The MILFs and the Younger Colleague

Jane and her younger colleague were sitting at the kitchen table in the residential house they both worked at. This particular house housed 4 elderly people over the age of 85 who were physically inactive and very much bed riddled about 80% of the waking day. The time was 21:00pm and all the residents were in bed asleep.

Jane was a 43 year of age mother of one daughter who had divorced 10 years ago and was now in a new relationship with a man she had been with for four years, their relationship was rocky at the best of times and she herself had not really had much sex with her partner as of late due to her being unable to find him as sexually attractive as she once did, but in truth Jane had been doubting her own desirability for reasons that were linked to other worries in her life. Worries which were common to most, worries like financial concerns, her dead end job which made her feel underappreciated as well as a lack of general excitement in her life all coupled to make her less inclined to strip off all her clothing and have a good shag.

But really she had grown close to a Portuguese overseas student called Rico over the last few months since he joined this particular company, Rico and her worked one on one whilst doing the evening shift in this particular place, the evening shifts were the most boring because there was nothing to do other than check on the four old age people at 1 hour intervals. Jane appreciated having a younger man to talk with, to have listen to her and in many ways it flattered her. Of course they were work colleagues and part of being a good colleague was being polite but still to her Rico was becoming more than just a work partner.

Whilst her younger colleague Rico was 19 and just starting the working ladder, he seemed to have a lot of energy and desire to do more things in his life and did not define himself by the job he did nor the college he went to and Jane found this refreshing. Jane learned also over their many evening discussions how he had just started seeing a girl from college who he had told Jane was a sweet girl who wanted to be a nurse. Jane was astute and knew young Rico might not have been telling the truth about his girlfriend, and she kind of doubted if he had one, instead she became increasingly aware how Rico seemed to have an eye for her, and she herself subconsciously found herself jittering off to topics to elicit desire within him and even herself by straying their conversations sometimes on general topics in the news, one of her favourite topics she gravitated towards was that of sexual topics.

She spoke a lot about a recent teacher pupil sex case in the news which exploded on the media where several female teacher were found to be having sex with one younger male student in a Catholic school, this affair had been going on for 1 year and started when the boy who was no longer a student in the school was in the high school called “Bishop Ridge Catholic School” and the affair had persisted outside schooling environment and continued despite the several female teachers being married or in relationships. Word was also coming out that there were also other female students involved in this affair, some with the boy and other females with the female teachers.

When Jane spoke of it she mentioned what could a younger man see in several older woman and his response was “Most younger guys see mature women as sexy” “Do you?” she asked and he responded without hesitation “Sure I do, what guy does not” “Did you have teachers you were sexually attracted to?” she asked him and he again responded confidently “I had a list Jane” this made her giggle a little but she was intrigued and finished up the conversation by asking “what about now do you have any other mature women you like?” “In college and in other places yes Jane”.

This conversation happened two weeks previously but Jane had not forgot it, she often wondered did he think of her that way, he was always looking at her, moving up behind her and making an excuse to accidently touch her when they were working with the clients, and as they were always working together alone in the evenings as both did the late graveyard shifts she found herself more and more drawn to him.

Rico did indeed like Jane and how could he not because she was busty, blonde, brown eyed and she looked after herself with jogging, this despite the fact she had recovered from a serious back condition after 4 years working in a back breaking job in a nursery home where all she did daily was lift and move, luckily for her this particular job involved less physical support and more bed assistance. She looked at Rico and licked her lips after sipping the coffee, under the wooden table she crossed her legs and forcefully pressed them together, putting that secret pressure onto her pussy, allowing her to obtain a certain degree of pleasure from entwining her legs. She was not the only one gaining pleasure, Rico was facing her and his cock was hard in his pants, he was with his legs open to prevent it getting crushed in his boxers.

Jane said as he stood up after saying “I am going to get some sugar” he walked towards the kitchen counter and she noticed his erection in his pants, again she licked her lips, this young boy was clearly turned on by her and her flirtatious techniques were working, Jane saw her flirtation with him as a work in progress, it had taken her a long time to breakdown his barriers and also for her to want to push it as far as she did. Jane was an expert and did all the right flirtatious body language, the eye contact, the giggling, the preening, the lipstick applying, the slight touches and most devastatingly she exposed some parts of her body, be this her stockings, her bra or her knickers at one time when she wore a dress.

