Goth Teenage Girl Seduces Her Adult Neighbor

Growing up can be challenging for kids, especially as they enter their teen years and are bombarded with a wide variety of cultural influences. Some kids stay on the mainstream path, while others experiment with different lifestyles, which stand out in conservative communities.

My name is Brad, and my wife Janice and I were forty-four years old at the time of this story. We live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, and our eighteen year old daughter named Melanie had just moved away from home to go to college. We have next door neighbors a little younger than us, and their daughter Sarah had just turned sixteen.

I watched Sarah grow up from the time she was born, and she and Melanie had been good friends for most of that time, even though Sarah is two years younger. Melanie had a more conventional experience growing up, and was in several high school clubs as well as being a cheerleader. Sarah was more shy and withdrawn, possibly because her parents both worked long hours, and she was home alone much of the time. She wasn’t involved in any school activities that I knew of. She did spend a lot time over at our home playing with Melanie, and we got to know her very well.

As the girls grew into their teen years, they, like most teenagers, became somewhat withdrawn from adults, and wanted their own space. When Sarah turned sixteen, before the start of her junior year of high school, she made some new friends who had been dabbling in the Goth culture. I had read a few articles about Goths, and knew that even though they could be joyful and outgoing when socializing with their own, they also had a reputation for displaying melancholy and dark personas around others.

Sarah was a very pretty girl who had light-brown, should-length hair and light-blue eyes. She colored it black and started wearing mostly black clothes, with dark accents and accessories, mostly purple in color. Her parents apparently did little to control her new manner of dress, and even if they did try, she likely would have done what she wanted to anyway.

She got more and more into the Goth culture as time passed, and that’s when she and Melanie drifted apart as friends. By the middle of her junior year, Sarah was heavily into the Goth culture. Her hair was still jet black, and even longer in a sculpted cut that framed her pretty face. She also painted her fingernails black, and wore dark, black and purple eye makeup, as well as either red or black lipstick. The finishing touches were the white foundation makeup she wore to give her a pale complexion, and the cosmetic contact lenses she wore to make her blue eyes appear gray. Her parents told me that she even insisted on being called by her Goth name Elsinore.

Her overall appearance was similar to the costumed actress who played the horror hostess Elvira in the comedy horror film entitled ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’ from the late-1980s. She also played numerous other television and movies as Elvira. Elvira wore slinky, black dresses that prominently displayed the ample cleavage of her large breasts, and she looked as much like a whore as she did a horror queen. Sarah obviously wasn’t allowed to wear clothes that revealing at school. Although, we still saw her from time to time, and she sometimes wore revealing clothes around the neighborhood. I couldn’t help but notice that she had developed over the summer what looked like a beautiful pair of 36D breasts and a nice, full ass.

The more I saw her, the more attracted I was to her. It wasn’t just her appearance either. I was fascinated and attracted by her apparent strength and resolve to be different than most of the kids. She had a mature confidence in her manner that made her seem older than her years, and I couldn’t help envisioning Elvira and remembering her sexy guise when I saw Sarah.

There are many variations in the Goth culture, and I knew that one of them was the belief that some of them participated in unusual, bizarre, or deviant sexual practices. I knew that Sarah had reached the age of sexual consent, which is sixteen in Ohio, but it was still hard for me to see her in that light. As time went on, I became more obsessed with her beauty and sexuality, and I wanted to find out for myself if she was having sex yet.

Our homes are side by side, and the layouts are such that her bedroom was on the second floor, with a window facing the side of my home’s master bedroom. My bedroom window faces the back of our home, and I started to notice that she didn’t close her blinds at night, since our window was not overlooking her room. Our homes are only about sixteen feet apart. What she didn’t realize was that our walk-in closet has a small, porthole style window that does overlook her bedroom. It looks like it is just for decoration from the outside, but it has internal louvers that can be opened from the inside to let in a little natural light.

