Bottom Eporations-The Intimacies of Anal, Enema and Spanking (Book Two)

Oddly, Gloria had slept with them and Roy and she had sex for their very first time. She’d loved it, reveled in it, Dad was pretty big, a fat eight inches. She’d only had sex twice, one time each with different high school boys and it was, to say the least unfulfilling. Last night was anything but; her little pussy had been stretched accepting Dad’s big tool but she had, he’d gotten it all into her. It had hurt a little bit but it was sure worth it, he’d made her feel like a real woman. She was eighteen and just finishing her junior year of high school but she felt like a real woman, not a girl anymore.

She looked forward to doing it again. She even thought she might like to have his baby too, but she did realize Dad’s favorite was anal sex and the thought of it scared her. She’d been there when he took her Mother’s anal virginity, she’d heard her moan and she’d seen the tears. Mom was a mature, sexually experienced thirty-eight year old and it had made her cry when he went into her bottom. Still, Gloria knew if she was going to sexually satisfy him she’d have to surrender herself. Oh her bottom already got a lot of attention, Dad spanked her and gave her an enema each Friday night, just like what her Mom got. In fact they both watched each other getting their “treatment.”

As she left the bedroom she asked if they wanted breakfast, she would cook bacon, eggs, toast, juice and coffee. They told her yes and that they’d be down in fifteen minutes or so.

In the kitchen she had just finished preparing the fresh squeezed orange juice when she heard her Mother wail, she wasn’t concerned, Mom was a screamer, she’d just had an orgasm. She started the bacon and put the whole wheat bread in the toaster.

After breakfast they all had to be on their way, Gloria to school, Janie to Metro Hospital where she was a nurse and Roy to his office in one of the garages he owned. Janie and Gloria had just recently learned that Roy owned seventeen of them plus multiple properties, he was in fact a multi-millionaire and they were dumbfounded, I mean Roy owned a nice six bedroom home but it wasn’t ostentatious, all in all he lived like someone from the upper middle class, not like someone worth twenty-seven million.

It was Thursday, tomorrow, Friday was the last day of school. It was also spanking and enema evening.

She was really looking forward to the end of school, she’d briefly met her step-sisters, Jenna and Gina when they’d come to Roy and Janie’s wedding but it was only for a few days and she hadn’t really be able to spend much time with them. Jenna was now twenty-two and Gina twenty-one. Jenna would be a college senior and Gina a junior the next school year and Gloria was anticipating the opportunity to get to know them better, they were planning on staying two weeks on this visit.

Friday evening rolled around, Gloria was ecstatic; Yea, school was out. She got her enema and her light maintenance spanking then watched as her Mom got hers. She hoped they’d invite her to share their bed but no such luck, she masturbated herself to sleep with the vocal accompaniment of her wailing Mother. She so wanted to have the chance to add to the sound.

Over the weekend she and her Mom worked out the details of the school’s out pool party the were planning for the following Saturday, Gloria had invited ten other high school friends, Janie asked a couple of the young nurses she worked with and Roy was bringing his shop foreman, it would be a diverse group.

Jenna and Gina rolled in a little after noon on Monday. Janie and Roy were both at work so Gloria was alone at home when they arrived.

After they’d gotten settled into their old bedrooms they all got into swimming suits and went out to lounge around the pool. Gloria asked if they’d like a Coke. Jenna said that what she really wanted was a beer, did they have any? Gina opted for a beer, too. Jenna asked, “Why don’t you have one, too Gloria?”

“Hununh, no way, you two are over twenty-one, I’m eighteen. You’re legal, I’m not, I think I’ll stick to Coke, I value my little tush too much.”

Jenna chuckled, “Oh you’ve been introduced to his rules, have you?”

“Oh hell yeah, I can recite them from memory:

No drug usage.
No smoking of cigarettes.
No alcohol unless permitted by parents at family dinners.
No swearing or name calling directed at another person.
Our daughters were not to be alone in the house with a male.
Treat each other with respect.
And my biggie, Honesty. No lying.

But I guess for you two the thing about drinking doesn’t apply any more.”

“So you’ve broken them and gotten introduced to his lap, I guess,” Gina said.

“Yeah, that and worse, Mommy, too.”

“And the worse,” Gina prompted, “What happened.”

“Mommy was at a party at some big doctor’s house, had a drink or too many and let her mouth overload her ass and me, we were at this big fancy restaurant and I acted like a brat, I even knocked over a wine glass.”

“So both of you have gotten the experience?” Gina further inquired.

“Yeah, Mommy calls it the Fickle Finger of Fate and we both hate it; God we’d both prefer a spanking.”

“It’s funny, it doesn’t hurt and his spankings burn like fire but Gina and I both would rather have a spanking, too. How he makes you look at yourself, makes you consider what you’d done and why you’ve done it. It always makes me feel so small, so humbled, so humiliated; and then how he leaves you with the messiness, the gooey stuff to deal with. Wherever I am when it happens, I want to get gone, get home and get my spanking just so I can clean up.” Jenna said.

“Oh, I agree about the embarrassment and humiliation of the experience and would rather get my spanking but Jenna’s always anxious for her spanking, she cums when she gets hers.”

Jenna’s cheeks were burning red with embarrassment from her sister’s disclosure, she gasped, “Gina, please.”

“Well, you do, don’t you.”

Gloria interceded, “I know Jenna, it happens to me, too, I get spanked every Friday, just a fairly light spanking but enough to make me cry; I asked for it after I found out the spankings make me cum.”

Jenna grinned, “Bless you sister, I thought I was the only one, a freak, but now it’s two to one so I guess that makes Gina the freak, right?”

“Whoa, I’m not refereeing this, I don’t think anyone’s a freak here, just different strokes for different folks.”

“Well, I guess we can agree on that,” Jenna said.