Each one slowly peered away at young Rico and sent him into an overdrive of luscious thoughts, Jane knew how to flirt, she also knew young men like Rico who being heterosexual would take all he had seen, all she had shown and done and he would interpret from her behaviour and used them to pleasure himself, she did not just think this to boost her ego because Jane just understood men and she felt like she knew this boy quite well.

She watched him put the sugar in and knew he was looking at her from behind the counter, so she turned to the side and licked her lips after sipping her drink, and then she stroked her neck and the way she held herself made him completely helpless, she though not liking sugar decided to satisfy her sweet tooth “Rico, could I have some” he stopped putting his sugar in his cup and then turned facing her, she had moved her chair from the wooden table and sat with her legs open towards him holding her cup. “Please Rico”.

He walked over with his hard on still up and walked towards her slowly, as he came close enough he put out the sugar drops but she brought the cup closer to her body as he now looked curiously at her “Come on do not be shy” he then walked inside the area between her legs and she put down the cup, Jane now looked up at him and placed her hands onto his cock “You are hard” he closed his eyes at her touch feeling her finger tips “I cannot help it Jane”. “Is it me Rico, do I make you hard?” he nodded “Good boy, well you will love this” she undid his belt looking at him as she saw his pupils dilate and then brought down his trousers to his ankles, Jane next started to kiss his cock which were segregated behind his boxer shorts, her tongue wetting his shorts, as her slobs and her moving tongue caused it to peer outside of his boxers, now her pupils dilated at the sight of the tip of his manhood.

“What a lovely big cock you have Rico” Jane now placed her lips around it and allowed her mouth to slide down the shaft as she nibbled at it, knowing exactly how to give a blowjob to a man. He watched her and rested his hands onto the top of her head. Jane now kissed his stomach with her tongue tip and licked out his bellybutton, as she finished this she now began to take off her blouse and showed Rico her creamy bra with her busty tits being tightly held up.

Before the straps He handled one and she went “Oh yeah I knew you would not be shy when you were given the green light” Jane pulled down his boxers fully and began to stroke his cock, moving along the shaft with her hands squeezing at intervals, she next lifted up his balls and then smothered the skin underneath in her salvia kisses, dedicating a 2 minute French kiss to his testicles as he masturbated the shaft. Jane thought to herself what she was doing to young Rico was the equivalent of an older man licking out a younger girl.

She commanded almost “Sit on the table and take off your top” as he took off his top she dropped her dark work trousers and was standing there in her cream bra and panties. Rico was on the table sitting with his naked ass cheeks pressing down as he opened up his legs wide for Jane to feast her eyes onto his meaty thick cock able to see his member in all of its youthful glory.

She came forward and started to suck on his helmet as he with his legs leaning on the edge of the table watched the blonde hair of Jane moved back and forth, she was licking all around the shaft like she was eating the most delicious ice cream in the world. Her hands were cupping his balls and her perfume filling up his senses. “Jane, yes Jane” she broke the sucking and said “You’ve been fantasising about this haven’t you”.

Jane now said playfully “Good boy, nice cock, nice big cock, let me get it bigger” she now placed her pink finger nails onto the pubic area and then set about deep throating him, her tongue licking it slobbering so succulently, she on occasion moved back and slammed her breasts onto his cock, hitting it with a tender thud, he watched as the blonde mature woman now brought her eyes back onto his, her thick makeup making her appear all the more slutty. This mature woman who he worked with so closely with for months, doing mainly night shifts was taking her frustration on him “Grab my tits” he took hold of her left tit and fondled them, he cupped the right one as she moaned “Yes, hold onto my tits, take them, make my nipple hard”.

Jane next took off her bra as and she maintained her longing eye contact, his cock on his stomach all hard and strong waiting for her to continue her sexual fornication. She meanwhile brushed her hands through her hair and then went back to sucking his testicles, he took her hair in his hands and directed her down, all he could hear was her slobbering moans through the cock in her mouth, as she was gobbling it like no other cock she had gobbled before.

Feeling her young colleague place his hands on her head, holding her blonde hair and tugging it as he pushed her down made her aroused, making her move faster down. She felt his hardness tighten in her mouth and then felt him press her head down, the helmet became redder in her mouth and the pre-cum left the tip of hi member as she felt it soothe down her throat. Jane struggled to breath via her mouth but managed to do so out of her nose, he could hear her breathing hard and felt her taking him as deep as she could. She made him even more aroused at the sight of this blonde mature woman who was giving him the blowjob of his life.

