Community Involvement Ch. 15

“I have an idea!” Michelle exclaimed excitedly. We had just left Palm Beach and were headed south toward the big smoke. Next stop Sydney and the city lights.

“I’m pleased for you,” I laughed with a hint of sarcasm.

She shook her head in dismay. “You just can’t get good help these days.”

Without missing a beat she ploughed on.

“It’s such a lovely evening, which matches perfectly with the magical day we’ve had, and neither us needs to go home tonight, soooo…” her voice trailed off suggestively.

“I think you’ve had too much champagne?” I said, jokingly.

“Not really but if we…”

“…had’ve had anymore you’d be asleep by now?” I cut in.

“Finishing my sentences?” she asked laughing. “That’s a sign we’re definitely getting close.”

We laughed together.

“Anyway, go on.” I prompted, delightfully curious about her idea.

“How about we stay somewhere for the night? That way we don’t have to worry about driving and so on.”

“Sounds like a plan, Stan.”


She squeezed my thigh affectionately and started rummaging in her large handbag for her phone. “Let me make a few enquires.”

“Thank heavens for mobile phones with internet connectivity at times like these.”

I agreed wholeheartedly as she scanned her screen.

Into the gathering dusk we drove. The approaches to the lower north shore increased in traffic density as the Spit Bridge loomed, but thankfully it was not a car park like it could have been given it was late peak hour. The traffic gods were looking after us.

I had zoned out somewhat as I drove, lost in a myriad of random thoughts as Michelle made a number of calls and spoke to, god knows, how many people it seemed. Eventually she finished her intense discussions.

“All sorted!” she smiled broadly and sighed contentedly.

“You seem quite satisfied with yourself. What, if I may ask, have you come up with?”

“I think I’ve done good,” she said smugly.

I smiled appreciatively before she added, “Instead of heading to North Sydney as planned, can you go across the Harbour Bridge? Maybe take the York St route and head towards The Rocks along George St?”

“Sure, Ms SatNav. For you, anything.”

“At the roundabout, take the second exit and go ‘beep’ yourself.” She cracked up laughing at her little joke.

“Is that so?” I tried to sound indignant but her laughter was infectious. “If that were possible they’d call me tripod.”

“That’s quite witty. No offence though,” although I knew she was still making fun of me.

“Okay, The Rocks it is. But, where in The Rocks? That is the question?”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you?” She looked furtively at me through the corners of her eyes.

“We are going to the Park Hyatt.”

“What? Wow…I mean. How? No wonder you looked so pleased with yourself,” I complimented her.

“But I only brought a pair of jeans and a shirt for dinner though.”

“No probs, I haven’t got any fancy clothes either,” she shrugged. “Who cares, it will be our night regardless. Anyway, who says we will be going anywhere fancy for dinner?”

“I take it Ripples has been given the flick? No problem with that, but where shall we eat? Room service?”

“Yes and no. Ripples will definitely have to wait.” She looked at me with her puppy dog eyes, which quickly changed into usual her beaming smile. I also noted a hint of mischief. “Don’t worry, I have it all under control.”

“That’s what’s got me worried,” I chided.

“There’s just no pleasing some people,” she retorted acting hurt.

We laughed and chattered as we turned off the Harbour Bridge. Taking the ‘mickie' out of our earlier comments, Michelle directed in a pseudo-SatNav voice, and guided us to the valet parking outside the hotel.

Things happened quickly from there and before I knew it we were in a room. And what a room!

“How?” was all I could utter as we entered.


“Wow. Yes, definitely!” I replied astonished as I threw open the curtain to reveal the Opera House directly across the Quay from our room.

“But how did you arrange all this?” I indicated the room and the bottle of Moet sitting in the ice bucket on the small table near the window with a wide sweep of my arms.

“How about you pop the cork and pour and I will explain all? But first, I need to pee.” She turned, and kicked her leg backwards as she gleefully skipped her way around the corner. I popped the cork and sent it flying across the room which was greeted by a distant, echoey voice.

“That’s my favourite sound!”

I pulled the round-backed chairs together so they faced the view, poured the champagne, and sat in stunned silence as I waited for my mischievous companion to return. The room was dimly lit, with a chic mix of timber, gold and yellows throughout the decor to give a feeling of warmth and grandeur, fitting for such a magnificent view.

Very tastefully done,” I thought as I watched a Manly ferry leaving the Quay, full of some of the last peak hour commuters heading homeward.

“Comfy?” Michele enquired as she retuned. She slid her arms across my chest from behind and kissed my head before she took a seat. She picked up both glasses and offered a toast. “Too our secret place?”

“I’ll drink to that.” We clinked the fine champagne flutes gently together. The delicate sound of the glass lightly drifted around us as we drank deeply.

“Mmmm, that is very good.” I closed my eyes and smiled broadly as the delicate bubbles tantalised my taste buds. The quiet, opulent surroundings and the wonderful flavour of the wine cast a magical serenity upon us both. “I don’t mean to pry, but curiosity is getting the better of me. Just how did you manage this?”

“Curiosity killed the cat, remember.”

“Fuck the cat.” Michelle laughed her staccato laugh before taking another sip. I noted how the liquid barely touched her sensuous lips.

“Okay.” She wiggled her pert bottom in her seat and straightened her skirt. “I did promise an explanation, didn’t I?” She beamed brightly. She even had an excited twinkle in her eyes.

“This might shock you but here goes.” She took a deep breath as well as another deep draft of wine. I refilled our glasses as she commenced her story.

“We had my son’s engagement here late last year. Well, the immediate families from both sides part, and there were a few stuff ups. Um, make that a couple of major stuff ups actually. The person acting for the Functions Manager got the date wrong and so nothing was prepared for us. On top of that, there was another function happening at the same time. Luckily we were not a large group, so they went into overdrive and got an alternate private area sorted. But it was not a good look for the hotel, plus the drinks waiter tried a fast one on us by charging us for dearer wines than our wines of choice. He called it an accident but I was not so sure. There were a number of other glitches through out the night as well, which I won’t bother you with now. In some ways they added to the night, if you can understand what I mean? Not that we told them that.”

I nodded and she continued.

“The Manager was so embarrassed and very apologetic. But, in some ways he did not seem overly sincere. I pushed and pushed to get it all sorted and in the end he gave me his mobile number and said if I ever needed his assistance I was just to call him and he would fix everything. No matter what time of day or where he was, he’d take care of my every wish.”

