The Knight and the Acolyte Book 2, Chapter 5: Tentacular Test

Book Two: Magic's Clash
Chapter Five: Tentacular Test
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Journeyman Mage Faoril – The Island, Magery of Thosi

All thoughts were wiped from my mind as the tentacles of the eldritch horror wrapped about my body. The remnants of my magical circle sputtered and then went silent as the creature I conjured from the Astral Plane heaved himself out of the circle.

I was lifted into the air above the Island, the artificial pentagram set in the center of Lake Esh. The perimeter was protected by spells and wards. It would contain any thing in case a journeyman mage taking the masters test made a mistake.

Like the one I just made.

Lust burned through me. I shuddered and spasmed as I was held by the tentacles. The horror was a writhing mass of purple flesh and yellow eyes. Dozens of long, rubbery tentacles undulated from the mass below, some ending in bulbous tips that resembled cocks.

….yummy flesh...



“Yes,” I gasped as the world spun about me. “Enjoy me. Fuck me.”

The light-blue sky and the dark-blue lake whirled about me. Below, the flat island spun as the eldritch horror's tentacles flailed me about. My red robes swirled about my spasming legs. My short, light-brown bangs spilled across my vision, obscuring the world for brief moments.

More tentacles undulated towards me. A rubbery appendage pressed down the front of my robes between my breasts. My nipples hardened and ached as the tentacle wrapped around one breast and then the other, leaving tingling slime behind. I spasmed and my pussy clenched. My toes curled as the pleasure grew within me.

Cloth ripped. My robe tore open, exposing my naked breasts and stomach to the sun. The tentacle writhed as it seized my tattered robe and ripped it from my body. Other tentacles caressed me. A pair seized my thighs, pulling them apart while another two squeezed and kneaded my breasts.

“So good,” I panted as I writhed. My hips undulated. I needed my pussy to be caressed. I was on fire. I needed to cum so badly. “Take me! Fuck me! Make me cum!”



...feed me your lusts...

Smaller feelers extended from a pair of tentacles to seize my hard, pink nipples. The tentacles coated my nubs in the aphrodisiac slime. My body shuddered as my nipples were stretched and twisted by the thin, noodle-like tentacles. Pleasure shot down to my wet pussy.

A tentacle-cock shoved into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the bulbous head. It was spongy and soft, throbbing as I sucked. I moaned about the tentacle-dick as it reamed into my mouth. I was being used by the monster.

My pussy spasmed as an orgasm rushed through me.

My juices flooded down my thighs. Pleasure hammered through my body. I thrashed in the tentacles' embrace. I sucked harder on the tentacle-cock fucking my mouth. My breasts jiggled as the tentacles played with my nipples.


The horror's tentacles rubbed at my thigh, sucking at my flesh. The suckers absorbed my juices. Ripples of lighter violet ran down the tentacles caressing my legs, bringing my pussy cream to the horror. The fleshy body shuddered beneath me as it fed off my lusts.

...feed me more...

Small, feeler tentacles caressed my pussy lips. They sucked, drinking my pussy juices. My labia and vulva throbbed beneath their caresses. I shuddered as the small tentacles caressed my clit. My little bud throbbed as a small appendage grasped it and undulated, massaging me.

Pleasure exploded through me. My stomach contorted as another orgasm burst inside of me. The bliss flooded my body. Rapture consumed me. The monster rippled and howled below as it played with my pussy.

A tentacle-cock rubbed between my asscheeks. It was covered in the tingling slime. My sphincter clenched as it pressed against it. The slime lubed the monster's cock. I groaned about the appendage in my mouth as the tentacle-dick penetrated my asshole.

Hot pleasure roared through me as the tentacle-dick fucked my ass.

So good.

The tentacle-cock in my mouth fucked me faster. It pushed at my the back of my mouth. I was too lost to the lust to fight as it slammed down my throat. I sucked breath through my nose. My tongue caressed the rubbery tentacle. It tasted so good. Nothing was sweeter.

I wanted it to cum in me. ass...

...succulent cunt...

...must fuck...

The tentacles played with my body as a the thickest dick probed at my pussy lips. My pussy lips stretched and stretched. Pleasure and pain ran through my body. I spasmed in climax as the thick tentacle-dick shoved into my cunt. It was covered in small ridges. I thrashed as I was filled, the ridges stroking the inside of my pussy and shooting bliss through me.

My sheath spasmed about the thrusting tentacle. I was fucked in every hole. I dangled in the air and writhed as orgasm after orgasm crashed through me. My juices squirted out of my cunt around the thick tentacle-cock. The monster flashed violet as it drank my lusts.

...pleasure me...

