First Time In Germany

I was browsing a swinger website by the name of Swingfreunde ("swinger friends") one night late in May of 2012 when I came upon a profile that piqued my interest.

My name is Robert. I was born in a sleepy little oil town in southeast Texas and now I live on the North Sea coast of Germany, near the border with Holland. How I came to be here in "Ostfriesland", as this region of the country is called, is a story for another time. Suffice it to say that I have a house here, and work as a freelance software architect/designer/developer for large banks, insurance companies, and corporations here in Germany.

I'd like to give you a friendly word of caution. I will be using some original German terms throughout this story. Unless you speak German, be warned that you might be at risk of injury to internal organs trying to pronounce some of the words you will encounter here. Ok, so maybe I'm being a little melodramatic. German is not really that bad but remember, I did warn you so if you end up in the hospital with a knot in your tongue, it's your own fault.

The profile contained some tastefully erotic pictures of a gorgeous woman in various poses. This obviously was a professional job, and the photographer had used a variety of shadow and lighting effects with stunning results. In one pose, this statuesque beauty was standing facing the camera, and the photo was of her naked torso with some kind of Asian symbols tattooed on her right hip stretching diagonally from her mons veneris upwards to about waist level, her shaved genitals were in plain view.

The smoothness of her skin and the curve of her hips were most alluring, not to mention her pouty inner labia which were peeking out oh-so-invitingly. I later learned that her name was Aleksandra. She was about five feet seven inches tall, 110 pounds, blond hair down to her shoulders, blue-green eyes, and full breasts; a perfect 36-24-36.

 I also found out later that Aleksandra was a former nurse from Poland, but spoke German fluently, if not perfectly. It is amusing to hear her with her heavy Polish accent absolutely demolish German grammar sometimes. She and I do not always agree on some issues, but whatever she does have to say, it is intelligent, insightful, and always carries the weight of wisdom. She is the kind of confident, self-assured woman that men simply drool over. I know I did when I first met her.

Aleksandra's husband, Karl-Jurgen, was the chief of police of one of the larger metropolitan cities in Germany. He was a quiet, soft-spoken man, but when he's serious, and you look into his eyes, you see the unmistakable smoldering fire of a raptor, a beast of prey, not to be taken lightly.

Karl-Jurgen was a consummate athlete, having engaged in several iron-man competitions both in Europe and in the US. He was tall; about six feet six inches and weighs about 180 pounds, with a body of pure muscle. Karl-Jurgen had a well-trimmed mustache, with a thin beard lining his lower jaw. Make no mistake, this man is no cuckold. Karl-Jurgen has had as many women as Aleksandra has had men. With those piercing eyes and his Adonis build, I actually have seen women throw themselves at this man, sometimes even directly in the presence of Aleksandra. European women can be very upfront and direct.

As is the custom almost everywhere, we had exchanged a few emails, then telephone calls just getting to know one another. It took about two weeks of on and off contact before we were comfortable enough with each other to exchange photos and set up a face to face meeting.

I was working in the city of Essen at the time, with frequent meetings in Düsseldorf, a twenty-minute drive on the Autobahn at 110 to 130 miles per hour. This is Germany after all, and yes I do drive a Mercedes, and it does go that fast without even breathing hard. Anyway, we agreed to meet on a Friday evening, after I got off from work. There was just one thing, though. The meeting was to take place in the city of Bremen, 160 miles away from Essen. This was not a problem when you're driving a rocket on four wheels.

Karl-Jurgen had a meeting in a city near Bremen, so we all agreed to meet there on neutral turf. I left the office in Essen a little early, at around 4:30 PM and reached Bremen exactly two hours later. Rush hour traffic on the A1 slowed me down as I approached the city, but I had anticipated that in advance. We had agreed to meet at the Indian restaurant called "Maharani" on Findorffstrasse, number 114 at 7:00 PM, and I was half an hour early.

I was a bit nervous as I parked the car because I had no idea what to expect. This was my first time meeting a German swinger couple in the flesh. As I entered the restaurant, I was impressed by the tasteful decor and ambiance of the place, with the early-evening sun streaming in through cut-glass windows.

