Cam Sex Slave to a Real Sex Slave – (a story of extreeme brutality violence and torture )

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I started my life as a Cam sex slave at very young age, when I was curious of chatting. I created an account teenslaveboy17 and started chatting with girls, and guys. The girls never gives importance so, I started chatting with the guys. Mainly I used to get old guys. The basic question asked in chat is “what is your asl?”, or “what you like?”. During my initial days I never understood those questions, but later I realized that they were interested in sex likes. So I started to share my interest with those guys. Also some of them after knowing my age used to say “sweet age!”, “nice age for a bitch”, but I hardly understood , why nice, why sweet or what is bitch. One day one guy with id “matureman”(id changed) said that he is interested to see me on cam, I opened my cam with shyness. But I never realized that he will take snaps of me. I shared my details with him, like in which I study, in which standard I study. What my parents do, where I live etc.

On vary next day , I got that person again online, I also asked him various questions. That day also he insisted me to open my cam. I opened and he requested me to show my private parts to him. I was shy, but curious and thrilled. He praised and said I have a good body. By that time he has completely taken my snaps and also made some clips from my cam. Few days passed, everything was normal.

We used to chat and he used to request, and I used to open my cam, actually I liked when some one praises me. One day he asked me to fuck my ass with a finger. But I opposed , I said “I don’t like it”, But he said, he has all my information and also my pics and videos. He sent some in my inbox and also all my real informations of school and home, which I shared some day ago with him. He said if I obey him on cam , then its ok, or he will upload all my videos on net along with my pics. Also he threatened me to send my pics and video CD to my school. I got scared and I decided to silently obey his demands on cam.

On the first day, of that conversation, he asked me to insert a finger in my ass, I felt very bad and awkward, then on next day he started to demand more like inserting two fingers, three and so on. I requested to stop, but he did not care. One day he told me that he has some online friends, whom also I have to serve as cam slave. He gave me some id and asked me to add those id in my list. It was around 5 or 6 ids. I did, as I had no other option. I was unable to tell my parents. And he threatened me that if every night I don’t be online from 10 PM to 1 PM then he is going to take necessary action.

Some time I had to fulfill the demands of them beyond 1 PM. One thing here to mention that he distributed those pics and videos to those guys so that I obey them in his absence. I don’t know whether he used to earn money from them or not. Or it was just their fun. But their fun started becoming my pain. Mental pain as well as physical pain. I got many dominants, sadistic old guys their ages ranged from 30-69. They used to enjoy me doing all nasty and painful things. Like strip dance to humiliate me. Also some used to make me kneeled for 1 /2 hour only.

Some of the command they used to give me is as follows

1. Open your cam bitch
2. Take off pants and shirt
3. Turn around and bend so that I can see your ass, spread apart your ass cheeks etc
4. Kneel and hands above head
5. On your four and turn back to cam
6. Come near to cam and show your cock/ass.
7. Tie your balls to your toe and , stand in one leg.
8. Tie your balls to a weight , lift the weight to chest level and drop suddenly
9. Insert small strips to cock hole
10. Lit a candle and drop hot wax to your cock, your cock head, to your balls, nipples, chest and pubes etc.
11. Insert a big candle in ass.
12. Pee on a glass and drink
13. Put ginger/soap in ass hole and pee hole(it really burns)
14. Put cloth pins on nipples, and hang weight from it.
15. Burn pubes,chest,armpit, ass hair.
16. Insert a burning candle in ass, and up the ass in air, head down.
17. Crawl on the floor with hands tied to legs. I had to crawl on chest and cock pressed below on floor( it smashes cock n balls, but makes it hard)
18. Cum with in a specified time or get punishments like above
19. After cum eat it.

These are partial list of the commands which I did for a long time. Along with that the list of masters/dominants continued to increase and reached 400 in that id. Some time I had to serve 5-10 guys on one night on cam from as early as 8 PM to 4 AM, I started to become weak. I requested matureman to stop, or I may die. But he was an cruel guy. He never accepted my request. During that time I had to cum 5-6 times per night. Their demand increased so much, that some day I had to bunk my school to serve my Indian masters. Within a year many people made galleries of my nude pics and videos. And I was helpless. All my weekend I had to be busy pleasing unknown old guys on cam, some offered me to pay thousands of dollars for real sex. One good thing about matureman was that he never fucked me for real sex.

After 5 years of that day , I have served over 850 guys on daily basis. Now he is interested to upload all those pics over internet as he has completely used me during 5 years. One day he told me that he is now only upload all my pics. I cried infront of him on cam, and requested him not to do so, or I die.But he never agreed, So I made one requested him not to upload pics with my face. And he accepted that request. But he told me that with every uploaded picture he is going to add my present id, so that people get my id, and enjoy my body. I agreed to that.

Atleast that will save my face. Few days back I realized that he has created account on porn sites with my id and uploaded 1600+ pics on porn sites like, etc This story is also a part of a task, which he has assigned to me, so that people enjoy my cam slave life. If you get my pics with my id indianskoolboy17 typed on it, I have a request you to be soft on me and not torture me on cam. I am supposed to type those links here with the story so that all guys can see my pics following the link, Hope soon my cam sex slave life ends

Chapter 1 : Experience with Chatting:
It was Friday evening, I got my new internet connection, I returned from school, after doing the homework of mathematics, I started my net connection. I was so thrilled , I searched some porn sites. After few seconds I felt chatting with some hot girls of my age. So I searched the various chat sites. And I found chat. It was so good, there are so many rooms. I selected teen chat room. I found some girls online. I pm them, but got very cold response. I started to feel bored. Suddenly I got an PM, and it was a man of middle age I suppose.The id was very funny matureman, I thought why a matureman will write mature.

