Teenage Girl Prostitutes Herself

I learned the value of hard work from my parents, and it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realized just how hard they struggled to support our family. My father is a machinist who works the night shift in a small factory in our little town, not too far from the city of Atlanta. He even takes extra shifts sometimes to help earn more overtime. He sleeps during the day and is at work at night, so I never get to see him much, except on weekends.

My name is Wendi, and my mother is the resident manager of a small, low-price motel in town, and she works from early morning and late into the evening until all of the anticipated guests have arrived and are checked in. Then she’s on call most of the night. She even provides maid service in the rooms part of the time to save money. She also taught me how to change the beds and clean the rooms when I was only twelve years old, and that’s how I earn my spending money. The one major benefit we have with her working there is that we live rent-free in a small cottage behind the motel.

I never paid much attention to the comings and goings of our motel guests, at least not until I took a civics class in the spring of my sophomore year in high school, just after I turned sixteen years old. We were encouraged to read the newspaper to keep up with current events, and that’s when I began to notice the almost daily articles in the Atlanta papers regarding teen prostitution and the pimps who sometimes abused those girls. Those stories sometimes described how they prostituted the girls in cheap motels and other places. I learned that Atlanta was one of the most active places for teen prostitution in the country.

Our motel is two stories, with sixteen rooms on the front side facing the highway, and another sixteen in the back, facing our cottage. I had never thought of our motel as being sleazy or anything, but after reading those articles I started paying more attention to the guests. I began to notice what looked like teenage girls, my age or older, with grown men checking into some of the rooms on the back side. I had a good vantage point to watch from my bedroom window, and there seemed to be a lot of men coming and going from those rooms during the night.

One day soon after that I showed my mother several of the articles, and explained what I had seen going on in the rooms on the back side. I asked her if she thought we had pimps using our rooms for prostitution. She sighed and looked at me like she had dreaded the day when I would ask her about our guests. Then she said, “Wendi, I try to mind my own business, and I don’t ask our guests why they are staying with us. We’re just barely making ends meet, and I welcome any guests who pay cash to stay here, so long as I don’t actually see or hear of anything amiss going on. The men usually request the rooms in the back, probably so their cars and movements won’t be seen from the street. I can’t see what’s going on back there from the office.”

So there it was. Mom almost admitted to me that we had questionable activity going on there. For some reason I was very intrigued about teen prostitution, and I started reading every article that I could find on the subject, and doing internet research as well. I learned that those teenage girls could sometimes earn one thousand dollars or more in one night, but the pimps kept most of the money and placated the girls by keeping them high on drugs. The girls I saw at our motel didn’t look that young either, and the articles said that most of them were over the age of consent, which is sixteen in Georgia. Of course prostitution is a misdemeanor in all of the states, except for special areas in Nevada.

I am a smart girl, and definitely planned to go to college. I came to the realization that my parents would never be able to afford to help me with those expenses. I worked as a maid in the motel, but I couldn’t really earn that much doing that. And after my conversation with Mom, I began to realize that she usually asked me to just change the sheets and clean the rooms on the front side of the motel. I was determined to clean some of the rooms in the back, so I could get a better idea of what was going on there.

It was my routine that I would clean any rooms that had been vacated from the night before, and early enough that I could clean them before going to school. So the next morning I got up extra early and left Mom a note in the linen closet that I had gone to clean the rooms in the back. I knew from watching that three of those rooms had been used the night before, and they were vacated by about 3:00 am when I heard the cars leave. That was a sure sign to me that those rooms weren’t being used for sleeping.

When I entered the first room, I was hit with the smell of marijuana and stale beer from several spilled bottles. I was a virgin at that time, and had no sexual experience with boys, although I had completed the sex education class in school. So I didn’t immediately recognize another unusual smell, mixed with the aroma of stale pussy juice. I sniffed around the room and the smell led me to the bed, where I discovered numerous areas on the sheets with partially dried, opaque, fluids of some kind. I got down real close to touch and breathe in the aroma, and that’s when it dawned on me that it must be semen, sperm, and pussy juice stains from the men fucking those girls the previous night.

The realization that I was touching and breathing in the remnants from those girls being fucked was an instant turn on for me. I could almost visualize those older men fucking the teen girls, right where I was sitting on the bed. And I knew from the stains, they had to be fucking the girls bareback, and flooding their pussies with cum. You might think I’m a little sick in the head, but I even licked some of the wetter stains to get a taste of their fluids.

My pussy was very wet and tingly as I changed the bedding and cleaned each of those three rooms. I could hardly believe the number of fuck-slop stains on those beds, and knew that those girls were fucked many times. I finished up and caught the school bus, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw, smelled and tasted in those rooms. I had matured a lot at around the time I turned sixteen, and knew that I was just as pretty and had an even better body than those other girls, and could easily attract men.

I’m five feet and six inches tall and weigh around one hundred and fifteen pounds. My hair is shoulder-length and light-brown, which contrasts beautifully with my grayish-green, doe-eyes which make me look innocent. I also have full and firm DD-cup breasts, which are big for my age, and my ass is a perfect, protruding heart shape. I had even developed a prominent pubis and thick labia that gives me a big camel toe.

