion I had left jutting away from her pussy. She watched, amazed, as I bit off the exposed banana and devoured it greedily before her smouldering eyes. Her hand wrapped around my neck as I dripped in for seconds. I sucked her juicy hole firmly and slowly suctioned the imbedded banana toward me. With increased lust and desire, she humped her hips to me as she encouraged me eat her (and the banana).

After numerous mouthfuls her body gyrated wildly against the slick fruit and my slippery tongue. I increased my loving attention to her dripping parts by inserting the tip of my finger inside and mashing the remainder of the banana against her ribbed walls. I fucked pussy with a steady and rhythmic push-pull motion. For added impact I sought her clit with the tip of my tongue and circled it applying the lightest hint of pressure.

Michelle bucked her hips to meet my hungry mouth. With each upward thrust she emitted a loud squeal of delight. Her eyelids fluttered as she lowered her head and stared at me with lusty eyes.

“Fuck yes! That's fantastic, my love.” She groaned aloud and bit her lip.

The mashed banana was visible at the entrance to her secret place and it was glistening, like the walls of a wet limestone cave, with the flood of fluid from her pussy. While Michelle tried to watch every last portion being eaten from her pussy I noisily lapped up her secreted nectar. Her eyes, when she was able, were wide with the erotic tableau, as I constantly attacked the gates of her love canal.

It was all too much. Michelle clamped her hand into my hair and pressed my head hard against her crotch as her dam burst. She screamed as she came, flying high through the orgasmic sound barrier. Even more juice squeezed onto my already soaking face. Her body pulsed repeatedly. It bucked and heaved heavily, the tremors emanating from deep within her body.

Slowly she calmed and her breath, while still ragged, became shallower and quieter. Lovingly she smiled at me and pulled me to her as she kissed me lightly on the lips.

“I wonder if there is anymore banana left?” Her question seemed to come to me from the other side of the room.

I hesitated.

“I can’t leave you, um, unattended.” With a slight nod of her head alone she indicated the lower half of my body. “Look at you?”

We both looked down at my crotch where my rock hard cock rose into the air through the opening of my PJ’s.

Silently she mouthed, "Should I?"

Michelle was feeling the after glow from our blissful, fruit induced, lovemaking but seemed keen to not leave things one sided. I was not in a position to argue.

“Please stand!” she insisted.

I quickly pushed my night clothes down and kicked them aside. I sidled in close to the lounge as Michelle swung her legs about and splayed them either side of mine. With a quick flourish she drove two of her fingers deep inside her pussy and finger fucked her dripping hole vigorously. All the time we never once lost eye contact.

“You’ve had your banana for the day, so I think I should take a leaf out of your book and have some too.”

Slowly she slid her fingers away from her body. They were soaked with an intoxicating mixture of thick vaginal secretions and mashed banana. Michelle clamped her free hand around my shaft and hungrily sucked my cock deep inside her rampant mouth. She pumped her head feverishly up and down covering my shaft with her saliva.

After a few minutes, she lifted her florid cheeks away from my cock and poised her mashed banana filled fingers above it.

"Should I?"

Wanton with lust, heat and need, I nodded my head and pushed my hips forward.

"Tell me, sweetheart."

“Do it! Coat my cock with the banana from your… your…” I was uncertain what label to apply. “Use the mashed banana and eat it, and my cock, together.”

She smiled and did as I had suggested. She smeared the thick concoction all over my pulsing manhood and quickly followed up by applying her mouth.

"Yesss. Push it into me!” She gasped, quickly pulling away to speak before engulfing me again.

Without further delay, I inserted my banana coated tool into her wet and welcoming orifice. She never broke eye contact as her tongue moved to attack the sensitive area near the ridge of the purple head. We were souls joined by a promiscuous bond.

As she fucked her face with my cock my head lolled from side to side with sheer physical joy.

Michelle moaned, mirroring my own loud grunts, as she drove me closer to the brink.

“Mmmm,” she mouthed, in between my deep penetrating thrusts.

“Fuck my mouth deeper. Fuck my throat if you want. Think of yourself as fucking my cunt.” I could barely believe her smutty talk. She pulled away and smiled broadly.

“I want you to fuck my mouth like you would my cunt. Hard and fast. And then I want to watch you as you splash your come all over my tits.”

