Adventures of Miracle Steve 1

Our story starts with Steve on vacation, sunning at the beach during his summer vacation, there is a party atmosphere in the air as the most of the students that have come to the beach on their summer break is there to do only one thing, party. Normally this early in the mornings most of the students was sleeping off the effects of their heavy partying the previous evening. This was the time that Steve and obviously the other inhabitants of the town chose to do their visit to the beach, the first stirrings usually started around three the afternoon, of course the first thing to show that the students was awake would be the music and when that started up, you had about an hour of peace and quiet left, quiet being a relatively loose term.

Steve was sitting on his camping chair under an umbrella, he had nothing against the sun, but it was already warm enough to pick up sunburn easily, and for now he was not very interested in getting burned, the early morning sun was just warm enough for him to have gotten his daily tan, now he was just lounging, watching the other people from behind his sunglasses. As the first notes came drifting from the beachside houses, he started thinking about leaving, all he had to pack up was the chair, his umbrella and the cooler bag with his juice inside. As more music started up, he got up and took down the umbrella, as he was folding up the chair he heard a faint voice over the music which was now growing in volume as the students woke up and started their days with a beer or a cider. Of course the Police did crack down on the whole underage drinking, but they just didn’t have the manpower to stop it completely. Steve heard the voice again and looked out towards the ocean, just in time to see a head disappearing under the water. He pulled off his sunglasses, dropping them on the folded chair and ran towards the water, it was a good way in and he was certain that if you get in trouble there…you’re in trouble.

He waded in quickly, ducking in under the waves, it took him a few minutes to reach the person, grabbing an arm and drawing the person closer, he slipped his arm under the arm he held and rested it on the person’s shoulder, only then did he realize that it was a girl. Using a side crawl to allow her to breathe, he made his way back towards the beach as she kept whimpering,

“Ow ow ow.”

At first he was worried about a shark attack, but her distress was not shock and he was too busy trying to get them both to shore. Luckily the waves helped to push them towards the beach and when he could stand, he lifted her up and did a quick check, there was no blood or missing limbs, so he helped her onto the beach where she sank down onto the sand. She was younger than Steve, he guessed her to be fifteen or sixteen, the bikini left most of her body bare and he had to admit that she looked great, definitely a very serious sporting lady or just a fitness freak. She coughed a few times and pushed the hair which have escaped her ponytail out of her face and looked up at Steve. Grey eyes and black hair, Steve just had to smile, she was gorgeous,

“Are you OK?”

She nodded and pointed at her leg,


Steve understood, he knelt at her feet and poked her calf, it was hard as rock, he took her foot and pushed her toes towards her, stretching out the calf, rubbing the cramped muscle.

“Higher up as well.”

Steve frowned at first then he understood, her hamstring as well, he raised her leg, stretching the hamstring as well, keeping his pressure on her foot to keep her calf stretched out, rubbing over both her calf and hamstring to warm them a bit and to lessen the cramps. After a few minutes the tension in her muscles started to relax and he slowly lowered her leg,

“Is that better?”

She nodded,

“If it wasn’t for you I’d have drowned, you saved my life you know?”

Steve chuckled,

“You can be glad I read up about this or we would both be struggling behind the waves now.”

She got up and brushed the sand from her, then stuck out her hand,

“I’m Lily.”

Steve shook her hand,

“Steve Gordon.”

“Well good to meet you Steve, you from around here?”

He shook his head,

“No I’m…”

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The voice was loud and clearly very upset, Steve half-turned and suddenly got grabbed by the arm and yanked away, tumbling onto the loose sand.


“Miss Goldstein you are not supposed to talk to unknown men.”

“He saved my life you dunce!”

By now Steve had gotten back to his feet and brushed the sand from him, he looked over at Lily and the man that almost threw him off of the beach. Lily seemed quite upset and the man, who looked like a line backer was standing with his arms crossed over his considerable chest.

“You are not supposed to be here on the beach in the first place.”

Steve frowned, Lily Goldstein? The surname kind of made a little bell tingle, but he couldn’t really put a face or any facts with the surname. Kevin threw a thumb at Steve,

“And what will he want as repayment? Did you ask him that?”

Lily glanced at Steve passed Kevin,

“What would you want for saving my life?”

Steve shrugged,

“An apology from Mr Big here for almost throwing me off of the beach in one go might work.”

Kevin turned towards Steve and even dressed in beige cargo pants, black golf-shirt and very expensive sunglasses Steve could sense that this man was sure of getting his way all the time.

“Mr Big?”

Steve nodded,

“Yes, you are rather huge and since we have not been formally introduced I had no other name for you.”

Kevin stared at Steve for a while and then a smile started to crawl over his lips,

“Mr Big was one of my childhood heroes.”