...make me cum...


I was a slut. A slut for these amazing tentacles.

Every part of my body was touched. Tentacles caressed my body, fucked my holes, and played with my nipples and clit. Other tentacle dicks pushed against my body. One erupted, spraying white cum across my stomach.

My skin tingled with delight where the cum ran. Another orgasm burst inside me.

...drink my cum...

The tentacle-cock fucking my mouth swelled. I eagerly sucked. My tongue caressed the tip. The dick erupted. Salty-sweet cum bathed my mouth. I swallowed it in greedy gulps. Power flared inside me as I drank.

I could use that power. But I couldn't remember how. The pleasure was too much.

Blast after blast of cum flooded my mouth. I drank it down and shuddered as my body climaxed again and again. The cum was thick and creamy. It coated my mouth and throat before warming my belly.

More tentacle-dicks erupted, bathing my body in jizz. I loved it. The tentacle-cock in my mouth withdrew. I sucked in greedy breaths as it erupted and drenched my face with its cum. It ran down my cheeks and the bridge of my nose to my lips. I licked my tongue, greedy for every drop.

“Fuck me! Take me!” I screamed. “Cum in my pussy. Give me all your cum.”


...take it, slut...

The tentacle-cock in my asshole erupted. My tight bowels were filled with delicious cum. It ran out around the tentacle and dripped down to my stuffed pussy. The cum left a trail of bliss burning across my nethers.

“Cum in my pussy! Give it all to me!”


“Yes! Whore! I love your tentacles!”

The thick, pussy-stretching cock slammed into the depths of my cunt. My pussy spasmed around the ridged tentacle. I spasmed in the monster's embrace. A violet pulse ran up the tentacle. The cock swelled and flooded my pussy with delight.

“Begone back to the Astral Plane, horror,” a strong voice boomed below.

There were figures standing around the creature, dressed in black robes. I knew them. They were the—

My eyes snapped open. I was taking the test.

The eldritch horror let out a shrieking wail. Its tentacles undulated. The world spun about me as the tentacles waved. I let out a shriek, struggling to think through the lust. I was supposed to keep the horror contained and then send it back.

“Begone!” the mages shouted together, driving their energy into the horror.

The undulating mass of flesh retreated to the shining rift that led back to the Astral Plane.

The tentacles holding me up were severed by slashing air. I shrieked as I fell only to be caught by a gentle breeze and carried naked to the polished stone of the Island. I shuddered and writhed as another orgasm rippled through my body.

My lover fled back into the rift. The world spun about me.

Darkness crashed down on my well-fucked, exhausted body.


Knight Errant Angela – Esh-Esh Highway, Magery of Thosi

“What do you think the grieving mage will be like?” Sophia asked as she rode beside me on her mare, Purity.

“I don't know,” I shrugged, my armor clinking.

The farmland of Central Thosi spread around us. Traffic was heavy on the highway. Teamsters driving wagon trains of goods passed back and forth, continuously forcing us off the road to let them pass.

“I hope it's a girl,” Sophia smiled.

“So you can fuck her?” I asked, giving her a grin.

“Maybe.” Sophia's green eyes had a naughty twinkle in them.

“Well, we have three days of travel to find out,” I answered. The sun sank to the west. “We should think about finding a place for the night.”

“There is a village approaching,” Xera said. She walked in front, still naked. Every farmer and farmwife we passed paused to stare at the naked elf. Xera walked tall, her back straight, unconcerned by her blatant nudity.

I wasn't a prude, but I don't think I could appear naked for so many to see.

“What if she's a guy, though?” Sophia asked. She bit her lip.

“Then I'll have a man to enjoy from time to time,” I smiled at her. “But I'll still share your bed most nights.”

Sophia was fun. She made my heart race. She was exciting to be with. But...I wasn't sure if it was love. I couldn't remember what being in love felt like. I had only been in love once, and, well, I couldn't remember who it was or what I felt. I gave up my love to find the answers to defeat the Dragon Dominari.

Was it a mistake? I must have had a good reason to give up...whomever.

Sophia reminded me of Lady Delilah. I had the same heartache whenever I sighted the beautiful, mature woman. She was my first crush. I could still remember her riding up to my parent's manor in her armor as a Knight Deute, her flaming hair spilling about the burnished pauldrons covering her shoulders.

I touched the garnet pendant about my neck. It was a farewell gift from Lady Delilah. My cheeks burned.

I glanced at Sophia and felt that same...heat. Was this love? Did I love Sophia and Lady Delilah? Or did I just lust for them. They were both beautiful in different ways. Lady Delilah was gorgeous and remote, like a stunning mountain viewed from afar but always out of reach.