She did not wait for me to reply nor comment. She scooped out another dollop of vaginal banana and smeared it all over me and simply stuffed my cock hard into her mouth. She pressed her head deep onto my pole. Lurid, wet slurping sounds filled the air around us.

With a single mindedness and pumping lungs, she cavorted without inhibition. It looked as if she were possessed with some sort of devilish sex energy. My hips bucked and rocked. Her intoxicating oral ministrations heightened as she tightened her lips around the head and stabbed the blind eye with her tongue. I was lost in carnal lust as I humped my groin strongly into her mouth.

Within moments, my thrusts got faster and harder. My voice quivered as I tried to speak.

“Michelle… that's fucking amazing. Ohh, my love…I need… to come…!"

My pelvic drives became wider as she withdrew her mouth and pumped her hand along my banana coated shaft. I arched my back to give her better aim. I was looking forward to blasting my come all over her tits. After all, it was a long held fantasy of mine that pre-dated any physical contact between us by at least a decade or two.

“Ohhhh… God yessssss!" I screamed as she gave me a few more pumps to milk the crashing joy from my throbbing member. The room was floating but the world stood still as, all of a sudden, it happened. Every muscle tightened as I fought the first waves and then gave myself over to the cresting waves. Michelle pumped me hard as I flung long jets of hot white fluid across her heaving chest. The long ropes splashed and splattered onto her cleavage, and the swell of each breast. There were long strands hanging from each of her full nipples.

It was a sight I will certainly never forget; an image to blissfully take to my grave. She greedily licked up the last vestiges and swallowed gleefully. I fell forward exhausted and collapsed in a heap next to my beautiful companion.

We laid together with her face nestled into my neck. Michelle finally shifted her body to face me with a heavenly smile on her lips. With a purr, she kissed me and proceeded to scoop my come, together with pieces of banana, from her breasts and slowly devour them in front of my eyes. She repeated the action and offered her fingers to me. I could not refuse. It was tangy at first then sweet from the banana but definitely not unpleasant.

I returned the favour. We both sighed deeply and kissed. We were a besotted pair enjoying the aftermath of another wonder sexual encounter. We sighed happily as we cuddled and snuggled together like two satisfied kittens.

When our senses finally returned enough for us to speak, Michelle insisted on being the first to saying anything.

“I feel a bit ashamed for using the ‘C’ word. I hope you didn’t mind?”

I explained to her about my dislike of the word normally, much like I had with Clare a few weeks earlier.

‘But…there is always a but,” I smiled, she laughed softly. “It was/is pillow talk, so to speak, therefore anything goes, anything like that is acceptable. As far as I’m concerned, during any of our amazing sexual encounters we are at liberty to express ourselves however we like.”

“I totally agree.” She whispered and gave me a soft appreciative kiss. “But only during sex?”

“Not only.” I laughed in return. “But, I don’t know about you, but I’m fucked if I could ever think straight when you’re wrapped about my cock in some way, shape or form?”

“True.” She laughed. Her face aglow with happiness at our candour.

“I need a shower.” Michelle piped up after a few more moments.

“Me too. And I have to get some clothes. So, while you go have yours, I’ll go home and have my shower and meet you back here as soon as I can. Okay?”

“Sounds good,” she purred. “You don’t have to pack anything for the picnic though. I have everything here we could possibly need.”

I ran upstairs to her room to dress in the clothes from the previous day before she led me to the door and gave me her key to let myself back in. We kissed again with a soft yet underlying passion for many minutes. Neither of us wanted to be the first to say good bye, even if it was only for a few short minutes. However, showers were desperately needed and the rest of the day beckoned.

Waking up next to my secret lover was unbelievably exciting, to say the least, as was our morning frolic but standing under the shower in familiar surroundings was welcomed. It gave me some time to take in all that had occurred to date during this miraculous year. I breathed deeply and looked out the window and felt a wonderful sense of inner peace. It was a feeling that had eluded me for many years and I was delighted to be able to embrace that feeling again.

I was certain that Michelle had some part to play in the regeneration of that feeling, a major part to be sure, but I was not about to kid myself that she was the sole reason. There was more to it than that but I did not have the time for any further self analysis. A day unlike any other in recent memory awaited and I needed to get a move on. I towelled off, dressed and threw some clean clothes and shoes, with socks, into a small overnight bag, along with some toiletries, and was quickly on my way. I could not stop myself from smiling like a Cheshire cat as I excitedly thought upon dining out with Michelle. I nearly locked the door without retrieving my keys, I was that caught up in my thoughts.