All I could think about all day in school was how much money those girls were making for their pimps, even though they didn’t get to keep much of it. I started thinking that I could easily use my pretty, innocent look and luscious body like that to make money for college. But there had to be a better way than having to fuck so many men, and then have so little to show for it after the pimps took it. On the bus ride home from school, it finally hit me.

It seemed from my observations that those pimps would take one or two girls into a motel room, and then must have used either phone or internet contacts to attract men to the room. That’s why the girls had to fuck so many men in one night. I was thinking that I could attract men by advertising on Craigslist or some other website. Then when I agreed to meet with them, I would tell them to come to our motel and check in to one of the rooms in the back, and I would join them there.

I would let the men assume that I was being managed by a pimp, to provide a little more safety, but in reality I could watch from home as they arrived, and then go to their rooms. That would generate more business for the motel, and my parents wouldn’t be around to see me going back and forth to the rooms. I figured that even if I arranged an average of only two men a night, five nights a week, then I could make plenty of money. I needed to do some research to learn how much I could reasonably charge, but I had a sense that a girl my age with my looks and body could command a high rate.

Some of the men that I observed going into the rooms with the girls looked dirty, mangy, and rough looking. I decided that if I was going to prostitute myself, I would focus on finding middle-aged, married men who were clean, upstanding citizens in every way, except for their hunger for some teen pussy. I knew from my research that wives sometimes lost interest in sex in their forties, and that’s why some men in their forties and older seek out prostitutes in the first place.

So I began reading the postings in the personals section of Craigslist and looking for hookup websites. I wanted to see how the pimps or individual girls worded their postings to attract customers, without making it too obvious that they were offering themselves for sex for money. At the same time, I knew that I had to do something about getting birth control pills, because I was sure that I wanted the men to fuck me bareback. I couldn’t let my mother know what I was planning, so I went to a free women’s clinic in town, and got a prescription for the pills.

I finally found a really good hookup website that focused on getting older men and teenage girls together for sex. I got a lot of good ideas reading the postings, and I especially enjoyed looking at the pictures of nude, mature men and the teen girls they were contacting. I loved looking at those big cocks and big, hairy balls, and some men even posted photos of them fucking girls or ejaculating. I knew from looking at the photos of the girls, that I was prettier and better built than most of them. The online chat feature on the site made it easy to talk with the men. The only problem with that site was that people from all over the country were members, so there were few men from the Atlanta area looking to meet.

It became clear to me that I would need to use Craigslist in order to find a large and diverse pool of men from my area to choose from. My plan was to make an initial contact on Craigslist, and then give them my Yahoo messenger address so we could talk more easily. So I decided that I would use the titillating alias name of Candy when communicating with the men, and I set up a new Yahoo account to use for that purpose.

Two weeks had passed since I decided to become a prostitute and since I started on the pill. That was time for my birth control pills to become effective, and I started experimenting with actually finding a man to fuck. One early evening after school I started my search, and thought it would be less risky to start out by looking for postings from men on Craigslist who were looking for a teen girl to meet with. I read many dozens of postings from men in my area, and finally found one that met my criteria. His ad stated that his name was Dave, and he was a middle-aged married man who wasn’t getting the sex he needed at home, and he was looking to meet with a legal-aged teen girl that he could pamper and have sex with.

My hands were shaking as I responded to the posting. I wanted to entice him as much as I could with my first response, so I said, “Hi, Dave, my name is Candy, and I’m looking for a man just like you. I’m sixteen years old and still a virgin, and I want to find a special, mature man to be my first lover and to teach me everything about sex. I’m a little nervous, so maybe we can exchange some photos and emails to get to know one another a little before I decide if we should meet. If you are interested, please contact me at my private email address After I pressed the send button, I sat there nervously wondering when he would respond, or if he would answer me at all. It was pretty scary to be contacting a complete stranger that way. I focused on doing my homework to help me calm down a little, while watching my Yahoo account for a new message. Only fifteen minutes later I got his reply. There was a picture of a very fit and well toned man wearing a tight t-shirt and loose athletic shorts. His face was partially blurred, but I saw that he had a full head of graying hair. His message said, “Nice to meet you Candy, and I must say that you sound perfect for me too. This is the first time I’ve tried to do anything like this, and I’m nervous too. I would enjoy chatting with you and getting to know you. Would you please send me a picture?”

I had numerous photos of myself on my computer, some clothed and some nude. One was a recent photo that I took of myself in my white bikini that I wore the previous summer, and it was especially tight and skimpy on me since my body had become more developed. My hard nipples and puffy areolas were plainly visible in the skimpy top, and my DD breasts were bulging out all over. The bottom was also tight, and it was easy to see my very prominent camel toe.

