Jodie n Kazz

Jodie looked across the room at Mark with distaste and contempt as she propped herself up on her elbows and knees ready for their landlord to take her from behind. She heard the landlord unfasten his pants and then drop them to the floor and felt his cold calloused hands grip her ass cheeks roughly and pull them wide apart. He plunged into her without hesitation causing her to wince and bite her lower lip. He was not a handsome man in fact he was at best an untidy slob but she was hopeful of at last one orgasm before this ordeal ended. After all he was a well endowed and well practiced at extorting sex for rent payment. Overlooking the fact that her own pleasure was not a priority to him she closed her eyes and worked hard to obtain all she could from the experience, this also rubbed it in her cuckold husband’s face.

Tonight was a good night her disgust for her husband and their life was enough motivation to catalyse her first orgasm quickly. For Mark’s benefit she began moaning loudly and yelling

“Yes, yes, right there baby. Fuck me harder, oh god yes”

Unfortunately she put too much into her performance driving her pig of a landlord over the edge. He pulled out and gushed all over her back, legs and the floor while he staggered back and forth. Jodie headed to the bathroom to clean up and the landlord leered and slurred to Mark

“Any time you want to make an early payment is fine by me”

Mark flew out of his chair with clenched fists and Jodie immediately screamed

“Mark, sit fucking down”

Grateful for Jodie’s intervention the landlord left smiling at Jodie and squeezing her tit as he passed.

“See you next week honey” he barely got out of his drunken mouth as he left the room.

Mark sat out in the lounge and whacked off to some amateur porn in the lounge as Jodie took a shower. She leaned against the wall prayerfully wishing a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation she was in.

At one time she had been a promising law student, top of her class and headed for a very bright future. That was until Mark and a couple of buddies from his club stormed onto her campus and beat her law professor to a pulp for making a move on her. Jodie wasn’t as well trained in using her body as payment back then and so was kicked out of uni and started working at Hooters to get her and Mark by.

Mark had been a good footballer at college, captain of the team in fact, handsome and a bit of a party boy. He and his behaviour were kind of fun for a while until he was thrown off the team for constantly rocking up drunk and lost his scholarship. His parents disowned him and threw him out as did Jodie’s a decision she had come to regret bitterly but when they gave the ultimatum of Mark or leave home, she was convinced it was true love and trusted Mark’s charm to see them through.

Mark was a failing entrepreneur a scammer at best. He had half baked ideas and jumped from one get rich quick scheme to another. He was good at making contacts but better at blowing them off when they realised how unstable he was. The one thing Mark had to fall back on at this point was the club. He had been good enough to charm his way in and had now been prospecting for 3 years. Even here the members were getting a little bent out of his shape by his empty promises and underachieving. They had even bailed him out financially the one or two times Jodie’s body had been rejected as payment by a couple of honest and above board cops.

Jodie could have been making some decent money modelling if it were not for the ink work and a couple of ugly scars on her body that had happened at a club party that got out of hand early in the piece when Mark became involved with them. There was no escape for Jodie though as she was Mark’s “old lady” and if she left him or did not show him the respect he “deserved” the club would find her and deal with her accordingly.

She turned off the shower and headed for the bedroom while drying off. Mark appeared from nowhere across her path with a back hand raised.

“Don’t be so stupid” she yelled.

“What’s Kazz going to say if I have to blow him with a black eye?”

He lowered his hand

“Well you don’t have to enjoy it so much” he grumbled

“Yes and you don’t have to react to everything at the drop of a fucking hat either”.

“Well get moving woman, I don’t want to be late for the Boss’s party”

Kazz was the president, a big well built man who had only tolerated Mark for so long as he and Jodie got on well, just not as well as Kazz would like. He was not about to do that to another members old lady no matter what his or their rank in the club, he was a real stand up criminal. Having said that it was an accepted practice for an old lady‘s services be offered on a special occasion to show respect for a high ranking member and today was the presidents birthday and Mark had promised Kazz a blowjob he would never forget.

Once downstairs they climbed on the saddle and headed to the clubroom. Jodie loved being on the bike, in fact she had her own but it was not looked on well for old ladies to rock up ‘as equal’ on her own ride. When they were nearly at the clubhouse Mark skipped up the gutter to get around traffic in his usual impatient manner only to get busted by a cop he failed to see nearby. Mark couldn’t afford any trouble tonight but of course he could not control his mouth and immediately upset the officer with a barrage of insults.

“Oh shut the fuck up Mark” Jodie pleaded

She approached the officer

“Please officer, do you think we could get off with a warning this time? “ She said loosening the zip in the front of her leather tube top.

“Get off?” He said

“Yes get off. I mean wouldn’t you like to, ‘Get off’, I could help you officer”

“Erm...pull around the corner ma’am” he ordered.

When they pulled around the corner Marked backed the bike up to the wall and sat on it while Jodie went down on the officer as she had many times before to save Mark’s ass. He sat and watched her head bob back and forth without much feeling, a little angry at the thought of having to fake remorse when they got home that night was all. Mark turned away as he heard the cop grunt and then saw him thrust forward to cum in his wife’s mouth. Once the officer had emptied his full load down the beautiful blonde’s throat he offered her a towel to clean up. As he walked past Mark back to his car he shook his head in disgust. Mark went to mouth off again but Jodie held her hand up signalling him to stop.

When they went into the clubroom most of the gang were there and the party was in full swing. Mark led Jodie toward Kazz and placed her hand in his

“Happy birthday boss”

“Greetings brother, thank you for coming pretty lady” Kazz replied with a mild Irish accent”

A couple of the boys dragged Mark off across the clubhouse to where a wet t-shirt contest was taking place upon the bar.

“So young lady, I suppose you would be wanting to get this over with” Kazz said

“I’m a bit nervous actually” Jodie said

“I didn’t quite catch that love let’s go somewhere a little quieter ay”

Jodie smiled and followed him into his private room where he stayed when he had been drinking heavily, which was most nights.

“Baby we can just sit and talk you know eh” Kazz offered

“No, no. I am happy to do this. I mean, you have done so much for Mark, so much for me, I am glad to do it”

“Eh, you’re a good girl lovey, you deserve better eh”

Jodie was a little confused as she had no idea until now that Kazz only kept Mark around the club as a favour to her. Even so that would come to an end soon. He had cost the club money and reputation a number of times with his big mouth and lack of self control and the club would not tolerate much more of it. A lot of the members had already called for his exit.