Matureman : asl ?
Akash: 14/m/india, ur asl?
Mature:52/m/india Mature : which class do you read?
Akash: class 9th in xaviers school(name changed), in Rajgarh(city name changed)
Mature: in Rajgarh where u stay, I have my friends daughter in Rajgarh Girls school

I was so happy to know about the girl

Akash: House No 51, Rajgarh Colony Apartment(name changed)
Mature: ok, I think she also lives nearby. Her parents live in other city.
Akash: There is no one who stay with her here
Mature: no
Akash: oh, in case u need my help , I m ready. Whts her name?
Mature: preety
Akash : nice name
Mature: what’s your full name ?
Akash: Akash Sharma
Mature : What your parents do?
Akash: he works in the Rajgarh Cement Factory(company name changed)
Mature: I know some person in cement factory, whts ur father name, and which deptt he works? Akash : His name is Ankush Sharma(name changed), in accounts department(department name changed) Mature : nice, you give me your and your fathers contact number, if I go there to meet preity then I will meet you and your father too.
Akash : ok , uncle ( I gave my n my fathers phone number)
Mature : its late night, I need to logoff now, it was nice chat with you akash
Akash: same here uncle, bye
Mature: bye
First chat with him was normal ordinary chat

Chapter 2 : First Blunder I made
my first blunder on Saturday night, that is on the next day night on chatting. That day I was so horny, so I decided to have sexy chat with girls, I entered in adult chat room. After few ordinary chat, I was surprised to see matureman online in that room. I buzzed him, he also replied, with kiss buzz. I was very horny that day. He asked

Mature: hi love!
Akash: i uncle, how are you?
Mature : don’t call me uncle , say love
Akash : it feels odd to say that to same sex old person.
Mature: but for me you are my love, I love boys of your age.
Akash: you gay?
Mature : I am bi, you might be very sexy boy!
Akash: I don’t know
Mature: Wht is your body statistics?
Mature: mmmmmmm, you hot

I felt awkward to listen such comment from an aged person of same sex

Mature : may I see you on cam
Akash: ok, u too show your cam
Mature: Wow, you so hot, so sweet……
Akash : I blushed, but loved praise also( I was very very young that time)
Mature: you might have a great body
Mature: Please show me your body
Akash: Can you introduce preity(the daughter of your friend ) with me?
Mature: ofcourse, if possible she will your GF
Akash : I was so excited to have a GF
Mature: please show complete body. I started to takeoff cloths, but I kept my underwear on. Mature: takeoff that too my dear
Akash: I feel shy
Mature: please, do it if you want her
Akash: I took off all cloth , and I was blushing being complete nude on cam
Mature: wow, so hot body……mmmmmmmmmmm Now please turn but keep face towards cam and stay like that for a while I did that, I had no idea that time , that he was taking my snaps with my face and nude body.
Akash: I am feeling humiliated, I am logging off
Mature : give a close up of face? Nice Ok , now you can close your cam
Akash: now will you introduce her with me?
Mature : ofcourse, just be online same time next day.
Akash: ok, uncle bye
Mature : bye

Chapter 3
Start of Cam Slave Life:

I was waiting for matureman , he promised me to introduce preity . I thought she might be a cute girl. I had no idea what was coming next to me. Matureman was online at 10 pm, he buzzed me, I replied

Akash: hi uncle
Mature: Call me “sir”
Akash: but last day u asked me to call you “love”, today “sir” , I am confused
Mature: from now onwards you call me sir Open your cam bitch
Akash : you sound rude today, what happened And I don’t like any one calling me bitch
Mature: you are a bitch, and make that habbit from now onwards From today , you job will be to obey every order of me, no matter what I say
Akash: Why should I obey you? You are not my boss
Mature: See boi, if you don’t obey me, I have enough material in the form of pics and videos , with your face and voice. Also I have you parents name, phone number, your school address, your residence address.
Akash: Are you trying to blackmail me?
Mature: I am calling your daad, and with in tomorrow morning I will send all your pics and videos to your father, school and on youtube I got scared, I was confused
Akash : Why you want me to blackmail? Do you need money?
Mature: no, I want you obey me on cam
Akash: Why you want to make me obey? Wht I hv to do
Mature: Open your cam BITCH
Akash: I opened CAM
Mature: STAND UP whore

I stood up
Mature: Now take off shirt I did as he said, I felt so helpless
Mature: Now pants I removed my pants too
Mature: now turn and show ass, I felt like an object , which he was turning and enjoying
Mature: now bend and legs apart, ass cheeks spread open I did as he said
Mature: your are hot slut and I will enjoy you for years
Akash: Please never upload my pics and vids, or never inform it to my dad
Mature: if you obey what I say, understood bitch?
Akash : yes sir
Mature: now for today , you may log off, tomorrow be online on same time
Akash : ok sir
Mature: bye bitch
Akash : bye sir

Chapter 4
A long painful night

The same thing continued for days, months..he started to become more demanding , he liked to humiliate me and make do things painful He used to cum, seeing me in pain On one evening at 6 PM when he was online , he buzzed me and asked me to add teron zatson(id changed), he told me, teron is his good friend, and he too will be enjoying my cam as and when needed. He asked me to add teron and follow his orders, while I was supposed to keep a copy of my session with teron and send him as proof. Teron buzzed me after I added him , here is the things which happened that day.
Teron: BITCH, I hv all your private data, and I too hv your pics and vids. So be good boi and obey I replied , what you want from me?
Teron: OPEN YOUR CAM BITCH I opened my cam,
Teron : how dare you clothed , when I m online. Remember, to be complete nude and on your knees whenever I m online I took off all my cloths and kneeled
Teron : nice hot bitch, now bring few items ropes, candle,clothpins, weight, match box I asked, why you need all these items And I heard my mobile rang, I pickedup, from other side, it was Teron, Teron on phone : Bitch, see I hv all you private data, never ask why, just do it and he hanged the phone I was shivering with fear I brought all items

Teron : show all items on cam I showed all items one by one
Teron : good, now you do exactly the way I say I nodded
Teron: tie your balls with that rope, tighter I tied,
Teron : more tight bitch

both balls must about to brust It was really painful, for the first time I tied my balls, that too so tightly

Teron : good, now lift your right leg and tie the other end of rope with your toe

I did, but It was difficult,
I did…it stretched my balls, tears came out

Teron : I like tears of young boys like you, you are going to cry for years. Now stand like this and masterbate

I said, I cant even stand, how I masterbate?

