My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 21 – Cayman Island Girl's Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings

Characters Introduced:

Penelope, 40, Brianna's Mother, 5'5, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Iris, 18, Brianna's Sister, 5'4 White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Julian, 16, Brianna's Sister, 5'2,White, Blond Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Jillian, 16, Brianna's Sister, White, 5'2,Blond Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Keiko, 16, Orphaned Child adopted by Ben, Asian, 4'8, Black hair and eyes, 34C Breasts
Yuri, 14, Orphaned Child adopted by Ben, Asian, 4''6, Black hair and eyes, 34B Breasts
Tashi, 12, Orphaned Child adopted by Ben, Asian, 4'4, Black hair and eyes, 32C Breasts
Patrica, 37, Harper's Mother, White, 5'7, Black hair with Green eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Paige, 20, Harper's Sister, White, 5'4, Black hair with Hazel eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Jordan, 18, Harper's Sister, White, 5'2, Black hair with Hazel eyes, 34B Breasts and a swan-like neck
Jordana, 18, Harper's Sister, White, 5'2, Black hair with Hazel eyes, 34B Breasts and a swan-like neck
Delilah, 16, Harper's Sister, White, 5'0, Black hair with Blue eyes, 32D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Gary, 14, Harper's Brother, White, 6'0 with a 12” 4 1/2” size cock
Louise, 38, Destiny's Mother, White, 5'8, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 36D Breasts
Oscar, 45, Louise's abusive boyfriend, White with a 6” cock
Maria, 15, Destiny's Sister, White, 5'4, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Marie, 15, Destiny's Sister, White, 5'4, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Mila, 15, Destiny's Sister, White, 5'4, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Clara, 13, Destiny's Sister, White, 5'0, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 32C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Lea, 11, Destiny's Sister, White, 4'8, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 30A Breasts and a swan-like neck
Nathan, 18, Destiny's Brother – protector of family, 13” cock with a 4” girth
Nelson, 18, Destiny's Brother – protector of family, 13” cock with a 4” girth
Estella, 34, Sydney's Mother, White, 5'4, Red hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts
Lucy, 17, Sydney's Sister, White, 5'6, Blond hair with Green eyes, 36C Breasts
Kensi, 15, Sydney's Sister, White, 5'5, Red hair with Blue eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Danella, 14, Sydney's Sister, White, 5'6, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Danny, 14, Sydney's Brother, White, 5'6 with a 12” cock with a 2 1/2” girth
Kristy, 12, Sydney's Sister, White, 5'0, Red hair with Green eyes, 32C Breasts
Christine, 15, Sydney's cousin, White, 5'0, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Chastian, 15, Sydney's cousin, White, 5'0, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Mariah, 30, Sydney's Aunt, White, 5'2, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Allison, 32, New teacher at local school, 5'2, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Audrey, 15, Allison's daughter, White, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Andrea, 15, Allison's daughter, White, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Autumn, 13, Allison's daughter, White, 4'8, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Alyssa, 15, Allison's daughter, White, 4'8, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
George, 16, Vince's Nephew, White, 13” cock with 4 1/2” girth
Jake, 15, Vince's Nephew, White, 12” with a 2 1/2” girth
Keith, 13, Vince's Nephew, White, 11” cock
Kevin, 13, Vince's Nephew, White, 11' cock

Previous Chapters: (chapter two)

The story pick up right after Phillip's or Phyllis's delivery to the adult bookstore….

Ben asks Harper, Brianna, Destiny and Sydney if they would setup a meet and greet with their mothers and siblings and he tells each of them that he will offer a place in the family for each of them. He tells them to work out the details between them and that he wants a couple of days with each family in their home town. Harper is the first to schedule a visit.

“Harper, I want to go with you on my private jet and meet your mother, sisters and brother. I am going to book five rooms at the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach. One for the two of us, a couple for Jamal and Sheila another for the pilot Steve and one for your family. What does your mother do for a living?” Ben asks her.

“My mother, Patrica is a nurse at the county hospital. My sister Paige is in nursing school. I will call her and see when she has a weekend off” Harper says. Ben asks her what is the hospitals name and location. She tells him South Miami Hospital and the calls her mother. Harper tells Ben what weekend she is available and he books the rooms. He tells her that he will have a limousine pick her mother and family up at their house. Harper then tells her mother that Ben will send a car to get them on that Thursday. She tells her mother that she can't wait to see them.

Harper finishes her conversation with her mother she then kisses Ben and tells him she loves him and thanks him for offering his house to her mother and siblings. Ben then marks his calendar and goes tells Becky about Harper and her family. While he is going to see Becky Brianna comes up to him and asks that he consider her family.

Ben asks Brianna “What does your mother do for a living?”. “Master, my mother, Penelope, is a teacher. My sister Iris is graduated this year and my twin sisters, Julian and Jillian are sixteen. Are you really going to offer them a place here in your home?” Brianna asks. “First, this is our home. This is your house and yes I am going to offer your family a place in the family. It is important to me that our children know their grandmother and aunts” Ben tells her. “Will you make them your slaves?” Brianna asks. “Only if they want to become my slaves. I will not force them, as you know, and will not offer it to them unless they asks me about it. I am happy just to have them in our house. So if your mother is a teacher she will be available anytime in the summertime. Let me book rooms at a local hotel and get back to you” Ben says to her and then kisses her.

Ben makes it to the master suite and sees Becky feeding the girls and tells her about going down to Miami to visit Harper's mother and to Charleston to visit Brianna's mother. “Ben, make sure they come back and see the mansion and how their daughters are being treated. Don't show them BIG FELLA right off. It might scare them off” Becky says. Ben then goes back downstairs and Sydney comes up to him and asks him to invite her family.

“Master, my mother Estella lives with my aunt Mariah and my sisters Lucy who is 17 and graduating high school; Kensi who is fifteen; the twins Danella and Daniel “Danny” who are 14 and finally my twelve-year old sister Kristy. My twin cousins Christine and Chastian who are fifteen years old. I know that is a lot of people to take care of. I would love to have my mother around when I give birth to our babies. Would you make them your slaves, Master?” Sydney asks.

“Only if they want to be my slaves, I have never and will never forcefully make a woman become my slave. To be quite honest with you, I have a lot of women I already. I love you all but I am getting very thin. Your brother is fourteen, you think he can handle it here with all these beautiful women running around naked all the time?” Ben asks.