I quickly photoshopped the picture to blur my face, and sent it to him with the following response, “Thanks for your quick reply, Dave, I’m looking forward to getting to know you. I really like your photo. You look very fit and younger than a middle-aged man. I have attached a recent photo of myself to give you an idea of what I look like. I would love to see an even more revealing photo of you since I’ve never seen a naked boy or man before.”

His reply didn’t come for about ten minutes, and I thought that I might have scared him away or something. Then his message appeared and there was a nude photo of him. I assumed that he had just taken the picture on his cell phone. It showed him sitting in a desk chair, with his pants and underwear down. His cock was uncircumcised, thick, and soft and looked to be maybe seven inches long. His balls were the size of plums and hung over on edge of the chair in his low-hanging, hairy scrotum. My pussy instantly got wet looking at that huge cock and those massive balls. His message read, “I took this one just for you, Candy. I will send you another one with my cock hard, after you send me a more revealing picture of yourself.”

I had another picture of myself totally nude, that I had taken in the mirror. It was from the neck down, and showed the neatly-trimmed, light-brown hair on my thick labia, and my huge, pendulous breasts. I quickly sent it to him with the message, “Oh my, Dave, your cock and balls are so huge. I can’t wait to see it hard. Here’s another one of me that leaves nothing to the imagination.”

His reply was quicker that time, and I soon saw his cock hard, at what had to be over nine inches long. It was even thicker than before, and had a huge cock head, and looked like it was leaking a clear fluid. He was holding it in his left hand, and his fingers just barely overlapped around the shaft. His message read, “This is all hard juicy for you, Candy. I’ve never in my life seen a more gorgeous body, especially on a girl your age. There’s plenty more juice here for you too. And that reminds me to ask, are you on birth control, sweetie, or will I need to wear a condom when we meet?”

I knew from my research that many men liked to fuck girls bareback, and it turned them on thinking about inseminating an unprotected girl, even if they probably would not want to be responsible for impregnating her. So I wanted to entice him further and messaged him back saying, “Holy shit, Dave, you won’t have any problem taking my cherry with that monster cock of yours. And no, Dave, I’m not on any kind of birth control, at least not yet. But I want you to fuck me bareback and flood my teen pussy with your big load of man cum. I think I’m in the safe part of my cycle, and I really want to feel your fuck juices squirt inside of me.”

After getting the initial introductions and photos out of the way, we messaged one another for over an hour. I let him know that I wanted to think about him and all we talked about, and hoped to be able to chat with him the next night. He let me know that he would teach me the best he could, and that he really liked oral sex of any kind too. I didn’t know anything about oral sex, but it sounded so naughty. When I finally went into my bedroom, I watched the pimps and prostitutes going into and out of the motel rooms, and then masturbated myself to two big orgasms before falling asleep, thinking that it would soon be me fucking in those rooms.

I could hardly wait to contact Dave the following evening, and I let him know that I definitely wanted to meet with him. I told him my requirement that he come to the motel and request a room on the ground floor in the back. I said that I would be watching from a car at a nearby hidden location, and would come to the room when I saw him enter it.

We talked about what I would charge, and I let him know that I thought two hundred dollars would be a fair price to start for a normal session. However, on our first meeting, I said the charge would be five hundred dollars since he would be experiencing the thrill of taking my virginity. I thought it was a special thing for a teenage girl to let a middle-aged man take her cherry, and I wanted to be paid for it. He agreed to everything, and we made plans to meet the next night at 7:00 pm.

The next day after school I was a nervous wreck while trying to do my homework, and waiting for 7:00 pm to come. I guessed that those prostitutes I had seen probably didn’t practice good hygiene, and I wanted to differentiate myself by being very clean and fresh for him. I took a long shower at about 6:15 pm, and put on a tight t-shirt and some tight, stretch shorts that really accentuated my figure.

It was still too early for the pimps to arrive, so I knew when I saw a black SUV pull around to the back of the motel that it must be Dave. I watched as he got out of his car and looked around, probably trying to see if he could spot me in a car. I waited until he was in the room, and not peeking out of the curtains, before I made the short walk across the parking lot. I was nervous and trembling with anticipation as I knocked quietly on the door. He almost immediately opened the door, and I was impressed with the familiar-looking, ruggedly handsome man standing in front of me. He took my hand and closed the door before saying, “I’m so pleased that you showed up, Candy, since some girls make plans like this and never show up. And my goodness, you are as beautiful as I hoped you would be.”

After seeing him in the full light of the room, I was shocked. Dave is the football coach and a history teacher at my high school. I recognized him, but I never had a class with him, and he didn’t seem to recognize me from our passing infrequently in the halls. The really freaky thing was that I know his daughter Katy who is a junior at our big high school. That put the whole age-difference issue into perspective, and that made me want to fuck him even more. I kept my composure and responded, “I wasn’t so sure you would come here either, Dave, so I’m really happy to see you. You are a really good looking man too. I’m very nervous about doing this for the first time, so how do we get started?”