I was dressed in my usual office business attire: dress shirt and slacks and my wingtips (I know, I know: wingtips, but forgive me). As I turned to my right I recognized Karl-Jurgen and Aleksandra immediately from their photos. They also had arrived early and were sitting in a booth facing the door. I was relieved to see that they were true to their word and had not sent me photos of themselves from twenty years prior. Score an extra point for honesty. I approached the table, and as is custom, extended my hand first to Aleksandra and introduced myself. Next, came Karl-Jurgen. We greeted each other warmly, and he invited me to take a seat.

I will not bore you with the details of our dinner talk. Just suffice it to say that we exchanged relaxed and pleasant small talk before, during, and after dinner. Karl-Jurgen proved to have quite a sense of humor and he and Aleksandra enjoyed ribbing each other mercilessly. So much for the staid, stiff, humorless German demeanor. The guy was a riot, and I had tears of laughter running down my cheeks before long. The stories they both could tell about their house cat, Bobby!

After dinner, however, is where things got interesting. It started out with Aleksandra asking me if I was afraid of or allergic to cats.

I told her no, then Karl-Jurgen says to me, "Bobby is a big male cat who likes to dominate and defend his territory, but once he gets to know you, everything will be fine. You'll see when you meet him."

Uuuhhh… did I just hear that? "You'll see when you meet him." As in, "you're in" "I made it"?

With just that simple phrase, it seems that I passed the muster.

Then it was Aleksandra's turn again.

She said to me, "You know, Robert, we started scrutinizing you the instant you walked through the door. We wanted to see if you were as polished and well-spoken as you seemed to be on the phone. We took notice of your shoes, slacks, shirt, and even your fingernails. We see that you are impeccably well-groomed and you speak German fluently. We both are very selective, and these are the only types of people we will have anything to do with. We are so glad to make your acquaintance. Now let's get down to business and set a date and time when you can come to visit us if that is agreeable to you".

Oh, indeed it was more than agreeable to me, so we set a date for two weeks later. I picked up the tab for dinner after threatening to have the chief of police (Karl-Jurgen) arrested and thrown in jail if he didn't let me. He good-naturedly acquiesced and we stood to leave the restaurant. As I attempted to give Aleksandra the customary farewell hug she surprised me by kissing me full on the lips, then as we embraced after the kiss, she whispered into my ear, "Robert, I have never been with a black man before. Is what I've heard really true?" The question was loud enough for Karl-Jurgen to overhear, but no one else nearby.

I gave her a little extra squeeze before answering, then released her, looked straight into her eyes and said, "Don't worry. I guarantee you won't be disappointed." She smiled, then kissed me again before we left the restaurant, heading to our respective homes.

If you have read any of my other stories, you will know that I am no stranger to the swinging scene in the US. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the process is exactly the same in Germany: meet, greet, and if everybody likes what they see, then fuck. A simple three-step process, and it's universal no matter where you are.

The two weeks went by rather swiftly due to the fact that I was thoroughly swamped with working on a huge Telecommunications project. I drove to the Nordrhein-Westfallen region of Germany to the home of Aleksandra and Karl-Jurgen at the appointed time of 7:00 PM. I made one stop along the way to pick up a small bouquet of flowers for Aleksandra: three white roses to symbolize the purity and openness of what we were about to undertake. The symbolism was not lost on her and she was genuinely touched by the gesture.

Karl-Jurgen had made reservations at an upscale restaurant, and off to dinner, we went. Karl-Jurgen of course drove. All throughout dinner, we were so comfortable and at ease with each other, it felt as if we had been friends for years instead of only a few weeks. While we were enjoying our meals, they asked me to tell them about my years working at NASA mission control on the Space Shuttle program. "What was it like?" "How many launches had I participated in?" "What is the future of space exploration?" "Will we ever go back to the moon?" That sort of thing. I was happy to answer their questions, and after dinner, we returned to their home.

Karl-Jurgen and I retired to the living room where we each enjoyed a glass of a superb Merlot as Aleksandra excused herself to go upstairs. Meanwhile, Karl-Jurgen began telling some of his adventures as an international criminal investigator before he became police chief. He had arrested and extradited German criminals back to Germany from all over the world, even from the US.