That was close.” I chastised myself silently as I turned to go.

“Hello stranger!” came a familiar female voice as I made my way along my front veranda toward the side path which would have seen me hop the small dividing concrete fence, through Michelle’s carport, and on to her front door. I was so lost in my thoughts I had not even seen the owner of the voice crossing the front lawn. Fortunately I had stopped behind a shoulder high hedge that ran along either side of our veranda. Thankfully I was able to stop and drop the overnight bag virtually in the one motion and double back to greet the female owner.

“Daph!” I exclaimed, taking a deep breath to regain my composure. “How are you?”

“I’m good. You?” We greeted each other with a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Yeah, can’t complain. No one would listen even if I did.” I laughed.

“Oh, I’d give you a shoulder to cry on if you’re in need?” she replied smiling cheekily. Personally, I was wanting her to be on her way as quickly as possible but I also knew I had to exercise discretion and patience.

“Thanks, Daph, I’ll keep that in mind. It could come in useful.” I looked her over and noticed, yet again, how her nipples protruded through the material of her light grey long sleeve top. She did not make any move to conceal them either.

“That kiss on the cheek was nothing like the way you greeted me the other week, though.” I was shocked at her direct reference to our ‘interlude’ a few weeks earlier.

“Horses for courses.” I shrugged. “Kisses for, um, time and place…” I held my arms out wide as an expression of ‘what else can I say.’

She laughed, thankfully, which broke the tension.

“Time and place.” She agreed with a chuckle. “But more than just a kiss.”

Her wink told me she was deliberately being naughty and we both laughed.

“I hadn’t seen you for a while and, um,” I paused to gather my train of thought. “I was nearly going to come over the other day. I only stopped from doing so because I was not sure if you were actually home. Your car was in the drive but the house looked locked up.”

I was lying through my teeth about going over but the rest was true. It was the only way I could think of, on the spot, to cover where I was really headed when she interrupted me. She thanked me for being neighbourly and went on to tell me about some strange activities she had noticed in the street in recent days, things which I was totally oblivious too. I nodded and thanked her for the information and started to try and extricate myself from this banter, which under other circumstances, I would have welcomed and engaged her about more fully. She soon got the message and apologised for holding me up.

“Sorry, Daph, but I do have to dash. Maybe, if you’re about next week, I could call over and…” I let it gently go at that. The inference was enough. Daph understood totally and agreed that next week, or coming weeks, would be fine.

I watched her slim, mature figure as she lightly jogged across the road to avoid a car.

To think that, only a few weeks ago, I had fucked every orifice of that woman.” I thought to myself as she turned and waved good bye before entering her front door.

That had been close.

“An awkward situation avoided.” I whispered as I put the key into the locked of Michelle’s front door and entered.

“What kept you?” She asked as I strolled into the lounge room. I explained about Daph and she laughed at the awkwardness I displayed, even now, as I related the tale.

“Oh well. No harm done. Shall we go?” She sidled up to me and kissed me warmly on the lips. She looked incredible in her white V necked top and floral, flowing skirt. She could have easily time travelled from the sixties I thought.

“Do I need runners or will these sandals do?” she asked.

“As you are will be fine. I have this over-night bag too, if you want to take any clothes and the like for tonight.” I offered. She quickly unpacked the beach bag she had with her and loaded them into mine.

“I hope they won’t get squashed in there?” Her light jibe I let pass without additional comment.

With a lot of self satisfaction she pointed to the large picnic basket she had prepared.

“Man, I’m glad Yogi Bear’s not around!” I exclaimed. She laughed and slapped me lightly across the shoulder for being childish.

“But, as Billy Joel says, ‘don’t go changing’, I…well.” She shrugged and with a flash of her beautiful eyes she added, “I quite like you the way you are.”

“Anyway, enough of that. Let’s go.” Her sudden change of the mood made me smile yet the poignancy of her comment was not lost on either of us.

It was late April, just after Easter, and the Sydney weather was brilliant. It was one of those glorious late autumn days; temperature in the low to mid 20’s (Celsius), brilliant clear blue sky and not a breath of wind. With the top down on my old 1991 SAAB convertible, we headed off to Palm Beach, forty five kilometres north which equated to just over an hours drive.

