Erica Loves It (Part 1)

For my entire life, I've always thought it was so unfair that girls gotto wear all the really cool clothes. They were softer material, better color choices, and looked so much better. In fact, when I was very young I wore dresses whenever I got to play with the girl next door, but that was always for the tea parties and such we liked to have. But by the time I discovered sex and masturbation I really did want to wear a dress and not just for a tea party.

When I was sixteen, I began wearing panties on a very regular basis. I began painting my toe nails which meant I couldn't go barefoot any longer, at least not when anyone might see me. When I graduated from high school and realized that full time college was out of the question because of financial reasons I had discovered the ecstatic joy of wearing stockings, or at least pantyhose, beneath my jeans which were usually girls, as long as I had on socks as well.

In my teen years I had begun playing with makeup and although it took me two years to do it properly in an acceptable amount of time, I have to admit that when I was fully made up and in what few girl clothes I owned, I looked pretty good and thought I should be able to pass in public. Of course I'd never worked up the courage to do such a thing but I wanted to and planned on doing so as soon as I was out of my parents’ house and on my own. And yes, I thought about sex constantly except I was always on the role of the girl, either sucking a dick or getting fucked in the ass by one. These were also things I would do after moving out and when I got enough courage to let a guy do it to me.

Let me take the time to describe myself. I'm five feet five inches tall, weigh one hundred and ten pounds, not muscular by any stretch, with long, over the shoulders brown hair, pale blue eyes, light clear complexion, pouting lips, slender arms and legs, and very little body hair. In short, I looked more feminine than masculine no matter what I was wearing. As a matter of fact I'd been referred to as miss or little lady almost my entire life.

I managed to get a part time job at a photography studio, which spurred my interest in doing the same thing. Photography had always been a hobby of mine and I knew I had a good eye. I'd work all day and go to school at night, learning both from experience and from school. By now, however, I only wore panties and almost always wore stockings of some sort, and every now and then I wore a bra as long as it was cool enough to validate wearing a vest.

On my twenty-first birthday, I moved away from home, mostly at the insistence of my parents, but somewhat because of my longing more and more to wear what I wanted and when I wanted. Still, the money was tight and I had to budget myself on what I could buy. But between shopping at thrift stores for clothes and discount store for makeup I was slowly building up everything I needed, well except the silicon boobies I really wanted.

At school, I believe anyone who talked to me for any length of time could tell which way I swung. The girls all saw me as no threat and would readily talk to me but some of the guys I had to keep an eye out for because they seemed to be quite intolerant. However there were some of the guys that seemed to be a lot friendlier to me and that may be because they recognized me as a definite bottom to their top or maybe because we were kindred spirits.

At work, my job had grown to be more full time than part and my pay had increased quite a bit. My time was divided between answering the phone, billing, and helping set up the lights. I enjoyed helping with the lights because I got to learn a whole lot more and Bob, the photographer seemed as though he liked teaching me.

Except for my lack of a social life everything seemed to be looking up and I was gradually working up the nerve to go out in public. In fact, I was making plans on doing just that this coming Sunday. I already knew what I was going to wear, right down to which purse I should carry. I also knew where I wanted to go, an industrial park that should be deserted on Sunday.

Saturday night arrived and I took a long hot bath before setting out my clothes for my first adventure the next day. As usual I slept in an electric blue nightie with black lace trim and matching panties.

I awoke refreshed and ready, although nervous, to make my public debut. After a light breakfast I spent quite a bit of time with my makeup and nails before getting dressed. First I slipped on my stay up sheer black stockings and then picked up the black string bikini panties and slid them up my legs and into place, then I put the black lacy bra around my chest and fastened it into place. Then I placed the foam falsies into the cups, admiring myself in the full length mirror as I went. Almost there now. I picked up my dress, a mid thigh dark blue number with a slit up the side of one leg and slipped it over my head before smoothing it into place. Finally, I stepped into a pair of black CFM open toe pumps. Now for my accessories, a watch, bracelet, three rings, earrings, and a necklace before spraying some perfume on just for luck. Lastly, I picked up the purse and transferred into it all the things I normally just carried in my pockets, phone, wallet, keys, identification and so forth.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped out of my apartment and quickly walked to my car before I lost my nerve. The drive to the industrial park was almost thirty minutes and yet it seemed to take hours after catching every possible red light along the way. Once I was there, I looked around to make sure no one was lurking about and then stepped out of the car. The first thing I did was set up my tripod and camera and then I began walking around, posing for various shots in several locations. By the time I had finished there was over two hundred pictures and in some of them I had deliberately let my panties be seen. Now I was much more calm and decided to find another place for more pictures.

