Holly's Family Fortune's Parts 1 & 2

Holly fought to clear the fog from her mind, her head hurt and so did her body. Gently opening her eyes, Holly gasped in shock gathered around in a circle were her intended future in-laws and her fiancés extended family. They were all looking on as she was held down while her fiancé’s cousin Chloe stripped Holly of all her clothing. “This is your new family circle Holly. Welcome to the family.” Her future mother in law Val announced stroking Holly‘s bald vaginal slit.

Holly’s fiancé Jim, with faceless others laughed while crudely suggesting what they were about to do with her nubile body. Screeching, pleading for them to stop, she appeared unable to move, stuck trance like as she was about to be used like a toy for all in the room to play with. Her naked body now on full display being ogled and prodded by all. Abused beyond her wildest imaginings.

Cruel unclear faces on the group goading her about what they were about to do to her 18yr old vagina and anus. Holly wailed pitifully, two familiar men approached the bed she was being held on. Opening their robes their hard erections proceeding into her open screaming mouth and defenceless vagina. Pumping stiff cock readily into their chosen orifices. Holly forced to endure their tortures on her body until each man emptied his vile seed into her innocent young holes.

Meanwhile Val and her niece Chloe were busy holding Holly down while familiar sounding misty faced males and females took over from the stiff cocks ravishing her gaping cunt so brutally. Carrying on the assault with horrible glee in their deviant tasks.? Why? Who were these faceless though so familiar sounding people? Why were they doing this to her? Rolling her head around as her mouth momentarily emptied from continual abuse. Noticing someone with a video camera. Her mind clearing a little, the cameraman’s bearded face looking so familiar..

Holly woke up screaming, sweat drenched her forehead and body, the bed covers were on the floor and she was breathless at the memory of the nightmare she just woke from. The bedroom door flew open and an older woman asked If she was alright? “Oh Val, its you, Holly sobbed yes, yes I’m fine, it was just a terrible dream, I’m sorry if I annoyed anyone.” The woman hugged holly and smiled as she held her close. Holly oblivious to the fact her young nude body was in full view to her future mother in law!

“Don’t be silly Holly dear of course you didn’t and no one else has heard a thing, their all still in their beds too, else up to no good somewhere.”

Val giggled while she adjusted the shades and picked some garments off the floor, meanwhile Holly realising her nakedness, covered it by picking up the dropped bed cover. “We had quite a time of it with you last night.” Val said, jokingly pointing a stern finger in Holly’s direction. “Guess I had too much of everything at the party last night then?” Holly quipped still visibly shaken and groggy from her deep sleep. “I hope I didn’t upset anyone or be a drunken nuisance Val. Jim say anything about it?” ~ “No dear, Jim hasn’t said a thing. He‘s in the front room downstairs with his cousin Chloe. Found her there chatting with him this morning when I woke up.

” Val raised her eyebrows at this, smiling knowingly towards a very confused looking Holly.
“You’ll be fine after you get a shower, some food and more rest honey. We need to look after you precious, you don’t know just how valuable you are to us.” Holly smiled and said “ Thanks Val its such a nice feeling knowing I’m loved and wanted by all your family.” Val gave her a peck on the forehead stating. “Ile get things started on the food front, shall I.” Val walked towards the door, turning fleetingly to stare menacingly at the naked unsuspecting girl. Before closing the bedroom door softly. Holly felt the sheets, they were soaked and caked in what looked like semen and piss? “Oh fuck did I piss the bed?” Was her first thought before the numb feeling in her crotch and burning in her anus made her touch her self gently in both those areas..

Holly jumped from the bed and stumbled as if drugged to the bathroom, she looked at her vagina and anus in the mirror. Both were slightly engorged and very tender, especially her pussy. “What the hell, how much fucking did Jim and I do last night. I don’t even recall doing any sexual stuff anyway?” Feeling a little scared now the confused 18yr old started her shower. Reaching to grab a sponge.

Spunk dripped out from her labia minora? Holly began cleaning between her legs, being very careful around her tenderised vagina, her anus still very sore to touch and burning from inside. What the hell did I get up to last night she wondered. As she stood showering her cognitive processes continued to return. She began to get flashbacks from her dream. Screaming in silence inside, as her mind began receiving even more graphic glimpses of the frightening memories.

Holly suddenly realised that a lot of what she thought had been dream't, actually may have taken place. “Oh god how could that be? Have I got myself into this state of paranoia? It couldn’t happen, not like that. Not here, not with Jim and Val here?” She thought hard about her depraved dream, her soapy hands rubbing her bruised breasts. Suddenly the dark memories began to take on a sinister feel. She remembered seeing Val and her son with Young Megan and Chloe and.. “Oh dear god, did they do it, with, no it couldn’t have been. Their my friends, my future family, Jim's my future husband he loves me. No way, Its just a bad dream you silly girl.”

Holly reprimanded herself, quickly dressed, then headed downstairs to join the others for brunch due to the late hour everyone had got up at. “Hi Hol’s great party last night girl, you sure can put them shots back. Surprised you can even walk today.” Jim quipped. “Wide eyed and legless young lady” Chloe sniped.
“Hmm, wide legged and eyeless more like” chimed Jims young 16yr old sister Megan.

Not Holly’s favourite person and the last one she needed pitching in with bitchy comments. Especially today. “Yeah, I’m feeling kind of groggy today, think I’ll give the picnic a miss.” Holly said getting paler by the second. She pushed roughly past Chloe’s younger sister Amy, rushing to the toilet as groggy rapidly turned to sickly.

The cars with the picnic party had all left. Holly tried to sleep after being ill but found the dreams or flashbacks too disturbing. She took the alone time to explore the large house her future married life was to start out from. So many rooms on the three floors in the old mansion house, with its wooded grounds and long private road. The old style bourgeois certainly liked their privacy.

Holly didn’t really like being so isolated and far from the city, the compromise of loving someone from an old traditional values lifestyle. “So much for so few” she thought. “Old money needs young blood my girl.” Jims uncle Bill always said. “Old fart creeps me out.” Hol’s said out loud to herself. Although not from a traditional wealthy environment herself. Holly’s family were new rich. Their wealth had been accrued from her mums first marriage. Which tragically ended in very sad circumstances.