We did find one thing we could not agree while en route, and that was musical tastes. To my bewilderment I had somehow agreed to let her take control of what music played, which was mostly MOR or well over-played, so called hits, of the seventies and eighties. I was not totally against some of the tunes but she seemed to enjoy many of them. I just enjoyed glancing at her for time to time and admiring the curves of her body.

"Do you come up here often?" she asked as we turned westward into the car park that overlooked Pittwater. Immediately following her question, she giggled her little girl laugh which I simply adored, "Sorry. That was a bit of a silly question really."

"No. Not silly at all." Her hand gently squeezed mine as I closed the roof.

With the picnic basket slung over my shoulder by the thick leather strap, we walked along the dark golden sand. We had walked over the hill to the ocean side of the peninsula and clambered down between the regeneration stripes that led to the beach.

“To answer your question, yes, we used to come here often. Well, to be exact, this is the first for quite a long while, but before that we came here regularly. It is rarely crowded and the drive is very pleasant, as you just saw.”

"Yes it is and thank you for bringing me." She stretched her head up and kissed me on the cheek. "It is so lovely up here. I've never been here but I can see why you like it so much." We continued to walk along the beach, kicking the broken waves and playfully chasing each other, although the basket was a hinderance which she took full advantage of.

We sat for a while on the rocks at the northern end of the beach just listening to the hush of the breaking waves and watching the constant ebb and flow of the surges. I sat with my back to the cliff. Michelle sat between my legs and her back rested against me. Time seemed irrelevant and the rest of the world ceased to exist; the only reality was the two of us and the sea.

"Ray, I have not felt so at peace as I do right now. Not for such a long time," she whispered as she shifted position sightly to rest her head on my right shoulder, her back against my right leg. “I love it here.”

She looked out toward the azure horizon and seemed to be lost in the moment. The Pacific was living up to it’s name; the waves were small and gently rolled onto the rocks below our feet.

“I love you.”

Her words floated to my ears from some far off place. The individual words slowly melded together; they drifted into my consciousness like a sea gull gliding on the currents.

“I mean it. I really do love you. Being here only intensifies…"

I leaned forward and tenderly kissed her lips, cutting her off in mid-sentence.

"I know exactly what you mean, and I love you as well. Um… sorry, that sounded so… sorry, struggling to find the right words." I smiled and looked deeply into her liquid eyes.

"This is our place." She placed her finger across my mouth to stop me from speaking.

Inwardly I was so thankful.

Michelle snuggled in closer, her arms encircled me tightly. An intense feeling of inner happiness welled in my heart together with an overall tranquillity. It washed over us like the white foam of the waves as they gently ran across the rocks and sand. My right hand draped casually over her chest and lightly covered her breast as she snuggled in. As if by instinct the index finger began to trace a soft trail over the material of her top. It was the barest of touches but soon a noticeable bump of a hardened nipple became evident.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," she said in a hushed voice. With a subtle movement she brought her mouth to my neck and lightly brushed her lips in response to sensuousness of the moment. Her hand softly caressed my chest keeping time with the strokes of my finger. My eyes wandered down across her slender torso and I could not help but notice that the hem of her skirt had ridden up her thigh. 

Like a moth to a flame my fingers glided down to caress her crotch. Tenderly I eased them flat across the material of her knickers feeling the warmth of her womanhood beneath. She made no attempt to stop me so I slid my hand under the waist band to be greeted by her mound which was already awash with her juices. Neither of us dared to speak, the moment was just too special. I simply explored the top of her cleft and easily located her hardened clitoris.

With soft circular rotations of my index finger alone, I started to tease her button. Instantly she gasped and shook at my first caress, then she purred with each additional movement. I did not apply any pressure, just a steady yet gentle touch, sometimes in circles and then along the hard ridge of her clitoral hood. Within minutes, Michelle was clutching to my neck in a tender climb to a gorgeous pinnacle.

Around and along, around and along my finger danced over her most intimate parts which finally sent her over the precipice. She sucked my neck hard into her mouth as her body convulsed then exploded. As her climax burst forth and all Michelle could do was throw her limps wide in an attempt to expel the pent up energy and ride her way through the intense orgasmic waves that racked her gorgeous body. Finally, she relaxed, a wonderful smile of contentedness spread across her face. All things around us no long existed; we were locked in an embrace that only knew of the present.