Teron : do it bitch, or you know wht will happen

I tried to masterbate, like tht way. But more time passed it became more unbearable Atlast I fell down on ground

Teron : BITCH, YOU FAILED, now you will be punished hard

I said,please sir, I tried


I was scared, thinking whats coming next

Teron : put cloth pins on your buldging balls

I tried to put pins on my balls, but the balls were not having any skin to fix pins, also balls became red by that TIME

Teron : do it bitch, you r too slow I fixed couple of cloth pins

Teron : ok , now fix two on your cock anf one on cock head

I said :Please, not on cock head

Teron : DO IT BITCH, or I make it more harsher

I cried in pain, but some how fixed all

Teron : now bring a belt, and hit those clips, until it detached from you cock and balls

I brought the belt, on first hit, pain rushed upto my brain, I dropped then belt and holded my balls, n cock with my both hands

Teron : BITCH, did I asked you to stop?

I said “No sir”

Teron : then continue, until all clips fell on ground

It was like hell for me, some how I managed the pain, but the clip on my cock head gave me huge pain, also my cock head bleed by the last hit

I requested Teron to stop, but he said, he yet did not cum

Teron : you will stop , when I m satisfied, now masterbate that bleeding cock

I started to rub my cock slowly, finally it got hard

Teron : but you are not yet allowed to cum, now stop masterbate and lit the candle

I did as he said Teron, now drop hot wax on your nipples, I never did this type of things, neither I understand why people enjoy such things But as he has all my information I hv to do, so I started to drop hot waxes on my nipples

Teron : now drop on cock head until its covered with wax.

It was burning my cock head, but I continued until it became white, but my cock remained hard during this torture

Teron : now bring the flame near the wax covered cock, and let some wax melt again.

Believe me it was more hurting than pouring hot wax on cock head I was about to faint, but I had no other way but to do as he says

I requested him, “please sir, I cant bear any more

Teron : you are a bitch, and you are supposed to bear pain only

I cried but continued until he asked me to stop.

Teron : now you may cum, I am done with you for today. And a good news, all your session I have recorded and I am going to send these video and still pics to your original master, that was my deal with him

I cried in my heart and I asked him, that if I can logoff

Teron “ not until you cum boi”

So I tried to cum, after 5 mins of struggle I cummed, and he allowed me to go, but on the same moment matureman, buzzed me, and told that, now I hv to perform for him, for 30 mins. So I remained online, but I informed matureman that teron has made me bleed my cock, and today let me go. But matureman was adamant and told

Mature: BITCH , I don’t care you bleed or die, I just want to enjoy you
Akash : please sir, allow me to heal
Mature: first to remind you that you are a bitch, I will give you a good medicine on your wound Bring salt, and put on your wounded cock head

Akash : please sir, why you are becming so cruel day by day?

I brought salt, and before cam, I put some on my bleeding cock And I fell on ground in pain

Mature: STAND UP BITCH, NOW Two more masters of you will now join conference, so you better be STAND UP

I stood up

Mature: Hands behind head, and wait, until they join I had no role, other than waiting for other masters to be online.

Conference Call was established. Zenbears, and bsailorboy two masters became online

Zenbears said : hello bitch
Bsailor: hi slut
Mature: slave, now just node your cock, to say hello, don’t touch your cock

It was his favourite greetings with a cock.

Although it was conference call, but I had no role.

Both of them i.e Zenbears and bsailorboy were playing a pool stripper game, an online game. The winner was supposed to get me, for night to abuse on online.

Mature: Hey guys, from my side the trophy will be akash, winner gets him on cam, and can abuse him on cam until he satisfies.
My balls, cock was aching, I was unable to stand. I requested him

Akash: Sir, can you release me for today, it cant stand any more. Also my balls are paining and its 2:30 Am at night
Mature: BITCH, see, you have no say or choice, you have to stay for another 8 hours if I wish. So SHUTUP and be ready to get used again by winner.Till then you kneel down and goto the corner of the room, when the game is over we buzz and you just come on your knees

I did as he said, it is so painful on knees for 15 mins that too at 2:30 am, after sexual abuse on cam for 4-5 hours before. I was about to fall , I had no strength. After 15 mins I heard the buzz sound, I moved towards cam on knees, and I saw zeanbears own me.

Matureman: Congratulations Zenbears, Akash is yours for now, until I login again.

It was like hell for me.

Zenbears: Hello Whore, STAND UP and let me see your beauty.

I stood up, silently

Zenbears: Now dance

It was very odd, dancing nude, without music in a lonely room, like a mad.

Zenbears: I must see your cock and ass work, Dance with joy or you cry today

I tried my best, but as I said before, that I was very much used and had no strength to even stand. So I could not do as he wanted

Zenbears: YOU ARE A LAZY BITCH, mature told me rightly, that you are only good to receive pain and I will give you that I cried infront of CAM, already my cock and ball was bleeding, and again this guy want me to see in pain. I said, please for tonight let me go, I will serve you next morning

Zenbears: SEE BITCH, I have you only for few hours, again after matureman logsin , I will have no control on you, also he asked me to give him the recorded version of your cam, right now I am recording you Also in the video your cry has been recorded with your face, and also this video if uploaded on net , then you will be totally exposed So DO AS I SAY.

It was like a nightmare for me, I thought , I will die, this way

Zenbears: Now I want to hurt your pee hole, bring a small strip or plastic. Which will be inserted in your pee hole My eyes were out, it was like something I never heard, even matureman never asked me to do that. I said “I have no such strip”

Zenbears: You might have a match stick? Bring that

I brought that

Zenbears: Now insert the head of the stick in your pee hole, slowly

It was very much painful for me, to insert even a quarter inch of that stick in my pee hole. It burns from inside But I had no other option other than taking that pain. Tears were rolling down my eyes, I some how inserted half, and could not do further.

