Wheelchairs, Teen Pussies, and Fun

Wheelchairs, Teen Pussies, and Fun

[1] Introduction to Passion

Wheelchairs are a great inconvenience, yet they are invaluable when it comes to giving a means of transportation to those who have a disability. Damn, I hate that word ‘disability’! Disability does not mean ‘inability’ or helplessness. Take me; I am a nineteen-year-old sophomore at our local community college which is only a mile away. I speed to my classes in a motorized wheelchair and have the campus as my racetrack.

I am studying mechanical engineering and am a top student. I’m not entirely wheelchair bound. I have a neuromuscular condition which weakens my legs, but I can stand and walk short distances.

Presently, I am using my engineering skills to develop a heavy-duty wheelchair suitable for both street and off road. It is a hybrid using either batteries or a gasoline engine. My rear-wheel drive turns rubber tracks designed for use by trucks in snow. With my front ‘crazy’ wheels, my vehicle works much like one of those zero-turn lawnmowers.

One might think that I was building a dune buggy and I suppose it might work as such. The wheelchair’s 4 foot width allows for two narrow bucket seats. The 6 foot length gives the vehicle a relatively short turning radius. In fact, it can turn on a dime! As a safety feature, my buggy has a full-body rollcage complete with a lighting package with low, medium, and high-beam illumination.

My dad is providing the capital for my project. He and I tore the back wall out of our basement and installed a garage door. The basement was emptied of its contents and was transformed into a mechanics shop complete with a back wall full of tools and workbenches.

I was adding air to my front tires when someone spoke, but the air compressor kicked on and drowned the voice out. It was probably just Scott the sixteen-year-old high-schooler I hired as my helper. The boy wasn’t much of a mechanic, but he was learning. He did my heavy lifting and was very handy as a go-fer. I glanced around and indeed it was Scott, but he wasn’t alone. There were two teen girls with him. The air compressor kicked off.

“Hey Jack, I thought you didn’t work on Sundays,” Scott said.

My answer was a bit terse, “I work every day. You don’t work on Sundays because of my budget!”

“Oh, I didn’t know,” my helper and next door neighbor said.

I tried to ease the tension with a lighthearted attempt at humor. “Hey Scott, who are your friends,” I asked. “Did you bring one of them for me? I’ll take the shorter, dark-haired girl with the sexy cut-off jeans and the short, slim legs. She’s a cutie! Okay?”

“Sure you can have her,” he hastily replied. “That’s Brandi the Brat. This tall, sexy blond is my girl. I have the best of the deal with my pick, Amber the Angel!”

I could tell that the girls were nervous when Scott brought them over for a handshake introduction. The girls had lived next door to Scott for a month, but this was the first time I’d seen them. I guess I spent too much time in my basement laboratory.

Amber was tall and sexy. Even at seventeen, she was big busted and fine figured. She was dressed rather sedately this day. On the other hand, her sixteen-year-old sister seemed to be dressed beyond her age. I wasn’t sure, but I’d bet that she had cut a pair of her old jeans off too short on purpose and then raveled them out to look ragged and sexy. Well, it worked. I had trouble keeping my eyes off her shorts, her crotch, and her sleek legs.

This younger sister wore glasses which took nothing away from her cuteness. She wore most of her headful of hair tied with a ribbon atop her head. The rest just fell in wavy showers that framed her cute face and made her extremely attractive.

Scott took it upon himself to show the girl’s the prototype wheelchair he was helping me build. Amber followed the boy like a puppy. Brandi surprisingly remained standing beside me in my wheelchair. She was nervous but seemed genuinely intrigued by my situation. “That machine is so much bigger than the one you’re in,” she remarked. Then the girl boldly asked the question which captivated her young mind, “Would you really choose me before Amber? All the guys prefer Amber.”

Oh shit! Had I gone too far with my teasing? Well, I was going to have to answer the girl, so I may as well answer truthfully. “Brandi, I prefer you,” I admitted. “You are a very cute girl. I like cute girls better than pretty ones. With those short, shorts on, I bet you are going to be a handful of trouble! I think you might even be dangerous. I have the most powerful urge to kiss your sweet young lips and reach out and cup your bulging crotch. Would you scream?”

Before the girl could answer, I said, “Forget what I said, Brandi. I’m mostly just teasing. Sometimes I just get horny and say and do inappropriate things. I’m a complete stranger to you which makes me doubly bad.”

The girl put a hand on my head, kissed my cheek, and then demurely whispered, “I would let you kiss me, but my crotch is off limits to boys.”

Looking around to make sure no one was observing, the girl turned my head, leaned down about an inch, and then kissed my mouth. Hot, young female lips set mine afire. Brandi kissed me once, twice, three times in total. It was only when the young lady realized that a hand had crept up her super smooth leg and into her shorts and was fondling her ass that the girl stopped kissing me. She backed away.

“Sorry, Cutie,” I halfheartedly apologized. “I couldn’t help myself! At least I left your crotch alone.”