Sophia was far more accessible. She was a beautiful, refreshing lake just begging to be entered and enjoyed.

“Tonight,” I smiled at Sophia, “how would you like to be tied up to a bed?”

Sophia smiled and shuddered, a flush suffusing her cheeks. “Just so long as no wyverns attack.”

“Definitely,” I nodded, shifting my shoulders as I remembered the sharp claws snatching me before I was carried off by the attacking monster. “There will be no monster attack.”

“Good,” Sophia nodded. Her eyes burned with love. Sophia definitely loved me.

So why wasn't I sure that I loved her back? It just didn't seem fair to Sophia not to love her.

“And I shall find a delicious barmaid or village girl to warm my bed,” Xera added.

Sophia giggled, “Yes, the Thosian girls all seem eager to try out an elf.”


Journeyman Mage Faoril – The Island, Magery of Thosi

“What went wrong?” Master Mage Evolia asked as my eyes opened. Her motherly expression was stern instead of comforting.

“Wrong?” I asked, my mind fuzzy. My entire body trembled. Heat burned through me.

“With the summoning?” she persisted.

“Oh, no,” I gasped and sat up. My body was covered in streaks of dried cum. Magical energy burned inside my body from the eldritch horrors. I had received three doses—orally, anally, and vaginally—of the creature's power.

“My...lemures cum wasn't nearly as effective as it should have been, Master Mage,” I answered, hugging my body. Abruptly, I was conscious of the five Master Mages staring at my naked, cum-stained form.

“You had lemures cum?” purred sultry Laorlia.

I nodded.

Breliun, a very handsome man with a smile that had left me giddy as an apprentice mage, dug through the scraps of my torn robe. He pulled out a pair of vials that held lemures cum. He examined the vials. “You improperly prepared the preservation charm.”

“What?” I blinked.

“How did you fail such a simple spell?” Lord-Mage Alorian demanded.

“I...I...” How? I was so good. And even the newest apprentice could handle the spell without issue. It was the first thing we were taught. Preserving sexual fluids was vital for a mage, whether it was cum for a woman or pussy juices for a man.

“This is very disappointing,” Lord-Mage Alorian continued, his back stiff. “You were promising, but to make such a simple mistake...”

“If we weren't here to rescue you...” A nasty smile crossed Laorlia's lips.

I shuddered. I conjured a lust eldritch. The thing would have fucked me to death, absorbing all my sexual energy in the process. Then it would have sought other women to molest with its tentacles and began again.

“Very disappointing,” Alorian repeated.

“I have plenty of energy to complete the test,” I whispered, my stomach twisting.

“You failed, child,” Evolia said.

“Yes, you bunged the barrel, girl,” Chevian said, stroking his beard. I had never seen the grandfatherly man without his broad smile.

My head sank. I tried to fight the tears that threatened to overwhelm me. “I...I apologize for my lapse. I...I do not know how I could have improperly cast the preservation spell.”

“This is a serious mistake,” Alorian said. “I do not think you will be invited to test again next year.”

I wanted to throw up. My dream of being a Master Mage was yanked from me. How had I so thoroughly botched it? I was the best mage of my year. I had no doubts that I would pass. Was I in such a confident rush that I didn't cast the simplest spell right?

Tears came. I shook as Evolia conjured a blanket and draped it over my body.


Fireeyes – Kingdom of Valya/Magery of Thosi Border

Discovering the imprisoned fire elemental was a lucky find. The binding spell was ancient, the runes oddly formed. It predated the founding of the Magery Council and the codification of arcane rituals. The circle was a precursor of the starburst, but had nine points instead of ten and strange markings in the star's arms. I had never seen its like before.

I drew the circle in my journal before I broke it.

The fire elemental exploded out in a hungry roar. It crackled in the air. Mirages danced around its flaming body. It vaguely resembled a slim man, the flames dancing and curling to from limbs and torso. Where the eyes would be, the flames burned white-hot.

I drank a vial of dragon pussy juices. They were hard to obtain. The dragon herself had been a young thing. I doubt I could have procured a vial from an older specimen. The dragon had howled, transformed into a woman, as I induced orgasm after orgasm to obtain ten vials of her passion.

I only had one on me, the rest safely hidden in my lab. Dragons were hermaphroditic beings of fire. Like all the five races birthed by Matar's self-impregnation, Dragons represented one of the five elements. Dragon dew allowed for greater control over fire than other juices.

I chained the fire elemental to my will. It howled and thrashed against invisible bonds. Its flames sputtered as my magic kept its fires under control. Raging like an inferno, it thrashed as I dragged it to the bonfire my simulacrum had started.

