Easter at the Creepy Twin’s House

Written By: Mr. Mongo

Home for spring break Lara was scrounging for money while she was working on her teaching degree. Asking friends and family for any work they could get her, one of Lara’s aunts found a babysitting job for her. Driving over to the family’s house Lara met with the Mr. Lewis and his pregnant wife who told Lara they need help keeping an eye on their sixteen years old twin sons Karl and Kevin. From what the mom and dad told Lara their sons cannot be left home alone.

“They are both very intelligent but lack common sense,” claimed Mr. Lewis.

“So do you think they will burn the house down,” asked a concerned Lara.

“No, no. Nothing like that, they are not responsible. They would have a big house party or something,” laughed Mr. Lewis.

“What do they do,” asked Lara. The more the dad beat around the bush the more Lara wanted to know.

“They like playing practical jokes with the help,” Mrs. Lewis said with a smirk.

“Nothing too scary I hope,” said Lara.

“They will hide in a washer or a closet then jump out. That’s it,” claimed a nervous sounding Mr. Lewis.

Both parents left the room to search the house for the twins. As soon as they left three Latin American servants snuck in the room to try to warn Lara.

“Boys no good,” the fat maid said shaking her head.

“Boys make sad,” said a young maid as she did an exaggerated frown.

The third maid did not speak in English, she stuck her thumb to her mouth then made choking sounds then she said what Lara though sounded like “yucky.” As soon as the servants hear the parents come back into the room the servants took off running so they would not get caught.

“Your maids said your kids are bad,” Lara said pointing to the direction the servants ran.

“They said that because they know I want to pay you four-hundred dollars a week and I won’t let them watch my boys,” said Mr. Lewis.

“Four-hundred dollars a week, are you kidding? Why can’t they watch your sons,” Lara asked just to be sure nothing was fishy.

“Our maids are not educated and can barely speak English. You’re in college these kids should be a piece of cake for someone studying to be a teacher,” Mr. Lewis said trying to get Lara to say yes.

“Besides we need someone who is not afraid to call nine one-one if there is an emergency. These girls are all illegals so they never call authorities. Besides we heard things about you from another mother you once babysat for,” Mrs. Lewis said with a smile.

“Oh thank you Mrs. Lewis! Can you tell me which mother told you that,” asked Lara

“Mrs. Howard,” said Mrs. Lewis.

Hearing that name almost made Lara’s eyes pop out her head. When Lara was seventeen she let Mrs. Howard’s twelve-year-old son Ronny squeeze her breasts one time and Mrs. Ronny caught the whole thing on a nanny cam. She tried to have Lara put away as a sex offender but lucky for Lara the police laughed the whole thing off. The Chief of police told Mrs. Howard “Calm down, her son just touched some boobies that were covered by a sweatshirt, it not like he mounted Lara.”

“Oh,” was all Lara could say.

Calling down for her sons Mrs. Lewis yelled out their names. The twins came running down to greet Lara. At least the twins were not dressed identically. Lara did not like the look the boys have about them. Something is not right with these two; Lara hoped it was just practical jokes and nothing too serious these boys were into.

“I’m Kevin,” the first twin said with a wave.

“I’m Karl,” said the second twin.

“Hi, I’m Lara, is there a way to tell you two apart,” Lara asked the twins.

“Karl is meaner,” laughed Kevin.

“Our parent’s can’t even tell us apart,” laughed Karl.

“Another thing Lara, since you are going to be here on Easter can you wear an Easter Bunny costume. It’s a family tradition we’ve had forever, it would be a shame to stop due to my pregnancy,”

“It’s a cute pink bunny outfit. My wife modified it for comfort too,” laughed Mr. Lewis.

“Come on Lara I’ll show you,” Mrs. Lewis said as she took Lara by the hand taking her into another room. After they entered the room Mrs. Lewis locked the door behind her. Reaching into a large cardboard box Mrs. Lewis pulled out a pink furry bunny suit and a large bunny head. She holds it all up for Lara to see then Mrs. Lewis said.

“Take your clothes off to see if it fits,” smiled Mrs. Lewis as she hands Lara the costume.

“All my clothes, Mrs. Lewis,” asked Lara nervously.

“Yes, all of your clothes I locked the door so no one can walk in on us,” said Mrs. Lewis with a smile.

