Batwoman meets Catwoman (Part One)

She groaned as she came to, her vision blurry as she looked around. "Where am I?" she groaned, then tried to move only to find herself hanging from the ceiling and shackled thoroughly. "ouuuhhh..." she groaned in pain.

"As to the where, you're in an adult toy factory. As for the why, because I saw you and decided you might be the one person that can give me what I want."

Stepping from behind the hanging woman, Batwoman let the fingers of her left hand trace Holly's right thigh as she passed, only to walk off a few paces, turn and place her arms upon her chest.

"The names, Batwoman."

Holly twisted in her restraints at the touch. "What do you want?" she said weakened from some rough treatment. Her vision cleared as she looked at Batwoman.

"Information. Batgirl was supposed to meet me hours ago, but said she was checking on a lead about you, Catwoman. So I decided you would know where she was at."

Pumping the woman for information, or anyone for that matters, was a big part of any crime fighter's scene. Standing where she was, Batwoman looked up to the shackles that held Catwoman tight, before her eyes traveled back down to the feline's masked face again, all the time waiting for an answer.

"I don't know anything about it." Holly muttered out at Batwoman. She felt like she just woke up in the morning. Far from able to fight, not that she could being shackled.
She still struggled a bit, trying to pull herself up making her breasts puff out, and her back arch, but she couldn't find the stregth as her muscles gave out, and she ended up hanging as she was with a tit jiggling drop. "unh!"

Standing quietly, Batwoman's eyes went wide when Catwoman's breasts bounced up and down from the short drop. The woman was driving her nearly insane as it was, but Batwoman was a professional and that meant she could keep her mind on the business at hand..., if only just.

"Cut the crap, Catwoman. She was checking up on you, she then vanished into thin air, as did your kittens. You know where Batgirl is, and unless you want to meet my fists, you will tell me."

She struggled again in her restraints arching her back again, twisting her legs and rubbing them together. "I don't know anything about Batgirl, or the kittens." She said moaning out as she stretched her muscles a bit.

Batwoman watched the struggling woman before while she herself fought off the building excitement. Catwoman was all trussed up like a side of beef, but her continual movements were starting to get to this heroine. It had been a simple thing to put the feline where she was now, but Batwoman had not figured on the fact that her tender core would be eye level once it was all said and done, a mistake Kathy would not make again.

"I guess we'll have to do this the hard way then, Catwoman."

She struggled more slowly coming out of her groggy state, her hips swaying back and forth, and side to side as she tried to escape. "nngh!"
Her lips curled and her head tilted back softly as she struggled with her arms. Her soft, luscious tits jiggling with every movement under her latex body suit.

Frustrated, Batwoman let her arms drop for her chest while she moved in closer. Grabbing the struggling woman's legs, she drove a back handed slap to Catwoman's masked face, unaware that over the last few minutes, her nipples had become firm from her growing excitement.

"You leave me no choice, Catwoman.


"Aahn!" she loosed a sound of pain from the slap that made her head turn. She struggled in Batwoman's grasp starting to get wet. "I don't know anything!" Sexual excitement toned her breathing. Her own nipples made cute little bumps stick out of her latex.

The woman's lack of cooperation was getting on Batwoman's nerves, making the excited heroine make bad judgments. Releasing Catwoman's thighs, Batwoman reached up and planted her hands upon the feline's breasts, and then squeezed them like the melons they were, the movement bringing her own hot body close enough to touch that of the Catwoman.

"Haahhn!" she blushed as her sensitive tits were grabbed. "Aaahhhn!" she let out noises of lust before she knew it. Her pussy drooled with anticipation. "Wh-What are you doing?"

"Getting you to talk, bitch."

Batwoman continued to squeeze Catwoman's breasts, only to begin to twist and maul them between her fingers. Her own nipples were rock solid diamonds that were clearly visible through the extremely tight costume she wore, getting all the harder each time her breasts rubbed against Catwoman's thighs.

"Aaah! Aaaagh! But I don't know anything!" she arched her back and pressed her cunt to Batwoman's mouth. "Mhhhhn!"


Before Batwoman knew what was happening, Catwoman brought her legs around her head and pulled the heroine's face into her hot latex encased cunt. In moments, Catwoman had her legs locked tightly around Batwoman's head, forcing the heroine to breathe in her heated scent, barely held in check by the thin latex that made up Catwoman's costume.

"Mmmmmmm....mmmfffffffffff...., mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

In minutes, Batwoman's hold on the feline's breasts weakened, before her hands dropped away. She could smell Catwoman's trapped cum and the sensations sent erotically pleasing feelings into Batwoman's mind, keeping her disoriented and confused.


She let out a low deep groan of pleasure feeling Batwoman against her wanting pussy. She bucks her hips instinctively, wanting, begging as she rides Batwoman's face. Her slutty cunt makes wet noises against the latex. Her head rolls to the side with another moan.

Taking all that Catwoman was giving her, Batwoman didn't stand a chance of resisting the powerfull eroticisms flooding her brain. Totally aroused, her steamy-hot cunt exploded in orgasm, forcing Batwoman to groan in pleasure against Catwoman's pussy, leaving the heroine completely at Catwoman's mercy.


Holly managed to get free from her shackles, then dropped to the floor landing on Batwoman. "mmhm, the tables have turned." Holly purred while straddling her flying mousie. Her hands cupped Batwoman's tits at the side, then her thumbs stroked her nipples. Holly pressed a warm kiss to Batwoman's lips. "oohhhh."

Lying on her back, Batwoman was too weak to put up much of a fight even had she wanted too. Her orbs cupped, she could feel Catwoman's lips upon her own, the feline's tongue stabbing at her flesh as if begging to be allowed inside Batwoman's mouth.


Moments pass, before Batwoman opens her mouth to return the kiss, letting their hot tongues dance together in loving bliss. Her gloved hands lying limp by her head, Batwoman continued to moan softly, while Catwoman rubbed her thigh up and down her extremely excited and wet cunt.

Catwoman pressed her thigh to Batwoman's cunt a bit firmer as she rode Batwoman's thigh. "Mhhm you need this as much as I do, hm?" She teased softly then used her long tongue to caress Batwoman's mouth tenderly. Her hand grabbed Batwoman's wrists pinning her down lustily. Holly maneuvered her body so their tits ground against eachother as she rides her new lover.

Her body writhing in ecstasy, Batwoman let Catwoman have her ways with her, as if she could do anything else. Her body was building to a second, more powerful orgasm, and Batwoman knew when it hit, she'd be left powerless to fight the feline, let alone be of any threat to her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...., uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm."