In the fire, an image of my target appeared. Angela was in a rude village inn. The entire building was made of wood with a thatch roof. It would be hard to affect magic over such a distance. I needed a medium.

The fire elemental roared like an inferno consuming a forest as my magic devoured its essence. I concentrated on setting fire to Angela's inn.


Acolyte Sophia – Lenath, Magery of Thosi

The door to my room in the village of Lenath's only inn burst open. I sat up in my blankets wearing a shift I bought off the very tavern maid Xera was enjoying in another room. My small breasts pressed against the thin linen as Angela marched in, her armor creaking.

“Oh, no,” I gasped, my heart racing. “What do you want?”

“You're pretty flesh,” Angela purred, drawing her knife.

My eyes widened. What was the knife for? A hot flush ran through my pussy as Angela marched on me. The blade caught the light from the tallow candle burning on the nightstand beside my bed. I shifted on the hay-stuffed mattress, pulling my thighs together.

“Please, don't hurt me,” I moaned, tears burning my eyes.

“So long as you don't fight,” Angela purred, “I won't have to.”

I leaped from the bed and tried to run past her. She caught the neckline of my shift and threw me back. I squeaked as I landed on the bed. Angela was so strong and sexy. My pussy ached. I squeezed my thighs together as I cowered on the bed.

“That was very bad of you,” Angela purred.

She seized my shoulders and pushed me down. Her red hair fell around her face as I struggled beneath her. Angela's breasts rose and fell in her half-breastplate. Her large tits were cupped by the metal and made an impressive cleavage.

“You make me so wet, slut,” Angela hissed as her knife touched my cheek. “But if you keep struggling, you'll get hurt.”

The blade was cold against my cheek. I tried to keep from trembling. Her knife was sharp. She could hurt me. I had to trust Angela. She slid the knife down my cheek to my neck. Just a little more pressure and she would kill me.

“That's it,” she purred. “Don't struggle and you won't get hurt.”

“Okay,” I whispered.

“Mistress,” Angela hissed. “That is how you address me, slut.”

“Yes, mistress.” My clit throbbed. This was so sexy. My heart raced with fear and lust. I was so helpless before her.

I really needed to talk to the High Virgin and have her include bondage in the training of acolytes for the Temple of the Pure. It was such an exciting branch of female sexuality not taught. I was sure there were worshipers out there who would both love to dominate women and be dominated by sexy priestesses of Saphique.

The knife slid lower. She reached the neckline of my shift. The blade slipped inside between my small breasts. The cool flat touched my right breast. It slid up to my hard nipple. I held my breath, too scared to do anything as the edge of the knife caressed my aching nub.

With a quick twist, the knife cut open my shift. I let out a frightened squeak. My heart thudded as my right breast was exposed and, thankfully, unharmed. Relief flooded me and my pussy clenched in desire. Angela smiled as she brought the tip of her knife to my nipple and lightly pressed against it.

Pleasure rippled through my body.

“Mistress,” I gasped. “What are you doing to me?”

“Playing with your delicious body,” Angela purred.

Her knife slid down my breast and then cut through the fabric of the shift, revealing my other tit. She let the knife's tip graze up my breast. She almost tickled me with the sharp point as she circled up my small mound to my pink tip.

I fought the urge to squirm and press my thighs together. My tart excitement filled my nose, mixed with tangy musk.

Angela leaned down and sucked my right nipple into her hungry lips. Her knife pressed against my breast as she licked and sucked. I moaned and bit my lip. I wanted to squirm so badly. My body trembled beneath me, but the knife pressed on my flesh kept me still.

“Such a good slut,” Angela smiled as she moved her knife. “I can smell how excited you are. You should be scared, but you're not. Do you know why?”

“No, mistress,” I squeaked as her knife cut the shift down to my stomach. To my pussy.

“Because you're a horny, nasty slut that just wants to please me.”

Her knife reached the hem of the shift. The cut cloth parted away to expose my shaved pubic mound glistening with my excitement. She pressed the flat of the blade against my pussy lips as her lips captured mine in a kiss. She thrust her tongue deep into my mouth.

The blade was so cool on my hot flesh.

My toes curled. I moaned into her kiss. The excitement in my pussy burned hot as she slid the blade up and down my labia. My pussy clenched. Juices flooded out, coating the blade in my sticky passion.

“You make me so wet,” moaned Angela. “Do you know what happens to sluts that make their mistresses wet?”

“No, mistress.”

Angela shifted on the bed. Her chainmail loincloth dragged across my body as she straddled me. She pulled the chainmail strip up covering her ass as she backed her pussy up to my lips. She settled down on my face, her chainmail clinking as it settled into place. The links were cold as the front strip draped across my breasts.

