The Divorcees Offer To A 16 Year Old Teenage Boy

The Divorcee's Offer To A 16 Year Old Teenage Boy

*****Subjective Narration of Sam *****

I had been forced to stay with an old family friend called Joanna over the summer. I say forced when really it is was more a necessity on my part if I wanted to have a summer job, you see I had just finished comprehensive school in a quiet English town called Hereford and I needed some income during the summer break before college started in September. So like a good student eager to work I applied for scores of jobs in so many sectors and throughout the county of my particular country England and the country next door known as Wales.

I must have applied for 1000 jobs and I swear out of all of those applications I had only five responses, and of these five responses I had four responses which were from companies who politely wrote to inform me I had been refused but thanked me all the same for enquiring about the particular post, the other one response I had was to say I had been selected for the job and no interview would be needed as my references had come back and the management was pleased with me, but the catch was I had to start work within five days. Now I was flabbergasted and totally surprised that I did not have to climb the interview hurdle and even more so about the practical immediate start. So now all the worry and doubt of not having a job was suddenly replaced with worry and doubt at having something which I was geographically not able to immediately do unless a solution presented itself.

Let me explain, this particular job was a waiters job and was full time, the problem was it was in Wrexham City and this was many miles from Hereford. The job was 4 days a week for 7 hours and began in the morning at 7am and finished at 2pm but it was made clear to me on busy days I will be expected to work longer and maybe more than four days, now that was not a problem for me but what was a problem was this job, the only job I had managed to successfully plug out of the recession hit country was foolishly applied for by me during one of my desperate days at seeking work. I’d applied for this job knowing it was miles away and I did so not really think I would get it, you see I mainly applied as I was so frustrated with local rejections. The problem was I had no sign of any other responses and I did not want to turn my nose up at this one, but seeing as I lived so far away from Wrexham it looked as though I would have to refuse the offer and confine myself to searching out work around the area where no work appeared to be going.


Now I lived in Hereford and did not live nowhere near Wrexham which in Wales another country, and not just in Wales but way up North in Wales and I could not drive, I was not even 17 so I could not legally attempt my driving test. So seeing as I could not drive I had to come up with a solution and fast if I wanted money over the summer, now this solution reared itself when word of my plight somehow got to Joanna Willow who as I said was an old family friend and she wanted to help out. Joanna moved from the neighbourhood I lived in some three months ago, following 10 years of living in the neighbourhood, she moved after the collapse of her marriage and went up North to be close to her new partner who was from what I was told in Ireland setting up a new business venture.

I knew Joanna through her sons who I use to play with as a child but when we all hit our teenage years we kind of drifted apart, I mean her sons and I drifted apart. But not Joanna and I because whenever I saw her she would talk to me on the street and ask me how I was or occasionally ask me to go to the local shop to fetch her some groceries and other daily essentials, then I would go back to her home and chat for a while, she paid me to and even let me have some of her strawberries which she grew in a small glass house.

Of course I was just a boy but even I noticed Joanna following her marriage is collapse became depressed and more distant and when she so quickly found another man rumour had it she had had an affair, now gossip in the neighbourhood I was from tended to spread like wildfire, you know that saying “small towns small minds” well I can confidently say it applies to my little street in Hereford.

Now maybe Joanna moved to escape the hassle of rumour or maybe she genuinely had an affair but she told me she did not and I believed her when she said to me how awful some people could be, now there were a lot of people in the neighbourhood who did not have much in their lives and all they relied on was pointless rumour and gossip, they were drama queens and gossip kings who use to have a trinity of coffee, table and the bullshit rumour mill to see them through the days of their lives.

This new man in Joanna’s life I met a few times and he did not seem much interested in me, or anyone else except himself for that matter, Joanna explained he was an important man and a successful business man who she had met when she went onto a business development course in Glasgow. I knew there were problems in her previous marriage as I said I might have been a 16 year old boy but I was not blind and she even said to me she needed to get out of her marriage but she was waiting for the right time.

I liked Joanna for many reasons and maybe I liked her so much because in many ways she was not like other grownups who I knew, in fact many of the grownups in the community disliked her for some unknown reason, probably because she was quite attractive for her age and strong minded to, she had dyed white hair and dark brown eyes with a slim luscious body, luscious I began to think when I hit puberty.

How exactly Joanna knew of my plight I suppose came from her eldest son Ryan who no longer lived with his mother as he liked his other brother Denton were living with their dad in Birmingham. Ryan was on my social networking site and I do recall us having a conversation briefly after I updated my status following my learning of my job nightmare when I wrote of my plight “Need to get to Wrexham to work, need a place with no rent and freebies...agh” and even though Ryan and I were not as close as we use to be we did talk occasionally on the internet.

Anyways, Joanna phoned my home and said to me she heard about my situation said I could take advantage of her situation in Wrexham and stay with her rent free for six weeks, the best part was she lived only five miles from my place of work and I could cycle to and fro work and that would help me get physically fit. Joanna arranged everything even my bus fair and I could pay her back when I earned a bit more money.

I jumped at the chance and I did not really tell anyone I was going, except close family members who did not really see it as an issue as they were pleased I was eager to work. Joanna on the phone said her partner was still in Ireland so it would be good to have company. The fact I could stay there rent free for six weeks was an opportunity I could not refuse, the only stipulation was I would partake in general house work and upkeep as well as keep the house clean for her.

As I said the woman in question was called Joanna, her full name was Joanna Ann Willow and she was 45, and she was the gateway of my teenage years. I arrived on a coach that dropped me off 2 miles from hers and I rolled my two suitcases behind my push bike which had managed to fit into the massive coach compartment. It did not take me long to find her street which was called “Capitol Close” and was a cul-de-sac of 15 houses all built around a central circular play area for children.

This was the first time I had seen her in some months and knew her as I said very well from my childhood and early teenager years. Joanne Willow lived across the street from us when she lived in Hereford and as I said her sons were once good friends of mine but when her sons moved to live with their dad for schooling purposes in Birmingham they saw less of each other, though they were still close to Joanna as she would tell me during our conversations in her kitchen and around her house.