I knew of a couple of places with nice backgrounds, like statues or fountains so I packed up and drove to each of them for some shots. I took forty or fifty at each place before I finished and packed everything. Still there had to be more. I needed gas so I took pictures there. I even drove through a fast food place and got something to eat and drink. Was I getting bolder or what? A quick stop at the mall was next and more pictures were taken and these had other people in the background. In fact, several had people walking past me as I posed. No one seemed to notice that I wasn't a real female or at least they didn't make any comments or point and laugh.

After putting away the tripod I took the camera and went inside the mall walking confidently amongst the general population and even getting some of them to take pictures of me. For the grand finale I went inside one of the larger department stores and did a little shopping. Very little because of financial restraints. I even managed to get some pictures inside of the store. By now I felt no nervousness being in public and that opened all sorts of places and times for me but it was getting late so I headed back home.

On my next day off I did the same thing but this time there were people everywhere. This is the day I had an epiphany which opened my world. What difference would it make if someone spotted me since they'd probably never see me again? That very evening I went to a restaurant and ate without being spotted. On the way home I stopped at a store and interacted with the guy at the cashier's counter and even got him to take a picture of me.

I did this same thing on nearly every day off for four months, each time adding more and more to my confidence. My collection of pictures on my computer was getting larger and larger and by now I had gone to dozens of places for them and always in a dress, or at least in a skirt and blouse but always in heels.

School and work were going quite well, in fact I was working some overtime but I was always dressed as a guy, which I hated. Bob had come to me for help more and more and then finally got me to help him with an after hours shoot.

“Eric,” he'd said one afternoon, “do you think you could work late this Thursday? I have a special shoot and I really need someone to help me so I can get out of here quicker.”

“Sure, Bob. I can always stand the overtime,” I replied.

“This shoot is for a special project. I don't want you to go telling anyone else about it. Can I trust you to keep it to yourself?”

“No problem.”

“Good. I can make a lot of money on this one, which I can use, and there'll be a little bonus in it for you if you can remain silent.”

“I can.”

“Good. Now as soon as we close Thursday get all your paperwork done and make sure the door is locked. If anyone comes up then come and get me.”

Bob was really paranoid about anyone finding out what he was up to but my imagination started running wild. Was this something illegal? Drugs? Maybe I should have asked a few questions before blindly going along. But what the hell, I could use the extra money.

Thursday finally got here and as the day wore on Bob was as nervous as a cat. The more nervous he became the calmer I grew as by now I had a few ideas of my own.

Just before closing Bob came to me and said, “Now during this shoot if you should happen to spring a boner or anything just try to act like nothing's wrong. When we're done you can take care of your, um, problem and I won't say anything about it. In fact, I may join you.”

“Thanks, Bob,” I smiled. The fact that he'd just given me permission to masturbate on the premises was more than enough to tell me what the shoot was about. I thought more about what he'd said about joining me and I thought the whole event was really looking up. Bob was a very nice man, about ten or fifteen years older than me. He was almost six feet tall and weighed approximately one hundred eighty pounds with short curly blonde hair and brown eyes. And now I was wondering how I would describe his more masculine physical attribute since I'd never seen it. Hell, except for porn and gym class I'd only seen one other in my entire life and had never touched another guy's cock although I'd often fantasized about them.

When the day's shooting was over we set up the lights for tonight and then Bob started placing tripods about the area. I knew he usually used one hand held camera for his work but this time was different. Now he had four still image cameras on tripods and he also had his favorite still image camera setting out for his own use. As well as these cameras there were two digital video cameras so maybe he wanted me to use one of them.

It was close to six when someone knocked on the door. That someone was a very pretty blonde woman and behind her was a good looking guy.

“I think they're here, Bob,” I announced.

He came flying to the front to let them in just as four other guys walked up behind the first couple.

“Come on in!” Bob said as he opened the door. “Go on back through those doors to the studio,” he beamed and pointed in the direction.

I lead the way and Bob followed the group. Almost as soon as we stepped into the studio the woman took off her dress and revealed that she didn't have on a stitch beneath it. All she was wearing now was a pair of spiked high heels.

“Come on guys, don't be shy, get those clothes off and let me see what I'm getting,” she said, laughing as she walked around. “Bob, it looks like you've got your shit together a lot better than the last guy we used. Hell, most of the shots were too dark to see anything,” she grinned and stroked one of the cocks. “DO a good job and I can guarantee you'll get several more shoots.”

“I think you'll like my work,” he grinned back at her.

“Just make sure you get all the action and the cum shots, especially when it drips out of my ass or pussy. Oh, and make sure you get the cum on my tits and face. The more money shots we get the better it pays. Now when I get one in my ass and one in my pussy, that's a good dollar shot and when they can cram two in one hole, any hole, that pays more as well. Anything kinky always pays more,” she told him with a broad grin.

I was checking the lights and talked to one of the guys, “You do this very often?”