Her dad died when she was 2yrs old, in a boating accident off the Columbian coast. Her mum always told Holly he was a coffee importer. Rumours were rife in certain circles of other substances being his main imports and of him being killed by the people he was involved with.

Holly’s new dad of ten years was Matt de veer, a South Africans of Boer descent. He came into Holly’s life when she was 6yrs old. Holly adored Matt, she was very close to him. Growing up he was always their for her looking out for her in times of trouble or just a shoulder to lean on. she and her friends used to giggle about all the stuff they would like to get up to with him, while masturbating their 15yr old virgin pussies to fantasies they wished for, but knew would never happen.

Matt was a really genuine guy who seemed to love Holly’s mum. She always seemed to be so busy though, going here and there on business or seminars. Holly was used to having Matt to herself for weeks at a time. Matt didn’t like her choice of marriage partner or his family and had told Holly and her mum this.

“Oh Honey Matt is just being protective. He’s probably a little jealous that your leaving here to stay with Jim’s family.” Mum told her. 50 yr old Matt had made his fortune in the oil industry so he was no stranger to shady deals or shady characters.

He had Jim and his “Old money family.” Pegged as a “Sad bunch of parasitic users, who had nothing but a name and reputation from long ago to trade with.” Sadly as Matt well knew, that name still meant something in certain places and young misguided Holly wanted it to replace the allegedly tarnished one of her own. Holly’s mum never took Matt’s name for her when she married again. So Holly was left to defend it at times when her dad’s reputation was put up for slander.

This left an indelible mark on the pre-teen Holly inevitably guiding her to the path she now chose. One which led her to the Richford clan. Reputed to have had connections to European aristocracy, but this was way in their past, the lineage sold off and long since forgotten. They still acted as such though, with a nasty reputation as bad landlords with dodgy business connections. Not that young Hol’s had bothered to stop and consider any of those little trivialities nor take Matt’s advice..

The door creaked open slightly when she touched the handle. Entering a room she didn’t recall seeing before. Strange objects were strewn about two very large beds which evidently hadn’t been made up from last time they were used.. Evidence of sexual activity was very apparent on the sheets and some of the pillow cushions. Lifting one she sniffed it, “Eugh gross” Holly squealed, throwing the damp slimy pillow down, a residue of its smelly goo sticking to her hand. She looked around while rubbing her hands on her dressing gown.

Finding various phalluses plus a few other sexually orientated items. Used condoms littered the floor, varieties of drugs with syringes. Handcuffs and ropes? Sitting on a large chair with strange cut outs on the saddle and back, she had a sudden flashback again. Horribly realising this was the room from one of her dreams!! Could it be real? Did I really get all of those despicable acts perpetrated to my body, in this room, on these beds?

Accidentally hitting a hand set on her right hand side, a large 60” screen came on making her jump with fright. Showing what she knew was a home porn movie. Only as she looked on and listened. The actors in it were well known to Holly. She watched fascinated but horrified as her future husband and mother in law. “Val” she screamed out loud. Romped with cousin and niece Chloe plus others. Switching the incestuous obscenities off.

A very upset Holly sat, totally broken hearted, crying her young eyes out. A little while later, Holly composed herself taking the time and having the presence of mind. To download the film she had watched plus other files onto her laptop. leaving the room as she found it. She went back to her bed and stayed there, allegedly ill. Waiting for “The Old Family’s” return from their picnic. “Hope it fucking choked them” she scowled into herself, crying again. Picking up her phone she called Matt. “Hi angel how’s my… Holly cancelled the call. She text Matt that she had hit the wrong number and would call back soon.

Deciding to wait, not to say anything just yet, as she didn’t want to involve her family. She also hadn’t a clue what to say with regard to who was involved with who and why in the vile goings on. “Dear god, what the sweet jeez do I do now. Matt was right.” she thought.

Just then the bedroom door opened and in walked Jim, all smiles and concern for her wellbeing. “Feeling better love, I was worried about you. I just said to *mother,* perhaps we aught to get Dr Wilson in? If you don’t perk up that is. What do you think darling, you feeling O.K.? Holly was far from O.K. She felt like screaming her hatred for the depraved cunt, anger masquerading as illness as she stated. “I’m just hung-over that’s all, can you leave me alone please, I really cant be bothered with anyone at present. Curtly pulling the cover over her head and feigning sleep as she silently sobbed into her pillows.

Holly cried herself into a restless sleep. Strange hands wandered over her naked breasts, tongues and fingers snaked into her mouth and wet vagina. Her legs were held open allowing faceless men to abuse then empty their spunk into and onto her young slit. The muffled voices of both genders heard discussing how who, plus what they would fuck her with. Moaning and writhing Holly reacted as if enjoying the orgasmic feelings of being fucked via her dream like state.

Holly squirted copious amounts of her girl juice as the orgy of depraved lust continued around and in her. She smiled as she briefly opened her eyes and recognised Dr Tom Wilson the Richford’s family doctor.

His 8” dick was swinging towards her open mouth, spunky drool soaking his phallus and her face. Gagged by its girth, Holly lay being face fucked while another cock filled her up vaginally once again with hot sticky cum. Holly was coming too as Dr Wilson explained the drug would help to revive her and she would be fine in a few moments. Slowly ascending as if from underwater Holly heard voices in the distance getting louder and shapes clearer as all manifestations morphed into her fiancé Jim, his mum Val also Uncle Bill, hovering in the background. Looking creepy as usual.

Also present was the smiling bearded! face of Dr Wilson standing over Holly with a round phallic shaped syringe in his hand. Approximately 8” long!! “Ah, there we are young lady” he stated in his best bed side manner. Holly looked at him dazed, noticing his fly was undone and a damp spot was growing on the crotch of his light tan suit trousers?vHolly attempted to speak but her throat was too sore and she had a very salty taste in her mouth.

She coughed and spat up a glob of sticky salty phlegm. “Just a reaction to your treatment my dear.” The doctor explained handing her a potion to drink. Holly slept yet again, though this time deep and peacefully.