He flexed his biceps,

“Of course I will never get that big, I’m four inches lacking on the big man himself.”

Steve chuckled,

“Well from where I’m standing there isn’t too much difference, although being mistaken for a Frisbee does tend to warp a person’s reality.”

Kevin chuckled and then suddenly sobered up,

“Look I’m sorry, my name’s Kevin, Kevin Sawnsy.”

Steve took the massive hand that was thrust his way and they shook,

“I’m Steve Gordon, so what are you? Lily’s boyfriend?”

Kevin chuckled,

“Actually her bodyguard, she gave me the slip because we were busy changing the watch when she slipped away. Luckily I saw you charging towards the water like a Golden Retriever spotting a downed duck.”

Steve nodded,

“Well Kevin no harm done, but if you saw me that means…”

Steve looked to the houses and for a moment faltered, the house which had the most prominent view was absolutely staggering. He had taken photos of it before and has studied it, from what he heard it was some sort of multi billionaire who owned the place, he could buy the whole country and still have change for a Greek island. Steve looked back at Kevin, who nodded and then at Lily who seemed quite upset.

“Look if we can reimburse you for the trouble we can sort this out right?”

Steve looked back and Kevin and smiled,

“No need man, I help people when I can, it’s what I do. You probably have to drag her back home, kicking and screaming and as you can hear the band is tuning up, so I’m on my way as well.”

Kevin frowned, like a guy who didn’t really understand, Steve stuck out his hand and Kevin automatically shook it.

“See you Kev, was good meeting you.”

He peeked passed the massive frame and gave Lily a wave,

“Good to meet you Lily, take care OK?”

“I don’t scream and kick and thank you.”

Steve nodded and gave her a thumbs-up, then headed towards his bundle of things, he could hear Kevin and Lily grumbling at each other and when they passed him, Lily’s voice piped up,

“You don’t have a towel do you? Mr Jumbo here forgot to bring mine and I have to admit that I forgot mine at the house.”

Steve straightened up and pulled his own blanket from under the umbrella,

“There you go, I’ll be back here tomorrow morning so you can just send it to me then.”

Lily took the towel and wrapped it around herself,

“Thanks Steve, have a nice day.”

He waved at her and watched as they left; the petite girl and the huge guy, what a strange sight they made. He picked up his stuff and carried it over to the parking lot, dumping everything into his old Volkswagen Beetle and drove off.

The next morning Steve arrived early, too late to catch the chill and too early for most of the other sunbathers, of course he didn’t beat the Yoga lady and the Doberman man. He set up his chair and umbrella then rubbed himself with sun lotion and reclined on his chair with his sunglasses to soak up some sun before it got too warm. He dozed off, because he woke up when a voice said his name, there was a shadow laying over him and when he looked up the sun outlined a man, the man held a towel and he was quite certain that it was not Kevin. He sat up and came face-to-face with the man who graced the cover of Time magazine, who was said to be one of the richest men in the world and who was holding his towel casually in one hand, while wearing olive Capri’s, a cream shirt and brown Ray-Bans.

“Are you Steve Gordon?”

Steve could only nod, by then he had noticed that the people standing behind Mr Goldstein was guards and that one of them was the very intimidating Kevin. Mr Donald Goldstein held out the towel and Steve took it, almost dropping it.

“I heard that you saved my little girl’s life yesterday and even after realizing who she is, you still denied any kind of payment. So now I’m here in person to ask how I can repay you for saving Lillian.”

Steve cleared his throat,

“Well sir, like I told Kevin, I don’t want any payment, I’m fine with helping her.”

Donald looked at Steve and he ran his thumb and forefinger over the sides of his jaw,

“What do you do for a living Steve?”

Steve shuffled nervously from one foot to the other,

“I’m still studying sir.”

The eyebrows raised slightly behind the sunglasses,

“Ah so you’re with the mob who flooded the little town?”

Steve shook his head,

“No sir, I prefer to study, read or just relax out here in the sun.”

“What skills do you have Steve?”

Steve frowned,

“As in working skills? None really sir, I know a few things because I read a lot and I have finished my diploma in Business Management.”

Donald nodded,

“I see…do you have any work in mind?”

Steve shook his head,

“No sir not really, I’m kind of a Jack of all trades, I used to help out around my home town. I just seem lucky with electronics and engines, part of the reason why I’ve started my IT studies this year.”

Donald looked out passed Steve and suddenly a small smile came to his face, Steve had a strange feeling about this little smile, especially since Mr Goldstein had a reputation of making strange calls.

“Good! I need a problem-solver, you have the personality and you have the attitude. Pack your bags Mr Gordon, you have a new job…”

He paused and turned away,

“Make your studies distance courses; you will have enough time for them.”