Brandi crossly responded, “Well, my ass is off limits, too!”

I decided to tease her one more time. “Okay, young lady, I need a written list from you,” I requested. “Please list every part of your body that is ‘off limits’ to me. Be as detailed and specific as you can.”

A cute little smile lit Brandi’s face. “May I have your email address and I’ll send you the list,” the girl inquired.

I gave the requested address to her. Just then Scott and Amber appeared after having the tour of my mighty vehicle. They were holding hands and acting all lovey-dovey. The girl brazenly kissed Scott right in front of me, who up until today was a complete stranger.

“Oh heck, Scott, you’re so damned lucky,” I exclaimed. “I wish I had a girl willing to kiss me. I guess my wheelchair is a big turn-off.”

“Oh go and throw yourself a pity party,” Brandi bitchily declared. “Since there is no other girl around, I will kiss you!”

Speaking of brazen, this teen girl Brandi plopped her ass in my lap, put her arms around my neck, and then placed her pouty, wet lips against mine. Boy-o-Boy, I felt that sweet passionate kiss all the way to my toes! The erection between my legs stiffened even harder and swelled in size. The girl’s eyes drilled into mine as if telling me that she knew exactly what her ass was sitting on.

Brandi climbed out of my lap much slower than she had jumped in. Knowing I shouldn’t do it, I did it anyway. I quickly stuck a hand up one of the girl’s shorts legs and grabbed a whole handful of asscheek. If looks could kill, then I was ready for the coroner to pick me up. This girl was fuming, yet she allowed my hand a few seconds of touchy-feely.

What I did next surprised us all. I hit the forward power button on my wheelchair. The chair did a wheelie which threw Brandi back into my lap and atop my horny hard erection. Both back wheels grabbed a hold on the concrete basement floor and then the wheelchair shot out into the backyard. I gave my passenger no time to take a breath. Around and around obstacles I raced. This girl hung onto me as if fearing for her life.

I stopped behind a huge oak tree. Out of site from the house, I asked, “Brandi, may I have another one of those kisses?”

Without a second’s hesitation, arms encircled my neck and lips took possession of my heart. This girl and I kissed as if there were no tomorrow. Passion and obsession claimed our souls.

Again, I did a No-No. My hand cupped the female crotch which was in no man’s land. Brandi’s lips stopped their ravaging of mine. My hand moved to the short-short’s ragged bottom hem and crept up from the front. I touched hairless valleys, I touched pussy, and my fingers wet themselves in the virginal juices of a reluctant young woman.

“Please stop, Jack!” Brandi begged. “I’m not this ‘bad’!”

I did stop. I took the girl back to her sister. After goodbyes were said, the boy and the two girls went back from whence they came.

[2] Young Runaway Lust

About an hour later I heard a synthesized voice say, “You’ve got mail.” I keep a laptop in my workshop because I correspond with so many other amateur engineers. I stopped fiddling with my huge bank of batteries on my big wheelchair and checked the email. It wasn’t from a fellow engineer. Far from it. It was an email from a teen girl I had recently met. It was simply a list entitled, Off Limits.

Ass (?)


“Are you reading my list?” a lone voice spoke from just inside my shop door. “Jack, I really like you. No other boy has treated me quite like you do. Even when you do inappropriate things, I can’t get all that angry at you.”

I lay the laptop aside. The sexy girl speaking was Brandi of course. “Girl, come sit in my lap,” I lightheartedly demanded.

Before she moved, Brandi asked, “Are you still…is it still…are you hard and swollen?”

I chuckled a little. The cute young lady was still kind of timid and shy. She had a lot to learn about guys. I would love to be the guy to teach her.

“Yes Ma’am, I’m hard and horny,” I confessed. “My lap may be a dangerous place for you to sit.”

Smiling wickedly, Brandi teased, “I think I’ll be safe so I’ll take my chances.”

Again, a cute girl wearing glasses plopped her ass in my lap. A slight blush colored her face when she realized that she was indeed sitting atop a rigid cock. In spite of this knowledge, Brandi hugged me and began giving me hot, wet, passionate kisses. Again, our two hearts joined as one and teen obsession was aroused.

“Babe, let me ask you a very personal question,” I said. “You don’t have to answer, but I hope you do. Is your pussy shaven?”

Brandi recoiled as if I had hit her with a baseball bat. I knew the question was too personal. It was not a subject a girl of sixteen would want to discuss with a guy of nineteen.

“Yes, it’s clean and smooth-shaven!” Brandi burst out and admitted. Perhaps she didn’t mean to say what she did, but she did say it. She then clarified, “But, it’s still on the off limits list!”

I refused to drop the subject. “Girlie, why did you shave your pussy?” I quizzed. “Most girls shave their pussies for a boyfriend. Do you stay smooth for a guy?”

“NO I DON’T!” Brandi emphatically denied. “I shave ‘it’ because Amber does and several of my girlfriends do! Now stop all this talk about pussies!”