“They eat their mistress's pussy,” Angela purred, rubbing her hot, tangy flesh on my lips. “They make their mistress cum.”

“Yes,” I moaned into her succulent cunt.

My tongue flicked out. Angela moaned as my tongue piercing slid through her hot folds. Her tangy juices poured into my mouth as she leaned over and ran her dagger up and down my pussy lips. The cold metal brushed my folds.

I gasped when the tip pressed into my pussy. My flesh contracted about the sharp point. I moaned into Angela's snatch as the excitement mounted. I fought my hips desire to squirm as Angela delicately probed my pussy with the dagger.

One little slip and she would cut me. I had to be still. I had to trust her. It was so hard not to move. My pussy had never been hotter.

“Such a cute pussy,” purred Angela. “And so wet. Do you love my dagger playing through your folds, slut?”

I moaned into her pussy. My tongue dug in deeper into her hot hole. I swirled it about, eager to please my mistress. The knife pressed deeper into my cunt. I kept my pussy under control as my hot flesh wrapped around the cold metal.

I sighed in relief when she pulled the blade out then tongued her pussy harder. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. My juices flooded out of my pussy and my toes curled. My entire body trembled. My orgasm swelled in my core. I was so close to exploding.

“Keep licking my pussy, slut,” Angela groaned, shifting her hips and grinding her hot flesh across my cunt. “You better make me cum, or you'll pay, slut.”

“Yes, mistress,” I moaned.

My hand reached around to play with her clit. Angela shuddered as my tongue fucked into her hot depths. My fingers circled her hot nub. I licked and nuzzled as she rubbed something thick and hard against my pussy.

The dagger's handle.

I groaned into her pussy as she shoved the handle into my cunt. The round pommel at the base spread my pussy open and then the rough leather of the handle teased the walls of my sheath. I bucked beneath her and rubbed harder at her clit.

My pussy burned with fire. Angela pumped the make-shift dildo in and out of my cunt. I humped my hips and moaned into her delicious pussy. The pleasure swelled. My entire body trembled as every pump of the dagger's handle in my hot flesh brought me closer and closer to cumming.

“You whorish slut,” gasped Angela. “By the gods, you know how to eat pussy. Oh, yes. Slata's cunt, I'm going to cum.”

I held off on my orgasm. I wanted to cum with my mistress. The air hummed with energy. I shuddered as my toes curled. A tinge of smoke brushed my nose. I frigged Angela's clit hard. Her body bucked atop me.

“Sophia!” Angela gasped, shoving the dagger's handle deep inside me as she came.

Her tangy juices flooded my mouth. The smell of smoke grew stronger. The air hummed with so much power as I drank down Angela's juices. I bucked beneath her as my own orgasm burst through me. The pleasure rushed through my body. I gasped and moaned into Angela's pussy as my cunt convulsed around the rough leather of the dagger's handle.

The door burst open.

“I smell smoke!” Xera shouted.

“What?” Angela moaned as she shuddered atop me.

“Can't you smell the smoke coming from this room?”

“I do,” I gasped as the final waves of my pleasure ran through me.

Angela slid off of me. “It's just from the kitchen, Xera.”

“No. This smoke is different. They are burning pine wood in the kitchen. This is oak smoking. That's what the inn is made out of.”

“And you say it's coming from this room?” Angela asked.

I sat up, my cut shift slipping off my shoulders. The air hummed. I cocked my head as I studied the room. Xera's ears twitched and her large breasts rose and fell. She pointed to the corner of the room where smoke curled.

“There's no flames,” I gasped. All the hairs on my arms stood up. “Where is it coming from? And does anyone else feel that.”

“Yes, there is something in the air,” Xera nodded. “I can almost hear a man talking. He sounds...commanding.”

“Magic,” hissed Angela. “There is no way that floor could catch fire. There is nothing burning over there.”

“We need to get out of here,” Xera exclaimed. “Oh, no. The voice is growing louder.”

“Yes. We need to evacuate the inn,” I gasped, hopping up. I snatched up my white robe and pulled it around my body, loosely belting it around my waist.

“Saddlebags,” Angela gasped. “We need our supplies. Then Sophia, head to the barn and get out our horses. Xera and I will help get people out and—”

Flames erupted in the corner, hungry red as they ate at the floor. My heart thudded in fear. I scooped up both our saddlebags and fled out of the hallway shrieking, “Fire!”



The burning inn lit up the night. Embers fluttered through the sky like falling stars, burning brightly and briefly. The villagers, most wearing their sleeping gowns, scrambled to put out the inferno before it consumed the surrounding houses.