I suppose she liked having me around as I reminded her of her sons but she knew it was best for them to stay with their father to get the best education as Hereford was not a very good place school wise and I should know. Regardless I was excited to see her again, Joanna was like an Auntie to me, I did not have much family so I looked on her very highly. I knocked the door and waited, when I knocked again and waited for about 2 minutes with still no answer I decided to enter the house, entering unannounced like I did back in Hereford, maybe I should not have but this was Joanna and I am sure she would have no issue with it, upon entering I called out “Jo, Jo”.


I entered the house and Joanna called out from the kitchen and came to greet me “Well look who it is...handsome Sam” “Hi Joanna” she came close to me and pressed her breasts into my chest and kissed me, I was very conscious of this as this woman had more than once provided the imagery of so many of my masturbation fantasies (maybe I should have mentioned that earlier on) and was still doing the same for me, so when she pressed into me it was a cooped feel for me.

Allow me describe Joanna Willow to you once again but the sight before my eyes was something to behold, she had dyed whitish hair, brown eyes and was slim with a relatively sun kissed skin colour she stood about 5’8 and liked to wear fashionable clothing that complimented her looks, she also loved to put on perfume and lipstick. “I have not seen you in a few months, how has life been Sam?” “It has been okay and yourself” “Well work and the usual grind but I cannot complain, hurry up with your bags and I will make us some food, then I will show you your bedroom”.

“I really appreciate you helping me out, I mean no rent or anything is ideal for me” “It is okay sweetie, I like to help when I can and besides I know how hard it is for young people to get work these days...Seeing as you have just finished school I would think if you stayed in Hereford then you would not be having much luck with work would you”

“No, all my friends have got jobs with family members and I don’t know anyone who is hiring” “Nepotism is a bad thing sometimes and very unfair” I did not know what nepotism meant but was sure it had something to do with unfairly being employed, Jo was always smart with words and always sympathetic to me, like I said she was like an aunt to me and I am sure she saw me as a nephew sometimes.

I settled in pretty fast and caught up on general happenings in her life. Joanna had been living alone for the last 2 months when she moved from the old neighbourhood and told me what I did not know, that her apparent new loving partner and her were having a rough time, she told me in confidence and not to tell anyone else that he she suspects has been cheating with someone else and is not in Ireland but is in Birmingham on unofficial business after having asked for a separation trial, she said to me the money from her divorce had been what has allowed her to live here without having to move back to Hereford, if it was not for that and the fact she found work quite quick in Wrexham then she would be in trouble, which is why as she said she sympathised with me.

Joanna worked as a secretary in a private company for a high flying executives and spoke briefly about her job and how stressful it was becoming but it was a distraction from her lonely and troubling private life. After I listened politely, she showed me to the back room near the bathroom. It was white walled with a master bed and also many cupboards inside. I relaxed in the first evening setting up all my books and my clothing as she went to bed at about 22:00pm leaving me watch television. I heard the shower running a little later on and I personally decided to call it a night at 23:30pm.

As I walked up the stairs I thought about what I would do tomorrow after work, I would probably go out and do some exercise, maybe running I reasoned. But as I got to the top of the stairs I heard this buzzing noise coming from the other landing area. I was curious so I walked towards the landing and then unmistaken to me it was coming from Joanna is room. I pressed my ear up against the door and heard her moaning, the buzzing sound was quite strange so I opened the door slightly as it was left ajar and then I saw in the mirror reflection my middle aged hostess naked, her dyed white hair no longer bunched up but free and free flowing. She was holding a dildo near her pussy and with her legs spread open was moving her hips up and down, pressing inside to herself. I had never seen a woman like this except in pornography and I only had started viewing pornography about 2 months ago, I was hard instantly.


I could not help but look at her, simply because she was moving those hips with such ease that it would not strike you she was as old as she was. I looked around the corridor, I did not know why because we were the only two in the house, I then undid my trousers and brought out my member, it was responsive and I could not help myself. I focused on her twat and licked my lips, I saw how her wet vagina and how it was smothering the dildo, her eyes were focused on her own reflection in the mirror as she used her left hand too deeply implant the sex toy. Her nipples I could see were very erect, and they were poking out about 1 inch, I’d never seen nipples as aroused as that before. Joanna Willow, my sympathetic neighbour who was like an aunt to me was masturbating and I standing like a peeping tom in her corridor was enjoying taking advantage of her hospitality.

I felt my own balls tighten up to my body as my cock became swollen this was the hardest I’d ever remembered being, I first got hard thinking about her once after I had visited her many months ago when she lived in Hereford, it was her perfume then that set me off but now, it was the sheer fact she was bone naked and doing what she was doing with her dildo. I kept studying her totally helpless before my physiological reaction, this was Joanna my old neighbour I kept telling myself, this was like a fantasy coming true, her sight was just making me feel like I was going to explode.

She was so beautiful I thought just laying there with those legs wide apart exposing her womanhood. God I again said to myself this is the woman who was practically like an aunt to me when I was growing up and here I am getting aroused over her. She was licking her lips now as I watched her continue to slide inside herself the buzzing dildo. She placed her head back and then began to caress her neck. My cock was standing erect and was in a sexually readied position, but I could not do anything about it. So I put some saliva onto my cock and began to stroke it looking at her body, I saw her pubic her, showing her natural brown colour and then licked my lips, God I wanted to taste her pussy.

She was moaning slightly now on the sheets shaking around, the lubrication from her pussy I could swear I smelt in the air. It was her pussy smell or it might have been the sweat emitting from her. Well, whatever it was I was aroused. “I imagined myself walking inside totally naked standing over her legs apart and my erection staring up to the ceiling, I imagined her opening those legs to show me her sweet twat, then I saw myself laying on her kissing her tits and sticking my tongue inside her mouth, she would be rubbing my cock with her hips, the way she was rubbing her hips around that dildo and then my brown pubes and her brown pubes would collide as our most sensitive parts met.

Then I stopped, I realised my cock was more than erect as I had produced some pre-cum and if I kept going I was going to cum and would not move until I had come, so I had to stop myself, I mean this was Joanna who had put me up for the summer, who had taken me in when she did not have to and I felt like I was betraying her in a way, so I pulled away from the door and went back to my bedroom.