“We better go into the office Rico to finish this off”. Jane and Rico now left the kitchen picking up their clothes and went into the office area via a short naked walk along the corridor. She placed her clothing in the side wall near her bag as did he near his pack back. Jane closed the door and turned the key and then she sat on the office desk near the computer, Jane opened her legs exposing her soft wet panties “You ready to taste me?” Rico stroked the tip of his helmet and then went onto his knees crawling along the blue floored office until he reached in-between her thighs.

Rico now placed his tongue just under the pussy and playfully flicked his tongue from the bottom to the clit, as he reached the clit he began to mouth and suck on it through her wet panties, making her wet moan, her pussy was struggling to breathe through the panties and her muscles were working in overdrive. Rico did not stop because his momentum was starting and he wanted to hear her moan, she sitting on the office desk adoring this young man who was making her feel like a woman, she looking down at his dark hair and feeling his finger thrusts through her wet panties and soaking her with his tongue, again he had not taken her panties off but was toying with her. Now Jane realised she had not been eaten out for 2 years, 2 long years of not having her pussy licked by the tongue of a man.

He kept on licking her clit and then began to kiss it, she was holding her breasts, arousing herself even further looking down at him. This boy clearly knew his way around a woman and his fingers now were thrust into her vagina deeply hitting as far inside as he dared insert her panties even entered the vagina, whilst his tongue was causing her by this time with her erect clit to be almost as hard as her nipples. He was causing so much pleasure to race through Jane that she heard herself moaned his name over and over saying all kinds of bordering on the vulgar things, the desk underneath her was shaking violently as the pens, pencils and the books all fell off the side.

He did not let up nor stop his acts of pleasure, he wanted this woman more than anything, he wanted to see all the cum leave her body and he wanted to look upon her face when she came. Rico was still thrusting as Jane now began to bring her tits to her mouth and started to suck on them, she was kissing them trying to get as much arousal from all her erogenous zones as she could, her sweet smelling pussy was sending up an aroma of sex filling up both of their nostrils, it was a sweet smelling on and these two only had 30 minutes before she had to leave her shift.

Now Rico was hearing the increased moans from Jane and knew she was on her way, she upped her hips and kept thrashing them towards his face moving with such a force that he had to use his free left hand to steady Jane’s pushes, as Jane groaned she called out “Yesssss” Rico now pulled her panties to the side and then her pussy opened up as the spunk squirted out, the spunk was thick, juicy and white, Rico watched it leave her as she was laying on the desk staring up unable to think straight, unable to compose herself as the pleasure was just too much.

Rico finished off watching the spunk flow from Jane, taking some in his hands he placed it under her nose and she passionately kissed it off his finger, followed by licking his finger tips clean.
“Now comes the dessert” she said, Jane took off her bra and flicked away her knickers from her feet as she opened her legs sitting on the studious workspace top, she opened them as Rico took off all his clothing making sure he had nothing else on except for his grey work socks. Jane meanwhile only had her white stockings on, and both hugged each of her legs from her toes towards five inches from her vagina.

He stroked his penis tip all around her by gaping wet and stimulated pussy, making her lick her lips as she looked up at his face, his toying face. Jane was thinking all those times she and he could fuck and how much she had missed out on. Rico came forward towards Jane and she received his tongue, holding onto his buttocks as he now pressed inside her pussy, her legs wide open sitting on the desk both had worked around for so long. Rico’s hands were now holding her breasts as she was rubbing her hands on his hairy ass, feeling him thrust in sharp bursts inside her, pressing her making her moan, biting onto his shoulder to prevent herself from shouting loudly.

Jane now laid back unable to hold herself up as she allowed him to fuck him his way, his speed picked up as the pens and pencils which were still on the desk fell off, even the computer monitor rattled off and hit the floor but both did not stop he kept pounding her pussy with those sharp forces making her tear at the blinds and curtains, if anyone was looking in from outside all they would see would be her hands with her rings on it stroking the glass and leaving a sweaty trial down towards and window sill on the inside, he meanwhile had lent over her and began to suckle around her breasts, pinching the nipples between his teeth and using his tongue tip to stroke it, this induced in her more ample stages of pleasure “Baby” she said as he licking her neck and biting playfully around the side of her sent waves of delight coursing through her. She now had both her legs on either side high in the air as she felt his member hit her deep inside her pussy and then he must have hit the G spot because she moaned so loud that she thought she had woken someone up from the nearby houses.