“Why should I wear this while being naked underneath,” Lara asked as she started stripping off her clothes.

“I’ll show you why once you get it on,” said Mrs. Lewis with a smirk.

The bunny costume went on like it was tailor made for Lara. It felt like she was wearing fluffy warm footy pajamas. The fit was snug but not too tight. Looking into a full-length mirror Lara was doing cute little bunny hops to amuse herself. When Lara started wiggling the fluffy white tail in the mirror, Mrs. Lewis started laughing. Lara had fun in the Easter Bunny costume; Mrs. Lewis reached down and yanked the crotch right off the costume fully exposing Lara’s pussy.

“Whoooah,” yelled Lara.

“I put the opening in this in so I can go to the bathroom quicker,” laughed Mrs. Lewis.

Lara stared at how odd her pussy looked being exposed in the costume. She could not help but think how humiliating it would be if anybody saw her exposed pussy and asshole.

Handing Lara the headpiece Mrs. Lewis asked, “Can you see well in the mask? How about your hearing?”

Everything Lara heard seemed to be muffled and her vision was very limited. It was like Lara was in her own little world. Lara could imagine being inside the warm fuzzy costume with very limited senses at the mercy of the twins.

After Lara got dressed she said goodbye to the parents before they left Lara with the twins. Sitting on a couch in the living room, Lara began clicking on the TV remote. When Lara began watching TV, she heard a disturbance come from the kitchen. Getting up from the couch, Lara went to discover what the arguing was about. When she got closer Lara heard the twins arguing with the third maid who kept saying “yucky.” The twins pulled her maid outfit off of her and they were pushing her into their backyard. Watching to see what the twins did next, Lara could hear some teens laughing in the backyard. Those little bastards were parading all three of their maids around for the other neighborhood teens naked. Those poor maids were being pushed around and groped by the teens. Tits, pussies, and even assholes were being squeezed or having fingers being inserted. The maids were begging the boys to stop in Spanish, but the kids just laughed at their cries. Finally when the teen boys were through tormenting them they all proceeded to mock the maids while they all began crying. When Lara saw that she did not want any part of it. Lara took off running back to the couch. Trying her best not to think about what was probably happening to those poor maids, Lara tried to lose herself in sitcom reruns. No matter how much she pushed it out of her mind, Lara kept feeling bad about the maids being gang raped by those boys in the backyard. It was all she could do to keep herself from calling the police; Lara really needed the money for school.

Lara decided she would go upstairs to see if she could find a window looking down in the backyard. Lara hoped she could watch the teenagers have their way with the maids. It took her a bit of time but Lara found the perfect vantage point. All three maids were on all fours being fucked like a pack of dogs in heat. They were no longer crying or complaining but just staring off into space while getting fucked. Looking over at the other houses neighboring Lewis family’s house Lara was shocked seeing other wealthy adults watching from their windows. Reaching into her pants Lara began masturbating as she enjoyed watching the maids’ humiliation. By the time they were all finished each maid took four or five boys ages sixteen to eighteen. Lara wondered if this was some kind of fuck club the twins devised, when she watched Kevin and Karl waving good-bye to their friends when it was over.

Running down the stairs Lara was going to try to interrogate the maids about what the twins did to them. Lara was hoping she could blackmail the twins to force them to quit molesting the maids. Running into the kitchen Lara saw the maids counting money and the twins getting food from the refrigerator. When she saw that the maids were nothing but paid whores, her whole concern was dashed. To get back at those whorish maids, Lara decided to give them a scare.

“I saw what you three putas did in the backyard! Deberia darte verguenza! (shame on you!) I am going to call the policia on you,” Lara said to the maids using the handful of Spanish words she learned in school. Hearing this the maids all took off to wherever they hide when not on duty.

“Nothing happened in the backyard,” yelled Kevin.

“That’s none of your business Lara,” said Karl.

“If you knew what’s good for you Lara, you won’t tell our parent’s,” warned Kevin.

“I’m afraid I have to tell your parent’s. None of this is legal, Do you know how much trouble I can get into for not reporting this,” asked Lara.

“Wait Lara! If you tell on us the maids would get deported. All of them work here to support their families in Ecuador. They’ll all go hungry,” warned Kevin.