With that Mr Donald Goldstein walked away, as they stepped onto the parking lot attendants flocked to him to clean his feet and slip on his shoes, Steve stared after the man and for the first time it dawned on him. He had just now been pulled into the world of the Donald Goldstein, his first reaction was to say run after the man and tell him that he couldn’t do it, but when the rest of the plan settled in, he realized that it was a chance only a fool would give up, now he was many things, but a fool wasn’t one of them. He looked at the towel in his hands and sat down in his chair again, why would the man just pull a complete stranger off of the beach and offer his a job? It was strange, but then again, why would he worry? At least he can say that he had met Mr Goldstein himself.

“You should start cracking, Mr Goldstein wants to leave tomorrow morning early.”

Steve looked over his shoulder to see that one of the guards had returned,

“I’m to go with you and let you in when we return.”

Steve nodded and started packing, with the help of the guard, who introduced himself as Wallace, they were in his Beetle and heading to the apartment he rented. This being Summer break, he had brought almost all his belongings with him, the only stuff still at his dorm was his clothing, but Wallace assured him that he will get re-outfitted to suit Mr Goldstein’s standards of dress. Which Steve decided had to be the most expensive, yet workable if he had to deduce from what he had seen so far.

Two hours later Steve pulled up to the wrought iron gate, a guard stepped out to check with them, Steve noticed the security cameras and of course the fact that the guard was armed, was not lost on him. They got waved in and the gate swung open, Steve drove in, Wallace directing him towards a garage door. Once parked, Steve found that his old car seemed way out of place; the garage housed shiny sports cars and two town cars and even a stretched limousine. Wallace helped him through a door which led them to a hallway, at the end of the hallway Steve’s suitcases got taken from him by two women in French maid’s uniforms. Wallace led him through a door into a big room; paintings adorned the walls, what had to be a crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, the floor was a highly polished wood, Steve had no idea what type of wood, along the walls stood various statues and vases on wooden tables, but the centrepiece was a dark wooded table on which stood a crystal statue of an arch angel.


Wallace stopped and looked in the direction that Steve was looking,

“Yes, it does inspire awe when you first see it, don’t worry you will get used to it. Come along, Mr Goldstein is waiting.”

Steve followed Wallace through what had to be an oak door and into a room, the floor covered by a burgundy carpet, the walls covered with books and next to the large window which gave an excellent view of the beach stood a huge desk, on one side stood a LCD monitor, in the middle lay a daily planner and to the left of the planner stood an organizer which housed two pens and a letter opener. Donald stood in front of the window, he turned to face Steve and Wallace when they entered.

“Ah Steve, so glad you could join us. You probably have a few questions?”

Steve nodded,

“As would anybody who find themselves so suddenly employed. You have quite a reputation back home Mr Miracle Man or like the people I phoned yesterday called you: Miracle Steve. It was of course based on what I read and heard that I have offered you this position. My previous employee left on account of family problems and left quite a hole in my staff, so I believe you to be the perfect candidate to take her place, unless you can give me any reason why you would not suit as my problem solver?”

Steve was surprised; he didn’t actually think that his history would have been delved into just for saving a girl from drowning. He slowly shook his head in answer to the question,

“The conversion to distance learning is easy, just a few bucks extra and since I don’t really have anything else, I can’t say that there is no good reason not to work for you.”

A smile cracked Donald’s face and Steve noticed that it was perfect and wondered how much that cost,

“Good, Wallace will help you settle in for the night, we leave early for The Queen.”

With that Donald turned to his desk and Wallace nudged Steve,

“Welcome to the staff list. Come I’ll show you to your room.”

As they left, Steve couldn’t help but wonder what Donald meant with The Queen, so he voiced the question to Wallace.

“Ah The Queen, she is Mr Goldstein’s pride and joy, she is one of the biggest yachts in the world, what makes her the envy of all the seafaring rich and famous is that she is entirely hand-built. It was a special order by Mr Goldstein as Sultan Afhiz Dulhalla owned him for some business advice Mr Goldstein gave him.”

Steve snapped his fingers,

“Right! She was built in the sultan’s docking yard, I remember now, it was quite a huge thing on the internet some time ago, because nobody had any idea where the ship went. Various conspiracy theories were launched around the disappearance of the yacht.”

Wallace frowned,

“Well I don’t know about that, but the fact about where it was built does seem right.”