“What do you mean Kazz?”

“Well I just mean, um, err, that you are a special lady and that I hope your man is treating you right”

“Now is not the time to worry about that here let me help you out of those tight pants”

“Aw that’s alright baby girl, I can do it”

He dropped his pants and then planted his massive frame in a tub chair in one corner of the room with his legs spread. Jodie pulled them of completely and then climbed in between his legs with her eyes fixated on his bloated member. She looked up at him as she grabbed his ample cock in her tiny hand and stroked it back and forth.

“Oh my god you are a big boy all round now aren’t you?” She said as she stared at the large purple knob at the end of his painfully swollen shaft.

“Baby I have wanted this ...” He stopped himself.

Jodie looked up at him. She was starting to get the idea that Kazz felt more for her than any other of the old ladies in the club but rather than call him on it she wanted to build on it by giving him an experience he had never before had. She smiled up at him hoping that he knew she had understood his Freudian slip as she squeezed her small mouth around his bulbous cockhead. She sucked hungrily on his cock as he squeezed the arms of the chair tightly. He knew he wouldn’t last long as he had fantasised many times about have this opportunity with Jodie but he did not want it to turn into a non event. Jodie had other plans, she wanted to finish him off quickly once and then offer him a round two that he would remember always. She worked the shaft vigorously with her hand as she sucked furiously on his knob. She began to massage his balls with her free hand and that was all she wrote. The big man shot rope after rope of thick, warm, sticky cum down her throat until he was empty.

He grabbed her head in his big hands and made sure she was looking at him as he said

“Girly that was the best umm... the nicest..err..Well it was bloody fantastic”

“I am not finished yet, I mean if that’s ok with you?” she pleaded

“Well I guess we went pretty quickly, there is still time for a cuddle I suppose”

Changing her mind and her original blowjob plan she unzipped and dropped her tube top to the floor and sat in his lap facing him and pushing her perfect tits in his face. He was a little startled at first but was overcome with his want of her almost immediately as he started feeding hungrily on her tits. With his focus on the most spectacular rack he had ever seen he did not notice her fumbling around in his crotch. Having not worn panties she was able to easily line up her juicy muff against the again rock hard tip of his swollen cock.

“Oh god”

She whimpered as she slid down him taking in the full length of his cock.

“Please fuck me hard” she begged

Unable to turn off the years of secret desire he had for this spectacular woman he grabbed her ass in his hands firmly and began pulling her down on his cock hard and then lifting her up before slamming her down once more. Her delicious tits bounced up and down in front of him popping in and out of his mouth frequently and she came for the first time very quickly sighing and moaning

“Oh yeah, fuck me, make me come, make me come again”

He had every intention of making her come again as he picked her up and walked over to the bed still inside her. He laid her gently across the bed and then positioned himself over her as he held his weight up above her. He began to thrust slowly in and out of her but before long was pounding in and out furiously. She pulled up his shirt and started nibbling on his nipples and chest occasionally stopping to gasp

“Oh yes baby yes”

She raised her head to kiss his neck as her body convulsed in orgasm once more, wave after wave. With only a little left to give she let the hulk of a man roll her over and position her for a Greek grand finale. Before entering he asked her

“Do you enjoy anal lovey?”

“Oh fuck yes. Pound my ass please”

He spat into her hole and rubbed it in and around her opening before lining the throbbing tip of his cock up ready to penetrate. He slowly slid inside as she groaned deep and low. He went half way with the first few strokes and then increased the depth and speed of his thrust every four or five strokes until he was pounding at her like a jackhammer.

Her pussy twitched in response to the sensation of his churning balls and he thrust his hips forward and emptied his load deep inside her ass as she soaked his balls and legs with her fountain of cum. With his diminishing erection still inside her he pulled her gorgeous frame close to him and kissed her back.

“Well thank you love” he said as he climbed of the bed

“The pleasure was all mine” she said and she had never meant it so much in her life.

“Happy birthday Kazz” she said as she kissed him on the cheek just before leaving the room so he could get dressed and rejoin the party.

Out in the main room Jodie sat and watched Mark grope and harass some of the single ‘Old Lady wannabe’s’ and got herself as drunk as she knew she could without throwing up and then had one more. She signalled mark to come over and he strutted over like an absolute wanker and flopped his cock out for her to suck in front of everyone. Jodie took one look and threw up all over it and ran to the bath room amidst a roar of laughter from the whole room. When Jodie returned from the bathroom she could see Mark had cleaned himself up as best he could but was no longer in the mood to stay. They said their goodbyes and left. Mark was not hostile or the least bit angry it seemed. In fact he seemed pleased with Jodie when they got home which first she thought odd but within minutes started to sound major alarm bells.

“Ok, what’s going on?” she said feeling much better having emptied her stomach an sobering up on the ride home.

“Had a lil talk to Kazz. He said you’re a keeper, a real fine talent he said”


“Sure did. Said I’d better take good care of you or he’d kick my ass”

“Well I guess I did my job then, like a good little wifey I mean”

“Aw don’t be thatta way Hun; you know its good news for both of us. One step closer to a complete kutte for me and maybe some work for you. Now let me say thank you” he said slobbering all over the back of her neck as he unzipped his pants.

“Work? What kind of work?”

“Shh” he said reaching from behind and popping her tits out the top of her top and sucking her neck.

Jodie started to get wet as he fondled her. Sex was one of the very few things Mark did right he was a good lover all round but especially good at eating her out. She reached behind her to find his cock bobbing around whilst he moved one hand from her exquisite breasts down to rub her pussy through her jeans. Her breathing grew heavy as she kicked off her shoes, Mark pulled off her skirt and spread her across the bed with her legs dangling over the edge and touching the floor. He plunged straight in with his tongue and then placed his lips firmly around her clit and circled it with his tongue. He flicked at it the sucked it powerfully until it was very hard. Jodie was already going wild at the thought of him cleaning the remnants of Kazz from her silky smooth pussy. He explored the depths of her pussy with his strong probing tongue before thrusting a finger inside of her immediately locating her G-spot.

She gasped as he hit his target and pushed her feet against the floor shoving her cunt straight into his face.

“Oh fuck yes” rang out as she came in his face.