Inside I debated what to do, I was still hard and I knew Joanna was getting off on that dildo just down the corridor. I took off my clothing and sat on the bed. I put on my lap top and went into the folder marked “Movies” then the genre “XXX” I brought up a random movie and hit play, then I sat on the bed and began to take my mind off it but the more I watched the porn video, the more I saw Joanna in my mind, unable to get over the way she was acting, unable to get her with that dildo out of my head and unable to get rid of all those thoughts I wanted to do with her and to her. I was 16 I thought and she is much older than I.


==== *********** Neutral Narration *********** ====

After Sam had gone back to his bedroom following observing Joanna little did he realise he was not the only one having lustful thoughts. Ever since he arrived Joanna was desperate to get to bed, she had to get upstairs and could not wait to sample her dildo, the dildo she had been using religiously was what helped get through the time when she separated from her husband until meeting her new partner and now her and her partner were having trouble then the dildo was again in the mix of her life. She never looked on Sam with anything other than that of a older woman to a young boy who had been her friends son and also a nice kid in the street but after seeing him grow up, noticing how handsome he was becoming she herself could not really control where her thoughts were taking her.

When she heard Sam was looking to get to Wrexham from Ryan her son then she thought it was a wonderful opportunity for some social company but also an opportunity to see him mature into a man in front of her, she secretly loved younger men but 16 though 16 was the age of sexual consent in England it was nevertheless still 16. But Joanna was a highly sexualised woman and that it explained why she could not go much time without sex or any stimulation sexually of any kind for so long, so tonight with her dildo in her bedroom it would be extra special for now she had a man to keep her eye on.

And yes it was her darling young friend’s son but he was not a boy in the physical sense, no he was 16 and had a muscular manly body, the sort of body which made her conscious of his manhood yet emotionally and psychologically he was 16. She noticed his manliness the moment she pressed her tits up against him slyly to hug. The strength in his arms and shoulders, it had been so long since she had a man in the house that it did not matter.

As she said goodbye to him for the evening and climbed those stairs, the first thing she did was rush to her cupboard near the window. In her haste she forgot to shut the door. Joanna put the dildo into her cardigan and then went to have a shower. She took her time inside and covering herself in suds she closed her eyes, it had started all ready, she looked at her reflection in the mirror and wondered would he find her desirable, well she sure was going to present herself as a sexual being during his stay. Why not, even though he was her friend’s son it did not matter after all he was old enough and he was not related biologically, even if she grew up around her and she remembered him calling her Auntie Joanna up until he was 12. So it was not really terrible, of course the influence of a man in her home was clearly causing her trouble.

She placed the dildo onto her leg and imagined his penis running along her thigh, stroking her with his hairy legs, she then got onto her knees as the suds fell from the shower nozzle and held the dildo up pointing it at her face at about his hip height and then she began to lick the dildo, fingering herself, thinking about him in the shower with her, thinking about his helmet being stimulated by her tongue, thinking of the young boy’s manhood pressing up against her throat, filling her mouth, grating on her teeth. She was so descriptive in her imagination she even pictured his pubes and imagined how they would feel on her lips.

Joanna did manage to cum in the shower and when she finished up showering she stood naked facing the sink mirror, Joanna brushed her dyed white hair and put some cream onto her face as well as her hands. Then she noticed the clothing she had worn today laying on the floor near the bathtub, she had a little naughty thought, what about leaving her wet knickers and bra on the floor for him, or in a place he could see and maybe let him fight temptation, she wondered would he take them and would he use them to masturbate over he was after all at that age and it was an age she knew all too well from having teenage boys herself, even if she did not see her boys as much as she would have liked.

Joanna decided to place the knickers and bra in a place he would most certainly see them and so she placed them onto the sink but felt it was too obvious, so instead she placed the knickers below the sink and the bra over the bathtub rim. Once satisfied she put off the bathroom light and headed back to her bedroom with a towel around her.

As she crossed the corridor she could hear the noise from the television and knew he was still downstairs, giving her ample time to quench the rest of her desires and sexual thoughts in her bedroom with the dildo. She took the dildo out of her bundle of clothing she had brought from the bathroom and then placed it under her nose, smelling her mouth spit still on it and also her pussy juices still evident. She dropped the towel from around her waist and went back to sucking on the dildo, followed by rubbing it on her lips and her neck. Instantly images of Sam and his hot young cock flooded her mind.

She was debating should she do this, should she really masturbate over him again, what would people say? Then again it was her mind so nobody needed to know and she certainly would not say anything.
Joanna then sat down on the bed, she looked at herself once more and then opened her legs, her vulva was already wet and the stimulation was clear, her fingers she began to rub on the exterior around the clit before she took the penis and then licked it.

Now she was overcome with lust, she placed the dildo on the bed and stood the dildo up making it face up towards the ceiling, once she had done this Joanna went onto her knees and remained on the edges of the bottom, kneeling on the floor, so that she was facing her mirror reflection. Joanna now closed her eyes and let the fantasy take hold. She imagined Sam entering the room and laying down where the dildo was located, then she in her mind having him lay and seeing his erect cock in the place of the dildo she was holding flicked the switch and then heard it buzz, she saw his cock in her mind’s eye, imagining what it looked like. Then she tenderly kissed his legs and moved up towards his chest, kissing him all along the ribs, stomach and throat, she was so eager to make love to her friend’s son rather than just fuck him outright.

Once she was satisfied she began to deep throat the dildo, all the while imagining it was her friend’s son is cock in her mouth. She raised her head licking all along the dildo, treating it like a man’s member, being so sensitive at the gland and then striking her tongue, flicking it with tenderness until she asked “Do you like it when Jo sucks your cock Sam” she of course did not have him there to respond but she continued asking “Jo likes to suck your cock, your teenage masculine cock...” she heard the television downstairs, he had turned it up and this excited her for whatever reason, maybe she realised he was only downstairs and had no idea she was masturbating over him and thinking he was in the bedroom with her.

Joanna originally wanted to play with the dildo and her fantasies for 15 minutes but time went on and she could not shake the pleasure it was giving her. It was during her being carried away that 40 minutes had passed and Sam had put the T.V off and come to bed, and this was when Sam hearing the strange noises from her room, the buzzing dildo that had drawn him towards her bedroom door to start spying on her. When he saw her, he was not to know she was in her fantasy being fucked by him senseless, instead all he saw was a mature woman who happened to be his friend’s mother pleasuring herself, and being a heterosexual male he responded involuntarily.

