Brianna the lycan tamer

924 A.D.

Brianna, Daughter of Eirik Bloodaxe. Her father was betrayed and murdered on the eyes of all the village by the new Jarl, as Eirik was the lawful Jarl, but his murderer overpowered the village and usurped the jarlship when Brianna was 12. Since then Brianna's purpose of life was to avenge her fathers death, but nord warriors would not follow a woman, although she had the blood of the lawful ruler of this land.

Eirik was a veteran warrior, growing old with wisdom when challenged by Ulrik. Ulrik's servants poisoned Eirik just before their stand off. Everybody seen what was going on, but all trembled before Ulrik's army and friendship with the king.

Magnus - lycan pack alpha. Leader of a 5 lycan pack, whose alliance Brianna seeks for her revenge.

Lycantrophes, being unmatched and feared warriors, their aid was Brianna's only hope for making things straight and avenging her father.

Magnus was the alpha of the pack. While in his human form, he definitely was an alpha among males also. In human form, standing almost 2 meters tall and about 110 kg in sheer muscle. His size and strength secured his position as the pack's alpha and undisputed leader.

Magnus made Brianna understand that she must mate and knot with all his pack and endure this trial before they could trust her. She was being visited by a lycan once per month during full moon for the last months. She had only Magnus left to tame.

Full moon. A month has gone since her last lycanthrope visit. Her hut was a bit on the outskirts of the village. She was waiting. She heard heavy footsteps outside and the door opened.

"Magnus..." she gazed as his muscular frame barely slid through the door.

"Woman. You have endured my warriors. Something that no woman before has done"

Brianna shuddered at her memories of her encounters with lycans. Turned lycans had little humane left in the way they posessed Brianna.

"Are you ready for your final test?" - Magnus asked calmly.

Under any other circumstance, any human woman would not engage in something like this, due to size differences between human female and lycan male genitals. Average lycans genitals usually sized at an impressive 9 inch long and 2.5 inch wide.

Though not without pain, Brianna was able to endure and take her previous lycans, as they usually went full berserk mode while in their lycan form, not being able to control their animalistic nature and hammered Brianna in rage, fully entering her, as she gritted her teeth not to scream and not to alert nearby villagers.

Magnus was different. Being an experienced lycan, he could control himself in wolf form almost completely.

"Do what needs to be done" - stated Brianna, while trembling internally and dropping her robe, being completely naked under it. Revealing her gorgeous battle strengthened body, slim waist with abs, toned thighs and D size breasts.

Magnus stood there, admiring her body and her devotedness to her oath of revenge, making her willingly accept something that could be fatal to her, and that women had nightmares of.

Brianna kneeled before him and started unbuckling his pants. Revealing a large erection sized at the size of lycans, but Magnus was still in human form, Brianna gazed at it, understanding that this one will erect to even a bigger size, as a thought of panic shoot inside her mind, but then he tried to calm herself down because Magnus wouldn't let himself out of control. She hoped. And started pleasing him orally.

After some time Magnus took her by her shoulders and turned her around. Brianna understood his intent and bent forward, now standing on her knees and elbows in front of him. She noticed how Magnus struggled to control the animal inside him. Previous lycans by this time have changed and just took her brutally.

Magnus was struggling, but his human side was still in control. He kneeled behind Brianna and positioned himself for penetration. Magnus was moving slowly and gently.

"He wont change? But he must change for me to fulfil our agreement." - wondered Brianna. She stood up and looked him in his eyes.

- Magnus, i beg thee, change and take me properly" - pleased Brianna.
- I... I do not wish to hurt you, child.
- It doesn't matter if you hurt me, i sworn on my blood to avenge my father, i need your help.
- Brianna, if i turn i could kill you. Even if you survive, this WILL be extreme for your body. You can't endure this.
- I don't care, Magnus. I don't have a choice... I will endure it. I am the proud daughter of Eirik Bloodaxe, and like my fater i don't fear pain, i EMBRACE IT! Now change and take me, you motherfucker! - Brianna slapped him in the face and pushed him away, being angered by her own helplessness. She needed lycans in her plan. There was no other way.