I sat in rapt fascination of his accounts, many of which were incredibly hilarious. There is this one story where he and Aleksandra are at a border-crossing between the US and Canada. They were sitting in their car speaking with the American customs officer and there were about twenty other cars lined up behind them waiting their turn to enter the US. The people in the car directly behind them saw the customs officer suddenly draw his weapon from its holster while talking to Karl-Jurgen.

They must have thought, ‘Oh-oh,’ this can't be good. Somebody is about to be shot, or at least arrested!"

They must have been dumbfounded to see the customs officer then turn his weapon around, and actually hand the butt end of the weapon to the guy in the car in front of them! By this time, I am almost rolling on the floor laughing. It turns out that Karl-Jurgen had shown the customs officer his credentials, and told the officer that he was a police chief from Germany. Of course, they checked and found out that everything Karl-Jurgen had said was true. He and the customs officer were comparing notes on their respective Glock pistols. The officer wanted to get Karl-Jurgen's opinion on his own weapon. That's why he handed it to him. Karl-Jurgen knew that Aleksandra didn't speak a word of English, and she wanted to crawl through the floorboards when she saw the officer draw his weapon!!!

I sat there with tears of laughter in my eyes listening to this and other amazing stories as we waited for Aleksandra to finish whatever she was doing upstairs.

She was gone perhaps 45 minutes before she came down the stairs, but what an entrance it was! She already was a stunning beauty, to begin with, and she had a figure that could cause rockets to blast off prematurely, and here she was clad in what only can be described as something not from this world! It looked like a bathing suit... sort of. It was more like one of those costumes you see on scantily-clad female warriors in risque animated films. It was black in color and started at her shoulders as thin flat bands of material that flared out just enough to cover the areolas of her firm, full breasts, then continuing down at an angle to a sharp V-point just above her clitoris. If she moved just right, you could see just the top of her ample inner labia poking out. Down the back was the same V-point which ended a little below her kidneys then transformed into a thong as it continued its glorious journey between her legs. The sides of the garment, of course, were completely open, affording an erotic banquet for the eyes to feast on from any angle. Her buttocks were firm, round, and proud. They swayed alluringly back and forth as she moved. Black gauze stockings accentuated perfectly shaped legs that were just to die for. The stockings disappeared into six-inch spiked leather heels, also shiny black. In a word: goddess!

There she was. My jaw dropped, and I damned near dropped my wine glass. Aleksandra twirled around and asked, "Well? Do you like it?"

I was speechless. My mouth was dry. This playful bombshell just asked me if I liked what I saw. The tent in my pants was all the answer she needed. Of course, Aleksandra noticed it too.

She giggled, then came over to me, took me by the hand and said, "I see that you do indeed like it. Come with me. I have some plans for that", as she pointed at the bulge in my pants with her other hand. Then she led me upstairs to the bedroom with a snickering Karl-Jurgen close behind.

I thought, "What the hell was he laughing at, the bulge in my pants or me slobbering and drooling all over myself?"

When we arrived, there was soft romantic lighting in the bedroom from a single lamp on one of the nightstands and there was a subdued lush atmosphere throughout the entire room. Aleksandra stood at the foot of the bed and kissed her husband deeply. Then she turned to me and did the same, placing her hand behind my head, pulling me deeply into her mouth as our tongues playfully acquainted themselves with each other.

Aleksandra's soft lips and our tongues intertwining brought me to my full nine and a half inch length. My cock already was rock hard, and she hadn't even touched it yet. I continued kissing her as I pulled her left shoulder strap all the way down to her waist. I kissed my way along her cheek to her ear, then paused to nibble softly all along the outer edge of her ear, before slowly kissing my way down her neck to her shoulder.

I used my teeth to nibble gently on the top of her shoulder. Aleksandra's breathing became raspy and she let out a soft moan. I continued kissing downward to her exposed left nipple. I kissed her nipple while kneading her breast. Her left nipple was completely erect and Aleksandra was moaning softly and steadily. I took the tender morsel into my mouth and sucked gently. Aleksandra's hand once again was on the back of my head pulling me tighter to her breast.

She moaned softly, "Suck harder!"