She pressed another deep, loving kiss to Batwoman's mouth, then moans into her mouth, closing her eyes softly. Her hands moved to Batwoman's thighs then grasped them practically throwing them apart before she pressed their cunts together. She gyrated her hips on Batwoman lustily as her hands palmed the sides of Batwoan's head warmly controlling her head during the kiss

Taken roughly all at once, Batwoman groaned deeply into Catwoman's hot, inticingly delicious mouth. She could feel the woman's body gyrating against her own, their cunts rubbing back and forth with only two thin sheets of extremely tight latex dividing their juices.

Arching her back at last, Batwoman cries out in pure ecstasy as her cunt erupts in a series of powerful orgasms, each one more powerful that the one before, driving the bat - woman well over the edge sexually, leaving Batwoman completely wasted and helpless in minutes.

Holly nuzzled Batwoman softly, cheek to cheek. She kissed Batwoman again, warmly. "You found the wrong Catwoman, lover, but what a consolation prize, hm?" she nestles her body against Batwoman's, making their tits orbit each other. "A nice little bit of compensation for capturing me, hm? Maybe we can do this again some time?" she murmurs softly like they were in love.

A moment passed, but Holly didn't depart. "mmh, I can't pull myself away, my sexy flying mousie." she kisses Batwoman on the mouth deeply with a moan.

Dazed and disoriented, Batwoman tried to think past the multiple sensations flooding ehr mind, but every time she thought she was close, Catwoman ripped that control away again. Slowly, ever so slowly, her right hand moved for the all important utility belt in the vain hope to find her balance again, but that all ended when the material between her heaving breasts was grabbed and Batwoman was pulled up to a half sitting position.

As if acting on cue, Catwoman deftly removed the dangerous utility belt from around Batwoman's slender waist and then tossed it across the room, well out of reach for the weakened heroine, only then finishing the move by pulling Batwoman to her feet and telling her what to do.

"Raise your hands, Batwoman, and don't try anything. In case you don't know it..., you now belong to me."

Holly shackled Batwoman to the chain dangling from the ceiling as she pressed sucking kisses to Batwoman's neck, then ended it with a long lick."mmhmmmmmmm" she made it sound like Batwoman was a delicious meal as she purred into her ear.

A claw tipped finger traveled over the latex on Batwoman's left breast cutting away a cats eye shape exposing her nipples and some flesh to the cool air. Holly cupped the breast lifting it, then she licked the nipple with the tip of hr tongue letting Batwoman see the act. She pushed her thigh against Batwoman's crotch and started bouncing her on it.

She hadn't thought it could get more erotic than it already had until she watched - with intense fascination - Catwoman slicing two cats eye shaped holes around her nipples. Gasping loudly when the cool air assaulted her hot flesh, Batwoman threw her head back off her shoulders to fight the added sensation, only to bring it back up again when she felt the woman's tongue touching one of her nipples.


Her body reacted, as Batwoman squirmed in the shackles, telling Catwoman she was enjoying the attentions. Still watching the enticing woman suck and lick her exposed nipples, Batwoman glanced towards the shackles only to bring her head back down instantly the second Catwoman's thigh traveled across her extremely sensitive and stretched pussy.


"mmm, soooo delicious!" she nibbled those perky nipples, then wrapped her tongue around them pulling them into her mouth.

"I can't wait to taste the rest of you... but first, my mousie..." she walked to her loot bag, then took out a bottle of champagne, nothing special. Just something she was going ot use to celebrate the heist.

She popped the cork with a claw, then poured out the contents and let Batwoman watch, letting her wonder what it was for. Once the contents are left on the floor she walked over to Batwoman. Her free hand stroked Batwoman's cunt softly, then rubbed harder in a circle over her clit.

Batwoman watched in wonderment as Catwoman popped the cork to the champagne and poured the bubbly liquid out. Still wondering what she was doing when she stepped closer, Batwoman suddenly got a thought of exactly what the long-necked bottle might be used for, especially now that the hot woman was caressing and rubbing her latex encased pussy, keeping Batwoman close to the edge of insanity.

"I don't know what you have in mind, Catwoman...but you aren't going to stick that bottle in me."

"Oh, yes, I am." A claw traveled in a circle on the latex that covered Batwoman's pussy expertly making a circle of it flop to the floor. "Guess who's going to fill it with cum so I'll have something new to drink to celebrate, hm?" She purred at Batwoman kneeling down, biting her nipples softly on her way to her cute latex covered clit.

She made a playful biting noise as she nibbled Batwoman's clit through the latex, then slowly inserted the bottle Batwoman's pussy twisting it into her until she hit the G-spot. She nibbled Batwoman's latex covered clit lovingly while she used the bottle to rapidly rub Batwoman's G-spot.

Feeling the single claw cut away the thin material that protected her core, Batwoman groaned deeply and then bit her lip. The cold air hit her steamy hot pussy like a ton of bricks, and if that wasn't bad enough, the bottle being inserted and twisted into her sopping wet cunt was.

In moments, her cum was trickling into the bottle, as well as flowing down the sides, coating Catwoman's hand and mouth with her love juices, but Batwoman didn't care. The bottle was riding her G-spot and with each passing moment, her mind edged ever closer to mush, while her body betrayed her utterly and completely.

"Mmhm, your pussy is squeezing this bottle so hard I hear it squeaking in you." Holly teased then bit the latex over Batwoman's clit, then tugged it then let it snap on the swollen pearl. She then started licking the sweet love juice off the bottle and her hand looking up at Batwoman with lusty eyes that communicated just how good the fluids were on her tongue. "Nhhhnnnnnnn!" she purred at her.

For the briefest of moments Batwoman considered doing to Catwoman what had been done to her, but though her legs hung free, she didn't have the strength to pull it off, let alone the desire. Even if she did, the latex snapping back against her clit ended any thoughts of such a move as her body erupted in orgasm again, leaving Batwoman nearly senseless in the process.


Holly smirked as Batwoman came, then placed the bottle on the floor between Batwoman's legs. She walked to the chain control, then used it to lower Batwoman so she could kneel. "Ride the bottle while I get something to make you feel even better." she said in a sensual moan.
She walked off and watched Batwoman over her shoulder while she licked her lips and sucked the cum off her own fingers.

Holly took her time walking to a pile of unmarked boxes to see if her mousie would do as she commanded.

Breathing heavily, gasping in each breath, Batwoman let out a soft moan when her knees touched the floor, taking much of the strain off of her wrists. Seeing the bottle below her, she glanced over to where Catwoman was, before stealing a quick glance at the shackles. As her wrists were lose, she could now effect an escape, but once her hands were free, Batwoman knew she'd need to be ready for a fight, as the Catwoman would not simply let her go - not this time.

"I don't see that bottle in your pussy, mousie." she purred at Batwoman. "I said to ride it."
She used her claw to open a box slowly. "Fuck yourself with it. You've got to fill it up, lover." she says warmly in a husky tone, very pleased with what she thought she could do with her captive.

"I don't.....remember..., saying I would, Catwoman. You may have me like this...., b, but I'm not your sex toy."