Suddenly though, our solitude was disturbed by the breaking of a large wave. The spray was light yet cold and roused us from our lovers’ cocoon. The tide was on the way in and we had not noticed, we were too caught up in other matters. Michelle and I scampered onto the sand before another wave could drench us, laughing at ourselves for being so naïve.

After catching our breath I asked if she would like to have the picnic lunch she had prepared. She giggled delightfully and suggested a spot not too far from where we stood. I half-heartedly agreed but suggested an alternative.

"How about we go up there?" I pointed toward the top of the cliff.

"What? Up There? I mean, what is up there and how could we possibly get there without breaking our necks?" she seemed a little disappointed.

I took her hand and pressed it into mine.

“We don’t have to climb the cliff. However, up there is the Barrenjoey Lighthouse and it’s quite an ease walk. The track starts around the other side of the headland.”

Her disappointment quickly turned to excitement when I explained about the bush track that traversed the western part of the headland and what the view was like.

“Well? What are we waiting for?” Her excitement was contagious.

Half an hour later we had ascended the rocky track and found ourselves standing some two hundred metres above the sand where we had been standing, looking up.

The plateau where the lighthouse is built is hammer head shaped running east to west. It is about five hundred metres long and about two hundred wide with the lighthouse and accompanying buildings in the middle. The keepers’ house and the other two buildings are constructed of sandstone blocks quarried from the surrounding cliff, as is the lighthouse itself. From there you get a 360 degree view across Broken Bay and Pittwater and up the mouth of the Hawkesbury River, north to the southern suburbs of the central coast some 10 kilometres away, and down along the peninsula to Palm Beach. Eastward all you see is the Tasman Sea and on this day, the sea was just as much at peace as Michelle and I. The tranquillity and virtual stillness of the air, once again, captured the mood between us.

"Oh Ray this is glorious. I will remember this forever." Michelle exclaimed as she turned to take in all before her once more. "I know that sounds corny, but I mean it, it’s from the heart. I feel like a tourist in my own backyard.”

“For me, it is all the more beautiful because you are here." I said, slipping my arm around her slender waist. She kissed me lightly on the cheek and quickly pulled away.

“And to think we are still within the bounds of greater Sydney yet there is no one about. Just you and me.” All I could do was agree with her every word. To try and add to what she had said would have been a waist of time and breath.

“Let’s eat! I am starving, especially after that hike up here, but my god, it’s worth it,” she suggested.

We spread the mini feast out on the western side of the plateau to keep protected from any sea breezes that might spring up. I popped the champagne and we toasted ourselves and savoured the delicious fair which she had packed. After eating we laid out together on the rug, sipping champagne and yapping our heads off and laughing like a pair of children. The conversation flowed so easily between us and the breadth of topics was mind-bogglingly extensive. We flittered from subject to subject like a butterfly moving from flower to flower, of which there were an abundance all around us.

Then, out of the blue, she asked me about Clare. In particular, if I had feelings for her.

Of course I had already told Michelle that Clare and I had made a sexual connection, in addition to the music tour preparations. In fact, Michelle and I had both made a pact as our own ‘relationship’ commenced, that despite the deep feelings we held for each other, we were not about to place restrictions on the other when it came to sexual encounters with other people. Still, for some reason I felt uncomfortable.

“I'm sorry for asking you that question. You don’t have to say anything, I understand. It’s none of my business.”

“To be honest, I do have feelings for her. Feelings that stem mainly from our sexual activities together. It would not be possible to not have feelings for her and still be bonking her.”

“True,” she agreed smiling. “I was just curious. I guess you look after her as well as you do me?”

“To a lesser degree.”

“Liar.” She laughed. “Well, I only hope you leave the best bits of you for me, that’s all.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“And Daph?”

“What is this? Twenty questions?” She turned to look at me to see if I was mucking about or not.

I greeted her with a huge cheeky grin.

“Yes, I’ve had my way with Daph,” I told her in a voice that suggested capitulation to her questioning.

“I thought so.” She replied, a smug look on her face. “Not that it matters. I will leave questioning on those fronts for another time.”

I stroked her hair as she laid her head on my thigh.

“How long have we been together? You know… um….” I knew the answer but could not think of another way to lead into what I had on my mind.

"Fucking each other’s brains out?” she offered with a cheeky smile.

"Yes. Thank you," I laughed. "That is exactly the term I was looking for. Well, not exactly, but it certainly cuts to the chase.”