Awake after her 18hrs sleep and feeling refreshed, though sticky and dirty. Holly spent ages showering her young pale skinned teen curves, taking careful note of the red marks and bruises on her breasts and thighs. Jim opened the shower door startling her. He stared longingly at her shaved pouting vulva and without raising his gaze said “They would like to see you when your ready in the lounge. Mother and the family are worried about your state of health.” ~ “I’m fine.

Tell them I’ll be down momentarily. Oh Jim honey, also inform your mother. I called home earlier, Matt will be here soon to take me home for a few days” Jim looked bemused at the wet nubile babe in front of him. Enquiring curtly “Why honey? we have taken good care of your needs haven’t we?” “Oh I believe you have taken care of every need Jim! Holly exclaimed brashly. “I just need some time to find myself again, just for a few days, see my dad and catch up on our needs

That’s all babe.” Holly smiled with mock affection, rubbing her fingers along her smooth fresh shaved Labia Majora, placing them to her mouth then blowing Jim a Kiss. “Fine.” Jim paused, wheeling round he charged out of the bathroom, slamming the door hard behind him as he went. Holly laughed out loud. “Fucking prick, you and your fucked up family will be so sorry you ever messed with me.
Matt arrived and duly took holly back home.

Once she got settled in and they had eaten dinner, she chatted about why she really wanted to come home and be with her mum and dad. Well dad anyway as mum wasn’t going to be back for two weeks. Holly explained how things had been, the parties, the social whirl, the lifestyle she always craved, the beautiful and famous people she was meeting and staying with. Matt asked her if she was so happy why come home? Why so miserable looking?

“Listen Matt I’ve something to let you see and hear. You wont be happy with the outcome so just watch, listen, above all please don’t ask me to tell you anything or say anything until its finished, please dad.” ~ “O.K darling whatever you want.. Holly opened her laptop and cast the files onto the very large screen in Matt’s den within their own family home. Some footage of role play parties, with some famous named guests cavorting in various stages of undress.

Then some heavier scenes with them actually fucking, double penetration, lesbianism, homosexuality etc. pure hedonistic orgies. Some of the scenes with young girls crying looked very real and Matt was wondering if indeed the rape scenes were role play? He looked at Holly’s ashen face as she stared silently at the films and recognised some of the famous people who had been at the party’s she had attended, though never in that room and certainly never having participated in any sex orgies.

Or so she had believed until.. Holly forwarded to her dream room sequences the same room as the previous scenes had been filmed in. Only this time the faces and voices belonged to the Richford’s Jim his mother Val, also cousin Chloe, along with Uncle bill. Two unrelated young men who both looked about 18 yrs old, though could easily have been younger. It would later transpire they along with other boys and girls. Were the farm workers sons and daughters?

Used to pay off debt to the depraved landlords. Who’s threats to evict their blackmailed and bribed families if refusing to participate, managed to keep them quiet and subservient . . The police also never investigated any offences alleged by the more defiant victims. Uncle Bill was county Judge and had most of the office in his debt, or on his payroll.

Matt took a long gulp from his glass and watched intently at a clear view of young Chloe. Stripping off in front of one of the youths. Her naked cunt visible with her hand on it and her fingers in it. Sucking on his young stiff penis, rubbing his balls making him moan out loud. She was massaging her own clit furiously as the boys penis flopped out, still rock hard from her wet mouth. Jims mum Val pounced on it. Pushing the young boy.

He fell onto the bed, laying on his back cock standing straight up. Val slid her dark haired cunt over his now slimy dick. Lowering her sloppy cunt slowly onto his penis. She turned in reverse cowboy position and lay back on her arms as the youths stiff member rammed up her mature twat. This scene was replaced by a close up of a bald young looking vagina, being fingered by at least two people as different male and female hands came into and out of shot.

The young female recipient could be seen writhing around, moaning, fingers giving way to Uncle Bills long obscene tongue. His fat double chins, slapping at the girls tight ass cheeks. His lizard like ministrations on her clit having some effect, as the girls hips arched up to meet his grotesque face and push his snaking tongue into her young cunt even further, the girl eventually coming in a thigh shaking orgasm while Uncle Bill was drinking her nectar like a thirsty man at a well.

The camera panned up the girls body to her smallish but firm breasts, hard nipples a few mouths had already supped on. Readying them for future onslaughts. The camera moved inexorably on up the girls body, her head was turned to the side away from the lens, jet black hair could be seen hanging over her unseen face as the head bobbed in time to the thrusts of the other youths young pumping cock, slipping in and out of the girls pouting lips, her mouth at times clamped around it.

The boy was gripping her hair to get a better pull on his penis. It appeared to Matt the girl was only semi conscious and unable or unwilling to participate fully in her oral assault. As the lens travelled back down the way it had come, her breasts were seen shaking and heaving, making it plain she was getting seriously humped in one of her other holes. Judging by the squelching and grunting noises, any kind of satisfaction was only being enjoyed by the person in, not the owner of the wet hole.

Travelling on down to the action, the camera zoomed in on the gaping hole left in her pussy by the perpetrator as his cum trickled out of her fucked vaginal entrance. The softening fat cock of uncle Bill was the ejaculator. Who was heard saying. “Jim my boy, you picked a good one here son, tight and young. She wont know a thing bout this till she wakes up with a pounded pussy and a pain in the ass, well make a change from all the other pains in the ass she gets to run around with. Fucking young madam‘s the lot of them.” He chortled.

Screaming in orgasm, Val was suddenly in vogue as she rode the boys dick hard, he groaned loudly straight after her and was obviously coming up her back door. Slamming her asshole full of young sticky spunk. She fell on top of the boy, kissing him full on his soft full lips, his softening dick slopped out of her ass with a plop. Globs of creamy goo sliding onto him from her gaping red anus.

Chloe had replaced the other boy at the girls head. He was slipping the vivacious cousin his raging 7” dick from behind while she fondled the girls tits and kissed her newly fucked mouth. The boys pre-cum taste still on her moist lips. At last Matt got what he had been waiting for. A full facial view of the unconscious girl. Fully Expecting Holly’s face to emerge it came as a shock to see it was a younger looking version. Later to be identified as one of the school friends of Chloe’s younger sister Amy who Bill used frequently as bait for getting other girls back to the manor.