“When I can. The pay is too good to turn down. This is my first time with her and I've heard she can get plenty nasty. But yea, I've been in a few videos as well as one real movie, though in that movie all I had to do was fuck a tranny. In real life I'm the manager of a shoe store down at Parkingdale Mall.”

“A tranny huh? How did you like it?”

“Loved it. Man, that gal could really give a blow job and her ass was primo.”

“You said you manage the shoe store at the mall? That's why you look so familiar. I bought a pair of shoes in there a couple of weeks ago and I think I saw you.”

“Could be. What kind of shoes did you buy, I'd remember those.”

“Um, I bought a pair of black stiletto heels with ankle straps.”

“Yea? We sell a lot of those but I don't remember selling any to a guy in a year or so.”

“Well, I looked a bit different then, like in a short little blue dress, hose and makeup.”

He stared at me for a moment and I thought maybe I'd just screwed up everything for sure, then replied, “Yea, yea, you know what, I sold you that pair. I remember thinking how great those legs looked. Did you know they went all the way to your ass?”

“Gee, do you think so?” I laughed.

“How often do you get a chance to dress?”

“Every day. Just as soon as I get home I change clothes into something prettier and on my days off I always wear a dress or skirt.”

“Tell you what, uh, ...”

“Eric when I'm dressed like this, otherwise it's Erica.”

“Eric. You come by the store around nine or so as Erica and I'll give you a really good deal, like say, cost. Of course I'd get to take you to dinner afterward.”

“Cool! When?”

“Saturday night?”

“I'll be there Saturday.”

“Sounds great!”

“You about ready to get this show on the road, Johnny?”

“Sure thing,” he called back and then said to me, “I'll see you Saturday night, Erica.”

It was truly amazing how the film was shot, a lot of fucking and sucking and then a break, then more fucking and sucking, then one in her ass and one in her pussy while she sucked on one, and we got some really good close up shots. The next thing I knew she had two cocks in her pussy then a minute later we were filming two in her ass. I didn't know that was even possible. Another two hours went by before we were finished and she had cum flowing from her ass and pussy, not to mention that her face was covered in the sticky goo.

“Okay kids, that's it,” Bob said. “I'll put all the pieces together and get it sent off tomorrow or the next day and we can all just sit back and wait for a check in the mail.”

The woman, Sheila, washed her face and everyone got ready to leave. As they were walking out the door Johnny patted my butt and that let me know exactly what he wanted in return for the major discount he was giving me and I was thrilled with that idea. In fact, I was very excited and I was glad Bob said I could jack off before I left.

When I returned to the studio I found Bob on the bed, naked as a jay bird with his cock standing up proud and very straight.

“I've just got to have some relief,” he smiled.

“Yea, I know what you mean,” I replied and began opening my pants. I'd forgotten that I was wearing panties and stockings beneath everything and that wasn't lost on Bob.

“Don't worry about those Eric, they look good on you,” Bob said and it looked like his cock might have gotten even harder. “Do you wear any other girly clothes?”

“Um, yea, I uh, I wear it all?”

“Really? I'd like to see you all dressed up sometime,” he said and stroked his dick a couple of times and then indicated for me to sit on the bed with him.

“We're not busy tomorrow so why don't you come in wearing everything,” he suggested.

“I'd like that,” I replied. “I'll war a dress and bring a change of clothes so if you don't like what you see I can fix it.” My pants and pantyhose were soon in a puddle on the floor, quickly followed by my socks, shoes, and shirt.

“Do that. But I'm pretty sure I'll like what I see. I know I like the idea of it and I like what I see right now.” He leaned over and touched my back, pulling me a little closer to him. “How would you like some glamor shots?”

“I'd like that very much.”

Then he leaned his head over and kissed me. Eben though I was taken by surprise I kissed him back and it felt good to be kissed by a man. When I felt his hands on my back I leaned into him and really got into the kiss. Before very long we were stretched out on the bad and close enough that I could feel his hard cock pressing against my belly. As if they had a mind of their own my hands went to his cock and I gently fondled him.

Bob's hand moved to my ass and slipped beneath my panties so he could fondle my ass with no restrictions. In moments my panties were being slid down and I helped him get them off. I'd never been in this situation before but I seemed to know what to do with very little prompting.

Then, with no thought beforehand, I slid down some and kissed his dick. Kissed it, licked it, and took it into my mouth. It felt good so I kept him inside while he continued playing with my ass and getting me hotter and hotter. I knew this would more than likely end up with me losing my virginity but that was exactly what I wanted. I was also spurred on by the knowledge that I'd be wearing my feminine persona to work tomorrow and maybe from then on. I needed to show Bob that I was more female than male and that he wanted me to be his office girl.

The longer I sucked on his dick the more I liked it and wondered why in the world I had waited until now to do this. My tongue moved over the head of his cock and I could feel every vein, every facet of his beautiful dick. By now I didn't care if he fucked me or not, I was enjoying his dick in my mouth way too much, and if he dumped his load I would gladly swallow it all after tasting him. There was no longer any doubt in my mind that I was meant to give a man pleasure with my body, any part of it he wished.