Zenbears: Now start masterbating

I said “What?” Its nearly impossible in such huge pain, when my tears are falling, my inside cock,pee hole burining, how can I even touch my cock

I pleaded, “Sir, please have mercy on me, why every one wants to see me in pain? What wrong I have done?”

Zenbears : The only mistake you have done, is you are cute, and beautiful. Any old guy drools on you. We have a discussion forum on net , in which now a days we all discuss about your beauty and innocence. Even some of us are planning to visit to India, to fuck you in real. So that is your mistake. Old guys like us likes to torture cute boys like you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND BITCH? Now do as I say, or next 15 minute , all your 250 pictures which is given to me by matureman will be uploaded, followed by your latest video.

I noded, and started to masturbate, even with single touch on my cock, it was paining like hell. I somehow did that for few minutes, but it appeared to me that my cock is internally bruised, luckily, Zenbears asked me to stop. I thought it’s the end, but the night continued to be a long one……………..

Zenbears: NOW lay on the ground, legs apart, and ass cheeks wide apart, let me inspect your boy pussy

I did as he said, atleast its no painful.

But although I was not touching the cock, it was paining

The time was 3:30 AM. I laid on floor, it was cold and I was dying as it was the month of January.

Its was very cold that day.

I remained there in that pose atleast 2-3 mins, until he asked me to stand again.

Zenbears: STAND UP BITCH NOW bring ginger and and a knife

I was shocked to know whats coming next, although its was a remote domination, but I had to follow all the orders , or he might upload my pictures and video. I brought the items from kitchen

Zenbears: NOW, make very small pieces of that zinger and show me

I almost made 100 pieces of that zinger and showed him

Zenbears: How many pieces you made BITCH I said “ 100”

Zeanbears: NOW PUT 90 PIECES INSIDE YOUR BUTT HOLE and 10 PIECES inside your pee hole

I was shocked, as I knew it will burn. But what else I could do, I did as he said, initially it does not feel anything, as the time passes, with every second the burning is doubled, if your hands are not tied, you cant keep it inside

Zenbears: YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT FOR 30 MINUTES, i.e upto 4:00 AM as per your time I pleaded, but he showed no mercy

Zenbears: I am keeping the CAM in recording mode, I am going to slap, if you turnoff your cam before 30 minutes or if you take out those gingers before 30 minutes, next morning all your nude pictures along with todays’s video will be uploaded on net. So don’t outsmart me. JUST STAY THERE FOR 30 MINUTES I said “YES SIR” I saw zenbears to go idle mode. But I remained there on floor for next 30 minutes, at 4:00 AM I loggedoff, I had fever in next morning and my ass and cock had no sensation of anything, I could not even pee in the morning. It was a longest painful night serving as a cam sex slave for many guys. It was 11 hours I served on cam, my pain may have pleased many pervert guys.

Chapter 5: All hopes lost

All hopes lost I went to doctor, for consultation, with some medication I felt better by next evening. I hoped that day, soon my this life must end, I started to find various ways, to stop this online domination.
The main problem was that I could not discuss this matter to anyone in real life. So I started to find solution online only. In one morning I was just online , before going to school, I was searching for CAM DOMINATION, I found in USA people were jailed for this, so I started to find in India if some option are there or, not. I entered in a forum, and posted the problem, I got good response, various suggestions came in my email address.
One man said, that he can help me to jail those persons, he asked me those ids, I gave him. I was so happy, atlast some one will solve my problem.
I went to school. It was a rule, he made, that after I return back from school, in the evening, i.e from 6PM I have to keep my CAM open in public mode, i.e NO PERMISSION REQUIRED to view my cam, and also I have to be in a room called Tops and Bottoms 15 under Gay Chat room of .
He made if mandatory for me to be in that room, and keep the cam open always, so there was not a single day when I opened the cam, and no one noticed. Whenever I opened the cam, minimum 5-10 offlines and 10-15 chat PMs used to come even if he was offline.
He made me a public whore, whom everyone knows and everyone gets pleasure from me. Almost 50 persons remains in that room, and I believe that all were his friends or knew me. They used to pm me in a systematic coordinated way, sometime I had to perform for the whole room.
It becomes more difficult to meet everybody’s demand. Things went haphazard, they fought with each other. Some used to say show your ass, some used to say, masterbate. I had to be confused. As all of them had those pics which matureman gave them
So I had to please all, but 50 guys when instruct you to do something on cam, it is not that easy. Finally they sorted out that chaotic problem. The room number 15 used to select a head tormentor, who gave me instructions after a due voting. Back to story, after the school when I opened the cam, I saw room number is already having 49 guys, when I joined it became 50.
I was greeted with various slangs in local language as well as in English.

Some said hi “Randi”,
some said “Hi WHORE”.
I felt very much degraded and humiliated. There I found a id dommastersir39, he greeted me, and
I said “no sir”
I had to call every body “sir”, whoever calls me “Bitch”
dommastersir39 : We met this morning in a forum, and you sought my help, I am here to help you. I said “ you told me you will help me, but why you are here calling me bitch”
dommastersir39: SEE MY ID BITCH, I am a dom, I like young boys on cam obeying me. That’s the actual help. Whatever id you gave me, I used them to contact your original tormentor, i.e matureman , he gave me all videos and pictures, its so hot, So now I also own you. So obey my orders too.
dommastersir39: TAKEOFF YOUR SCHOOL UNIFORM, and stand nude infront of CAM you slut
I did, that
dommastersir39: (in room 15), as all of you know our bitch boy, so I m having an idea of abusing this dirty whore in a unique way.
We ask him 10 question, for every false answer he will have to insert pins in his sensitive body part. He is saying truth of false, that will be decided by the room voting, do every member agree?
As I said before room 15 was only for abusing me.
All members knew me, so every one agreed.
dommastersir39: I will ask the question And the bitch will answer.
Before I start , BITCH BRING 10 PINS
I said I don’t hv
dommastersir39: goto near by shop and come within 10 mins
I rushed to bring pins, I had to buy 100 pins for Rs 10.
After I reached home, I had to again undress infront of cam.
The session started
dommastersir39: What is your age bitch?
I answered 15
dommastersir39: room voting please…
first member said “as his id says indianskoolboy17, so he is 17 year old, this bitch saying false…”
Entire room typed false, almost 40-50 people typed “false”
dommastersir39: Ok as the room thinks you are telling lie, so you hv to insert a pin, in your right nipple.
I pleaded every one, not to give such pain, but no one showed any mercy I closed my eyes, and touched the nipple with the tip of 1 inch pin,
Room started shouting, do it fast bitch, or your videos will come in youtube
I was helpless , it was painful but I had to do it. blood oozed from my nipple.
The room clapped
Dommastersir39: next question, “Do you like pain?”
I said “No”
The same thing got repeated until my tits, cock balls and ass cheeks had 100 pins.