The inn was lost.

Sophia and Angela stood nearby watching. Both had soot staining their faces and Sophia's white robes were soiled. They held the reins to their horses, soothing the frightened beasts. The voice floating on the air was gone.

“Who did this?” Angela asked. “Why would someone try to burn down our inn?”

“You have made an enemy,” I answered. Those words I heard on the air were familiar. I felt like I heard them before. But my thoughts were scattered by the roaring fire.

“But how?” Angela shook her head. “I don't even know any mage. Why would one try to kill me?”

“Maybe you just imagined the words,” Sophia whispered. “What if the fire started in the next room?”

“My room?” Xera asked. “There was no fire burning in there. I had just finished pleasuring Feris when I smelled the smoke. It came from your room.”

Sophia frowned. “Angela's right. We've had no dealing with a mage. There is no one that would want to stop our quest from succeeding.”


King Edward IV – Shesax, the Kingdom of Secare

I stared down at the white, ceramic bowl that sat on the desk of my study. Since Fireeyes had departed, I found myself often staring at it. The bowl was filled with water tinged with crimson. A magic circle inscribed around a triangle was drawn in red at the bottom. Fireeyes had left it behind, but not before pricking his finger and adding a drop of his blood.

“I will communicate when the deed is done,” Fireeyes had said nineteen days ago. “The bowl will turn red when she is dead.”

Nineteen days since I hired the rogue mage. Nineteen days that Angela lived, a threat to my throne and my unborn son's inheritance. It ate at me. Angela was out there. I should have just killed her before she left Shesax. Why did I listen to Lady Delilah and give Angela this chance?

Of course Angela would find a way to kill the dragon Dominari, a monster no knight had slain in five hundred years of questing. A laugh bubbled out of my lips. Not only did she find a way, but it was with her ancestral sword.

“She'll kill me,” I shouted. “She'll kill me and refound the High King's empire if you don't kill her, Fireeyes.”

I didn't mean to scream at the bowl. I reached for the crystal glass and finished off the amber brandy. The alcohol burned down my throat as I emptied the snifter in three gulps. I set it back down and looked at the crystal decanter.

“My king,” my wife purred behind me.

She waddled to me, cradling her pregnant belly. She was only a month away from term. Her blonde hair fell about her naked shoulders. Her breasts, swollen by her pregnancy into lush orbs, jiggled before her. She leaned down and kissed my cheek.

“Come to bed, my king,” she whispered. “Do not lose your mind staring into this bowl. Fireeyes will not fail.”

“He claimed to have her dead in a fortnight,” I slurred. “Two weeks and more have passed.”

“So? He will succeed.” She rubbed my shoulders. “Trust my plan. Our son shall rule. No prophecy will deny him. We shall make a grand destiny for him forged by our own hands, not the simpering words of an oracle.”

I closed my eyes and nodded.


Journeyman Mage Faoril – Esh-Esh, Magery of Thosi

I didn't want to wake up. I wanted to stay piled beneath my blankets and slip back into unconsciousness. I didn't want to face reality. I would forever be a journeyman mage. There were thousands like me, all gifted, but none trusted with the deepest magics. No kings or princes would turn to me for counsel. No rich merchants would hire my services. I would never rise to sit on the Magery Council.

All because I botched the simplest spell that even the densest apprentice mastered after a week.

The boat ride back to Esh-Esh had been terrible. I huddled in the hold, wrapped in the blanket Evolia conjured, and wept into my hands. Everyone knew I had failed. I returned earlier than any of the others, naked and trembling. No one spoke to me. Not even my friend Saoria.

She had held her head high, certain she had passed.

Right now, in the highest floor of the tower, the results were handed out. I didn't bother waking up for it. What was the point? I already knew I had failed.

I rolled over on my bed and tried to sink back into oblivion.

It wouldn't come. Only bitter recriminations filled me. I had failed. I was prepared for everything. I memorized all seven of the magical circles, I mastered all five of the elements, and I knew all 144 arcane inscriptions and when to use them to effect. I was ready to conjure horrors, battle elementals, and perform feats of magic so delicate that a single misplaced thought would cause the spell to miscast and backfire in my face.

And I was undone by such simplicity. How had I so profoundly failed as a mage?

I thrashed in my bed. Sleep had escaped me. My stomach gnawed with hunger and my throat was parched. I didn't deserve food or drink. I was a failure. I should just stay in these quarters until I withered away.

I would never be a master mage.

The sun was bright as it drifted through the window. Very inconsiderate of the sun. My blanket was too thin. I squeezed my eyes shut and shuddered as a sudden sob racked me. I couldn't even wallow in peace.