I stated a routine of going into our dark closet at night, when Janice was busy or watching television, to see what Sarah was doing in her room. On many evenings I was able to see her nude, or at least partially nude, and her body was absolutely fantastic. Her big breasts were firm, full and wide-rooted, and they shifted and jiggled so seductively as she moved around in her room. Her ass was also a perfect heart shape, and she had a thick bush of dark pubic hair, and even thick hair under her arms. I did feel a little guilty spying on a sixteen year old girl and jacking my cock, while drooling over her tight, young body. Not guilty enough to stop, though.

Things got even more interesting when other teenage boys and girls started coming over. Her parents were either not home or didn’t care if the boys and girls came to her room. They were all dressed as Goths, and some of the boys had hairstyles and makeup that made them look androgynous. I had a good view of their activities since her bed was right in front of her window, and I was shocked the first time I saw her have sex with a boy.

Sarah just had a robe on when the boy came into the room, and they both quickly striped off all of their clothes. Her body looked great as usual, and he was kind of thin and scrawny, which made his cock, which must have been eight inches long and thick, look even bigger. They must have been fantasizing about some kind of vampire encounter, because both of them put in fake teeth with fangs. He pushed her back on the bed and held her there as he began to suck her breasts, and sometimes acted as if he was biting her tit flesh.

After sucking her tits for about five minutes, he moved up and they kissed passionately. From my vantage point I saw his big cock and balls pressing against her thigh. Then he slid down a little and pushed his face into her hairy armpits, and began sucking and licking and smothering himself in there. He then moved down to press his face into her thick pubic hair, before he rolled over on his back and she sat on his face. He sucked her pussy for what seemed like ten minutes, and then they changed positions to fuck.

I had a perfect view right between their legs, as he shoved his thick cock into her pussy. I couldn’t help but think back to my teen years, when I wasn’t nearly so worldly at their age. My desire to fuck her increased even more as I saw how she responded to his pounding. She wrapped her legs around his ass to pull his cock farther into her, and her head was thrashing back and forth in rapture, as her big breasts shook and swayed on her chest. I knew when the boy was having his orgasm when he held still inside of her, as his ass clinched repeatedly. Just at that moment Janice began calling for me and I couldn’t watch them any longer that night.

That same boy came over the next three nights, and the same thing happened. Then on the following night, two other boys came to her room. Those boys looked to have seven or eight inch cocks, and she sucked both of them and their balls as part of their foreplay. Then she was sandwiched between the boys as they double-penetrated her. It was boggling my mind that a sixteen year old girl was so experienced at having sex.

Over the next three weeks, different boys came to her room almost every night. And on nights when no boys came, Goth girlfriends came. It looked to me like they thrived on having orgasms, and couldn’t seem to get enough. It was especially erotic watching those teen girls, with their tight, young bodies, sucking one another’s breasts and pussies. The other girls all had hairy cunts and arm pits, just like Sarah's, and that made it even more arousing for me to watch. I began to notice that Sarah always took the dominant role whenever she could, and it was fascinating to me that a sixteen year old girl enjoyed that role. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but she was especially in control when she was sitting on the boys’ and girls’ faces.

I had never had a homosexual thought in my life, before then, and I’m definitely not attracted to boys or men emotionally. I don’t think of men and boys as being good looking or in a romantic way, and would never want to do any huggy, kissy stuff with them. The thing that was gnawing at me, though, was I was beginning to realize that I was attracted to their hard teen cocks in a way that I didn’t understand. I had never seen any hard cocks on men or boys before, and I loved watching them and then seeing their thick cum pour out of Sarah’s pussy. I had to face the realization that I must at least be bisexual.

The more I saw her nude body and watched her fucking all of the boys and girls, the more I wanted her. It was such a mixture of emotions, sometimes seeing her as a sixteen year old neighbor who I had known for years, and at other times imagining she was Elvira, the sexy character in that movie. I thought that it had to be unusual for a girl her age to be such a slut for cocks and pussy, and I wanted to fuck her too.