Never before a woman has hit Magnus - lycan alpha said as rage started to build up in him. He let our a groan and Brianna observed as he started to change. Hair sprung all over his body, he was becoming taller and wider. His limbs elongated, claws growing from his fingers. Then it looked at Brianna, and stood up. It was easily 2.5 meters tall, his head reaching her hut's ceiling. Then she noticed something else. He has grown also in another place. Now his dick was pink and slippery, at 12 inches long and 3 in width with a 4 inch wide know at the base of the shaft.

"Oh... gods help me.." - whispered Brianna as Magnus jumped in to her, grabbing her by the waist. Now it was obvious that the animal was in charge, human side was gone in Magnus.

Magnus turned her around and forced Brianna on her knees. He slammed her head on the ground with another hand, while still holding her waist by his other clawed hand. Gripping her so strong that tips of his claws almost pierced her flesh.

She then felt his manhood at her loins. It was so heavy! Brianna almost had second thoughts. She felt him poking at her womanhood as she closed her eyes in a prayer to her gods "Odin, please, let me survive this".

Then in his rage, Magnus thrusted forward, while pulling her waist to him, immediately penetrating Brianna to 9 inches.

Brianna's body urged her to escape the penetration, but Magnus held her waist strong. It took enormous effort from her not to scream. She must not scream, not to alert nearby villagers. The pain was immense, but only a muffled "grrrrnnnh" was the result of this brutal assault.

Brianna clenched the bear pelt with her teeth and tears rolled from her eyes as she was submitting to the animal. Magnus was completely silent as he was entering berserk mode, short grunts started coming out of him.

Not long until Magnus was completely crazed by his own chemistry and now was using all his strength to enter Brianna, while pulling her waist now with both hands so strong, that his claws left red marks on her waist.

In an animalistic frenzy Magnus was hammering Brianna and now bottoming at 9 inches, producing muffled whimpers from her. His shaft completely disappearing inside Brianna, hitting her womanhood with his swelling 4 inch wide knot, then almost fully withdrawing and slamming back with inhuman force.

Brianna knew he was going deeper and that she will take his knot no matter what. She didn't care about the pain, she didn't care what would happen to her womanhood, only thing she cared about was being silent. If somebody would interrupt them, she would not be knotted and the deal was off, or she had to wait another 30 days to a full moon. She must be knotted.

She felt the knot was still growing. Her best bet was to take it now, rather later when it sill grow even wider, so she started thrusting herself back, meeting Magnus's feral rage.

Her womanhood was stretched to its max and continued to stretch even deeper and wider, as Brianna started making muffled screams, now holding her mouth with one hand. She felt the knot gradually making its way inside her. The pain was so immense, that she has bitten through the bear pelt while gritting her teeth.

Magnus's rage was building up and his urge to knot Brianna was rising, as he started pushing his knot bit by bit inside of Brianna with each thrust, producing guttural groans and whimpering out of her.

Some time has passed of this brutal mating, when Brianna barely contained her pained scream as Magnus's knot has entered her, burying Magnus in Brianna up to the hilt. Brianna was barely holding herself not to scream on the top of her lungs, as now there was now 12 inches of lycan cock inside of her, tearing her womanhood with its swelled 4.5 inch knot.

Magnus didn't pause for a second and resumed the frenzied full amplitude hammering, pausing only when he needed additional effort to push his knot inside Brianna.

The sounds Brianna was making were bizarre. Those were the sounds of a woman going mad from pain so immense, beyond the pain of childbirth.

Still, Brianna was not quitting, she was willingly accepting the pain, accepting and fully taking the cunt splitting 12 inch penetration and the body wrecking 4.5 inch wide knot, tearing her entrance apart. Her willpower and dedication to her oath were stronger than her will to live, and now she was sacrificing her body to it.

That was the moment when even in his lycan form Magnus understood that Brianna is trustworthy, seeing that even fatal danger will not make her quit.

Not wanting to hurt her any more than needed, he has withdrawn from her and stood up. Brianna was still on her knees, trembling and whimpering, her muffled screaming now was calming down.

Magnus watched her for a moment, and then turned around and walked to the door, changing to his human form.

- Magnus.. - Briannas weak voice was heard.
- You have endured me, Brianna. You have kept your word, girl, and i shall keep mine - said Magnus as he left Brianna kneeled on the floor, still sobbing from the brutal mating she has just endured.

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