A Day in Gotham – Batgirl Begins 02

Title A Day in Gotham — 2 – Batgirl Begins2

((Author’s note — this is the second part of my Batgirl Begins trilogy. As with all multi-part stories, it would be better read after Batgirl Begins 1, but for anyone who wants to dive straight in I’ve added a very brief summary of events in the story so far below. I really, really recommend reading the first part first though! And, before moving on, a quick vote of thanks to NaughtyIrishGirl for her unwavering support and enthusiasm.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!))

(The story so far ………

Batgirl had been training hard with Batman and Robin for many months before Batman gave her permission to do her first ‘solo’ patrol on the streets of Gotham. A quiet night had got hotter when she’d found a gang, headed by the notorious ‘Marco’ torturing a bank manager and his wife. She’d managed to get them out, but was captured herself and needed Batman’s help to sort them out. In the aftermath they’d kissed, sending confusing signals to all and sundry! A few days later there was more confusion at Wane Mansion when she’d decided to seduce Batman, only to find that someone had beaten her to it. She wasn’t best pleased! In the end she’d gone off to meet her best friend, Heather, who was leaving the city next day, and prepare for a final evening together at a University Dance. She may have been followed. In the meantime, Catgirl, Catwoman’s new protege was also ‘coming out’. She was involved with a post grad student at the university, but was having difficulty persuading him to let Catwoman in on some secret research that he was doing with his father. Her efforts at ‘gentle’ persuasion were rebuffed and she wasn’t happy either. Which leads us to…….)


1 – Wayne Mansion.

2 – Making an Entrance.

3 – Back at the Office.

4 – Back at the Party.

5 – An Annoying Distraction.

6 – A Deal is Done.

7 – Contact with the Enemy!

8 – The Climax of the Night.

9 – Radio News.

10 – A Trixie Awakening.

11 – Interlude at Gotham Jail.

12 – Entertaining the Kittens.

13 – And the Beat Goes On!

14 – Girls Will be Girls.

15 – All Good Things Come to an End.

1 – Wayne Mansion

Batman was busy checking out the medical emergency pack in the Bat-Mobile when Robin entered the Bat-Cave. He glanced round as his long time ward and partner emerged from the service lift.

‘Hello Robin, have you come to do some polishing, or would you like to tackle an oil change?!’ he laughed in jest.

As so often the case, Robin missed the joke and took him seriously, ‘Gee Whizz Batman, do you really think it needs doing again, it doesn’t seem that long since the last one?!’ He watched Batman’s pained expression before blurting out, ‘Oh …….. you’re kidding again aren’t you!’

Batman laughed, ‘Relax Robin, sometimes you take things a bit too seriously!’

Robin was annoyed. He still hadn’t forgotten Batman’s autocratic downgrading of Catwoman on the ‘Threat List’, nor Batgirl’s lack of support when he’d challenged it at their crime review meeting earlier. He mumbled something incomprehensible in return.

Batman’s mood was too good to be soured by a grumpy Robin though. His morning fling with Selina Kyle had set his blood racing and nothing was going to dampen his spirits today!

Robin went over to the coffee percolator, bubbling away on a small kitchen top set in the corner of the big, open cave. The smell of the freshly brewed coffee was enough to raise his spirits a little. At least being based under a multi-millionaire’s mansion left them living comfortably!

He poured a cup and looked back at Batman, ‘Barbara was looking rather good today don’t you think?’ That was a studied understatement as Robin recalled excitedly how the short summer dress had clung to her shapely young body. It had set his imagination running, and his pulse racing!

‘Batgirl always looks good,’ responded Batman as he paused for a moment to recall the meeting. His eyebrows narrowed a little as he realised just how provocatively she had been dressed, and then there was the way that she’d gazed at him when she’d thought that he wasn’t looking. He’d been distracted at the time by thoughts of the impending tryst with Selina, but now Robin’s innocent comment had set him thinking.

He’d thought that they’d managed to laugh off the incident in the barn, and the subsequent front page picture spread of him kissing Batgirl, but was it possible that she really did feel something more than friendship for him? The more that he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt, particularly when he caught himself thinking about the figure under the dress as well! ‘Don’t go down that route,’ he told himself semi-reluctantly, ‘you know that you can’t!’

Maybe it was nothing though? He looked up to Robin again, ‘You talk to Barbara more than I do Robin, is she errr …. ‘involved’….. with any men at the moment?’ He was glad of the distance between them as he felt his cheeks colour a little at the clumsy way that he’d put it.