After Sam had gone back to his bedroom, Joanna spent five more minutes in the bedroom until she herself stopped herself, she was covered in sweat when she sat up, her dyed white hair was even more wetter than it was from the shower and her skin was dripping in sweat, indeed her bed clothes would need to be changed as they were soaked. As she looked at herself in the mirror she stood up and went over towards her reflection. Her nakedness suddenly turned her on, she leaned forward to her reflection and whispered “Whose got a dirty mind then” she asked herself. She then put out her leg and opened up her pussy lips, so wet and so aroused with her cum dripping down her legs.

Realising she needed to clean up before bed Joanna made her way back to the bathroom, she did not hear the television on downstairs and so realised Sam had gone to bed, but as she strolled across the corridor she was still naked and did not really think about Sam potentially seeing her, but maybe subconsciously that is what she wanted. Before opening the bathroom door, it was her turn to now hear strange noises and the noises Joanna heard were coming from Sam’s bedroom, just like Sam being curious she decided to investigate further.


==== &&&& Narration through Joanna’s Thoughts Watching Sam Masturbate &&&& =====

I had just done something bad but I had brought myself to orgasm over my 16 year old friend’s son, a boy who I sometimes looked on as a nephew. I know it is bad but I had to, he was too good looking, too tall, too handsome and basically my type of man with his dark looks and big hands. As I got to the door to my bathroom where I was going to wash myself off of all the evidence of my sins I heard noises from his room.

I thought he would be asleep at this time of night as he did say he wanted an early night as he was starting his new job tomorrow, but my oh my I was still so aroused so I decided to take a peek to see what was keeping him up so late. I knew if I moved the door correctly and with ease then he would not hear it open as there no lock it and it never creaked upon opening. I nudged the door gently and held it steady as I opened it four inches, immediately I saw a lap top playing a film, it did not take long for me to notice it was a pornographic film.

My mouth opened as I then reasoned if he was awake then he would be maybe masturbating. I nudged the door one more inch and then I saw him, or I should say I saw it. There was my handsome son’s friend holding what I can only describe as the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen in all my life. For a 16 year old boy he was so well hung, and it was so thick, about two inches round and the end was even bigger in width, now he had big hands but even his hands could not even get a grip on it properly. I was now on my knees, to try and not be seen, he kept pulling on it and was clearly going with the strides from the movie, where there was a scene of the male doing the young blonde over the wooden chair.

I watched like a voyeur just studying his strides as I licked my lips but what I saw next made me almost shudder in orgasm, he went to his side and brought up black knickers, they were mine, the ones I had left in the bathroom to inspire lust in him. The boy wrapped them around his cock and then used them to grate on his manhood, moving them up and down, he next took my bra, my black bra which I had also left in the bathroom and so he began to put them onto his face and his mouth movements indicated he was imagining sucking my tits, my hands were directed onto my chest as I stroked it thinking of his tongue sliding all along my nipples and around my juicy breasts.

Then my eyes went back to his cock with my knickers, he had covered his cock in my knickers and his beautiful delicious prick was pounding my knickers, his throbbing member buried in my black knickers slamming it and his tongue working ferociously on my bra, God I wanted this boy, I wanted him devouring my big breasts and then sliding his 8 inches inside me, I wanted to feel his pubes and my pubes meet and his tongue on my tongue, I wanted him so much....


On my knees I brought out my finger and my instincts as a red blooded heterosexual woman seemed to take over. As I found herself touching my bodies most erogenous zones, my fingers were already moving along my twat and they pressed onto the lips, moving them aside, but when I put my fingers in I made contact with my clit, I had to bite my lip otherwise I would have moaned. I then licked my lips imaging his tongue on my lips, before I pictured him opening the bedroom door and pointing his 8 inches into my face, as I wetting my lips before placing my red lips all around his meaty cock, sucking it, bringing it inside and licking the shaft. I ran my fingers through my hair as I now went back to focusing properly on him. I whispered as I was whispering in my fantasy in my room.

“God Sam I want to blow you so much” why not it was an innocent thought apart from the fact he was my friends son and was just 16. I could just taste him in my mouth, I could just feel his pre-cum slide onto the tip of my tongue, I could smell his genitals right in front of me and in my imagination he tasted so nice, how could he not for it was a lovely cock and I wanted to give this teenage boy something he had never seen before or had before.

The lubricant of my vulva was making me itch, so I felt compelled to place a finger inside and then I began to thrust the finger into my lust hole, I had no doubt in my mind he was fantasising about me, how could he not be when he was using my knickers to masturbate his cock and my bra to stimulate his mouth. I now held onto the door railing to hold myself up as I began to place my pussy down onto my finger imagining me riding him, he holding my hips as I would rode him in a cowgirl position looking down at him, taking this 16 year old boy to the stages of adulthood. I rode him in control, the way I always like to make love. “Sam” I would say and he would call me “Jo, Mrs Willow or my favourite Auntie Joanna”, I was ramming my cunt onto my fingers, my rings even entering my twat as I did this, if someone saw this scene how bizarre would it look.

My tits were thudding due to the way I was moving my body along with fast movements of my finger. I’d never ridden my own finger like this and the sweat was dripping so much. I need not concern myself if he heard for he himself was making that luscious slapping noise with his cock which he was flapping violently, clearly his time of coming was close, it was as I eased off my cunt that he now buckled his legs and I saw streams of his cum cover my knickers, he whitened my dark knickers and the rest of the spunk flew all over him, hitting the bra which he placed onto the bed and came over, imagining himself coming on my tits no less, what a boy, what a dirty fucking boy I thought.

He was so nasty and had no care he was fucking his friends mother and picturing himself unloading his spunk all inside my twat and over my tits but then again I did not have any care I was picturing my friends son spunking inside my twat and I had already imagined myself deep throating him. We were both to blame, both as bad as each other, both as lustful. When Sam was spent I decided to go into the bathroom and I made a point of slamming the door shut, so my dear sons friend who called me Auntie Jo not so long ago would hear and hear he did he doubt did.