“And did you take care of any of his wishes?” I blurted accidentally. The thought had found voice before I could clamp my trap shut.

What are you implying?“ she asked in mock annoyance, thankfully she was not offended.

“Nothing!” I replied quickly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t really mean to say that.”

“Shhh,” she whispered. A slight red flush had started to show on her cheeks. It seemed she was getting a little tipsy as we had demolished two bottles during our picnic lunch earlier in the day.

“I know you didn’t mean any offence and none was taken. However, to continue. Despite being happy with his assistance I still felt there was more he could have done, particularly about the wine and, like I said, I felt the need to test his ‘sincerity’. Besides, I was not aware of any express ‘wish’ of his but, hey, I am a woman.”

“That’s for sure! You’re ALL woman and quite desirable.”

“Thank you.” Then she stopped in mid sip. “Only quite?”

I chocked on a mouthful and the bubbles filled my nostrils. Coughing and spluttering I defended my comment. “I was speaking from [cough] a general stand point. For me, you are extremely [cough] desirable but for Joe Bloggs on the street, you would be looked at and desired but seen as unattainable.”

“Oh, I see.” She looked at me with an injured expression, although the look in her eyes told me she was playing me. I laughed quietly and took her hand. Michelle smiled and pulled me to my feet. She dragged me around the table and we stood facing each other next to the floor-to-ceiling, curved windows. The dim light would have cast a slight silhouette to the outside world, not that it would have concerned either of us. She took hold on my jeans at the waist and smiled lovingly up at me.

“Being all woman, as you say, and being in his office while we talked over the issues, we were there all alone I might add…”

“I guessed that might’ve been the case.”

“Well, what was I to do?” she shrugged. “I simply took what I thought was the appropriate approach to ensure his sincerity and commitment to honour his offer that he would do more, both then and there and in the future.

Her hand slipped to my fly and pushed it down. Deftly her hand snaked inside and reefed my underwear aside as she extracted my semi-hard length. With a tight grip and her eyes firmly locked on mine, she knelt in front of me and lashed the purple head with her tongue.

“Shall I show you how I secured his cooperation and ongoing support?” She did not wait for my reply. Her mouth widened as she placed her lips over the ridge of my cock-head.

“He was not as thick as you, by the way. If you know what I mean?”

Without further ado, she plunged her mouth forcefully onto my cock. The heat of her tongue lashed the underside as she pumped her face with abandon. Her tongue smeared the thick gland as she engulfed me fully. Her nose flattened against my lower belly as she stuffed the entire length of my cock into her throat. She pulled away suddenly coughing. She had gagged herself in her efforts to give me the pleasure of her cock sucking talents. Droplets of spittle were on her chin as she coughed some more.

“Sorry…” She spluttered in between gulps for breath.

“You okay?”

“Your too big for me.” She laughed weakly as I helped her to her feet. “I wanted to show you but I got carried away. ”

“It can wait,” I said, disappointed. “Though, I would’ve liked to have found out how it finished.”

She recovered enough to kiss me warmly as she tried to put my manhood back in its confines. “I did blow him though. I gave him a good oral seeing too. I hope you’re not too shocked?” She knew her tale, and her hand on my thick shaft, was going to make it impossible to stuff it back inside my jeans.

“Shocked? Hhhmm, maybe a little. ‘Would not have guessed that of you’ would be closer, I suppose.”

“I’m glad I shocked you a bit. It will keep you on your toes.” She grinned and kissed me fully on the mouth.

“I didn’t swallow though,” she added quickly, pulling away. “I was going to let him blast his lot all over my tits but that would have too messy, plus I had to return to our guests, so I sucked him into my mouth for all I was worth until he was close and let him blow onto the carpet. He was no, um, well, I didn’t find him that attractive but I had this inkling that if I did something for him he would be ‘up’ to do something for me, in addition to rectifying the function fuck ups properly. And so, here we are. The best room in the hotel. Right on the harbour.”

She squeezed my throbbing cock and tried, halfheartedly, to put it away. I knew how to rectify this situation.

I manoeuvred us backward by pressing my body firmly against her. She willing gave ground. Once we were away from the window, behind the chairs, I turned her and bent her over the back of the chair and roughly hitched her skirt up over her rounded waist and hips. Michelle leant forward and grasped the tapering arms as I coarsely removed her knickers.

Without a word I slid my fingers easily inside her slippery pussy. Relating her tale had stimulated us both. Michelle murmured softly as she pushed hard against my hand and moaned aloud as I slowly slid my fingers in and out. I stabbed at her clitoris which made her squirm and grind her hips with inflamed passion.

“Ohhh, Ray…” she gasped. “No need for that, besides I’m a bit too sensitive there. Just fuck me. I want to feel you inside me.”

I heard her plea and, not being one to displease a lady, I quickly moved to comply with her wish.

I wrapped my hands about her rounded hips. Her head slumped forward waiting for my onslaught. She reached behind and grabbed my swollen cock and began to guide me toward her entrance. With ease my thick rod filled and spread the walls of her soaking well. I pounded her hard the instant I was fully imbedded, levering off her hips which made her head bob with the force.

As I thrust into her, she gasped loudly. Each body slap was met with a low grunt as I buried my shaft further inside her. Harder and faster I moved, the urgency I felt to explode deep inside her was incredible. The room quickly filled with the sound of lovers fucking; body smacking body and the wet slap, slap, slap of loins colliding together.

Her moans grew more lustful and she began yelling at me to fuck her and fuck her hard. I held onto her hips and pushed as hard as I could. She pushed back and smashed her crotch against me making the impacts even harder. My balls slapped against her mound as I drove myself, helter-skelter toward the finish line. Michelle cried fervently for me to fuck her faster, harder, deeper, faster. The more I tried to increase the pace and power the more effort she demanded.

I grabbed her right shoulder and pulled her back and rammed my aching cock as fully as possible. She cried out again and again that she was going to come. She went rigid against my thrusting pelvis, her back arched upward, her eyes clamped tight. With a loud animal grunt she convulsed in a fit of shudders. The exquisitely pleasurable feeling built to it's climax between her legs, before quickly affecting every muscle, which made her quiver as she let forth a scream of pleasure, seemingly wanting the world to know she had been fucked to climax.