She screamed as she came and then she watched as he got onto his knees and still hard he began to lick up all her cum, taking it in his mouth and allowing his hands to stroke and move all over her white peachy body and stroking around her erect tits, Jane was hyperventilating by this time and he was back ramming his tongue further into her pussy which made her thrust her hips through instinct once more, he was taking her pussy into his tongue and licking towards the clit again “Yesss Rico, yes...” she mouthed as she braced herself for another orgasm, and he sucked on the clit placing his fingers deep inside her pussy which once more covered him in her white juices. Rico allowed Jane to finish and then sat on the office chair expecting her to have a rest but Jane had other ideas.

Jane left the office table and went on her knees and then spat on the tip of the helmet, she now watched as he leant forward and spat on his own cock making her place her mouth around it and begin to deep throat his member, she placed her lips all the way down to his pubes and could feel the end of his large member right down her throat, it was sliding in and made her feel dirty, the amount of spit around his cock had meant as she sucked the tip and went down the shaft that bubbles were being formed “Do you like my spit bubbles Rico?” “I love your spit bubbles Jane” he said watching her saliva covered hands toy with his cock like putty.

Rico was now gripping the chair arm rest as his legs buckled and his hip thrusts increased in their rate of repetitions, Jane now watched as the youngster exploded his load all up into the air, the hot white spunk went over her person and over him, she stuck out her tongue and took some of it, the spunk reaching her hair and her face as she now took hold of his cock and allowed the rest of his spunk to reach her forehead, her nose, her eyes, her mouth and so Rico gave Jane a facial. Jane now stood up totally naked dripping in his cum as she sat facing him on the office chair, she and he kissed, his mediterrarian looks still making her horny as he held this English woman lifting her up and drawing her closer into his body pressing his lips all around her face.

He lifted her up from her fleshy ass cheeks and allowed her tits to fall into his mouth, they were so sensitive to his wet tongue touch that each time he made contact shivers were sent running up her spine, she arched her back as she felt his hands caress and move all over her “You liked it, making love to me on the desk” she asked and he nodded “I want to do it more and more” “Maybe we can get a hotel or find a quiet spot outside of work, what do you say Rico”. He smiled as she smiled back “We should not delay, tomorrow night both of us are off yes, let us go to a hotel”

&&&&& Word Gets Out &&&&&&

Rico and Jane continued their sexual meetings outside of work, sometimes going to motels other times he would drive her home and they would find a quiet car park where they would exchange oral sex or have full on sex. Eventually Jane confided into Rhea, an Indian colleague, Rhea was a manageress who lived with her husband who was a teacher in a local private school but Jane knew Rhea was having a rough time with her partner, much of it was to do with domestic arguments, so when Jane said she found a new man Rhea gossiped and got as much information as she could but when Jane said she knew him Rhea was fascinated because she did not know much people who Jane knew outside of work.

After some teasing of names Rhea asked “Is it Rico” to which Jane nodded and Rhea went quite red at the thought “How did you manage to get together” “tension Rhea and playing with him” “I flirt too but you must have done so much more” “I merely gave him the green signal, the obvious one and let me just say he did not look back, all he needed was a signal Rhea” “Wow, are you still...” Jane nodded as Rhea now felt giddy as Jane informed her “Last night on our day off, I met him in a car park and I gave him a blowjob then he took me from behind, I must have cummed four times” “Jane, this is so wrong” “Come on Rhea, do not tell me you would not if the offer was there”.

Rhea paused thinking of her excuse but Jane went on “you said you flirt” “Harmless flirting” “There is no such thing Rhea, you either like him or you do not, you either flirt or you do not” “Well, to have sex with him...” Rhea being married and with a young teenage daughter again thought long and hard “He is only a few years older than my daughter Jane” Jane laughed slightly “If it bothers you it does not seem to bother him” now Rhea was desperate to know what she meant, so Jane rather than keeping her in suspense added “I asked him what other women he likes and he mentioned you” Rhea shocked and blushed slightly “Me, are you serious?”