In the meantime many guys started giving separate orders, fighting with each other for me which was impossible to fulfill, So they found a unique way. They made a abuse committee, which consisted of senior most 5 guys, mainly age 60-70, including dommastersir39, actually it was his idea, to sort out the problem.
The committee used to decide what I will do on cam, from 6PM to 2 AM, things like how many times I will cum, like what will be the degree of my abuse, torture or punishments.
Among the members some were given the responsibility to record the CAM SESSIONS, some were given the responsibility to distribute all those in that closed circle of 50- 60 guys.
Within a span of 1 year the circle has increased from 50 to 300 guys.
Which created heavy load on me, like I had to be online upto 4 am, some time whole day with 2-3 hours break, skipping schools.
I failed twice in ninth standard.
During that time I was desparate to come out from that situation, but found no measure, everyday 3-5 people got added in my list, as my master matureman had my username and password.
The only rule was my regular presence on cam from 6 PM to 2 AM some times 4 AM, until all guys gets satisfied.
For Saturdays/Sundays, the whole day I had to sit on cam. Even sometime I had to take pee,shit and bath infront of cam.
By that time the user lists increased to 800+, many guys over internet new my name.
One day i got an order from the committee that, I have to now perform on live cam on, already my account was created by them, only I had to login., is a public cam show, where I had to perform for many days.
Many unknown guys started to watch me, things were going out of my control. Even sometime, I had received calls to wake up from sleep, and start my cam, people treated me like a piece of meat, with no choice of mine, I had to cum, if they want,
I had to bath in mid night if they want,
I had to whip my cock if they enjoy.
I had almost no right on my own body.
It was a public property and I was a public whore. Even during winter with high fever, I had to perform for them, nude, shivering. Mainly it was difficult to please perverts in conference calls, when two-three old dom pervert joins in one place, the cruelest possible abuse they do.
I felt humiliated, and objectified when they discussed about me open in room no 15. Most of the guys, remarked about my sexuality, my body, my ass, my lips, my tits, my cock and balls.
I was addressed as slave akash, or slut, whore, bitch etc. I had no say, some time I had to stay nude, keeping my cam open, for inspection by all, it was almost like a rule, from 6 Pm, I had to open my cam, staying nude in front of cam, on knees and hands above head.
Then some one buzzes and I had to obey that guys without saying anything.
Some time, I was taken in another chat rooms, for demonstration, of my sexuality to increase my agony, my pain.
Many guys tried to purchase me, or sell me to slave market, but matureman stopped them from that.
Once a group from Australia wanted to come to India only have real sex with me, also I got offer from Suana Club, Milan ,Italy for being a slave of the club members.
Every day I get a new offer, but some how I got away from it.
Mainly the middle aged guys and old guys above 50-60 likes my body, they lust to have me in their bed room.
Many offered to marry me, and keep as their wife, by feminization of me.
I had to do cam session for people I never chatted before, suddenly, I get SMS like “BITCH OPEN YOUR CAM NOW OR GET EXPOSED”, o
nce I get such SMS, I open my cam till today, and I get many new ids requesting my friend list, then one by one I add all the ids, and start my CAM.
One day I got such a message, while I was going to school, I was in school dress, I had to open the CAM, and skip the school. It was a person from Australia, named mastersir56.
Mastersir56: BITCH, as you know, we all have your photographs and your school address, your telephone number etc. So I am you one more new master, You need to please me everyday during this time.
Akash: but sir, I am go to school this time, and also yesterday I did CAM show till 3 AM at night. Please allow me to study also.
Mastersir56: Bitches don’t study, they get fucked by all men of the world.
Akash : But sir……Please have mercy, till my body is paining specially by the abuse by many men on cam.
Mastersir56: I DON’t CARE BITCH, DO AS I SAY.
I had to open my cam, by looking at me in school dress.
I had no other way other than obeying them, I stripped naked.
Akash: but sir, I don’t want real fuck
Mastersir56: WE ARE COMING TO INDIA, I CAN PAY YOU 10,000 AUS Dollar for a week We are 5 people, and we book you for seven days, is that OK?
Akash: I am not prostitute sir
Akash: Sir, Please don’t threat like that, I am just a kid, and like your son’s age.
Akash: I can not move out of my town,
Mastersir56: We are coming to your town, We will pick you up from your school and you have not to do anything, Your leave application has been submitted to your school.
Akash: You reached my school?
Mastersir56: Not me, but someone who stay in your city and in our group, has gone to your school. The ground below my feet just gone hearing that, they reached me in real, now I will be forced into real sex?
I was in shock, I was shivering (to be continued….)