He kept fingering her but slowed down to let her recover then gently and soothingly started sucking her clit in and out of his mouth.

“Oh god make me cum again” she pleaded

He put a second finger inside her and started suckling on her clit like it was a nipple. He removed his fingers temporarily to run laps around her cuntlips to make sure he cleaned up all the juice from her initial climax. Once satisfied with his effort he skipped his tongue down to her ass and gave her a quick rimming. Once again he tasted an unfamiliar flavour but did not ponder on it to long. His nose was inside her pussy as his tongue lapped her asshole making her gush straight up his nostrils. He coughed a and spluttered

“Fuck” he mumbled as he blew his nose onto a tea towel and threw it on the kitchen sink.

Trying to ignore his vulgarity Jodie rubbed her pussy and looked at him begging with her eyes for more. Mark pulled his pants all the way off and removed his shirt then spun her around to be lengthwise on the bed and hovered over her positioned between her spread legs. She looked down his heavily inked body then closed her eyes and pretended to be with someone else. Mark slid inside quickly and started pumping away. Jodie knew she would cum sooner than Mark and was glad for his sexual stamina. Her body bounced up and down the bed with his thrusts, her arms around his neck with her fingers locked behind his neck. Her perfect tits bounded to and fro as Mark lowered his head to take in a delicious nipple. She came softly and read Mark’s mind as they swapped positions.

She stood on the bed above him then turned and lowered herself to be reverse cowgirl in his lap. Still rock hard and desperate for his own orgasm Mark grabbed her hips and pushed and pulled her up and down his cock. He sat up and started kneading her big breasts in his fists as she continued to grind on his rod. He licked and nibbled at her neck as she grabbed his sack and massaged it then rimmed his asshole with the tip of a finger. She felt his balls twitch and then he filled her with warm sticky cum. Very quickly he pushed Jodie forward and knelt behind while his hardness lasted and pounded her doggy style as he kissed her back and found her clit with his fingers.

“oo oo oo ooh ye ee ee ee es” she cried as she gushed again.

The pair crashed fast asleep in no time naked and soaked in sweat and cum where they stayed until early afternoon the next day.

The phone ringing woke Jodie the next day


“Top of the morning to ya lassie”

“Oh Hey Kazz, Mark is not up yet”

“It is you I be needing a word with luv”


“The gentleman’s club was hit last night, bloody Nonad bastards, Janelle died lovey”

“Oh shit Kazz, I’m sorry. What can we do?”

“You’re a right smart young lassie, I know you are. I need someone to manage the place”


“You wouldna be a working girl, I just need someone to organise things, keep the business side tickin’ over. Are ya interested lovey”

“Well yes, yes I am. That’d be great Kazz. I mean it’s sad about Janelle and all but....”

“I know what ya mean. Come down later and we’ll get ya started, ok?”

“Sure, and, thank you”

“Don’t mention it, see you soon”

Jodie took to the position like a frog to a pond and in no time the club was in full swing and even busier than before. To add to the professionalism of the place Kazz paid for some surgical procedures and tattoo removal as a thank you to Jodie for helping the club out.
Mark was a little put out by the Jodie’s prominent position within the club while he tried time and time again to make full member but kept stuffing things up. Over time he became bitter and resentful and finally came up with a desperate plan that he was sure would earn his full patch. He planned to use Jodie to get into the club where he would take money and plant evidence that would lead to a rival club that he had been communicating with. He would then kill one of them and return the money claiming hero status and earning his top rocker. As usual with Mark though he did not cover his tracks well enough and actually uncovered other deals he had been making outside the club.

Kazz came to see Jodie one day at work to see how things were going. After fucking each other’s brains out Kazz told her what Mark had been up to.

“It’s the end of the line love, we have to cut him” he said looking at the floor

“You mean k...”

“I’m sorry; it’s the way we do things. He knows it. I ......well here I want you to take this and go and do your fancy law degree” Kazz said handing over a bag full of money.

“But Kazz what about us?”

“It’s not right you are Mark’s old lady and this is a chance at a clean break for you girl. You are better than all this”

“What if I don’t want to...?”

“I’ve made up my mind, there is no place for you here anymore” he said as he finished getting dressed.

“When you finish your shift leave your keys in the drawer. No goodbyes just go!” he said quite harshly though his heart was tearing apart.

He paused after shutting the door behind him but barely got to reconsidering when a couple of the boys come in and dragged him off on some urgent business. Jodie sat in a mess of emotions; effectively she had just lost 2 men at once and didn’t see it coming at all. After several minutes of hysterical sobbing she pulled herself together, packed the few things she had in her office if you could call it that, and hugged each of the girls who were her only friends in the world goodbye and headed for home. On the way home she received a text message from Mark, it read

So sorry baby, I wish I had treated you better. My games have caught up with me, Kazz let me say goodbye and he promised you would be looked after – good luck babe, Mark

She barely managed to climb the stairs at home, the sobbing wreck that she was. When she opened the door the apartment was trashed. There was a bag packed and left by the front door that later she would discover had all of her stuff in it and some more money. Her initial reaction was the thought of collapsing in a mess on the floor but instead she kicked her way through piles of trash and in a sense she was bidding farewell to each room and the memories that went with them.

She hauled the large back pack downstairs, climbed on her bike and headed for the highway. She stopped at a motel a little after midnight and drank herself to sleep. She sat on the edge of her bed hoping it was all a nightmare. Her thoughts were disturbed by a knock at the door. She answered it and there stood a tall sleazy Italian man she barely recognised as the owner of the motel.

“Can I get you anything sweetness?” he said sleazily

“No thanks Mr.....”

“Alvez, Antonio Alvez, manager of the motel” he finished her sentence for her.

She closed the door and ran to the bathroom covering her mouth in case she threw up as she remembered giving the manager a blowjob rather than paying for the dump. I guess old habits die hard she thought to herself. After a long hot shower she sat and drank a strong hot coffee and considered her options. She could go back and beg Kazz to reconsider and take her in as his own but he had made his wishes fairly clear. She could run back home to her parents with her tail between her legs, but she didn’t wish to hear their ‘told you so’. In the end she decided to look for somewhere close to her old university, cheap and convenient to stay in while she worked out a way to obtain their forgiveness and accept her back into study.