Dave hugged me with one arm and reached into his pocket with the other. Then he handed me five, crisp one hundred dollar bills and said, “Well, the first thing you always need to do is collect your money. Men are much more willing to pay you before they have sex than afterwards. So tuck that away and we can go over to the bed and get started. I want us to take our time since this is a first for both of us. I’ve never cheated on my wife before. I’m going to make sure that we have plenty of oral sex and other foreplay before I take that sweet cherry of yours.”

We pulled back the covers and sat on the sheets, and I was surprised when he leaned in to kiss me. I had never had a passionate kiss even with a boy, and he pushed his long tongue into my mouth, as I responded to him the same way. He rubbed my breasts, back, thighs and ass as then gripped the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up above my breasts. Then he broke our kiss and I pulled my t-shirt all the way off as he weighed and rubbed my big breasts in his hands. He pushed me back on the bed, and began sucking my nipples and areolas. He was humping himself against my leg as he said, “Holy fuck, girl, your breasts are so big and firm. My wife has small, saggy tits, and these are just amazing. Now let’s get a look at that that fat pussy of yours.”

He was lying at my side and kept sucking my breasts as he pushed down and removed my shorts. The he ran his hand down across my hairy pubis and pushed two fingers into my very wet pussy. Then he said, “I’ve got to get a taste of this virgin pussy, and then I’ll teach you a little more about oral sex.”

Dave moved down between my legs, and pulled them over his shoulders before closing his arms around my thighs to hold me in place. He covered my wet labia with his mouth and began sucking and licking me there. I loved the nastiness of him putting his mouth on my pussy and the same place I pissed from. He finally focused his sucking on my clitoris, while at the same time fingering me and feeling my hymen. I soon had my first orgasm of the evening, and was twisting and humping myself against his face.

He pulled away and said, “What a juicy and tasty pussy you have, Candy, and I felt with my fingers that you were telling the truth about being a virgin. Your hymen is there, but it isn’t as complete as it once was. You shouldn’t have much pain or bleeding at all from it. I can hardly believe that I had a girl a year younger than my own daughter cumming in my mouth. Now, let’s give you a chance to taste me.”

He pulled away and removed his pants, underwear, and t-shirt. His naked body smelled so musky and looked so good, and his big cock looked like it was about half-hard. He turned me onto my left side as he turned around facing the other way on his right side. Then he said, “We can both enjoy oral sex at the same time this way. It’s call sixty-nine, and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Dave moved in to suck my pussy again, as he lifted my right leg over and behind his head. Then he shifted his crotch in against my face, as he swung his left leg over my head. I looked at his thick cock head and oozing foreskin for a few seconds, just to take in the sensual pleasure of being so close to a man’s cock for the first time. His musky, hairy balls were hanging down his thigh onto the bed, and he pushed his hips closer as I opened my mouth and tasted him. The rubbery foreskin felt so wonderful and tasty in my mouth, and I instinctively began sucking his cock head and a few inches of his then-hard shaft.

He started slowly thrusting his shaft into my mouth as I humped my pussy against his mouth. We were holding one another tightly, locked in an erotic embrace of oral copulation, and it seemed so nasty, but at the same time so exciting and natural. After what seemed like five minutes, he pulled away from my swollen pussy to say, “I’m getting close, darlin’, and I want my first load to be in that tight, virgin cunt of yours. Suck on my balls for a few minutes while I calm down a little.”

He pulled his huge, hard cock out of my mouth and I leaned down past his shaft, taking one of his testicles into my mouth. The scrotum was hairy and a little sweaty, and I was immediately turned on feeling his big ball as I swirled it around in my mouth, feeling the shape and texture of it with my tongue. He was sure giving me a quick introduction to having oral sex, and I couldn’t imagine how it could get any better or nastier than sucking one another’s genitals that way. That’s when Dave moved his arm and pulled my leg down towards my body. That tilted my genital area farther towards him, fully exposing my ass, and I felt his mouth and tongue licking my ass crack.

I stopped sucking his testicle for a moment and said, “Wait, Dave, I think you’re accidently sucking my ass now. You might not want to do that.”

He stopped for a minute and said, “Oh, sweetie, I’m not about to pass up an opportunity to suck a young, virgin ass as sweet as yours. Just enjoy it, honey, and you can do the same for me, but only if you want to.”

When he resumed sucking my ass, he rolled me on top of him and pushed both of my legs under me and forward with his arms. That spread out my ample ass, and allowed it to cover his face. He licked and sucked my crack for a few seconds, until he began to actually suck and tongue-fuck my asshole. I had never heard of anything so dirty, but it was so erotic and felt so good having him suck me that way. I was so turned on that I decided to try sucking his ass.

With me on top, I was easily able to pull both of his legs back behind my arms. He sensed that I was going to try it, and he tilted his hips so I could begin sucking him below his balls. I was sucking on a bulging piece of flesh between his balls and asshole that I have since learned is called a perineum. Men are very sensitive there and the more I sucked him the harder and more fervently he sucked my ass. I soon had the courage to move down a little farther and tongue the hairy star of his asshole. I tongued and sucked his hole, as well as sucking as much of his crack as I could. He seemed very clean, just like I was, and there was only a slight metallic taste that added to the nastiness of it.