==== ******* Objective Narration ******* ====

The next day Joanna had gone to work and Sam had gone to work, he left earlier than her and he also arrived home earlier than she and was unsure about the previous evening. He kept thinking did she hear him, the bathroom door slammed shut just after he had cum, was she watching him, and if she was wow that meant she saw him masturbating over her bra and knickers. It would not surprise him if she was spying on him, especially after seeing how horny and wild she was with her dildo.

He was not embarrassed in the slightest in fact all day he could not get her off his mind and the prospect of him seeing her in secret again was too much, maybe this summer would not be just work and no play. So when he finished work he returned back to Joanna’s house and decided to go for a long run, he put on some short running shorts and then a vest and went out. He knew when he got back she would be home so it would be interesting to see how she behaved around him if she did see him.

He was not the only one who had been thinking of the previous night, the sight of Sam masturbating that massive cock and spunking all over her bra and knickers had made her so horny she could not do her work properly and was just desperate to get back, this took her back to her younger days when she had boyfriends and how excited she was at seeing them become erect for the first time and how she indulged in giving them blowjobs, she had fond memories of those days but now at 45 her 16 year old friends son was making her feel like it again.

After she returned she knew he was out running as he had left a note and so she went to her room and decided to dress up sexily, she dumped her work clothing and put on fish net stockings and suspenders, she then put over herself a red dress, so Sam could make out her suspenders, she left a lot of cleavage and then went into his bedroom, upon opening the door she lifted up his books and his bags and then found them buried inside the blue sports back pack he had, she noticed it was a typical kids bag with a picture of a cartoon character.

Joanna then lifted those cum stained knickers and bra out, Joanna put them on her mouth and licked them, smelling his masculinity and imagining what was in them the previous night. She then decided to wear the knickers but leave the bra, as the bra she had on was one of her favourite and sexist one. Once she had done this and felt his spunk though hardened on her twat she was so aroused, and herself managed to wet them once more. About one hour later Sam reached Joanna’s street and ran around the side lanes so he could enter through the back door. He was sweating and out of breath and pleased with how fast he had done this particular 8 mile run, all the while he was running and sweating he just felt himself become aroused, thinking of her, seeing her sweat on the bed, watching her brown pubes and her pink twat, it was too much for him.


Sam now took off his vest which was covered and soaked through with exercise sweat. As he passed himself in the mirror of the porch room, he was ripped muscle wise, not big like a meathead but well toned like an athlete. Then before he entered the kitchen door he checked his watch and noticed it was past 15:00pm so therefore Joanna would be home, she would probably be inside. Before entering he lowered his shorts a little so she could see the top of his stomach and the beginning of his pubic hair, he wanted to give her something to look at, this run had animalised him and made him so turned on that he wanted to push it as far as he could.

Sam opened the back door which was connected to the kitchen and then called out “Hi Jo, I am back”. Joanna was in the lounge eyeing her-self up in the mirror putting on her most favourite lipstick, the lipstick was thick and red and made her lips stand out more by making them appear juicy, she also doused some perfume on her, the most potent and peachy perfume” “In here Sam” she called out and then he as Joanna walked into the kitchen “Something smells nice” he said going up to the stove, on it she was cooking some meat stir fry”.

As Joanna walked inside and noticed him she stopped and admired him, he was more or less naked except for short shorts and his body which was covered in sweat, his dark hair all wet from the run, she stared at his legs and thought this boy is too good to be true “did you enjoy your run honey” she asked as he now faced her, quietly watching her. His own body itched at her sight, wearing the red dress and the cleavage showing which was so deep. He was aroused but when she pressed in at him from the front and hugged him “Nice to see you again” she kissed him on the cheek, she could feel his hardness and it made her wet, it appeared both were so aroused from the previous night that they were trying to seduce the other, both had the same idea.

So now she went towards the kitchen table and sat down on the wooden chair, her eyes were straining to ogle his cock but she distracted herself by admiring his handsome face. He was completely overcome by how sexy she looked and he eyed her up and down, Joanna knew how to turn the heads of men but for the heads of boys she was clearly an expert.

“You look nice Jo” “Why thank you Sam I usually dress up like this after work, makes me feel sexy...” Wow he thought “Sexy” he repeated “Sure, I am an old woman” “You are not old Jo” “You are too sweet but I am I am afraid” “No, you are not old” he said reassuring her “I suppose I am not then, maybe I am a mature woman” she said looking at his eyes getting to him, he sighed “A mature woman” he finished her sentence” she knew what he meant and he her, so Joanna continued “I have few joys you see Sam...but when I see something good I tend to go for it....anyways, speaking of sexy, look at you, standing in my kitchen my 16 year old boy housemate, with his sexy legs and his wet hair, nice run I see. You look nice when you are exhausted” they were both eyeing each other up as she pointed towards the kitchen counter “I have a towel for you if you want, I put it up there in anticipation of you being all sweaty and wet”

He took it and wiped his brow and his body, she put a cigarette into her mouth as he watched her sensually light it up, his cock twitched, then she lit and blew some smoke towards him all the while staring at him. Sam now put the towel onto the floor “Thanks” he said about the towel “Do you want a cigarette Sam?” Sam nodded “How do you know I smoke” “A smoker knows another smoker, and besides you can smoke you are 16 after all,, or has not the law come in making it 18 yet” “I am unsure Jo” she smiled “Well” moving the cigarette pack towards the bottom end of the table “I won’t tell if you won’t” and then Sam walked towards her, knowing was he his erection was visible but he did not care, he went towards her and stood only 2 meters from her, her eyesight in line with his crotch memories flooding back of last night when she saw him masturbating her knickers. He took a cigarette from her pack and lit up, both of them smoking slowly around the kitchen table.

She toyed with the cigarette quite erotically in her mouth as he blew out the smoke watching her mouth movements “should you be smoking after that run Sam I thought you were a fitness fanatic, your body is fit so you do not want to spoil a good thing now do you?” She asked as she tugged on his running shorts, her tug sent shivers up his spine, as she tugged she caught a glimpse of more of his dark pubic hair, his dark and curly pubes which was as dark and curly as his hair. “Well, I started smoking last year Jo with some friends and I kind have been trying to stop, I do not smoke as much as I use to Jo”.