“I think he will have a boner the first month he is here. You know once they see BIG FELLA bouncing around they will want to have him. They will want to suck on him and take him into their bodies” Sydney says as she rubs on BIG FELLA.

“Tell me about your mother and your aunt. What do they do for a living?” Ben asks. “My mother is a social worker, and cleans houses. My aunt is into real estate and helps my mother clean houses with my older sisters” Sydney says. “I sent them money when I was working from my tips, but since I have lived here I don't make any money” Sydney says with her head down.

“What is it tell me, Sydney?” Ben says. “Well my mother is about to be evicted from her house and foreclosed on” Sydney says. “The hell she is come with me” Ben says as he takes Sydney into the Den and calls Liz. “Sydney write down your mothers address” Ben tells her.

“Hello Liz, I have a property I want you to purchase in Irving, Texas. I don't care the price, I know it is about to go into foreclosure. It is Sydney's mothers house and I don't want her family to be homeless. Get on it as soon as possible” Ben asks her. He gives her the address and she does some research and makes a couple of calls. Liz calls Ben back in an hour and tells him what it will cost and who owns the note. “Wire them the money, I will be in their offices tomorrow to pick up the deed to their house” Ben tells her and tells her to call back and confirm. She does and he calls Steve Rodgers and tells him to have the plane ready tomorrow at noon for a short trip to Dallas/Fort Worth. Ben then calls for a limousine to pick him up at the airport. He wants a stretch hummer limousine.

“Sydney, I just purchased your mother's house. Call her and tell her that you are going to be in town tomorrow and that you have a surprise for her” Ben says. Sydney has tears in her eyes, “Master, you just bought my mothers house for her. You are so wonderful”. “Baby, I did it for you. I cannot have my woman worrying all the time about her mother and sisters and brother. I will invite them back to the mansion tomorrow. So that they can see how you live and that you are loved and taken care of” Ben says.

Ben gets up and Sydney jumps up and jumps his bones, “Master, you are to good to me. To all of us. I know we probably don't say this enough. I LOVE YOU. I love my family here”. She kisses him and kisses him. Brianna comes into the room and sees Sydney and Ben together and asks “Am I interrupting something? Should I come back later?”.

“NO, Brianna come in. I have good news. Master just took care of my family and bought their house. My mother was a week or two away from being homeless and he took care of it with one phone call” Sydney says.

“Well Brianna, I was about to book a couple of days at the Charleston Place in downtown Charleston. Is that a good hotel?” Ben asks her. “I think it is one of the best in town” Brianna says. Ben then books the hotel for the following weekend. The weekend before he goes and meets Harper's family. Ben then takes both girls in his arms and heads to the pool. When they enter the pool area they see Destiny. Destiny comes over and asks Ben “Can I talk to you, Master?”.

“I am always here for you my love” Ben tells her as he goes and sits in a lounge chair with Brianna on one side and Sydney on the other side. “Master, I was wondering if that offer still holds. Will you meet my mother and invite her to come see your mansion?”

“Tell me again about your family, they live in North Carolina right?” Ben asks her. “Yes, they live in a town called Shallotte. It is right off the coast on Highway 17 north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My mother, Louise, is a high school teacher and part-time professor at the local community college. Her boyfriend is a real loser, he tried to get into my pants the last time I was there, his name is Oscar. My twin brothers who are 18, Nelson and Nathan they watch out for my sisters. They caught he trying something with my sister Clara, who is only thirteen. They beat him half to death. Put him in the hospital, he told the police he fell off of his motorcycle. The police knew it was my brothers and they congratulated them and told them not to do it again.

My older triplet sisters; Maria, Marie and Mila are 15 and then there is the baby in the house little Lea who is eleven. My mother desperately needs to get away from Oscar or my brother will kill him” Destiny tells him.

Ben thinks to himself “Virgin pussy”. Ben books a hotel in Myrtle Beach and tells Destiny that they will be there in four weeks to meet their family. He tells her to invite Oscar and that he will straighten out that prick. Destiny smiles and calls her mother.

Ben books a five rooms at the Marriott Ocean Watch Villas at Grande Dunes for five nights. Ben knows he is going to be really busy for the next couple of weeks with all these women.

“Mom, I am going to be in Myrtle Beach in four weeks. My boyfriend wants to meet you and the family. He has booked rooms for you and the guys at the Marriott Ocean Watch Villas. Yes, I look forward to seeing you and the family too. Yes I love it here in Alabama. I love you to mom” Destiny gets off the phone and tells Ben they are in. She kisses him and then strokes BIG FELLA.

Ben makes love to all three girls their in the pool area before dinner. Bill comes in and shakes his head as he gets in the hot tub. “Boy, Ben you have a rough life” Bill says with a smile. Ben cums in Brianna's pussy and she gets off and sucks BIG FELLA hard and Destiny takes her place.

Destiny rides BIG FELLA and then looks over at Bill and says “Are you going to soak in that tub or come over here and let me suck on that cock of yours and then have you stick that cock in my ass. I am in need of a good double teaming”. “You heard her honey, get your ass over there and let her suck on that cock of yours” Vivian tells him.

Bill gets out of the hot tub and goes over to Destiny and she sucks him hard. Bill then pushes deep inside of her ass. “Fuck me hard Bill, try to match Masters strokes” Destiny instructs him. Bill keeps up for about thirty minutes before he blows his load in her ass.

“That was great Bill” Destiny says. “I think we need to get Bill a cock ring so that he can last as long as Ben” Vivian says. Bill pulls out of Destiny and tells them, “You can get all the toys and contraptions you want, nobody is going to last as long a Ben. Fucking is his profession and he is great at it. For Christ's sake this is what he does with most of his time. Shit he should be able to last a long time”.

Clorine and her sisters come into the pool area and Ben blurts out that he needs some virgin pussy to suck on. They come up to his lounge chair quickly and Clorine is the first to straddle his face. Ben makes her climax five times before he switches to Zorine, then Florine and finally Corine.

The next day Ben takes Sydney, Peggy and Gina with him and they head to Dallas in his small jet. They go and pickup the deed from the bank after signing some documents and head over to Sydney's mothers house. They arrive in a stretch limousine and as it pulls up and stops the driver gets out and opens the door for Sydney, Peggy and Gina they are all dressed up with all of their jewelry on, diamond earrings with emeralds, necklaces and bracelets with diamonds and emeralds and of course their diamond engagement ring and wedding band. Ben then gets out and they go to the door arm in arm.