I knew that the likelihood of fucking her was slim to none, since I was just an older adult neighbor, who she wasn’t even communicating with anymore. I kept watching her for months, and I sometimes masturbated in the closet five times a week. I finally admitted to myself that I would never be able to have sex with her, and was watching her and the boys much less frequently.

Months later, during the spring of the year when Sarah would turn seventeen, a serendipitous thing happened. It was early evening on a Monday and I was out jogging in the park that borders on our subdivision, with a path starting only two blocks from my home. It was an exceptionally warm day, especially for Ohio at the end of March, and I was sitting on one of the many benches to cool down. That bench is located next to a wooded area that has a small, little-used trail going into the woods, starting near the bench.

I began to hear loud voices from back in the woods, and it sounded like a girl might be in distress. I quickly and quietly ran down the trail, and in only a minute came to a small clearing. There were three men, who looked to be in their early twenties, who were kind of rough looking and not from the neighborhood. They were grabbing, pushing and shoving a girl. Her back was to me and I couldn’t see her face, but the hair and body looked a lot like Sarah’s. I stood back and listened for a few seconds to try to assess whether she was in trouble. That’s when one of the men said, “Give us your purse, you fucking bitch. Or would you rather I try to knock some sense into you again.”

It was apparent that he had already hit the girl at least once, and she struggled against his grip. When she turned partially towards me I realized that it was Sarah. She was wearing a tight, black t-shirt. It had the logo of a heavy metal band, and she was also wearing a pair of black, stretch workout pants. She also had her trademark hairstyle and all of the makeup I mentioned earlier. The man doing the talking punched her in the face and knocked her against a tree. I was impressed by how she refused to give up her purse, but knew that she was no match for those men. I quickly covered the last few steps and punched him hard in the face with a powerful, downward punch, and knocked him to the ground.

To be honest, I’m not a fighter or a particularly tough guy, but my adrenalin was flowing and I wasn’t about to let anything more happen to Sarah. The other two men charged me, and I was able to give one of them a lucky kick in the balls, while I punched the other one in the face. They were all starting to come towards me again, and I wanted to try to verbally dissuade them. So I said in the most ferocious voice I could, “Okay, mother fuckers. If you want a piece of me, come try to get it. But there’s no way in hell that you are going to hit this girl again or take her purse. And if you do, I’ll follow you low-life assholes to the ends of the earth and fuck you up bad.”

I’ll never know if it was my punches and kick, or my verbal warning that discouraged them the most. They grumbled something about me being an asshole, and then they ran off down the path. Sarah was still leaning against the tree sobbing, and when I got a good look at her face, I realized that she had been punched and slapped around several times before I arrived. Her eyes were swollen and bruised, her nose was bleeding, and she had scrapes on her face. I held her in my arms and said, “You’re going to okay now, Sarah, those fucking cowards have gone. Let me help you home and we can call the police.”

She was still a little incoherent as I helped her walk and half carried her home. Her parents weren’t home so I brought her into my home and Janice called the police for us. She was starting to feel a little better as the police arrived, and we were both able to give them good descriptions of the three men who tried to rob her. Janice got out our first aid kit and tended to her scrapes, and Sarah declined the policemen’s offer to take her to the hospital.

After the police left, Sarah was afraid to go home alone. She didn’t know if those men knew more about her and where she lived. We decided to wait until her parents came home, and I sat with her in our family room while Janice began preparing dinner. She sat quietly for a while, and then she looked at me with her eyes tearing up and said, “Damn, Mr.L., I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you for helping me like that. Nobody’s done anything nice for me in a really long time. I haven’t even been that friendly with my parents and other adults recently. Most people, especially people your age, get freaked out by my appearance. You jumped right in to fight those three younger and probably stronger guys, and saved me from being hurt further and losing my purse.”