Jodie stood outside a small but clean looking hostel only a couple of hundred metres from her university reading the sign ‘rates for students, enquire within’ when a short stocky Baltic looking man stopped and asked her

“Are you looking for a place to stay baby? “

“I’m not your baby and you can fuck off and leave me alone” she replied with the utmost of hostility.

“Oh I am sorry, that was very rude. Allow me to start again. My name is Karl and I own the Hotel across the road and I have just had a permanent resident, an elderly gentleman die so I have an apartment available”

“Did he.....”

“Oh god no, he didn’t die there he was in hospital for a while. I was just keeping it for him as he was a valued guest and I hoped his health would improve”

“Well shit Mr that’s a hell of a nice thing to do. What makes you think I could afford a place like that?”

“Pardon my being forward but you are a very beautiful woman, I assumed you were a model or an actress or both perhaps?”

“Very smooth sir but I am not looking for a relationship, a fling or even a quick fuck so on your bike!” she said firmly.

Karl rubbed his chin in his hand and walked off a little confused. He only got a little way when Jodie ran after him

“Hey Mr were you serious about the apartment?”

“Well of course I was ....”

“Jodie, my name’s Jodie”

“Of course I was Jodie but I don’t need any trouble” Karl replied

“Oh I am just not very trusting of people, sorry for my reaction. The thing is I am kind of new here or back here I mean and I don’t have regular work yet and I hope to study law, I mean finish studying law........oh forget it” she said nervously and turned to walk away.

“Listen, I can tell you weren’t ready for our chance encounter just now so why don’t you meet me for dinner around 8 at Lahodny down the road. You’ll have more time to be better prepared this time”

Jodie looked at him for a long time before he spoke again.

“Look I am not trying to pull anything and I’m kind of in a hurry so if you are there great, if you are not I will advertise it first thing in the morning. Bye for now Ms Jodie” He said before turning and rushing off again.

Stunned she walked down the road to a small coffee shop down the road and sipped on an Irish coffee before ordering another double shot of Irish to go into it. She sat drinking and pondering her situation. Jodie knew she had to make Karl’s offer work but she did not have any work yet or even a spot in college. In honesty she thought and she was prepared to sleep under the stars for a while but this might be what she needed to get her moving a bit quicker. As she sat sipping she noticed a help wanted sign in the window. When one of the workers came out to see if she needed anything else she enquired about the position. The waiter went in and told the manager who came out and sat with Jodie.

“Hello young lady, I am James and I understand you enquired about a position here at Stephano’s?”

“Yes, yes. I am new in town and I have the most amazing offer at accommodation and I really need the work.........”

“Slow down, now look the position is only part time but requires experience in managing a small team of floor staff for evening shifts, are you still interested?”

“I am sir........”

“James, please call me James. What experience do you have?”

“Well I have managed a team of erm...umm... Employees before quite successfully and evenings are perfect as I want to go to Uni. I am a fast learner and I am prepared to put more into the job than required, if you know what I mean” she said with a wink.

Going red James said “Umm, yes, of course, well look it seems like you have enough experience for me to give you a go at least so if you come in tomorrow at 4 o’clock we will see how things go. Actually make it 3:30 I will introduce you to the staff and get you a little settled before service”

“Great, great, you will not be disappointed. I will be here at 3” she said trying to sound extra keen.

He smiled as she left grinning all over her pretty face. It was around 3 in the afternoon and getting too late to visit the Uni to beg for a position in their law program but today was the day if any Jodie thought. I mean she had a chance at a job, a chance at somewhere to stay, why not give it a shot. Jodie cruised into the car park on her hog and jumped of quickly hoping no one saw her. She visited the ladies room in the reception area of the Uni and fixed herself up to look almost socially acceptable and then used her charm on the receptionist to get a short interview with the Dean and asked her to hold her belongings for her while she was in the interview.

She sat nervously waiting for her interview trembling and shaking with nerves. She went over all sorts of phrases, lines and key words she might use to win favour with the dean. She hoped it was entirely a new staff in some ways: that would be a lot easier on her at least.

“The Dean is ready to see you now” the receptionist said.

Here goes Jodie thought as she nervously arose and headed to the door she was being directed to by the receptionist.

The room was empty when she went in so she stood nervously waiting. The Dean walked in and she collapsed on the chair behind her, a mixture of terror and grief on her face.

“You’re the Dean now professor?” she gasped

“It would seem that way now wouldn’t it Jodie.” He answered without a hint of emotion in his voice or on his face.

“I am so sorry.....”

“Look it was a long time ago Jodie and ....well I never blamed you for what happened but at the same time I will need some convincing just like with any other applicant. What have you been doing since you left us Jodie?”

She had a number of very convincing lines prepared and any one would probably have got her a placement but when she finally spoke it was the truth that came pouring out.

“Well sir” her lip started to quiver “I have been living the other side of the law. My parents kicked me out and my only option was to stay with Mark. He got involved a MC (motorcycle club) and I became his ‘old lady’ I have seen some things no one should ever have to see and I have done some things that make my stomach turn. I regret ever meeting him in most ways. All the same I am sad that he is gone, the way he went and that I never got to say goodbye. I still know right from wrong and I regret the decisions I have made that have steered me toward wrong and I now want to do what is right. I am free to do what is right and that is what I want to do”

“Jodie you were my favourite student and you showed a lot of potential but after all this time changes like those you describe do not happen overnight. The risk I would take in offering you a position here would be that you would slip back into old habits “

“I understand. There is nothing I can do about your apprehension and I would feel the same way myself. I can tell you I am serious, that I have been here one day and have already got quite a good shot at a good job and a place to live. I can tell you I have turned my back on the past, but that is all I can do. The rest is up to you sir”

“As a past law student and potentially future one I am sure you know that no one is perfect and that all have demons in the closet. I don’t expect you to be perfect Jodie just realistic with a clear focus on what you want to achieve. In some ways I hope you have not completely turned your back on the past as it may give valuable insight to the future”

“How do you mean?” Jodie asked completely confused

“At the moment there is one thing stopping you from obtaining a spot in our programme and it is not anything I or any other lecturer taught you but is something you have learned since you left”

The penny dropped and Jodie rose to her feet and looked at the door. She looked back at the professor and then at the floor and closed her eyes. Her fists clenched as she walked around the table and sank to her knees in front of the professor. He closed his eyes and his head dropped back into the soft cushion at the back of his chair as Jodie released his rapidly stiffening prick from their fabric prison. His cock was large and had an unusually large head. Jodie nearly drooled at the sight of it as she tugged at it several times and then took the large head into her warm moist mouth. She swirled her tongue around the purplish blue knob and kissed the tip before taking more of the shaft into her mouth. With eyes closed firmly she drifted backed to the first time she had Kazz’s cock down her throat and then dismissed it so as not to become emotional and cry. She removed the bloated knob from her mouth and ran her slippery tongue down the underside of his cock and then started open mouth kissing his balls. She gently sucked them into her mouth and ran her tongue from his balls to his asshole circling his asshole and then back.