"Since late January, so that makes it only a few months."

"In that short span of time we have done some amazing things together. Things that I would never have dreamt of doing with you-know-who."

“Hmmm, we certainly have.” Her purr told me she was delightfully replaying some of those moments over in her mind as we spoke. “Plus we have talked like I would never have dreamt of doing with my you-know-who." We both laughed at that.

"Michelle," I said quietly, "I want to tell you something. It’s more of a need than a want. A combination of both? Oh, I don;t know, it doesn’t matter. Look, it’s something that I have never told anyone about, ever.”

"You know you can tell me anything, Ray." She sat up, sipped her champagne and watched me with a special sparkle in her eye over the rim of her glass.

"Yes, I know. In fact I would go as far as to call you my sole-mate and in reality my only true friend. I really mean that."

I had to quickly bite my lip and look away. An almighty well of emotion brewed up suddenly from deep within me and I could feel my self-control start to slip. The hurt of uttering those words and the reality behind them was all consuming. Michelle just remained where she was, realising that I needed to get this off my chest. Her hand sort mine. Her gentle touch the only physical comfort she could give lest I get cold feet and clam up. With a sudden shake of my head, I gathered my composure and told her my story.

It involved an internet chat room and a girl from Birmingham in England and dated back some twelve years earlier. It started as a fanciful meeting a couple of times a week but quickly grew and, to my surprise, she turned out to be actually who she said she was. It lasted a year and we were very much in love with one another, as much as the internet would allow. However, with the pending birth of my daughter (child number three) and the UK girl her finding a real-life partner, we parted company, just like that. As quickly as it had started, it ended, at her bequest.

Those two events (the pending birth and parting), coupled with the completion of six years study toward a masters degree, plus the sudden redundancy from a job that I really enjoyed, they all culminated concurrently, in an overwhelming explosion of change.

“To tell you the truth, I went into a full on tail-spin. At the time, I didn’t consider it to be anything even remotely approaching depression, but only now, years later, am I able to look back and see that it probably was.”

I went on and explained that I had never talked about what I was going through to anyone, it was all to painful and I did not feel confident of getting a decent hearing.

“A typical guys way of dealing with life’s difficulties. Yet, somehow I had managed to get myself through the worst of it. But some of the pain still lingered, mainly the job lose and the income it had provided.”

When I finished I noticed her eyes had misted, to the point where a small tear trickled down her cheek. She looked deeply into my face and told me that it sounded so sad and beautiful, all at once, and that she was sorry for me the way it had all ended.

I gently pulled Michelle to me and hugged her close. She sat on my lap and faced me, her legs softly encircled my waist. She wrapped them about me and locked them at the ankle behind while the skirt she wore fanned across us both. I buried my face into her neck and she the same, our arms enfolded each other with all the strength we could muster, trying to impart what strength we could and give it to the other. The release of finally telling my story, sharing it with someone so dear, was too much. The hurt, the shame I felt and sorrow that accompanied it reduced my resolve. A weight had been lifted from my shoulders and the relief was so great. I wept like I had never before which brought Michelle to tears as well. Wrapped in the security of each other’s arms I found shelter and comfort, and above all: love.

With tears still in our eyes, we tenderly kissed. A kiss full of passion but not ladened with lust. Our tongues explored deeply into mouths, hands caressed backs, soothing and yearning, comforting and encouraging, telling the other through actions alone that each of us were in safe waters. Our arms wrapped about our bodies like the shoreline of a secure harbour. Her tongue engaged mine in a languid, sensual dance that kept time to a far off tune. The smell of her perfume and the soft fall of her hair upon my shoulder sent my senses to flight; all cares dissipated with every flick of her tongue. There was no sexually driven urgency in our embrace, just a highly passionate joining of kindred spirits high atop this marvellous place that we now called our own.

A rush of anxiety suddenly filled me bodily. The closeness of her, the emotion that enveloped us, this moment together and the location. All these elements converged deep within my heart, mind and soul and ignited my lust. I tried to temper the urge, scared as ever that one move in the wrong direction would bring what we now had to a calamitous end.

“You’re shaking?” she asked softly. She could obviously feel the trembling of my body as I fought with conflicting urges.

I nodded and buried my head into her neck.

“Why?” she asked, stroking my hair.

I was afraid she’d ask but, at the same time, glad. I felt foolish.