Dave was sucking my ass like a man possessed, and he eventually pulled me up where I was sitting with my full weight on his face. Then he began to slide me back and forth so he was alternately sucking my pussy and ass. When he finally pushed me back on the bed so we could talk, I realized that we had been having oral sex for almost an hour. He explained that I probably would not want to go that far with many of the men I would meet with in the future, but he at least wanted me to understand some of the things the men would try to get me to do, and what they would want to do to me.

When I asked him why he wanted me sitting on his face that way, he replied, “In my work life I am always the man in charge and giving orders to everyone. So I have been fantasizing about what it would be like to be dominated by a teenage girl, and pretend that I am being forced to submit to her smothering me with her ass and pussy. With you being so young and innocent, this was the perfect time for me to try it. I just loved having you sit on my face that way, and I could suck your pussy and ass for hours if we had time.”

I wanted to see for myself what it felt like to be pinned down and smothered that way, so I lay back on the bed and asked him to get onto his knees and straddle my face. When he was in position over me, facing my feet, I sucked his big, hairy balls as he slowly moved back and forth, and I felt his big, heavy cock resting and swinging on my throat. After a few minutes, I placed my hands on his hips and pulled him forward. I was soon sucking and tasting his perineum again. Then he moved a little farther, and I was sucking his puckered asshole again. He pressed down to give me the same sensation that he liked so much, and I realized that I also liked being dominated that way.

We relaxed and talked and kissed for a few more minutes before he said, “Come suck my cock hard for me again, Candy. It’s time for me to fuck that tight, little, virgin cunt of yours. I think it will be best for your first time if you are on top of me to control the thrusting. There’s no way to avoid some pain, but we can try hard to make it as painless as possible. Let’s get a towel to put on the bed just in case there is a little bleeding.”

I got the towel and placed under Dave, and I almost felt like an old pro as I leaned sideways over him and sucked his cock. From that position he was able to fondle and knead my breasts which were swinging and jiggling in front of him. When I had him at his full, nine inches, he pulled me on top to straddle his hips, facing him. I slid the precum covered head of his big cock back in forth in my very wet labia to get it real slick, and then lowered myself a little until I felt and saw that his cock head was squeezed in the warmth and wetness of my thick vulva. He had such a dreamy look on his face feeling the tight, wetness of my pussy, and with the anticipation of soon having his mature cock buried in my teen cunt.

I started moving up and down slowly with small moves, until the head of his cock was pressing up against my hymen at the entrance to my vagina. I gently pressed against it and pulled back many times, pushing a little harder each time. I felt the head of his cock stretching my cherry, and that’s when Dave said, “Oh my goodness, you are so tight in there, and I think you’re ready to push farther down on my cock. When you’re ready, sit down farther I one quick stroke, and then stop when you feel that my cock has pushed through.”

It was scary as I prepared for that virginity-ending thrust, and I was afraid that it would be too painful. I finally got up my nerve, and sat down sharply and quickly on his cock. I only felt a little pain for a few seconds, and then it went away as I held myself still, impaled on his cock. We both looked down and saw a little bit of blood running down his shaft and balls, and that was also much less than anticipated. I sat still for a few minutes as Dave smiled at me and fondled my breasts, and then I started to move up and down slowly and gently.

The good feeling of having my pussy skewered by his thick cock overshadowed the little bit of residual pain. I pushed more of his fuck meat into me, and was soon moving faster, and taking about six inches of his cock. Then I went down another inch, and felt his cock head press against my cervix. Dave started gently thrusting his hips in sync with my thrusts, and he smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry if you can’t take it all, honey. My wife even had a hard time taking it all back when we were fucking.”

I was determined to take more of his cock inside of me, and without knowing that I was doing the right thing, I began to swivel my hips as I rode up and down on his cock. He was smiling like he had just won the lottery and said, “Oh fuck, Candy, your pussy is already so tight, and now you’re swiveling it around my cock. You’re a natural at this.”

The blood had totally stopped flowing, and there was only a little stain on the towel. So then I could just focus on fucking him and giving us both pleasure. I kept swiveling and pressing down harder, until at one point I felt something shift inside of me and I was suddenly buried to the balls on his cock. The look on his face was priceless as he felt his fuck meat fully enveloped in my teen cunt. That’s when I started riding his meat hard and fast, and I was building to an enormous orgasm.

My pussy gripped his cock even tighter as I began to spasm in an orgasm as Dave held me fully impaled on his cock. He was throbbing, pulsing and squirting his semen and sperm deep in my young pussy, and it felt like he was cumming for a full minute. We held still for a couple of minutes to let our orgasms subside, and then Dave said, “Turn around here and let me clean your pussy for you. I don’t think there’s any blood left, and I want to eat your just-fucked pussy. You can clean my cock too if you want too.”