Brandi laid her sweet young head against my chest. She hugged me tightly and caressed my cheek with a lotion-smooth hand. This girl had me under a spell of complete infatuation. She was a naive, innocent girl who misunderstood the motivations of men. Men thought about sex and pussies ALL the time!

Out of the blue, I attempted to justify myself, “But Brandi, I love to talk and think about pussies. I can’t stop thinking about yours. Sweetie, don’t you think you can make at least a onetime exception to your ‘off limits’ rule? I mean, do it just for me? I promise I’ll handle your pussy with care.”

I could tell that the girl’s mind was racing a mile a minute. I was asking too much and expecting too much. The girl’s virginal mind didn’t know how to respond. Or, maybe it did.

“Alright Jack, I will reluctantly break my rule just for you,” Brandi unenthusiastically replied.

Guilt hit me and I decided to become the very thing I didn’t want to be; a gentleman! “No Sweetheart, I won’t do it,” I recanted. “It’s unfair of me of me to want something that you don’t really want to give.”

“Oh, but Jack,” Brandi confessed. “I’ve been curious as to what it would be like. You excite me so much with your gentleness, your kisses, and your roaming hands. I really want to give you what you want. You can have my pussy!”

All thoughts of gentlemanly conduct abandoned me. I placed one hand behind the curious girl’s neck, pulled her to me, and began kissing her sweet lips. My other hand unbuttoned and unzipped the short shorts she wore. My hand slipped into the waistband of her pink cotton panties. I cupped the warm, young teen pussy I found. As I squeezed and fondled her delightful vagina, blood ran through the folds of her split feminine halves and made them swell and stiffen.

I wet my fingers inside this moisturized treasure I had found. Brandi whimpered softly when my wet fingers found her clit and flicked it and tenderly pinched its soft, slippery flesh. I fished around a bit until a finger touched this girl’s vaginal pearl. Whimpers became cries of thrilling elation.

I didn’t want to make Brandi cum; not yet and maybe not even today. After only a few more minutes of delightful pussy play, I took my hand out of her shorts. What I did next was to try and break the second ‘off limits’ rule. Sticky fingers unbuttoned every button on the front of this girl’s summer blouse. No words were said to stop me. I found a front-hook bra and unhooked it. From out of this frilly pink prison spilled a pair of rounded, softball-sized breasts.

I cupped one of the booby balls and caressed its softness. My fingers pinched and played with a nubile nipple. A thought suddenly struck me. I maneuvered Brandi’s body to where her ass was still in my lap but her legs were astraddle mine. My arms encircled a young female and now both hands cupped a boob. Instinctively, I juggled the fun-sized jugs and played with the two nippled wonders. The devil must have been guiding my thoughts and actions this day. The next thing I knew, I was pulling Brandi’s blouse and bra off her shoulders and laying them aside.

Brandi was breathing hard and so was I. “Jack, I don’t know what to do about what you’re doing to me,” the confused, curious girl said.

As Brandi’s words began, my hands were already slipping under the waistband of her pink panties again. She squealed at the unexpected recapturing of her pussy. Her vaginal mound immediately stiffened and swelled. Her clit prepared itself for another manual assault which I was very happy to give it. Vaginal wetness again made the girl’s clitoral flesh so slick I could barely hold it. My exploring fingers felt a hymenal barrier proving the virginity of the young woman.

I drove my wheelchair a few feet away. We were now completely hidden by my giant wheelchair. I spoke, asking the impossible, “Take them off, Brandi. Take your shorts and panties off!”

“I don’t want to,” the reluctant girl said. Yet, off came her shorts and panties. As a last gesture of surrender, Brandi kicked her flip-flop sandals off.

At this time, I had a completely nude teen girl in my lap. What now? “Brandi, will you turn back around sideways in my lap,” I asked with anticipation making my mouth water.

The girl did as I asked, yet she complained, “Jack, this is so embarrassing!”

“But Honey, I want to see what your naked body looks like,” I tried to explain. “I bet it’s a knockout!”

And, so it was. I placed a hand on the girl’s thigh far enough up that all I had to do to finger her pussy was to reach out. Fingering her was what I did. “Lie back so I can see your boobs and your vagina better. Good god, they are gorgeous!”

Brandi straightened out in my lap as far as my wheelchair arms would allow. Her slim, sexy legs squeezed the folds of her pussy together. Her hairless, swollen mound looked just like it was a centerfold picture from a porn magazine. I fondled the mound, I got a good look and feel of her clit, and I wet my finger in her moisture. I rubbed a bit of the pussy juices on the girl’s twin nipples. Oh, I wanted those nipples in my mouth so badly!

Again, I moved my wheelchair. I pulled to my wall-long workbench. Hand tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, and such lined the back wall. Power tools had their own specified spots. The nude teenager in my lap had no idea as to my present intentions. I sat her up in my lap, placed my hands under her armpits, lifted her entire body up with muscular arms, and then sat Brandi’s ass on the workbench top.