Fighting the urge to do as she was told, Batwoman tried to bluff her way through the moment, while she desperately tried to regain her strength. She could feel her mind clearing every so slightly, and for the most part her body was cooling off, but somehow Batwoman didn't think either would last for long.

"Oh, you still don't get it yet, do you?" She pulled a pack out of the box, then another."You're mine. And why a mere Sex toy? Why not something deeper? Don't I set your body ablaze in pleasure? Don't I make you cum? Of course I do. Why fight it?"

She walked over to Batowman setting the unmarked packages down, then set about checking the shackles making sure they're secure on Batwoman's wrists as she pressed a deep, warm kiss to her mouth. "Mmmhnnnn!"

"I'm your only if I agree to be yours, and with my wrists shackled I can't make such a decision. But yes, you do things to me that no one has done in the past. How did you know?"

Her eyes held to those of her captor, Batwoman couldn't help but glance down at the two boxes below her stretched body, any more than she could keep from admitting her desire for the woman before her. Her body had been denied for far too long, and Catwoman knew how to service her body like no other woman ever had.

"I do now." Holly smirked at Batwoman, humiliating her as she confirmed the fact. She grabbed Batwoman's tits firmly, then rolled back the latex that covered them making them bulge away from her body, pinched, and squeezed at the base by the latex using her costume against her. "Lucky you, I'm going to spoil you."

She then opened the box, and revealed a milking machine. Well, a kinky one. She brought the cups to Batwoman's forcibly perked tits then applied them, not with suction but rough metal nipple clamps. Batwoman could feel a row of rough teeth along the inside of the cup. Enough to sting, but not break skin. "Want me to turn it on, mousie?" she grinned at Batwoman.

" bitch....uuuummmmmmmm. And would it matter if I did?"

Her eyes going wide when her breasts were squeezed by her own costume, Batwoman groaned out in pleasurable pain as the milkers were pushed and twisted into place, covering her breasts even as the tip of the end piece touched her erect nipples.

"You don't have to do this you know?"

"You're right, but how often do I get to ruin a perfectly sexy woman for others?" she suddenly threw a knee into Batwoman's gut at close range asserting herself. "Make those tits jiggle while they get sucked on?" She stepped on the button to turn them on, and the machine came to life letting go of her nipples as it sucked her flesh hard into the cups letting those lil' teeth bite in to her skin shallowly. The machine stopped sucking and the nipple clips latched back on firmly, then the process repeated.

Batwoman snapped her head back the instant the powerful sensations slammed into her brain. Her breasts were on fire from the milking machine's teeth but even though they hurt to a degree, they also excited her to no end. Squirming in the bonds, Batwoman groaned deeply after only moments, telling Catwoman she had her prey exactly where she wanted her.


She grabbed Batwoman's hair, then tilted her head to force her to look at her, then held up the bottle to Batwoman's face. "I plan on raping you until your cum fills this bottle, then I'm going to take it with me as a trophy that I RAPED you into a mewling, cum soaked mess!" She rammed her knee into Batwoman's cunt, then then she forced her to look at the level of liquid in the bottle. "Lucky you, the bottle isn't full... but it's pretty close. Lets fix that, hm?" She kneed Batwoman in the gut again to loosen her jaw before she jammed the bottle into her mouth pulling her hair to make her head back, forcing the cum to pour into Batwoman's mouth. "DRINK, WHORE! Drink it all!" she said with a sadistic smile. "Taste the results of what I did to you so far. Taste what your slutty cunt made!"

She loved the fact there was no milk coming from Batwoman's magnificent tits. The machine wouldn't stop because of that, and it would keep mauling her tits.

"OOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF........uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh...., bitch, that.....ooofffffffff."

Taken down by the two hard blows, Batwoman barely had time to think of a reply before the bottle was rammed into her mouth. Even as it was, the edge nearly broke two of her upper teeth, but though painful, that memory was soon forgotten when her own cum started to run down her throat.

Twisting her head didn't help much as Catwoman had a firm grip on her hair but the cum wasn't really affecting her as she had tasted it well enough before..., and if this whore thought this act would break her, then she was the dumbest bitch Batwoman had even met.

She held the bottle in Batwoman's mouth as the quart of liquid fell into her mouth. She rammed her knee into Batwoman's cunt again, then started grinding it against her clit through the latex.

"Every woman you fuck, every woman that claws your back, you'll wish, in the back of your mind, that the bimbo was me crushing you with lust, making you cum and scream... and beg for more!" She raked her teeth on Batwoman's neck.

"You'll know a simple fact... That they can't match my prowess. That they can't satisfy your pussy as it aches and aches making you into a nymphomaniac slut that only wants more! That's when you'll come crawling back to me, then I will own your body, and bathe in your cum!"

Anger and pain mixed in her ravaged brain like pea soup, making it extremely difficult to make out what the Catwoman was saying to her, if she was even talking. Her cunt was seething from the repeated cunt busters that the woman was applying to her, as if Catwoman wanted to destroy Batwoman's sex altogether, and if she did, she was doing a fine job of it.

Seeing stars dance in front of her mask, Batwoman fluttered her eyes and shook her head to stay conscious, though why, with all the intense tortures she was getting, she didn't understand. Still, in all the midst of the crap going on, Batwoman still managed to pull her head away from the bottle just enough to pit a mouthful of her cum into Catwoman's face, before telling her what she thought.

"Go fuck yourself, bitch."

Holly flinched as the cum was spat in her face, then laughed. She grabbed Batwoman's mask, then lifted it before she wedged the bottle's opening into it pouring the rest of the hot cum into it, forcing it into Batwoman's hair.

"No, I'm going to fuck you. To death if I want..."

She kissed Batwoman roughly on her mouth as she reached out to the remote to the chain, then pressed a button. Suddenly Batwoman dropped and then found herself head and shoulders on the floor with the rest of her body pointed towards the ceiling, her left leg in Holly's firm grasp. A high heeled boot suddenly entrapped Batwoman's neck punning it to the floor between the stiletto heel, and the ball of the foot, and it was lightly choking her. Holly straddled Batwoman's cunt scissoring her. She looked down at Batwoman's face licking her lips as she pressed their cunts together, then made a teasing circular gyration of her hips that ground their cunts together.

The fall hurt like hell, but it served to break Batwoman out of her stupor if only for a moment. For the first time the woman had made a mistake and it was going to cost her dearly, if Batwoman had anything to say in the matter.

In moments Catwoman, or whoever this was, was grinding her own cunt against Batwoman's, making them both hot, but the movement had also been the woman's second mistake..., one she would not soon forget.

Bringing the one free leg around from behind her, Batwoman wrapped it around Holly's throat and yanked it back, pulling the Catwoman off her body and to the floor in one swift move. At the same time, Batwoman worked the shackles that had now become loose with the fall, opening the both of them just as the Catwoman's body impacted the floor.