“Oh God, do I remember the first time I got the finger. We’d gone over to friends of my parents, they had a daughter about my age and we got into it. I acted out, screaming and yelling at her, I don’t even remember what the fight was about but I do recall that I started it. Daddy took me aside and chastised me about my behavior but I figured I’d already earned my spanking so what was there to lose, right? When the broke us up the second time I was pulling her hair and punching her. Daddy grabbed me and pulled me off then apologized to our host for my conduct and asked if he could use their bathroom, he and I needed to have a private conversation. They pointed out a room down a hall, one secluded from the living area and I was sure I was in for a spanking but that didn’t happen. He told me that it would be embarrassing to him, to my Mom and to our hosts for him to spank me and have them listen to me crying, then he told me he had something else for me, the spanking would come when we got home. He turned me around and made bend over and put my hands on the vanity then he told me to look in my own reflected eyes and contemplate what I’d done to merit punishment. I stood there doing just what he told me to do. When he took my shorts and panties down and told me to step out of them I just knew I was getting a bared bottomed spanking right there but, of course I didn’t. I think the most ominous feeling I’ve ever had in my life was when I felt him separate my butt cheeks then I felt him rub on and in the jelly and he slid his finger into me and forced me forward.

“Look yourself in the eyes, consider what you’ve done to get yourself here.”

“I had tears streaming down my face, I could see, after all I was looking right at my own face, I begged, please don’t do this to me. I’ve never felt lower in my life, my Daddy had his finger in me, the man I most loved in the world, and he still is, was making me feel, well, as they say, lower than whale shit and it’s on the bottom of the ocean. That’s how low I felt. Then, with his other hand he smoothed my hair, rubbed my back and kissed me on the cheek. He told me that he loved me, I wasn’t a bad girl but just a good girl that had done a bad thing and, when we got home I’d get my spanking and all would be forgiven. Then he took his finger out, I was afraid I was going to poop, it felt like it but I didn’t; he had me step back into my shorts but he kept my panties and stuffed them in my pocket telling me that when I got home I was to go to my room, take off all of my clothes, put my panties back on and go to his room for my spanking. I was twelve and I sure remember the finger, I sat docilely, with the mess spreading over the seat of my shorts as the visit continued . I don’t even remember the spanking that I got later but one thing I vividly remember aside from my own experience was that Mommy started to act up and start smart mouthing Daddy. I could see that the people were visiting were a little uncomfortable with some of what Mommy was saying, I don’t know, maybe she’d enjoyed a cocktail or two too many but Daddy excused himself to our hosts mentioning he need to have a word with his wife then he led her to the same bathroom that he’d taken me, he’d told her to bring her handbag. When they came out ten or fifteen minutes later Mommy had the most sorrowful look on her face that I’d ever seen. Daddy thanked them for a wonderful evening but explained that Mommy wasn’t feeling well so he needed to take her home and we left.” This, surprisingly were Gina’s ruminations.

Then she added, “I forgot, when I got their room I was dressed for my spanking, just my panties and he’d told me not to clean up ‘til after so my bottom hole was still all greasy then I saw Mommy, she was dressed the same as me. I got my spanking and he told me to go to my room, sleep with my icky bottom and I could shower in the morning. He closed the door after I left and I was only a few steps down the hall when I heard Mommy. Her voice was funny, like she was begging, I remember well what she said, it was, please Roy, you don’t need to do this and he said turn around and get your panties down. I stood listening, transfixed. I could hear his hand hit her, the slapping sound, you know, then her tears, I thought she was getting the same thing as me but then I heard him tell her get up on the bed on your knees and just a little time later I heard a sorta slapping sound and her moaning. I ran to my bedroom, it wasn’t until years later that it dawned on me; he was sodomizing her.”

Gloria sat transfixed by the story, her eyes scanned both Jenna and Gina, her breath was raspy as she asked, “Has he ever done that to you?”

Both seemed taken aback by the question, answering in unison they echoes, “No, of course not, he’s our father.”

If they could have read her mind they would have been amazed, she wasn’t considering what had happened to his first wife but, rather that they, her step-sisters weren’t competition for Dad’s affections. She was even further convinced that she would have to offer up her sweet bottom to him. She didn’t want to compete with her Mommy but she did want to share.

“Want another beer?” she asked. Both said yes, she got the beers and a Coke for herself.

Afterwards the conversation changed, she asked about college and the selection process. They both went to a private college, the academics were high but the selection of men was woefully lacking, if they had it to do again both thought they’d go to a larger state school like the one that was here in the city. Neither had much success on the dating front. Both were cute girls but, unless you were lesbian the dating opportunities were few and far between. It turned out that Gina was still a virgin although she had a little toy she called a butterfly and Jenna had only had unsatisfying relationships with two girls and really wanted a man. I wondered if I was bi but after those two I’ve decided I just want a great guy with a big cock.

God, can’t I keep my mouth shut Gloria thought as, “Dad has a big cock,” she tried to cover immediately, continuing, “I saw him naked once when he didn’t know.” Fortunately both of the girls bought her explanation.

Then she thought, maybe her step-sisters had friends that they’d want to invite to the party.

“Hey, I forgot to tell you, next Saturday we’re having a pool party and you two are kinda the guests of honor. Do you have some friends you’d like to invite. We already have around twenty-five people who’ll be here?”

They added five or six names to the list and told her that they’d handle the invitations.

Then she said, “I think Dad is taking us out to dinner tonight, it’ll be a cute little Italian joint that we all like, casual, you know?”

“Yeah, I think we know, we went there for years, jeans or shorts are fine if I remember.”

“Same place, I’m gonna take a shower and change, ho about you two?”

“Yep, same thing.”

They separated and went to their respective rooms.

They had a nice Italian dinner with Chianti, everyone else was over the age of twenty-one except Gloria but Dad let her have two glasses; she was mellow when she dozed off to sleep to enjoy hot, sensual dreams. She had wet panties when she woke up and learned nocturnal emissions were not an exclusively male phenomenon.

“God, I’m getting horney,” she thought and with Jenna and Gina visiting there was small chance of getting relief from Dad. She might get a little one Friday night from her spanking but that was all that she could see on her immediate horizon.

She and her sisters did have some good times and great conversations although it was sometimes strange, older girls, young women actually yet she was more sexually experienced than either of them; she kept her secrets.

All of them were looking forward to Saturday and the party, Dad was having it catered although the strongest drinks available would be beer and wine for those that were “of age,” there were plenty of other things to titillate the tongue and palette, and, of course, not to be discounted was their Friday night.

When the girls, the three sisters were out at the pool on Thursday evening Gloria shared what would happen to her and her Mother the following night. She told them,

“You might see me go down the hall in only my panties, when you do it’s about to begin. Dad will start me out with my enema, Mom will take me to the bathroom but he’ll come out then and use this bathroom (pointing to an open doorway) to clean the equipment then he’ll go back in and give me my spanking. After that Mommy gets her enema but he won’t come out then, he’ll clean up afterward, when she comes back after expelling and having her shower she’ll get her spanking. Sometimes he sends me out of the room then and sometimes he let’s me stay while they have sex. Usually he likes her bottom then, she’s all clean inside and out. If he does, you can listen to her moaning if he’s a little rough or just cooing if he takes it easy but when she cums she always screams and I mean she screams loud, do you want to listen?”

