Maria, Laura, and Michelle

It was a regular day at school. Maria came by my classroom to just say hello. It was our busiest day at the college, Maria had 3 classes, and I was teaching 3.

I called Maria as I got home and told her I would pick u up at 7:30pm. We were excited to go over to Laura's to meet her daughter. Maria jump into my car, moved close, and kissed me. As I pulled out of her driveway she started to tell me about John.

“When you left the hotel to take Laura home, I told you I was going home. Mike, you said “be careful going back to your car at the restaurant parking lot”. It was dark and late. “I love you for that baby.” And you told me you would call as soon as you got home to make sure I was ok.”

Maria continues telling her story as we drive. “So I crossed the street and got to my car. Then I heard a voice, it was the restaurant owner asking if he could get me a glass of red wine. I giggled a little as I looked at him. He had just closed up, but was intrigued seeing the woman in the sexy black dress. “A glass of wine sounded good”, I said. As the two of us walked back inside, he told me about him and Laura. They have had a fuck buddy relationship for almost a year. And that he was hoping for a fuck after work. I looked at him as he poured the wine, he look very sincere. “So you apologized for taking his fuck friend away for the evening?”, I said

“I’m John, he said, and you look great in the short black dress. Earlier, when I first saw you I was curious to see you out of it. And now you look even better close up. I asked John to come closer. He came around from the bar, I had the dress pulled up from my butt and showing my ass. John came up behind me. He reached around and grabbed my tits.

In the car as I drove, Maria reached over and put her hand on my crouch. My cock was growing with each word of her story.

She continued with her story.

“Soon his crouch was there I rubbed my bare ass against him. John pulled my dress straps down exposing my big tits. Then I heard him unzip and takes down his pants. He was very rough handling my tits Mike. With one fast hard move John shoved his cock deep inside my pussy. Baby his cock is not as thick as yours, but longer. I could feel the head of his cock hitting my cervix. And John said, “Oh baby you are so nice and juicy from all the fucking tonight I bet.”

“Mike, John was banging against the wall of my pussy. He was pounding me hard and squeezing my nipples. It was a good thing the restaurant was closed, I was moaning out so loud. Mike, he was very rough with me, pounding me hard and forceful. He took long deliberate strokes. He would slowly pull all the way out, then all the way back in, fast and hard. I have never been fucked like that before. Soon I could tell he was getting close to cumming and so was I. I told John not to cum in me I only let Mike do that. So he pulled out his cock, turned me, and had me get down on my knees in from of him. I started to stroke his hard cock until he came all over my tits. As he finished his last squirt I looked up at him and said, holding his shrinking cock, “you are not going anywhere John, it’s now my turn. Let’s see how good you are, John, at licking pussy.” I sat up on the bar stool and John got on his knees in front of me. He buries his face in my pussy, licking and sucking me really good. Soon my juices are flowing, “I moan out loud, “oh John that feels good.” And my body starts to shake as I’m cumming really hard.”

John stood up to get towels for both of us. He thanked me, and said, “if you see Laura, you can tell her what we did, she will find it hot.” I started thinking about a foursome babe.

The story got me hot and Maria’s hand on my crouch helped.

We arrive and as we walk up to Laura's house. The door opens and there stands a beautiful young lady who we assume is her daughter. She is taller than her mother, skinny, and very beautiful with long black hair. She says, “Hi I’m Michele, you must be Mike and Maria”. And she shows us inside. “This is our home”, Michele says, “Please make yourself at home”. It is small but choosy. “My bedroom is there, and mom's is there, and the bath is in the middle”. Laura comes out of the kitchen with a big smile she runs to us, giving me and then Maria big hugs and kisses on the lips. Michele says, “it great that mom has you two as new friends.”

Laura steps back over to Maria and puts her arms around her, she kisses Maria again full on the mouth, a very passionate kiss. I stepped to Michele, put my arm over her shoulder and squeezed her a little,
Saying, “Michele did your mom tell you about last night?” “Yes mike,” she said, “you two came to the restaurant, and after mom got off work, you three had some fun.” “Oh,” I said . . . fun meaning?” “Sex,” Michele said. Michele is looking at her mom and the long kiss. Then Michele looks at me and asks, “Mike does it turn you on to see Maria and mom kissing like that?” I looked at Michele, I moved her to face me, and say, “What do u think?”