Completing the motion begun with her leg, Batwoman reached up and grabbed the chains holding her legs aloft and pulled her upper body up them, until she was almost standing and well above the Catwoman who was now just getting to her feet....the times had changed, at least for now.

Holly looked up at Batwoman from the floor groaning in pain. She writhed in agony with a defeated look on her face... just long enough for her hand to grasp the whip at her hip, then snap it around Batwoman's neck followed by a swift jerk and her arms striking Batwoman's ankles to knock her to the floor. Holly quickly moved to put her shoulders against the back of Batwoman's knees, then shove them to her shoulders pinning her down. The whip is quickly used to tie her ankles to her neck.

"I'm NOT done with you!" She started running their cunts together. "I need you so much." she licked her lips at Batwoman trying to in her wrists to the floor with her hands. "Why fight when you can enjoy it?" she moaned watching the milking machine still attached to her tits.

"AARRGGGHHHH...................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Why force it when we can both enjoy it?"

Falling and pinned for the moment, Batwoman struggled to get free of the hold, managing to twist her body well enough to get some freedom of movement. Grasping the cups attached to her nearly raw breasts, she all but ripped them off of chest and then used them as a weapon, whipping the cups around and up behind her in the hope of delivering at least some pain to this woman.

"You said earlier I had the wrong Catwoman..., if so we need not be enemies. Think about it..."

"Augh!" She recoiled from the plastic cups striking her face. "Nnhn..." She continues grinding their latex clad cunts together with frustration in every stroke, then kisses Batwoman. "mmhmm, both enjoy it, hm? I'm listening." Her warm breath caressed Batwoman's neck as she began kissing her throat affectionately. "But I gotta cum..." She murmurs softly.

"Then free me and I'll bring you off. I can give as good as I take, in case you don't know that."

Grabbing Holly by the arm, Batwoman looked her in the eyes and smiled, trying to ease the woman's frustrations if she could. A place she herself had been too many a day, Batwoman knew at least some of what this exotic Catwoman was going through and perhaps they could service each other tonight.

"I won't hurt you."

Freed, Batwoman got to her feet and approached Catwoman slowly, her hands caressing the woman's upper arms before she stepped closer still to deliver a hot hungry kiss. Their breasts smashed together, Batwoman put her thigh against Catwoman's pussy and rubbed it slowly, hoping she was not making a mistake.

"Don't be gentle." she coaxed Batwoman, indicating sheliked it rough. Holly kissed back with an intense passion wrapping her arms and a leg around Batwoman. She moaned deep into Batwoman's mouth licking her tongue. Her hips buck against Batwoman's hand softly, wanting, begging for every touch. It was so hot it nearly burned Batwoman's hand, and there was so much love juice flowing to make wet slut noises and enough lube to let Batwoman do almost anythng she wanted to make Holly cum.

Hearing the request, Batwoman moved down Holly's firm body, biting the front of her costume as she went. Sinking to her knees, she continued to lick and kiss her lover, if she dared call Catwoman that, while letting her right hand slide up and down her inner thigh..., before she drove the hand up into Holly's wanting cunt, shoving four fingers straight against her G spot...

Her face contorted at the sudden and forceful intrusion followed by a cry of pleasure. "Ohhh!"
She slowly pushes Batwoman to the floor then moves to 69 Batwoman pressing her tongue to her clit through the latex. "I'm not so good at just enjoying it." she murmured then began nibbling Batwoman through the latex.

"So be it..........." *BITE*

Biting down of Holly's pussy, Batwoman ground the thin costume between her teeth for a few moments, and then clamped down altogether. Keeping the latex material between her teeth for a bit longer, Batwoman pulled her face away from Holly's core and then paused.....counting down the seconds from ten in her head, before she released the tight latex, letting it slap against Catwoman's abused cunt..., a sensation to be followed by a hard slap to her cunt...

Holly soon found herself digging her nails into Batwoman's thighs careful not to claw her as she screamed in agony and pleasure. "UGH! OH GOD YES!" she felt her pussy quiver and convulse as she orgasmed. "Oh please! More~!" she practically sang out before she buried her face between Batwoman's thighs tongue fucking through the little opening in the latex that leads to Batwoman's pussy. All the while her body writhed as the sensations shot through her body making her nearly weep in joy.

Her mask covered in and out with cum, Batwoman barely heard the screams, but the vibrations radiating through her cunt told her all she needed to know. Biting down a second time, Batwoman suddenly paused when she felt something metalic, and after a careful search with her tongue, she knew it had to be a zipper.

In moments, the zipper was opened, exposing the cutiest pussy she had ever seen, but there was little time to dwell on its beauty, that would come later. Opening her mouth, Batwoman bit down on the raw flesh and pulled a second time, gringing Catwoman's sweet smelling pussy lips between her teeth like a dog would worry a bone, before letting it go..., her actions quickly followed by three fingers in search of Catwoman's clit..

Holly yelped, and screamed in pleasure and writhed on Batwoman in erotic ecstasy. "Ohhh.. OOHHH!" she flushed with color, as she unzipped a hole in Batwoman's crotch wider then buried her tongue between her cum coated folds, smacking her lips and slurping lewdly as she loved every second of it. She stuffed two fingers in Batwoman's pussy then pumped her sweet honey pot searching for her G-spot with every stroke while mewling in sheer pleasure.

Gasping when what was left of the material snapped back against her swollen pussy lips, Batwoman ground her pussy into Holly's face ever so slowly, while she moved her face just as slowly across Holly's invitingly wet snatch. Her finger, already inside had found the all elusive nub and had just started to pinch it, grinding it as well, to keep her lover hot as hell, while setting her up for the next part...

"Oh, I love you..." Holly murmured kissing Batwoman's clit madly, then scissoring her fingers inside her pussy rubbing her G-spot and pressing towards her anus adding pressure to simulate anal without the penetration. She started dragging her tongue over Batwoman's clit over and over again.


Her head snapping back the instant Holly's hot tongue slid across her raw clit, Batwoman groaned deeply and exploded in orgasm, sending her hot love juices onto Holly's buried face. No other woman had ever taken her this way before, and Kathy doubted any would in the future aside from this woman. She was hers for the taking if Holly wanted her.


"mmhphh!MMPH!" she sucked and licked every last drop of cum out of Batwoman's pussy while rubbing her clit with her fingers in a rapid circular motion. "Give it to me, baby..." she moaned sensually then started tongue fucking Batwoman with her lips making a tight sucking seal on her pussy rim.

Batwoman was giving as good as she took, but the entire night had worn on her body. Getting weaker by the minute, she drove herself harder to please and pleasure Catwoman, but there was only so much energy left in her luscious body. In minutes, her mind started to shut down as a thick fog of fatigue started to set in but still, she lickes and sucked every once of cum her tongue and fingers could reach, until she finally could do no more....