“As much as you use to, you are just 16...I know what you mean though Sam all the good stuff is bad for you...I am really happy you are a young man with more determination in his life, my son, Ryan he is what 18 soon and all he wants to do is play guitar in his band, nothing else. No long-term plans no desire to work, as his father who I do splitting from gives into him. I swear if he was living here he would be outside job hunting, you are different aren’t you?” “Well, I do not like to boast Jo” “You should boast Sam, you have so much to boast about” she said looking clearly at his cock, he responded by placing his hands onto his hips and she liked his boldness, his confidence of displaying his sexuality.

What happened next might have been a blur to both of them but Joanna Willow, the 45 year old mother who had seen the young man before her grow up knew exactly what she was doing. She lifted up her light and dropped it on the floor, saying apologetically “Oops” she went onto her knees and was now kneeling down about 5 inches from his cock area, he was looking down at her, seeing her white hair so close to his black curly hair on his stomach. She then picked up the lighter and looked up at him from the floor. The silence was deafening, he knew what she was doing and when she saw his cock twitch behind his shorts he knew he knew what she was doing. She licked her lips looking up at him and composed herself by running her hands through her white hair, this boy, this naughty boy who covered her dark knickers in his sperm last night, the knickers she had on now wanted her, he wanted her more than anything. “I have found my lighter” then she brought herself up, standing up going up his chest slowly and then facing him, he was 6’2 and she was about 5’6.


He now looked down her cleavage as she smirked in his face “You like what you see Sam” he was breathing deeply as she now ran her fingers over her chest and then dropped the lighter again in front of him, she bent over this time presenting her ass to him and as she did so he could see her fishnet stockings under her dress from behind her thigh, and she now arched her back as he drank the bottled water he held quite fast, all the while was he transfixed by his mature former neighbour. She then stood up and put out her cigarette “So, what is your plan for tonight?” “I might stay in, and you?”

“I will do the same...look at it, you and I staying in, you young and single and me mature and single. What a world, look at me all dressed up and you wearing those skimpy shorts, you better take them off otherwise you might catch a cold, will you take them off for me Sam? Will you take them off for me and not risk catching a cold?”

Was she inviting him to take them off here, he asked “What now?” “Why not, It is nothing I have not seen before” she made herself comfortable on the chair, as if anticipating the forthcoming show. Joanna then started to stroke her legs rather boldly in front of him as he looked at her and noticing how aroused she was, he could tell she wanted him to do this and would not scold him, would not criticise him, the honest truth was she was just an adult woman who wanted to see his teenage cock. Her pupils dilated and her lips red with the lipstick she had put on putting especially for him and she then entwined legs she knew each movement of her feminine body, each act however subtle was playing his cock like a flute.

He knew she was blatantly flirting, so he did it, he took off his shorts and then he stood there with a semi-erection in the kitchen for Joanna to feast her eyes upon, all he was wearing was just his white socks and black running shoes, she now licked her lips “See, you are not embarrassed are you?” She now opened her legs and showed him her the knickers he masturbated over last night “I saw you” she said as his face widened with lust, she was wearing those knickers he cummed over he thought, she was wearing his cum stains.

“I have never known a man who wanted me as much as you to have put all your passion in your thrusts and think about me as you spunked all over them” she ran her fingers over her dark knickers and then moved them aside showing him her brown pubes “You see Sam, I am not naturally with white hair, I dyed this head of hair out of fashion...but down here I am dark brown....” “I know” he said confidently “I saw you in your room as well, I saw you with your dildo”

She was so horny now, knowing she was going to fuck this 16 year old boy “You see you are like me Sam, you are not afraid to show off your best assets are you” he stared at her pussy as she now said “you and I could make this summer more interesting” Joanna now took off her dress and stood there giving him a full view of her suspenders and stockings, her dark reddish ones with a mixture of black, she also wore a red bra “I can make you feel really good my sons childhood friend, I sometimes saw you like a nephew Sam” she said and this made his penis rise pointing at her. Joanna now sat on the kitchen table and curled her legs around the pillars “Does nephew want to see his aunt is cunt”.

What she had just said made Sam involuntarily tug his cock and then he drank from a glass of water on the side kitchen counter and walked over slowly, she looked up at him as he was so tall she had to and then she said “You are going to fuck me aren’t you, nephew of mine” she asked again pushing the aunty and nephew theme. “You are dirty minded Jo” and he remained 2 inches from her body, his cock tip almost pressing onto her thigh “Why not, my sons are not here and you, he held his cock in his hand and pressed it onto her fishnet stockings which Joanna responded by opening her legs further, she then laid back on the table as he took hold of her stockings and kissed her inner thigh, his tongue he brought down as she laid back “Oh Sam” “Do you want to pretend you are my aunty” “Emotionally I am to you Sam” “Well does Aunty want me to eat her pussy?” he asked her as she now took her finger nails and moved her knickers to the side, stretching them so wide so that he, Sam could he see all her womanly glory.


======= &&& Subjective Narration Through Sam’s Thoughts Whilst Eating Joanna Out &&&

Jo was so sexy and kinky, the very idea of calling herself my aunty was a huge turn on for me and she was right, emotionally she was like an aunt and though not biologically or legally related she was close to me, I have known her since I was 6 for crying out loud. And now I watched as Joanna Willow, my 45 year old middle soon to be lover was laying her sex open to me, inviting me, purring at me demanding of me to come of age, to not be a man but to be a boy who wants her. I stared at her twat and then went towards it smelling the juices which were now emitting, it was so wet and slippery as I placed my tongue onto the vulva, I heard her moan and then I felt her touch on the back of my head, I looked up at her and began to lick around the vulva, she was licking her own lips flicking them at me.

Then I placed my tongue inside and closed my eyes and began to tease her by nibbling and biting the flesh around her pussy. She was groaning begging me to start “My pussy is so horny, you have to Sam, you have to do this....” she raised her legs further and they were now resting over either side of my topless shoulders which were still sweaty from my run. She was rubbing her pussy and her thighs all over my lips and my head begging me to eat her, I could not believe this, the second day here and I was eating out my Joanna Willow, I had to pinch myself, my neighbour for so long back in Hereford and now my landlady who does not charge me rent if you will, just a kind woman doing me a favour was now doing me the biggest favour I could ever dream of. I kissed her flesh around her pussy and then I was ready.