She placed her hands on his hips and now started bobbing up and down on his swollen cock taking more and more in with every downward stroke. She felt his hands on the back of her head as she worked his cock skilfully. She felt his balls spasm and knew he was close to Cumming so she started to massage his balls in her hand and worked frantically on his cock. Within seconds his load was streaming down her throat and he was groaning so loudly Jodie was sure the receptionist across the foyer could hear.

“Oh my god. We definitely did not teach you that here. Have mercy” The professor gasped as he recovered from the best orgasm he had ever experienced.

“So, am I in?” Jodie asked still nervously

“You can start where you left of Jodie” he said still catching his breath. “But I may need occasional reminding as to why I let you in the course” he murmured with his eyes closed. “Come by tomorrow and we will get the enrolment stuff all sorted”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you” Jodie screamed and raced out the door forgetting the Dean’s pants were still around his ankles, luckily no one was around.

She looked at the clock as she walked out and down the Main Street and thought ‘shit I have nothing to wear tonight and fuck what was his name again? With a little time left and a whole lot of money she decided to buy something. She visited 3 stores before she came across a cute but conservative (in her mind) red wraparound with a low neckline. It was a good thing that she would not have to walk far as she would have looked anything but conservative in the saddle with the dress and accessories she found to go with it.

She decided to try it on to make sure even though she had never had a problem getting clothes to fit her gorgeous frame. One of the ladies that was not as judgemental or intimidated by the leather and denim combo that Jodie was already wearing came over to help. She had seen the leggy blonde come in and had hoped she might get to serve her. Jodie asked her to help her with it knowing she didn’t really need the help and was just spoiling herself with the attention. Once in the change room Jodie was naked in no time. She was use to being naked around other women after all. The woman tried hard to remain professional but failed miserably with her eyes fixed on Jodie’s amazing tits, she was practically drawling. It was not long before Jodie noticed and decided to play along

“They’re real” she said “Touch them if you don’t believe me”

The woman looked Jodie in the face then looked back at her tits and cupped one in her hand while she prodded the other one with a finger.

“They’re, you’re beautiful” she said looking Jodie up and down.

“Go ahead” Jodie said sensing the woman wanted to keep fondling her

Jodie’s eyes closed as she felt the warm breath of the lady on her nipple and then sighed as her moist soft lips closed around it. Driven wild with lust the woman increased the intensity of her oral assault on Jodie’s tits and stomach before kissing her hard on the lips. This was by far not Jodie’s first girl on girl action but it was usually for show in front of a room full of cheering leather clad men and women who were swimming in alcohol and not for her own enjoyment.

The woman pushed her up against the wall and knelt in front of her. Jodie opened her thighs to give her access to her prize. The woman immediately started slurping and sucking at Jodie’s rapidly hardening clit. Jodie could tell she was not the most experienced at giving another woman head but it was good enough to make Jodie’s legs tremble. Jodie kneaded her own tit with one hand and massaged the top of the lady’s head as the woman began a frenzied attack on her dripping cunt. Some disapproving customers heard the commotion coming from the small room and left in disgust. It wasn’t long before Jodie came right into the woman’s face but it was not enough to satisfy.

The woman helped Jodie to spread out across the floor and then removed her own clothes and lowered her cunt down over Jodie’s face. Jodie immediately started lapping at the horny woman’s lips and clit. The woman was now stabbing in and out of Jodie with her tongue while rubbing her clit furiously. The woman started to come and moaned at the ceiling and shuddered as her climax hit her but continued to rub Jodie’s clit. Determined to finish Jodie of again she started sucking her clit again and curled a finger up inside her and almost immediately located Jodie’s G-spot. In a matter of seconds Jodie began to spasm as she came for the second time.

They lay recovering briefly before the embarrassed women got up, dressed quickly and left the room. Confused Jodie lay on her back wondering what she was supposed to do now but then the woman returned with a towel and helped her to clean herself up.

“I am so sorry, I will have to let you have the garment for half price in case it was damaged in our ...umm...little tumble”

“Oh that is so sweet of you” Jodie said trying to comfort the nervous and embarrassed woman.

“Oh it is you that is sweet” the woman replied licking her lips “I’ll see you at the counter”

“Cum again anytime” the woman said leaning forward into Jodie’s ear.

Jodie walked down the street a little dizzy and in disbelief but also quite satisfied and a little proud of herself. Everything she tried to achieve that day had had a positive result with some added bonuses along the way. She normally wouldn’t dream of achieving all she had in a fortnight. Still it was all a little empty when she remembered the contrasting day before and all she had lost. She shrugged it off and looked for somewhere to tidy up and get changed. She saw a Burger King down the road and figured it would do. She used the parent room as it had more room and freshened up and got dressed and looked in the mirror and was quite pleased with the way she looked. She had forty minutes before her dinner date so she sat and drank a coffee and got her head together. The day had been an emotional roller coaster that had taken a lot out of her physically.

She focused on the meeting she now faced and the opportunity that lay before her. Jodie assumed it was kind of a nice place that Karl worked at and he had seemed sincere and convinced that it was mere formality standing before her and a place of residence. She walked down the street going over lines in her head that would impress Karl and seal the deal; she was so preoccupied that she walked straight past the huge hotel and the restaurant.

“Jodie, hey Ms Jodie” she heard from behind her.

She turned to see Karl waving and running toward her.

“Where were you going?” he gasped as he caught his breath.

“Um to meet you Mr Karl” she said teasingly “and plain Jodie is fine thank you”

“As is plain Karl” he said taking her hand.

“Lahodny is this way, let me show you. I hope you are not afraid of heights, the restaurant is on the27th floor”

“Holy um I mean geeez is it in here?” she said pointing to a spectacular looking building with trees and fountains on balconies scattered randomly across its glorious face.