"Mmmmmmmm..., so..., so weak.. uuuhhhhhhhhhhh."

Holly pressed a deep kiss to Batwoman's mouth then wrapped her up in her cape, then got her utility belt, and other things, then took Batwoman to her safe house.

Holly took Batwoman to her safe house, well one of them, and immediately to bed where she laid a helpless limp Batwoman on those silken sheets. She couldn't move and that was the best kind of bondage to her. Nothing to get in the way, just a helpless woman to ra- enjoy.
She started slow, pressing a deep, meaningful kiss to Batwoman's mouth, then carefully started stripping her, but not so carefully tossed her clothes aside. First her cape, while kissing her neck. Batwoman's limp neck, and head movements turning her on.

Then her top was peeled off with kisses running along her torso as it was bared, with particular attention, and licks to her abused tits as if she were kissing them all better.

Then her beautiful waist line, then her still sopping wet cunt. She tongue bathed her cunt clean with an insatiable taste for Batwoman's cum.

Her thighs were bared next, and Holly delighted in licking the smooth firm flesh of her legs with a sensual purr.

She kissed and licked those firm calf muscles and continued her show of adoration for every inch of Batwoman's body.

The rest of her clothes came off with her boots. Holly purred and licked Batwoman's ankles, holding her legs up as if she were the catch of the day.

She purred as she moved to Batwoman's arms, taking her hands by the wrist, then licking her fingers for traces of cum. She sucked each finger in turn as she laid between Batwoman's legs.

She got to her knees then Holly surveyed Batwoman's naked body not interested in removing her mask with appreciative eyes as if Batwoman were her greatest treasure. Holly then laid forward, and began to nuzzle Batwoman with extreme warmth and affection, then cuddled up to let her rest putting away the thoughts of continued sex.

For now anyhow...

Semi-conscious through most of the experience, Batwoman lay motionless and let Catwoman do her magic. Every fiber of her being yelled out for more attention, more licks - kisses - fingerings, more of everything, but even as it did, her body refused to cooperate. Batwoman's body had been ravaged by an expert and it needed time to heal. She in turn needed time to regain her strength before anything continued.

Fading off to a deep, fitful sleep, Batwoman dreamt of the night, of the intoxicatingly beautiful woman who had all but conquered her sexually and of what might become of them. They were enemies, women on opposite sides of the law and each of them were as dedicated to their beliefs as any could be…, and yet, unless Batwoman was mistaken, they were in love.

How long she was out, Batwoman had no idea as there weren't any windows in the room, but when she woke, her naked body was covered by a satin sheet and beside her was Catwoman, equally naked save for her mask, which Batwoman was all too surprised to find she still had on as well.

Staying quiet, Batwoman just laid there and watched the enticing women sleep. Her breasts rose and fell in smooth motions, pushing her red nipples, also asleep from the way they looked, up and down toward her very eyes. Unable to stand any more torture, Batwoman leaned in slowly and gently lip-bit Catwoman's left nipple, only to pull ig back, letting it snap back to her smooth breast.

Even as she moved in for another gentle nibble, her prey for the morning rolled onto her side, but that only served to give Batwoman a better target, something she used to her advantage when she lowered her head to Catwoman's right breast and started to suck and lick the hardening nipple.

Holly seemed to be a heavy sleeper, or perhaps the loving attention was affecting her dreams. She merely let out a low, sensual series of moans and her cunt moistened a bit more at every touch to her sensitive breasts. Maybe it was Batwoman's turn to enjoy a semi-conscious woman?

It was oh so fitting that Holly dreamt of Batwoman in a scene much like the time they met, save it was more consenting. Images burned to memory of every inch of Batwoman's creamy, silky naked flesh over taught muscle in the throes of orgasm. Quivering, and thrashing, and spasming with mind melting joy, much like the time they met... And then as Batwoman played with her nipples in reality, the dream turned tender as they embraced and Batwoman did her magic.

Batwoman listened to the soft moans and paused, before she puled her head back to look into Catwoman's eyes. Seeing she was still alseep, Batwoman cupped the breast she was working on and then lowered her head..., only to engulf the areola, nipple and all into her hot mouth. she moaned softly at the feel of the growing nub against her tongue and then slowly, methodically sucked the little bud to rick solid hardness, her suckling becoming harder and faster as time went by..., as if she were trying to return the favor of the milking the night before.

Her tongue sliding all around the nipple, Batwoman let go of the orb and let her free hand slide down Holly's well toned, yet velvety soft skin, as she moved for her lover's pussy. Palming it ever so slowly four or five times, Batwoman finally sank two fingers into Catwoman's slit, her fingers made wet and slippery by the cum already present..., and in no time at all, Batwoman was flicking the tiny but extremely sensitive bud with her index finger...

The feline theme criminal writhed on the bed moaning more, and more. She either was one of the heaviest sleepers in the world having one hell of a wet dream, or she were feigning sleep perfectly.
Her wet cunt made her silky smooth skin even smoother, and easier to rub as it was spread over her cunt.

Wondering about her lover for a moment, Batwoman got out of bed and walked about the room, ignoring the shredded costume that draped the floor. In minutes she was searching for anything and everything that could be used on her sleeping love bug, expecting to find spoons and or hair dryers, but the discovery of a battery operated strap on blew her away

Smiling, Batwoman did her part and put the strap on around her waist, before she climbed back onto the bed. Getting between her lover's legs, she slapped them aside until Holly was in a spread eagle lay, and wide enough for her own body to lay down on her..., which Batwoman did, seconds after sliding the round, ribbed, and pulsating dildo into Catwoman's inviting snatch.

And so the migty strap-on plunged into Holly's pussy, and she screamed out and woke up "Oh! AAH! Aaaah! Wh-...AAAH! Y-You!!" She gasped, and panted throwing her arms and legs around Batwoman kissing her before she could reply urging her to continue with a smile on her kissing lips. She fed Batwoman rapid, needy moans as if begging for her to use that strap on.

"So you *kiss* were *kiss* really asleep *kiss*."

Pumping her Catwoman for all she was worth, Batwoman would pull the dildo out slowly and then ram it back in fast, over and over again, even as she mauled the woman's tits with her teeth. Back and forth, back and forth Batwoman went, their body's in sync, both moving to the natural rhythm of the pounding beat.

"Oh fuck! Oh FUCK! OH FUCK! OOOOH FUUUUUUuuUUUUCK!" Holly screamed out drowning in lust curling her toes and clawing Batwoman's back. "UUUUUUUUUUHNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She screamed again, then let a hand slip between Batwoman's thighs to her pussy where she begins fingering while panting heatedly.

"Oh no you don't, little one, not this time."