I buried my head between her thighs and started to dine on her delicious pussy. It tasted so sweet and was like syrup to me. My tongue explored each part of her, like a magnet I could not pull away she was intoxicating, the way I ate on it was like slobbering over an orange, just savouring every last drop of her beautifully designed mature pussy, I smelt it, inhaling her fumes and this made me begin to tug my cock a little. I’d gone past caring about the consequences of this the moment I cummed all over her knickers and bra, and I knew she had stopped caring of consequences as her body was pulsating, her pussy was being vibrated by my mouth.

I was not licking her now I was instead French kissing her pussy, making out with it and not giving her carless licks but like an attentive lover I wanted her pussy to electrify her mind and spin her around in a daze of pleasure. She placed both her hands behind my head and lifted herself up, she said “I want you to look in my eyes, look in my eyes when you are licking your aunts pussy”. She really wanted me to refer to her as an aunt. I raised my eyes and met hers, she was licking her lips and watching my tongue thrust inside her pussy, her eyes were watering. I gave her all I had and was now working on her clit, I poked it and nuzzled it then I slowly and began be sloppy with my tongue, tenderly kissing it without hesitation.


===== &&& Netural Narrative &&&

Joanna was torn, she did not know whether or not she wanted him to be tender and gentle with his tongue strokes on her clit or whether or not she wanted him to release her and make her explode all over the kitchen table. But she just looked down at him, their eyes intently locked in as she enjoyed this new found experience of having a teenage boy suck on her clit. She kept forcing his head deeper inside her pussy, trying to grate on it. Her legs locked around his back as she forced his head down, her suspenders and stockings rubbing on his flesh back and cheeks “You are making me feel too good Sam” her voice coarse due to her speaking by this time through gritted teeth. He meanwhile pulled her panties away from her pussy and now went once more back to work intensively on her clit.

This was too much for Joanna who demanded “You have to do it now, you have to suck my clit till I spunk, do it Sam, just do it” he then placed his tongue all over the erect clit which was so red and proud, he was so pleased he had done this to her, she was liable to have a major orgasm and as he kept thrusting his tongue around it as he kept sucking on the clit, he knew he had to help this along, she kept shouting “I am your aunty and I want you to suck my clit, I am Aunty Joanna and I demand you to cover your face in my spunk”, so he placed his hands squeezing her ass until they were red and raw and this combined with his pressing of her pussy with his tongue meant more could take no more.

She sighed heavily as she took deep breaths, it was all the pent up desire and tension and all the years of using a dildo on herself and all the times without a real man since her divorce, not even her estranged current partner made her feel this good and he regarded himself as a ladies man, but as she laid back and thought this was no man, this was just a boy, a kid then her pussy erupted into his mouth and covered his boyish face, he wanted to be covered in it, her body shivered and she twitched under each wave of cun that came.

If she was not lying down on the table then she would have collapsed on the floor. She cried so loudly “Fucking fuck, fuck, fuck....” she swore several more times. As she finished off swearing the last waves of cum left the ocean of her pussy landed onto the shores of Sam teenage face, her body quivered as all over she felt like jellylike, she was so dazed and dizzy, having no stability and unable to focus but then she became calm and euphoric.

Sam stood up now and looked down at Joanna who was regaining her composure slightly, she sat up from the table and looked at him, her legs still weak, her pussy still soaking as the clit had been brought to its peak of stimulation by this 16 year old boy. He meanwhile was still staring down at her clit, he was slowly rubbing his cock all along the gland as she noticed it twitch “You did so well, I cannot believe you just ate me like you just did, I never knew 16 year old boys could be so adventurous, have you ever ate a woman out before?” he shook his head “First time Jo” “Are you are serious” she asked as he nodded and he was not lying “It just came to me Jo, naturally, I do not believe in trying to do something that is not in me and licking your clit was something I naturally wanted to do” “It is called being a real man Sam”.

She held her panties and touched them, rubbing them along her hand “And you are a real man Sam....Such a good man to”. she now stood up from the table and Sam watched as she came towards him and kissed his chest, she said tenderly “I am going to make love to you Sam” he now sighed as she began to tenderly kiss around his hair chest, her dyed white hair was all he saw, and it smelt so divine from her shampoo, Joanna now licked his nipple and began to kiss his ribcage, he held her hair easing her down onto her knees and felt her wet kisses on his stomach and then around his belly button before she came to his member she stopped and looked up.

He held her face and came close towards her leaning over to allow her to flicked him a kiss, and then they briefly shared a French kiss once this was done Joanna got back to what she had longed for since seeing him wank himself to orgasm over her knickers. Her eyes set onto his member and she now finally had an up close and personal view of it and it was so much better this close. His cock was about 8 inches, the gland was swollen red and his balls were very tight up against his body. He was fit and ready for her mouth, “Auntie Joanna is going to suck your cock Sam, so sit on the work top” he sat onto the kitchen work top as she now brought a chair and sat between his legs, she then looked up at him “Let me show you what a real woman does Sam, let me show you what I have wanted to do to you for a long time”.

Joanna now lifted up his testicles and the skin under them. She then licked around the skin between his asshole and his balls all the while he moaned, he had never had any sensations like this, Joanna remembering how old this boy was, he was 16 and she felt the most sexual she had ever been, he had finished compulsive education just 4 months ago and was not even in college yet. She glided her tongue along the seam from his testicles towards his asshole once again and then she sucked his ass, which had hardly hair on it.


She poked her tongue inside his ass and he with his legs placed over her shoulders moaned and groaned as his black running shoes flapped onto her back, he was moaning loudly in total ecstasy, Joanna knew exactly how to turn a man on, she knew how to make him feel good and she did not care about sucking his asshole out, this boy deserved this, he had done so much for her. This was her neighbours sons asshole which made her even more horny when she thought about it but it was not just the sexual thrill of doing this that stirred Joanna but it was the power she had as she had total control of this young boy, she felt defiant before all moral convention, her old neighbours sons asshole being played by her tongue, his balls and his cock were being bathed in her spit, bathed in her mouth. As she heard him moan her name and when he said “Auntie Joanna, Auntie Joanna” she just went faster, it made her feel so dirty and wrong and the fact he engaged in the Aunty/Nephew talk was a bonus, this boy was the perfect fuck.