“Oh God yes,” said Jenna. “Me, too,” added Gina.

“Ok, when you hear him finish with me duck in here,” she said, indicating a closed door, “Until he gets his stuff ready for Mommy, got it?”

“Yep, we got it,” Jenna answered.

Friday the girls lounged around the pool again, chatting about colleges, boys and that night until the adults got home. The three of them had put their heads together then their hands and had come up with a meal. They poured cocktails for the adults and while they sipped they put supper on the table. Roy and Janie didn’t realize that the three of them were trying to move the evening along, all were a little excited with anticipation.

Without any verbal instructions, after clearing the table Jenna and Gina watched as each of the others went to their rooms. Shortly thereafter the saw Gloria, clad in only her panties go to their bedroom and shut the door. Jenna and Gina sprang into position. They listened as Gloria received her enema, they hid when Roy cleaned the equipment and they heard Gloria’s tears as she received her spanking. After about a fifteen minute delay the sounds changed, they knew Janie was getting her enema then. A pause of another fifteen or twenty minutes and they heard Roy say, God woman you smell fantastic. She must have bathed. Then the spanking started. It lasted nearly twenty minutes, they listened to her gentle sobbing. They couldn’t make out what he was saying but his voice was soft and soothing and when the tears stopped they heard as he took her to the bed. Of course they didn’t know but she got her cunnilingus. Both nearly jumped out of their panties when Janie wailed. They expected Gloria to come out then but, no, it didn’t happen, instead he instructed Janie to get up on her hands and knees.

“What’s going on?” Jenna asked.

Gina remembered, she remembered listening as her Mother was sodomized. She told her older sister,

“He’s gonna fuck her in the ass.”

And they heard her moan as he penetrated her.

“My God, Gloria is watching this, isn’t she?” Jenna said.

“Yeah, she is and just imagine the aroma in that room right now, two female bottoms getting enemas, spankings that you know can be arousing, Gloria already told us it lights her fire and now Janie’s anus, rectum and maybe even colon adding to the scent. I think if you walked in there right now you’d either puke or cum.”

Jenna asked, “Want to go back to my room with me?”

“Jen, you know I fly straight.”

“Please, be a sweet sister, maybe we can just snuggle a little.”

“Fat chance, I know you, in ten minutes you’ll be humping my leg like a nasty old dog then you’ll have your hand in my panties and be begging me to do the same for you.”

“You will, won’t you?”

“Ah Jenna, what the hell are sisters for, let’s go.”

Gloria quietly sat and watched. She loved seeing them engage in normal sex, the love and the passion they shared but when he took her Mom like this, when she was on her knees. He always took it slow when he entered her so Gloria saw every inch as he slid into the depths of her bowels. And the penetration in this position still elicited moans and occasional tears from Janie.

Yes, she enjoyed and got aroused watching when Janie shared her vagina with Roy but like this was so different. Even when they had anal sex in any of the other positions Gloria didn’t react the same but when he put her on her knees with her head on her pillow, her moans and tears, his far more vigorous stroking it was like he was taking her, forcing her to surrender, really, she wouldn’t even call it anal sex; he was sodomizing her Mommy.

And a more primal feeling, a fear clenched Gloria’s tummy as she imagined herself under him. It was almost a relief when he finished and said, “Bedtime for Cutie.”

She picked her panties up and, once in the hallway she pulled them back on and walked toward her room. As she passed by Jenna’s closed door she heard giggling and paused, obviously her sisters were still awake, she lightly knocked and, without waiting for an answer she walked in.

She was shocked, the girls were in bed together, Gina’s top was off and Jenna was snuggling against her breasts. Without missing a beat Jenna looked up, “Come on, jump in we’re just having a little girl fun.”

“I’ve never…,” Gloria stammered.

“Well there’s always a first time and there’s no time like the present, come on; you can tell us all about what you saw.”

Gloria walked toward the bed asking, “Did you listen outside the door?”

“We listened, at the end were they having anal sex?”

When Gloria acknowledged that, Jenna further asked, “Do you like watching?”

As she slipped under the covers with them she said, “Yeah usually I do like to watch but when he rides her rough from behind like tonight, not so much. I think it’s a little scary to me.”

“Why’s that?”

“It makes Mommy moan and cry when he does her like that, it’s like I can feel it with her.”

Gina had slipped her hand under the covers, Gloria felt her as she cupped her sex as she asked, “Does it make you wet?”

It always did, even though she was naked as she walked her panties still got a little moist when she put them back on.

“Oh, it does, doesn’t it, I can tell,” Gina said as her hand slid under the elastic waistband.”

Gloria caught her breath, Gina’s fingers were sliding along her slit, it felt nice; Jenna moved from Gina and settled on Gloria’s breasts, sucking and teasing them. Gina began strumming her clit; in just moments Gloria’s body trembled in climax.

“Felt good, didn’t it?” Gina asked.

A trembling, quivery voice answered, “Yes.”

Pulling the covers down, exposing that she still wore her underwear Gina said, “Help me now, take my panties down.”

Timidly Gloria followed Gina’s instruction. Over her hips, down, her pubic mound was unveiled; her blonde bush was neatly trimmed.

“You’re pretty down here,” Gloria said.

Gina smiled and parted her thighs exposing her labia, she asked, “Kiss me Sister, taste me.”

Gloria had never been with a woman but she knew what Gina wanted, she hesitated then she felt Jenna’s fingers teasing her, enticing her from behind. Gina placed her hands on both sides of Gloria’s head and gently guided her down saying, “That’s the way Gloria, taste me.”

Before Gloria got back to her room she’d performed cunnilingus on both of her sisters and had received the same from both of them in return. It was nice she had to admit but she preferred the feel of a big cock stretching her tight young pussy. She still wanted Dad again.

He dreams were sweet and sexy.

The following morning the caterers arrived at ten thirty and began setting up, the party would start at noon. Tables were set up, barbecues lit and tubs of beer and soda iced in anticipation. At a little after twelve the guests began to arrive.