“It sure is” He responded with a laugh. “Shall I show you the apartment before or after dinner” He said cautiously, afraid that she may take it the wrong way and belt him or something like that.

“Let’s just see how dinner goes” she said very flirtatiously.

“You are a mystery aren’t you” he said a little confused once more.

“Not really but I like to do things on my terms” she said with a grin.

“Hmmm....inflexible not good for someone out of work”

“Oh I’m quite flexible, in some ways” she said with a wink

“Are you the same lady I met earlier today in front of the hostel?”

She giggled “I am, maybe I’ll explain over dinner, if you’re interested”

“I’m Intrigued indeed. Well here we are floor 27 and Lahodny’s fine dining restaurant”

Jodie’s jaw dropped as she walked out into the spectacular room. The room was decorated with colour and furniture that oozed modern elegance and class. A pianist played classical music while all the food and beverage attendants performed their duties with almost flawless posture and grace. Karl led her out to a balcony dining area and she gasped at the view quite audibly and said quite softly

“It’s the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen”

“Well take a seat then” he said pulling a chair out for her in the centre of the room.

“Can I order you a wine?”

“Whatever will get me hammered, wine is fine”

Karl sat and called a waiter over “bring us a couple of menus and a bottle of our finest Cab Sav please Hans”

“Finest, what the hell are you up to Mr?” she said this time with a wry smile

“Hey I like the best, in everything” he replied

They ordered their main course as another waiter opened the wine. Karl began speaking by way of confession

“Listen, I had just received the news of Mr Russo’s passing when I saw this stunning woman standing in the street. I could not take my eyes off you and as I drew nearer I noticed you looking at the advertisement for accommodation. I guess I put the two together and realised it was fate and offered you the apartment but all that I offered then still stands. In fact only what I offered then, I consider myself a professional and the fact that I am attracted to you must not interfere”

“AHA!” Jodie began in a joking manner to set him at ease “I appreciate the honesty but the question still remains, how will a student working part time pay for this?”

“Listen I need the apartment filled and you need a place to stay, I am happy to work through the details and come to an arrangement we are both happy with. So tell me more about your situation, you want to study law you said?”

Jodie looked for a few moments deciding how she would respond, how much she would trust this stranger and then figure what the hell and began with the whole story of becoming involved with Mark, being kicked out of home and Uni, getting involved in the MC world and her exit out of the club.

“Wow” was his response “So is all of it behind you now?”

“I guess so, I never really wanted in on that life to start with but as Mark’s old lady I had to tow the line and if I didn’t, well you know. It’s the people I will miss”


“Umm yes, I mean no, I mean ... How do you know Kazz?”

“Oh I don’t, you mentioned him several times is all”

“Really? I guess I will, anyway do you still want to offer me the room?”

“Well of course, I mean look at the day you have had today, I wouldn’t want to spoil it now. Would you like dessert or should I show you to your apartment?” he said with a smile

“I would love to see the room now actually” she beamed

As she walked in, for the second time that night she was speechless. She had imagined a nice large room with a separate bathroom perhaps but this place was huge with two large bedrooms, a hot tub, separate kitchen and dining areas, an entertaining area, laundry, a study and spacious outdoor balcony area that was under cover. She flopped down on a sofa

“It’s beautiful Karl. There’s absolutely no way I can afford this”

“Well as someone who gets to put the price on everything around here I say you can”

“Well you said an arrangement we were both happy with and I think I can find a way to be happy to live with this arrangement” she said getting up and plopping herself on her knees in front of him in his chair.

His eyes grew wide as she fumbled with his belt and trousers.

“Hey I don’t know if I.....I don’t usually do.....I mean I...........oh god” he moaned as his cock vanished down Jodie’s throat.
He was defenceless against Jodie’s skilful assault and she was determined to earn her keep. She gave him a blowjob he would never forget and took his whole load before using her hands to help him return to a full erect state. Then she removed her top and gave him another blowjob and in no time he was shooting his second load all over her gorgeous tits.

“I have never....that was...”

“Shhh” Jodie cut him off as she kissed him on the lips.

“Thank you so much and I look forward to earning my keep” She said putting her top back on “now I would love to get some sleep if you don’t mind. It’s been a huge day.

“Oh of course, should I get someone to bring your bags up? Do you have bags?” he said still trying to get his head around what just happened.

“Uh this and what is on the bike are all I have” she said holding up the backpack she had been carting around all day.

“Well ok, in the morning I will take you to your parking area so that you know where it is and well, have a good sleep I guess” He turned and left the room looking back and smiling at her as he closed the door.

Jodie wandered around her new residence checking it out and sipping the champagne that Karl had brought up with him. She just about convinced herself that the whole day had been a big dream when she peeled off her clothes and flopped down across her bed. She was out like a light in no time. She slept until 11am the next day and got up starving hungry with no food in the apartment. She had not even bothered to bring the rest of her gear up from the bike. She tipped her backpack out on the sofa and sorted through the clothes in it and put on her best jeans and T-Shirt and headed out to buy some breakfast and some clothes for work and Uni. She had more fun than she had expected and got back in with half an hour until she started work.

After virtually running through the shower Jodie put on a nice shirt, skirt and shoes did her hair and makeup then left for work 5 minutes down the road and 10 minutes to get there. James was smoking a cigarette out by the kerb when she arrived which he ground into the pavement before greeting her warmly. He walked her inside and introduced her to the crew working there and then paired her up with Emma who had been there the longest and was the most qualified for the job Jodie was taking but was not interested as it would take more hours than she had to give. Emma was very supportive and showed Jodie the ropes with great enthusiasm. Jodie did very well on her first night and impressed the whole crew bar 2 girls who she found out had also applied for the position and would probably take a while get over it and get on with it.

Jodie’s shift finished at 10pm. She walked home and collected her bike on the way and Karl showed her to her private parking space and helped her with her belongings up to her apartment. Her feet hurt and she had a headache from having to smile and be nice to people which probably contributed to her offer to Karl

“Would you like to come in and get drunk and fuck?”

“Listen you don’t have to do that anymore Jodie, the room is strings”

“What do you mean anymore, have you been checking up on me?” she snapped

“Well no, do you forget how much you told me last night?”

“I guess so” she sighed “just a drink then?”