“Ok I won’t tell on you guys this time, but if you do it again when I am here, I’m telling,” Lara threatened.

“We promise,” the twins said with their heads hung low.

“I’m going to take a shower so I don’t want to hear a peep out of you,” Lara said as she headed up stairs.

Both of the twins started hatching a plan to get back at Lara before she even made it to the stairs. Lara made sure to leave the door slightly open so she could hear the twins if they get up to more mischief with the maids.

Kevin and Karl creeped up the stairs as quiet as thieves. They planned on getting back at Lara by completely humiliating her. The twins wanted to show Lara what a whore really is. Kevin snuck into Lara’s bathroom to grab everything Lara could use to cover herself with. Karl went to the storage room that had the Easter Bunny costume, grabbing it he ran back to the bathroom. The twins did their best to not giggle when they made the switch. Once the clothes were switched they decided to enjoy watching Lara soap herself up.

Lara shampooed her hair then turned toward the twins. With shampoo in her eyes was practically blinded. Lara ran her fingers through her hair working up lather. Kevin and Karl both gasped, when they saw Lara’s face them. Still unaware of the twins, Lara began to shampoo her well-trimmed sandy brown bush getting a nice thick lather going. It did not take long for Lara to switch from washing herself, to completely masturbating. Still unaware of the audience in the bathroom, Lara came as the lather from the shampoo ran down her fingers then her inner thighs. Turning around Lara started to wash the shampoo out of hair the twins made their escape. They stood outside the bathroom door waiting to hear Lara get mad.

Stepping out of the shower soaking wet Lara was pissed to see that her clothes and towels were missing. Putting on the Pink Easter Bunny costume Lara walked out of the bathroom holding the bunny head. She was about to say something when Lara heard the sound of ripping Velcro and felt cool air on her pussy. The twins jumped up holding the crotch of the costume as they were laughing hysterically. Lara stood there with her legs spread shoulder length apart forgetting the costume had a removable crotch.

The twins both pointed down at Lara’s pussy. Looking down Lara was in shock as she bent over to cover her exposed pussy. Doing a strange little shuffling dance, Lara tried to hide her pussy. Both Kevin and Karl had erections in the front of their pants from tormenting an exposed Lara. Doing her best to keep her pussy covered Lara would allow quick glimpses of her pussy as she tried to get the crotch section back. Reaching for the fabric section, Lara over extended her reach, allowing Kevin to knock Lara against her bed. Before Lara could get up, Karl managed to get her arms pinned behind her back.
“Call the maids to bring our stuff up Kevin,” screamed Karl as he wrestled Lara.

Taking out his cell phone Kevin started speaking Spanish into it. Lara could not tell what was said despite her Spanish classes; Kevin was speaking Spanish too fast. Hearing three giggling Latin women coming up the stairs Lara dreaded what their responses will be. The fat maid had a roll of duct tape and a smile on her face. Karl grabbed Lara’s arm so he could extend her hand to the maid. The fat maid began putting tape around Lara’s fingers and thumb until it looked like Lara had on a duct tape mittens on. Doing the same to the other hand Karl and the maid stood there laughing at Lara as she stares at her taped up hands.

“What the hell is going on,” Lara demanded.

“We’re going to teach you a lesson Lara,” Kevin said with a sneer.

“All you need hands for is holding your Easter egg basket,” laughed Karl.

The young maid quickly put a large dog shock collar around Lara’s neck. When Lara turned her head to yell at the young maid, the fat maid slapped a piece of duct tape over Lara’s mouth. The three maids pointed at Lara’s pussy while laughing when they all said in unison. “Puta!”

Reaching up to try to remove the tape from her mouth Lara found the task almost impossible with her tapped up hands. She even tried to rub her face onto the bed to remove the tape. Before Lara could get the tape off, she felt a severe shock from the dog shock collar. After Lara recovered, she gave a laughing Karl and Kevin an evil look and then charged them. Karl held up the remote control, like he was going to shock Lara again, stopping Lara dead in her tracks.

“Good, now you will be a nice pink bunny and do as I say or I promise you will be shocked until the batteries run out,” said Karl as he waved the remote to the collar in front of Lara’s face.

“We’re going to take you for a walk Lara. You’re going to fuck everyone we say you’re going to fuck or you ride the lightning,” said a sneering Kevin.