“Damn, Eric, you're good. Oh fuck, your mouth is so hot! You'll make me cum if you don't stop,” he moaned urgently.

Pulling him from my mouth I looked into his eyes and smiled, “Do it! Cum in my mouth! I want you to use me.”

“You got it, babe,” he smiled and pushed me back down on his cock.

My head moved up and down while my tongue swirled around the head and sensitive underside pf his dick. I really wanted him to cum in my mouth.

While I sucked on his dick and played with his hairy balls Bob stroked my own hard cock until I spilled my seed all over his hand. Even after that he continued playing with me.

My head bobbed faster and faster until I felt him grown thicker and harder, when he started cumming I had a very hard time staying on him, he was bucking that hard. But I managed and for my efforts I got a mouthful of his hot cum. He tasted bitter and salty without the little bit of sweetness I had tasted in my own cum.

“Oh baby, that was fucking fantastic! You're quite a little cocksucker. If you look as good all dressed up as good as you suck cock, I don't think we're going to have any problems.”

Even though I'd just received my first reward for a blow job I still wanted more cum, so I licked his hand clean of my cum.

After I cleaned his hand he pulled me to his lips and kissed me like we were lovers, which I guess we were. Letting his tongue explore my mouth was quite a bit like letting his cock into my mouth, very exciting. We kissed for a few minutes and then got dressed. Bob walked me to my car and patted my ass before I got in.

“I'll see you tomorrow, and thanks for the blow job, if was great.”

I smiled at him and replied, “Thank for letting me and I hope you'll let me do it again.”

“Any time, babe, any time,” he laughed and closed my car door.

I drove home on a cloud, happy that I'd had my very first sexual experience with a man and eagerly looking forward to the next time. I'd enjoyed sucking his cock and swallowing his sperm and even enjoyed him jacking me off although that aspect wasn't necessary. Maybe next time I could suck him off while dressed like a girl.

When I got home I quickly changed into a nightie and prepared something to eat. I found that even with a tummy full of cum I was still hungry. As I ate I watched television and thought about the night's events. I'd taken a step that couldn't be retraced, going from curious to active in a matter of minutes.

When the alarm went off I crawled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom so I could both relieve myself and start the new day. After a shower I dried and started getting ready. Clean panties and a bra before putting on my makeup. Once I was satisfied with my look I placed my padding into the bra and chose a pair of tan stockings. I love feeling the nylon stockings sliding up my freshly shaved legs as I make a full transition. Now standing in my bedroom in panties, bra and stockings, I looked through the closet and chose a blue and gray plaid skirt and pulled it on. The fact that it went down barely to the middle of my thigh excited me because today I wanted to be noticed and appreciated as the girl I was becoming. I chose a pale blue satin blouse and then began choosing what I'd wear for accessories, like a I a huge choice. I put on a pair of hoop earrings, a necklace with a small heart on a thin chain, a ring, a bracelet and an ankle chain. If Bob was going to let me go to work dressed like a girl, and maybe for more than just a day, I wanted to make a good effort to show him I could be a pretty girl with nice tastes. From beside my bed I picked out a pair of white sandals with four in heels and buckling straps.

Was I nervous? You better believe it. Anxious? Of course. After all, this was my first time to dress in front of someone I knew, and my boss at that. It helped that I'd sucked his dick the night before but if I couldn't pull off the sweet girl fresh out of school I'd be dead in the water.

Finally it was time to leave for work so I made sure my purse was loaded everything I might need and left my apartment. I saw people from other apartments leaving for work but they didn't pay any attention to me other than an appreciative glance. Well, one guy gave me the once over and I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes. Definitely a weird sensation but one that I found enjoyable.

I arrived at work a few minutes early and waited for Bob outside the door. He arrived in a hurry, eager to begin editing the video we'd shot last night, and unlocked the door.

“Come in, come in,” he said and held the door for me. “What can we do for you today?”

It was obvious that he didn't recognize me and that was something in my favor.

“Good morning, Bob,” I said as I stepped inside.

“Eric? Eric is that you?”

“Erica. My name is Erica.”

Smiling, he said, “Yes it certainly is. You look great! I have to be honest with you, I never expected you to look so, so, so damn fine.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

“I'm going to start working on the video so you take care of everything else.”

“Sure, no problem,” I answered and began straightening the front office and then filing and answering the phone. I liked doing this kind of work, especially since I was now dressed as an office girl.

I took care of the office as if I owned it, not disturbing Bob. Even when a woman came in with her baby, I took care of that as well, setting up the lights and the background and even got to take the pictures since the child was in a good mood and laughing and smiling. Others came and went, most making appointments or checking prices. When lunch time came I went out to pick up a phone in order and brought it back for me and Bob.