“A drink would be great thanks”

They didn’t have sex that night but they talked for a while before Jodie dropped off to sleep. Karl picked her up and carried to her bed and then left. Over the next couple of weeks Jodie tried hard to settle into her new life and settled in to most parts well. She wouldn’t start back at Uni for a month but knew when she did she would have very little spare time and that would give her very little time to think about and miss her past or at least certain people from it. Jodie felt unwell when she got up for a couple of days and feared the worst. She had been through the calm and was sure she was just about to head into the storm. The doctor confirmed it, she was pregnant. She immediately flew into a panic wondering if it was Karl or there was the stronger possibility the baby would belong to Kazz as it had only been a couple of weeks since she first slept with Karl. She did not tell Karl immediately but let her boss and people at the uni know.

Jodie was sure Karl would be supportive but would he be enough in the days ahead when there was uni, work and a newborn baby to juggle she wondered. She knew that he would not be as useful as he wanted to be and so she bit the bullet and contacted her parents. To her surprise they sounded almost happy to hear from her and set up a meeting at Lahodny as Jodie wished to impress them, she hoped things would go well and she could show them her apartment after dinner.

When they arrived at the restaurant Karl seated them but Jodie did not introduce him as her boyfriend at that point for several reasons. She and Karl had never officially become a couple and the baby news would be the priority discussion topic at dinner. Of course she had explained some of this to Karl which he uncomfortably went along with. Her parents were not thrilled with the news at all in some ways but immediately offered support. They were just happy she was getting on top of things and that Mark was a thing of the past. Just as Jodie had hoped they were keen to see her apartment and were suitably impressed as she gave them the tour. As they said their goodbyes downstairs Karl couldn’t help but notice from a distance Jodie’s mother place her hands on Jodie’s stomach and shed a joyful tear as she kissed her daughter goodbye.

“We’ll see you soon” her father said as they parted ways and Jodie headed upstairs to bed.

Karl had no idea how to approach the topic so one night at dinner without even thinking he offered her wine and when she did not accept he was surprised

“It’s not like you to turn down a good drop, or even a bad one” he laughed

“Karl I’m pregnant” she blurted out

“Ahuh, I suspected that when I saw your mother touching your stomach the other night”

“I, I don’t exactly know who the father is yet” she said nervously

He looked at the ground a little disappointed and embarrassed.

“There are only two possibilities, I haven’t been putting out all over town if that’s what you are thinking” She said with a little hurt in her voice.

“Oh” he began nervously “Kazz?”


“Does he know?”

“No and I don’t want him to. If it turns out to be his I will not tell him either. He forced me to leave and I have decided that it is time to put that life behind me for good. I do not want my child seeing the things I saw and was part of”

Karl did not respond exactly how Jodie had expected. He did offer support but his head was somewhere else, he was far less talkative than usual and gave a lame excuse about needing to get up early and left quite early. Jodie was a little disappointed but realised it was a rather large bombshell she had dropped and took herself of to bed early. Karl saw a change in Jodie over the next couple of weeks, she had meant what she said about leaving the past in the past and was really looking forward to being a mother. On impulse one night after dinner again, Karl proposed to Jodie who rubbing her stomach immediately replied yes. Jodie’s parents were delighted to hear the news and her mother admitted to suspecting and hoping there was something between Jodie and Karl that night at the restaurant.

Jodie didn’t want to be a whale of a bride and didn’t care too much people’s judgement regarding a child before marriage. Karl and Jodie decided when she finished up at work to have the baby it would be for good which of course made her a little sad as she had made some great friends at Stephano’s. She would invite them to the wedding of course and she also decided she would ask Emma to be her Maid of honour as they had come to be quite close.

Jodie invited Emma over to have dinner one night they were both not working and she waited until they had eaten to ask her. With a tear Emma accepted but then Jodie dropped another bombshell on her by asking her to be godmother. Emma immediately said yes rubbing Jodie’s tiny but growing bump. Both of them were a mess of emotions but all positive ones which may have led to what happened next. Staring into Jodie’s eyes with excitement Emma kissed her quickly on the lips. Jodie’s expression changed first to one of shock and then lust as she returned Emma’s kiss.

Jodie knew her friend was lesbian and that possibly Emma may have had a crush on her since they met so she pulled back and looked into Emma’s eyes

“Are we ok with this? I mean, you know that........”

“I know baby, but who wouldn’t want to fuck you at least once if they got the chance” Emma said cutting her friend of.

Jodie melted at the complement and nearly collapsed on the chair behind her but Emma caught her and helped her stand while she helped her out of her clothes. She then backed Jodie into the sofa and took off her own clothes and lent in and kissed Jodie deep, probing and exploring every corner of her mouth. Jodie cupped a large handful of her milky white breasts in each hand and squeezed gently. Jodie broke the kiss and lowered her head to taste her friends flesh and gobbled up a nipple making Emma groan at the ceiling. As Jodie continued to massage and suck at her tits a tear rolled down Emma’s cheek. This was not just a passing fancy but a yearning, a dream come true for Emma. Jodie reached around and grabbed her firm ass and pulled her closer as she kissed her way up Emma’s neck and chin. The one thing Jodie had got from the MC was sex, she truly adored it and had become very good at it.

Emma now took control and Jodie yielded quite willingly as Jodie knelt between her legs and covered every inch of her torso with a kiss and a lick, a suck and a nibble until Jodie’s pussy was staring her in the face.

“Oh god it’s so beautiful Hun, you are very naughty keeping something like this from me for so long” Emma said’

She placed her hands under Jodie’s ass and moved her around so that her head was resting on the arm of the sofa. She had changed her mind once she had seen Jodie’s pussy and wanted now to get comfortable as she intended to worship Jodie’s stunning cunt for as long as she could. Jodie’s head rolled to the side as Emma’s lips kissed her own very tenderly with one hand she scooped up her own tit and sucked on the nipple while she placed the other on the top of Emma’s head. Then she felt Emma’s tongue rolling around inside her searching for nothing other than a response to its touch. Surprising herself more than Emma she was suddenly hit by a Tsunami of an orgasm and drenched her friends face and upper body who caught all she could of Jodie’s sweet nectar. Emma licked her way up her friends glistening body in search of more of her friends juice until she was kissing Emma on the lips once more.

“How was that Hun?” she whispered

“Holy shit girl, what did you do to me?”