The startled girl sat in frozen silence. Without asking her permission, I gathered fingers full of vaginal moisture from between the girl’s legs and coated her strawberry nipples with pussy juice. Leaning forward, I suckled one of the nipples with enthusiastic delight. The sweet, tangy juice tasted so good. Before it dried, I consumed the juice from the other nipple. My slippery wet mouth kissed every inch of breast flesh I could find. I had a clock on the wall, yet I didn’t keep track of how long I molested this sweet girl’s tits. It was quite a while, I know.

Brandi’s mood was kind of hard to gauge at times. Her hard breathing, her soft moans, and her whispered cries seemed to indicate that my breast mauling was a pleasurable experience to her. I wonder how she would feel if I did the same thing to her pussy. I pulled away from two wondrous tits. I then informed this female, “Babe, I’m going to eat your pussy now. Don’t you dare tell me no!”

I knew she wouldn’t give in to this idea easily. “But Jack isn’t that going too far?” Brandi asked. “Isn’t oral sex nasty and dirty?”

“Yep,” I replied. “But it feels soooo good for a girl and its lots of fun for a guy!”

I could almost read Brandi’s mind. She was a good girl, so she wanted to deny me my pleasure. Yet, because of my devilish behavior and the sexual delights she was feeling, she wanted to give in. The devil won, so the girl said, “Okay, eat my pussy and teach me all about it!”

Brandi spread her legs and leaned back. My lips went straight to one of the valleys between the girl’s upper thigh and her swollen pussy half. Silky soft flesh was shaved smooth as a baby’s butt. I kissed and licked the wondrous skin and then kissed and licked the pussy half on that side. Moving my head, I repeated these actions inside the other pussy valley.

No smell is quite as arousing as the musky aroma of a female’s vagina. This young teen’s pussy had this enticing scent in abundance. I kissed her crack right on its sweet-smelling, pouty lips. My lips kissed all around the exotic, erotic vaginal mound.

Moisture reminded me that I had not yet opened the cracked folds wherein the choicest pussy delicacies lay hidden. Using both hands, I spread the swollen folds and found the treats I intended to eat. I first came upon a moist clit which I licked, flicked, tickled, and teased with my tongue. My lips captured the sweet-tasting, slippery, delectable dessert and suckled on the mouthwatering delight. Brandi whimpered, she cried, and her orgasmic passion was aroused.

My tongue moved to the next edible course. I touched an unbroken hymen and tested its juicy resistance. Vaginal moisture drowned my oral probe. I accidentally found this girl’s pussy pearl and began licking it like crazy. Brandi softly squealed, she then whimpered loudly, and then her pussy began squirting out vaginal cum. I didn’t stop. I licked the pearl and sucked her clit. Multiple orgasms wracked her young body. Teen ecstasy seemed to go on forever.

Suddenly, it was over. Brandi slipped off the workbench and plopped into my lap. It mattered little to me that she was dripping vaginal fluids and cum all over the lap holding my girl. My girl kissed me and whispered, “Oh god, Jack, I don’t believe anything could feel better than that!”

Brandi nervously added, “Do I have to do it to you now?”

“Goodness NO,” I exclaimed. “You have learned enough sexual things today! Besides, like you said, it’s nasty and dirty!”

The girl gazed at me with a wild look of determination. “Well, if it’s not too nasty and dirty for you to do it to me, then it’s not too nasty and dirty for me to do it to you!” she retorted. “Can you get your clothes off?”

With assistance, I got my clothes off and climbed onto the workbench where Brandi had sat. She, in turn, sat in my wheelchair and drove it between my legs. “Jack, is ‘it’ supposed to be that big?” the girl sheepishly asked. “Will it fit in my mouth?”

I nearly laughed, but I didn’t. “Babe, I guess you will only know if you try,” I reasoned. “I would recommend that you get my cockshaft kinda slippery with wet kisses and a good deal of saliva from a licking tongue. When you get to my cockhead, suck it a little and then see how much more you can eat.”

Brandi hesitantly took my cock in her hands. Her tongue tenderly touched my flesh. In earnest, she then began kissing my erection. Wet lips kissed from bottom to top and all around. This girl followed my directions by enthusiastically licking every inch of penile flesh she could find. I was getting bigger, harder, and hornier.

At last, Brandi took my penis head in her mouth. Oh my, it felt good! She licked and sucked. Finding out that my cock might indeed fit into her mouth, she opened wider and two inches slipped in. While sucking and eating, two more inches sneaked in. I had more, but hell, I didn’t want to choke the girl!

Really getting into her first time blowjob, Brandi delighted in new-time sexual thrills. The curious girl was finding hidden pleasures whichever way she turned. Carried away, she took my cock deep enough into her mouth until she did indeed start chocking.

“Pull out, Brandi,” I begged. “I’m getting ready to cum! Grab my cock and pump the shaft!”

Brandi pulled out but didn’t understand why. She quizzed, “How do I pump and why?”

Oh god, this sweet innocent girl was so naive and I was a son of a bitch for taking advantage of her! “Grab the shaft of my cock and go up and down with your fist,” I explained. “I’m going to shoot cum all over the place.”