What a relief Matt thought. His worst fears subsided. Unlike his erection which he felt guilty about and attempted to keep well hidden from his crying stepdaughter. The relief was short lived however as the film faded and a fresh scene started with the same scenario. Only this time it was his darling Holly on the bed. Held down and used as a semi conscious fuck toy. Fodder for all the males in the room. One after the other they took their turn at her bald pouting cunt.

They all wore condoms, no one was allowed to cum in her at anytime.Jim had insisted, as had uncle Bill telling them. “She’s ours for breeding, but you boys can have some candy. Just don’t take it out the wrapper.” the assembled good and the great laughed as they lined up to fuck the gorgeous raven haired, pale beauty laid bare for them at the hands of Val and Chloe who had took great delight in stripping Holly.

Slowly removing her panties as she lay draped and drugged at the side of the bed. Another few scenes of debauched abuse on Holly’s holes and breasts. Various lesbian scenes, with Val, & Chloe. A seemingly orgasmic Holly getting strap on fucked by both other ladies as she squirted in orgasm soaking the camera operator and the lens. The cameraman was heard to say “Fuck my beard is soaking too." while they all laughed the camera was handed to another man.

The bearded Dr Tom Watson, dick at the ready poled into Holly’s already ravaged vagina, causing her to moan and bounce with the force of his thrusts. Sloshing previous loads of sperm and her come to splash out the sides of her sloppy vaginal entrance. He pulled out when done and shoved his filth covered dick in her mouth to clean him off. A particularly nasty scene saw Holly coming round from her drugged state, suddenly screaming then running naked for the door as she tried to escape the room.

Only to be dragged back to the rape bed, screaming and struggling, crying to them to be left alone. The vicious pairing of Val and her son Jim. The victors in that struggle.

Jim earlier seen fucking his mothers overused pussy, filling the milf’s sweaty vagina with more of his incestuous jizz. Before Val deposited his load into Holly's open mouth. Holly was then seen being held by both Chloe and Val as uncle Bill spread her milky white legs wide. Squeezed lube onto his fat knob head, then handed the tube to Val to do likewise to Holly’s anal ring. Uncle Bill pushing more lube into her tight hole with his stubby pinkie finger.

Holly squirmed and wailed while the two witches cackled, holding her down, ass hole lubed and opened for creepy uncle Bill to begin squashing his maggoty like fat prick into her poor virgin ass. He was not a gentle man and Holly’s anal muscles gave up eventually, allowing his thick obscene tool to destroy her little pink rectum as she squirmed in abject agony. Uncle Bill howling as he scorched her tender bowel with hot ejaculate. Matt sobbed as he listened to Holly’s cries and screams of despair. He vowed there and then to kill that fat slug first chance he got. “Turn this shit off” he said.

Disconnecting the cast and taking his crying daughter in his arms, he softly rocked his baby to a gentle tear stained slumber, his own eyes also red and stinging as he relived Holly’s pain and torture at the hands of those monsters. Laying his beautiful young daughter down soft and gently, stroking the damp, tear stained hairs from her face, he covered the sleeping angel with his jacket.

Matt his face a raging mask of vengeful hatred. looked back at his sleeping doll and vowed to avenge all and every wrong done to her. Now to get a plan in place to destroy that insidious clan of abusive evil mother fuckers. Jim boy and Uncle Bill would be getting no more victims from now on. Holly took a few days to just chill and be with Matt, she begged him not to tell her mum until it was over they could both sit down then and tell her the full horrible story.

The sheer terror filled enormity, now having been heard and seen. As the Richford clan gloated about stealing not only Holly’s future, while raping her drugged young body, but also! Taking her life, and those of her parents to fulfil their greed ridden needfulness to hang on to an antiquated lifestyle. Dying from within due to the core being truly rotten.
Instead of planning her wedding. Holly was now planning her revenge and the downfall of the perpetrators. Who she trusted and respected, who were, she thought the pinnacle of high society.

Those same monsters who were planning on using her, to breed a couple of successors. In order to maintain the failing family fortunes of their dwindling empire. Once married into their web, she would have been destroyed, their evil plan for her, plus mum and Matt to have an accident, fatal of course. Leaving any offspring to inherit the combined wealth they knew Holly was part of. How wrong can you be. The Richford’s were about to find out.

Holly’s voice went to a low whisper as she spoke.

“Dad I..” hesitant, she continued. “I want you to know that I really appreciate what this means to me, your being there for me and stopping me making a complete ass of myself. God knows I did enough of that before I got engaged. You have always been more than just my step dad Matt, I know how much that means to mum plus she likes that we have a bond and have always got on so well with each other. So do I. That’s why I would like for us, I mean.” Holly paused for a few seconds, searching for the right way to convey her message.

“I want us to be even closer. Like, you know, closer.” Holly giggled nervously moved next to me on the sofa and repeated. “Real close? Always, not just this weekend.” Giving her a her puzzled look, realising what she meant. I softly said. “No petal, that’s wrong, We cant be anything other than dad and daughter. You’re a baby to me Holly darling. What’s gotten into you doll you know your way out of line saying stuff like that? Its illegal Hol’s and much as I think your gorgeous and sexy and fun to be with.

I’m supposed to be responsible for you. Mum expects me to keep you safe. I have to trust myself not to act on the thoughts I get about fucking young girls like you! those thoughts are fine so long as a man doesn’t act them out. Any man in my shoes right now would jump at what your offering to me. Believe me angel, I’m just the same as any one of those men babes. Think we better forget this conversation took place honey, keep it to ourselves.

Holly rubbed her hands over my chest, nuzzling her raven haired head onto it she whispered, “Oh Matt. I’m not your actual daughter, I’m only your step daughter. We have no DNA connection to each other so we can be as close as you want. apart from not getting caught of course.!” What, will you listen to yourself girl? No way. “Honey, that’s exactly what I mean, please, think of the hurt that would cause to your mum, anyways, I love her too its just a different kind of loving than with you..