Music was piped onto the patio and on the far side was a TV tuned to a baseball game in case any sports fans wanted to watch although nobody was. The party was scheduled for six hours, from noon ‘til six. Some of the attendees swam but it was mostly the guys and they seemed to revel in splashing the girls that ventured too close to pool side. Most of the girls had not brought swimming suits, casual attire, tee shirts, shorts and flip-flops were the most common.

Roy had taken a table back in the shade where he could discretely observe. What he was mostly observing were the slim, svelte female forms, there were some real cuties in the group, one stood out particularly. Roy knew she was one of the nurses Janie had invited, she was younger than Janie, Roy would guess around twenty-five but she was spectacular. He’d been introduced to her by Janie whew she’d arrived, her name was Naomi Belleview. She was a black girl with a milk chocolate complexion, her raven black hair had been straightened and hung below her shoulders, she had a narrow face with an uncharacteristic straight nose and high cheek bones hinting at a Native American influence in her genes but it was her eyes that caught ones attention, cat eyes, slightly slanted they were hazel but gold flecked. Her face almost precluded looking at her body, but only almost. Roy was six one, she was nearly as tall as he, almost painfully slender she had small high pointed breasts, a flat belly and waspishly thin waist, her hips were narrow, nearly boyish, but she did have a high tight bubble butt cleaved by a deep cleft that parted her tight cheeks alluringly, creating a chasm that begged to be enjoyed and then her ultra-long legs, thin thighed and nearly coltish. She arrived in white cotton shorts and a chocolate brown collared pull-over. She was shod in strappy bone colored sandals with a three inch heels. She looked like a fashion model. Later Roy noticed she shed the outfit, opting now for a skimpy electric pink bikini, Wow.

As the afternoon went on he noticed something else, she was aloof and stand-offish with people, often bordering on rude, she seemed to take no pleasure at all from the party, not snobbish, just down right rude. When he’d tried to draw her out and asked if she was enjoying herself she’d snapped, what’s to enjoy. As striking as she was he was sorry Janie had invited her.

Most of the guests had eaten by four o’clock although some of the boys were organizing a hot dog eating contest. Roy only hoped that no one would overindulge to the point of puking. He’d watched his daughters, they were of age and they were drinking beer. He followed Gloria, too, and was proud of her, she was religiously sticking to soft drinks, when a little ruckus started at pool side. As voices were raised he saw that it was Jenna and Gina screaming at each other, he wondered what had set that off and started to walk toward them when Jenna shoved Gina. She stumbled backwards and fell in the pool. When she came up sputtering she was swearing at her sister like a truck driver then she pulled herself out and went after Jenna in earnest.

Some of the boys were cheering them on, “Catfight, catfight,” was the cheer. Roy arrived, took each by the neck of her tee shirt and pulled them apart.

“Enough, that’s enough you two. Gina, go to your room and get into some dry clothes, I’ll be up in a few minutes and we’ll discuss how this happened, ok.”

As Gina left, he took Jenna by the shoulder and led her into the kitchen.

“Let’s give her a few minutes to get changed them you, Gina and I are going to have a conversation.”

Gloria had seen it all and was concerned for her sisters, Dad looked really pissed. She thought that there were some sore bottoms in store, she edged toward the house, nosey her, she wanted to see what was going to happen.

After a few minutes Roy led Jenna down the hall toward the bedrooms. They were on the far side of the house from the pool, maybe the wailing wouldn’t carry to the guests.

In the bedroom Roy sat the girls on the bed. “Someone want to explain what just happened?”

They both sat quietly, neither answered.

“Well someone needs to tell me what happened.”

The girls were quiet because neither could remember what had ignited the argument and fight.

“That was pretty dumb, wasn’t it girls. Your conduct has been an embarrassment to all of us and listening to the boys yelling catfight while the two of you were making a spectacle of yourselves. What do you have to say for yourselves?”

Gina’s eyes were a little teary, she said, “I’m sorry Daddy, I was wrong. Are you going to punish us?”

“Of course, but first I want to hear from Jenna.”

“Oh Daddy, I’m sorry, too but please don’t spank us now, I don’t want our friends to hear and know we still get spanked, I’d die of mortification, please wait ‘til after the party.”

“You’re probably right, even though the party’s on the other side of the house, someone could come in to use the bathroom and hear. We’ll meet in my room at eight o’clock but now, Jenna I want you to go to your room and get your purse.” He’d already seen that Gina’s was on the dresser.

As the bedroom door opened Gloria ducked into the hall bathroom, she didn’t want to be spotted. She saw that Jenna was carrying her handbag when she went back to Gina’s room and closed the door behind her. Gloria thought she knew what was going to happen, the purse was a dead give-away. She snuck to the door.

It was Gina she heard begging, “Daddy, please no.”

“Gina, get me the tube from your purse, Jenna I need yours, too.”

Jenna piped up, “No, please Daddy, go ahead and spank me now.”

“No, we’ve already agreed, eight this evening we’ll take care of that. Right now I want both of you over facing the mirror on the dresser, move it.”

“Ok, hands on the surface and I want those backsides sticking out.”

“Please Daddy, don’t,” Jenna pled.

There was a crack, he’d given her a swat then repeated, “Backside out.”


There were several moments of silence then Gina sobbed softly. Gloria imagined that her shorts and panties had just come off. Jenna tried a little more begging then she, too went silent.

“When we finish I want both of you to put your shorts back on and return to the party. Your panties will be in your pockets, you’ll get them back after your spankings, you both know the drill, ok.”

Neither answered, nothing they said now would change what was about to happen.

Gloria heard Gina groan, she knew what had happened. Jenna followed immediately thereafter, her moan was a little louder.

“Ten minutes,” she heard Dad say.

She waited a few minutes but heard no other sounds, quietly she cracked the door and peeped in. Gina was on his left side and Jenna was on his right; both had their tushes pushed out, their backs arched and their hips raised and both had his fingers in her bottom, it was lurid to see but a little exciting, too. The girls hadn’t seen her, her reflection, they were each concentrating on their own eyes but Dad heard her intake of breath, he glanced up and there in the mirror he saw Gloria taking it all in.

“Come in,” she heard, “It seems like you see everything else in this house.”

Gina and Jenna then noticed her and both begged, Please don’t let her watch, God, this is too embarrassing, please don’t.”

“Just be quiet, Gloria, come in and sit on the bed, not a word.”