No sooner had I spoken than cum began spurting from my urethral hole. Brandi’s face and tits received the majority of the white, cummy fluids. In spite of the girl’s surprised reaction, she kept on pumping. More cum erupted and more facial and breast skin was covered.

Finally, my best girl’s excellent cocksucking and handjob ended. Her upper body was slathered with a cummy mess.

My basement workshop was equipped with a half bathroom where Brandi and I cleaned our bodies using the sink and paper towels. Before dressing, we clung to each other and kissed and kissed.

[3] Pussies and Picnics

I believe Brandi purposely avoided me the next few days. Most likely, she didn’t want to be molested and mauled by my manhandling hands or cunt-loving mouth again. I only did it one time, so my soul may not go to Hell, yet if I touched that girl again it surely would.

During the week, Scott and I made progress with our mechanical work on my oversized wheelchair. Power was increased and several other special features were added. Undersized jumpseats were positioned slightly above and behind the front bucket seats. I knew my powerful vehicle could carry two, but I was unsure about four.

Fortunately for me, the houses on this block backed up to a state park. The land was overgrown with bushes and trees, it was dark and secluded, it was hilly and rocky, and most importantly, it was a perfect off-road proving ground for my innovative wheelchair.

“Scott, we need a couple of guinea pigs to test the four-person capabilities of our creation,” I informed my helper.

My friend had an immediate answer, “What about the girls, Amber and Brandi? Hey, we could make a picnic of it! I’ll go ask right now.”

Off the eager boy went without my approval of his plan. Truth be told, I liked the idea, yet I knew in my heart that I would want to kiss Brandi and I knew in my loins that I would want to do dirty, nasty things to her cunt.

If the girls were going with Scott and me, I suppose their parents should see my wheelchair. I climbed into the driver’s seat, switched to battery power, quietly bypassed Scott’s backyard, and then pulled into the girl’s yard. Girls and parents poured out of the house. I was introduced to the parents by Scott and I then gave them a verbal, yet mechanical, examination of my machine. These parents were quite impressed.

“You won’t go far into the woods, will you?” the mother inquired. “There are only a few hours of daylight left. This will have to be a picnic supper.”

I could not lie to the mother, so I became deceptive. “Oh, we will be back before nightfall,” I said deceitfully. I bypassed making a promised not to go far. “Unless, well it would certainly be nice if we could have a campfire after darkness falls. As I said, I have powerful lights that can make night into day. See my antenna? It allows me to extend my cellphone range by miles. We will always keep in touch.”

After a quick consultation, the parents relented and sat a ten o’clock curfew. The girls ran into the house and returned with a sack full of lunchmeat, bread, assorted chips, hotdogs, buns, and marshmallows. Scott squared this bounty away on the rear luggage rack. Amber and Brandi scampered into the rear jumpseats. Scott and I took the front buckets. All four passengers buckled up with five-point seatbelt harnesses.

Off we went moving slowly because of watchful parental eyes. Finding my hidden opening in the trees, I entered. Sunlight nearly disappeared as it was filtered by the canopy of a multitude of trees and their shady leaves. We followed a trail I had cut through the woods. Abruptly, the trail ended. A steep bank led down to a shallow creek running with water.

Pushing my joystick forward, my vehicle slowly descended the bank without even one tread sliding. Girls screamed as we went downhill and they screamed even louder as we hit the water with a splash. As there was nowhere to else to go, I headed downstream in the creek. The creekbed was solid rock littered with stones strewn about by nature.

The girls finally stopped screaming when they realized that I was fully in control. I wove my way through the foot-deep, crystal-clear water while avoiding most of the stones yet climbing over the others. It was a bumpy, rocky ride which ended when the creek disappeared.

The girls could see over Scott and my heads. Amber was the one to ask, “Where is the water?”

I teased, “Oh, it goes over a waterfall!”

Brandi smacked the back of my head and protested fearfully, “You’re not going over it, are you?”

“No Sweetie, but don’t you want to get a closer look over the edge?” I threatened.

“Nooooo!” two girls squealed.

Too late; I had maneuvered the oversized chair right up to the waterfall’s edge. The girl’s screaming resumed. I spoke sternly, “Oh you big babies hush and enjoy the view!”

Surprisingly, the screaming stopped. Observation began and eye-gazing faces lit with wonder. The creek didn’t fall in a straight drop. It meandered over a sloping cliff which stepped down due to the erosion of eons of running water. At the bottom, the creek became a large pool of water perfect for fishing, swimming, or just fooling around. The creek then vanished back into the forest. A secluded glade of perhaps an acre was surrounded by an enclosure of seemingly impenetrable trees.

“We’re going down there to have our picnic,” I informed. “Don’t worry, I know a way down, but it will be a rollercoaster ride through the forest. Please keep your screaming to a minimum and hold on tight.”