I looked into those big blue sad eyes and melted, right there. “Your driving me wild now baby, just even thinking about you and me together. Please you don’t know what your saying or doing. Your confused and hurting this is just a reaction to all of the stress of the past few days. I cant let this happen.” I tried to pull free of her when she grabbed my vest, pulling me down to her, wrapping her arms round my neck, Holly kissed me full on the mouth.

Warm soft lips melted my cold ability to resist. The fact she is my daughter no longer factoring into my logic. I gave in, her small tongue was pushing into mine. My own probing the delicate softness of her mouth in return. My hands went to her breasts and slipped under the baggy shirt. Cupping Holly‘s soft globes one then the other. She let out a low moan holding my hand with her own onto her breast Tweaking the hard nipple I gave in completely to my lust, years of repressed sexual frustration were about to be released.

I stood looking mesmerised, staring intently while my 18 year old stepdaughter, broke off our embrace, turned, while still gazing seductively at me, then bent over the arm of the sofa. Holly hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her trousers, wiggling her pert ass cheeks to pull her lycra leggings down to about three inches below her ass cheeks. Revealing her unblemished delicate white skin.

The cleft of her outer labia majora framing the delectable vaginal opening, small labia minora nestling pink and engorged between her folds. Holly’s secretions a wet and creamy lubricant oozing from the glands to gather at her introitus. A scar of pink creased flesh bridged the gap between this vision of ecstasy and Holly’s light brown shaded inner buttocks, leading to her tight creased anal opening. My lovely little girls slender thighs tight together as she displayed this picture to my wilting sense of fatherhood and so called responsible maturity.

Holly sensuously slipped a finger under and onto the slit of her young hairless vagina. A forefinger gently though unseen by me rubbed at her clitoral erection, alternating now between clit and cunt, she slipped a finger into her vagina up to the second knuckle. The cheeks of her teenaged ass clenched in and out while her finger delved ever deeper and rubbed a little faster eliciting arousing noises from her actions. Gently rubbing her back and shoulders then running my hands tenderly around her small petite frame.

My shaking fingers caressing her 34B firm breasts, nipples stiffened and pointed. My cock was now in the same state of readiness, demanding release from its confines. Holly stood upright, turning to face me kissing me again so erotically. Her fingers gently enticing her clitoral hood to retract further, her small penis like clit hardening into an engorged reddened nub. Slipping the finger from her moistened vagina to my open mouth. She tasted sweet and slightly salty, I was now ready to do whatever this young vixen demanded of me.

Any chance of me backing out from this erotically charged misadventure swallowed along with Holly’s musky juices.

Leaning down while softly placing my right hand over her vulva, my index fingers probed her inner labia very slow and gently, thumb rubbing lazily on her clitoral knob. Holly sighed out loud as her tender spot was touched in just the right way. Snuggling into my neck, taking small nibbles at my upper arm and moaning “ Mmm yesss” leaving tiny bruises to form from her nibbling.

Holly glanced up at me with those piercing blue eyes, hypnotising my soul as she slowly tugged my zipped shorts down round my feet. I felt her soft little hand inside my pants which she also removed by slowly rolling them down my hairy ass and thighs. Allowing my throbbing penis to unfold as it slowly sprung upward on full release, she stared at the thick tool for a few seconds before engulfing it with her little hands. Almost losing it I nearly creamed there and then as she rubbed my wet cock head between her thumb and fingers, slowly building the tempo and pressure until my groans gave her the signal, I was close to the edge.

My young mistress smiled wickedly at me, while once again, silently turning changed her position by bending to offer her self from behind. Hol’s once again gently took my hardened penis in hand. Sliding the pre cum oozing mushroom head along her moist vaginal slit. Repeating this exercise a few times while driving my straining cock wild. Suddenly.! taking me by surprise, Holly pushed her vagina back onto me, placing my cock at her vaginal entrance, allowing me partial entry to that previously taboo place that she herself was now guiding my hard knob head into.

Knowing my Hol’s was no virgin, I pushed my penis in a little further with each stroke, relishing the wetness her young tight hole presented, feeling her vaginal muscles expanding and contracting on my dick. My baby girl squeezing every inch of pulsing penile rod. Slowly accepting more and more of the offered hard length for her tight pussy to feed on. My hairy scrotum tickling her vagina on every thrust into that delightfully velvet walled shaved pussy. Working up a rhythm we made love, like it was the most natural thing in the world for daughter and father to be doing, not a thought, for how dangerous our liaison was.

Kissing her neck while fingering her clit, gently teasing her 18 year old pussy. Holly’s petite hole got hotter and wetter by the second. Pulling my soaked knob from her succulent moist tunnel, I turned her to face me, while very gently pushing my wet and willing daughter downward, her tits jiggling as I supported my darling Holly to sink onto her knee’s. Raven black hair and porcelain skin framing the china doll face of the teenage Lolita who now looked up at me so nakedly seductive.

Holly tenderly opened her luscious wet lips taking her step daddy’s sloppy cock into the warmth of her inviting mouth. Savouring the tastes from both our juices Hol’s sucked my dick in. Surprising me with her oral expertise as she licked along my thick short 5” length. Her small hand wanking me into her mouth her cheeks blowing in and out. Rubbing my balls and taking them in her mouth. She ultimately enveloped my length until finally, the erupting rush of spunk into her cock gagged mouth bubbled out while making her gag as she attempted to swallow most of it.

Spunk and spit trickling down my darlings cheek and chin dripping onto her pale gorgeous tits. I was in heaven as I gripped her by the hair and spewed spurt after spurt into and onto my teenage benefactress. When I had finished coming and recovered slightly she stood up in front of me. I took a step back as finally I got to appreciate what a beautiful young woman my Holly was. I stared in silent admiration as she kicked off her leggings and thong her shirt having been removed earlier.

Moving over to the large easy chair she sat and manoeuvred herself into its depths while spreading her lovely slender legs wide over its soft leathery arms, proceeding to scoop up some of my spunk from her breasts and masturbate it seductively into herself in a circular motion using the two index fingers of her right hand. Eyes wide open, she was smiling up at me. Fingers of her left hand holding open her gaping pink labia majora in an inverted V shape as her creamy inner minora squelched with the combination of our love juices and her fingers.