Her pussy clamped and gripped my cock harder, like a clenched fist. I thrusted as hard as I could, my desire became reality as my own orgasmic sensation welled deep in the pit of my stomach. Crying out, I let her know that I was about to explode. She bent forward over the chair and gripped the arms tight as she pushed hard, impaling herself on my thrusting cock until she felt my pole swell and thicken. She pushed back one last time, as our bodes crashed together. I grabbed her hips and held myself fully, buried deep within her pulsing body. Unable to resist, I came inside her with a sharp inhalation of breath. With each pulse I gushed my hot and sticky semen into her ribbed channel: the excess overflowed onto the carpet below and trickled down her thighs.

It seemed as though it would never end: but eventually it did. This was a short moment in time but neither of us was going to forget it in a hurry. Breathing hard we collapsed into each other's arms on the floor. As we lay together, the smell of sex flowed from every pore. I wanted to lick her body, to taste the sweet tincture of liquid love; the sweat, her juices, my semen, that conjoined and assimilated and oozed languidly down her legs. But we were both spent.

We rested in a quiet solitude for a few moments, before I reached up and retrieved her glass.

With mine in hand we toasted our love and dreamily enjoyed the post-coital tranquility. Michelle stretched herself along the carpet and sighed contentedly.

“I’m glad you understood not to touch me down there,” she said quietly. “Besides, I don’t need to climax every time to enjoy fucking you.”

Her direct talk was refreshing.

“I just feel lucky that I can fuck you at all.” I confessed. “What are we going to do for dinner?”

“Men!” she exclaimed laughing. “You give them a good fuck and then they want feeding.”

“Cave man mentality?” I offered.

“You can say that again,” she laughed. “And before you take me literally, how about we shower and then we can go see what my ‘special friend’ has organised for us?”

“No room service?”

“No way!”

Once showered and dressed we finished off the last of the Moet. I was still amazed at what Michelle had been able to organise via her in-house contact.

“Ready?” I nodded and she took me by the hand and led me toward the main dining area.

Arm in arm we entered the hotel’s signature restaurant “The Dining Room” with its spectacular waterfront views of Sydney Harbour through floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

“That’s a bit passé, don’t you think?” I commented under my breath, indicating the view, as we waited for the Maître d.

“Behave!” Michelle chided, though she laughed as well as she caught my meaning. I mean, having that view from our exclusive suite was, in itself, extra-special.

Despite my silliness, it was an idyllic location. It offered a quintessential dining experience in a premier waterfront restaurant. Combined with that, in a few words, it was breathtaking. Stylish and sophisticated. What more could I have asked for than to accompany my gorgeous companion on such an evening and to partake of an elegant dining experience; intimate location, rich, warm decor overlooking glittering Sydney Harbour and a beautiful person to share it with. A win, win, win situation.

To our delight, Michelle and I were ushered, not just to any Quayside seat, but into a secluded Quayside seat. The restaurant took on an even more romantic ambience in our own intimate, semi private dining area, devoid of other diners.

In spite of my reassurances, Michelle still felt under-dressed for occasion. I tried to impress upon her that her simple black dress, with a hinting ‘V’ neckline, was in my view, a killer outfit. I particularly liked the stylised, full length zipper at the front.

“I thought you said it wouldn’t matter? Anyway, look at me!” I exclaimed, trying to dissuade her from feeling underdressed. “I have on a pair of slightly faded jeans and a creased shirt. On top of that, I can’t tuck the shirt in as I don’t have a belt…it’s not a good look to have your shirt tucked in when not wearing a belt. That much I do know.”

“Thank you,” she said, and squeezed my hand. “You look good enough to eat.”

‘Hey, that’s my line!”

“Dessert maybe?” she grinned and looked warmly into my eyes. “I’ve had a marvellous day so far, my love. Words actually don’t go far enough to tell you how much…”

Mid sentence she diverted her eyes. I assumed she was overcome with emotion.

“Good evening Madam Michelle.” The deep rolling baritone voice came from behind me. “I hope everything is to your satisfaction, so far.”

“Good evening, um, arrr, Marcus.” I could see Michelle was frantically trying to collect her thoughts. “Yes, everything is fine. No! Not fine…I mean, wonderful.”

“Excellent. And you must be her husband. I did not get to speak to you the last time you were guests here.”

“Yes!” Michelle interjected immediately. Her foot tapped my ankle under the table suggesting I pay attention and play along. “Yes, this is my husband…”

“Nice to meet you, um, Marcus is it?” I said cutting across Michelle. I stood and shook his hand. He had a firm handshake, which was not surprising, given his stocky build. In fact, he was a bit on the round side for his height. His shiny bald pate looked out of place with his Mediterranean looks. I would have expected a solid covering of thick dark hair. However, his bulbous, bent nose and his round face gave him a look that, in other circumstances, would have had me guess him to be a gangland thug rather than a hotel manager.

We exchanged a few pleasantries as I resumed my seat. Marcus regaled Michelle with tales of fond memories of ‘that night’ and concluded with additional apologies. There was a slight awkward pause, and just before he left us, he added.

“I have taken the liberty of selecting a starter for you both. I hope you do not mind?”

He gestured to the wait staff to commence serving and promptly moved away.

“I didn’t expect him to be here.” Michelle whispered. Her relief was tangible. “What are we going to do?”

“Don’t know.” I shrugged. “He’ll probably leave us alone for the rest of the evening. He has made contact and will remain in the distance, satisfied that he has made amends.”

“I fucking hope so,” Michelle breathed. “I’m sorry to get you involved.”

“No problem, we’re in this together now.” I raised my glass to her, despite it being empty. She laughed at that which seemed to help her relax. “Let’s just eat, drink and be merry. We’ll enjoy this for all it’s worth and worry about issues as, and if, they arise.”

“Thank you.” She whispered as she took a deep breath. Her breasts thrust forward from her chest as she arched her back to increase her lung capacity.

“They definitely look good enough to eat.” I said suggestively, ogling her chest which was greeted by a ‘don’t be naughty’ rap on my shin again.

The sommelier arrived just in time to further help ease Michelle’s tension. I would have welcomed any diversion and his arrival was just what the doctor ordered. He asked if I wished to peruse the wine list, which I gladly agreed to. He gestured to a passing waiter, who had one in hand, and opened it before presenting the twenty page tome to me.

“Where do I start?” I asked aloud to no one in particular. “Michelle, what would you like?”