I complied with the lady's wishes. I sucked more firmly, then used my teeth to gently nibble on this little treasure of a nipple. Aleksandra's breathing was becoming heavier now. I moved my left hand to her right shoulder strap and pulled it all the way down to her waist. I proceeded to make a trail of tender kisses from her left breast over to her right, all the while using the fingers of my right hand to pinch and pull gently on her left nipple. I started the process all over again when I reached her right breast. I kneaded the luscious offering, feasting on her right breast with my eyes, wondering at its beauty and magnificence before I brought my mouth to her nipple. By this time Aleksandra was moaning loudly. Again she pulled my head to her breast, urging me to feast more intensely on her succulent breast. I did just that, savoring the warm, smooth contour of this womanly body. My cock felt like a hot steel rod in my pants as I continued to nip, lick, and suck those exquisite breasts.

We both could stand it no longer, I pulled Aleksandra's body suit all the way down to her ankles, then off each foot. As I was kneeling before her, I could smell the intoxicating aroma of her womanly arousal. I motioned for her to sit on the end of the bed. She did so, then I removed her spiked heels. I left her stockings on intentionally, then began to undress. This was not a slow process, nor did I speed through the process of undressing. Every movement was well thought out and deliberate. I was in predator mode now: not to be rushed, and not to be hampered. I had identified my prey. When I was completely naked, and she saw my cock for the first time, Aleksandra gasped.

I moved towards her. She took my cock into both of her hands. She examined my length, and girth with scientific precision, missing nothing. She stroked the uncut foreskin back and forth several times, acquainting herself with the feel, texture, and taste of what she was about to take into her body. Then she said, "You were right, Robert. I most definitely am not disappointed! I am a little scared of this thing, though."

I said to her, "Then perhaps you should get to know it  even better." She understood my meaning, and with a smile and lustful gleam in her eyes, she lowered her mouth to her new prize. I cannot fully describe the complete ecstasy I felt when Aleksandra took my cock into her mouth. She could accommodate about half my length, but that was more than enough. She was very gentle with it. I still to this day do not know how or what she does with her mouth and tongue, but it felt like a thousand tiny butterflies fluttering all at once on my cock. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life, and it was simply incredible. This woman knew how to please a man!

After about ten minutes of this velvety, heavenly ecstasy, I was about to cum and pulled myself gently back from her mouth. I wanted the first time to be in her pussy, not in her mouth. She knew instinctively why I did what I did, and what was coming next.

Aleksandra moved back up the bed towards the headboard. Karl-Jurgen had undressed himself, and was laying on the bed next to Aleksandra on her right side. The lone night lamp on that side illuminated him softly from behind as I crawled up onto the bed, the predator in pursuit of his prey. When my mouth reached Aleksandra's pussy, I gave it a soft, light kiss, deeply inhaling her intoxicating womanly fragrance. She whimpered and moved her hips indicating that she wanted more.

More would come and that was absolutely certain, but not just yet. Using my lips, I nipped softly at the skin of her inner thigh down to her right knee. As I was doing this Aleksandra lifted her thighs slightly to accommodate me. I lifted her right leg completely and used the flat of my tongue to massage behind her knee over and over. Aleksandra began babbling incoherently. I started gently kissing my way back along her inner thigh while stroking the outer side of her thigh with feather-light touches of my fingertips. When I reached her pussy again, her inner lips were covered with her juices. I feasted on the offering, using the tip of my tongue only on her inner lips to lap up the liquid treasure.

Aleksandra was moaning and groaning as she tried to grab my head again and pull me tighter into her hot wet steaming pussy, but I already had moved on to her left leg. Again using my lips to nip gently at the soft flesh of her inner thigh, I made my journey down to her knee. This time, however, I used the tip of my tongue like a tiny feather-light jack-hammer all over the back of her left knee. Aleksandra was going insane. Afterward, I kissed my way back to her hot wet center. Aleksandra had spread her legs as far apart as she could, and this time when my mouth reached her pussy, she was ready! She clamped onto each side of my head with her hands and pulled me forcibly into her molten core. Her pussy opened like the gates to ecstasy as she ground her pussy against my mouth with an urgency that begged for the release she so desperately craved. Again, I did not disappoint.