Lara could not believe these little freaks. The twins were going to make her fuck their neighbors around the neighborhood..

“When we take you out Lara hold this basket in front of your pussy. We cut one side so only the people looking down will be able to see your pussy. The big white tail in the back should cover your ass,” Karl informed Lara.

“We rigged the basket with a false flap we can flip it if a person comes over. You try to warn any anyone or do something to get us caught we will shock you until your head spins,” threatened Kevin.

“Good, do you understand,” Karl said as he put the bunny head on Lara then attached a dog leash.

What had been going on, had gotten Lara so humiliated her breathing had become labored and her body trembles from the excitement and fear. Lara practiced holding the basket in front of her pussy to keep it hidden. Looking down Lara noticed she could barely see what the strangers will be doing to her. This disappointed Lara a little bit because she won’t be able to see all of the rapists faces so she could identify them later, so she could have them arrested.

All manner of thoughts went through Lara’s head, “Will they just touch her or will they completely fuck her?” When Lara and the twins walked out the front door, she held the Easter Egg Basket in front of her pussy. Her eyes shifted around seeing people all over the place hanging out on their front porches or doing lawn work. If Lara lost the basket or one of the twins yanked it away from Lara, everyone in the neighborhood would see her pussy on display. Kevin and Karl led Lara to a couple doing lawn work on their front lawn. Unable to hear what was being said Lara’s was shocked that the wife walked over to take some candy out of the basket. The woman reached in the basket to take a few jellybeans. Lara let out a sigh of relief that the twins hid her pussy. But when the husband came over they dropped the flap hiding her pussy. The man’s eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw Lara’s pussy. He did not waste any time, he went straight to fingering Lara’s clit. Lara squirmed as the man played with her clit. His wife was just a few feet away doing lawn work as her husband molested Lara’s pussy. When the man went back to his wife he was smelling his finger and laughing. Leading Lara a little further down the street the twins took the bunny head off Lara.

“That was a test to see if the hidden flap worked,” Kevin said to Lara as he lowered the flap to expose her pussy. Putting the head back on Lara, Kevin reached down and starts to run his fingers across Lara’s clit and labia. People were walking by did not notice what was going on with the twins and the embarrassed Easter Bunny. One fat nerdy man riding by on his bike stopped to see what the twins were doing, so Karl called him over. The fat nerd looked like he never had pussy before. Kevin pulled his hand from Lara’s pussy so the nerd could get a chance to rub Lara too. At first the fat nerd rubbing was clumsy. Lara wished she could take him by the hand to show him how to do it right. The nerd quit playing with Lara’s pussy then led her to some hedges. With Karl and Kevin serving as lookouts, the nerd inserted himself into Lara’s wet pussy. Going too fast for Lara’s tastes, but the nerd was trying to cum before they all were caught. Lara just about came from looking up at all those people walking around without knowing what Lara was doing over near the hedges.

After the nerd came, he put his cock away then jumped on his bike to rode away, like he committed a crime. Both of the twins took Lara’s bunny head off her. Giving the boys the stink eye Lara could only cry about her humiliation.

“If you suck our dicks right now we will let you go Lara,” said Karl right when he took the tape off Lara’s lips.

“If you don’t suck our dicks we will make you fuck strange persons all up and down this street,” Kevin threatened Lara.

Lara’s only reply was, “fuck you!”

Kevin put Lara’s bunny head back on then led her down the street to entertain more boys. Lara’s head raced with the thought of what Kevin and Karl might have her do. Wishing the bunny head had no hole in the mouth so she could not be forced to suck a cock.
Karl looked at the bunny head then realized, “How is Lara going to suck a cock? The hole is too little. Karl takes the bunny head and begins to cut a bigger hole in the mouth with his pocketknife.

“Wait Karl, cut it big enough to get a dick in. Lets see if miss morals here would like to suck a few dozen cocks,” laughed Kevin.

Lara trembled just thinking about how nasty the rest of the day was going to be. Reaching over to the tape covering Lara’s mouth Karl ripped it off without warning causing Lara to scream out. Taking Lara by the hand again Kevin and Karl led their fuzzy pink fuck bunny down the street in search of new playmates for Lara.

From what little Lara could see she was being led to a park. All Lara could hear was her own breathing and heartbeat, only way she could hear anything was when somebody talked very loudly near the bunny head.