I turned my wheelchair left and headed up a nearly vertical passageway. My heavy-duty electric motors turned with all their might. The rear treads climbed, yet occasionally slipped, dug into the earth, and eventually found traction. At the top of the hill, I raced across a relatively long flat ridge. I then descended an equally vertical passage as I had come up. My problem here was to go down slow enough to keep my vehicle and its load from sliding. A judicious amount of throttle and brake was essential. Finally, we reached the valley floor and I raced over to the picnic spot beside the pool of water.

“Oh god, what a ride!” Amber said.

“Oh yeah, but Mom and Dad had better not find out we did this!” Brandi warned.

Changing the subject, Scott exclaimed, “Let’s go skinny-dipping before we eat!”

The boy jumped out of my vehicle, pulled off all his clothing, and then dove into the pool. “Come on Amber,” he beseeched. “You boys and girls are not afraid of a little nudity, are you?”

Amber and Brandi objected at first, but after a whispered conversation they reluctantly relented. The girls and I exited our chariot and slowly disrobed. We didn’t dive into to the water. Instead, we waded in slowly. I had a good look at my girl Brandi’s sweet young ass, her beautiful tits, and the erotic, hairless pussy between her legs. As a bonus, my eyes had a quick glimpse of Amber’s ample, maturing ass, her bountiful breasts, and the swollen, cracked beauty of a young cunt.

As soon as my rock-hard erection disappeared under the water an age old conflict began. Cold creek water attacks a cock’s swollen blood vessels and makes them wilt. I took Brandi’s hand, placed it on my shriveled cockshaft and whispered, “When we get out of this cold water, I will need your help to get hard again!”

The girl surprised me by placing my hand on the swollen folds of her vagina. She, too, was soft and deflated. My girl teased, “I believe I may need your assistance also if I am to become normal for you.”

For the next hour, or so, we four swam, frolicked, and played in the secluded deep-woods pool. Even though the creek meandered slowly down a rocky stream, there was one place where a small waterfall was head-high. We four wilderness adventurers stood under the waterfall’s spray. Hands urgently fondled cocks, and pussies, and boobs. We two boys were kind of unsure which girl’s female parts we were manhandling and I believe the girls were having the same problem with cocks.

As we came out from under the deafening shower, Brandi’s sister whispered softly in my ear, “My sis says that you give a good cuntsucking job. Maybe you can give me one soon so that I’ll know how she feels!”

I didn’t know how to take that offer. When we all came out of the water, I stared at Amber’s pussy for just a few moments. Even though Brandi was the girl that I picked, I told myself that, given the chance, I would eat her sister’s vagina in a heartbeat!

I took Brandi’s hand, grabbed a blanket from the luggage rack, and then disappeared into the woods with the nude girl. I found a nice piece of ground where I could spread the blanket. I lay down on my back. “Warm my cock up with your mouth, Babe,” I gently commanded.

Brandi was only a bit hesitant, but then she positioned herself into a cocksucking stance. Oh glory, the girl’s warm young mouth surrounded my limber shaft and brought it back to life with energetic sucking, and licking, and even playful biting! When it was finally able to stand up erect, the girl pulled her mouth off my cock. She lay down beside me on the blanket and exclaimed, “My turn, Jack! I want you to warm my pussy up.”

I sat up a bit and then began working my girl’s cold young cunt into a smokin’ hot piece of vagina. First, I warmed her cool pussyfolds by a vigorous lick-job all over the tender flesh. Next, I spread her folds and captured her half-limp clit. I slurped the vaginal protrusion into my mouth, I suckled it enthusiastically, and I let warm saliva from my mouth wet her.

As my hot tongue tip dipped to warm her hymen, Brandi had warmed enough that her pussy juices began running with their own feminine heat. A river of vaginal juices made her insides so slippery, wet, and hot that I wanted to mount the young, wide-eyed doe with the ferocity of a wild stag rutting at mating season.

My desire to wildly mate my cock with her cunt here in a deep-woods setting overpowered my mind and unrestrained my good senses. Without asking for one word of consent, I did mount atop the female at my side. Several feminine fingers instinctively led the head of my cock to the place I wanted it to be. Inner pussylips spread as my cockhead kissed them.

Spurred by the instincts of a wild beast of nature, I pushed my cock deeper into a dripping wet vaginal entrance. A hymen broke, a girl squealed, and my cockshaft buried itself deep into a sweltering hot hole. Brandi had indeed warmed up from the afternoon’s cold swim!

My girl began cooperating with her own impassioned desire. As I pumped in and out of her juicy pussy, she wrapped her legs around me. Somehow the girl got her pink-polished toes up far enough to dig into the flesh of my ass. As she neared orgasm, her toenails made tattooed impressions into each of my asscheeks. I fucked my virginal girl and she fucked me.

As soon as my cock unloaded its seminal fluids, I knew for sure that my soul was hell-bound because I had deflowered an innocent child. Child, my sore ass! Brandi was whimpering, and crying, and squealing with orgasmic delight. Her young cunt sprayed vaginal cum all over my loins. I fucked her even more enthusiastically and added my orgasmic cum to hers. Multiple fits of pleasurable glee coursed through my girl’s glowing body.