“A red of some sort, please. I think we’ve already had a good sample of bubbles for the time being.” she laughed, and chewed into the sourdough roll that had just been delivered.

I discussed a few options with the sommelier before deciding on a rather moderately priced Tempranillo from Spain.

“A good choice sir.” I was not sure if he was just saying that or was being genuine; I assumed the later. In no time at all, he returned and I indicated that Michelle should have first try.

“Ohh, that is good.” she gushed as she put her glass down, which was immediately filled, as was mine, and then we were left to our own devices.

“Are you some sort of wine aficionado?” She laughed and held my hand across the table.

“Nahhh, I just look for something of a reasonable price and take it from there. No rocket science involved I can assure you.”

“Well, you did good.”

“And so have you, Madam Michelle.” I said, trying to mimic Marcus.

“Not funny! But thanks for the moral support.”

“I’m better at immoral support.” I said and drank deeply as I watched her over the rim of my glass. She smiled and blushed and gestured ‘salute’ to me as I did the same.

“Thankfully that was not the guy who overcharged us.” She laughed. “I wonder if he got fired after that night?”

To our hungry delight the Amuse Bouche arrived. We both marvelled at the macaron that came with the dish. It was chewy and fluffy on the inside with a slight crunch.

“An interesting concept, having a macaron at the beginning of the meal.” Michelle commented licking her lips appreciatively.

There followed another two courses, which we demolished quite happily. At the completion of the main, we both felt rather sated but agreed that, with a generous break, we could at least have a look at the desert menu. We re-filled our glasses with the last of the red and were just about to toast ourselves again, when Michelle’s face took on a rather astonished, if not shocked, look.

“That’s him!” she hissed, nodding in a direction over my left shoulder. I turned, rather ungainly, and looked about. “I know I am a bit tipsy but I know it’s him!”

“Who am I looking for?” I asked as I turned back to her.

“The drinks waiter! The one over by the bar! He is the one who tried to rip us off. I would have thought he’d have been given the flick.” I could tell she was not pleased to see him.

I turned and looked at the waiter a bit more closely. As I returned to face Michelle a strong thought crossed my mind.

“Do you think he might be related to Marcus? He does bare a similar facial resemblance?”

“Oh my god! You might be right.” Michelle looked at him again. Her eyes glaring as if boring holes through his very being. “That might explain why he is still here.”

The guy moved off with a tray-full of beverages and disappeared into the wider restaurant area. Michelle still seemed agitated at what she had seen and waved the sommelier over as soon as she was able to catch his eye.

“This may sound a bit odd, but the guy who was just at the bar, um, do you know his name?” I knew she was determined to get an answer but her voice betrayed her nerves as well as her wine consumption.

Without batting an eyelid, the sommelier answered her enquiry in full and added that he was the younger brother of the manager, Marcus. Michelle ordered another bottle of Tempranillo, even though we were both feeling rather mellow, and thanked him.

“You’re welcome.” He bowed stiffly and left.

“You were right,” she said, although she did seem preoccupied with some other thought. “The name rings a distant bell for some reason but I can’t put my finger on why.”

She looked back toward the bar area, lost in thought. “Ray, my love, please excuse me for a moment? I need the bathroom.”

She kissed me softly on the cheek as she left. I was rather perplexed at her sudden interest in Marcus and his brother, allowing for the part that they had played in the events of a few months earlier.

Who am I to try and unravel the complexities of the female mind?” I thought to myself and chuckled. I drained my glass which was promptly refilled by the sommelier when he returned with our reorder.

“I hope madam and yourself are enjoying your stay with us tonight?” he enquired warmly.

“Absolutely!” I replied and asked about the wine list, more as a way to get past any awkwardness regarding Michelle’s previous questions. He delighted in informing me that most of the selections he had made personally during the five years he had been working at the Park Hyatt. However, a good number were included due to personal recommendations from customers which, after scrutiny and evaluation by his staff, found there way onto the list. It was all quite interesting and he even complimented me (again) for my selection by telling me that, although it was not an expensive wine, it was one of his personal favourites.

“You will have to excuse me but I must go and see to one of our other special guests this evening. Enjoy.” I shook his hand firmly and thanked him for his time. Just as I resumed my seat I noticed Michelle approaching with her phone pressed firmly to her ear. She was walking briskly.

“I knew it!” she exclaimed taking her seat followed by a deep draft of wine. She pushed her phone firmly onto the table.

“Just relax and tell me all about it.” I said feeling a tad annoyed that all this ‘shite’ had started to overtake ‘our’ night out together.

“You know that distant bell I mentioned regarding Marcus’s brother?” I just nodded.

“I called a girlfriend of mine. We used to work together at Balmain Hospital.”

She drew a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “As soon as I described him and Marcus she was able to place them both.”

Michelle paused.

“Go on.” I urged. “I’m all ears.”

“Oh, there’s more to you than just ears.” she laughed. The wine was making itself felt it seemed. She added a cheeky smile to soften her following jab. “Although…”

“Be nice.” I scolded . I used to be teased considerably in junior school for having big ears but as I had grown older they had become a less prominent feature on my head. Well, that was my view anyway. Having a prominent and pointed nose, on the other hand, was a different matter. However, it did have distinct advantages when in tight places, if you understand my meaning.

“Okay, long story short. The brother worked as a cleaner and Marcus was the manager of the facilities team. They were busted somehow for ripping the hospital off. Defrauding was the term used on the official records as the reason for their dismissal.”

“Wow. I wonder what they were up to?” I commented. “And how did your girlfriend know about all this?” The second part was the more important of the two questions, in my book.

“Her job was HR, doing the payrolls and employee records. She had to make up their severance pays for senior management on the day they were found out, prior to the two of them being hauled over the coals and sent packing. This was before internet bank transfers and the like remember. Apparently, they only just avoided having the police involved. My friend didn’t know why that happened.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I don’t know what they are up to here but I bet it’s no good,” she added, finishing her story and her wine.

“Oh well, at least you know.” I said, in an attempt to put it all behind us. “How about…”

Michelle was not paying attention and spoke across me, “Do you want desert? I’m rather full right now. Maybe we could order something via room service later?”

“Sure.” I shrugged nonchalantly. Internally, I suppressed my disappointment.

“I’ll get the bill brought over,” she suggested and made an extravagant sign to the sommelier who nodded and went off to organise her request.

“I thought Marcus was picking up the tab?” I asked, curious about her motives.