Kevin and Karl walked Lara up to group teens doing stunts on their bmx bikes and skateboards. At first the teens did not even look at Lara, so the twins took her Easter egg basket from her, so they could see her pussy better. When one of the teens finally looked over and saw Lara’s pussy, he ran up to her yelling for his friends to come look.

Lara could not see what the boy was doing but she felt his fingers going through her pubic hair and then starting to rub her labia and clit. Lara’s breathing grew more intense when she could feel the other boys’ hands fondling her breasts through the fuzzy costume. Within fifteen minutes of having her breasts and pussy groped by the teen boys she started to cum. Lara closed her eyes and began cumming; she was bucking her pelvis whenever the boys rubbed her clit. With each pelvic thrust the boys would cheer Lara on.

“No, please don’t,” Lara begged the boys.

“No, please don’t,” the boys, said in shrill mocking voices.

When the boys started mocking Lara’s pleas to stop, it kicked off a tremble in her body. She trembled not from fear but sexual excitement. Her legs felt like they were made of rubber after first the orgasm the teen boys gave her. All Lara wanted now was a cock inside her, feeling this made Lara feel the most extreme shame she has ever felt.

“You guys should fuck her,” a girl around sixteen years old said as she pushed Lara towards some grass.

“Go ahead she’s a pig, she’s crazy for cock,” laughed Karl.

“She needs a good fucking, so have fun with her,” said Kevin as he pushes Lara from behind.

The boys grabbed Lara by the arms to drag her over to the grass so they could fuck her in shade of a big tree. When they got Lara to the tree, they made her get onto all fours with her ass in the air. The first boy up to bat was a tall skinny seventeen year old with reddish brown hair and freckles. When Lara felt him insert himself in her she could feel little ring of soft pubic hair rub against her ass cheeks. The freckle face teen boy fucked with a steady beat as he thrusted his cock in Lara’s pussy. Feeling the sweat run down her face and neck Lara wished her rabbit head to fall off and then she realized the kids would be able to see her face. Just one digital picture taken and uploaded to the Internet with her face or pussy showing, would be on the Internet for the rest of her life. The thought of that made Lara cringe in horror. Noticing the boy was loosing steam Lara knew the kid was ready to pop his cork.

“Don’t cum in her,” Karl ordered.

“Cum in the grass and not on the bunny suit,” yelled Kevin.

Feeling the boy jerk the cock out of her pussy, Lara was grateful it was over. Before Lara could do anything, another cock slid into Lara’s wet pussy. Cursing to herself, Lara was surprised when an erect penis was jammed into the mouth hole. The cock pressed right against Lara’s lips.

“Hey she’s got her mouth closed,” screamed the teenager with his dick in the bunny head.

“Hold on god damn it,” said Karl right before he pinched Lara on the arm forcing her to open her mouth.

When Lara yelled out the boy popped his cock in Lara’s mouth. Lara wondered how old this one is as she began sucking and moving her head back and forth across his dick. Wanting to get this over with, Lara began sucking like a porn star. Hearing the boy moan and the other teens cheer her on excited Lara.

“Do you like big hard black cock in your pussy Lara,” Kevin asked when he put his mouth next to the bunny head. Lara would have screamed no, but her mouth was full of teenage cock.

An African American teen around eighteen who was fucking Lara from behind had a nice cock. It had to been nine inches and thick. Despite how good the boy was fucking Lara, she would absolutely die of humiliation if anyone saw her being fucked by a black kid. It did not take long for him to pull his dick out cum. The teen with his cock in Lara’s mouth grabbed hold of the bunny head as he blew his load into Lara’s mouth. Having the bunny head on forced Lara to swallow the teens cum. There was nowhere for her to spit it out.

By the time all the boys were done fucking, Lara moved the bunny head around only to see all the girls watching were using their cell phones to record Lara getting fucked.

“Let us take the bunny head off of her so we can see what the slut looks like,” begged one of the girls watching her friends fuck Lara.

“Come on Kevin, let me see who I just fucked,” asked one of the boys who fucked Lara’s pussy.

“All you need to know is she is in her early twenties and loves strange cock,” laughed Kevin after he slapped Lara on her ass.