I was so happy to be sitting so close to that sexy girl, and I cautiously put my arm around her shoulder. I felt guilty for trying to take advantage of the situation, but that was the perfect opportunity to try to endear myself to her. So I replied, “You don’t owe me anything Sarah. Or would you rather that I called you Elsinore? I’ve known you since you were born, and I wasn’t about to let those men hurt you any further. I’m proud of the beautiful young woman you’ve become. I’ve done a little reading about the Goth culture, and I respect you and the courage you have to seek an identity that is comfortable for you.”

She placed her hand on my thigh and lightly squeezed it as I continued, saying, “And to tell you the truth, I’m not at all freaked out by your appearance. In fact, I think that your hair and makeup, combined with your pretty face and fantastic figure are absolutely gorgeous. You remind me so much of the sexy character named Elvira, who was in a comedy horror movie and numerous other television shows years ago. That movie…”

I was going to give her some details about Elvira and her work, when Sarah interrupted me and excitedly said, “That’s amazing that you saw the connection, Mr. L. When I first became interested in the Goth culture, I saw a picture of Elvira on the internet, and I loved her appearance. I have tried to pattern my style after hers, except that I can’t really wear the clothes she wore in the movie. Did you say that you thought I was gorgeous and sexy? That’s quite a compliment coming from a handsome, mature man like you. And by the way, I would love it if you called me Elsinore.”

Bragging really isn’t my thing, but I am a pretty good looking and fit guy for my age. I’m six feet tall and weigh one hundred and eighty-five pounds. I still have all of my hair, although it is graying around the temples. I have reasonably good muscle definition from running and working out, and I’m especially proud of my genitals. My cock is seven inches long soft and almost ten inches long on hard. It is uncircumcised and thick, with well-defined veins running all over the surface of the shaft. My balls are the size of small plums and they hang heavily in my long scrotum. I didn’t see any of the boys fucking Sarah with cocks as big as mine.

I hugged her a little tighter and said, “I absolutely think that you are gorgeous and sexy, Elsinore. When you are wearing all of your makeup and those black clothes, you look so mature and so much like Elvira. I catch myself saying ‘Wow’, and it’s sometimes hard to remember that you are only sixteen years old. And since I’m calling you Elsinore, you can call me Brad when we’re alone.”

She squeezed my thigh again, and I knew that I had made a connection that was quite special with that sexy teen, given the difference in our ages. I thought that I had pressed things as far as I dared, at least until she gave me more encouragement. So I waited through a pause of several minutes until she said, “I’ve got a great idea, Brad. I’d love to watch that Elvira movie with you sometime. Maybe you could rent it for us.”

I could hardly believe that she was inviting me to watch the movie with her, and she didn’t invite my wife. It was hard to tell if that was just an innocent invitation, because of our newfound connection with Elvira, or if she had something else in mind. I didn’t remember that movie being all that risqué, except for Elvira prancing around showing off her ample assets. I wanted to test her intentions and said, “Okay, Elsinore, I’ll rent the movie, and I would enjoy watching it with you. Where would you like to watch it?”

She looked into my eyes, with her sexy, gray eyes, surrounded by the black and purple makeup. Then she gave me a playful and naughty smile, and squeezed my thigh closer to my crotch as she replied, “My parents aren’t usually home until around 9:00 pm. Maybe you could come over after dinner on Wednesday night, and tell Janice that you are going out for a long run, or going to the mall or something. That way we won’t be disturbed.”

It was almost scary the way that young girl was giving me such obvious ‘come fuck me’ signals, and my cock started getting hard. Even knowing what a little slut she is, and the number of boys who have fucked her, I still wanted to suck her big tits and well-used, teen cunt and fuck her myself. I had a renewed interest in watching her again, and on Tuesday night she had two boys over who fucked her in the mouth, pussy and ass for over two hours. Her injuries from the previous day had definitely not dampened her compulsion for sex.