Robin looked up from his coffee in surprise. ‘Well, she doesn’t confide that much in me,’ he admitted somewhat reluctantly, ‘But oh how I wish she would!’ he thought to himself in exasperation.

‘She’s off to the University Fancy Dress Ball tonight though with that girl friend of hers from the library. I imagine that there’ll be no shortage of admirers there!’ he added in a harsh voice, not bothering to conceal his annoyance.

2 – Making an Entrance.

The ‘girl’ in question was just getting out of a taxi. The black cloak was fastened at her neck and she was grasping the material tightly around her to stop the breeze from billowing it out and giving the small crowd clustered on the steps of the University Student’s Union building an early preview of the absolutely scandalous costume that she was only just wearing!

She’d had another try at swapping costumes with Heather before they’d got dressed or, ‘un-dressed’, as she felt now. I mean, how could she, Batgirl, possibly go as ‘Batgirl’? Particularly a ‘Batgirl’ that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the seedy videos that she spent a lot of her time cracking down on in her ‘day ‘job? It was ridiculous!!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t an argument that she could use with Heather, who’d stubbornly refused to consider going as anything other than her childhood hero, Supergirl. ‘Typical!’ Batgirl had said in feigned disgust, ‘that golden haired, goody two shoes always gets more fans than I do. Now, where did I put that kryptonite?!’

Back in the present, she bent down to pay off the driver, just as she heard a commotion behind her. Glancing back she had to laugh. Heather had got out of the taxi after her, but hadn’t been as careful to hang onto her cloak. The wind had immediately got under it and dragged it from her fingers opening it out as it flapped wildly about her. The boisterous cheer that rose up from some of the groups of young men on the stairs was mixed with some gasps of admiration as Heather’s flimsy Supergirl costume was displayed briefly to all and sundry. Heather had quickly grappled down the cloak, but not before everyone had registered the tasty vision in front of them.

She wore calf length red boots, tan stockings up to mid-thigh held up by long red suspenders that disappeared invitingly under the frilly red micro skirt. This was topped by a narrow yellow belt that doubled as a suspender belt, and above that was nothing but flesh until a blue bra-top provided some modesty, slightly undone by the two small yellow and red Supergirl symbols that sat proudly on the tip of each small triangle of material. A tiny red cape covered her shoulders, fastening at the neck with a Supergirl clasp and, although Heather was a natural blonde, she was wearing a wig of long golden locks. Barbara had had to admit that Heather look
ed incredibly hot as they’d got dressed together earlier!

The taxi driver had been watching the performance open-mouthed, and as he dragged his eyes back to Batgirl he was looking leeringly at the black cloak that was hiding her own costume. It wasn’t hard to figure what his imagination was doing!

‘Don’t say a word!’ she shot at the man before he could open his mouth and threw a couple of bills at him through the car window.

There was a secret smile on her lips though as she turned round and joined Heather dashing up the cold stone steps to the building doors. Despite all her reservations, she felt an inner excitement building at the thought of the night ahead. She’d banished Batman completely from her thoughts, and the feel of her sexy costume was starting to warm her up despite the cool breeze and gathering dark.

She remembered the way that she’d looked at herself in the mirror after they’d donned the skimpy outfits. She’d stood square on, legs apart and hands on hips, as if challenging her diffident side to protest. Her own black boots were knee length, her stockings a startling shade of yellow reaching only half way up her muscular thighs, dangling suggestively from long yellow suspenders hanging down from a bright yellow ‘utility belt’ wrapped around her trim waist. There was no skirt in her costume though, just matching purple bikini bra and briefs, similar to Heather’s but with the ‘Supergirl’ symbol replaced by the familiar yellow ‘Bat’ motif. Her short cape was yellow, and a purple cowl sat tightly on top of her head, releasing a mass of long red curls down her back from a wig that was a good imitation of Batgirl’s own. There was certainly a lot of bare flesh on display!

Heather had laughed when she’d seen Batgirl’s expression in the mirror, ‘Wow ‘Batgirl’, you really look ready for action!’ She thought for a moment and then looked at Batgirl quizzically, ‘Hey girl, you on the ‘pull’ tonight?’