With long deliberate strokes, I placed my wet tongue at the bottom of her pussy and licked upward finding her opening. I darted my tongue into her, savoring the hot wetness before my tongue continued its moist journey upward stopping just short of her clitoris. Then I started all over again, and again, and again... each time going just a little faster.

After a time, I inserted a finger into her opening and began massaging her G-Spot. I had not licked her clit once yet, and Aleksandra was about to go out of her mind with her craving for release. Once I started massaging her G-Spot, I switched tactics. I had a special treat in store for her. I placed my mouth over her clit, without actually touching it, then let my saliva build up until there was a tiny little lake in my mouth over her clit. Then I began to twirl my tongue randomly with feather-light touches all over her clit.

Aleksandra almost broke my two front teeth when she suddenly and violently bucked her hips upward. She screamed out her release as a gut-wrenching orgasm exploded within her, sending shock waves of indescribable pleasure down to the very core of her being. She finally did manage to get a hand behind my head again, as she ground her hot pussy onto my mouth and tongue again and again. She groaned loudly in desperation.

This was her moment. She would have killed before she'd let anything or anyone remove my mouth from her hot hungry steaming pussy. She just kept grinding her pussy on my mouth while holding onto the back of my head with both hands for dear life, moving her torso slower and slower. Finally, when she did stop moving and simply lay there panting, I swallowed the little lake that I made for her clit. I gave her clit a light flick with the tip of my tongue. She jerked violently and was still panting heavily.

This told me that she was too sensitive and too exhausted for more just now. I did not try to enter her right away and moved up to lay beside her on her left side. I intended to give her the fucking of her life, but that would come soon enough. For the time being, Karl-Jurgen and I just held her and stroked her gently as she slowly relaxed and came back to herself.

After her eyes refocused, and her vision cleared, she reached out her left hand and started stroking my cock up and down, bringing it back to full attention. She used her fingertip to smear the pre-cum over the tip, and that was all it took for me. Giving my cock a gentle tug, indicating her intentions, she turned her head to me, smiled and kissed me softly on the lips. I rolled to my right on top of her and let my cock flop down over her pussy. There was no need to rush. I knew I was going to fuck this woman with her husband laying right there beside us stroking her hair and playing with her tits.

I kissed Aleksandra deeply, languishing in the pure enjoyment of her body. Her skin was still heated from her previous exertions, but my raging bull cock had plans of its own. I started moving my torso up and down, smearing my cock in her ample juices. That got her motor going again! With my cock sliding up and down on her clit and between her pussy lips, Aleksandra spread her legs again as wide as she could and waited for just the right moment. When I slid upwards again, she used that opportunity to raise her knees up, thrust her hand down between us, and grab my cock. That was my signal to hold still.

While we were still kissing the whole time, she rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her steamy opening getting it good and wet, then guided me to her entrance. She gasped at the intrusion as I inserted the head of my cock into her. She whispered into my ear, "Please go slowly. I'm not used to something this size". Karl-Jurgen sports an average cock with a length of about six inches and an average girth of about four and a half inches. My cock is about fifty-percent more in both length and girth.

Aleksandra was hugging me tightly as if her life depended on it. I moved slowly and gently into her an inch or so at a time, letting her get used to my size. She was so incredibly wet, and after a while, she had absolutely no trouble with my girth. What she was worried about, though was how deep I was going to penetrate her. Using gentle, short strokes, I started moving deeper into this heavenly woman..., then deeper..., then still deeper.

Aleksandra was moaning loudly but kept completely still as I penetrated her ever deeper. She gasped loudly when my cock reached the end of her canal and could go no further. I still had about an inch or two to go before I was balls deep in her, but she had taken more than enough of my cock into her body for her to satisfy me. I held still for a minute or two savoring the hot, velvety, wet prison, and letting her get more used to her new intruder.

I started moving again. This time taking long slow strokes (I found out later, that was her favorite). Aleksandra was moaning and moving her head from side to side, she raised her knees and locked her stocking-clad ankles behind my back in order to control my depth of penetration with her thighs. I began a steady in and out rhythm, fucking her carefully. Ten minutes later, Aleksandra was going absolutely berserk! She was babbling incoherently and began thrusting herself at me, clawing at my back. I unleashed my pent up bull rage of arousal and began pounding her in earnest. Our bodies slapping against each other.