I left work early on Wednesday, and went by a video store to rent the Elvira movie. Janice and I had our dinner at our normal time, and I was impatiently pacing around the house, waiting a little before I left on my run. Just as I was about to leave on my supposed run, I looked out of the living room window and noticed two Goth boys leaving her home. I was a little confused, and wondered if I had misread Sarah’s intentions about her willingness to fuck me. I wanted her so badly, though, that I left home as planned, with the video tucked in the waistband of my running shorts, and hidden under my t-shirt.

Janice was in the kitchen finishing up the dishes, and I knew that she wouldn’t see me go to Sarah’s front door. I knocked and Sarah quickly opened the door, and I pulled out the movie. She looked fabulous in a tight, black t-shirt and black panties. She hugged me and said, “Hi Brad, I was worried that you might rethink things and not come over. Let’s go up to my room. I know that you’ve already seen this movie, and so have I. Let’s not waste time with it.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised that she was taking charge and was so anxious to get started, knowing what a little cock slut she is. I followed her up the stairs to her room. It felt strange being in her room where I had been spying on her having sex. She quickly stripped off her t-shirt and panties, and I loved seeing her voluptuous, teen body up close. Her tits were shaking and swaying in front of her as she helped me off with my t-shirt and then pulled down my running shorts. I wasn’t wearing underwear, and my thick, soft cock swung out at her. She squealed with delight when she saw my cock and said, “Oh my, Brad, what a nice cock and huge balls you have here.”

It was surreal as I reached out to fondle her pendulous breasts, as she took my cock in her hands. She was wearing all of her Goth makeup, and with that long black hair and her huge breasts, it wasn’t hard to imagine that I was with the real Elvira. She pulled me back onto her bed, and that’s when I felt the wet spots and sensed the strong aroma of recent sex. She pushed me onto my back, and as she leaned down to kiss me, I was mesmerized by her makeup, including the black lipstick. We kissed passionately as I rubbed her breasts, and she was alternately stroking my cock and rubbing my balls.

I then moved my hand down to her thick, dark pubic bush, and felt that her labia were swollen and already slimy and wet. I suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to suck her young, hairy cunt. I turned around in the bed and pulled her on top of me. She knew what I was going to do and said, “I have to warn you, Brad. Two of my friends were just over and they left quite a juicy mess of boy cum in my pussy. But I’m hoping that you have a taste for cum like I do, and will suck all of that young fuck juice out of me.”

It was curious to me that she would fuck those boys just minutes before she knew that I was coming over. I didn’t know if she was trying to test whether I was bisexual, or just having fun and trying to see what I would do. I remembered watching and admiring other boys’ cocks as they fucked her, and I was attracted by the raw sexuality of sucking her pussy when it was full of semen and sperm from the boys.

I envisioned those boys’ cocks fucking her as I pushed my face into her thick bush, and covered her labia with my mouth. I loved her hairy pussy and the taste of her juices and the slimy, gooey texture and taste of the boys’ cum. Sarah sucked my cock as I sucked her pussy, and then she pushed herself up and sat fully on my face. She started aggressively fucking my face with her soaking wet cunt.

She looked down at me and said, “Fuck, Brad, I would have never guessed that you had a taste for teen cum as well as my hairy cunt. That’s it, go on and suck my nasty cunt, and swallow all of the fuck slime that my friends left for you. What a naughty and nasty man you are to be sucking a teen girl’s pussy like this, when you have a pretty wife at home. And while you’re down there worshiping my pussy, you might as well get a taste of my ass too.”

Sarah slid farther forward and buried my face in her big, cushy ass. I had to twist my head to the side from time to time to catch a breath, but I loved being pinned down beneath her ass flesh. I was licking and sucking her aromatic ass crack, and when she felt my mouth on her asshole, she moaned and said, “Oh fuck yeah, Brad, be a good boy and clean my asshole for me. Suck it and push your tongue up inside of me.”