Barbara had been about to reject the thought out of hand, but then she paused for a moment too. ‘Well sod it,’ she thought, ‘If Batman can have a bit on the side, why shouldn’t I?’ When she looked back at Heather, a mischievous grin was spreading across her face.

‘Well ‘Supergirl’, if a suitably attractive man turns up, who knows?’

‘Oh, that’ll be any male under thirty with two legs and a large bulge in his pants will it!?’

Batgirl had laughed heartily. At least the banter had banished any sad thoughts of Heather’s impending departure from Gotham City.

Suddenly, she was jolted back into reality. They’d gone through the main doors, handed in tickets to a rather strange combination of Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe and were now next to the entrance to the main hall. In front of them was a temporary cloak-room and the attendant, dressed as a football team cheerleader, was reaching out for their cloaks. Suddenly this was the moment of truth when they’d have to expose themselves and, despite Heather’s assurances earlier, Batgirl hadn’t seen anyone in anything remotely as revealing as ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Batgirl’!!

She looked into Heather’s eyes for a moment. They seemed to be daring her to go first, so she took a deep breath and undid the clasp at her neck, easing off the black material and nonchalantly handed it over. The attendants eyes widened and her mouth opened. Lots of people milling around the entrance area suddenly went quiet as all eyes swivelled in her direction.

‘Look after it for me love,’ she said in her driest voice, ‘it’s an expensive item you know! Come on Heather … chop, chop!’

Without a look behind or around her she strode resolutely towards the hall entrance, Heather almost throwing her cloak at the attendant in order to keep up.

Batgirl hadn’t known what to expect inside, and she was relieved to find the lighting low and the music loud. She should have known that the Students Union would have ‘atmosphere’ high up on the agenda. She paused to look around. The hall was smaller than she’d expected, quite cosy really. A small stage at one end was covered in DJ equipment, big black speakers and light show paraphernalia and the dance floor in front already contained a healthy throng of gyrating ‘personalities’. Along both sides was a raised, dimly lit area full of small tables and chairs overlooking the dance floor, and at the back, just next to where she was standing was the bar, brightly lit to attract custom. As this was a student event, Batgirl didn’t expect that any artificial attraction was really likely to be necessary!

She scanned the seating areas and saw a small table opposite, just next to the dance floor. It was one of the few that were unoccupied.

‘Come on Heather,’ she shouted, ‘just in time to stake our claim!’

With Supergirl in tow, she strode over the dance floor, sidestepping some of the more enthusiastic dancers, and jumped up the small flight of stairs to her target table, just in time to see a poor imitation of Brad Pitt slide into the seat as they got there.

‘Damn!’ said Heather behind her, ‘Just too late.’

‘Are you serious?’ snorted Batgirl, turning back to the interloper, ‘Excuse me pal, but this table’s ours. You’ll have to find somewhere else!’

‘There isn’t anywhere else,’ replied ‘Brad’ in a rather high pitched voice, ‘and anyway, I was here first!’

Batgirl breathed in deeply, ‘You’ll give up the table for a couple of ladies though won’t you?’

‘What ‘ladies’?’ he sneered, ‘Look at the state of you, just a couple of escapees from a comic!’

Heather could see that Barbara hadn’t taken that well and was about to pull her back, but was too late as her friend leaned down threateningly over the young man, hand reaching under the table, her lips brushing against his ear. At the same moment, he shot back in his chair as if hit by an electric shock, jumping to his feet and stumbling away to the general amusement of the people nearby who’d stopped to listen.

‘What did you do?’ whispered Heather, embarrassed by the sudden attention.

Batgirl smiled back innocently as she flexed her fingers, ‘Oh, just reminded him what Angelina would do to him if she caught him flirting with me. He seemed to get the idea!’ She looked around, realising that they’d got a small audience already, ‘Come on, let’s sit down before we attract any more attention.’

Just then a bright, high powered spotlight switched on and started to track round the dance floor, a little aimlessly at first before moving quickly towards them. Suddenly they were blinded, the bright light reflecting off their shiny costumes and plentiful bare skin as the whole room turned to stare at them, trapped in the glare.

The sudden silence was broken by a loud voice over the PA.

‘And let’s give a big Gotham welcome to our two friendly super-heroines, Supergirl and Batgirl!’

There was a pause.

‘And, aren’t we lucky that they didn’t manage to finish dressing before they got here!!’

The cheers from the male side of the audience rang out loudly as Batgirl, not to be outdone, gave them a big pronounced bow, displaying as much cleavage as she could in the process.