“Oh consider it an engagement present” Emma beamed

Jodie arose and pulled Jodie up by the hands and then lay down the length of the large sofa

“Climb on” she said signalling with a finger for her friend to sit on her pretty face.

Emma began to lower herself gently but Jodie pulled her down hard against her hungry mouth and began gorging on her pussy immediately. Emma lowered her lips to Jodie’s pussy for round 2 but found it hard to get in even a kiss. She was being driven wild by Jodie’s frenzied attack and feared she would not be able to show the control she was used to showing as she gasped and moaned in ecstasy. As expected Emma soon shuddered and howled at the ceiling as she came and then lay next to her friend on the sofa

“Touché” she said cheekily

Once they had recovered they took a dip in the hot tub and talked about wedding plans mainly and a little about her old life. Emma was fascinated by the things Jodie had seen and done but she knew Jodie wouldn’t have chosen that path, she felt she had no choice at the time. Out of their conversation Jodie decided to use the money Kazz had put in her bag which was mostly all still there, to go toward a dress and if there was any left she would use it for a nursery. She brought the bag out from the bottom of her cupboard and emptied it onto the bed. There must have been thousands there, all hundred dollar bills. She looked up at her friend with a look of disbelief and shock.

“Damn girl, you have been sitting on a fortune” Emma said

Just then the lining fell out of the bag onto the cash only it wasn’t the lining. Well no ordinary lining anyway. It was a vest that Jodie recognised as a club vest. At first she thought it could be Mark’s but it looked small for his size so she unfolded it. It was a full member’s vest as it had a complete patch on the back. She turned it over and her jaw dropped when she saw her own name on it. A tear rolled down her cheek as her friend came around to embrace her. Jodie found a note while digging around in the pockets and pulled it out to read. She was too shaky so Emma read it for her

Dearest Jo, I am sorry I had to be a prick but the crew wanted you dead to. Lenny and I decided you had earned the patch a long time ago but I knew it would start shit with your old man. I have loved you for the longest time girl but there’s a better life out there for you. Take care of you eh girl, Kazz

Emma apologised for the lame accent and then offered to leave.

“No please stay with me tonight. I...I..Don’t know what to do”

“Drink?” Emma offered

“Absolutely, thanks baby”

Jodie had just started to feel the effects of the second triple JD and coke when Karl walked in.

“Everything ok” he asked as he crossed the room to kiss Jodie on the head.

“Hi Karl, Jodie found something from an old friend” she said seeing Jodie was too emotional to speak.

Karl looked at the vest “Ah, I figured something would turn up one day”

Jodie sobered instantly “What, why would you think that something...”

“Didn’t the note explain it?”

“Explain what, what are you fucking talking about?” she said angrily

Please calm down and let me explain, please. Reluctantly Jodie sat back as Emma stood behind her holding her shoulders. Jarl looked up at Emma

“Don’t even think about it, Emma stays” Jodie said and then looked up at Emma to make sure it was ok with her. Emma nodded agreeing to stay.

“Please let me tell you everything and then I will answer your questions if you have any at the end”. Karl pleaded

“I’m waiting”

“Listen, I knew Kazz a long time ago, probably before he met you and just before I decided not to follow the MC path and got into the hotel game. I used to help him with accommodation and he would handle security matters or debt collection issues from time to time. When the shit hit the fan with Mark I agreed to locate you and help you out and keep an eye on you while the dust settled for as long as it took” he explained.

“Look after me, what the fuck? He’s going to kill you Karl you...”

“Let me finish. Listen I have dreaded this day..........Kazz is dead, I’m so sorry” he said moving over to comfort her.

“No, no. He can’t be. Did he know you were screwing...?”

“He was already gone by then Jodie. Listen Kazz was my friend, a mate and I know he had a special place in your heart but I fell for you a long time ago and never made a move on you for years, until I felt it would not cross any lines” He put his arm around her.

She pushed his arm off. “Listen I just need some time ok. Just let me process all this for a couple of days huh” She said rather than asked.

“Ok Hun, you know where I am if I need anything” he said as he left.

Emma sat next to her “Do you believe him?”

“I don’t know, I think so. Nothing sounded out of place or farfetched”

“I guess not with your background” Emma said as a joke

Jodie laughed and then cried over Kazz. She asked Emma to stay the night and she agreed.

Over the next couple of weeks Jodie had an appointment that confirmed Kazz as the father. She decided to tell Karl the truth as it he may resemble Kazz when born and didn’t want any more mess. The baby was born and all was well, he was named Michael which was Kazz’s real name but nobody knew apart from his absolute closest friends, not even Karl.

Karl seemed ok but not delighted with the news and the wedding went ahead as planned. It was quite a small wedding at Jodie’s request, just family and close friends. O

Jodie Carpenter

Blood is thicker than water, a phrase that is supposed to bind families together. An interesting concept don’t you think? Todger65 was the editor for this story, I liked his work so much I asked if he would edit this one for me as well. I do hope you enjoy your read. ***** It had taken twenty six years for me to finally say my life was my own and I was damn well enjoying it. Oh what it is to tempt fate like that because you know life is going to stick it to you in the most...


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The night Jodie rocked my world x

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The night Jodie rocked my world x

She was my best friend, Jodie was her name and she was a regular in the bar where I worked. I never would of guessed that she was interested in girls, she always told me she loved me and that I was her baby but I guessed that to be affection.Then one night after she had been drinking in the club where I worked, I invited her to follow the night through at my flat which I shared with a friend, my friend was out for the night looking after her mum. Jodie, Isobel and Darren came back...


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Wedded Bliss It was Thursday morning and Jodi was all dressed for our wedding day. She had a pretty knee length white dress on and nice 4" white heels with white stockings. I think her heels were really tall for her but I think she was trying to be up as tall as she could. I was well over 6' by a couple inches. She looked so so beautiful. Her long brown hair in a loose braid down her back and nice make-up. Whew...


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Jodi's Story

Several years later I had graduated college and was working a decent job. I had dated quite a few women and had learned a great deal. Some very patient women had taught me a few things and a particularly long term girlfriend had let me explore all kinds of fetishes. I can honestly say I had developed a great love of porn in many forms. Many ways I'd become a horn dog and a perv. One day I stopped by a fabric store, to get of all things, some buttons. One of the girls who helped...


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