Sydney knocks on the door and her mother opens the door. “Mom, I want to introduce my husband Ben Barnes. Ben this is my mother Estella and my aunt Mariah” Sydney says as Ben shakes their hands and they invite him in. “It is nice to finally meet you two, Sydney has told me all about you two. How you take care of each other and the children” Ben says. “Ms. Johnson, I love your daughter with all my heart. I want you to know she is very important to me. This is Peggy and Gina two of my girls”.

“Ben is my daughter pregnant with your child?” Estella asks. “Yes she is, she is having sextuplets in November” Ben tells her. “Mom, I love Ben and I know if you get to know him you will love him too” Sydney tells her. “Honey, we are having some serious financial problems here. We are about to be foreclosed on and be put out on the street” Estella tells her daughter.

Sydney smiles as Ben reaches into his pocket and produces the deed to her house and he takes out his pen and signs it over to her. “Estella, I purchased your house yesterday after Sydney told me that the family was about to be homeless. I cannot have that, I will not let any member of my family be homeless” Ben tells her.

“Ben, I am not a part of your family” Estella says. “The hell you aren't. You are Sydney's mother, my babies grandmother. I will not allow my babies grandmother be homeless. That is not an option. I would like to invite you out to dinner, the whole family. I have made reservations at the Cafe on the Green Restaurant at the Four Seasons for thirteen at eight tonight. I was hoping that you would accompany us and then go visit my place in Alabama. See if it meets to your approval. I have my plane waiting for us after dinner and we can be back at our home by midnight” Ben tells them.

“Ben, you have your own jet?” Mariah asks. “Ben has two jets, the one we took today is his smaller plane. He has a large plane that holds over 300 people. This one holds only about sixteen right Ben?” Sydney asks “Yes, my pilot is waiting for us at the airport. I told him we would call him after dinner” Ben tells her. “I guess we should pack some bags then” Mariah says. They go back to their bedroom and get packed. Sydney's sisters come into the house and they call out “Mom, there is this huge limousine outside”. Lucy looks over into the living room and sees Sydney and screams “Sydney's home” and comes and hugs her sister. Kensi asks her sister, “Who is this handsome man?”. Danny comes in and sees his sister and comes in and hugs her “About time you came home for a visit. Who is this guy?”

“Nice to see you too Danny. This is my husband Ben Barnes. He is taking us out to dinner tonight so go get ready. Do you know where Kristy, Christine and Chastian are?” Sydney asks as Ben shakes his hand. “Nice firm grip, Danny. I like that. Being the man of the house. I would like to asks your permission to take your mother, aunt, sisters and cousins out to dinner. After your mother has accepted my invitation to come visit my house” Ben says. “These are my two girls Peggy and Gina”. They see that Peggy is obviously pregnant and around their age.

Estella comes out and tells her children to pack a bag. They all go and pack their bags. Christine, Chastian and Kristy come in and see Sydney and come over and hug her and they see Ben. “This is my husband, Ben and his girls Gina and Peggy. Ben this is my sister and cousins” Sydney says.

“Nice to meet you Kristy, Christine and Chastian” Ben says. Everybody gets ready and Ben takes the family to a fine meal and then they board his jet. When they are about to land Ben calls the security guards and tells them to turn on the lights on the house.

“Ladies and gentlemen if you would like to see the outside of my house please look out the windows” Ben says. Everyone scrambles to the windows as Ben picks up the phone and tells Steve to circle the mansion.

“Holy Shit, Ben is that your house?” Danny says. “Watch your language son” Estella says. “Yes, Danny that is where your sister and I live. We have over a thousand rooms, enough rooms for each of you to have your own room if you want to stay. I want you to feel free to stay with us” Ben says.

“You want us to stay here with you? Obviously you are rich, well that is an understatement of a lifetime. You barely know us why do you want us to stay with you?” Estella asks.

“First, you are my babies grandmother, your son and daughters are their aunts and uncles. Family is very, very important to me. Second, I know all about you. You do not become as rich as I am without doing background on people who you are involved with. I want you to know this is an open offer to you, your sister and the whole family. You can stay here with me for the rest of your lives, be treated to every fantasy or wish that you every wanted. The children will all be well-educated, they will all go to college and get their degrees” Ben says. “You do not have to make your decision now, tomorrow or the next day. Lets land and meet the family”.

The plane lands and they all get into the large van that is waiting for them. “Mom, that is Ben's other plane” Sydney says. They all look out at the huge plane and shake their heads. They drive around to the front of the mansion and see the sculpture of Ben and then they go in. The first thing they see is the painting of Millicente's depicting Ben. “Mmm, nice painting” Mariah says. “Well the cat is out of the bag” Sydney says as Karl Jr., James, Ray Jr and Freddie walk by completely naked followed by Reanna, Rachel, Sam and Sarah.

“I should have warned you. We are nudist here in the mansion” Ben says. Maize comes up to him and says “Welcome home Mr. Barnes”. She has clearly been having sex as she waits to receive Ben's clothes. Ben and Sydney begin to undress and Sydney tells her family, “We are all naked here in the house so you might as well join us”. They all nod and begin to undress as Sydney's friends come in. “Mom, these are my friends from the Cayman Islands, Brianna, Destiny and Harper. Girls these are my brother and sisters” Sydney says as she introduces each one of them. Harper sees Danny and his huge tool, “Nice cock, Danny” Harper tells him as she goes over and reaches out for his hand.

They all go inside the mansion once they are naked. “Ladies, there is one rule in the house. No hair below the neckline. We can take care of that in the morning” Sydney says. Mariah goes over to Sydney and whispers in her ear “How big is Ben's cock? That thing is freaking huge. How did you ever get that inside of you?”. Estella asks her daughter “What is with all those tattoos on your body?”.

“Mariah, Ben is well-endowed he is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” in girth. It took a bit of effort in January to get accustomed to him, but believe me it was well worth it. Ben makes me climax at least ten times every time we make love. About the tattoos, the one on my lower back is pretty much self-explanatory the one on my mound and the back of my neck represent that I completed my pussy and anal training. Which mean I took Ben in my pussy ten times in a row without interruption and my ass the same way. I also gave him twenty blowjobs in a row” Sydney tells them. “Sydney, I am going to take your brother with me” Harper says as she holds his hand and kisses him.