“Yeah, he said so, said he loves your accent and he loves the idea of fucking another coloured pussy, I tried to explain all pussies are the same colour but you know what he meant” “He said so, really?” “I am not lying to you, so if you want the offer is there Rhea, and you are working with him in a few nights, doing the night shift”.
Rhea realised she was and Jane could see strain appear on her colleagues face “My God I am” “It is okay Rhea, if you do not want to do anything I will not say, trust me. If you do though, I can tell him. I am seeing him tonight, we are going out for a drink and then to a motel”

“Are you really seeing him tonight?” “Why do you think I am lying?” “I do not know it is just so, so...” “So exciting, he is big too Rhea” “How big” her eyes lighting up “He is over 8 inches” Rhea’s jaw opened slightly “8 inches” “You ever seen an 8 inch cock before” “Not in real life, only on TV” “Well its lovely and it tastes so nice, the boy eats well” “8 inches, I would love to see it” “If you want to” “But I do not want to have sex” “Just do oral to begin with, I will tell him if you want I am sure he will not mind?” Rhea was clearly wanting to think about this proposition so instead decided to ask more questions about Jane is experiences with Rico.

“What else did you do” “Well, I gave him a blowjob the first time and then he ate me out on the desk” Rhea turned towards the desk near the window “you mean that desk” “Yep, he opened my legs and he ran his tongue all over me, then when I had come he fucked me on it, the monitor even fell off” “So that is why there is a chip in it” “Yes, it was us” Jane giggled, now Rhea was jealous “You are wicked Jane” “I am enjoying it Rhea...go on are you jealous, admit it” Rhea smiled and shook her head “Well, part me is but the risk”

“There is always risk in danger, and it is dangerous but it is worth the risk because the rewards” Jane closed her eyes feeling her body electrify “The rewards are too good to miss out on”. Rhea stroked her hair as she now bit her lip, the tension of doing it or not “Maybe I could see his cock and maybe I might give him a blowjob” “I should warn you, if you do you will want to fuck him, I did, I did originally just want to have oral sex, have him buried between my legs but things got out of hand” “What of the old people” “You mean those O.A.Ps upstairs, Rhea they are housebound and they were all asleep”.

“I...I might like to do something then, he is discreet though is he” Rhea asked a very silly question “Of course he is discreet Rhea, do you think he would not be, he has a lot to lose, including me” “Maybe, yes I would like” “Fine, I will tell him and then say you will be the one who makes the decision” “IT will be so tense and awkward” “It will be but when it passes Rhea you will enjoy, trust me he is a fucking animal”. The two women finished off their hot drinks then got back to work, Rhea feeling herself getting wet and aroused at the mere thought of having sex outside of her marriage.

&&&&& Rhea and Rico &&&&&

When Rhea used her key to get into start her shift at 22:00pm, she no longer had to fight against keeping awake for the 10 hours she was on for, now she had to try and stop herself from making a fool of herself, Rhea entered the office and saw Rico in the chair near the table Jane had told her she had had sex with him. He twirled the chair around to face her “Evening Rhea” she did not say anything but stood there nervously, why nervous she thought he was so much younger but then she knew, she was married the ring on her finger told her so. Rhea sat down “Evening Rico” as Rico now looked at her questioningly “you’ve spoken to Jane Rhea” she nodded “She has told me what you two have done” “She also told me what you would like” “I do not know, I might not” “It is okay, she told you because she thought you would like to hear, I am very discreet Rhea, I hope you are to” “I will not tell anyone, I think it is good for Jane”.

Rico now studied her up and down, she was wearing the uniform of the place, the blue nurse like outfit and black trousers as he was wearing the blue t-shirt of the company “So how shall we do this” “I...” she looked at his crotch “I would like to see if it is as big as she says”. He then opened his legs and began to stroke his cock, Rhea crossed her legs feeling herself aroused “Do not be shy Rhea” “you think I am shy?” “Are you not” she opened her legs as if proving a point. The Indian mother then stroked her own pussy, placing her fingers down to her trousers and then into her knickers she buried them inside herself as he now took out his cock and poked it in the air squeezing it for her to feast her eyes upon “You like this Rhea” she brought her fingers out of her pussy and now watched as he stroked it slowly all the while looking at her. The handsome teenage colleague of hers who was making himself hard over her, her Rhea who was 37 watching him getting excited and as she studied him she knew she had to touch it.