The door to the room banged open. Saoria entered. I didn't peak from my blankets.

“It is time to get up, Faoril,” Saoria said, her voice cold.

“No,” I muttered.

“Stop pouting and get out of bed, Journeyman Mage,” she snapped.

I scrunched up in a tighter ball. “Just go away, Saoria.”

“I will not be spoken to that way.”

My blankets were suddenly ripped away. Saoria stood facing me, hands on her hips. She wore the black robes of a Master Mage. So she passed. I huddled into a ball and buried my face in my hands, curling up my knees to try and hide my naked body.

“This is pathetic,” Saoria snapped. “You will get up, get dressed, gather your belongings, and vacate my room.”

Shock shot through me. “What?”

“Right now, Journeyman Mage Faoril. These quarters are mine now. I will not share them with a girl so inept she can't even cast a preservation spell.”

The Master Mages had told Saoria how I failed? My cheeks burned.

“Saoria,” I said, sitting up and staring at her haughty face. “Why are you being so mean?”

“How else should I handle a little slut that is loafing in my room?” A sneer crossed her lips.

I flinched beneath her. “Saoria...” Confusion filled me. Why was she acting like this? “Why are you kicking me out of our room?”

“My room. I am a Master Mage. I do not share a room with a lowly journeyman.”


“Get up, get dressed and get out. That is an order from a Master Mage.”

My mouth worked. My friend had changed.

“You have taken your training as far as it will go,” she continued, “so you have no further need of this room. It is time for you to make your own way in the world and not sponge off the Collegiate Tower.”

I swallowed. “But... I don't have any money. I spent my last coins getting ready for the test. Can't I stay your room?”

“No. I will not have you lurking around.”

“But...I thought we were friends.”

Her laugh hurt. It was cruel. She seized my spare, red robe and threw it at me. Tears burned my eyes. I held the robe between my fingers as the tears fell, blotting the material a dark crimson. My body shook as I fought to control my sobs.

“You are just pathetic,” Saoria sneered. “Now get out of my room.”

“But...all the times we trained together. The times we...made love and shared things. I...I helped you.”

“Yes, you did. And now I don't need your help any longer.”

“You...used me?” My voice cracked as I said those words.


That one word haunted me as I pulled on my robe. Saoria's eyes bored into me as I scurried about her room and gathered my belongings. I gathered up the few books I had managed to buy over the years, wrapping the leather-bond tomes in oilcloth before packing them into into a satchel. I didn't look back as I left the room and stumbled down the many steps to the ground below.

I had lived in the Collegiate Tower for ten years. I enrolled when I was sixteen, eager to become a master mage. I stumbled through the grounds and out into the bustling city of Esh-Esh. In the far distance, the lake gleamed in the late spring sun.

I looked away and headed aimlessly into the city.


Xerathalasia – Lenath, Magery of Thosi

We left Lenath early the next morning. None of us had much sleep. The village bustled for half the night fighting the fire. We had to sleep in a field, catching a few hours before we rose. As the sun climbed higher and higher, I worried over that voice I heard before the fire raged.

“Angela,” I said. “What do you know of magic?”

“Not much,” the knight answered. “Sophia, you cast magic.”

“I pray for miracles,” Sophia answered, her eyes baggy. “I...” A yawn split her lips, “...only channel my goddess's power. A mage creates the power in themselves through ingesting cum.” She shuddered.

“Or pussy juices, if they're a man,” Angela added.

“Just as disgusting,” grimaced Sophia. “I would never let a man's rough hands and whiskered cheeks get anywhere near my pussy.”

“Oh, rough whiskers rasping on your pussy is quite the treat,” laughed Angela.

“Could a mage control a monster?”

“I guess,” Sophia shrugged. “Why?”

“When we fought the wyverns, I thought I heard a voice on the wind,” I replied. “I wasn't sure if it was just distant villagers talking or something more. I was very distracted by fighting them and being wounded. But last night, I heard the same voice.” The more I pondered, the more certain I was that they were the same voice.

“I didn't hear anything,” Angela answered.

“You're human,” Sophia said. “You're ears are not graceful and sensitive like Xera's.”

A pleased smile split my lips and my ears twitched.

“Neither are yours,” Angela pointed back.

Sophia shrugged. “Well, what does it mean? Who wants to kill us?”

“Angela, not us. The wyvern came first for her.”

“Why would anyone want me dead?” Angela frowned. “Who would want to stop me from slaying the dragon?”

“You're descended from the High King,” Sophia pointed out.

“So are lots of people. It's been a thousand years.”

“It's said only the High King's heir could wield his sword,” Sophia added.