Steve was shown to his room and again he was astounded, this time about how Spartan it was, there was a single bed, next to it a simple nightstand housing an alarm clock, built-in closet with a few coat hangers and a padded chair, the adjoining bathroom basically just a shower, basin and a mirror. It made Steve think of an overnight room, just a place to sleep. The next morning found him rising early, getting ready and dressing in the best suit he had, which was a dark blue, with it he wore a white shirt and a tie that closely resemble the colour of the suit. The only movement in the huge house was that of the security detail and the kitchen staff getting ready for the day, Steve wandered around, inspecting the house as far as he was allowed, which seemed to be he could go anywhere he wanted except the other bedrooms. He was astounded at how much artwork there was in the otherwise Spartan house, it was almost like Donald wanted to show off his money in a place he did not actually live in. Breakfast was announced through a bell which sounded over the intercom system, Steve had noticed the various speakers and of course, one intercom panel in the study gave away the surprise. Breakfast was flapjacks, scrambled eggs, sausages and toast, enough to serve everybody, yet the only people at the breakfast table was Donald, Lily and Steve. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, Steve did most of the talking, but mainly because Donald and Lily did most of the questioning, after breakfast Donald informed Steve that he should get ready, a car was going to take him to town to get clothes, Lily and two of the guards would accompany them. Before Steve could broach the subject of funding, Donald took a card from his shirt and slid it to Steve; the card was completely black; the only thing that broke the colour was the golden chip on the left hand side of the card.

“Just remember one thing Steve, money is no problem from now on.”

Steve mutely took the card and inspected it, he had heard of these cards, but never thought he’d ever see one, much less hold one. Donald excused himself from the table and Lily followed, her parting words:

“Just need to slip into something comfortable, give me ten minutes.”

Steve got up and started for the garage, there he found the two guards who were to escort Lily and him. When he asked about the car, they mentioned to the town car, it was a beauty, so Steve of course said nothing further about it. Ten minutes later Lily wafted into the garage; she wore a powder blue summer dress, which did not quite reach her knees, a thin, golden belt, gold sandals and her hair loose. She was looking really pretty and Steve wondered what her mother looked like, he couldn’t really remember seeing anything about the Goldstein family in the magazines or front covers.

The shopping went quite well, with Lily’s help he was able to find suits, shirts, ties and shoes which went very well with his new standing, the only thing he did not do is follow her advice on the material of the suits, she wanted him to wear silk, he wanted cotton, so he got cotton in the end of the day. They spent lunch at a quiet little restaurant and were back at the Goldstein house shortly after their lunch, Steve was informed that he had time to pack his new clothing and his toiletries; they were on their way out. An hour later found Steve looking out of the window of a helicopter, Donald, Lily, Wallace and two other guards was on the helicopter, the other staff stayed at the house.

After a few hours and a lot of amiable chatting, Steve saw The Queen for the first time since the last pictures he saw on the internet and he was awed indeed. The yacht could be classed as a boat; even the old English and French warships would have given quite a few feet to the yacht. The helicopter settled down on a landing pad and after everybody was unloaded, it took off again. The moment Steve entered the interior of the yacht, he realised where Donald spent most of his time, the yacht was well furnished and clearly people lived here as it had a much more comforts than the house, he was shown to his new room and was only slightly smaller than the one he had in the house, it even had its own bathroom.

Steve was once again left to his own devices, but Donald did ask for him to be in the galley at six the afternoon. Steve firstly wandered around, went to the cabin to chat with the captain, he noticed that the helicopter came to land once and took off again, the guards ushered a person down deck and Steve wondered what was going on. Later more helicopters landed and Steve was astounded at some of the people getting out and moving down below deck, they were rich and famous people, mostly businessmen, but some of them actors and sportsmen. The ship continued sailing and just as dusk started to settle, a guard came to find Steve and escorted him down to what was a very grand dining area.

The polished mahogany floor and oak wall panels complimented each other perfectly; the windows would clearly give one a perfect view, although at the moment heavy burgundy curtains covered the ocean also preventing anybody from looking in. The chairs and small round tables seemed to be made from highly polished brass and alabaster, giving a slight hint of mystery to the surroundings. On what should be a buffet table, there was a sculpture, small bowls with different sauces was placed around the figure as was plates with crackers, bread and biscuits, meats was sliced and placed on the figure along with various types of fruit. Donald noticed him and came on over, a slight smile on his face,

“Ah Steve, the people had just started to wonder where you were.”

Donald turned and with a light clap of his hands got everybody’s attention,

“People, this is Steve, our new problem solver.”

A polite applause followed and Steve noticed for the first time that there was a smell of incense and soft music, nothing that you would pick up, but it was there. Donald took him by the elbow and led him to the table. Steve saw that the figure was that of a nude woman and then it occurred to him that the sculpture was breathing. He blinked and looked closer at the sculpture, her breasts along with her rib cage rose again and a soft whisper reached his ears,

“Don’t you know it’s impolite to stare?”