“Everything seems to be going smoothly,” he said, munching on a french fry.

“So far so good. And none of the customers have said anything at all about me. Well, one woman wanted to know where I got my shoes.”

“You know, I think it's a good idea if you just start working as Erica all the time. It kind of lightens up the office and you took care of that woman and baby so well. It would mean getting a raise on your part.”

“Is that all that would get raised?” I asked with a very flirtatious smile.

“Oh I think something else might just raise its head up,” he laughed.

“And do you think I could handle that?”

“I'm sure you can. But, just to be on the safe side, I think you should get in a little practice.”

“And we both know practice makes perfect.”

“And I think you'll be able to get in lots of practice. But this afternoon will tell the tale. Have you looked at the appointments? We're gonna be pretty damn busy.”

“We can handle it. So how about some after hours practice? I'm sure you can teach me a whole lot.”

“How about after hours we do a real photo shoot?”

“Okay with me.”

The afternoon was super busy with both me and Bob taking pictures in separate studios but since I looked more like a girl than him, the women had no problem changing clothes or just stripping to nothing in front of me. In fact, one of the women hit on me and I explained that I was currently involved with a guy and he would be picking me up at closing.

At long last the final customer left and Bob and I were alone. What's more he had promised me a photo shoot and even though I had taken thousands of photos of myself this time someone else would be doing the shooting, and a professional to boot. I locked the door and then excused myself to the little girl's room to freshen my makeup.

“You're looking hot, Erica,” Bob said with a smile as we headed back into the studio.

“I'm feeling hot as well, and not weather wise,” I replied and giggled.

“Okay, here's what I want. We'll start off with some face shots and then I want you to pose, twisting and turning and very slowly stripping out of you skirt and blouse. Once you're down to your underwear then you can do some posing on the bed and if you happen to loose your panties in the process, then that's the way we'll go.”

“Sounds good. Um, after the shoot are you gonna give me a reward?”

“What kind of reward do you want?”

“I want some more cum.”

“Oh? And where would you like this cum?”

“Anywhere you want to put it,” I smiled. “You want another blow job? Okay. You want to fuck my hot little ass? That's fine with me. Cum on me or in me, you choose.”

“You're really one hot and horny little bitch.”

“You better believe it.”

Bob began directing me through the face shots, laughing, smiling, serious, pouting, the gauntlet of emotion and expressions. I think he must have taken over a hundred photos before he got me to start posing. I spent several minutes twisting and turning and even bending over so he could get a shot up my skirt and see my panties. Then I posed some more but this time I slowly came out of my skirt and blouse. Now I moved to the bed and did some sexy poses for the camera, rolling around and occasionally spreading my legs. After about twenty minutes of this I lay on my back and raised my legs straight up into the air and teasingly came out of my panties. Then we did some really hot shots with me on my back, legs spreading, and on my hands and knees, showing him all my goodies.

Bob paused for a moment to put in a new memory card and set the camera on automatic before mounting it on a tripod. Then he pulled off his pants and joined me while the camera merrily clicked away every few seconds.

“Now you can suck my cock for a while,” he said and aimed his dick at my mouth.

Naturally, I wasted no time taking him into my mouth and going to work on him. Last night I'd discovered the joys of cocksucking and I was more than willing to do it again. And this time there was the added bonus of having a dick in my mouth on camera.

“Damn, Erica, you're a good little cocksucker,” Bob moaned just before he pulled out. “But I sure would like to sample that pretty little ass.”

“You get my cherry, Bob,” I laughed.

“I'm honored.”

“You got the other cherry last night.”

“Now I'm really honored,” he replied and rolled me onto my hands and knees. He used some lubricant on my tight asshole, smearing it inside and out and then running a finger into me.

Bob worked his finger in and out for a while before adding a second finger. I groaned loudly when he fucked me with two fingers, gradually opening me to accept his cock. When he added a third finger I thought I was in heaven but when he pulled them out I felt totally abandoned. I felt the bed shift and knew he was getting into position to take me. When the head of his dick was against my little hole I tensed.

“Relax, sweetie,” Bob whispered.

I relaxed and pushed back against him just as he pushed forward. My asshole opened enough for him to get inside me but it set me on fire. He pushed again and the head of his cock made it past my sphincter allowing the rest of his shaft to follow all the way in.

I gasped in pain but after a few minutes, I began liking it. I was full of his cock and I wanted him to give me his seed. Just a few days ago, I was a complete virgin and now I'd sucked a cock, swallowed cum, and now I was impaled on a hard dick. What else could a girl want?

Bob let me get used to his dick in my ass before sliding slowly in and out. I gasped and groaned with every move he made. I was getting fucked and I loved it.

“Oh yea, your ass is so fucking tight,” Bob groaned as he slammed his cock in and out of me.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooohhhh, fuck me!” I moaned over and over. I'd never dreamed that anything could feel as good as this, including masturbating.