PART II Transition of Life from Cam Slave to Real Slave

Chapter 6 : Kidnapped, Raped and Tortured

It was Monday morning, this was the day, which they have told me, that the Car will pick me up from school. I was instructed to wear a bra and panty that day, and during that time I had very little soft hair on my face and my body.
I was instructed to insert a candle in my ass, and my cock balls tied, and also I have nice tits, which I was supposed to tie with some thread, so that it can be visible from outside. I inserted a candle before wearing the panty, then tied my cock and balls, as well as tits.
All three things were visible from my school uniform. I felt very much helpless and objectified. I felt like I have no control over my life, as if I am an object of sex for others, as if I am made to please others, a piece of meat, a toy to play with.
So, at 8 AM morning I started to walk by the road, many people looked at me, and smiled disgracefully. Both old men,women, young boys, girls, just stared at my buldging cock, protruding ass candle, and my tits which they understood is tied from inside. When I reached the school, I saw a black van standing near the gate, my heart started pounding.
One guy came near and asked my chat id,
Are you indianskoolboy17?
I nodded.
The guy harshly told “get inside BITCH”
I realized that perhaps this is end of my free life, and now onwards I have to lead a sex slave’s life.
When I entered the Van, I saw my friend’s father sitting beside me, along with few other guys.
I said uncle?
He slapped me on face many times,
I was so scared, I said “SORRY SIR”
Then the van started moving and they started to play with my body. I tried to stop their play, I started to cry.
But one of the guy told. BITCH DON’T CRY, AS WE ARE ONLY TAKING YOU FOR 7 DAYS, JUST RELAX Another who was sitting on my right just slapped my face, and
said “YOU ARE A SLUT, ENJOY THE ABUSE” My friends Dad(Ankur), asked them to tied my hands from behind, so that he can play with my cock and tits.
I started to scream when I saw myself getting tied for real Like “Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!!!!” Ankur Just punched on my stomach and hammred my cock with his fist”
I yelled in pain
I was helpless, they tied my hands and gagged my mouth.
The guy in my right started to cut my cloths with a knife,
another was rubbing my cock which was tied inside.
Within few minutes they made me naked. It took around 3 hours journey, when the van reached a old house in another village like area. The whole journey one by one all the guys fucked my ass including the driver.
I was half dragged , half lifted by them inside the house.
They all were sadistist, they had all equipment to torture me. In side the room there was a hook and this already hooked to a wall, and then they got a piece of rope, tied one end to the bag(heavy), and the other to my dick(include balls) and then they put the rope over the hook so that it starts to pull my dick and balls, then they tied my hands behind my back. and they wanted to make me more suffer so make me balance myself on a plank with a circular object under it. keep in mind that if you are in this position and then go on toes to get higher, you cannot come back down because of the weight!
I was made to stand there for 3 hours, until they finished their dinner and drink. I was raped for three hours inside the van by 5 guys,
I was hungry, now I was made to stand like this,
I was crying pain and agony. D
uring their drink, I heard about their future plans with me, it was too scary. They were dividing their time with me, like who will fuck me at which time, I was feeling so helpless and like a play toy for those old guys.
Also they planned to purchase some torture devices to hear my scream and see my tears.
After they finished their discussion, they came near me, where I was trying hard to balance myself, so that I don’t get hurt by balls and cock, but they kicked that ball which was below the plank, I was literally hanging by balls.
Then they took me off and one of the big hunky guy lifted me to the bed, and thrown me on bed.
My hands were still tied, they all fucked me two at time, my throat became sore by rough fucking by hard cocks, my ass were sore from before only.
Finally when their load was finished they slept on the bed, leaving me tied to the bed post. With me no one was there, I was thirsty as well as hungry.
I heard their plan, they decided to keep me hungry and weak for two days and after two days they will give me one meal, like that in seven days they will give me only three meals.
This will do two purpose solved, they like a slim boy as well as weak boy, who can’t fight back. Also that will keep them begging them for food and water, so they can make me do anything they like.
I slept thirsty and hungry whole night, tied and nude on the bed.
In mid night, someone slapped my face, It was Atul(my friends father), he told “BITCH WAKE UP”,
I need to pee, I was shocked why he is waking me up, I had no idea, what he had in his mind.
I could not ask anything, apart from looking at his face, as my mouth was still gagged.
He removed my gag, I thought he is soft on me, so I can find a way out,
I said “Uncle, please take me out of this mess, please”,
He slapped me harder many times on my face, leaving my cheeks red.
I was shocked , tears rolling down my cheeks, what he is saying.
I obeyed, I opened my mouth, and he peed on my mouth, I had to drink all his pungent piss, after I drank all his piss, he again fucked my mouth and off loaded his cum on my face, and left to sleep again.
That way three guys fucked me in mid night.
I slept very late night when the last guy fucked me at 3 AM,
I slept or I lost my sense I don’t know, until some one hit my cock with a belt, that was their way to say good morning.
My cries and pain was like music to their ears. I was forced to take bath in cold water, and they recorded my bath scenes, they gave me bra and panty and they asked me to pose like a girl taking shower, also they gave me a white towel, which I was supposed to wear like a girl.
They showed me poses in which I had to stand, while they recorded me.
Finally after I took shower they played with my body again.
I was too much hungry, I asked them food and water, but no one paid any attention to it, I was dying with my hunger, I told them I will every thing they like, if they give me food and water. One of the guy laughed and told me, that I have to obey them anyway, whether they give me food or not for seven days, I got too scared, I kept my mouth shut.
It was 10 AM, my school time. Three of them left, keeping two to baby sit me, I thought I will get some rest, but I was wrong. They wanted to keep me weak, tired and hungry.
More I become tired , more I become weak , it will be more easy them to abuse me, as I wont be able to resist what they do with me. So one of them asked me to clean the room, while my cock and ball tied and they holding the leash.
Two of them made me clean the whole room, made me clean all the kitchen and tensile. Finally they tied me with a long chain and locked in the kitchen with a pillar, so that I can move freely in the kitchen, but can not move out of kitchen.