This was the first time since she had took down her panties that I had got a real good look at her voluptuous body from the front. Her perky tits, nipples all red and bloated from my sucking and tweaking them for the last 45 minutes. The very young looking shaved girls vulva, its innards gaping wet and open in front of me. A tiny puckered pinkly/brown hued anus shiny with Holly’s creamy secretions sliding down from it, pooling on the chairs cushion.

Unable to resist this vision of incestuous lustiness, I knelt down between Hol’s splayed legs. Holding them wide while I sucked and tongued her sloppy hole, tasting both our juices as she wriggled around, allowing my mouth the pleasure of enjoying her fantastic cunt and anus for a few minutes. Biting gently on her cock like clit now so bloated and stuck out like a beacon. Before arching her back and squirting her hot pungent teen liquid into and onto my soaked mouth and face. At first I thought. “she's pissing on me!”

Moaning. Holly grabbed my hair, screaming unintelligibly, her breathing coming in spasms as the orgasmic crescendo subsided. We both sat there naked, her open legged slit still dripping wet, with me kneeling, staring at her puffy vulva and little hard clit all pink and standing out, engorged with the loving caresses they had received from Holly’s fingers plus my tongue. Enthralled I watch her intently as smaller orgasms reprise, stinging her cunt, causing her pinkly brown anus and sloppy pussy to shake with ecstasy.

We remained like that for a while before we got up and showered together. Hardly a word spoken between us, though lovingly caressing one another while getting to know each others bodies even better. Masturbating each other to another mutual orgasm again before we got cleaned up. I watched my little girl dry her pale white body, her perky tits jiggling as she did so, her wet black hair shining in the soft light, the very bald vee between her thighs so inviting.

Breaking the awkward silence I asked how she kept it so hairless? “very expensively, plus very painfully.” She told me, smiling while making a tortured grimace. By now I had dried myself off. Reaching to put my pants on I felt a small wet hand grip my cock and proceed to turn it to a hard on instantly. I felt the hand let go, turning round to see Holly on all fours on the bathroom floor, her face smiling up at me, her puffy vaginal mound open and waiting, her delicious pink asshole enticingly small and inviting.

“Make love to me dad, fuck me, fuck your little girl. I want you to come in me as you pound me hard from behind. I want to feel your thick hard dick throb your little girls pussy as you take her from behind. “My God” I thought. What have we started. I was helpless in the face of the exquisite rear view now being presented for my use. Standing behind Holly’s offered mound I swiftly and willingly reacquainted my stiff cock with her tight plump pussy.

Her slick labia sucking my hard on in to their hold like a little wet mouth. Plunging into her depth, I heard her gasp as I proceeded to once more take my fill on Holly’s succulent juicy hole.
“Hmph, Hmph, Hmphhh.” Her breathy grunts rasping in time with my thrusts. “Sounds like your having fun babe.” Her sweaty cunt now getting sloppy and slick. I wet my finger on some of the goo and gently tickled her ruffled anal ring with it. Holly pulled away quickly and I slipped from her spunky crack.

She looked round throwing her long hair back and said. “I’m not ready for that yet dad, please, don’t think I don’t want you dad. I’m scared Its the bad experiences recently, as you should know Matt. “Oh honey, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking with my head, well not the one up top.” I said. trying to laugh off the embarrassment of my poor choice of timing cursing my own selfish needs..

“Meantime big guy, you still have your girls pussy to fill.” she lay back down resting on her elbows with her creamy white ass pointing in the air. I knelt down, she whimpered before leaning back at me sheathing her delicious wet cunt onto my throbbing penis.

I was waiting on the Friday evening as Holly arrived at Grange Manor lodge as arranged. The lodge belonging to an old friend who was only too happy to lend it out for our weekend family get together. Having told Jim and the others she had to be there ahead of them to arrange everything. Holly arrived wearing a short thigh length, red, knitted dress accentuating her 34B breasts with the tightness of its fit..

Her short though immaculate legs encased in black fishnet stockings which showed these items off to splendid effect. Her red fuck me shoes had replaced the pumps she arrived in and made her petite 5’frame look 6” taller, making her tight ass wiggle seductively as she walked in front of me. Turning my cock to iron with me trying my best to avoid the thoughts I was having about hiking that dress over those swivelling cheeks and fucking her Chanel perfumed pussy right here and now.

Her raven hair and ice blue eyes were dreamily framed by her pale skinned, china dolled face, her lips red and pouting. What a living doll she was.

The grounds had the river to one side and thick woods on the other, perfect for what my guests weekend break would require.. Making my way to the patio I shook hands with Jim and Val . “Hello again how are you, Its been so long, Holly’s mum couldn’t be here as she has a family matter to attend to. Sends her regards though. I said making excuses for my wife Karen's absence.
No young Megan in tow this time then?. Too old to go with mummy and uncle Bill now I take it!” I innocently enquired

“Oh no such luck Matt, Megan’s not with us but she will be coming later with her aunt and her cousins. Way too boring to be travelling with us old folks.”
Val announced, smiling over at her son. Jim, he was standing at the poolside bar, arm around Holly’s waist trying to snuggle into her neck while slipping his other hand over her pert ass cheeks. Flinching, Holly removed his hand from her rear, her voice clearly heard telling him to. “Stop trying to control me Jim. I will not let what you did to them, happen to me.”

Holly made her apologies to all and hurriedly left. I apologised also, leaving my guests to help themselves from the poolside bar until I returned. Finding a very pissed off Holly in the front lounge which overlooked the driveway. She turned with a tearful look in her eyes and hugged me.

Both of us watched the arrival of Jim’s aunt her two daughters, plus Jim’s sister Megan. Looking even more gorgeous than I remembered. Young Megan was another vision of teen womanhood as she climbed out of the car.

Her 5’6” 30B-22-32 frame highlighting her petite though protruding 18 year old breasts. Her navel was poking out between the gap in her tied short sleeved shirt. A short pelmet skirt which was nearly not there at all, save for three or four inches of denim material. Her light tanned legs were bare and made three inches taller by the strapped platform sandals on her bare feet. We were offered a glimpse of her shapely body when she leaned into the car for something. proffering a view of her little white frilly thong. Teen bum cheeks, peach perfect, split only by a thin sliver of white silk cloth.