“I was/am scared of making the wrong move. I always get like that…this. I find it difficult to take the initiative sometimes. Even with those I know well.”

“Ray, my love. It’s me you are with. I won’t bite.”

She had lifted my face and flashed her glowing smile at me. “Besides, who knows, whatever you’re afraid of doing might just be the very thing that the other person is secretly hoping you would do anyway. Maybe they are just as afraid to ask, or not accustomed to asking, or feel it is not lady-like to ask.” She laughed demurely and looked up at me from her lowered brow. That sweet twinkle I adored so much was in her eye.

I gently lifted her, carefully held her body to mine, and eased her on to her back. I took great care not to break our kiss. Her legs wrapped about my waist as I carefully pressed my body to hers. Her hips rocked to meet mine as the breeze softly fluttered about us. The scent of the ocean filled the air as we fell together. I reached down between our bodies and unzipped my jeans and with sure fingers I retrieved my risen member. I felt Michelle's pelvis undulate beneath me urging me to continue.

Steadily, I held myself posed above her and as gently as possible pushed her knickers aside. As they moved I lowered my groin to hers. Her lower body rose up to meet me. The head of my cock pressed firmly into the top of her cleft and pushed aside the silky, hairless labia. With my hips alone, I gently guided my shaft lower, Michelle's copious flow allowed for an easy transit. I sucked her tongue firmly into my mouth as I slowly sank myself into her. Her legs folded up and around my hips in response. She caught her breath momentarily as my thickness pushed inside her body, filling her completely. Once again her hips rocked with mine, a slow and steady grind, unlike some of the wild couplings we had previously known.

Neither of us wanted to break our kiss, we sensuously made love there in the open air. I kept myself fully inserted, just using the writhing of our bodies to stimulate each other. She arched her back which brought her clitoris in contact with my pubic bone and, sensing this, I ground my hips more firmly to match her consuming movements.

Together we rocked and slowly humped our hips, feeling the growing tension of heightened stimulation. We lost ourselves in a timeless sexual waltz; our bodies desperately wanting to satisfy the other. Like a distant roll of thunder, my orgasm commenced. My breath slowly became deeper and steadily urgent yet still I remain attached to her mouth and she, in turn, did the same.

No one was leading the other, our bodies were in turn and our senses worked overtime. Finally we had to break our long kiss. Our passion had risen to such a height that the need for deeper intakes of air was to great. Relentlessly our bodies rotated and ground one on the other. The rising waves of climax were fast approaching but I kept my penis deep inside her clutching vagina. The ever increasing wetness from her pussy spread across her knickers as well as my jeans. Her body rippled like the surf in an ocean pool as I tensed and tried to stem the flow…I had to wait for Michelle.

“Don’t hold back,” she breathed, almost whispered, but I could feel her body building quickly.

The waves of her orgasm raced along her legs in little tremors, my own was pounding in my brain. With quietened restraint we crash upon each other’s shores. The blinding force of the withheld flow threw me deeper inside the beautiful woman beneath me. Her body clung to me with every possible muscle as explosion upon explosion convulsed her torso. My own climax burst forth as I spilt my seed deep inside her beautiful body. I held myself still, feeling the pulse of my organ with each pumping jet. We had come together, in as many senses of the words as possible, and were now in free-fall, joined by bonds that had been tightened through the opening of hearts and consummated by such a tender yet deeply touching union.

After many long minutes, Michelle looked up into my eyes. She softly brushed my tussled hair, "That was beautiful."

"And so are you.” I replied, my limp cock still held within her silky vibrating channel. I pulled away slightly and rolled onto my side, leaving my leg draped over her thigh.

Neither of us wanted to talk. To utter a sound would have shattered all that we had made for ourselves in the time we had spent high atop this magical place. Silently we rearranged our clothing and curled up together under the warmth provided by the sun.

We must have both fallen asleep, blissfully wrapped in each others arms. I shuddered slightly as a little chill ran up my back. My shirt had pulled free of my jeans and the late afternoon air was relinquishing any of the warmth it had held from earlier in the day. Michelle stirred and we both looked around to reorientate ourselves.

“What time is it?” she asked still drowsy from sleep.

“A little after four.” I told her after checking my watch. “We had better make a move before we lose the light.”

Quickly we repacked the hamper.

Once that was done, we stood and slid together in a tight embrace.