Joanna felt his cock twitch and his legs which were wide open in the air twitch, she watched as the sensation she was giving him was just too much. This boy who use to come around to her house after school to play with her two sons now unloaded so much spunk over her and as it sprayed all over the kitchen surface and onto her she realised he was no longer that school kid anymore. Her sons friend she had just brought to orgasm on her kitchen surface worktop. He moaned and looked at her as Joanna held his cock in her hands and directed the squirts into her face and on her breasts “Aunty, Aunty” he said as she watched his face, seeing his devilish smile. “Joanna that was too much”

As he finished and his cock became less hard she said “Did nephew enjoy aunty licking his asshole and his balls” he nodded “Well we’ve not finished yet” she now walked into the living room, he watched her in her stockings and suspenders leading the way. As Sam followed her himself walking on her carpet in his running shoes which had a little bit of muck on them he saw her standing in the middle of the room she said “Show me how you wank your cock”.

He squeezed his fingers around his helmet and though it was flaccid at the moment he began to move his hand back and forth, she went onto her knees and crawled over to him, raising her head up she took her hands and over his, as she began to help him get hard again. She ran her lipstick lips all around his gland once more as she purred. His head once more filled with indescribable goodness “Joanna, Joanna...please, keep going” he did not want her to stop. She was smiling at him now her eyes with a sparkle as she felt this was her cock as he was being made to feel like this because of her and her alone.


She now stood up and leaned into him from behind, rubbing her ass all along his crotch as he kept thrusting himself into her, making himself hard and harder, she was leaning her head on his shoulder from behind, and both of them engaged in one of the most romantic and intimate French kisses they had ever had. Her tongue flicking along his and she sucking his tongue in her mouth, he holding onto her breasts as she leaned her back into his front. This is what she wanted romance as well as lust. As his cock became harder from her grinding and her shafting of her hips, Joanna turned back around “Now I will take you deep inside my mouth”.

She could not resist the idea of deep throating him, as she noticed some pre-cum materialise she tasted it and again it was delicious “You taste so good” he held her bushy dyed white hair and allowed her to prepare herself for the giving. She leaned on her back haunches and then took her time kissing around his cock area, waiting for his balls to become hard and pressed up against his body again, his cock was swollen once more and the gland so red “Thank God you are young, see how quickly you’ve recovered” again she was flattered that she had managed to make this boy hard again so quickly.

She broke away from his cock now and looked up at him and she began to touch her breasts and he was unable to let his member go without stimulation started to give his manhood slow gentle strokes all the while looking at her reddened lips, one finger he rubbed onto her lips, taking off some of the lipstick, she commented on his fascination with her lips “I put this lipstick on to give you a blow job, it is the most reddest one I have and when I am done your cock will be covered in my spit and my lipstick Sam, do you want it”. “God yes” he pleaded almost “Do you want it you bad boy....” “More than anything” she was not done teasing him “Do you want me to put my juicy lips around your throbbing prick Sam?”

She was such a tease, asking him questions as she knelt before him, his member pointing in her face, he could not say anything now as the pleasure was too much. He merely kept his dark eyes on her, watching her body and face. She was using all her experience as a mature woman to drive this young man wild with desire. “Good things come to those who wait Sam” she flicked his pre-cum with her tongue again “Sticky” she smirked. Lust growing in her eyes “Do you really want me to take this into my throat, do you really want your old neighbour to suck you off in her living you?” he had to demand of her “Stop Joanna...please, stop teasing me, just fucking do it”.


She was so turned on by this young man who clearly wanted her and some young dimwit but her, he made her feel like she was the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world. So she took his hands away from his cock and then wrapped her own hands around it, her hands seemed were much smaller than his which made his cock all the more impressive by size to the naked eye. She began to dirty talk again, following her auntie theme “Do you like it when your Auntie Joanna wanks you off Sam?” all he could do was groan.

“You would not think I would be capable of this would you, wanking off my friends son in the afternoon, the sun is shining and nobody has any idea I have my friends sons cock in my hands do they?” “Nobody will” he said as he groaned, “You were wanking in the back bedroom last night Sam all for me, I saw you playing with this, and as I watched you I wanted it” “I watched you wank to Auntie” “You did, I thought if I kept my door open you might come up and see and what a naughty boy you are, did you touch yourself when you watched me, these knickers I have on are proof how bad you are, how wrong you are”

He nodded, she now flicked her tongue around his helmet “We are both perverted, now do me a me Jo” “Jo” he repeated “Say...suck my cock Jo” “Suck my cock Jo” and then she replied by sliding her hands around his balls, squeezing them in her hand, and this sent a pulse through to his brain. She now bent forward and ran the tip of her tongue all along the swollen glands and she did not want to lose eye-contact for to her it was the most erotic part. The feel of his thick, young hard meat in her soft gentle hands made her take her other hand and start to rub her clit once more, which itself was becoming more aroused by this.

She now put her lips over his helmet and held it there, knowing this was the most sensitive part. His groans confirmed it as she heard him groan twice more, so loudly. She now started to swirl her tongue all around his helmet, his swollen knob at the mercy of these tongue strokes. He could not stop himself from putting his hands on her head and forcing her to take him further inside, and she willingly tried to take all 8 inches of him. And then he said so forcefully “suck me off, do it Jo”.

This made her pull away as she masturbated it in her had, she thought briefly should she continue. Again she went over who this boy was, and as she thought about him it just made her want to go on, this boy who she had known throughout all of his childhood, hers sons friend whose mother she knew but was she being awful and wrong. Wrong and awful to so many people but was her husband being anything less to her when he cheated and left her alone was her new partner being horrible and wrong when he called time on their relationship and treated her badly. No, this was her time to enjoy and was she taking away the innocence of her boy, a boy who she was seducing for her own gain, maybe she was, but Sam was receptive and she did not force him to do this, instead he wanted this to happen and he wanted it equally as much as she did. In many ways he was seducing her by his behaviour and by his words.


He wanted her to keep sucking him off and not stop for anything “Don’t stop, please suck me off Jo” she was now eager to fulfil what she and he wanted,

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