Faster and faster Bob fucked my ass while I squealed with pure delight. His thick, hard cock was giving me pleasures I thought were impossible. Then his body stiffened and he began jerking while still slamming in and out of me. I felt the heat of his seed as it blasted into me and nothing in the universe can compare with that wonderful feeling. When Bob reached around me and stroked my dick it only took four or five strokes before I was cumming harder than ever.

Afterward while driving home and feeling his cum oozing out of me and into my panties was a very pleasant sensation and I definitely looked forward to feeling it again. Once I was home I made something dinner and settled down to watch television. I awoke on the couch close to three in the morning and stumbled to bed, leaving a trail of clothes along the way.

It was nearly noon when I woke up and began cleaning my apartment. I was more than a little anxious to go to the shoe store and meet Johnny. If I had, anything to say about tonight it would wind up with us in bed, or in the backseat of his car.

Late in the afternoon I began getting ready, shower, shaving all the right places. I put on my makeup, painted nails, perfume, a very short silver halter dress, glued on boobies, which I had just gotten in the mail the day before, royal blue g-string panties, black stay up stockings, and of course, the black stiletto heels with four inch spikes and ankle straps I'd bought at Johnny's store. Looking in my full-length mirror I saw a very hot young lady looking back. Not only did I look sexy as hell, but I felt the same way, and very, very horny.

I drove directly to the mall and did some shopping while waiting for time to pass by. In one store I found a pair of really tight, really short, hot pink shorts which I just had to buy. The next store I went into had a very cute, carnation pink, fairy princess nightie and the panties had an open crotch and I just couldn't pass them by, especially since they were on sale. With a little more time to kill, I stopped at the food court and bought a soda. Instead of gulping it down and doing more shopping, which I really couldn't afford, I found a table and sat. While I enjoyed my drink, I watched the people walking by, checking out some really cute asses of some of the guys.

Finally, I got up and walked down a level to Johnny's shoe store. When I walked in, he was busy with a customer so I looked around and soon fell in love with several pairs of shoes, all of them sexy heels.

Several minutes later Johnny walked up behind me and placed his hands on my hips, “I'm so glad you made it, Erica.”

Leaning back against him I looked up and smiled, “I wouldn't have missed out on this for anything.”

“Oh? A big discount on a pair of shoes?”

“No, silly, seeing you again.”

“Cool! So have you seen anything you like?”

“Oh, you mean shoes?” I replied and giggled. “Yes, I have,” and showed Johnny a pair of open toed sandals with five inch heels and double ankle straps.

“Have a seat and I'll find a pair in your size. A six?

“Five and a half,” I said and took a seat.

Johnny returned and pulled a stool in front of me and then motioned for me to place a foot on the slanted rest. I did so and he slipped off my shoe, held my foot in his hand, and slid the new shoe onto me. Then he repeated the process with my other foot before helping me stand and allowing me to walk around the store.


“They fit like a glove,” I answered.

“Darn. I was hoping to fit on another pair, blue is my favorite color.”

“Blue? Oh! You know, you can always get a better look.”

“Then show me.”

Facing him, I pulled the front of my dress up and gave him a good look at my royal blue panties.

“The back side is prettier.”

“Then I definitely want to see that side,” he smiled.

Turning around I proceeded to pull up the back of my dress and he could see the tiny blue string disappearing into my ass crack.

“Very nice. Oh, and so are the panties. Go ahead and pick out another pair of shoes.”

“I can't afford any more.”

“Don't worry about that, I've got it.”

Just about then the phone rang and Johnny rushed to answer it. While he was gone, I looked for another pair of shoes. I wasn't long before I had a second pair picked out. They were gold sandals with four-inch heels and laces that went to my knees.

“That was my friend, Bill. He's gonna come down here in a few minutes.”

“Oh?” I felt a slight let down because I had wanted to be alone with Johnny at least long enough to suck his cock.

“He's cool. Uh, in fact I told him a little about you and he really wants to meet you,”

“What did you tell him?”

“That you're pretty, very feminine, sexy, and, uh, that you, um, you know, that you weren't born a woman.”

“And he was okay with that?”

“Okay? Hell, when I told him about you last night he got a huge boner.”

“And you know this how?”

“I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Then I hope I live up to your, and his, expectations.”

Okay, so maybe I'd wind up getting two cocks instead of the one I was hoping for. Is that such a bad thing?

“I'm sure you will,” Johnny answered with a very wry grin. “Now sit down and let me take another look at those blue panties.”

When I sat in the chair and place my foot on the stool I spread my legs more than necessary just to give him a good look. While he was lacing the straps around my legs I smiled and said, “You know, the view from the rear is better. I'm wearing a g-string.”