Feeling the fingers slide inside her cunt, Batwoman quickly grabebd her lover's wrists and shoved them behind Catwoman's back, and held them in her right hand moments before Batwoman grabbed a fist full of Holly's hair and yanked her head back forcibly.

"Tonight, you are mine."

Holly whimpered as she she were forced into submission by brute power, and the best fucking she can remember. Being at someone's mercy, and taken with so must lust, she is left in a slutty daze with only her legs around Batwoman's hips. "Ohhhh.. yessssss!" she could feel her whole body reacting to the pleasure being pumped into her. "UAAAAAAAAHH!!!" she cried out as her body twisted and she exploded in orgasm as she were being hammered into her bed. Her lips parted and she were left only able to breathe, and stare at the headboard as her eyes rolled back. Drool pooled at the corner of her mouth as she endured the rough sex.

Continuing the heated sex, Batwoman flipped the switch to put the dildo on high power, and then rammed it home in Holly's abused cunt. Their bodies on motion, Batwoman reached into the nightstand next to the bed and smiled when she found a set of padded cuffs, which brought an evil thought to her mind.

Hesitating for only a few seconds, Batwoman clasped first one cuff then the other to her lover's wrists and shackled the other ends to the thick pipes that made the head board..., and then paused....pulling the dildo out as she did.

"I think you are too hot little one...perhaps a chance to cool off, then?"

Sliding off the bed, Batwoman took off the strap on and shoved it deep inside Holly's sopping wet pussy, before she headed out of the room. Noise could be heard in the small kitchen, telling Holly that her lover was searching for something before all ---- went ---- quiet.

"Here we go....this is just what you need."

Without so much as an excuse me, Batwoman pulled the dildo from its new home and laid it down on Holly's mouth so she could both lick and inhale her own cum. Waiting for her lover to take the first lick, Batwoman fingered three large ice cubes into Holly's heated cunt and smiled....before she patted her lover's core softly, switching them to harder slaps in moments.

Batwoman's captive kitty exhaled, and whimpered feeling the void in her pussy that remained when Batwoman took out the marvelous toy. She struggled in futility against the cuffs that restrained her, then that void was filled again with pure pleasure in latex covered plastic form. She moaned and moaned as her twitching pussy squeezed the toy.

Batwoman returned to a dazed and out of it Holly, and when offered the toy to lick, she sucked it into her mouth then licked the tip with a deep moan.

She whimpered and nearly cried when the ice cubes were shoved into her wet cunt, crying out in that blissful mix of pain and pleasure with the dildo gagging her. She yelped with every slap to her sensitive cunt as her legs tensed keeping her in that spread legged position. She could barely see straight with the sheer pleasure in her body.

Batwoman had a fiest before her eyes that few could behold if even once even in a lifetime....the writhing form of a hot lover in a cum-soaked bed - sweat beading upon her naked flesh even as her tongue licked at her own cum.

Smiling, Batwoman did the onl;y thing she could think of and took the strap on from her lover's mouth, before she slid it back into her steaming wet cunt with her begin the slow but steady push and pulls of the deviously evil, pulsating monster. Batwoman knew Catwoman was almost ready, but the term was *almost* and that meant she would have to get her lover ready for the next part.... without further ado, Batwoman started to alternate the dildo's use...inside each of their cunts....Holly's - hers - Holly's hers - Holly's - hers....

Holly licked her lips seeing the dildo enter Batwoman, then groaned out loudly as the dildo pressed into her pussy moving the melting ice cubes in her which made her scream in pleasure, then her pussy sucked and smerped the dildo on it's out of her wanting cunt. She loved it every time the process repeated tugging the cuffs, and squirming with delight with a look of pure orgasmic bliss on her face.

Batwoman looked into Catwoman's masked face for but a moment, but in that moment, the expression told her that her lover was indeed ready to be taken utterly. Working the dildo in and out of her cunt, Batwoman got onto the bed and straddled her lover..., before she slowly edged backward, until her own dripping wet cunt was above her lover's face.

Batwoman had but one idea in her mind, that of face fucking Catwoman, and in seconds, she had sat down upon her lover's face to do just that. Her left hand pumping the dildo in and out, Batwoman used her right hand to slap and maul Catwoman's breasts, even as she ground her own cunt into Catwoman's face.....

"Take this me out now!!!"

Holly wraps her mouth around Batwoman's pretty cunt with extreme eagerness! She sucked and slurped, and licked rabidly, venting her pleasure into Batwoman's sweet meat. Her body danced with erotic squirming, and bucking movements as Batwoman abused it, and pleasured it at all the same time.

It was all she could do to keep up the pressure but then there was one last thing she could do, and Batwoman knew that. Adjusting her position, she brought her legs up to her ass and then slid her thighs through the pipes of the head board, so that their bodies were in a classic 69 position.

Without hesitation, Batwoman pulled the dildo out of Catwoman's inviting cunt and then buried her face into it, using her tongue to clean her lover out, licking and sucking, with each stroke of her hot tongue slapping Holly's clit hard.

Her mouth finally broke the death grip on BW's pussy to gasp, then cry out before she started to flicker her tongue inside her lover's pussy, licking, and lapping, and probing her delicious cunt. Her lips sucked back onto her cunt, and her lower teeth rake BW's clit as if Holly were biting into a sweet, juicy peach. The corners of her mouth pulled away letting BW know just how juicy her pussy was as slurping sounds were made every time. And oh how Holly moaned in delight as her lover assaulted her pussy orally!

Her face in Holly's cunt, Batwoman licked and sucked every facet of her lover's being, while her finger nails raked her inner thighs. Her tongue was like a monster as it went this way and that, up and down, across Holly's sore clit, before Batwoman paused the attack and brought her head up.

Pausing for but a moment, Batwoman buried her face in her lover's pussy again, but this time she bit down on Holly's ultra sensitive pussy lips and then pulled back up....only to slide two fingers of each hand into her cunt to finish her off.

"Aaauuuhhh! Ooooohhh! Aaaaahhhh!!" she moaned then dive back into BW's pussy wishing she could finger her back, but does everything she can with her tongue wanting to please her lover. She cries out, and tries hard to hold back the orgasm that's coming, wanting more of BW's sweet attentions.

Batwoman knew she was close, and she wanted to bring her lover off like she had never been brought off before. Thinking quickly, Batwoman shifted her position yet again, before she stood on her knees towering above Catwoman.

Grabbing the strap on, she took the actual dildo off the leather harness and licked it slowly, knowing Catwoman was watching her every move, only then to look down and slide the dildo into her own cunt...before she leaned down, and gliced the other end of the shaft into Holly's cunt, so that each person's movements would fuck their partner like mad...