“Where is she taking your brother?” Estella asks. “Probably to pop his cherry” Sydney says. As they walk to her room Harper asks Danny, “Are you a virgin?”. Danny looks down and says yes. “Not after tonight. I am going to take your cherry, and then my sisters are going to drain your balls. Damn you are cute”. They get to her bedroom and she puts Danny on her bed and she starts sucking on his cock. She gets him hard and then she starts grinding on him. She makes him climax quickly. Brianna comes into the room and takes her place.

“Welcome to the family, Danny. I hope your mother plans to stay with us. It will be nice to have you around to fuck” Brianna says as she takes Danny's cock into her mouth. The three girls fuck him all night long. They get him to fuck them in the ass also. In the morning Danny is eating breakfast trying to get his strength back when Estella comes into the dinning room. “This mansion is fucking huge” she says.

“Mom, I don't know about you, but I want to stay” Danny says. “Of course you want to stay, you just had your balls drained by at least three girls. By the way, you sure resemble your father” Estella says. Danny gets up from breakfast and kisses his mother. “Thanks mom”. “Your father had a nice cock on him, that is why I had so many children. We fucked like rabbits until he died. He wasn't as large as you or Ben. Shit I don't think any man in the world can compete with that huge cock” Estella says.

“Are you going to have sex with Ben?” Danny asks. “Would that bother you son?” Estella asks. “No, Shit you need a good fucking. You need a good man in your life. Ben obviously knows how to keep women satisfied. I have met at least a hundred and fifty women so far. They all fondle my cock. Mom, please can we stay” Danny pleads with his mother.

Estella finishes breakfast and goes to the entertainment room where she finds her sister Mariah on her back with her legs in the air moaning and screaming while Ben pounds her. “Fuck sis you have to try Ben. He is so good at this” Mariah tells her. “How long have they been going at it?” Estella asks Peggy. “My Master has been fucking her for at least 90 minutes. By the way I am one of Ben's wives and Mistress of the house. Are you going to try him out?”

“I don't know” Estella says. “For Christ's sake, Estella, I am not going back to Texas. Ben is hopefully going to be my Master and I will be his slave. My pussy is his, any man who can pound pussy like him is alright with me. Fuck he is stretching parts of my pussy no man has ever been before. Ben Barnes will you be my Master? Will you accept me as your slave?” Mariah says.

“Damn, that was quick” Peggy says. “Yes, Mariah. I accept you as my slave. I am going to breed you. You are going to have my children” Ben tells her. “Whatever you want as long as I get to have your beautiful cock inside of me” Mariah screams out. “I want your daughters also” Ben tells her.

“Fine, if they are willing. They might as well have the best man in the world. Fuck this feels great. Estella you got to let Ben inside of you” Mariah says. “OK, I will” Estella says. “First off, you must have a blood test, lets go see Nadia. She is our resident doctor. She will check you for STD's and HIV. That is a must for anyone wanting to have sex in this house. Only exception is that they walked through the door a virgin like your son Danny. Second we need to shave that bush, no hair below the neckline” Peggy tells her.

Peggy takes Estella up to the master suite where she shaves her pussy. She then takes her into the bedroom, “This is masters bedroom. This is where Master sleeps with Becky, Laurie, Brooklyn, his bed slaves and me on a regular basis. That is when he makes it to bed. They go in and see Becky with Danella and Kristy. Becky is sucking on Kristy's pussy. Estella hears her daughter scream out loud. “Your daughter is having an orgasm. Becky is sucking on her hymen. I loved it when my Master did that to me, before I begged him to pop my cherry. I think Danella is ready to be Ben's slave. You want to be Ben's slave don't you Estella? Ben will take care of you” Peggy says.

“Yes, I want Ben. It does look like Kristy is enjoying herself” Estella says as she walks over and asks Kristy “Are you enjoying your time at Sydney's new home, Kristy?”. “Momma, I want to stay with Becky and Ben. Let's stay it is beautiful here” Kristy says as Becky eats her pussy. “Are you just saying that because Becky is sucking on your pussy and making you have orgasms?” Estella asks. “Of course, I like having my pussy sucked. We are also very well protected here. We will want for nothing” Kristy says. Danella gets out of bed and asks her mother “Are you going to go to see Ben?”. “Yes I am” she tells her in response. They leave the master suite.

“Are you going to make love to him?” Danella says. “Yes, that is the plan. He is pounding Mariah senseless right now. Do you want to have sex with Ben?” Estella asks her. Danella looks down and says yes. “Well we are in the same boat. Are you still a virgin?” Estella asks. “Yes, Mom. I have never done anything with any boy” Danella says. “Ben is all man, a very well-endowed man. If you are going to lose your virginity you might as well loose it to him” Estella says.

They go and see Nadia and tell her that she needs a blood test to check for diseases. Nadia draws the blood and puts it in the testing unit. In twenty minutes Nadia has the results and tells her she is clean. “I had no doubt” Estella says. “Mom hasn't had sex in seven years” Danella says. Estella looks at her and asks “How would you know that?”. “I live with you mom, that is alright you abstinence is about to end as is my virginity” Danella tells her. They thank Nadia and go and find Ben still pounding Mariah senseless in the entertainment room.

“OH, GOD Sis, Master is in my womb. He is fucking me in my womb” Mariah says. Ben then rears up and grunts, he starts pouring his cum into her womb. “God that feels so good, Master. I am truly a happily fucked woman” Mariah tells everyone that is in hearing range of her voice.

When Ben is done climaxing in her womb, Ben pulls out of her womb and her cervix traps his seed inside of her womb. He slowly pulls out of her pussy and with a pop the huge bulbous head of BIG FELLA is extracted from her well stretched out pussy.

Ben takes his pills and supplements and tells Estella, “I want you to suck on BIG FELLA and get him hard. Then I want you to ride him while I suck on Danella's pussy. Danella you are a virgin right?”. “Yes Ben, I am a virgin” Danella says. “Well you are going to enjoy this. Get over here and sit on my face and let me suck on your beautiful pussy” Ben says.

Almost immediately Danella starts cumming from Ben's talented tongue. Ben licks either side of Danella's pussy and then licks and sucks on her clitoris hood. Ben then spreads Danella's labia and starts sucking on her inner lips and sticks his tongue into her pussy. Meanwhile Estella has gotten BIG FELLA hard by licking on the head and shaft. Estella straddles BIG FELLA and pushes down on him.