Proper fucking takes a while. I didn’t keep track of Brandi and my fornication time, but whatever it was it was enough to bring on obsessive passion and pleasure. Perhaps the quality of the carnal copulation was more important than the time spent screwing!

[4] Homebound and Happy

Brandi and I headed back to dress. Scott and Amber were doing the same. We decided to wash in the pool. Amber ended up standing next to me in knee-deep water. Once again she whispered softly in my ear, “Your cock is a cummy mess. I know some of it is Brandi’s, but I wish it was mine!”

Oh hell, the horny young lady was just asking for it! I was falling hard for her sister and was unsure if I could cheat on her. Most guys are lying, cheating bastards, so most-likely I would get a piece of Amber’s pussy if given the chance.

We made short work of eating the lunchmeat sandwiches and chips. Fornication is a real appetite booster. Since darkness was approaching, we built a nice campfire and roasted hotdogs and leftover chips. Marshmallows turned brownish around the edges as we roasted them as a delicious dessert.

We carefully doused the fire with pool water. We could hardly see. Full darkness had crept up on us. Each of us made our way to my vehicle and strapped in. Both sisters spoke as one frightened teen, “Jack, how will we ever be able to ride the rollercoaster home? We know you have lights, but…?”

No buts about it, I started the machine’s gasoline engine. It had no muffler therefore its throaty growl sounded like a menacing animal prowling the woods. I reached out for a bank of switches and flipped each one on. The whole of the deep-woods meadow became illuminated noon-day bright when the brilliance of my off-road lights shone.

At the foot of the path leading back up the steep hillside, I stopped. My battery gauge indicated that I still had over fifty percent charge in my series of batteries. I turned the array of heavy-duty batteries on and then I engaged my synchronized battery/engine transmission.

With dual power, my machine sped up the vertical hill. With lighting no problem, I maneuvered through tall pine trees, young saplings, and heavy-growth brush. At the top edge of the vertical climb, my vehicle was going so fast that it literally left the ground about a foot and then easily settled back on terra firma cushioned by the machine’s stiff suspension.

One illuminated dial caused quite a concern for the girls. “Jack, is that clock accurate?” Brandi alarmingly inquired. “It reads 9:35 PM!”

“Oh my god!” Amber echoed terrifyingly. “It took nearly an hour to get here. We will never get home before our curfew is over at 10! Dad won’t ever let us come with you again.”

Saying not a word, I turned in the opposite direction from whence we originally came. Racing across the ridge top, I made a sudden turn at the crest of the rim. Suddenly, a state blacktopped road ran smoothly under our treads. At 9:50 the blacktop ended and a concrete city street took its place. I ran two traffic lights and waved to a patrolman. At 9:59 we turned into my parent’s drive, glided through both mine and Scott’s backyard, and then stopped at the girls’ backdoor. The time was, 10 PM!

The parents came out to welcome their girls back home. An additional twenty minutes curfew was allowed for goodbyes. I grabbed Brandi’s hand and pulled her into a darkened spot too near the house to see. While I was kissing the girl, I imagined Scott as doing the same with Amber.

After kissing my girl for five minutes, I whispered an appeal. Brandi consented, pulled her short shorts and panties down, and then bent over with her ass to me. I pulled my own clothing down far enough to free my cock. This is the very same cock that entered my girl’s pussy from its drippy, wet backdoor. A ten minute quick-fuck was all we had, yet we made the most of it. Brandi and I both held a hand over our mouths as our orgasms came and our cum did come.

Brandi and I kissed goodbye five minutes more in cummy clothing.

[5] Cheatin’ SOB

I slept like a baby and was up before the sun. I had an early, hardy breakfast and then I headed downstairs to my workshop. The first thing I did was to check the charge on my batteries. They were full so I unplugged them from their charger. My monster machine was ready for more adventures.

I heard a knock on the side door. I rolled over in my regular electric wheelchair. Through the top window glass, I saw the unmistakable figure of a girl. It was not my girl Brandi. Instead, it was her sister Amber. I was confused, but I opened the door and allowed her in.

Amber was dressed in a ragged v-neck tee-shirt a size or two too small. Her braless breasts stretched the thin fabric. Hardened nipples protruded prominently. This girl also had on a miniskirt which barely covered her ass.

“Mom and Brandi have gone shopping,” she explained. “Jack, I came over with the hope that you might want to eat my pussy and then fuck me. I know that my sis is your girl, but what can a onetime betrayal matter? I’ll give you a good time. I promise!”

As I thought over the consequences of cheating on my girl, Amber’s shirt came off. A zipper sounded and the miniskirt slithered to the floor. Oh shit, not only was this girl braless, she was pantyless also! Damn me to Hell, how was I supposed to resist the temptation of a nude girl who wants to get fucked?