"Ohhh, YESSSSS!" She threw her legs around Batwoman then started fucking her wildly crying out in pleasure, making her tits dance with every thrust. Her legs squeezed tight around Batwoman not letting her escape this time. She looked deep into Batwoman's eyes then moaned "Cumm.. Cum with me.." she bit her lower lip, fucking Batwoman with every muscle in her body making the headboard creak as she pulled on the cuffs adding more power, speed and leverage to the thrusts.

Smiling for but a moment, Batwoman threw her head back when Holly attacked. She was close to her own orgasm and Batwoman could tell it was going to be a very powerful one, one that might let Catwoman take control at last, but she didn't care any more. Pausing long enough to reach for her mask, Batwoman pulled it from her face to reveal her secret identity, knowing that Catwoman now had the key to her demise if she ever wanted to use it...

"Your face is beautiful." Holly murmurs at Batwoman unable to place the face to anyone she knew. All she wanted to do is kiss those lips, and she leaned to do so, but her orgasm came, and came hard making her sing a song made of sounds of pleasure into Batwoman's ear. She bucked, and spasmed wildly under her lover as she spurted cum and melted ice around the dildo with a lovely orgasm face crossing her visage.

Her own orgasm announced its arrival seconds after her lover's did, equally weakening them both in the process. Letting her body cool for a bit, Batwoman soon slid off Catwoman's sweaty body and left the room to take a shower..., knowing the hot water would revive her energies like nothing else would.

Minutes passed, until Batwoman finally returned and freed Catwoman of the cuffs, before she guided her into the awaiting hot shower to cleanse themselves of the cum. Letting Holly go in first, Batwoman followed and then closed the door, before she leaned down to deliver a series of soft, loving nip kisses on Holly's left shoulder and neck from behind...

"ohh, I'm in heaven, lover." She rubbed herself with the warm water, letting it soak into her body, and wash away the thick smell of sex. Holly pulled off her mask, then turned to Batwoman, kissing her pretty mouth while putting her mask away. "I love you, and I had no idea love could feel so good." she purrs at Batwoman, caressing her body softly. "even without your mask, I don't know who you are, but I'm sure we can find out about each other." She presses her body to Batwoman's warmly feeling the massage head beating on her back.

"If we wish to yes, but I don't want to know more about that I have already. I love a bit of mystery and you, Catwoman, you are my most cherished mystery."

Holding Holly at arms length, Batwoman let the hot water cascade down between their equally hot bodies for a few moments, before she leaned ion to give Holly a very delicate, lovign kiss.

"Mmhhnnn..." she returned the kiss with adoration, slipping her arms around Batwoman's neck softly, seeming so very happy. She moaned at the delicious feeling on her mouth that is Batwoman's mouth, and she licked at Batwoman's tongue. The world around her seemed so inconsequential with Batwoman in her arms, and their lips pressed together.

Their bodies glowed from the wetness of the hot water cascading down upon them from the two opposing shower heads, basking them in warmth, but it didn't compare to their inner warmth, their love for each other...., their heat. Pushed back against a wall by her lover, Batwoman found herself being turned around and then pressed face first against the glass shower wall, smashing her breasts against it, even as Holly moved in to pin her there.

For long moments, Batwoman wondered what was about to happen, a concern made worse when the girl kicked her legs open to spread them and then told Batwoman to stay where she was. Wondering whether she should look around her, Batwoman heard Holly leave and then come back, before she stepped back into the shower and pressed something between Batwoman's ass cheeks, from the feel of it another dildo...

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, baby....yessssssssssssssss."

What Holly wouldn't do to see the image of Batwoman's luscious body pressed against that glass. Especially as she slowly slid the dildo between her ass cheeks then fucked between them slowly and playfully letting the soapy water lube the toy. "Oh, you're so hooot, lover.." She groaned lustily into Batwoman's ear grasping her hips then she slowly inserted the tip of the dildo into Batwoman's cute lil' anus looking forward to fucking, and maybe ruining her in that hole, too. She gyrates her hips and slowly pushes the dildo until her hips touch her sexy ass torturing her with care.

"Ohhhhhh, uuhhhhhhhh, never - - been done, anally before...., uuuhhhhhhhhhhh."

Her first ever anal fucking and Batwoman had no idea it would be so damn hot. Squirming ever so slowly under the forced rape, Batwoman's body came alive with erotic sensations that nearly blew her mind away. She could feel the dildo sliding in and out of her ass cheeks, made slippery by the soap that now lubed her naked body, and with out thinking her hands went up to her own breasts to cup them, before her thumbs began to flip her nipples roughly.

Holly licked her lips then ran her hand over the transparent plastic wall that made up the shower door clearing away the fog from it revealing an adjacent mirror that reflected the loving lesbians perfectly, especially the dildo pumping in and out of Batwoman's virgin ass behind Batwoman's sopping wet cunt. Holly, driven wild by the sight pressed Batwoman against the clear wall holding her wrists against the clear plastic.

It was such an erotic sight to see Batwoman's legs spread for stability forced to the balls of her feet with her ass sticking out just a little with her upper body flattened against the wall. Holly could see both sides and damn that made her horny!

She watched as Batwoman's breasts flatten against the near invisible partition, then rolled, smeared, and ground against the wall as Holly butt fucked her. "Uhnnn! Oh god that's sexy!!" She shouts in delight, then leans forward near Batwoman's face which was pressed to the glass on one side, the other almost forced to look behind her. "You love it up the ass don't you? You love it when I fuck you no matter the hole, hm?" she said in a sexy exhale.

Batwoman had to admit it was a hot idea, but she was not about to say it, at least not yet. Her wet body sliding against the glass, she gasped when Holly wiped away the steam to reveal the full-length mirror just outside, and for the first time, she could see what was happening to her, a scene that made her so horny that she exploded in full blown excitement, sending her hot cum down the length of the shaft toward her lover's equally hot abs.

"Oooohhhhh..., FUCK.....yeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss."

Holly groaned in intense lust "Oh, look at you cumming!" Holly grabbed the back of Batwoman's head via a handful of hair and made her watch herself orgasm. "Lets see that again..." Holly's other hand slid to Batwoman's slit then used the pinky and thumb to spread her lips before inserting her other three fingers into Batwoman's cunt. Holly smirked then leaned back to the far wall from the mirror taking Batwoman with her reversing the angle putting her pussy in clear view along with the thick clear jelly cock crammed up her cute ass over and over again covered in cum, and soap suds. The shower's massage head blasted Batwoman's tits as Holly took her cunt and ass roughly making her tits jiggle. Holly made Batwoman watch it all in the mirror.

"Oh God..., OH God..., OH God..., this is so fucking hot..., can't begin to take it all."

Every woman had her limits when it came to sexual encounters, and Batwoman knew hers was two. Attacked from three different directions at once, the heroine couldn't possibly resist them all, and to have to see her body erupt, not to mention her cum sliding down her lover's legs, only served to make Batwoman even hotter.