He backed away and turned to face Donald, Donald had a shit-eating grin on his face,

“And that is the bulk of what your work will be.”

Donald moved away with Steve, Steve finally found his words along with his breath,

“That is a live woman, she’s acting like a…a…”


“Yes, a platter.”

Donald smiled,

“And she’s famous as well.”

Steve glanced at the face, it was impassive now, but somehow it did seem familiar.

“Who is it? She seems familiar.”

“Lucy Lawless”

Steve blinked and looked at Donald,


Donald nodded,

“It is the last deal your predecessor made before he left us. It is the same sort of deals I would expect from you.”

Steve looked at the naked woman and then back at Donald,

“How? How did he do it?”

Donald smiled and placed a hand on Steve’s shoulder,

“He bought her services. This is what she has to do for a few hours and after that she is free to go or to mingle with the guests. You must start to realize Steve, money is no problem and the second thing you need to remember is…everybody has a price.”

Steve looked over at the actress as she was laid out on the table, willing to bare it all, what was that price? He looked back at Donald and nodded,

“It may take some time, but I think I will be able to wrap my head around it.”

Donald nodded,

“You also get to escort her to her room, where she can freshen up before leaving or mingling, so you better step up your manners and not stare too much.”

Donald gave him a friendly clap on the shoulder and moved away to mingle with his guests, which Steve only realized now, was just men. Thinking about it, this was probably the wealthiest, most powerful gathering of men from everywhere in the globe. The thought alone made his mouth dry, so he headed to the table to find something to drink, on the other side of the table was a small bar, it was well-stocked and the beer was just the thing, as he popped open the cap, that soft whisper came from behind him,

“So you’re the new guy?”

He turned and looked down at Lucy as she looked up at him and nodded,

“Yes, I started today.”

She gave him half a smile,

“You’re kind of cute, they should’ve sent you in the first place.”

She gave him a wink and then closed her eyes, leaving Steve to look at the naked form of the actress, he took a swig from his beer and moved away, she was artfully covered, but he was sure that she would be uncovered when the eating started. He had to admit that it was something he could only dream of, of course being a geek, he was one of the many computer owners who had seen Lucy’s accidental flash at the NHL match and he was one of the many who really liked what he had seen. And now, scant meters away from him, covered by thin slices of cold meat was those same breasts, not pixels, but flesh and blood.

The party started to liven up, people wandered over and picked up some of the food and settled into little groups talking away. An older gentleman made himself comfortable at the same table as Steve, his plate heaped up with meat, biscuits, bread and thickly lathered in what appeared to be mustard. It turned out that the gentleman was from Wales, not royalty, but close as he controlled most of the export and import business. He was also a people’s person and soon Steve found himself engrossed in conversation about the ins and outs of import tax, the things you could pay less on and how you could actually import an entire car in parts for cheaper than the whole car.

By the time the gentleman, who had not given a name, had left, Steve had learned quite a lot, it occurred to him that at more parties like this, he could actually learn so much from all the people that came here and he was sure that this was the sort of parties that Donald used to gain the fabled fortune and the cash he used to get the “entertainment” for said parties. When the guests started to depart, Steve cornered one of the waitresses who made certain that the bar stayed stocked and asked if she knew if Lucy had a robe or somewhat that he could cover her with before heading to her room. The waitress opened a small cabinet hidden next to the bar, from it she withdrew a royal blue robe, Steve took it after thanking her and then headed to the basically nude actress where she lay on the table. He had to force himself not to stare, though she was no young girl anymore, he had to admit that her curves was something to behold, body firm without being too muscular and her breasts was lovely, by now the thin layer of what he assumed to be icing sugar, which coated her body and face, was mostly removed by the food that had covered her body.

The only food left, was two slices of what seemed to be ham, which was spread on her stomach and a tomato which seemed to hold fast to her one nipple, the uncovered nipple showing that the tomato also picked up most of the powder, leaving it distended and stiff in the cool air. Not able to contain his curiosity, he licked the tip of his finger and swiped it over her shoulder, tasting the white powder and sure enough it was icing sugar. He found two blue eyes staring up at him and a slight smile tilting her mouth corners.

“Having fun?”

He gave a nervous chuckle,

“Sorry, I was just curious.”

“So any idea how much longer I have to lie here? I was told once the food was finished I could go.”

He looked at the pieces of meat and the tomato, picking up two slices of bread, he smeared them with mayonnaise, picked up the meat and lastly the tomato, placed it all between the two slices and placed the improvise sandwich on a plate,

“There you go.”

She gave him a smile and sat up, he admired her figure once more, then pulled the robe from where he had held it under his arm and held it up for her to slip on. She did so and pulled it close, giving a soft chuckle,

“Not sure why I would want to decent myself up, everybody saw me naked already.”