“Heir's a broad term. It's another way of saying descendant. Besides, my mother still lives. And my aunt, a pair of cousins, and my grandmother. Wouldn't a few of them inherit before me, and yet the oracle says I could wield the sword.”

“Oh.” Sophia blinked. “I guess you're right.”

Angela let out a laugh. “Does someone think I'll restore the High Kingdom of Hamilton? I'm a woman. I can't rule. Only men, in the footsteps of Holy Pater, can rule. Everyone knows that.”

Sophia nodded.

I frowned at that. Why could only men rule? There were no male elves, and our society functioned properly. Rebelling against Pater was how Matar created her own cock to begin with. She broke away from his masculine dominance and founded her own children and way of life.

I held my thoughts and instead asked, “What do we do about this mage?”

“Well, we get a mage of our own,” cheered Sophia. “In two days we'll be in Esh-Esh. Then we'll have a master mage to aide us.”


Journeyman Mage Faoril – Esh-Esh, Magery of Thosi

As night crept on, and my stomach grew hungry, I entered an inn's common room. I had no idea where in the city I was. I had wandered all day through Esh-Esh, weeping over my lost dreams and friendship. How had I never realized Saoria was only using me?

Because I was stupid. I failed to preserve my cum for the test and failed to notice what a viper Saoria was.

The common room was loud, full of travelers. There were blond and tall Zeutchians mixing with dusky-red Thlinians and brown Hazians. A woman with bright-red hair, a Tuathan from the Lesh-Ke Mountains, perched on the knee of a ebony-skinned Halanian. Her right breast was bare and his dark fingers massaged her pale flesh. Minstrels played on a small stage, a man on a hide-drum and a woman playing a lute and singing a bawdy song.

I found a seat at a table in the corner. A busty barmaid sauntered over, the top laces of her bodice undone and her large breasts almost spilling out as she leaned over and smiled at me. “What can I get you?”

“A meal and a pint of beer,” I answered.

I didn't normally drink, but everyone around me were throwing back mugs full of the frothy, brown substance. They were all happy and laughing. Why not join them? I had no money. I had no idea how I would even pay for the meal and drinks.

“Sure, madam mage,” she smiled and turned with a sway to her hips.

Not master mage.

I pulled up the hood of my robes, hiding my face. My cheeks were sticky from tears and my eyes burned. I had no tears left. My head ached and a low growl rumbled from my stomach. Moments later, a frothy tankard plopped on my table, spilling a bit of the brown liquid.

“Here you are, madam mage. Food'll be up soon.”

I nodded and cupped the large, earthenware flagon in my hands, ignoring the handle. I brought it to my lips and sipped at the bitter drink. My nose wrinkled at the smell. I forced my self to take a longer drink. The alcohol helped to wash down the bitter drink. The more and more I drank, the easier it went down.

I emptied the flagon and motioned to the barmaid for a second.

That one went down smooth. My insides churned as the alcohol floated through me. Fresh tears trickled down my cheeks as I went to work on my third. I was such a failure. I stared into the frothy, half-empty tankard.

“I'll never be a master mage. Forever a stupid journeyman. Not fair. I'm good. I'm the best mage of my class. Stupid Saoria got in.” I grimaced as I said that name. “She’s so stupid. How did she pass without me holding her hand?”

No one answered me.

My meal came, a hearty stew full of meat chunks and soft vegetables. I dug in, washing down the stew with more beer. The common room begun to spin. I bet stupid Saoria messed up some spell and made the world topsy turvy.

“Stupid cunt,” I muttered. “She's as empty-headed as Biaute. I should be a master mage.”

My eyes grew heavy as I worked on my fourth tankard. I earned a nap. I lay my head on my arms while the full inn clapped to another bawdy song. I pondered the lyrics, wondering why they were singing about a farmers daughter replanting the carrots in her own fresh-plowed holes?

That seemed so stupid.
She plunged the carrot in so deep
the hole all wet and pink
and freshly plowed and full of seed
planted by the miller's son.
The words faded and blessed unconscious embraced me.

The hand shaking me ruined it. “Madam mage. Wake up.”

“Huh?” I asked. My head throbbed. I lifted my head. The sleeve of my robe was caked to my chin by drool. I grimaced as it tore free.

“It is time to settle your bill, madam mage,” the barmaid said.

My head was still foggy with drink. “I don't have any money.”

“Oh, no,” the barmaid gasped. “Master Dalria will be most displeased. He does not take kindly to those who cannot pay. And you drank so much. I would have thought a mage could pay her tab.”

“Great,” I muttered and collapsed my head on the table as the barmaid went to fetch the proprietor. “How can this get any worse?”

To be continued...

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