Both of her sisters were sniveling, embarrassed and humiliated at being seen in such a mortifying position. The minutes passed, ten, he removed his fingers and told them to get their shorts on.

“Daddy, you shouldn’t have let her watch.”

“Maybe not, it wasn’t at all respectful of her to sneak around being a peeping tom was it?”

“No Daddy, it wasn’t, some things need to be private.”

“I agree, Gloria, go to your room and bring back your purse. You two, sit on the bed and wait.”

Oh, no Gloria thought, God I’ve screwed up. Her knees were knocking and her legs were shaky as she went to her bedroom. When she came back Dad asked her to hand him her tube. He’d washed his hands for hygienic reasons while she was gone.

“Ok, over to the dresser, hands on the top.”

“Dad, please, I didn’t do anything.”

“I don’t agree, now hands on the top and bottom back.”

She nearly fainted when her shorts fell to the floor, when her panties came down she gave a little sob, “Please Dad.”

“Gloria, arch your back and raise your hips, display yourself for your punishment.”

She groaned as he seated his finger in her. “Ten minutes,” he said.

It was totally silent aside from her little mewling sounds for the longest ten minutes in Gloria’s young life. She understood their chagrin at being watched. She felt like she wanted to fade into the floor and disappear.

Once it was over he told her to put on her shorts, pocket her panties and rejoin the party, he also included her in Jenna and Gina’s eight o’clock appointment.

“Ok back out,” he said.

“Daddy, what if the KY Jelly goes through our shorts?” Jenna asked.

“If someone mentions it tell them you sat on a wet lawn chair, now get back out there and tend to your guests.”

At eight they all met in Dad’s room, even Janie was there to watch. She’d seen the fight and heard about the punishments, she understood why all three girls were so subdued, they had undergone a shared humbling experience and now were going to be required to watch as each of them was spanked.

The spankings themselves weren’t especially traumatic, each got a ten minute warm-up to a shade of pink and then five minutes being reddened. Each shed a few tears and none were shorted of her post-spanking hugs and caresses. When it was over Roy sent them all to bed; they each went to their own rooms.

Once they were gone he took Janie into his arms and whispered, “Let’s work on that baby again.”

They started in the missionary position then he lifted her to her hands and knees and entered her from behind, he stroked her hard and fast for around five minutes until she trembled and climaxed, God he thought, that feels good, contractions of her vagina squeezed his cock and brought him off. He stayed in her as he massaged her body.

“I love you, you know Beautiful?”

“I know you do and I love you, too, I love you to pieces Honey,” she replied.

Afterward as they laid side by side, hugging and kissing she put his hand on her bottom saying, “Rub me, make me want it.”

He caressed her cheeks then let his fingers run along her anal cleft, touching her and pressing.

“Put a little lube on me, that feels good,” she said.

He teased her little rosebud then stuck a finger in up to the second knuckle and pumped her a little.

“I want to stay flat on my tummy but put it in me, please, I’m ready.”

He added a significant quantity of lubricant then straddled her hips then slid up and down her crack before guiding his cock to her opening.

“Push for me,” he instructed.

When he felt her bear down, he popped through her sphincters. Even in this position she still uttered a little moan. He continued forward until she’d accepted all eight inches.

“Just lie still for a little while, you make me feel so full and I’m learning to enjoy it.”

The pressure increased, she was flexing her anal sphincters, squeezing him with her muscles.

“God Beautiful, that’s wonderful, you feel so tight when you do that.”

“Do you think I can make you cum like this? I’m not going to but that’s ok, I’ve already had two.”

She arched her back raising her hips so he could get a little deeper and squeezed. Roy erupted, filling her bowels with his sperm she kept his trapped.

“Ah Beautiful, you have to be the sexiest partner in the world, this was fantastic.”

“Well thank you but I think I still need a little work on my oral and when I’m up on my knees and you fuck me like this I still cry sometimes.”

He gave her a little pat on the bottom and said “Language.”

“Roy Honey, when we’re alone in the privacy of our room I think it’s ok for us to say fuck, for me to call it a cock and for you to use words like cunt and asshole. In fact, I find a little dirty talk a bit of a turn-on, ok?”

He lowered his face to her ear and whispered, “You’ve got the sweetest, tightest little asshole in the world and after I wash off my cock I’m gonna put in your cunt and try to make a baby.”

She laughed, “Nasty man.”

“Seriously, there’s something we need to talk about. You and I both know Gloria wants to get back into this bed. I’m thirty-eight, maybe not so very old but hardly young to be becoming a Mother. There’s a good chance my ob/gyn will cut off our sex early and I’ll have a recovery period, probably two months after the baby’s delivered before I can resume normal sexual activities. How would you feel about taking Gloria as my surrogate?”

“Interesting proposal but you know what I like best, I’d still want it, do you think she can handle it?”

“Oh yeah, I know what you like best.”

His slowly softening cock was still buried in her bottom.

“As to her handling it, no, I don’t she could endure the rough ride you like to give me sometimes, heck, even I have a little trouble taking it, but like this, I’m sure she can learn. She’s have to accept the fact that she’d feel some pain the first few times but if you started her like this then maybe moved her to her back and taught her how to help herself with her fingers, I don’t see why not.”

“Want me to start working on her?”

“Honey, we both know you already are, between her spankings and her enemas her bottom is already getting quite a bit of attention.”

“Ok, after Jenna and Gina leave we can take her back into bed with us.”

There were no further events during the rest of Jenna and Gina’s visit, in fact it was quiet and subdued as though the effects of their shared punishments hadn’t worn off yet. When the left there was kissing and hugging and the promise to come back for the Thanksgiving Holiday then life went back to normal.

They were leaving after the Forth of July Holiday for their beach vacation just a little shy of two weeks, Roy had rented a Gulf front two bedroom cabana.

Janie had talked to Gloria about being her fill in when she was incapacitated, the girl was nearly salivating at the thought but, although her Mom hadn’t mentioned it, she still got a little watery in her tummy when she thought of exactly how Mommy serviced Dad, she wondered if she could get around that.

Although it wasn’t disclosed to her, her Mother and Dad had discussed how they were going to proceed. They wanted to start as soon as possible so Roy could spend the nights of their vacation breaking her in; he promised that he’d have plenty left for his beautiful wife, they still were concentrating on getting Janie inseminated.