Ben reaches down and pulls her legs out from under her and puts them up next to Danella. After Ben makes her cum for the third time, he tells Danella to hold her mothers legs high and don't let them go. Estella has her whole weight suspended on BIG FELLA. Gravity is making her go deeper and deeper onto the large 5 1/2” girth of BIG FELLA. She is taking about 8 inches inside of her when Mariah is recovered enough to push her sister further down on BIG FELLA.

“OH GOD, nobody has been this deep before. GOD I FEEL SO FULL” Estella yells out as her sister moves her up and down on BIG FELLA. Estella starts to cum and screams out a loud orgasm at the same time her daughter has another orgasm. They both spray Ben with their juices, Ben swallows all of Danella's sweet virgin cum for the fourth time and he has her get off of his face much to her displeasure. Ben then takes Estella and rolls her over and begins really pounding her long and hard. Pounding her cervix into submission, it takes Ben an hour before he breaks through. Ben fucks her womb for thirty minutes making Estella moan and scream out in ecstasy as Sydney and her sisters watch.

Ben finally starts to pour his semen into her womb. When he is finished pumping her full he exits her womb and then her pussy with a pop. “So how do you like my Master, Mom?” Sydney asks her. Wearily Estella looks over at her daughter and tells her “That was the best fucking I have ever had in my entire life. I am Ben's if he will have me”.

Danella comes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard. “Master, it is my turn” she says as she spreads her legs and smiles at him beckoning him over. Ben sucks on her hymen and makes her climax hard and while she is still on cloud nine he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy breaking her hymen. There is a trickle of blood running down her slit and her butt.

Ben starts out very slowly then builds up speed and depth. He pounds Danella for nearly 90 minutes before he pushes past her cervix. Ben pumps her womb for thirty minutes before filling her up. Ben then lays down next to Danella still firmly inside of her pussy. BIG FELLA is pulsating in her once virgin pussy. “How was your first time Danella?” Sydney asks her as Peggy brings over water and Ben's pills.

“It was fantastic, I climaxed over and over again. I lost count at ten” Danella tells her. Kensi is horny as hell from her time upstairs with Becky. Once Ben exits her sisters pussy she pounces on Ben. “It is my turn it ride this beautiful fat cock” Kensi says before she starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

Once Kensi has finished getting Ben hard she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. She breaks her own hymen and lets out a little cry. “Damn, that hurt a little” Kensi says. “It didn't hurt when Master took my hymen” Danella tells her. “That is because Master broke your hymen when you were still on cloud nine from your climax” Sydney tells her. Ben has started to meet Kensi's bounces and after about thirty minutes he flips them over and starts pounding her cervix.

“Ladies, I always cum in my woman's womb no exceptions. You can have sex with any man here, as long as they wear a rubber while fucking your pussy. Talking about fucking other men where is Danny?” Ben asks. “I haven't seen him since this morning at breakfast. Let me go find him” Estella says. “He is probably having sex with one of my sister slaves” Sydney tells her mother.

“Danny needs to watch out for Renee and Reanna. Mother and daughter that will drain him dry and keep fucking him” Ben tells her as Estella leaves to find her son. While she is gone Ben climaxes in Kensi's womb and then starts fucking Lucy.

Estella finds Danny in bed with Sheyanna and her sextuplet sisters. Sheyanna is ridding his 12” cock while Shiloh is getting eating out. Estella comes into the room and introduces herself to the girls. Simone looks at Estella's belly and asks her if she just received a load from their Master. “Ben is my Master now” Estella tells them. “Master is an excellent lover and provider. No woman can resist his charm and his huge cock. Although it is nice to have other men around here to fuck. Don't worry all my sisters and mother are pregnant with Ben's babies” Simone tells her. She comes up and welcomes her to the family with a kiss.

“All of us women are bi-sexual here. It is kind of rule. You will get use to eating pussy and having your pussy eaten by a woman” Simone says as she leads her to her bedroom. They proceed to suck on each others pussies in the sixty-nine position. After Estella has climaxed five times and made Simone climax four times she gets out of bed and heads back downstairs to tell Ben where Danny has gotten himself off to.

For the next couple of days Ben takes Kristy, Christine, and Chastain's virginity. He takes all of their anal cherries. When he is done he gets dressed and takes Harper, Peggy and Gina to meet her family. He kisses Estella, Mariah and their girls and tells them to get their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their lower backs and see Nadia about getting their RFID chips put in their shoulders.

Estella and Mariah walk him to the door and kiss him goodbye, “Master, come back soon. I need some more. We are going to miss you” Estella says. “You need to train us when you get back from picking up the other families. Master, if you show them BIG FELLA and make love to them Harper's family will be yours” Mariah says as she kisses her Master again.

Later after Ben and troop have left Mariah takes her nephew into her bed and makes love to him. Mariah sucks on his cock and gets him hard as a rock and as she is taking his cock out of her mouth Danny asks “Is this right? I love it but is this right”. Estella walks into the room a little shocked at her sister, she watches her suck on her son's balls and lick his shaft. “Just go with it Danny, it will be alright. We are all family and lovers now. When Mariah is done I want to sleep with you also. I want to feel you inside me” Estella says as Mariah positions her nephew's cock at her pussy.

Mariah then lowers herself down on to Danny grinding up and down on him. “I love you Danny” Mariah says as she lowers herself on his twelve-inch cock. She kisses him not as an aunt but as a red-hot lover in the through of passion. Estella comes over and lays down on the bed, she watches her son with his aunt enjoying each others bodies. Mariah takes Danny's cock out of her pussy and pushes it into her ass making her moan out in extreme pleasure. She grinds on him until Danny explodes.

Mariah gets off of Danny and starts sucking his cock clean with the help of Estella. They get Danny hard again, when he is he tells his mother if they are going to have sex that he wants to be in control and set the pace. “So you want some of your momma's pussy, BIG BOY?” Estella coos at him as she lays back and spreads her legs.

Danny pushes his twelve-inch cock deep inside of his mother's pussy. “Danny has a very nice girth to his cock doesn't he Estella? I loved how he felt inside of me” Mariah asks. All that Estella can do is grunt and moan. Becky comes into the room and sees the three of them together. She hands them a large package of magnum condoms and tells Danny that he needs to start taking the vitamins and supplements that Ben takes to keep his strength up.