“Oh, he is. I am just curious as to what has been charged onto our account.”

Within moments a waiter appeared with the bill. Michelle thanked him and proceeded to scan the document like a detective looking for a hidden message.

“What was the name of the wine we ordered?” she asked without looking up. I told her and also turned the fresh bottle toward her.

“See!” she said in a rather louder voice than was necessary.

“Okay. Keep it down.” I snapped. She looked astonished and then realised her error.

“Sorry.” She turned the bill around for me to look at it as she pointed to the entries relating to our wine purchases. “We’ve been charged for Tempranillo but one that was twice the cost of the one we had. I bet Marcus and his brother have some scheme going where they can milk the accounts of the hotel for the overcharges and pocket the profits.”

She smiled at me with a look of triumph.

“You have no proof.” I pointed out. “Apart from this single bill.”

“One bill but two over-charges.” she retorted defensively. “Believe me, I know people and I can read them pretty well. The question is what to do about it?”

“Leave well enough alone?” I suggested. However, I got the impression that Michelle was already well advanced with a plan to get Marcus and his brother into hot water.

“Your iPhone has a good video camera?” she asked suddenly.

“Yes, it’s an iPhone 6.” I withdrew it from my pocket and showed her. It was more of an automatic move rather than a properly thought through action.


“Michelle?” I asked and reached across the table. “What are you up too?”

“I have to make this guy squirm,” she said, a note of anger in her voice. “Ray, I’m sorry, but I just can’t let this slide. He and his brother are crooks and they deserve whatever they get. I blame them for the stuff ups at the engagement do. I’m convinced it was the brother who took my call in the first place, not that I realised it then, not until now.”

“Proof Michelle! You need solid evidence. Besides, we are here as Marcus’s guests. You called in his offer.”

“This is only a part payment. You want evidence? This bill is a good start. Add to that my knowledge of the hospital sacking, which I bet the hotel senior management are not aware of, and I think he will see my point of view.”

“What point of view? Besides, blackmail is a very dangerous game.”

“I’m trying to make it clear that he can’t just work for law abiding establishments and scam them. Anyway, I hold all the aces.” She sounded confident but I was not so sure.

“But I do need your help?”

“I thought you might say that.” I drained my glass. “Call it cowardly, but if it goes pear-shaped I am not sure I can bail you out.”

“Please?” Her puppy-dog eyes worked their magic.

“What do you want me to do?”

She refilled our glasses and spoke quietly, drawing finger diagrams of the restaurant on the table cloth. She indicated the whereabouts of the entrance to Marcus’s office and how the door off the hall, which connected the restaurant to the public bar area, had a long narrow hall behind it before opening into the spacious office he occupied. She continued to outline her intensions and ideas. I simply sat and took it all in, as best I could. I was too dumbfounded to add to anything she said.

As I listened I realised that she was displaying a side to her that I had had an inkling about but not seen firsthand before. I knew she was a determined woman who liked to get her way, which in itself, I did not mind. I even admired her tenacity. But this was possibly going too far. In this instance she was displaying a vindictive and calculating side that I was not sure I liked at all. It was one thing to know what you wanted and to strive to get it but it was another to resort to dangerous tactics that could see people hurt, either metaphorically or literally or both.

Under the circumstances, I felt complicit and agreed to go along. We both had too much to loose if our liaison got to the wrong ears and my only way of protecting our position was to play along and try to withdraw unscathed should it all go awry.

She finished detailing her plan and downed her glass.

“Dutch courage?” I asked, smiling weakly.

She laughed and kissed me. “Give me fifteen minutes and then you can make your move. Wish me luck.”

I raised my glass as she walked off. 

I patiently waited. The time seemed to pass at a snails pace but finally the moment arrived.

“I believe Marcus has taken care of this evening?” I said, as I bid the sommelier good evening.

He nodded agreement.

The carpeted hall between the restaurant and the public bar was a rich chocolate colour and the soft lights exuded a lush warmth that made the visitor feel welcome. At this time, however, I felt a cold chill run through my veins. I noticed the door to Marcus’s office on the left. On the right, and a few metres closer to the bar, were the bathroom doors. I decided to go there first before going beyond the ‘door of no return’.

Feeling slightly more comfortable, but no less nervous, I placed my hand on the handle. It turned effortlessly and I pushed gingerly against the pine veneered door. I held my breath expecting a creak from the hinges as I opened it. It kept silent and I stepped into the narrow, dim lit hall. It extended about three metres beyond the door and I could hear the sound of voices as I closed it and moved slowly toward to brighter expanses of his office.

As planned, I extracted my mobile, put it on silent and fired up the video camera to record the scene as it played out.

Michelle was seated on the corner of his desk nearest to my hidden position. The hem of her black dress had ridden up to mid thigh as she crossed her legs. Marcus was standing in front of his desk, to Michelle’s left. He was close enough to her that I could easily get them both in the frame. I also noticed that, somehow, the zipper of her dress was lower than it had been at dinner. It was down to near nipple level which revealed the top slopes of her ample bosom and a glimpse of her deadly cleavage.

“You're certainly Miss Twenty Questions, aren't you?” Marcus spoke softly. He sounded exasperated. “If you must know, my brother surprised me. He found out I was screwing the director of nursing, the one with the big, um, breasts.”

“Big tits! I think that’s what you meant to say.”

“Yes. Whatever.” I peeped around the corner as Marcus continued, capturing every movement and every comment, just as Michelle had planned. “He found out about our relationship and was determined to get her fired by calling her boss and telling him all about it. His motive was to keep me quiet. But I got wind of his side dealings and stopped him. Besides, he hadn’t figured that I would’ve been given the chop as well.”

“Defrauding the hospital it was called officially.”

“It was not me!” he demanded. “It was my brother and the accountant. They had some sort of arrangement going but I couldn’t get full details. All I knew for certain was my brother was fucking him…the accountant I mean. Literally!”

“You want me to believe they were having a homosexual relationship as well as ripping off the system?” she sneered. “The accountant was married with four children.”

“I know! But I saw them late one evening. My brother had him on the conference room table. I could not believe it! My brother being presumably bi-sexual left me incredulous but I know what I saw. ”


“Look! You asked and I'm answering. It's your choice to believe it or not! Anyway, you weren’t there. I was and I know I saw them riding each others cocks. Okay?"