Roy suggested that they begin in just a couple of days, this Friday night. He’d take care of Janie first then he’d reverse the process, just giving Gloria a very light spanking before her enema. When Janie took her to the bathroom to expel her enema he wanted a hot bath to be drawn, not a shower but a scented bubble bath and he would bathe her then take her to bed and massage her with a fragrant lotion. He’d give her plenty of oral sex before turning her over on the bed. The first time she would be tummy down, prone on the mattress. Janie would stay to offer encouragement if needed.

Friday they decided to make a bit of an occasion out of it. Roy took them all out for lobster dinners then at home Janie opened a nice bottle of Chardonnay and they allowed Janie to have two glasses.

In the bedroom when the sequence was changed, her Mom going first and then her own spanking, a mild one that was hardly more than a warm-up preceding her enema she wondered what was up but when Mom drew her a bubble bath and Dad bathed her, her senses were on alert. Finally, she whispered to Dad, “Tonight’s the Night,” isn’t it Dad.

“Yes Cutie, tonight’s the night.”

“I don’t want Mommy there.”

“Cutie, I think she can help you if you need help, she knows what the experience is like.”

“Please Dad, I want it to just be us.”

“You were there for her on her first time weren’t you.”

“Yes and I remember I wanted to jump up and stop you. I’m afraid she’d feel the same about me, remember how she went on when you gave me my first spanking?”

Oh yeah, he remembered, Janie had slapped and kicked, sputtering and swearing like a longshoreman. He’d ended up giving her a spanking, too, over her conduct. He was beginning to see Gloria’s point. Still Janie would probably feel disappointed and left out.

“She could come in after we finish. And are you going to keep me in bed with you and do it again? She could watch then, please Dad, I want the first time to be private.”

“The first time, if I cry I want you to be the one to soothe me and if I hurt I want you to be the one to hold me and hug me and if I try to get away I want you to be the one to hold me down. I think I will cry, I think I will hurt and I even think I may try to get away. I know You’ll control me and I know you’ll make me feel that fullness and I know you’ll fill me, my bowels with your cum. I don’t want to be rescued, please.”

“Ok, give me a minute, I’ll be right back, I need to talk to Janie.”

“Ok, I’ll go out and listen to some music, just give me a call.”

She started to walk out, Roy asked if she wanted her panties.

“No thanks Honey, I think I’ll just play with myself as I think about what’s going on behind this closed door.”

Gloria was still in the tub, Roy finished bathing her, helped her out and dried her with a big, fluffy Turkish towel then led her to the bed.

“Lie on your tummy, I’m going to give you a little massage help you relax.”

With the lotion he started at her shoulders, working the tension out of her muscles then he stroked her sides and moved to the back of her thighs down her calves and even her feet before moving up to her bottom.

The muscles of her buttocks were taut and firm, smaller than Janie’s, more like large grapefruits, Pomellos maybe rather than cantaloupes. He touched her rosebud but didn’t penetrate her, not yet. When she tensed up under his touch he asked her to relax and just rubbed her until she’d complied.

“That’s the way Cutie, keep loose, it makes it a lot easier.”

He turned her on her back and massaged the tops of her thighs, rubbed her tummy and caressed her sides near her breasts then he swept her into his arms and kissed her.

“God, you’re so beautiful Cutie, slender, trim and desirable.”

He kissed down her neck and across her chest then went to her bosoms, sucking and licking her nipples until they were swollen and the blush came to her chest. He trailed kisses down her body, over her tummy where he dipped his tongue into her belly button and then to her mons veneris. He nuzzled her flaming curls then moved to her slit. He held her open with his fingers as his tongue slithered along her glistening slit.

“God you’ve got such a pretty pussy,” he said, “Such a beautiful pink. Your feminine scent is heavenly and your sweet taste is pure ambrosia.”

He tugged at her labia gently with his lips then dipped his tongue into her lubricating vagina. Finally he went to her clit. She was red and swollen, her little gem shined in the low light, he took it between her lips as she started to tremble, he stopped.

“Why’d you quit, that feels so wonderful,” she asked.

She settled and he resumed.

She was lubricating heavily, after he’d taken her to the brink three times he could hardly hold her down. It was time.

He rolled her onto her tummy and reached for the KY Jelly.

“You’re going to feel me touching me now and my fingers will go in you. It’s important that you try to stay relaxed,” he told her as his hands parted her cheeks and his fingers applied the gel to her pucker with a circular, rubbing motion.

He added more of the lubricant and told her she’d next feel one of his fingers in her as he worked the lube through her outer sphincter. He added more of the KY and pressed it further into her then added a second finger.

She gasped and her anal ring tightened.

“Just relax Cutie,” he crooned to her as he massages her cheeks, “Just relax.”

She was so incredibly tight, he was afraid to add a third finger, so, using the two, he parted his fingers holding her little hole open and squeezed a quantity of the lubricant directly into her then pumped her a little to spread it into her rectum, some more of the lube and she was as ready as he could get her.

“Cutie, we’re going to start now, I’m going to straddle your hips and you’ll feel me slide along your crack. When I stop sliding and you feel me press against your anus I’ll say push. When I say that I want you to bear down like you were trying to go potty, ok?”


“Now try to completely relax and…push.”

There was some resistance, her virgin sphincters tried to hold out the intruder but with a little more pressure she yielded, he was in her.

Her moan was pitiable, her pain evident yet, he kept the forward pressure, sliding slowly but inexorably into nether depths.

“Daddy, it hurts, it hurts so much, please can we stop.”

While he stroked her sides and smoothed her hair he answered, “You don’t want to stop, not really, I know you want to do this, why endure the first time twice, just relax your bottom.”

He only had about three inches in her, five more to go and she was tight. God, he thought, Janie’s anus had been tight, Millie his first wife had been tight but Gloria was unbelievable. Of course her anus had resisted him, those muscles were designed to work one way, out, they’d tried to keep out the inward pushing intruder but Gloria’s rectum was nearly as snug. Every millimeter of forward progress entailed stretching delicate tissue, he was bigger than anything that had ever been in her rectum before, in a word or at least a few, her plumbing was small. He thought he’d probably be completely through her rectum and into her Sigmoid colon and he knew he was going to cause her some pain but, yet, the thought of penetrating her fine young body so deeply was, in a way, exciting. He continued to slowly press forward.

“Oh Daddy, it really hurts, it feels like you’re in my tummy, I’m already getting that full feeling that Mommy got.”