Taking Lara by the arms boys led Lara to another part of the park where little kids were hunting for Easter eggs. The twins pulled Lara to a group of little kids looking for Easter eggs. The mothers were watching their kids search for Easter eggs while the fathers were huddled around complaining about being stuck there. Karl positioned Lara so her back was towards the kids and mothers. Once he was certain the women and kids could not see, Karl exposes Lara’s pussy to the complaining husbands. Each man stood there with jaws agape.

Leading Lara in between two parked mini-vans Kevin motioned for the bored fathers over to the vans. The fathers slyly sneak over to the mini-vans. Karl and Kevin force Lara on all fours.

“You guys want to get back at the Easter Bunny for making you loose a Sunday at the park? Here’s you chance,” laughed Karl.

Two fathers served as look outs while the rest of them started undoing their pants. Lara kept saying “no,” but no one could hear her muffled pleas to stop over the giggling of the children searching for colored eggs. Lara did not want to scream. If those mothers and children found out what she was up to she would die of humiliation.

Lara had a father fucking away in her pussy, her tight asshole, and her mouth. Every father could not believe how fucking hot the sex was they were having with a complete stranger in front of their friends. Having their wives and kids just a short distance away made it even hotter. The husbands fucked Lara like their lives depended on it. Many of their wives have been withholding sex from them for whatever reason and now they were taking their sexual frustrations out on Lara. Her poor pussy and asshole were getting the fucking of a lifetime.

Some of the kids looked over at their daddies wrestling with the silly Easter Bunny. The bunny looked like it was winning by the way the daddies were moaning and looking tired when they climbed off the bunny.

When the fathers were done they were all high fiving one another and slapping each other on the back. They even walked over to their wives to give them a big hug.

“We got to be heading for the church so you better behave,” warned Karl.

“You’ll like the church, there is all types of Alter boys and not to mention the visiting Harlem Boy’s choir,” laughed Kevin.

The twins took Lara in through a side entrance of the church. People in their Sunday best walked their children up to Lara thinking she was the Easter bunny. The little kids dressed in little suits took candy Lara’s basket with their parents standing close by. The little boys looked anywhere between eight to ten, so Kevin and Karl did not expose Lara to them. The teenagers stuck there with their parents were huddled in a big circle. Kevin and Karl took Lara to the huddle and exposed her to the teens. If one of the parents happened to turn their head they would have spotted Lara’s dark blonde bush. Lara was mortified at how she was enjoying the teen boys playing with her pussy. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from moaning. Lara felt disgusted with herself for enjoying this. Her pussy was growing slick with her pussy juices. Lara’s pussy was so excited she could barely walk when the twins led her away from the giggling teen boys who fingered her pussy.

When Karl got Lara away from the little boys and their parents he said. “Now that those little punks got your pussy nice and ready you must be dying to get fucked. Lets see if the alter boys can help your pussy out.”

Kevin took Lara by the hand to lead her to the back of the church. Looking up Lara could see the Harlem Boy’s choir setting up on some stands. They watched Lara being led by Kevin. When Kevin saw the black teens staring at Lara, Kevin exposed her pussy to them. Lara’s face grew red when she saw the black boys alerting one another to see her exposed pussy. Having those black teens seeing her dark blonde bush was the final humiliation. Lara began sobbing as some of the boys took out their little digital cameras out of their pockets from under their purple robes. Each teen boy was taking pictures of Kevin and Karl as they pulled the basket away from her pussy. Kevin and Karl made sure to pose with Lara’s pussy opening her pussy for the boy’s choir.

They made Lara get on all fours as they motioned for the ushers to come over to mount Lara. The Harlem Boy’s choir began their performance. In between songs the teens pointed and laughed at Lara as the ushers were fucking her. Each usher grabbed hold the sides of the pink fuzzy costume when they fucked Lara from behind. Their hard cocks went into her wet pussy. She was so excited and humiliated from being watched by the teen boy’s choir, she came with each usher fucking her. Lara thought her pussy was going to explode from lust. Even when she was fucked up the ass she felt orgasmic.

After their performance the Harlem boy’s choir was taken back stage. Kevin and Karl made sure to take a trembling Lara over to thank the choirboys for their performance. Lara dragged her feet to keep from being led like a lamb to the slaughter, but the ushers help to push her into backstage area.