Michele reaches down and rubs her hand across my crouch, find the bulge of my cock, and then says, ”I guess so, you are hard Mike.” By this time Maria and Laura are fondling each other’s breasts. Michele is watching her mom and she is rubbing my cock thru my pants. Michelle looks are me and ask, “Mike, will you teach me?” ”I would love to help you Michele,” I said with a smile.

Michele steps closer and we kiss. Our tongues are dancing together soon, I break off the kiss and say, “well Michele, I don’t have to teach you how to kiss.” She comes back to my mouth again and sucks on my tongue showing me she did indeed know how to kiss.

Michele takes me by the hand and leads me to her bedroom. She tells me she’s never gone all the way with a guy before, she a virgin. She has a large king bed, Michele removes her clothes and I do the same. As we lie down on the bed we can hear moaning of Laura and Maria from the front room. Michele lies on the bed spread eagle. “I am a virgin Mike.” “I have never been with a man, I have played girls, but mom doesn’t know.” “Michele, you can be a virgin, or we can go all the way tonight, I am here to help, to make love to you, to help you become more of a woman. I lean down and we kiss. My hand gently rubs Michele’s tummy. “Michele, we can do as much or as little as you want,”

We are both naked, lying on the bed together. As we are kissing my hands begin to explore Michele’s body. I cup her breast and my mouth finds her nipple. She begins to moan when Maria and Laura come to the open door. They stand in the doorway naked and Laura says, “You two didn’t waste time, can we join you?” “Come in, Michele says, please join us.” As they come over to the bed, Maria says, “Wow Michele you have a beautiful pussy.” “Thank you Maria”, say Michele. “I can see your pussy is already wet, did my mom do that?” Maria responds, “Michele your mom is a very hot, sexy, and desirable, woman, I am luck to be here.” “And Mike and I want the same for you” Maria lean over Michele and start to suck on her other nipple. Michele now had her mother’s two lovers each sucking a nipple. She was at least a C cup, not as big as her mother, but nice and firm.

As Laura and Maria each take a nipple, I move down on my knees at the edge of the bed, I begin licking Michele’s pussy. Michele is moaning. Laura kissing her daughter on the mouth, then goes back to sucking on her nipple. I am licking her and sucking on her clit. As all three of us are focused on Michele her first orgasm comes fast. And the orgasm is a gusher - her juices flowing out of her all over my face. Michele’s whole body is shaking. Laura holds on to calm Michele.

Michele is very surprised at what has happened. “Mom I came”, she yells. “Yes baby girl”, Laura answers. Then Laura sees me and my wet face. “Come here Mike, lie down let us take care of you.
I lie down on my back and Laura moves over me, saying to her daughter, Michele watch me, it will be your turn soon. Laura climbs on top of me and starts to lick her daughter’s cum that covers my face. At the same time Laura lowers herself down on my hard cock.

Maria, explains to Michele what is happening. “Michelle, in this position the woman is in control of her pleasure,” Maria said. “Baby, I love the taste of your pussy juices,” comes from Laura. The Laura lets out a loud moan as Mike’s rock hard cock completely fills her pussy. Laura shows, and Maria explains to Michelle the different positions and a technique, while a woman is riding a man’s cock. All this time Maria is lying next to Michelle and rubbing her clit and occasionally leaning over to lick or nibble on her nipple.

Soon Maria moves behind Michele in the doggie position and she is eating her pussy. Her mom, Laura is riding my cock hard. With one hand I am fingering her pussy and with the other, my fingers are playing with Michele’s clit. Laura comes hard all over my cock. The sounds Michele is making means she is close to a climax. I ask Maria to stop.

Maria tells Michele to lie back down on the bed on her back. Maria asks Michele if she is ready for my cock. I roll to face Michele and kiss her. Maria is rubbing my cock. Michele is relaxed.

Laura asks, “Michele do you want Mike to fuck you.” Michele says, “yes but, I am afraid it’s going to hurt.”
I said, “I will be very gentle Michele, we will take everything nice and slow.” I move over Michelle and holding my cock I begin to rub the head on her wet little pussy. Slowly I push my penis head in gently but Michele gasp. “My god that feels so good Mike”, Michelle says, and she begins to kiss me deeply. As our tongues are wrestling, I push my hard cock in another inch. Laura is rubbing her hair back as I pushes in another inch. “Oh my god,” I say, “Michelle’s pussy is so tight I can hardly stand it. With a normal woman I would push all the way in quickly, I want my full 8 inches deep inside her, but he can’t, I must go slow.