“What about now? The bill from tonight clearly shows he rang up a higher priced wine than what was ordered.” She waved the docket in the air in front of his face. “And you are in a perfect position to syphon off the proceeds?”

“You little bitch!” he scowled. “Are you accusing me of fraud?”

“If the shoe fits…”

“You only have that one instance.” He was getting angrier by the second.

“But, the taint of one instance, coupled with the dismissal from the hospital…” she deliberately paused for maximum effect. “All it takes is one credible instance of corrupt behaviour to make the senior management take notice, and the accountants in particular, unless they are in on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they conducted an in-depth investigation; checked theoretical stock levels against physical stocks, equated stock movements and tallied all that against the momentary movements. I don’t think it would take too long to unravel the whole sordid mess.”

“You’ve thought this through?” he murmured.

“I know my stuff,” she scoffed. “Look Marcus, if you’re not involved you don’t have anything to worry about. Although, it’s your brother in both instances; guilty by association.”

“Madam Michelle,” he sounded tired. Defeated even. “It is not me, okay? I do not have accounting access so I am not profiting from anything my brother is up too. I had no idea.”

“Go on,” she urged.

“Once I got this opportunity my brother came to me and asked for my help to get work.” He held his hands out to the side. “What was I to do, he is my brother?”

“He certainly has a weird way to repay loyalty?” Michelle noticed me out of corner of her eye and smiled. “Marcus, I don’t know why, but for some strange reason I believe you’re not involved.”

“Thank you.” He said, his shoulders slumped forward a little as if a weight had been lifted. Then he straightened and looked directly at her.

“Who is the gentleman with you tonight?”

“My husband!” she answered cooly.


“No bullshit! You met him and even spoke with him at dinner this evening.”

“That does not prove him to be your husband.” He moved half a step closer to Michelle, their fiery eyes locked upon each other. “Maybe I should have a look back through the security system…”

His finger lightly played with her knee. Michelle looked down at his hand and then returned to lock his eyes once more.

“No need for all that hard work. If you don’t believe me that’s your problem.”

“Oh, I think if I did look it would be your problem and your, um, ‘husbands’. I do not think you are in a position to bargain at the moment.” Michelle shrugged and placed her hands on the desk as if to leave.

Marcus placed his right hand firmly on her thigh. His fingers indented her soft flesh.

“I bruise easily.” Michelle snapped. He softened his grip.

“What’s in it for me?”

“Why does there have to be something for you in this?” she asked.

“You may have sucked my cock to get your way last time but that won’t cut it this time.” His right hand remained on her knee as he lightly reached for the clasp of the zipper on her dress.

Michelle looked down at his fingers. She raised her head slowly, a smouldering smile on her lips. With a sexy flick of her hair she answered his question.

“You get to fire your brother and be rid of a bad egg. You also get to keep your job. I assume you enjoy this gig and the pay would be reasonable. By dismissing him and uncovering his dishonest dealings, you look good in the eyes of management too.”

“What’s in it for you?”

“I don’t want anything much. How about you keep the offer open on an indefinite basis, not that I am in a position to use it frequently, but occasionally I might need a little Park Hyatt hospitality. You could help provide that, surely?”

“Maybe doable?” He answered slowly. “He is my brother but his corrupt dealings have been a burden that I’ve let drag me down for to long. Maybe its’ time to make an issue of his illicit ways?”

“I think you have seen the light.” She smiled warmly and placed her hand on his. Marcus tugged on the zipper and started to pull it down.

"You have great tits!” He murmured, his gaze fixed on the zipper as it revealed the upper swell of her breasts.

Michelle seemed to blush as her eyes went from the zipper to his face several times. She moved her right hand to thwart his progress.

“You just want to see my boobs!" Michelle announced huskily and then added, “But thanks for the compliment." Her eyes dropped to his crotch.

As she looked down she glanced in my direction and winked.

“I’ve got more than your tits in mind.” He hissed and pulled the zipper further.

“Oh!” she tried to sound abashed. However, as soon as he had pulled the zipper to its lowest extent her demure look transformed. “What the hell, I’ve seen yours, you may as well see something of mine.”

Her hands quickly dismissed his and she unzipped her dress completely. She sat with her legs crossed upon his desk, the sides of her black dress pushed aside exposing her wonderful breasts encased in her black push up bra.

"Do you like them?" Michelle asked as she rocked her torso and pulled her shoulders back slightly, thrusting her boobs forward much to the delight of Marcus, as well as myself. Her tits looked fantastic! They sure looked fuller standing out proudly from her chest and her bra deepened her cleavage to devastating effect.

“Impressive!” he said inhaling deeply. His right hand moved slightly higher up her thigh. “But I think you are hiding something from me?”

“Oh, you want to see all of my breasts?” She placed her left arm across her bra cups and deftly unhooked the clasps behind her back. With a seductive wiggle of her shoulders Michelle slipped the lacy straps down her lithe arms and carefully removed each, all the while keeping the cups in place my alternating her arms. Gently, Marcus raised his left hand to her covering arm and guided it, and the undergarment, away.

“Much better.”

He breathed deeply and thumbed each of her nipples singularly. Michelle caught her breath with each pinch upon her sensitive teats, her eyes glowed dangerously. From my vantage point, I was finding it difficult to gauge if Marcus alone was turning Michelle on or her knowledge of being videoed. My guess was a delightful combination of both, plus the alcohol.

He bent forward and sucked her perfect nipples, first the left then the right, as his hand kneaded the other breast. He chewed greedily on each and rolled it firmly between his teeth. He pulled on it, extending the engorged flesh away from her rounded orb. Michelle arched her back and fed her tits into his hungry mouth.

”Oh my god, what have you done to me, Marcus? I’m so heated, I need your cock so bad! I’ve had my tits sucked before but never like this. Oh God, please, please, fuck me?”

I was as hard as hard could be. My cock pressed uncomfortably against my jeans but I had to keep filming. If it were not for having fucked her myself numerous times that day I would have come in my trousers then and there. She was certainly giving him a sexual encounter to remember.

I wonder how much is due to the wine?” I speculated silently.

Marcus roughly pushed her back. Michelle caught herself on her arms and accommodated his grasping fingers by lifting her behind off the desk as he tugged her black lace underwear from her succulent body. As soon as her lower body was naked and exposed he urgently tugged himself free, his trousers gathered about his ankles.

He pushed her thighs wide as Michelle positioned his cock at her opening with her hand. He thrust forward and slipped the turgid head into her liquid tunnel, making her suck in her breath.