He was less than five inches into her, still over three to go.

“Cutie, just work on staying relaxed.” She couldn’t tensed up if she’d wanted to, her sphincters had given up, surrendered to their invader, an invader far larger than anything that had ever passed the other way, he rectum was yielding, being stretched to accept him.

“Please Daddy, I think I’m going to cry.”

“Go ahead Cutie, I think it would help. Now, I want you to arch your back and lift your bottom for me, can you do that for me.”

Her tears had started, she snuffled, “I think so,” as her bottom rose he cupped each of her succulent cheeks , one in each hand and spread her wider, he’d be able to get at least another half inch in her. He pressed forward.

“You’re doing good Cutie, real good,” he told her as his cock slid even further into her.

Finally, she sobbed, “No more Daddy, I’m begging you, no more.”

He looked down, there was only another half inch for her to take.

He just relaxed and lay on her back, of course it forced the rest into her. She finally wailed in her agony.

“He whispered, “You have it all Cutie, all of me. I’m so proud of you. I didn’t think you could do it.”

“Oh daddy, it hurts so much, so much.”

“Do you feel full now,” he asked.

She moaned, “Yes, yes, Oh, so full, like I need an enema to go a lot.”

“Tonight, I’m your enema Cutie, we’re going to do this three or four times tonight.”

“Nooooooooooooooo, please don’t make me do this again.”

“Of course we are going to do it again but that’s for later, now let’s just enjoy our first time together.”

“Oh Daddy, I’m so not enjoying this.”

“Don’t you like the fullness up in your abdomen?”

“My God, it feels like you’re clear up in my tummy and it hurts.”

“No, not in your tummy but, I imagine at least your colon. You’re small and virgin and I had to stretch you but it will be easier after this, you’ll be more opened and know what to expect. Maybe you’d like it better if I fucked you a little and came in you. You do want me to cum in you, don’t you?”

“Yesssssssssssssssss, I want you to cum in me.”

“Then ask me to.”

“Please Daddy, cum in your Cutie, please cum in me.”

He began to stroke her, not hard, that would come later, at another time but he was going to cum in her, he started to stroke.

He knew he couldn’t go long, she was so damned tight, the friction was utterly fantastic. In less than five minutes His cock was jerking and jets of cum pulsed into Gloria’s no longer virgin bottom, he rode her until he was drained.

Rolling off and taking her into his arms he gushed, “My God Cutie, you are fantastic.”

Even through her pain and tears she smiled; she was proud of herself and so pleased that her Daddy was so happy with her.

She did hurt and she felt like she’d been through the wringer. Nothing she’d ever experienced was so stressful, she wanted just to curl up and cry herself to sleep…that was not to be.

Roy got up and went to the bathroom, he washed his penis then returned to the bed. Gloria was curled up in a near-fetal position, she’d ceased to cry but her eyes were still red, swollen and tear stained. He took her in his arms.

“You were fantastic or even better, maybe magnificent and spectacular better apply. God, what a woman you are.”

“You really think so Daddy, am I really?”

“Oh girl, I can’t believe I’m so lucky,” he answered as he guided her hand to his penis.

“Should we get Mommy now,” she asked.

“Why don’t we just enjoy each other’s company for a little while before we call her in, ok.”

She nuzzled against his chest as he pulled her face to his nipples. She took one in her mouth and began to suck.

“That’s it Cutie, suck on Daddy, do you like sucking on Daddy.”

“God yes, I feel so loved.”

His hand was over hers, encouraging her to masturbate him. When he took his hand away she continued, “Oh yeah Cutie, that’s nice,” he told her as his fingers opened her folds and gently fondled her clit.

They went on for several minutes before he whispered, “Does it feel good?”

“Feel good, she was in heaven, his strong arms, his soft sensual words and his dancing fingers, it was more than good, even with the pain she’d endured she wouldn’t trade these moments for any thing else in her life.

It went on for a while more, it was nearly dream-like for her, she didn’t even mind or react as he slowly eased her head downward.

He whispered again as he softly asked, “Please help Daddy get hard again. Her hand was still on him but when she opened her dreamy eyes his penis was right in front of her.”

“Take me in your mouth Cutie, suck on Daddy.”

She never had before, at least not a man, her two sisters, yes but, for the first time she took a man between her lips.

She was unskilled although he’s give her an “A” for effort but the quality of the effort was far less important to him than the fact that she’d follow his wishes and his instructions, tonight wasn’t about her giving fabulous fellatio, it was about him getting her to react positively to his request and now she was nearly ready, he was going to take her bottom again, no, not a rough ride, not for her, not yet but she was still awfully tight, he needed to get into her as often as possible, stretch her tender young tissues, get her ready so she could take him at a moment’s notice whether in the bed, bent over a chair, wherever and whenever the urge struck; the way he had done with his first wife Millie. Janie was nearing that point in her training but it would be awesome to have both of these spectacular auburn haired beauties at his beck and call.

He pulled a pillow over and doubled it. I’d like you to lie on this, on your tummy for me,” he said.

Gloria released his penis and complied, “Like this?”

Her hips were elevated and her butt raised, “Perfect,” he told her.

“Cutie, we’re going to do it again, ok?”

“I thought Mommy was going to come in now, isn’t she?”

“Do you want her here, I’d like to wait ‘til after then we’ll call her in.”

“Ok Daddy.”

“Just remember, relax and push. If you feel like crying, just let go,” he said as he moved over her.

As he guided his penis forward he thought, better, much better with her hips elevated he would be able to penetrate her a little deeper.

“Push Cutie,”

Again Gloria moaned as his big cock assaulted her little girl muscles but he was in her, she felt him moving slowly, painfully but inexorably into her most private depths, she moan.

It wasn’t quite as excruciating as the first intrusion, now one might say he was revisiting territory already claimed, still she was experiencing a great deal of discomfort.

“You’re doing good Cutie, God what a spectacular bottom you have, what a spectacular young woman you are, you make old Dad happy and you make me feel wonderful.”

“Unnnnh, I’m glad you’re happy with me. I want to please you.”

“You are Cutie, you are. Now, I’m going to move a little higher, you’re going to feel some of my weight on your hips and back and I might go in a little farther than before so there may be a bit of pain.”

He parted her cheeks with his hands and pressed forward until he was completely buried in her, filling her rectum, and bringing on her tears.