I lifted off of his softening cock and the cum came pouring out of my pussy. I quickly turned around and pushed my oozing labia to his face as I took his slimy cock into my mouth. I loved the taste of his fresh cum, and the way it felt with him so lovingly sucking and licking my no-longer-virgin cunt. He had to be swallowing his own cum and my juices. We sucked one another that way for about fifteen minutes, and then lay back on the bed to talk and cuddle.

He let me know that in most situations when I was meeting with men, they would only get one orgasm for their money. Then he said, “But listen, honey, that is all up to you, and some men will feel like they deserve more since two hundred dollars is a pretty high fee. Some men might want you to suck them off first while they suck your pussy, and then rest up until they are ready to fuck you. I paid five hundred dollars to have this special time with you tonight, and I’d sure like to fuck your sweet pussy again after we rest a little.”

Dave and I did fuck again that night, and I was grateful for not only the money, but for all of the good advice he gave me. I knew after that one experience with such a good and caring man, that I wanted to have more involved love making with the men I selected, than the quick, fuck-or-suck-and-go pattern that other prostitutes seemed to use. I knew that I would be getting good money for being with them for a longer time.

We were in that room for three hours that night, and before Dave left we established a recurring meeting on the same night and time every other week. I also asked him if he had any friends who might like to meet with me. He said that he would talk to some friends at work, which I knew was my high school, and give them my email information if they were interested.

In the following few days I was contacted by several men, that I knew had to be from my high school since I hadn’t made any more contacts on the internet myself. One of those men was a black man who called himself Jeffrey. I knew that the only black teacher or administrator in the school who would be around the same age and would be likely to talk about such things with Dave was our vice-principal, Jared. He called himself Jeffrey on Yahoo messenger, and I was fascinated with his coal-black skin color and the size of his cock, which had to be twelve inches long. I decided to meet with him, even though he knows me, because he couldn’t very well get me in trouble without fucking up his own life. And of course, I knew that Dave would also find out who I really am from Jared.

Dave must have told him how well he trained me, because Jared messaged me that he wanted to do mutual oral sex and facesitting with me, in addition to fucking. It kind of surprised me that he and eventually other men would want to eat me out, knowing that I was whoring myself with many men. I guessed that the lure of a voluptuous teenage girl who loved having sex and had a tasty pussy was too hard to pass up.

I met with Jared and he was shocked to find out that he knew me. We had a wonderful two hours of sex, almost like Dave and I had done, and I loved his big cock and huge balls. It was so erotic to be fucking and sucking a black man like that, and it just wetted my appetite for more men of color.

Several more teachers and administrators from the school ended up being regular customers of mine, and I also continued looking for men on Craigslist. Some of the men resisted my high fee, but they usually acquiesced after they saw my photos and we discussed what they would be getting for their money. I charged some men even more if they wanted to do kinkier things with me.

After being in business for only two months, I had six steady customers per week, and many onetime meetings as well. It was starting to be a bit of a challenge to make contact and correspond with all of those men, but the end results and the money were definitely worth it. I loved men’s cocks and cum. Some men had very quirky tastes in sex, and I met on average monthly with a few of them. One man was especially weird. He had standing meetings with me on the first day and the last day of my periods. He loved to fuck me and then have me sit on his face while he swallowed his cum and my juices. I charged him three hundred dollars per session since that was so disgusting, and he gladly paid it.

I refused to get into bondage and discipline scenarios with a few men who requested it, but several men wanted me to dominate and humiliate them in ways going beyond simple facesitting. For example, one man required me to drink two liters of water during the afternoon and evening before his visits. He then had me sit on his face and unload my bladder into his mouth, as he swallowed as much of my pee as he could.

There is another customer who is a big man, weighing maybe three hundred pounds, who had me get on top of him and suck his cock to orgasm and fuck his ass with a twelve inch, black dildo, while he sucked my pussy and ass.

I eventually accomplished my goal of sucking and fucking ten men per week on average, and I opened a bank account that my parents didn’t know about to deposit the cash into. I purchased an older car for cash during my senior year of high school, and told my mother that I was buying it in installments, using the money from working at the motel. After all, I was responsible for them getting an additional ten guests per week, and all of those beds had to be changed. Mom gladly let me clean the rooms on the back side, since she knew that I was aware of what was really going on, and she didn’t like handling the cum-stained sheets herself.

After I graduated from high school I considered going to the community college near our home, since I had so many steady customers that I fucked at our motel. I really enjoyed having oral sex with and fucking those older men, and wasn’t at all resentful of men the way some prostitutes are. Instead, I lied to my parents again and told them that I got a full scholarship to a college in downtown Atlanta. My grades really were good enough for me to be eligible for some kind of scholarship, but I planned to pay for school and my living expenses out of my substantial savings from those two years of fucking in high school.

I rented an apartment in the city, and planned to increase the sophistication of my prostituting by starting my own escort service, with me as the only employee. There were plenty of corporate offices in the city, and many of them had men visiting from out of town who were looking for a good time with a pretty, young girl, and of course sex. My class schedule was flexible enough to work around my dates with the men.