Getting back stage Kevin and Karl were pissed to see two adult chaperones in the room with the black teens. All of the choirboys saw Lara and began to get excited some of them were rubbing their crotches and gesturing towards Lara. None of the teens came close to Lara while the chaperones were there. Lara was thankful for those chaperones until she saw the ushers walk up to talk to them. The ushers led the chaperones off; when the choirboys saw that they could approach Lara they just about went crazy. The black boys ages sixteen to nineteen rushed Lara. They ripped Lara’s bunny head off of her they exposed her head and hair now drenched in sweat. Panic sank in as Lara watched the choirboys reaching under their purple robes undoing their trousers. One of the boys naked from the waste down ran to Lara to undo her costumes zipper. When the costume was pulled off the room felt freezing cold on her sweat covered naked flesh. It gave her goose bumps and made her nipples stand erect. The boys cheered when Kevin and Karl made Lara get onto her side so the boys would have full access to Lara’s every orifice.

“Please don’t do this! Kevin and Karl forced me back here! I don’t want to do this!”

When the Harlem boy’s choir heard Lara beg not to be fucked they all laughed at Lara’s pleas and mocked what she said, by saying back to her in funny voices. Each one of the boys had an erection sticking out from beneath their purple robes.

The black teens took their turns fucking Lara in her wet pussy, throbbing anus, and hot mouth. Each one of them was virgin until they encountered Lara. Their rough skin rubbed against Lara’s sweat slick flesh. Lara sobbed as the teens fucked her silly. Every teen there mocked Lara’s tears. When a teen came in Lara’s mouth, then pulled his cock out so another boy could stick his dick in her mouth to be sucked, Lara would beg them to stop.

“Please stop, your hurting me!”

“Ohhh, pretty white bitch can’t take it! Well you shouldn’t be showing your pussy off if you don’t want it fucked!”

“Shut up you cracker ass cracker!”

“Yeah, take it bitch! Take it bitch,” the boy yelled in a squeaky voice.

It felt like black fleshy pistons were pumping away in her pussy and asshole. Her pussy was getting a work out. She came at least three times, but her asshole was throbbing with pain. It was the mixture of pain and pleasure that was driving Lara mad with lust. Lara hated herself for enjoying this. It made her feel guilty, there was no way she could report this. If anyone knew what happened her they would know she enjoyed it.

When they black teens were through with Lara, the twins put the bunny head back on Lara’s head. They allowed all the boys to take a picture with the cum covered Lara. Still crying under the bunny head, Lara was grateful the twins kept her identity secret.

“Here’s some paper towels Miss, now clean yourself and get out,” a black boy said as he handed Lara some paper towels. Lara was still crying as she wiped the cum off her body. Her legs felt weak from all the orgasms she had. Her belly still was having spasms deep inside of it. The black teens and ushers fucked her good and proper. She did not know whether to thank or kill the twins for her little adventure.

Once the twins got Lara dressed they made their way out of the church and headed home. On the way the twins showed Lara’s pussy off to people walking by. With each stop was another humiliations and potential orgasm. Lara hated being embarrassed like this, but the orgasms she was getting from it made her want more.

The Latin American maids were waiting for Lara to come back so they all could yell, “Puta,” before they ran back to their bedrooms. The twins took Lara back up to her bedroom. After getting Lara into her room they removed her costume, then took their clothes off too. The three of them got into the shower. It felt good to feel the hot water run down her back as Kevin and Karl lathered her body up with the soap. They made Lara lay down so one twin could fuck Lara in her pussy and the other up her ass. Lara was so use to being fucked all day she just let it happen. Each twin came inside of Lara. They kept fucking until Lara arched her back when her orgasm came.

They took Lara out of the shower then gently rubbed away the water with a white fluffy towel. Lara dried each boy off taking time to examine their bodies to see how identical the twins were.

“Tomorrow we’re going to show you off to the guys who like to fuck our maids. You’re a hot piece off ass compared to our hairy ass maids. The guyss are going to go wild,” yelled Kevin.

“You’re going to make us the most popular kids in school,” laughed Karl.

Lara was disgusted with how excited this made her feel. She wondered if the neighbors that watch the boys fuck the maids will get off watching them fuck her hot pussy. Now Lara knows why the Lewis family wanted her to watch their perverted twins when they heard what she did with Mrs. Howard’s son.