“Fuck me!” she demanded. “Hard.”

His hips slammed into her.

“Oooohhhhhh! yessssssss,” she growled as he bottomed out. Her cry of animal lust was soon followed by a string of lubricious words of encouragement.

"Oh my god, yes. Marcus, keep going, don't stop, oh shit you feel so good inside of me. Oh shit, oh my god, oh my god…oh Marcus, Marcus, Marcus,… fuck me!"

He slammed into her as hard, if not harder, than I had earlier. He was putting as much of his weight behind each and every inward trust, literally spearing his rampant cock into her willing body. He seemed to be fixated on fucking her as way of retribution. To my astonishment she came thunderously. Her body shook like she was experiencing her own personal earthquake. Her quivering legs locked around him as he gripped her shoulders for increased leverage. She gushed abundantly as her deep seated orgasm ripped through her. Her secret fluid washed over their coupled loins, drenching them both, and pooled on his desk. Unperturbed, he ploughed on. He kept humping himself into her as she slowly began to regain her composure.

She grunted aloud with each groin slamming insertion. Her tits jolted this way and that with the force of each contact. After a few minutes she was able to speak.

"Holy shit, that was so good Marcus.” She squeezed her breast in front of his glazed eyes and urged him on for more. “Don't slow down, don't stop. Keep pounding me with your glorious cock.”

“I will, believe me.” he hissed through clenched teeth. “I thought you needed something hot inside you. And not just the coffee I offered.” He grunted aloud as he pulled out and slapped his adequate cock against her clit. Michelle’s body jerked noticeably. Marcus grinned wickedly as he pushed himself back into her soaking pussy.

“Marcus is just the man to give you the fucking of your life, you little slut!”

“That you are.” I growled as a way to pronounce my arrival.

“What the f…!” Marcus withdrew and looked about himself, confused as to what to do or say. He nearly tripped on his trousers which were still about his ankles.

“Fuck, is the word you need to finish the sentence.” I added, holding my phone up to get him in shot. “Oh, don’t stop on my account, old boy. You seem to have her right where she wants you.”

His cock stood out proudly from his body. I had to smile as I noticed the wetness of his pubes from Michelle’s gushing climax. He looked at me and then at Michelle.

“So you're in this together. You and your…your…”

“Husband.” I added. “You really should finish your sentences if you want to be understood fully.”

Michelle sat up, dispersing some of her copious fluids under her thigh. She displayed a sangfroid air that was quite astounding.

“Yes, we devised this plan at dinner as soon as I saw your brother.”

“But why?” He pleaded as his cock deflated.

“Added insurance. Um, security?”

She nonchalantly waved her hand in the air. “Call it what you will.”

Michelle reached for his member. He flinched awkwardly at her touch.

“But I told you! I did not, nor have I, done anything wrong.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” she cooed. I simply kept the camera going. “Now, Marcus? Can I have your undivided attention?”


He turned to face her. She used her supple legs to capture him and draw him closer. She looked him straight in the face as she started to talk. Her hands went to his crotch.

“You asked a question earlier, about ‘what was in it for you?’” He nodded and looked down quickly to see her fingers playfully restoring his cock its’ previous glory. “Do you always start something and leave it unfinished?”

“No I don’t. But?” he nodded his head in my direction. He sounded nervous.

“Husband?” She asked, looking toward me over Marcus’s shoulder. “Do you mind if he finishes what he started?”

“Not at all old boy.” I said, moving a little closer. “Our little slut here wants you to fuck her brains out, so who am I to stop her. As long as you don’t mind my continuing the video? I’m sure we all would like to find out what the end looks like?”

His cock was rock hard again. Michelle had firmly stroked it and cajoled it with supreme dexterity. Marcus bucked and groaned each time she fingered the sensitive head.

She laid herself back on his desk and spread herself open. By action alone she was begging him to fuck her again.

“You’ve got me by the balls.”

He had capitulated. The thought of fucking the gorgeous woman in front of him was too much to ignore, I assumed. I could not fault his decision.

“Put this in me and I will have your cock as well.” she whispered, as she guided him to her entrance.

He grinned as he reentered her sweet body. If I did not know any better, I would have thought it was a look of some satisfaction.

“That’s better.” She hissed. “Hard, just like you did before.”

He did as he was told. About every five or so thrusts she groaned out a soft ‘oh my god’ and then returned a series of low moans and groans. It was not long before they had both returned to the fuck frenzy I had witnessed from my secluded position.

He grabbed her ankles and placed them on his shoulders which greatly enhanced his angle of penetration. Michelle looked at him, her eyes searing. I could tell she was on the build to another climax.

“Oh my god, that is so fucking good! Oh Marcus, harder, fuck me harder. You're going to make me cum again! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!" Her cry of ecstasy reverberated about the room as she exploded, her body convulsed beneath him.

Michelle's head rolled from side to side as the intensity rose. She held herself stiff for an instant and then grunted long and low as her orgasm burst the banks. Her body kept twitching as she laid on his desk, I could see she was having multiple mini climaxes that would last about ten seconds, and pass just as quickly.

“Good enough for you?” Marcus hissed at me through a clenched jaw. He was sweating from his efforts, efforts I knew where designed to make Michelle feel every moment of her time with him.

“I am not the one to ask nor am I in a position to judge. Just keep your end up. I’m sure Michelle could do with a bit more.”

“Oh god yes! Oh fuck, Marcus that feels so good!” she cried, constantly urging him on. Her somewhat drunken state had taken her lust to another level. “Oh god it's so, so good. Don't stop Marcus."

She arched her back and rolled her head as a huge groan escaped her lips. When she looked at him, animal lust was etched all over her face. With her feet on his shoulders, the depth of his penetration came in hard contact with her G-spot. Michelle came quickly and her nails raked over his arms, while her stomach muscles bounced wildly throughout her climax as she expelled her orgasmic fluid. It literally flooded from her. His desk was awash and I noticed his trousers were soaked as well.

Michelle's mouth opened in a silent scream. Her pussy muscles clamped hard on his cock. He continued to pound her and she came forever as he rammed himself home.

Gently he lowered her legs back to parallel and slowed his pace quite a bit.

Michelle's eyes shot open with the first stroke he placed on her pleasure zone with his thumb. His hips grounded hard into her and then pressed upwards hard on the inbound stroke, over and over again.