She fucked my face with her pussy and ass for what seemed like twenty minutes. Then she climbed off of my face and lay down next to me. I moved between her legs and kissed her as I pressed the head of my hard cock into her thick labia. We were sucking one another’s tongues and she was breathing hard into my mouth, as I tried to bury my cock to the balls in her teen cunt. She finally broke the kiss, and said, “Fuck me, Brad, fuck me hard with your big cock. It’s so thick and the biggest one I’ve ever fucked. Press hard, because I want to feel every inch of that monster in my cunt.”

Sarah was in control, and knew exactly what she wanted. So I fucked her hard and kept up the pressure when I was bottomed out on her cervix, until her uterus shifted and I was all the way inside of her. She squealed with joy and started humping back against my thrusts, and the bed was bouncing like I had never seen it while watching her fuck the boys. As I felt my orgasm building, I remembered that I didn’t know if she was on birth control or not. I kept fucking her hard as I asked, “I forgot to ask you this before, Elsinore. Are you on any kind of birth control?”

She laughed and said, “Fine fucking time to ask me now, Brad, when you’re balls deep in my young pussy and close to cumming. You couldn’t stop now if you wanted to anyway, just from the thought of inseminating a teen girl like me. If it makes you feel any better, my mother took me to her doctor on my sixteenth birthday, and I had an IUD inserted. So fuck away, and let me feel your cum flooding my pussy.”

Her comments put me over the edge, and she was in the throes of her second orgasm as my cock throbbed and jerked as I sprayed my cum right into her cervix. I kept fucking her as my cock softened, and she kissed me again. It felt so good shooting my load into that slutty minx. Then she pushed me onto my back next to her, and while straddling my face she said, “You shouldn’t mind cleaning me up, Brad, especially after watching you eat all of the slime from those boys.”

I hungrily sucked and licked her hairy, oozing snatch and I realized that my own cum tasted a little bland, compared to the cum I swallowed from the boys. After she knew that her pussy was clean, she pressed down a little harder on my face to make sure I couldn’t move, and said, “Holy shit, Brad, I’m amazed that you love to eat pussy and swallow cum so much.”

I loved the sexually overpowering reality that a sixteen year old girl, who was mature in some ways well beyond her years, was using a forty-four year old man for her own pleasure. After she moved off of my face, we relaxed on the bed and I hugged her torso as I alternated sucking her big breasts. I wanted to fuck her again, but I had already been away from home for about forty-five minutes, and it would take a little longer for me to get hard again. We agreed that I would come over to fuck her whenever the situation was right. I had opportunities several times a week, when Janice was late coming home from work, or when she went shopping in the evenings or on the weekends.

The next time I went over to Sarah’s home to fuck, she surprised me by also inviting a teen Goth couple named Lenore and Onyx to join us. Lenore wanted to fuck my big cock, and Onyx was happy to get a turn between Elsinore’s legs. The interesting thing was that Elsinore orchestrated the whole thing, and she made sure that I sucked both of the girls’ pussies clean. Then she pushed things a little further, and she pressed my head down to suck Onyx’s very thick, eight inch cock. That girl had me wrapped around her fingers, or should I say her slutty cunt, and I would do anything for her.

As time went on, I became a regular with her group of Goth friends, and Elsinore made sure that I not only had plenty of sex eating her pussy and fucking her, but also fucking her girl friends. She had boys over much of the time as well, and I became the clean up man for them and the girls, and even began sucking the boys to orgasm.

Elsinore loved using me for her pleasure and that of her friends, and she soon had me participating in kinky sex with all of her friends. She is now nearing the end of her senior year, and I’m not sure what will happen after she graduates. I’m hopeful that she will introduce me to the other sixteen year olds in their Goth group, so I can continue fucking and sucking those teens.

Goth Teenage Girl Seduces Her Adult Neighbor

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