Island Royale: Institutional White Slavery in the New Millennium (REPOST)

This is a repost of the story I recently submitted, edited as necessary because of the limitations of the XNXX website format which confuses graphics, inexplicably substitutes a question mark for quotation marks at times, and does not permit footnotes. It is hoped therefore that this reposting will provide more clarity. I have also reposted the story as one entire novella because it is hoped the sprinkling of negative comments I have received results...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Two)

Introduction: To make sense, start from the beginning…. Chapter Two ____________________________ A glorious sun-drenched early morning greeted me as I awoke in my bed alongside the lovely brunette door prize I had won at the party the previous evening. It had been arranged for me to interview Greg at nine oclock, so after fucking the young woman just once more I dismissed her from my suite, showered and shaved, and then contemplated what to wear for my...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Six)

Introduction: Please read from the beginning…. Chapter Six ______________,,______________ Greg had warned me that Alexis was on a pretty tight schedule, and so the next morning, after having only fucked the cute little fourteen-year-old a couple of more times, I dismissed Anya from my quarters, showered, and arrived at Alexis apartment actually a pair of rooms much like the Guests quarters promptly at 10:00 a.m. Alexis greeted me pleasantly,...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Four)

Introduction: Please read from the beginning….. Chapter Four ______________,,______________ I was not scheduled to interview Island Royales female partner, Cynthia, until the afternoon and therefore assumed I would be on my own throughout Wednesday morning. Greg, however, caught me as I was leaving the dining room following breakfast and suggested I accompany him for a tour of the Ladies Boudoir, located at the far northern end of the...


Young, effeminate teenager takes my seed like the good and submissive teacher’s pet that he is.

I had just started my current vacation of three weeks in total, when I traveled to Sweden to visit my parents for a few days, staying in the guest bedroom of their small but comfy house, located in the outskirts of the harbor town Gothenburg. The world cup (in soccer) had just started, with my dad intent on watching most of the matches. Having been reassured, both through their own words and from my own observations, that everything was indeed more than fine...


Other Colors -- Ch. 1-3

Part 1 – Red 1 Yes. A sunny balcony would be nice, I thought, circling another listing in crimson ink. Or maybe a roof garden. I could plant rosemary, and violets. I could paint. I bit the top of my pen and skimmed down the column to a number that didn’t threaten to ruin me. ‘Sur la rue Villeray. 3 1/2 chauffé. 1 chambre, style ouvert. Plancher bois franc. Entrées laveuse/sécheuse. Disponible immédiatement. 500 $’ It was more than a little...


The Way to Paradise

It is 1809 and Napoleon is soon to marry Marie-Louise of Austria. The French are at war with Britain and Portugal. In a sleepy outpost in the Indian Ocean 2,000 kilometers off the south east coast of Africa the French-Creole inhabitants of what the Arab sailors called “Dina Arobi”, the Portugese called “Cirne” and the French now called “Ile de France” had established their own version of paradise. Turbulent times were ahead and a name change of the...


RedTails : The Paddled Princess - Chapter 2

RedTails : ReckoningsThe Paddled PrincessByScarletdownChapter II: Party Crasher"Good evening to you too, Allisson," Arlin growled. His body shuddered, and his aching, still stiff maleness flexed at the Raccoon's touch. "I trust that you and Amanda are having a profitable night?"She nodded and flashed him a coy smile, "Yep-yep, our tails have been remarkably busy. And we have only been working for not even two hours so far tonight." She snuggled up against the...



By Oediplex 8==3~ This Oedipus opus is dedicated to my mother, Dell PREAMBLE Greeting to all Oediplex OediPals, both sons and mothers who ever thought about committing incest with their parent or child, most especially those who did share that intimate act. This piece of writing is produced to make you cum. But it has a second purpose as well. I am working on building a network of all those who are interested in the subject of mother/son sex. In...


The Major's Pretty Baby Face Chapter 3

Beagle9690 February of 2013 The last thing we did before we went inside was to walk down to the pond. The frogs and the crickets along with the other gentle creatures of the night serenaded us with the orchestra of nature’s songs while we sat on the end of the dock with our feet in the cool soothing water. We shared one little intimate secret about each other for the first time. When he was a little boy of eight Matthew was afraid of a big hairy...


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