She turned to face Steve, then picked up the sandwich and took a bite, Steve realized that she couldn’t have eaten while laying in display and he quickly fetched her a beer from the bar. She accepted it and used it to wash down the bit of sandwich,

“Well well, we have a gentleman, how nice.”

Steve almost blushed at her words,

“Well Mr Goldstein did tell me to brush up my manners.”

She laughed softly and finished the sandwich and beer,

“I guess that you are to escort me as well?”

Steve nodded and she tossed her dirty blonde hair,

“Well then, shall we?”

He held his arm and she hooked in with him,

“I’m not sure where it is…”

“Oh don’t worry, I remember it.”

They walked from the room and headed up the stairs to where the cabins were, they talked about the ocean and how calm it all was, she stopped at a door and he opened it for her, she stepped inside and paused when he didn’t follow her, she gave him a smile,

“Do come in, it’s not like I’m going to bite you.”

Steve was stunned,

“Uhm wouldn’t you like some privacy?”

She shrugged,

“I was told what happens on the yacht, stays on the yacht, come on in, I like some company when I’m in a strange place.”

Steve followed her inside and closed the door behind him,

“Don’t forget to lock it, don’t want somebody just walking in and seeing me naked.”

He actually did blush at this, not that she was aiming anything at him, he was just not used to be in a room as cosy as this with a woman and with that woman being really attractive and famous, it was even more for him to absorb. Lucy on the other hand didn’t seem to have any qualms; she shed the robe and tossed it onto the bed, revealing her well-toned figure once more to Steve’s appreciative eyes. A smile came to her lips and she crossed her arms under her breasts, pressing them up and together, cocking one eyebrow she looked at Steve,


Steve was at a complete loss,


She gave a soft laugh,

“You’re overdressed, solve that problem.”

Steve was flabbergasted, never did he believe that she would be so forward, but then again he was not sure what the terms of the agreement was, she tapped a foot on the floor,

“I was told that afterwards I can entertain myself, now get those clothes off Mr Problem Solver, I’ve decided you’re my entertainment.”

Steve felt caught between a rock and a hard place, but since he was here and since Donald would not have been happy if he had declined and ran, he stripped off his jacket and loosened his tie, he was quite aware of Lucy’s eyes on him. He slipped off the tie, then undid his shoes and removed them along with his socks, he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped out of it, though he was not ripped or very muscular, he had some definition and this seemed to sit well with Lucy as she inavertedly nodded as he started to unbuckle his belt and pants, he slipped off his pants and looked over at Lucy who was wearing a big smile,

“Well go ahead, you’re almost there.”

With some trepidation he slipped off his boxers and Lucy’s eyes widened slightly,

“Well now you’re ready for the party, come along, I think there’s some of the icing on my back.”

She turned and walked into the bathroom, despite his nervousness at the situation, Steve could feel his cock rousing from its slumber, so far he could look on with the detachment of somebody surfing the ‘net for hot pictures, but now there was no more detachment. That was a real, warm-blooded woman, who had just invited him to share her shower, the thought alone was enough to make his cock grow, the reality of who the woman was, was also playing a part in the back of his head. He stepped out of the pile of clothing at his feet and followed Lucy, when he entered the water was already running and Lucy was in the process of testing it, before stepping into the shower, the shower doors was frosted glass, the mirror over the hand basin huge and it seemed lighted, around the basin was several toiletry articles.

“Well don’t just stand out there, get in here.”

He stepped into the shower and she pushed it close behind him, her hair was wet already and it clung to her face and shoulders, stopping just short of the swell of her breasts. The water washing away the icing, rivulets rushing over her body, the water running from her hair ran over her breast, over the hardening nipples, which kept their light pink colour. They stood there, looking at each other for a few moments, he watched as the water ran over her body, the body she so proudly displayed in the series Spartacus, the thought made him feel like a slave and she the domina, her mound was totally clean, not a hair in sight. Then she turned around, reaching up to pull her hair from her back, he could not help but gaze at her round ass,

“So is there any icing back there?”

“No, not at all.”


Her voice sounded like somebody mulling over a problem,

“Well since you’re here, make yourself useful then.”

She passed him a bar of soap, looking over her shoulder at him, a naughty smirk on her lips, Steve stood closer and used the bar of soap to lather up her shoulders, moving lower over her back and ended with her buttocks, she clearly kept herself in shape, under the soft skin her muscles was still evident, but her ass was soft, yet firm. He lathered up his hands and started to wash over her hips and sides as he went higher, she flicked her hair over her shoulders and raised her arms; he lathered up his hands again and went further. Up her arms he went, stopping at her wrists and then came down again, she leaned back against him, her wet ass pressing against his hardening cock.