“Sounds very interesting. But now that you've told me, I think I should get a look at them from behind. I mean, after all, you've seen me without anything on at all.”

“Yes I surely have and I enjoyed the view completely, so I guess it's only fair that you can see my little string disappearing into my butt crack,” I answered and giggled. “And I was hoping to get a closer look tonight. You certainly looked delicious.”

“I think we can work it out. Or in, as the case may be.”

While Johnny was helping me his friend, Bill, came into the shop. My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw him. In my estimation, he stood a few inches over six feet tall and probably weighed close to two hundred and twenty pounds with well-groomed blonde hair and the bluest eyes I'd ever seen, and as soon as I saw him I felt a very familiar urge in my belly.

Johnny made the introductions as he locked the door and then excused himself to do his daily reports. Bill and I walked around the store, managing some small talk; it was all I could do to keep from telling him how badly I wanted to feel his cock in me. But when we were no longer in sight from the store windows Bill leaned down and kissed me, and not just a friendly hello kiss but one that said we were already lovers. I returned his kiss and moved close enough to him that my small hand brushed his growing manhood. From what I felt, he was impressive in size and now more than ever I knew I wanted him.

During our kiss, his hands found my boobs and then trailed down to cup my ass and hold me close to him. From my sighs, he could tell that I wasn't going to try and stop him. He broke off the kiss and smiled at me, keeping his hands firmly on my butt.

Suddenly I heard Johnny's voice, “I told you he was cool.”

With a start I glanced in his direction and saw that he was stark naked.

“Yes, you told me that and you were right,”

“Did he also tell you I love fucking little trannies?”

“No, he didn't mention that,” I replied and grinned up at Bill. By now, his cock had grown enough to poke against me and all I could think of was getting him naked and letting both of them have their way. I was so horny I could barely see straight. My hands moved to his belt and I opened it, opened his pants, and reached inside and freed his beautiful cock. I was correct; Bill had the biggest dick I'd ever seen, except on the Internet. “Did he tell you that I'm a horny little tranny?”

“Nope, but I kind of figured that one out for myself,” Bill said and laughed and kneaded my ass which made me hotter than ever.

Johnny moved behind me and pulled up my dress before rubbing the head of his dick all over my exposed ass. “I think you should have a taste of my cock, Erica.”

Turning to face him I answered, “I think you're right. In fact, I think I should have a taste of yours and Bill's cocks.” While I answered, Johnny Bill pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them. Then I slowly knelt before him and took the head of his dick into my mouth. Even though I'd only had experience with one cock in this manner I instinctively knew what to do.

Having his dick in my mouth felt so good. It was both hard and soft, powerful and gentle, and I was sure I was going to have a second dick within minutes. While I was busy sucking Johnny's dick Bill stripped and moved so I could suck him as well. Back and forth, I went sucking Johnny and then sucking Bill. It was definitely easy to tell which cock belonged to which guy because Bill's was so much fatter. Sucking cock had rapidly become my favorite activity.

“Man, she knows her way around a dick,” Johnny stated.

“That's for damn sure. Mmm, Erica baby, you sure know how to make a man happy. Can you cook also?”

Without moving away from either of them, I just nodded my head.

Johnny stepped back from me and Bill and then knelt, pulling me down with him. I wasn't stupid, I knew they wanted me on my hands and knees so I readily complied.

After he was behind me Johnny began playing around my little hole, using a finger and then two and then three to get me open. Yes, it was painful but I knew from fucking Bob that the reward was worth it. Johnny smeared a cool, slippery ointment on me and got me ready for his assault while my main focus was on Bill's rock hard cock.

Suddenly Bill grabbed my head and began fucking my face, ramming more and more of his huge cock into me. I gagged several times and thought I'd puke but then my nose was buried in his pubic hair. Somehow, he'd gotten the entire length of his long dick down my throat, if only for a few seconds. Just knowing I could take his entire length was a huge confidence builder. In only a few attempts, I managed to do it on my own without having him ram it down me.

As pleased as I was about taking Bill's cock all the way I really wanted to feel Johnny's cock sliding in and out of my ass. He began pressing against me, slowly getting me to open and accept him. When the head of his dick pushed past my sphincter the rest of his hard shaft slid in without any problem. It felt so good to have a cock in both my ass and mouth.

For ten minutes, I sucked Bill's dick while Johnny fucked me from behind and then they switched. Now I was sucking Johnny and Bill was working his huge cock into me. Concentrating mightily on Johnny's cock, my ass relaxed as much as possible and then Bill was in me and I felt so full and stretched. As though on cue they both began driving in and out with more and more determination than before.

Bill's fierce fucking was making me moan lustily around Johnny's cock and that seemed to spur him on. When I felt Johnny's cock grown harder and thicker I knew he was ready, I backed away from his cock slightly and welcomed the rush of hot cum blasting into my mouth. Greedily I tasted his sperm and loved it, then swallowed and swallowed just to keep up with his flow.