“Oh Daddy, it hurts, it hurts please take it out of me, please, please, please.”

“Cutie, you don’t want me to do that, you want to give me pleasure, you want me to cum in you, don’t you?”

“Relax and enjoy the full feeling, you do feel the fullness, don’t you?”

“God yes Daddy, you’re so big, you make me so full, so full.”

“I’m going to pump you a little now, can you tighten your muscles and help me cum?”

That had felt so good when Janie had done it and Gloria was even tighter, if she could it would probably feel like a boa constrictor had him in it’s coils.

“Just flex your anal sphincters, squeeze me, hold me tight.”

He felt her grip him, the friction was incredible as he slowly pumped against the resistance. He began to pump faster, go deeper.

Gloria groaned each time he forced into her and gave out a little moan as he pulled back, with the pressure she was exerting on him, each back stroke pulled her little anal ring out and each forward thrust took him deeper than he’d been before.

“I’m going to cum Cutie, I’m going to cum,” as he sped up his thrusts.

It wasn’t nearly a rough ride but he was pumping a lot harder than he had the first time.

Through her groans, sobs and moans he heard Gloria’s plaintive voice, “Please Daddy, cum in me, cum in your Cutie,” he did, her wonderfully tight little bowel was flooded with his hot gushing semen as his cock jerked and spewed

They laid side by side, he kissed her cheek saying, “Well done Cutie, you are a fantastic lover, I’m so proud to be your Dad, so proud of you. Are you feeling ok?”

“I’m a little sore Daddy but I’m ok.”

“Want a little break, your Mom and I could have some while you get a bit of rest, sound good.”

“Yes, that sounds like just what I need.”

She started to roll off the bed but he stopped her. “Don’t bother to clean up, you’re already lubricated and we’ll be getting together again later.”

He brought Janie back then went to the bathroom to rinse off, he was going to be changing partners, it was only fair.

Gloria was laying on the bed beside a doubled over pillow. Janie expected she knew what that was for. It was evident that some tears had been shed. She hugged her daughter asking, “Are you ok Baby.”

“I’m ok Mom, a little sore but ok.”

“So, what did you think about it?”

Her voice fell to a whisper, “Honestly Mommy, I like it in my pussy a lot more.”

“Well at least tonight I suspect he’ll be back in you and it will be in your bottom. You’ll be ok but I don’t want you to get his rough ride, it still hurts me and we’ve already done it a bunch of times. Maybe if he and I do that he’ll take it easier with you.”

“Thank you Mommy, I watched the first time, remember, I almost wanted to cry for you. Can you hold me for a little while, I’d like that.”

“Of course Baby.”

When Roy came back Janie was laying on the bed beside her daughter, Gloria was still a little tearful, her head was buried against her Mother’s bare bosoms.

“God, you two are beautiful like that, almost like a sexy Madonna and Child.”

Janie smiled and Gloria snuggled even closer. Gloria noticed her Mother’s breasts were swelling and her nipples stiffening as though she found their closeness arousing. Remembering how nice it had been when it happened before she took one of Janie’s nipples and began to nurse.

Standing back and watching Roy was moved, it was one of the most sensual things he’d ever seen, his penis stirred and rose. He climbed on the bed behind Gloria.

“Honey, me, please,” Janie said to him.

“Yes Beautiful, it will be you but I want to do something first.”

He wondered, was it possible, he’d never seen two women together, could he get Gloria to warm Janie up for him?

He whispered, “Cutie can you help? Can you get your Mommy ready for me,” as he took her hand and guided it to Janie’s pubic area.

He kept his hand atop hers and directed her fingers to Janie’s clitoris and began to rub. After several minutes he was able to remove his hand, Gloria continued stroking.

He rubbed Gloria’s back, “That’s the way Cutie, that’s a girl, help Mommy.”

Janie accepted the attention, it was what Roy wanted and it felt wonderful.

Gloria continued at her mother’s breasts, her hand continued to stimulate her.

Roy let it go on for several minutes, Janie was obviously aroused, she was working her hips in rhythm with Gloria’s stroking and Gloria’s breathing indicated that it was exciting her, too.

Finally he again put his mouth to her ear. You know what I do next Cutie, can you do that for your Mommy, too.”

Gloria certainly did know. Janie enjoyed her cunnilingus; Gloria had done it with her sisters and she loved her Mother far more.

She didn’t answer verbally, she and Janie were laying side by side. She shifted her weight forcing her Mother over onto her back, she rolled with her and came to rest between her legs then moved down. She replaced her fingers with her tongue.

Janie was shocked, she’d never been with a woman and this wasn’t just any woman, it was her eighteen year old daughter between her legs laving her vulva, her leaking vagina, getting her ready for what was to come from her husband. Gloria had seen how Roy had brought her Mother to the verge, she’d experienced it herself, she knew how frustrating it was but she also knew how each pause enhanced the arousal to the point that one would do nearly anything to attain release. She brought her Mother to the cusp four times.

Roy took her hand and placed the KY Jelly in it.

“Lubricate her for me, get her ready.”

“Mommy, roll over on your tummy for me, please.”

Janie knew what was going to happen, she rolled over and opened her legs a little giving her daughter access to her. Young hands spread her cheeks, cool gel coated her then fingers penetrated her. First one slim finger then a second adding more of the lubricant. Gloria’s touch was gentle, it felt nice, a woman’s soft touch. She heard her daughter’s voice in her ear,

“You’re ready Mommy, let’s get up.”

Janie pulled her knees under her as Gloria positioned her pillow then guided her head down.

She watched as Dad moved up behind her Mother then him say, “Push.”

She heard her Mommy’s soft moan as his penis pierced her sphincters, she saw as his large cock slowly opened her Mom’s rear channel. He paused when he was completely ensconced, she knew he was letting her feel her full bowel but she was surprised when Dad took her hand and guided it between her Mother’s legs.

He stroked Janie’s back and caressed her buttocks.

“Beautiful, I’m going to give you a good ride, I want Cutie to help you, ok?”

“Oh yeah, I’d love the help.”

“Cutie, help her try to cum, make it a little easier for her, will you?”

“Of course Daddy, of course.”

He rose on his haunches and began stroking. He started slowly although the were long and powerful, deep into her eliciting plaintive moans with each forward thrust. Then he moved up and forward so that his weight was on her hips and his angle of penetration was nearly straight down.

He plunged in

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