“You’re doing such a good job of the back and sides, why not finish up?”

Using the bar of soap and his free hand, he started to lather up her neck, her hands slight inches from his as she still had her arms up, but bent at the elbow, her knuckles resting on her shoulders. His hands slowly moving downwards, as he neared her breasts, he started to panic, was this right? Was she enjoying this? Was he allowed to? But all those questions seemed to fade away when she languidly reached her hands behind his neck and pulled him down towards her, her head tilting back and her lips finding his, her tongue forcing its way passed his shocked lips.

Strangely enough the kiss gave him the courage to cup her breasts, using the lather on his hands to massage the slick skin, her hard nipples slid and poked between his fingers. She pressed herself harder against his cock which was by now poking hard between her soft buttocks, after a few moments of him massaging her breasts and she rubbing herself over his cock, she turned around, grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against her, all pretences of washing gone as their tongues twisted and pushed against each other. Steve luckily did not drop the soap, the tiles was slick enough from the lather that was rinsed from her, he placed it in the holder and for the lack of a better place to hold on to, he took a hold of her ass, kneading the firm muscles under the plump, soft exterior, his cock caught between them, it throbbed in anticipation of what was surely to come.

Lucy moaned into the kiss, her kissing becoming more and more intense, he of course did not complain at all, this woman truly was a MILF and he was right there in a warm shower, making out with her. After what felt like hours of making out, she suddenly disengaged and took a step back, she looked down at Steve’s throbbing cock and took it between two hands; she pumped her hands over the hard shaft and looked up at Steve,

“Just how long is this thing?”

Steve cupped her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples,

“Last I took the time to measure, it was ten inches.”

She grinned at him,

“I want to take it for a test drive.”

Using his cock as a hold, she pulled him closer to her, leaning into the shower’s corner to prevent the knobs from digging into her back, she raised one leg and he took hold of it, just above the knee. He watched, almost mesmerised as she ran the tip over her puffy lips, before sliding it into her hot pussy. She placed both hands behind his neck and pulled his head towards her own, he took a half-step forward to keep his balance. His cock slid a few inches into her, making her moan loudly before her lips locked with his own, slipping one arm around his waist, she kept a firm hold on his neck with her other hand. Steve was not sure what she was doing, but it soon became clear when she pulled him closer, his cock sliding even deeper and she moaned into his mouth.

He could not believe it, his very first time with a woman and it was with none other than Lucy Lawless! She on the other hand had no problem with taking what she wanted, she pushed her hips forward, allowing the rest of his cock to slide deeper into her, she grunted as he pushed against her cervix, but with another shove of her hips he slid fully into her. He realized that he had to do something as she had done almost everything on her own by now, he reached an arm around her waist and slowly pulled back, pushing back into her with a rush, making her cry out, their locked lips preventing the sound to escape. He thrust into her again, her hips thrusting forward to meet him, her hold on him vice-like, almost like she was afraid to fall.

After a few more thrusts, they started to get a rhythm, he held to this rhythm, briefly recalling that women liked it when a man varied the depth and not the pace. He tried this while he had the chance, randomly giving a short stroke between the deep thrusts, as the moments passed, so did the intensity grow, his thrusts becoming harder and faster almost on their own accord, she bit onto his lip and he could feel her body shudder against his, her pussy seeming to clamp down on his cock. She said nothing so he took it that she did not want him to stop, so he kept on thrusting into her, a few moments later she gasped for breath and a loud groan escaped from her mouth, she quickly planted her lips on his again, their tongues wrestling anew.

He became aware of a wet slapping sound and realized it was them, their groins slapping against each other while the water ran down their bodies, again Lucy’s body seemed to lock up and the sudden added friction made him feel a tingle at the base of his cock, a sure sign that soon he was to cum. When Lucy gasped for air once more, he leaned close to her ear,

“I’m getting close now.”

She nodded and placed both hands on his shoulders, keeping time with the increased pace of his thrusts, then as he felt the undeniable start of his orgasm, she suddenly pushed him away from her, his cock popping out of her with a loud, wet pop. She sank to her knees and locked her lips over his cock, grabbing hold of the base with one hand and grabbing hold of his ass with the other, she sucked hard on his cock, moving her head up and down the shaft in time with her hand, Steve couldn’t hold on much longer and released, his knees half buckled from the sudden rush of pleasure and he grabbed hold of the door’s railing with one hand and pushed against the wall with his other hand. Rope after rope of cum shot from his cock and straight into the sucking mouth of Lucy, she took his orgasm in her stride, pushing his cock to the back of her mouth, her hand releasing his shaft and gently massaging his balls. When Steve’s senses returned to normal, Lucy was busy standing up, licking her lips; she gave him a smile,

“Well then Steve, I have to admit, you are quite some entertainment.”