Bill grabbed my hips and really began fucking me and since my mouth was no longer filled, my moans filled the store. Harder and faster he fucked me and then, incredulously, I felt that familiar feeling you get just before you cum. Looking back between my legs I saw my dick swaying with the motion of Bill's savage fucking and then I saw my own cum streaming out of my dick, and I hadn't even touched it.

Another ten minutes passed with Bill fucking me for all he was worth before he stiffened, jerked, and began filling me with wonderful, hot cum. I'm not sure which I liked better, getting hot cum shot into my mouth or getting it pumped into my ass. Then I remembered how good it felt when Bob's cum seeped out of me and into my panties and decided I liked both ways equally.

When Bill pulled his massive tool out of me, I was so full of thick cum that quite a bit immediately began flowing out of my ass and over my balls. I remained where I was, on my hands and knees, panting from exertion and totally satisfied.

After a few minutes, I slowly climbed to my feet and picked up my panties, placing them in my purse. “I'm leaking,” I said when I felt more cum slipping down my thighs.

Johnny laughed and handed me a towel so I could clean up a little. Then I took the towel and cleaned up the spot where I'd cum on the carpet.

“Next time I think I'll fuck you missionary style,” Bill said and smiled.

“Oh? Can you do that?”

“You bet your sweet little ass!”

“Yea, man, you fuck her and I'll film it then I'll fuck her and you film it,” Johnny exclaimed.

“And I get to be a porn star!” I replied, laughing, yet very interested. I didn't tell them that I'd done a whole lot of posing for Bob before he fucked me.

“So what do you say we get together next weekend? I'm making out the schedule for next week and I can give myself the day off.”

“Saturday I'm not sure about. Sometimes Bob wants me to work.”


“Sunday sounds fine to me,” I answered and smiled.

Now instead of taking the whole day to run around town taking pictures of myself or going shopping, I'd be getting pictures taken of me fucking two men. How cool was that?

After the guys got their clothes on we left the store, Johnny carrying my new shoes, and a security guard let us out of the mall. As we neared his car, Bill gave me a kiss and said his good nights, giving my butt a firm squeeze.

“All of the really nice restaurants are closed at this time but I know this place that stays open late catching a lot of employees on their way home. You up for burgers and beers?”

“Sure. Anything sounds good right now, I'm starving.”

Ten minutes later, we were sitting in the restaurant, chatting away like old friends. The atmosphere wasn't all that great, more like a glorified diner, but the food was good. While we talked one thing lead to another and soon enough we made plans to go back to his place.

Johnny lived in a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood and that made me happy we went to his place instead of mine. Once we were inside, we wasted very little time getting down to business, our clothes left in a trail from the living room to the bedroom, just wherever they happened to come off. When we got to the bedroom, I used the solvent that came with my boobs to remove them and for the first time I was totally naked with a man I would soon be having sex with.

We flopped onto the bed and began kissing. Johnny's hand roamed all over my body until I was in such a state that I practically was begging him to fuck me. Instead of mounting me immediately he moved down and began to suck my dick. It didn't take long until I was totally lost, moaning and writhing as he showed me he was no novice at sucking cock. However, he didn't suck me to get me off, just to make me super horny, and he certainly did an excellent job of that.

When Johnny was certain I was as horny as him, he moved to allow me to suck his cock, which I did with great relish. Not only was his cock hard and ready, my saliva had lubricated him enough that no other lubricant was necessary. He slid back down between my open legs and raised my butt up slightly, moving his hard cock closer and closer.

“I'm gonna fuck you like a woman, Erica,” he whispered to me.

“Yes. Please, Johnny. Please fuck me like a woman. I need to feel you in me,” I whispered back in reply.

His cock touched my tiny opening and I was ready for him. Pushing against me I could feel the head of his dick forcing its way inside. Then I felt him slide all the way into me as I gasped and moaned lustfully. Johnny held himself completely still in my ass, giving me a moment to become accustomed to him again.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard, baby!” I hissed.

And that's exactly what he did. For more than thirty minutes Johnny slammed his magnificent cock into me and once again I felt my dick spitting out my sperm. This time it was on my belly between us and Johnny just smiled down at me. Then he concentrated on his own needs, driving his rigid member into me harder and faster. When he started cumming I could feel the heat of his seed deep inside me and I was in heaven.

When we awoke the next day, we lay together and kissed for a few minutes before he suggested a shower. We washed each other and kissed some more before I knelt and gave him a blowjob. When I got him to cum he shot most of his load into my greedy mouth but saved the last to blow onto my face. I quickly discovered that I not only loved taking his cum inside me but I also thrilled at having his spunk on my face and he seemed to like seeing it there. I had a feeling that this wouldn't be the only time I would wear his creamy seed in such a fashion.

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