Holly practically scooped cum from Batwoman's pussy then moved her cum drenched fingers to Batwoman's mouth rubbing her lips with them leaving treads of the sticky liquid, and letting her taste it as she switched hands, and continued finger fucking her, and pounding her sweet, tight ass.

"Mmmhmm, it feels good doesn't it? It tastes good, doesn't it?" she murmured into Batwoman's ear.

Screaming out in both pleasure and pain, Batwoman achieved another powerful orgasm coating her inner thighs with her sticky love juices. In minutes, her mind was mush, as her head rolled from side to side like a puppet on a string, even as her arms hung limply at her sides.

Her groans mingled with softer moans telling Holly that she had at last broken the superheroine's spirit and that Batwoman was now ripe for the love, to spoil, but most of all, to dominate.

A small laugh of victory escaped Holly's lips. "You are mine now... Mind, body, and heart, aren't you?" she pulled out her fingers letting Batwoman's cum spray onto the glass wall, and let Batwoman see her own pussy as it orgasms.

Her hands grasped Batwoman's glorious tits then squeezed them playfully looking at her defeated lover in the mirror exposed and degraded with the dildo in her ass hole, her thigh spread.
Oh what a glorious treasure Batwoman is! she thought to herself.

"Uummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...., yesssssss, can't - fight - you...., oohhhhhhhhhh..., resist."

Her breasts grabbed from behind, Batwoman quickly fell back against her lovers body. Her eyes were transfixed on the her own orgasmic show that she could see in the rapidly fogging mirror, but her mind did belong to Holly.

Slapped up against the side of the shower glass a second time, Kate found herself flipped arounds and then pushed, guided to her knees, before Holly stepped forward and brought her own excited pussy to Batwoman's face, saying but one thing, giving but one order, and to do it now.

"Eat me, Batwoman..., do it now."

Holly looked down fondly at Batwoman and bit her lower lip with anticipation of her lover's oral attentions. Her pussy ached for it. Ached for release. Holly's hands caressed Batwoman's hair gently and urged her on a bit, needing it so very much! In the back of her mind she realized she couldn't just abuse this. She may have had Batwoman as a virtual sex slave, but... love factored in. But that doesn't mean there won't be kink in this loving relationship.

Complying as she was ordered, Batwoman leaned forward and drove a long, slow lick straight up Holly's pussy, before sinking her tongue into her over's slit, burying her nose in seconds. Working slowly at first, she soon picked up the pace - moving her tongue all around her lover's sopping wet cunt, while sucking and licking all of the love juices she could find baking inside Holly, knowing that what she was doing was going to turn her on.

Holly groaned loudly as she leaned against the wall. Oh how she enjoyed Batwoman as she sucked and licked the strength out of her knees and the cum from her sweet honey pot.

Holly reached up then grasped a pole over head to hold herself up as she draped her legs over Batwoman's shoulders gently. Her cunt bucked softly against Batwoman's mouth and urged her on. She further urged Batwoman on with loud joyous moans as she watched her clean shaven cunt devoured by her lover. What a beautiful view she had as she looked between her bounching breasts to Batwoman.

Batwoman continued to eat Holly out, letting her tongue slide this way and that, while making sure to flick it across her lover's sensitive clit when she could. Grabbing a bar of soap off the floor, she brought it up to Holly's ass and started to slide the hard, yet oh so soft bar up and down between her ass cheeks, even as her teeth clamped down for a moment on the excited nub.

"Eerrgh!" she gasped as her pretty ass was spread by that slippery bar of soap in Batwoman's expert hand. She hung on for dear life to that bar as her concentration was being tested severely as it was by her sexy night goddess. Her head started to roll on her shoulders and her toes curled. "Oh-AAHHNN, darling, that feels greaaat." she moaned out.

Batwoman moaned into Holly's cunt, letting the vibrations send chills up her lover's spine. Leaving the bar at the top of Holly's ass so that it would slowly slide down between her cheeks, Batwoman sank her finger nails into Holly's ass and squeezed, exactly at the same time as her teeth bit down on the nub, letting her own excited tongue flick the hell out of Holly's clit.

"UuuhAAAAAH!!!" she bucked as the pain shot through her body suddenly after the sweet purr. Her body twisted and her tits bounced violently as she reached orgasm. Her thighs grabbed Batwoman's head in a firm hug, and her heels pressed to her back which further forced her fiery red headed lover to her cunt. Her mouth watered as her body endured the mind shattering mix of pain and pleasure, and her cum gushed in such a slutty way.

Batwoman felt her lover's pussy tighten and knew she was about to explode.., telling Batwoman it was time to increase the attentions she was giving. Dropping her left hand to the floor, she blindly felt around for the one thing that was needed, thankfully finding it in moments, and pulling it to her knee.

Grabbing the discarded tool, Kate pulled her face off her lover's cum soaked cunt just long enough to ram the dildo home a few times, pushing and pulling it in and out of her tight twat, while sucking and licking whatever the long - hard - plastic caught from inside.

Holly gasped and screamed to the rhythm of the toy as it's plunged into her teenaged pussy over and over again. It was torture to her as she forced herself to hang on as her pussy is lovingly violated by the toy. Sweat mixed with the shower water as it poured off her steamy hot body. Her mouth practically drooled, but her succulent young cunt definitely did as she enjoyed every lust filled moment they shared. She had no idea it could feel this good!

Sucking and licking like her very life depended on it, Batwoman continued to bring Holly ever closer to what she knew would be a super nova, or multiple orgasm. She had seen the young woman climax here and there, but to achieve a multiple, Batwoman knew she'd have to pull out all the stops.

Pulling her face from inside Holly's steaming hot cunt, Batwoman let the hot waters of the shower cleanse her face before she looked around to find just the sight tool....spotting exactly what she needed in seconds.

Reaching out of the shower area, Batwoman pulled a shop vacuum cleaner over to where she was kneeling and then plugged it in...before she reached up with the narrow nozzle so that Holly's nipples could be forcibly sucked by the machine, even as her tongue went back to work licking Holly's clit....while the dildo did its magic elsewhere...

"Wh-What are you? OH GOD!" Holly screamed as the shop vac brutalized her nipple. "God, oh god!" she screamed, then exploded in the desired multiple orgasms tha

Batwoman meets Catwoman (Part One)

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A Couple's Play Day Part 3 - Revelations

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A Couples Play Day Part 3 – Revelations

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Utopia for One Chapter 6 - A Star is Torn

Claire said nothing but her shoulders slumped in despair. Running was not an option. First she was naked and second Richard blocked the way. Even if she got passed him, she would have to clothe herself and then get away. Richard was fast and strong. Even if she achieved the impossible and actually got dressed and out, she wouldn’t get far. The fast dawning realisation that her fate was sealed was solidified in that moment. Even in the gloom, she managed...


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