Steve gave her a grin,

“I aim to please.”

She turned off the shower and wrapped her arms around his waist, looking up at him from her 5”7’ height,

“Don’t worry, next time, I’ll make very sure of that.”

She reached up and kissed him, then pushed open the door and stepped out, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her, leaving Steve staring after her…next time??

Adventures of Miracle Steve 2

He drained the last of his coffee and looked over his shoulder as footsteps approached, it was Donald, Donald came to lean against the railing next to him, dressed in khaki Capri’s, a blue golf t-shirt and brown loafers, Donald still oozed money, confidence and respect. The two of them stared out over the blue ocean for some time and then Donald turned to him, “Do you have anybody in mind for next week?” Steve nodded, “I do, I’m just curious to...


Adventures of Miracle Steve 3

Burk&Bailey have drawn up the documents, which were sent to Jaimie, it was signed and a total amount of $36,890,000 was dispensed between various organizations. This actually impressed Donald, he mentioned that he paid upwards of sixty million for Lucy’s services, this surprised Steve, but then again, like Donald have stated numerous times, money was no problem. Tuesday morning rolled in and sunrise found Steve strapped into the helicopter dressed in a smart...


Rosie and Steve – Part 6

Introduction: Alls fair in love & war. Adventures in Rosieland 6 It was quiet in the house, Beatrice was at school, Rosie couldnt believe her little girl was sixteen now. Melissa, Beas half, and now step-sister was also at school. People often remarked how much the two girls looked alike, but never in front of John, there were rumours around that he wasnt Melissas father, which hed obviously heard whispered behind his back, but he payed them no mind. Steve had...



Introduction: STEVE CALLED HIS WIFE PLEASINGLY PLUMP Jan and Steve had been married for just over 10 years, had 3 young kids, and while they usually had good sex, it was infrequent, and as with most couples, it was at times, boring. Jan was chubby as a teen and still chubby as an adult, the years and childbirth had made her 36d teen breasts in to a luscious pair of 40dds. She had a sexual presence about her and was actually quite attractive to people that liked...


My first night with steven

Introduction: This is my first story, i know its short,but if u guys like it tell me and il finish our week off Steven and I have been very close all of our lives, but he didnt know something about me, Im gay! And ever since I was old enough to realize it I think he is too. For the past two years of my life I have dreamt of being in a relationship with him, watching movies, cuddling, kissing, but I knew it could never happen. I am Jim I am 16 yrs old, 6 feet tall...


Cindy, Steven and Jenny and Carla Ch. 1

Steven was strangely attracted his sister 16 year old Cynthia when she agreed to skinny-dip in their pool with him. He watched her take off her bathing suit and hid his arousal under the water. With both parents at work they didn’t dream of their teenage children doing this. Cynthia had tiny breasts and had shaved her pubic hair off with a razor. She let Steven touch her breasts and nipples. They got dressed before their parents came home. Steven said,...


Cindy, Steven and Jenny and Carla Ch. 1

Steven was strangely attracted his sister 16 year old Cynthia when she agreed to skinny-dip in their pool with him. He watched her take off her bathing suit and hid his arousal under the water. With both parents at work they didn’t dream of their teenage children doing this. Cynthia had tiny breasts and had shaved her pubic hair off with a razor. She let Steven touch her breasts and nipples. They got dressed before their parents came home. Steven said,...


Polly,Sandy & Steve

Introduction: Husbands away and his wife needs a man Polly, Sandy & Steve We had a delightful dinner at a local pub that was within walking distance of their unit so there was no worries about drinking and driving. We took advantage of that by having three bottles of wine between us. Walking home all of us dressed in shorts and tees, Steve was in the middle and he put his arms around both of us as we laughed and joked the few hundred metres through the failing...


Rosie and Steve – Part 5

Introduction: Rosie pines for her massive cock and Steve gets revenge Rosie wasnt quite herself. For a few weeks now shed been moping around the house. She felt like there was something missing. Steve was working from home, he told Rosie that his part of the project was over, which it was, but he just couldnt concentrate at work. After witnessing Rosie cheating without his consent last month, he still didnt know what to do about it. He was naturally laid back,...



No one under the age of fourteen in this story has any sex. INTRODUCTION: THE MARCUS STORIES: I drove a cab for a number of years and some of the experiences that Marcus encountered were similar to mine. But, he is not me. He is my surrealistic cabbie. He lives with one foot firmly planted in reality and the other way out there in his imaginations. Sometimes he confuses the two for each other and other times doesn’t connect them together, even though they...


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