Things started out slow with my escort service, at least until I got a great reputation and repeat business from executives from several companies. I emphasized to my customers that I was only eighteen years old, and those middle-aged and even some elderly men loved being with a young date like me. In the meantime, several of my customers from the motel made the occasional one and a half hour drive to the city to fuck me. Dave and Jared even came together sometimes and double-teamed me. So I had plenty of money saved and I was still earning more.

The men who used me as an escort were generally more sophisticated than the men from the motel. I had to get a fake ID since they took me to clubs, restaurants, and other fun events where I was expected to drink alcoholic beverages with them. I also got to accompany them to professional sporting events, charity balls, live theater productions, and music concerts. I had to buy a wardrobe of evening gowns, other nice clothes and accessories, since those powerful men liked to show me off at those events. I changed my working name to Destiny, since that seem a little more sophisticated to me than Candy.

I was able to charge those well-to-do men at least one thousand dollars, and sometimes up to fifteen hundred or more for the night. I earned ever penny of that since I would be with them some of them all evening, and sometimes even sleep over at their hotels, having multiple rounds of oral sex and fucking. My training from the early days at the motel was very helpful to me, since many of those executives had a taste for kinky sex with a young woman like me. Some of the men thought they had to get me drunk to push the limits with me, not knowing that I was happy and eager to do almost anything with them. That gave me a competitive advantage over other escorts, who only gave vanilla sex. Very little was off limits to me.

One of the clients that I saw regularly, once a month, has a particularly kinky fetish. He is the handsome, sixty-eight year old chairman of a large company. The only problem is that his nice, thick, six inch soft cock, won’t get hard due to his having erectile dysfunction. He takes me to a hotel suite where he has waiting two muscular black men in their late twenties, who have thick, eleven inch cocks. That’s where I first experienced anal sex, since he likes to sit in a chair by the bed, and stroke his soft cock, while I am being fucked hard and double penetrated by the black men, usually three times in one night.

After each time the black men ejaculate into my pussy and ass, the old man has me get on top of him on the bed in the sixty-nine position. He sucks my pussy and ass clean of all of that cum, while I suck his soft cock to orgasm. I love sucking his cock, because it is still thick and meaty, even though it is soft. I was surprised by how much tasty cum he produced, given his age and the ED problem. Then he and I sucked the cocks of those black men clean, and got them hard for the next round of fucking my ass and cunt. I usually got paid two thousand dollars for those sessions, and I had a lot of fun with him and the black men.

Another client that I was with gave me my first opportunity at having lesbian sex, and I loved it. One night I was an escort for a middle-aged executive named Thomas, and we went to the opera with a middle-aged couple from his company named Randall and Sarah. They are all nice looking and fit, and we had a great time drinking at the opera. I wasn’t aware of all of their plans for me for the evening, until we were in the limousine heading to Thomas’ hotel suite. I had been drinking quite a bit, so when Thomas unzipped his pants and pulled his big cock out, right in front of the other couple, I immediately got on my knees on the floor in front of him and began sucking him.

I wasn’t wearing underwear, as usual, and in the position I was in my short cocktail dress had ridden up on my ass. I had been sitting on the back seat, which faced the front, and the other couple was in the opposing seat facing the back. So my bare ass and pussy were sticking out right in front of Randall and Sarah. I didn’t even think about that until I felt a delicate woman’s hand gently rubbing my ass, and then fingering my very wet pussy. I knew that it had to be Sarah, and that was confirmed when she leaned in closer to me and said, “Oh my, Destiny, what a lovely, young pussy and ass you have. I haven’t tasted a woman since my experimental days in college.”

Then I felt her mouth cover my hairy and wet labia, as she pushed her tongue into my wetness. I got so excited knowing that beautiful older woman was sucking my pussy, that I was sucking Thomas’ cock even harder. She was just about to give me an orgasm, when she moved up and pressed her face between my round and full ass cheeks. She began licking and sucking my ass crack and tonguing my asshole, at about the time Thomas’ cock began jerking and throbbing in my mouth, feeding me his tasty seed.

When we got to the hotel, the men got undressed and watched as Sarah and I sucked one another’s breasts, and then had a long sixty-nine session sucking each other’s pussies and asses. The men were stroking their big, thick cocks, and finally Thomas was ready to fuck me, after having ejaculated into my mouth only forty-five minutes earlier. He positioned us so we could all have sex at the same time.

He got on his back on the bed, and I got on top of him on my back and in the same direction. I slid down until my wet pussy enveloped his thick cock. Then Sarah got on top of me in the sixty-nine position, as Randall moved in from behind to fuck her. The word ‘cluster-fuck’ doesn’t begin to adequately describe the erotic joy of us having a four-way fuck and suck session. I sucked Sarah’s clit and Randall’s cock and balls as best I could, as she did the same for me, When the men finally ejaculated, Sarah and I cleaned one another’s cunts, before she sucked Thomas clean and I sucked her husband. They stayed in the room with us the whole night, and we fucked and sucked in every imaginable combination. At one point the men even sucked each other off.