Aleksandra started groaning, "Oh!... Oh!... OOOhhh!... Aaaaahhhhh!" she screamed as she exploded once again in a mind-blowing orgasm. While she was cumming, she placed her feet back down on the bed, spread her legs as wide as she possibly could, grabbed the cheeks of my ass, and started humping me like a mad-woman. Disregarding my length, she took me balls deep into her, smearing her hot, steamy juices all over my entire cock, balls, and lower abdomen. Still, she continued thrusting and screaming. This woman had just cum, but she was not finished with me yet. She did not loosen her death-grip on me the least bit. Not by a long shot. Aleksandra wanted more of this!

She shouted at the top of her lungs, "Beweg dein Arsch, Robert!" ("Move your ass, Robert!!!"). This was her first black cock, and she really wanted to feel all of it. I made sure she did. I let her have all that a galloping, raging black bull has to offer, and pounded her hungry pussy mercilessly with all my might! At that moment, Aleksandra was mine, to do with as I pleased. I claimed her and took her totally and completely. The feel, the sound, the smell, the intense pounding over and over, all consummated in her third gut-wrenching orgasm and Aleksandra let out a bloodcurdling scream and dug her fingernails deeply into my ass when her orgasm hit her. This time, however, she was not alone.

The steady build-up of sexual tension, the seething, hot, slippery wetness of Aleksandra's hungry, demanding pussy also had their effect on me. With my cock pounding balls deep in and out of her, my arms under her back, my hands holding on to her shoulders, I stroked with everything I had in me, using deep, powerful, deliberate strokes in and out of Aleksandra... once... twice... here it comes!, three times... there it is!

I gasped loudly, ‘Aaahhh!’, as I blasted my cum deep inside her. Aleksandra was taking my entire cock effortlessly as I continued pounding her and squirting my cum deep into her again and again. The sensation seemed to go on forever. I was lost completely in the pulsing, seething, throbbing, ejaculation of a mind-blowing orgasm! The feeling of release was impossible to describe! From that moment on, I knew that this woman can have this big black cock anytime she wants it.

I slowed down the strokes moving in and out of Aleksandra and tried to get my breathing back under control. I held my cock perfectly still inside her as she also began to bring herself back to normal. I could feel the sloppy wetness. My cock began to grow limp inside her, as we exchanged tender kisses again.

Karl-Jurgen reached to the nightstand for facial tissues and handed some to Aleksandra, then some to me. I took them and placed them under my cock, then pulled slowly out of Aleksandra. She used her own tissues to capture the liquid that began flooding out of her. She was completely spent, and so was I.

Karl-Jurgen tenderly stroked his wife's cheek, then asked softly, "Na, Schatz. War es gut? Hast du es genossen?" ("Well, honey. Was it good? Did you enjoy it?"). Aleksandra simply smiled and nodded, then she crooned softly, "Oh, ja!" ("Oh, yes!")

Again Karl-Jurgen and I held Aleksandra tenderly. We stroked her lightly as she closed her eyes and basked in the afterglow of a woman totally satisfied.

Karl-Jurgen, Aleksandra and I have developed a strong and abiding bond of friendship that survives to this day. We even have gone on vacation together to Cap'd Agde in the south of France, but that is yet another story for another time. Whenever I go to visit them, or they come to visit me, Aleksandra and I might or might not have sex. It is understood that if either of us is in the mood, we simply fuck. She usually is in the mood, and more often than not, she is the one who initiates things. Often while the three of us are sitting in the living room talking about who-knows-what, Aleksandra will scoot over to me on the sofa, simply unzip my pants, and we're off to the races!

What is Karl-Jurgen's usual reaction to his wife dragging me off to bed with her? "Viel Spass!" ("Have fun!"), and he goes back to whatever he is doing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.

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I’m going to invite you into my bedroom. I want you to imagine me. I’m tall 5’8” with brown curly hair. I’ve got brown almond-shaped eyes and my complexion is usually tan. My breasts are 38C cup size and I have long legs. I keep my pussy bald and I’m going to start this adventure by shaving my pussy. I grab my razor and shaving cream and go to my linen closet for a towel. I need to put that on the floor - and it will help later when I play with my toys and...


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