Aunty was called Laura. She looked about mid forties, shoulder length black curly hair, 5’5” tall. With a, 24-34 figure. I couldn’t see her tits with her jacket on, though she appeared to be about a 34C maybe. Her round arse looked very nice in her tight denims. Legs unseen for now but held up by black heeled boots. Cotton blouse and short styled black leather jacket completing her outfit. I Wondered “Is she was aware of her family’s traits?” The perverted nature of their existence and is she ever involved? I had seen no evidence of her on the films. So apart from her daughter Chloe being a slutty bitch, there was no real evidence which proved any input regarding her. Laura was a very attractive woman. I found myself staring for a long spell at her as she milled around organising her girls, their baggage, etc.

Niece.1, Chloe, aged 19, brunette not as dark as her mums hair, longer at the back, the same brown eyes. 5” 6” and 34D-29-33, she was slightly taller, just a large breasted, tight arsed, seductive, mouth watering slut.

Chloe dressed for effect. Chequered mini skirt showing off her tanned legs, with red flip flops the same shade as the painted red toes on her feet. A pink sleeveless top which those big round tits filled out to great effect.

Chloe bent down to pick her bag up, showing a fleeting glimpse of her small tanned cunt lips, protruding from the sides of her tight white cotton briefs. It was easy to see the seductive attraction any man or boy would find in her ripe round boobs, tight firm looking ass and no doubt her juicy wet pussy encased in those panties. Pity that attraction had been found and used already, and by whom..

Niece 2. Amy, a younger thinner version of her mother, aged 16, same curled black hair as her mum, though longer in length. Her piercing blue eyes, so different from her mum and sis? Smaller also at 5’0” than her mum and sister, Her 30B-23-31 petite frame elf like. Amy wore a light blue top which displayed her exposed pierced belly button, coupled with a very short leopard print skirt, barely covering her extremely cute, black panty encased pale ass cheeks.

Those small and enticing legs bare to the leopard skin heeled shoes on her feet. The young minx looked a lot older than her 16 years, all painted up and dressed for fucking. I wondered if cousin Jim had stolen that cherry too?

Next was 5’7” Valery. Slutty mummy Val, Same brunette hair as her niece Chloe, though hers was a lighter shade. Pale skinned, like her niece Amy and her sister Laura. Although a tad paunchy. Val still looked good, her 36C-28-33 figure, wrapped in a summer dress, sandals on her bare legs and feet. Those full mature tits sticking out proudly from the thin material, her cleavage admirable to observe, black bra just visible over the top of her dress. Val was looking very respectable, considering the vision I had seen of her recently.

I gently tugged Holly’s dress. “Come on honey. Lets get this show started, sooner its done, sooner we can get moving on with our lives.” Holly shook her long straight raven hair, took a deep breath, held my arm and we walked, very proudly, out to meet and greet them, before we all rejoined the others for the celebrations!!.

Holly’s Family Fortune’s Part 2.

Holly having decided to exact revenge on the people who used her in Part 1. Sets out to reconfigure her own and their future, not least of all. The incestuous? One at present with her stepfather..

Emerging back into the limelight after her outburst at Jim, Holly and Matt asked all present to join them for a toast to the happy couples future. Holly took Jim by the arm, smiling at him for the benefit of the gathered family. “what the fuck are you playing at Holly” Jim enquired quietly. “Mother wants to know if your o.k.? she believes your calling off the wedding, are you?” Holly smiled again sweetly “No don’t be silly I just got cold feet and felt a little homesick that’s all. I was having those weird dreams and didn’t feel myself darling, don’t fret everything’s going to plan. It’ll be fine.”

“Well folks I just want to say how happy Holly and I are to have you here this weekend. Sharing the occasion.
I would like to say a special thanks to my gorgeous daughter Holly, for making me the happiest dad in the world. We have both become very much closer recently, thanks I may say to you Val and your son Jim. Without your influence on Holly’s future I don’t believe that closeness could or would have been reached.

I must apologise for going on in such a sentimental way folks but she means the world to me and I just want to say I know we all want to wish the two kid’s.” Matt gestured to Jim and Holly. A very full and happy life together as I know that’s what she’s had in mind for the past two years. I also know its what her mum would want more than anything. So, here’s to them. Cheers.” formalities over Holly and Matt mingled for a couple of hours, waiting and watching.

“No Billy I don’t think this is the time or place to be thinking about that. Holly doesn’t suspect a thing or we wouldn’t be here talking about it would we.” Val stated angrily trying to control her rising temper. She and her brother sat in the dining room alone. The party in full swing outside. Holly excused herself from proceedings again got hold of Jim and followed Matt into the house through the open patio doors. Hearing the raised voice of Val speaking to her brother.

“Hi” Matt exclaimed. I’m so sorry, didn’t know you two were in here!” Matt smiled entering the room, closely followed by Holly and her confused looking fiancé.
“Oh we were just discussing some family issues, nothing special” Val lied, looking very awkward as if they’d caught them stealing something. “Glad you’re here and we’re alone though. Holly and I have a matter to discuss. So as it was my intention to have a word with you both anyway..

” Matt closed the dining room doors.” There now, no distractions.” He chimed. Val and Billy were feeling a little uneasy. Holly opened proceedings stating “Jim and I have decided to bring forward our wedding date by six months. I think I may be pregnant.” Stunned silence..
Then Val and Billy hugged her and Jim. “Oh my word why that’s wonderful news Holly dear, congratulations you two.” She grinned over at her son, who hadn’t a clue what was going on.

“Thanks Val.” Holly said holding shell shocked Jims hand real tight. “What’s up darling, cat got your tongue.” she sniped at him. “Well young man and just when were *we* to be given this news from *you*? " Very secretive I must say.” “Mmmmother,” Jim stammered? “We would have told you all sooner but we thought we’d wait, till we were sure Val.” Holly jumped in saving his blushes. Jim sat down slightly drunk and totally shocked, just along for the ride it seemed. Matt poured all of them a large drink especially Jim. they made all their plans for the big day.