3 – Back at the Office.

Catgirl was lounging back in Catwoman’s reclining office chair, wondering how she was going to explain the disastrous events of the afternoon to the ‘boss’. She was worried that her failure to persuade Richard to co-operate with Catwoman was going to be disappointing to say the least!

It wasn’t that she wasn’t expecting Catwoman to react badly particularly. After all, she’d been the one who’d taken her off the streets when she’d been at her lowest ebb, provided a real home for once and taken care of her almost like the mother that she couldn’t remember. She owed Catwoman so much! That’s what was really bugging her. She felt so annoyed that she’d let her mentor down!

She was still mulling over her story when there was a noise outside and the door burst open as the black, sli
nky figure of Catwoman appeared. She was on her mobile.

‘Yeah, yeah Vix,’ she said, raising her eyebrows and waving as she spotted Catgirl, ‘sounds like they’ll be there for the night, so you can call it a day if you want?…………… Well, ok by me if you want to stay. Enjoy the party then!’

‘Hello Catgirl, what’re you doing here?’ she queried as she threw the phone onto a nearby sofa, ‘I thought that you were going to the University ‘do’ with your ‘Richard’?’

‘He’s not ‘my Richard’ anymore!’ Catgirl responded angrily, causing Catwoman’s eyebrows to narrow in concern.

There was nothing else for it and Catgirl simply went through the events at Richard’s apartment. Well, carefully edited events at least. There was no way that she was going to own up to what really happened!

To Catgirl’s surprise, Catwoman just came round the desk and put an arm round her shoulder, ‘Oh dear, that doesn’t seem to have gone too well does it?! But don’t worry. I’ve made some enquiries of my own and I think I know exactly what they’re up to.’

She paused, and then added mysteriously, ‘His father’s got quite a reputation as a chemist, and for a number of other things! Those samples that you got from Richard have helped enormously anyway and I’m sure that we can work this out to our advantage.’ She gave Catgirl a little hug, ‘You know me by now, surely!’

‘Anyway,’ Catwoman added as she sat on the edge of the desk, her shapely leg dangling freely, ‘that doesn’t stop you going out and enjoying yourself. Why don’t you just turn up anyway — tell him where to stick his poxy principles!’

Catgirl was relieved that she hadn’t messed anything up, but wasn’t quite so sure about breaking with Richard. He’d been totally annoying today, but there’d been a sort of magic between them, and she couldn’t quite get out of her mind the picture of him struggling on the bed, his giant erection waving around and almost inviting her to sample it!

Catwoman misread her emotions, ‘Hey, you don’t have to go on your own if that’s what’s worrying you! I’ll rustle up a couple of the Kittens and you can make a night of it!’

Catgirl shrugged her shoulders and nodded. If there was one thing that guaranteed a good night out it was the Kittens. Catwoman hand-picked and trained them to support her military style jewellery ‘business’, but they were also beautiful feline minxes who liked nothing better than to dress up in outrageous gear and have a good time. ‘Why not?’ she thought in relief.

4 – Back at the Party.

Batgirl was feeling great. They’d been at the ‘ball’ for about an hour and, to her slight surprise she was enjoying every minute. Her ‘Supergirl’ friend had been on a bit of a mission at the bar, and after a few invigorating ‘shots’ they’d gone back to their table with a jug of some green and rather potent tasting cocktail that Batgirl was quickly getting addicted to.

Glancing down, she realised that the jug was well on the way down to ‘refill’ level already! No wonder she was glowing inside!

Not that they’d been drinking all the time. Their scanty looking costumes had attracted plenty of male interest, much to the annoyance of some of their partners, and they’d been almost dragged onto the dance floor by a succession of pirates, rock stars, football players and even a lumberjack! The latter had caused a bit of a stir by stripping off his top as he danced with Batgirl revealing such a muscular torso that she’d had to exert extreme willpower to keep her hands off him, much to a nearby Supergirl’s amusement.

Now Batgirl was sitting back after rejecting yet another dance invite, scanning the crowds around the dance floor. Her eye had been taken earlier by a tall, athletic looking man dressed in a roman toga and she’d been tracking him for a while, noting the occasional glance that he made in her direction. Clearly he was interested but, frustratingly, he hadn’t approached her yet. She glanced down again at all the bare flesh that she was displaying and wondered what more she’d need to do!

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