They asked me to cook rice and vegetables.
While they started to watch TV, they gave one hour to do the work, while they burnt something in the kitchen which made the kitchen too much smoky, I could barely see anything, I cut my finger twice and also burnt my skin while cooking, they wanted some accident to happen , also they wanted me not to cook within the given time. Their intentions were fulfilled, as I was very much weak, I could not complete the work within one hour
I was prohibited to eat anything I cook, also my mouth was gagged.
I was only crying.
After one hour they brusted in the kitchen , started scolding me in slang.
I told “SIR iits almost ready”
I pleaded, “sir I am already too weak, and hungry, also you are fucking and raping me since last 24 hours”, I had only 2-3 hours of sleep.Please spare me”
I pleaded “SIR, have some mercy on me, you also has son of my age, please don’t punish me”
One of the hunky guy, punched my belly, I fell on the ground.
Another guy lifted me and that hunky guy, again punched me many times in my stomach, I could not move or fall this time, as another guy holding me from back. After he was satisfied with my scream, he left punching me, and said this was for arguing,
NOW after finishing your cooking come to drawing room, saying that they unlocked the chain and left in the drawing room,
I fell on the ground, I squirming in pain, I layed on ground for more than 10 mins, after that I slowly got up and finished the cooking.
After I finished the cooking , I went slowly to the drawing room, where those guys were watching TV, when I entered they asked me to kneel before them, I did . I was completely nude and I had blood in my mouth by the strong punches he gave me.
They liked me in nude, kneeled before them, and they also enjoyed the blood from my mouth and nose.
They started to show me the equipments they purchased, they wanted to have a trial of all those items on me before I serve them lunch.
The items were
a ball crusher,
a cattle prod,
electro shock machines for various parts of my body, with batteries with three settings like low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage,
one whip,
one riding corp,
one paddle,
one handcuff,
one ring gag,
one cock chastity device,
one set of nipple clamps, with weights ,
many dildos of various size,
they also bought a chair for me to sit, which had a wodden cock of size 8 inch , standing from out, on which I was supposed to sit, while having dinner or at other times while they abuse me, and another electrical fucking machine.
They had two hours to test all those on me, before they have lunch. So without wasting time, they started to use all those on me one by one.
They did not cared my cries and scream.They had no mercy on a teenage boy who is raped , tortured, abused by guys for last 30 hours, who is kept hungry and thirsty for 30 hours.
I had no choice other than waiting for the next pain to come, I could only cry and scream.
First they tied me to a bench, they laid me on my belly, tied both my hands and legs. They first tired the ball crusher on my balls. It was a cruel device, they fixed it to my balls, and started to crank the screws
But they continued until my balls were about to blast.
I cried like hell, but they continued to twist the screws as tight as possible.
I fainted after that I don’t remember, until they sprayed water on my face.
I jerked and got sense. I saw a cattle prod in their hand.
They yet had not released by balls from that cruel ball crusher.
The a cattle prod was a long one, normally the cattles are kept in order with that prod.
I was trying to move out of the bondage, but I had no sensation of hands and legs.
They were smiling.
They started to shock me with that prod for 10-20 mminutes, but they were no satisfied with my misery, so they decided to fix the electro shock machines for various parts of my body which was fixed with batteries with three settings like low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage.
They set the voltage to highest voltage
My body was twisting ,it became stiff like a wood.
That amused them. I fainted again.
They put ammonia capsule under my nose, normally when water don’t bring sense people use ammonia capsule, may be they have tried water, as when I got senses by the strong pungent smell I found my self all wet. They have pour a bucket of water on me , but I was in too much in pain, that my brain gone to semi cOMA.
I got my sense , I saw they were holding the whip, but yet all the electic connections were fixed in my body, my balls were inside that crusher, one of them were holding the cattle prod and another was holding that whip.
They wanted to test all those things one by one and together on me. So they started to whip me, shocked me with prod, mainly they focused my nipples, my balls, cock to shock with prod, also they prodded me in my belly, pubes, armpit etc.
I was yelping in pain.
They said “NO BITCH, WE WILL STOP UNTIL WE TEST EVERYTHING ON YOU “ They fixed the ring gag in my mouth .
They switched on the electric shock pads fixed on my body again,
I started to shake.
They continued to whip me with riding corp and whip while I was electrocuted by that prod and electric shock pads.
Suddenly they stopped that torture, I was sweating like a pig, they untied and lifted me , and made me bend and tied me with a chair, actually they wanted to fix that nipple clamp with weights and also they wanted to push the largest dildo in my virgin ass.
But yet they did not released the previous tools from me.
Just they added two more misery to me. I was having no strength to protest, I was like a piece of meat which could only squeal in pain.
They again started to whip me, increased the voltage, and pushed they dildo deep inside me, I fainted again.
When I got sense I was myself stting on that cock chair with my hands tied from back. I saw they were waiting in the lunch table, and asking for their lunch.
They came near me, slapped me many times, and ‘ They asked me to serve the lunch within 10 minutes , or else they will continue the torture for next two hours, after lunch also.
Saying that they untied me, and kicked me on my ass,
I fell on ground. I got up slowly, I was so weak and exhausted, slowly I moved painfully with ring gag in mouth, ball smasher and 8 inch dildo in my ass.
I fixed the dinner and requested them to come on lunch table.
I did as they said. It was more painful to kneel on floor with rice under your knees. They happily took their lunch and asked me to clean the dishes, I did as they wanted. They asked me to clean myself by taking bath.
But they also said I cant drink water while bath, they kept the bathroom door open, watched me standing near bath room, also they took pictures of my bath.
I felt so humiliated. I requested them for some water and food.
It was almost 30-35 hours I took any food or water.
I was about to faint when I came out of bath room.
I said “nooooooooo”
But they liked my wet and clean body so much that they started kissing me there itself, and dragged me to bed room, where they RAPED my ass and mouth for next 2 hours,
I was senseless, but they continued until they cum twice.
They left me on bed in senseless condition, as the door bell rang.
I got senses while they broke ammonia capsule again under my nose.
I sensed atleast 20-25 guys in the drawing room, having party and in bed room 7-8 guys standing , waiting for my sense to come.
I immediately understood, they all came to enjoy me, actually they all paid my blackmailers to enjoy me.
I cried , I thought I will die tonight, as they are not going to give food to me and fuck me from 5 pm to next morning.
The same happened also but I remained alive.
They started calculation siting on bed, where I was also sitting nude, covering my privates.
The calculation was like that, they had almost 12 hours, so they calculated 720 minutes they have, so each guy gets me for 18 minutes if fuck alone, and if they fuck together then they get 36 minutes each with me, but that was not enough for them , so they decided to fuck me in a group of 4, so they get 1 hour 10 minutes with me. Also they made list of things they wanted me to do, they made groupings based on their choices like,
Group A – Fuck Group, in which 12 guys gave their name
Group B- fuck and torture group in which 4 guys gave their names,
Group c – only those who like to torture my body and hear my screams, no sex in that group- total 24 guys gave name in the group.
That means I was about to get tortured most of the time.