I really and truly enjoyed sucking and fucking my men and women customers, and I loved being used by them in every conceivable way for their pleasure. I had never had normal dates with boys in my high school, since I was so busy fucking the older men, and it took me a long time to realize that I was missing the emotional support of having a boyfriend. By the beginning of my senior year in college, when I was twenty-one years old, I began to look for a boyfriend.

A very good looking man named Luke moved into the apartment across the hall from me, and I learned that he was also a senior and going to my college. He knew me by my real name, Wendi. We enjoyed one another’s company and got along very well, and we were becoming very close. We kissed and I let him rub and suck my breasts, but I hadn’t allowed him to either finger my pussy or fuck me yet. For some reason I wanted him to think that I was a nice girl. He is a mild-mannered and easy going guy, and he seemed happy to wait until I was ready. He always said the he would be happy just to have oral sex with me.

We had been seeing one another for a little over a month when he began to ask me about my coming home so late, or not at all on the nights I had an escort customer. I was afraid to tell him the simple truth that I was a whore. One night we had shared dinner and a bottle of wine. He asked me again about my late nights, and before I knew what I was saying, I admitted that I was an escort.

We had never discussed being in a committed relationship, and as far as I was concerned he had no reason to be angry with me. Quite the contrary, he seemed very interested in my being an escort and questioned me about how far I went with the men on my dates. I was still feeling the effects of the wine and told him about my activities with the men, and even some women. I half expected him to leave and never speak to me again. Instead, he got a very strange look on his face and said, “Oh my goodness, Wendi that is so hot. Please tell me about those men and how they satisfy you. I’m not that well-endowed, and I’d like to hear about how men with bigger cocks satisfy you.”

I thought it was strange that he’d want to hear about me fucking other men and their cocks, but he seemed so eager to know that I told him about some of my dates with men who had the biggest cocks. He listened carefully as I told him about the big cocks and how much cum they sprayed into me. Then he got a sheepish look on his face and said, “I hope you won’t think I’m weird or anything, but I want to suck your pussy more than ever, knowing that you’ve been fucking those big cocks. It will make me feel like I am somehow sharing those experiences with you, and I’d love to do that.”

His comments were turning me on, and it almost sounded like he would even want to participate either during or after I fucked other men. I wanted to see how big his dick is and to also test his resolve to suck my pussy. So I said, “Okay, Luke, you’ve got me curious about your desire to suck my pussy, and I’d also like to see why you think your dick is so small. I want to hear more about how you want to share those experiences with me. Let’s go to my bed and give it a try.”

Luke followed me to the bedroom and quickly undressed, as I removed my t-shirt and shorts. We got onto the bed and I turned around on top of him in the sixty-nine position. He immediately began sucking my pussy, which was very wet from everything we had been discussing. Then I looked at his hard dick, which is about four and a half inches long, and fairly thin. It is definitely the smallest dick I had ever experienced. My plan was to suck him until he was close to ejaculating, and then have him fuck me. I wanted to see if he would eat his own cum from me, and I planned to taunt him a little about eating the cum of other men.

He hungrily sucked my pussy, and I sucked his dick until I saw his balls start to draw up. I turned around and pulled him on top to fuck me. I couldn’t feel his dick that much in my heavily-used pussy, but he had his orgasm within a minute. Then I pushed him back on the bed and sat on his face, and facing his head, as he began to slurp and suck his cum out of me. I looked down and he was staring back at me as I said, “That’s it, Luke, suck all of that nasty cum out of me and swallow it. I want you to get a good taste of all of that fuck slime that those older men pumped into my slutty cunt.”

The sucking got even harder and he reached up to my thighs to pull me even tighter on his face. I knew that he loved the fantasy of eating other men’s cum, and I planned to make it a reality for him. He meekly admitted that he very much wanted to suck me after I fucked other men.

I had a date with one of my regular escort customers the following night, and I told Luke that I would come to his apartment when I got home. I used a pad to keep as much of the cum inside my pussy as possible. I went to Luke’s and he obediently lay back on the bed as I straddled his face with my legs on either side of his head. I removed the pad and he sucked and swallowed my labia as globs of thick cum filled his mouth. He sucked me and licked my thighs clean of all of that other man’s cum, and then we talked about his fascination with cum and other men’s cocks. He finally admitted that he wanted to watch me fuck another man, and then clean both of us up with his mouth.

Following that night, I stopped by Luke’s apartment after every one of my dates to be eaten out. And I got a chance to test his fantasies when Dave and Jared came to visit me at my apartment. I invited Luke to watch, and before the evening was over he was sucking my pussy and their cocks clean after each fucking.

It became obvious that Luke loved me and worshipped me like some kind of goddess. He would do anything I told him to do, no matter how perverted or disgusting. After we graduated from college and found good jobs, he asked me to marry him, and I accepted his proposal. I envisioned our life together, with me being able to fuck all of the men I wanted, and with his blessing and involvement. So now we are happily married with two children, although I’m not sure who the fathers are since I had been fucking so many of our neighbors and coworkers at the time I was impregnated.

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