“Danny you need to wear these condoms when you fuck one of Ben's slaves in their pussies. Enjoy yourself” Becky tells him and then kisses him passionately on his lips. Estella then takes her son's cock out of her pussy and puts it in her ass and starts grinding. “I think I am going to love living here in the mansion” Danny says with a smile as his mother rides his cock.

Meanwhile Ben, Harper, Gina and Peggy are on their way to Miami. They check-in to the Ritz-Carlton and rest for a while until it is time to pickup Harper's mother, sisters and brother. “I hope my mother like you Master. I want her to like you without seeing BIG FELLA” Harper says as Ben and Harper, Peggy and Gina enter the limousine for the short drive to her home.

They pull up to the modest four bedroom house in the limousine. Ben and Harper exit the limousine and go to the door. Patricia opens the door and hugs her daughter and tells her it has been too long since she has been home.

“Mom, I would like you to meet my husband Ben Barnes. Ben this is my mother Patricia” Harper says. The shake hands and Ben tells her “I can see where Harper gets her beauty from. You two could pass as sisters”. “Well thank you Ben, that is a very nice thing to say. I try to keep myself in shape” Patricia says as she escorts them into the living room.

Patricia introduces her daughters Paige, who is twenty five foot four with black hair and hazel eyes and a nice breast. Jordan and Jordana who are eighteen five foot two with black hair and hazel eyes. Finally sixteen year old Delilah. The baby of the family is Harper's baby brother who is six feet tall at fourteen. Paige whispers in Harper's ear “Harp, Ben is very handsome. Is it true what they say about black men?”. Harper responds by telling her that Ben is very handsome. After they chat for a bit Ben escorts them to the limousine and they enter and meet Gina and Peggy who Ben introduces as his girls.

They go to The Capital Grille and have a really nice meal and conversation. Ben invites them back to the Ritz-Carlton for a nightcap and to continue to get to know each other. They arrive at the hotel and go up to their suite. Ben pours Patricia and him a drink and asks her “Patricia, I want to invite you and your children back to my place. I want you to see where your daughter is living and how she is living. Harper is going to go to college in the fall. She is going to do most of it online”.

Patricia sits with Harper and Ben as the others watch a movie. “Ben, is Harper pregnant?” she asks. “You don't beat around the bush, do you? Yes Harper is pregnant with my babies. She is having sextuplets we don't know if they are boys or girls yet” Ben tells her. “Mom, I am very happy. Never been happier in my entire life. I am loved and cared for” Harper tells her.

“Just come home with us. We leave Monday, please Mom I want you to see where your grandchildren will be born and raised” Harper. “Okay, we will go” Patricia says as her phone rings. She excuses herself and takes the call.

“Harper, I have to go to work. It is an emergency. Kids let's go, I have to head to work” Patricia says. “Mom can't we stay” Paige says. Gina and Peggy are sitting on either side of Gary rubbing his crotch under a blanket. He is enjoying himself, “We will be alright here, Harper will look after us” Gary says.

“Patricia, I will have the limousine take you to work and I will tell him to give you a card and when you are done with work you can come back here. I will get the kids a room, Harper would love to spends sometime with her brother and sisters” Ben tells her and Harper agrees with him of course. Patricia tells them to behave themselves. She then leaves as Ben calls down to the driver.

Gina drops to her knees in front of Gary and tells him “Let's see what you are packing here”. She unzips his pants and takes them off and then his jockeys. “Damn, that is one nice cock” Peggy says as little Gina sucks on the head and shaft. Peggy joins her as Paige, Jordan and Jordana watch. “I didn't know you were packing that in your pants, Gary” Jordana says. “That cock must be at least twelve inches and four inches around”.

“Are you a virgin, Gary?” Harper asks. He nods yes and Gina looks up at him, she takes his cock out of her mouth and tells him “Not after tonight. I am going to fuck your brains in. I believe Peggy wants some of this also”. She continues to suck him off until he explodes down her throat.

“Let me have some of that beautiful cock” Peggy says as she takes it from Gina. Gary has a huge smile on his face as Peggy sucks his limp cock hard again. When Gary is hard she takes him out of her throat and looks over at Paige, Jordan, Jordana and Delilah and says to them “Gary sure does have a beautiful cock. Are you guys virgins?”. Paige, Jordan and Jordana say no but have always used a condom with their boyfriends their mother stressed that if they were to have sex to be careful and use protection. “So Delilah you a virgin. Ben loves to suck on virgin pussy” Peggy asks her.

“Yes, I am a virgin. Harper you share Ben with Gina and Peggy?” Delilah asks. “Yes, I do. He is too much man for just one woman to handle. Would you like Ben to suck on your pussy and make you climax?” Harper asks her. Delilah nervously nods yes and Harper tells her to get undressed and lay down on the couch. Ben comes over smiles at Delilah and kisses Harper. He gets in between Delilah's legs and starts sucking on her little pussy.

Ben licks her outer labia and then works his way to the inner lips. He sucks on her clit until it sticks out and continues to lick and suck on her lips. It isn't until Delilah has climax five times before he starts to lick her hymen. Ben makes Delilah climax over fifteen times and the last one last ten minutes.

“I think your sister really loves having her pussy sucked” Ben says as they watch her quake and shiver from mini-orgasms that she is continuing to have. Delilah is dazed and in a post orgasmic bliss.

Harper comes over and starts to undress Ben. When she gets to his pants she covers up BIG FELLA until she can see the expression on her sisters face. She turns around and let's BIG FELLA free to see Paige, Jordan and Jordana gaze upon the magnificent cock with their mouths open.

“I want that, Harper. I want to have your husband inside of me” Paige says. “You first need to have a HIV/STD certificate before Ben will have sex with you. Ben never uses a rubber he always goes bareback. We can get you three tested when we are home” Harper tells her sisters. “I don't know if I can wait that long after seeing something this big and beautiful” Paige says as she grabs BIG FELLA with both hands.

“You can have sex with my husband all you want once we get back home and you get your test completed” Harper says as she sees her sisters circle around Ben. Each one licks and sucks on BIG FELLA.

“Girls, I don't want you to mention this to your mother until we get back to Alabama okay?” Ben says. Paige, Jordan, Jordana look up at him and tell him okay and Paige says “As long as you give us this when we get back to your house”. “You have a deal, I will fuck you silly when we get to my mansion. I have a separate room for each of you with a private bathroom in each suite” Ben tells them.