Often I work on my oversized wheelchair all day. I would sometimes need to rest or take a nap. I had installed a bed which pulled down from the wall. I pulled it down now. “Amber, help me straighten these bedcovers,” I commanded. “Damnit girl, if Brandi finds out about this I’m gonna spank your ass till it bleeds!”

Amber fixed the bed while I undressed. I lay on the bed and the girl climbed in with me. The horny doll jumped astraddle me and lay on my chest. Sister-cheating lips kissed my own deceiving, double-crossing mouth. My lips accepted Amber’s sweet soft offering of loving lust and kissed her back with impassioned zeal. God, I would hate to have to choose between the two sisters as to whose kisses were better!

“Oh Jack, I love…like you so much better than I do Scott,” Amber let slip.

This conflicted girl kissed me and kissed me and kissed me. Her kisses trailed down my chest and across my abdomen. Unashamed, she kissed the flesh of my cock. She licked, she fondled, and she played with my swelling erection. She took the head of my shaft and sucked it like a man-flavored lollipop.

This sister of my best girl took my entire cockshaft into her mouth. She deep-throated my pole so enthusiastically I was near cumming. “NO Jack,” she admonished. “I want you to cum in my cunt not in my mouth!”

I flipped Amber over and turned the tables on her. I lay astride her soft nude body and kissed her lips. Since this was to be our one and only cheating rendezvous, I kissed this girl with unreserved eagerness. I kissed down her neck, across her upper chest, and then I began kissing her tits. Oh what tits she had! In the matter of size, the older sister’s boobs won the prize. In sweetness of taste, I would call it a tie.

I played, suckled, licked, and kissed these tits ferociously. I sucked Amber’s nipples so hard their pinkness turned to a raw redness. I squeezed and played with these overripe mammary mounds with both hands. Lordy, they were a pair of the nicest tits I had ever had the pleasure of manhandling!

My lips found a nice abdomen with only a hint of a belly bump. I licked this girl’s bellybutton. My mouth found pussy valleys to kiss and lick. Swollen pussyfolds became my possessions. By opening these folds I found a beautiful clitoris surrounded by vivid pink vaginal flesh. I licked the pink skin and then captured the clit in an oral trap. I sucked the clitoral beauty; I pulled and tugged on it; and I wished that I could claim it as my own.

My tongue dove deep into Amber’s slippery honey hole. The girl whimpered and whined. Around and around my serpentine tongue did play inside her moisturized vaginal void. Vaginal muscles spasmed. I now knew that this was a pussy ripe for fucking.

Moving up Amber’s soft teen body, I found myself in a perfect position to fuck the girl. I kissed her pussylips with my cockhead. I hesitated and asked, “Amber, are you absolutely sure you want to fuck? We will be cheating on both Brandi and Scott.”

The girl didn’t hesitate at all with her answer, “Oh yes, Jack! I want you to fuck me so much I’m almost ready to cum right now! Please shove your cock in me deep!”

And, so I did. I rammed my cockshaft in past her outer folds, slipped in through her wet inner pussylips, and then drove deep into her moisturized vaginal home. Welcoming flesh and fluids promised pleasure galore if I would only pump in and out. My cock consented and I raised and lowered my ass and plunged my penile pole into Amber’s hot, wet, tight pussy.

The sinful girl screamed as her pleasure began. Orgasms created loud whimpers and whines. My blistering cum spurted into her tender vaginal cavity burning her flesh and creating multiple discharges of orgasmic female cum. Frictional forces called forth even more seminal cum from my body. My cock happily hammered this girl’s pussy and deposited every drop of my body’s squirting fluid.

Amber and I fucked like a pair of demonic sinners. My workshop bed rocked and rolled to the tune of a devilish song. Forbidden pleasures ran through both male and female bodies alike. Sinful or not, I loved fucking this girl and I’d bet my ass she loved being fucked by me!

I had already reckoned myself to be hell-bound because of my screwing Brandi, but now after fucking Amber I knew I had sealed the deal. This older sister and I cuddled and kissed with my cock still captured inside her tight cunt muscles.

[6] The End; to Fuck or not to Fuck

Amber and I washed up in my workshop’s half bath sink. We dressed and walked to the exit door. Instead of opening the door, the girl threw her arms around me and cried. Through sniffling tears she implored, “Jack, I know I promised this would be a onetime betrayal, but Mister if you don’t kiss and fuck me again and again and again, I’ll go crazy!”

The girl then fled. What was I to do now? Should I be faithful to my sixteen-year-old girl? Should I remain a lying, cheating son of a bitch and fuck the older seventeen-year-old sister?

I made a decision; since I liked both girls and since I was going to Hell anyways, I would fuck them both!

SO; with Amber’s knowledge, I occasionally fucked Brandi and without Brandi’s knowledge, I often fucked Amber.

These sisters were the best things in my life. I spilled quite a bit of bareback cum into each of the fertile young female wombs. Why neither I nor either of them thought to use protection was a mystery.

Oh well, ‘Que Sera, Sera’ (Whatever Will Be, Will Be).

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