“One last look,” she suggested before we descended to the sand below. “This has been exceptional. Thank you.”

“It’s all ours.”

“Absolutely!” she added, as we walked, arm in arm, off into the setting sun and the night yet to come.

Building a Community

[This is what a teacher of mine would call a lesson story. Not a sex story, a cheating wife story, BDSM or anything like it. I found out six years after my previous wife cheated. When I found out I also found out that there were at least a dozen ‘friends’ of mine who had known all along. They weren’t family or in community with me. They aren’t with me at all, now.] * ‘I think of all of you as my family. I look at each of you and my heart fills with hope...


Community Involvement Ch. 12

The two weeks that comprised the end of term one holidays in New South Wales, which also included Easter this year, had come and gone so fast. It only seemed like yesterday that I had left the mercurial Clare on what had effectively been the last school day of the term for Clare and I; the government schools still had the Friday to negotiate. My wife worked through the break, as was usual (she referred to bank her leave and use it during our summer holiday period)....


Community Involvement Ch. 09

Re-cap Although I had not planned a visit to ask Daphne (Daph as she preferred throughout the neighbourhood) it had turned out to be quite a startling and revealing visit, on a couple of fronts. Although in her early seventies and a grandmother, Daph but still had the figure many forty to fifty year olds (or even younger) would envy. Her face, while still reflecting her younger beauty, was a little wrinkled about the eyes and corners of her mouth, however, she did...


Community Involvement Ch. 04

The first month of autumn in Sydney was feeling more like summer. Although the nights wore the tell-tale signs of the approaching winter, with a real chill in the air, but by day it was glorious. To make my day even better, I had received a text message from my sexy neighbour asking if I could meet her for brunch. “Certainly.” I typed as my reply, despite driving in the West bound morning peak, returning home from my usual drop-off run of various family members....


Community Involvement Ch. 08

“Pink sky in the morning; a sailors warning.” I recalled the old saying and looked skyward. Directly overhead was cloudless and blue but as I scanned eastward, the building menace of the billowing clouds loomed. The day had dawned with a vivid pink display, the low and towering Cumulonimbus clouds out over the sea strongly reflected the morning sun. It was beautiful but at the same time eerie. The air was still and the birds were quiet. “Not a day for outdoor...


Community Involvement Ch. 15

“I have an idea!” Michelle exclaimed excitedly. We had just left Palm Beach and were headed south toward the big smoke. Next stop Sydney and the city lights. “I’m pleased for you,” I laughed with a hint of sarcasm. She shook her head in dismay. “You just can’t get good help these days.” Without missing a beat she ploughed on. “It’s such a lovely evening, which matches perfectly with the magical day we’ve had, and neither us needs to go home...


Community Involvement Ch. 10

Return to Clare ‘As one door closes and another door opens’ as the saying goes and to say that I was living that saying would not be too far a stretch of the imagination. To put you in the picture, it was just over six months ago (November 2013 to be more precise) that I was made redundant from my accountancy position which was quite a set back for me on a number of fronts, as it is for most people. Fortunately I had been able to get some contract work with a...


community Involvement Ch. 06

“What happened to you?” Michelle asked as I finally returned. I had gone home (next door to be precise) to change out of my wet clothes following the torrid squirting orgasms I had produced in Michelle. The sight, taste and smell of her deep orgasmic fluids filled me with immense satisfaction, not only because I had stimulated her to that level, it was a satisfaction gained from sharing the moment; being there with her and for her as she exploded and gushed so...


community Involvement Ch. 06

“What happened to you?” Michelle asked as I finally returned. I had gone home (next door to be precise) to change out of my wet clothes following the torrid squirting orgasms I had produced in Michelle. The sight, taste and smell of her deep orgasmic fluids filled me with immense satisfaction, not only because I had stimulated her to that level, it was a satisfaction gained from sharing the moment, being there with her and for her as she exploded and gushed so...


Community Involvement Ch. 14

“Hey, wait for me!” I cried in mock, child-like distress at being left behind. I quickly pulled on my Peter Alexander pyjama shorts and my discarded T-shirt, disentangled myself from the white Sheridan bed sheets and ran to the top of the stairs. Michelle was already at the bottom and, as she turned to head off along the hallway, she paused and glanced approvingly at me. “I see you made yourself presentable for breakfast.” She flashed her radiant smile at me...


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