“You want us to stay with you?” Jordana asks. “Yes we do. I want you to be around for my children. I want you to enjoy the lifestyle that I enjoy” Harper tells them. “If you won't make love to my sisters will you at least take my cherry, Ben?” Delilah asks.

“Sure are you up to it. You were out of it for a while?” Ben asks. She tells him that she is up to it. “If I take you girls in your pussies I will also want to fuck you in your asses” Ben tells them. “Trust me, it feels great having BIG FELLA stretching out your ass” Harper says.

Ben goes over and sucks on Delilah hymen until she climaxes again and then pushes a rock hard BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. Ben pushes past her hymen and pushes all the way to her cervix in one stroke and rests there waiting for her pussy to adjust a little to his size. Delilah's pussy is squeezing Ben's cock as he starts to fuck her slowly at first until she tells him to have at it. Paige, Jordan, and Jordana watch their sisters pussy grip BIG FELLA and being stretched to the limit.

Gina and Peggy are enjoying Gary on the other side of the room. “Gary I think you are going to love where we live” Peggy tells him. “As long as I get to fuck the two of you I will be very happy” he tells them. “We have many, many more pussies at the mansion for you to fuck also. My sisters are going to love your big fat cock”.

Ben pounds on Delilah for close to three hours before he breaks through her cervix and pumps her womb for forty-five minutes and pours his semen into her. He exits her womb and traps his huge load inside of her. Ben then takes BIG FELLA out of her once virgin pussy with a loud pop and rolls over on his back. Paige, Jordan and Jordana come over and clean off his cock with their mouths.

They suck and lick on BIG FELLA until Ben is erect. They lick around the big bulbouse head and Ben asks Delilah if she is ready to take BIG FELLA up her ass. She nods and Harper works her fingers into her ass with some lube. Harper then brings her baby sister over and puts her on top of Ben. Harper spreads Delilah's ass checks as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her. Once BIG FELLA is at her anal ring Harper then pushes Delilah down on BIG FELLA making it pass her anal ring as she cries out. Harper pushes her down on BIG FELLA until she has eight inches inside of her rectum and then pulls her legs out from under her.

Harper then starts sucking on her sisters pussy trying to make her relax as Ben starts to pump her ass. After about 90 minutes Ben turns Delilah over and starts to pound her ass. She is climaxing every ten minutes or so. They fuck for two hours before Ben erupts in her colon. Ben then picks her up and takes her to his bed with Harper and her other sister.

Gina, Peggy and Gary as asleep in the other room. They sleep all night and in the morning Ben asks them if they want to go swimming. They don't have their bathing suits so Ben calls the limo driver and they head to the store to pick out bikini's for the girls and a bathing suit for Gary. They head back to the Ritz-Carlton and go to the pool area after the have their bathing suits on. They each go downstairs with robes on.

“Peggy, I noticed your tattoos. In particular the one on your lower back, “Property of Ben Barnes” what is that about” Paige asks. “I belong to Ben, as does Gina and your sister Harper. Ben loves us all with all of his heart. I love Ben and am totally committed to him and the family. You will meet them on Monday” Peggy tells her. They go downstairs and swim and play in the pool. Harper goes over to Ben and hugs him “I think my sisters will make excellent slaves Ben. They seem very eager to have you inside of them”.

Delilah swims over and hangs on the other side of Ben. “How are you feeling this morning?” Ben asks her. “I am a little sore in both places, but it is a good soreness. I was wondering if you would be my Master and let me live with you and Harper?” she asks. “Let us think about it. I will give you a decision when we get to the mansion. Don't say anything to your brother or sisters and definitely nothing to your mother until we get to the mansion” Ben tells her. “Yes, Master” Delilah says and kisses him. The concierge comes in with a portable phone and tells Ben he has a phone call. Ben gets out of the pool and takes the phone. The concierge can't help but notice the outline of BIG FELLA in his banana hammock. He looks away and Harper catches his eye and she smiles at him.

Ben hands him the phone and tells him thanks. He gets back into the pool as the concierge leaves the pool area. “I think you embarrassed him with BIG FELLA” Peggy says. “You ladies love having me in this tight-fitting banana hammock” Ben says shaking his head.

Harper swims over to Ben and he tells them that their mother will be here late tonight. Harper kisses him and he whispers in her ear “Delilah already asked to be my slave. I told her that I would decide when we get to the mansion. I want your mother to move in with us also, whether she wants to be a slave or not”. Harper doesn't say anything she just kisses him on the lips. They swim for a while and then go back to the room and shower and change.

Ben asks the ladies if they want to go see a movie and catch a bite to eat. Peggy tells him “How about a bite to eat then the movie?”. They check the local listings and the girls pick out a chick-flick that they want to see. They go and get something to eat at a local place that Paige suggested.

The restaurant is a nice family restaurant that everyone finds something the like and Ben toasts the girls “To new friends and family”. Ben tells them that he can't wait until they see the mansion. Peggy and Gina are sitting next to Gary. Gary has a crush on both as they have their hands in his lap stroking his cock. They go see the movie and head back to the Ritz-Carlton. About two hours later the limousine picks up Patricia at the hospital takes her to the hotel.

She knocks on the suite and Harper answers the door. “Mom, you look really tired. Why don't you take a hot shower to relax?”. “That sounds like a good idea. Have you all had a good time today catching up with Harper and getting to know Ben?” Patricia asks. “Yes, Mom. Ben is a wonderful man. Very nice and extremely generous” Delilah says.

Patricia tells her that is good and heads to the bathroom to take a shower. Ben calls down to the concierge and asks for the masseur. He tells him he will be there in twenty minutes. Patricia gets out of the shower just as the masseur is entering the room.

“Patricia, I arranged for you to have a massage to relax your tired muscles” Ben tells her as he escorts the masseur into the bedroom. Ben tells him to give her a good hour and then come see him.

After the hour Patricia is loosen up and Ben asks the masseur to give her another hour. When he is done Patricia is really relaxed and relieved of all the stress. She comes out of the room in a robe and sees Ben give the masseur three hundred-dollar tip. “Are you hungry, Patricia? Would you like to order room service?” Ben asks her. She says yes and they all order dinner. Ben orders three bottles of champagne.