From Group A guys entered the bed room, and closed the door, rest started to enjoy party, they started to lick my body, that group was soft, they made love to my sweet teenage body, recently brutalized for 30 hours by those guys.
They fucked my mouth, throat and ass with their huge cock. It was also not pleasant. I did not protest, as I knew I can’t not fight with 40 guys, also I was cuffed. This continued for 3-4 hours. When those 4 guys left another group entered,
Now it was the turn of Group B – it was 8 or 9 pm, the group tied me to bed post and raped me like a piece of meat, also whipped my body while fucking. One in the group also tied a rope around my neck, and tied it so tight that I could not breath , my face became red, my eyes came out, while they were busy fucking,whipping my body.
I had no energy to protest, no energy to even cry and scream. The 12 guys of group B enjoyed my meat, they released me at 1 AM. Finally the most cruel group C, who wanted to only punish, torture my body.
They brusted into the room, while group B even did not released me, they had argument among themselves, they just snatched my body from the other group, and thrown my limp body in drawing room, where made all arrangements for my torture. I saw it with my closing eyes covered with tears, I saw a wooden cross in the middle of the room, may be they will fix me there. I saw guys fighting with each other, actually group B was not yet done with me, but It was too late night, and group c guys were more, they also paid same amount.
So finally the fight was resolved as , when group B guys sleep, at 8 AM I will handed over to them for 2 more hours, no matter I am in what condition. All knew the fact that after Group C enjoys me, I will be in worst condition, may be I will have to be sent to hospital.
Finally group B guys went to sleep and I was in the cruel hand of 24 guys, sadistic in nature. I knew I may not be alive, also I was semi dead by that time. They did not give me food for 2 days, and continuously I was fucked,raped and abused.
They lifted me to the cross, first my hands were tied, and they tied both the hands on the cross, and then my legs were made apart and tied to each side of the cross and my throat was also tied to the post.
They slapped me many times on face to bring me in sense. I saw a guys approaching me to an injection in hand. The guys were sayin , that if that injected to me, I will be in sense, no matter how much pain was inflicted on me.
Also they injected another injection which is sex booster, which will keep my cock hard always, no matter how much whipped.
They told me “BITCH, You are horny now, and we do what you deserve”
They one by one enjoyed my helpless body, they whipped my all parts of the body, burned my nipples and cock with cigarette and candles hot wax.
Also I was given electric shock many times. I could never scream, only tears was at the corner of my eyes.
After a long abuse of 7 hours, they released me. Although I was in sense, but my whole body was bleeding and my pulse started to fall. There was one doctor in that group, who suggested others to admit me in his hospital, I was given the dose of morphine and at 4 PM I was released. They brought me back to that apartment at 5 PM, and kept me on the bed.
Although they did not fuck me, but my hands were still cuffed, I was given saline. And some juice to drink. At night I was given fruits, I eat some. All those guys left, only five of them were there.
I had no sense when it was morning, I was feeling little better, although I was still weak, but they kept on giving me, energy booster, and sex stimulators.
Although I was in pain, I wanted to cum, my balls were full with cum, my cock was hard. My sleep was broken, when I got a hard slap on my cock. I screamed and started to cry.
I pleaded them “please let me go ………………..please”
I started to cry
At around 9:30 PM, they received a call from their friends, who were organizing a bachelor’s BDSM party.
Those organizers offered them Rs 2 Lacs for me as victim in the BDSM PARTY for one night.
All five of them started to discuss their share. Finally they decided to get 40,000 each. No one cared whether I live or die.
They wanted to earn money. I was still on bed, unable to walk. They committed they organizers that they will bring me there.
They dumped me in bath tub, and made me bath and sprayed body perfume. Cleaned my pubes, ass , arm pit hair. Also they poured body cream , that made my body again glow.
I was looking very hot.
One of them wanted to fuck me again. But others stopped him. Said in that case he will have to pay Rs 2 Lacs.
I was still unable to walk or stand on my feet. So they decided to take me there on stretcher.
They brought a stretcher and laid me on that.
They tied my wrists and ankles with the stretcher.
I was taken there to the Party by an Ambulance, in unknown underground dungeon.
I was blindfolded.
They took the stretcher to basement, and heard clap of around 30 guys.
I was untied from the stretcher and made stand there.
I was in a girls dress.
They put lipstick on my lips, my eyes were like a girl, so they enjoyed my girly looks.
The Party started at 11 PM. They tied me to the ceiling, and started to whip me on my cock and balls. I had hardly any strength to protest, I took as every thing was coming. I was crying and screaming, but the audience was enjoying, and clapping with my each scream.
After 15 minutes of cock and ball whipping, they tied me to a tree , I was made on my knees, and my mouth was used as toilet for those who wanted to pee, as pussy who wanted to fuck.
After 30 minutes in that position, I had to drink 2-3 liters of pee and more than fifty percent of party guest fucked my mouth.
I lost my voice by then. I was untied from that position, and brought on a table, where they started to torture me in every cruel ways possible.
Next day I found myself on a hospital bed, with multiple bruises, burn and cut marks. My cock and balls were blue, my ass was a huge hole. My lips were heavy.
I was kept in ICU for next seven days and on last day I saw a person standing beside my hospital bed to get me released, and you know what did he say ?
I will wait for your response about the partially true story based on my cam sex life in my YM ID – teenslut17

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