Rhea came towards him and took off her trousers standing was she in her dark knickers, her brown legs making him even more harder, he put out his hands and touched them, Rhea now took off her top and was wearing a dark bra, Rico kissed her legs and used his fingers onto her pussy, rubbing her clit through her dark panties making her moan as she held his hair, stroking it softly, his tongue now came up towards her pussy and he moved her dark panties to the side, opening up her pussy lips seeing the pink, it was a pink which was more visible due to her brown legs.

He now inhaled around her pussy, drawing as much air into his nose as he could and it smelt divine “you’ve put perfume on down here” he said as she looked down and smiled “I did so because I wanted you to find me clean should I decide Rico” he now took off his top as she assisted him, then Rhea opened her legs and sat around his face laying her back between his legs as he sat on the floor sitting upright, now Rhea allowed his tongue to explore her delicious pussy, finding it like nector, she was moaning rubbing her hands onto the floor. Her dark Indian hair brushing the carpet as his Mediterranian tongue tasted the sweetness of her Asian pot. “Yes, too good”.

He now eased her ass down and set about pleasuring Rhea who held her tits running her fingers along them. Rhea was moaning and lifting up her hips onto his mouth, his face fucking her as he adored the smell of her down there, she had a beautiful pussy and her dark brown legs added the certain eroticism for him. He licked her pink pussy with so much tenderness that Rhea was rubbing her clit all along his tongue, it was divine or her to have a man who made love to her with his tongue. She now stroking his dark hair and went towards his cock, as soon as Rhea held onto his proud member she knew he would be a good lay.

Rico had a hard on about 8 and a half inches and its width was the thickest, much thicker than her husband, she went towards it and began to kiss the helmet, Rhea leant over him sticking her ass out into his face which he was deliciously licking apart. Rico felt her tongue all around his helmet now and she was cupping his balls, her mouth then moved towards each testicle and her head was buried between his legs as he opened up her pussy lips he located her clit and began to caress it with his tongue, Rhea could not maintain this as she stood up and said “I want you to lick my pussy, let me get on the desk” she said with her heavy Indian accent as Rico moved forward towards her as she moved her dark knickers aside and he then began to lick her pussy, all the while she was moaning and groaning swearing softly as his tongue worked endlessly around her. She held the back of his head as he moved back and spat into it, then he used his tongue and swaggered in and out, he did a lot of kissing of her vagina and poked his tongue in between slowly sensual kisses.

Rhea moaned laying on the desk opening her dark legs wider as the white youngster finished her off, she moaned and groaned before exploding, as she came she felt his fingers on her breasts and then he stood up running his cock along her dark panties kissing her with lots of tenderness making her wrap her legs around him. Both seemed taken in by the moment and she then had his help in taking off her panties. She was sitting there naked, totally exposed, her pink pussy on show, the cum dripping down as he moved in towards her and entered his cock, her tits began to wobble as his penetration took fruition, he banged slowly to begin with and then moved at a steady pace which was quite fast. Rhea and he kissed passionately as his tongue explored her and his cock moved in and out with the ease and naturalness of a man who had been fucking for years.

They had been shagging on the desk for 10 minutes and he was still hard, throughout this time both had been kissing each other, Rhea realising she had never kissed a man this long nor with as much tongue action as she had been giving this youngster. He was now moaning himself and withdrew his cock from her he looked into her eyes and then spunk flowed out of his manhood and all over her pelvis, her belly button and it dripped down towards her pussy. Both then kissed again as she and he remained in the office having to finish off the rest of their boring shift.

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This is a repost of the story I recently submitted, edited as necessary because of the limitations of the XNXX website format which confuses graphics, inexplicably substitutes a question mark for quotation marks at times, and does not permit footnotes. It is hoped therefore that this reposting will provide more clarity. I have also reposted the story as one entire novella because it is hoped the sprinkling of negative comments I have received results...


Lust on the Beach Part III Cheating While Lost at Sea

Introduction: —- The Introduction for this story is in the main body of text —- For more insight into the characters and their storyline please read Lust on the Beach Part I and Lust on the Beach Part II click my name to see those stories. — Gaynor Day Out — — INTRODUCTION —- The final part of the Lust on the Beach series. In this third part Gaynor and Mikes affair is nearing its seventh month and throughout those months Gaynor and Mike had...


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