Laura comes over to kiss me deeply on the mouth, saying, “you be careful mike with my baby girl.” Another inch, and I’m in 3. I move my cock out a little, then I slide back in slowly. This is driving Michele crazy. As I am pulling out, her hips come up to meet mine. She wants more, slowing I giving her more.

Michele is moaning loudly. I am kissing Michele deeply again, as I feel her sweet soft cherry on with the head of my cock. I continue to pumping slowly in and out. I whisper to Michele, “you are all woman now, Michele.” I kisses her deeply and push cock straight threw her cherry and begin to pound her pussy hard. To Michelle, the pain and pleasure seems together. “Oh Mike,” she yells out. She begins to buck upward against mikes cock as mike humps her harder. We are both close to cumming.

Michelle’s moans become more pronounced and much louder. “I’m CUMMING, OH GOD, I’M IN CUMMING,” she says. Her cumming hard, gushing her juices everywhere, turned me on so much I to soon came buckets into her. “Oh my god, Mike,” “I have never felt anything like that.” “Mike, I can feel the cum dripping on my ass.” In a minute she stops, I kiss her, and then Laura hugs and kisses her daughter.

We are now lying side by side. Laura is near Michelle’s face kissing and talking to her. Maria comes over to me saying, “Well done honey.” We both hear Michelle say, “Thank you Mike.” Then Maria’s mouth is on my cock tasting Michelle’s juices. After a minute, she moves to be between Michelle’s legs, she starts to moan as she feels Maria’s mouth and tongue on her pussy. Laura, not wanting to be left out, puts her mouth on my cock, and says, “Maria save some of those juices for me.” “I love you guys”, I say, as I turn to kiss and talk with Michelle.

My kissing of Michelle distracts her from Maria and then her mom licking and sucking her pussy. She moves her body to me. As she is kissing me fully, she says, “Mike, I want to be on top.” In seconds, I have a beautiful 18 year old lowering herself down on my cock. Her “C” cup tits are in front of my face. A quick glance gives me the view of the other two women back in a 69 position. Michelle’s soreness is gone. She is fulling taking my 8 inches. She is a quick learner.

Michele looks over to see and hear her mother and Maria enjoying each other’s pussies. As she does, I bite down on a nipple and she has an orgasm. Her body shaking is noticed by the other ladies who both cum their juices all over each other’s face.

Michelle is back lying on her back. Maria is next to her. I move over Maria shoving my cock down her throat. Laura has disappeared. Michelle has my balls in hand and is playing with them as I fuck Maria’s face. Soon I am filling Maria’s mouth with gobs of cum.

Laura reappears with a strap-on. She has a big thick black dildo protruding from her front tired in the back. She comes over to Maria and reaches down to rub her pussy and clit. Laura asks her daughter Michelle to get Mike’s cock hard again. In a second Michelle’s mouth is all over my cock. I am enjoying a wonderful licking and sucking of my cock. And Laura is positioning Maria to take her from behind with the dildo. It’s great to watch. As I’m being sucked, I can reach over to play with Maria’s tits hanging down as she takes a black dildo from behind.

Soon Michelle has my cock hard again. Her mom sees my hard cock and asks me to help her with Maria.
Laura shifts position to be under Maria. Now this big dildo is filling her pussy as she is on top riding it. I know what Laura has in mind. I move to behind Maria and can easily slide my cock into her ass. As soon as my hard cock is buried into to her, Maria has an orgasm, gushing cum all over the hunk on black plastic. Michelle is getting in on the fun by playing with and sucking on nipples of these two beautiful women. Maria, even though she is being thoroughly being used, starts to finger Michelle’s pussy. As time goes by the moan becomes a choirs. I had a perfect view of all the fucking and sucking. When Michelle starts to also finger her mom’s pussy all the women reached climax.

I went into the shower, where each of the three joined me to wash off and offer their pussy to be fucked. Michelle came in last. She did as Maria and her mom did, offering me her pussy. But then after just a few strokes she came, saying, “Your Maria prep me for you Mike, I asked her too.” “Because I want to shallow your cum. She got on her knees in the shower and finished me off with a beautiful blowjob.

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