"Shittttttttttt! Oh god Marcus, you're...I'm...oh shit! You're making me cum again!"

Michelle's face contorted in ecstasy as she began convulsing beneath him.

"Oh shit...fuck me. Oh god....Marcus...don't stop. I’m cumming.”

I looked at Marcus as he speared her heavily. His every breath was deep and laboured. I could tell he was close to his own goal.

“Best to shoot your lot all over her tits or her face or both. Your choice. It’s makes for better viewing.” I suggested.

He quickly pulled free of her clutching pussy and pumped his hand furiously. Finally he cried out as his cock spewed forth its molten nectar with the force of a speeding bullet. He splashed her heaving breasts with numerous long ropes of thick white goo. It looked as if he had not had a decent orgasm in years. He flicked his shaft and a stray length of come hit Michelle in the eye. She was too far gone to take notice. Her come soaked body lay upon his desk, totally spent.

“You make a weird couple.” Marcus had found his voice finally after recovering from his strenuous fucking of Michelle. He sounded humbled and mumbled to himself as he struggled to pull up his fluid soaked pants.

“Tell me about it.” I grinned and closed the camera. “I’ll get you a copy.”

“You too kind.” He snarled and moved behind his desk and sat. He put his head in his hands.

I helped Michelle off the table and regather her effects. She assured me she was okay despite being a bit wobbly on her legs. She wiped her eye clear of his semen and cleaned her finger on a tissue she withdrew from the dispenser on his desk. His residue that still clung to her breasts she ignored and picked up her bra and dress.

Marcus looked at us and shook his head.

“That was not arduous now, was it?” She asked as she finished zipping up her dress.

“Um…No.” He looked beaten.

“Face the issue of your brother with the same vigour and you’ll be fine. Failure to do so and management will see the video. You're choice.” She leaned on his desk. I was concerned she might stumble forward; the wine had really taken a toll. Somehow she remained upright.

“Yes, I understand.” He ran his fingers through his hair.

“You’ll be a better person for it. You know that, don’t you?” Michelle added as she slipped into her shoes.

“Time will tell.” he agreed, albeit in a lacklustre way.

“On that note, we bid you good night.” I said, taking Michelle by the arm and leading her toward the door.

“Yes. Same to you.” He sat, slumped in his chair. “Enjoy the rest of your stay.”

Building a Community

[This is what a teacher of mine would call a lesson story. Not a sex story, a cheating wife story, BDSM or anything like it. I found out six years after my previous wife cheated. When I found out I also found out that there were at least a dozen ‘friends’ of mine who had known all along. They weren’t family or in community with me. They aren’t with me at all, now.] * ‘I think of all of you as my family. I look at each of you and my heart fills with hope...


Community Involvement Ch. 12

The two weeks that comprised the end of term one holidays in New South Wales, which also included Easter this year, had come and gone so fast. It only seemed like yesterday that I had left the mercurial Clare on what had effectively been the last school day of the term for Clare and I; the government schools still had the Friday to negotiate. My wife worked through the break, as was usual (she referred to bank her leave and use it during our summer holiday period)....


Community Involvement Ch. 09

Re-cap Although I had not planned a visit to ask Daphne (Daph as she preferred throughout the neighbourhood) it had turned out to be quite a startling and revealing visit, on a couple of fronts. Although in her early seventies and a grandmother, Daph but still had the figure many forty to fifty year olds (or even younger) would envy. Her face, while still reflecting her younger beauty, was a little wrinkled about the eyes and corners of her mouth, however, she did...


Community Involvement Ch. 04

The first month of autumn in Sydney was feeling more like summer. Although the nights wore the tell-tale signs of the approaching winter, with a real chill in the air, but by day it was glorious. To make my day even better, I had received a text message from my sexy neighbour asking if I could meet her for brunch. “Certainly.” I typed as my reply, despite driving in the West bound morning peak, returning home from my usual drop-off run of various family members....


Community Involvement Ch. 08

“Pink sky in the morning; a sailors warning.” I recalled the old saying and looked skyward. Directly overhead was cloudless and blue but as I scanned eastward, the building menace of the billowing clouds loomed. The day had dawned with a vivid pink display, the low and towering Cumulonimbus clouds out over the sea strongly reflected the morning sun. It was beautiful but at the same time eerie. The air was still and the birds were quiet. “Not a day for outdoor...


Community Involvement Ch. 15

“I have an idea!” Michelle exclaimed excitedly. We had just left Palm Beach and were headed south toward the big smoke. Next stop Sydney and the city lights. “I’m pleased for you,” I laughed with a hint of sarcasm. She shook her head in dismay. “You just can’t get good help these days.” Without missing a beat she ploughed on. “It’s such a lovely evening, which matches perfectly with the magical day we’ve had, and neither us needs to go home...


Community Involvement Ch. 10

Return to Clare ‘As one door closes and another door opens’ as the saying goes and to say that I was living that saying would not be too far a stretch of the imagination. To put you in the picture, it was just over six months ago (November 2013 to be more precise) that I was made redundant from my accountancy position which was quite a set back for me on a number of fronts, as it is for most people. Fortunately I had been able to get some contract work with a...


Community Involvement Ch. 14

“Hey, wait for me!” I cried in mock, child-like distress at being left behind. I quickly pulled on my Peter Alexander pyjama shorts and my discarded T-shirt, disentangled myself from the white Sheridan bed sheets and ran to the top of the stairs. Michelle was already at the bottom and, as she turned to head off along the hallway, she paused and glanced approvingly at me. “I see you made yourself presentable for breakfast.” She flashed her radiant smile at me...


community Involvement Ch. 06

“What happened to you?” Michelle asked as I finally returned. I had gone home (next door to be precise) to change out of my wet clothes following the torrid squirting orgasms I had produced in Michelle. The sight, taste and smell of her deep orgasmic fluids filled me with immense satisfaction, not only because I had stimulated her to that level, it was a satisfaction gained from sharing the moment; being there with her and for her as she exploded and gushed so...


community Involvement Ch. 06

“What happened to you?” Michelle asked as I finally returned. I had gone home (next door to be precise) to change out of my wet clothes following the torrid squirting orgasms I had produced in Michelle. The sight, taste and smell of her deep orgasmic fluids filled me with immense satisfaction, not only because I had stimulated her to that level, it was a satisfaction gained from sharing the moment, being there with her and for her as she exploded and gushed so...


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