At dinner Ben toasts to family and friends, to their babies. They eat their meal and relax. Ben sees that Patricia is very tired and picks her up and takes her to the master bedroom and lays her down on the bed. She kisses him and tells him “I can see why my daughter loves you. You are very caring and loving” She accidentally brushes BIG FELLA and blushes. She starts to rub him and asks “Can I see what you are packing?”. “I don't know, what about Harper? I want you to like me for me not for my Johnson?” Ben tells her.

“You don't have to worry about that. I like you and about Harper. Harper can you come in here?” Patricia yells to her. Harper comes into the room and sees her mother grabbing Ben's crotch. “Harper, you don't mind if I see your husband's cock do you?” Patricia says. Harper says no and Patricia unzips Ben's pants and takes out BIG FELLA.

“Damn, that is a mighty fine cock” Patricia says as she starts to take him into her mouth. She licks and sucks on BIG FELLA. “Mom, I don't mind if you have sex with Ben but you need to have your blood tested for HIV/STD's” Harper says. Patricia takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells Harper and Ben “I haven't had sex in ten years since your father left. I am not going to let this pass me by. I want him”.

She sucks him hard and tells him to fuck her. Patricia has twelve violent orgasms as her daughters watch her enjoy Ben. Ben then pushes past her cervix and starts pumping her womb. Which makes her scream incoherently. When Ben is finished pouring his cum into her womb he exits her and lays down next to her. “Girls, that was the best fuck of my life. Ben is a Master at fucking. Harper you are going to need to share Ben with me again. Where is Gary?” Patricia asks.

“He is in bed with Gina and Peggy, they seem to be stuck at the hip lately” Paige says. “Mom, you look like you really needed that” Jordan says. “You have no idea” Patricia tells her. Jordana and Paige suck on BIG FELLA getting him revived for another round with their mother. Harper goes over to her mother and kisses her and tells her “I am glad you enjoyed Ben. He is a wonderful caring man. Once thing is he always fucks his women in their asses. If you want to be his you will need to give him your ass. Have you ever had anal sex before?”.

“No, your father wanted it but I would not give it to him” Patricia says. “Well do you want to have Ben inside you again? You want to feel BIG FELLA filling you up and stretching you out in ways other men can't?” Harper asks. “OH, God yes please I want him I need him to fill me up” Patricia says like a woman possessed. Harper then flips her mother over onto her stomach and spreads her legs.

Harper spreads her mothers ass cheeks as Ben comes over and positions BIG FELLA on her anal ring, “Give me your arms, Patricia” Ben instructs and she complies, “This might hurt at the beginning, but it will get better I promise” Ben tells her as he grabs her wrists and uses them as reins on a horse as he pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. Paige puts a pillow under her mother's face for her to scream into as her and her sisters watch Ben take their mother's ass.

After about an hour of constant pounding BIG FELLA gets all the way inside of Patricia's ass. Ben begins to really pound her with long hard strokes as Patricia starts to climax repeatedly. It takes Ben two more hours before he explodes in her colon. When completed he falls on to his new lover and she professes to him.

“I am yours, do with me as you choose” Patricia tells him. “So you approve of me and my Master being together?” Harper says. “Your Master, I thought he was your husband” Patricia says “He is my Master, I am his slave and his property. He owns me lock stock and barrel. I want nothing else but to please my Master” Harper says as she turns around and shows her mother her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo.

“If he fucks you like he just did me then you are a very lucky woman. Yes I approve of Ben being your Master as long as he makes me his slave. Girls I think we are going to be moving to Alabama if my Master will have us” Patricia says. “What about your job?” Paige asks. “My job is to please my new Master. I am sure that will keep me busy for a long time. Are you going to take my daughters as your slaves, Master?” Patricia asks.

“Delilah has already asked to be my slave after I took her cherries. I told you other daughters that I would make love to them when we got back to the mansion after they have had their blood tested. I need to make sure they are clean and disease free. I have to protect the family. I wanted to wait until you got to the mansion to take you and offer this but I guess that plan is out of the window now. I want you and your children to move in with me and Harper and become part of our family. I wanted to offer this to you regardless if you wanted to have sex with me or not” Ben tells her.

“Master, I am yours. Do with me as you choose. You need to have my daughters checked out for HIV but not me, why is that?” Patricia says. “I did a background check and it came back stating that you had not had sex since your husband left you. That Paige has had a few boyfriends and the twins had a couple. My goal was to protect the family, I needed to make sure about you and your children. Gary seems to love being a part of my family” Ben tells her.

Ben takes Patricia over to the next bedroom with Harper and they see Gina sucking on his cock. “Damn, Gary you have a pretty beautiful cock” Patricia says as Gary looks up at his mother's naked body. “So are you Ben's slave now like Harper and Delilah?” he asks her “Yes if he will have me” Patricia says as she comes over to the bed and takes the cock from Gina and starts sucking on her son's twelve-inch cock. She makes him explode down her throat.

“Damn, if Gary is this big at fourteen imagine how big he will get when he is fully grown” Patricia says. “I think he can add at least a couple of inches before he is fully grown” Harper says as she sucks on Gary. “Gary, you are going to love it at the mansion. The women are going to love making-love to you” Harper says after she has gotten him hard. Harper then proceeds to ride her brother's cock as Ben takes Patricia back to the other bedroom.

Ben fucks her three more times that night and finally falls asleep with BIG FELLA firmly lodged in her ass. It is early afternoon before people start to wake. Ben is in bed with BIG FELLA still inside of Patricia's ass. Ben has Paige, Jordan and Jordana in bed with him. Jordan is sucking on her mother's breast and her twin is sucking on her pussy.

“Good Morning, Patricia. How did you sleep?” Ben asks her. “Very well, I like waking up with BIG FELLA inside of me. I can feel your heart beating in my ass. Who is that sucking on my pussy? Gary?” Patricia asks. Jordana looks up a her mother from between her legs and smiles. “You see Patricia all my women are bi-sexual. Your daughters are just getting practice” Ben tells her as he gets hard in her ass and starts to fuck her again. When he is done they all go take a shower. Ben washes each of Harper's sisters.

“Master, I think we should go home and pack a few bags for our trip to Alabama. Don't you think? If we are going to move there” Patricia says. “All you will need is some clothes that you already packed. I will have my mover friends come down here and pack up your possessions and bring them to Alabama later. They are in Chicago now” Ben tells her.

“Master, if you keep fucking me I am going to get pregnant” Patricia tells him. Harper comes in and tells her mother that is the plan for all of them. They spend the day around the pool and

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