Afterwards rejoining the others, where they all had a very good time that weekend. All except Jim who Holly had informed was to be celibate until his nuptials and then she would let him have her, any way he wanted. Also she was staying with her own parents until the wedding day. She knew he would go along with this as Val would be happy about the first heir on the way and he had mummy and Chloe to keep his cock satisfied. She cringed thinking about him fucking the two of them, his own slutty mother, how could he.

The remainder of the vile Richford family arrogantly positive their plans were coming together. The party went into full swing. All were having a good time especially the younger relatives, Holly dancing and laughing with them as if nothing was amiss even Megan deemed acceptable at that point. Jim and Chloe were seen sneaking into the garden and disappearing into the woods. Unaware someone was watching and followed at a discreet distance.

Finding them a little later in a clearing, Chloe standing with her back against a fallen tree with Jim’s dick prodding into her naked bald cunt. Jim was rutting her squelchy hole hard, grunting like a pig.

Approaching the incestuous cousins stealthily the stranger hit Jim a hard blow to the neck, knocking him out cold. Chloe screaming, scrambled to get away she recognised who his attacker was. “No, you fucking whore, now its my turn.” The man said, forcing her to strip completely naked, roughly slapping her around, muck and foliage spoiling her immaculate look from five minutes hence.

Her wet pussy viciously pronged and rutted anew by his thick hard ravaging tool now burrowing into her slutty wet hole. Chloe’s large 34D tits wobbling while he fucked her without any mercy, the man’s fingers finding her anal passage very inviting. Her pain and humiliation further increased by this new depredation. Her pitiful wails falling on deaf ears, as so many others had on hers he thought.. After about ten minutes the man pulled out her defiled snatch.

Forcing his slop covered cock into her pretty mouth, making her suck on him until he was nearly coming. He pulled out her mouth with a loud plop, leaving her pressed up against the tree, gagging on pre-cum and snot. Brutally re-entering her abused vagina. Pumping into Chloe’s bald sweaty labia two or three times with really painful, heavy strokes, causing Chloe to squeal louder when her tanned buttock cheek’s were grazed by the tree bark.His resulting orgasm was her release.

Spunk flowed out her raped gaping baby hole as he dropped her onto her grazed ass. Warning her not to say a word, ordering her to get Jim and herself back to the house unseen as soon as possible. “Nice pussy, try your other side next time you evil slut.” grinning, he walked away. Leaving the girl hurt and bleeding, her cunt dripping his cum as she lay, crying over the prone body of the hapless Jim.

Meanwhile Matt had followed Laura and Holly to the kitchen. Both women’s rear asset’s giving his dick a hard time. Envisioning his cock in Laura’s naked ass. He snapped the vision off, It appeared to Matt, Holly seemed to get on well with the Aunt. Matt was convinced that she wasn’t involved in the dirty plot’s or vile deed’s perpetrated on Holly and others by the evil Val and Co. Was she even aware of her nephew Jim, or her sister and daughters perverted tryst?

Holly left her to go attend to a small crisis outside, leaving Matt to acquaint himself with Laura. She turned, startled at first then relaxed when she recognised Matt. “You startled me there.” she said, “You always sneak up like that?” ~ “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you. I ehm, came in for more ice for the bar, they’ve just run out.” He lied badly. “Holly’s been telling me all about you and her? Your quite some guy apparently!” ~ “Yeah, well I try my best.”

He smiled, staring into her seductive eyes. “She’s going to be a great addition to the family soon, hope she’s up for it,” ~ “Oh I guess she‘ll fit in quite well considering the maturity she has for her young age.” Laura stepped closer to Matt, he pretended not to notice. “I take it she’s told you then?” "Its no great secret that I have never agreed with her choice of husband.” Matt stated frankly. “Guess I just have to grin and bare that though.” Matt stated matter of fact. “I’ll bet that grins not all your willing to bare?”

Laura flirted with him, a tingle starting in her crotch. “Hmm now that’s an answer you will have to find out for yourself madam.” He flirted back his dick rising again. Holly came into the kitchen “Time for your party piece Matt. Her eyes on his bulge.” Smiling at Laura she cuddled into Matt. Troubled by the way his eyes followed Laura’s pert ass as she left returning to the party.

“Down boy.” Holly quipped, raising her eyebrows. “Oh honey, don’t be silly, hell I’m just like any other male, you know? I told you before doll you and me Holly babe. Cant shoot a guy for looking now can you? C’mon.” He chirped patting her ass while thinking of Laura’s.

“Anyway doll your ass is way better.” He retorted. “I can testify to that.” He kissed her longingly, his hands slid under the short red dress, clamping onto her tiny ass cheeks, roaming round and finding the gusset of her wet thong trapped in her inner labia. Pulling it aside to allow him room for a finger flick over her engorged clit.

Gently slipping another up her wanting vaginal entrance. “Your always my one and only babe.” They both kissed hungrily. He withdrew the wet finger from his daughters sticky cunt, letting her suck her own teen dew from it. Unbeknown to either of them, Megan had been heading for the bathroom and lost her bearings. The bitchy future sister in law had observing Matt and Holly’s patriarchal encounter from the very start. Smirking to herself as she went to find a toilet, her bladder wasn’t the only internal want needing satisfied.

Megan’s long finger rummaged around her clit while remembering Holly’s finger fucking from Matt?

Chloe and Jim while trying discreetly to make it back to their rooms, were cornered by Matt. “What the fuck happened to you two?” He listened as they relayed their story. Picking up his cell phone “I’ll call the police the bastard cant have got far.” He said, feigning shock and horror at their ordeal. Chloe very scared wailed “Nooo. Please Matt no not the police, I just cant face all the questions, the shame the disgrace on the family.

Please, let Aunt Val and uncle Billy deal with it. Please. Promise you wont say anything to Holly or mum. Promise me Matt. Please I’m begging you. “Alright, but seems wrong you want this animal loose out there. Your choice Chloe. I’ll go and let you get cleaned up and rested. You should have stayed on the paths why on earth did you go as far off the track anyway?? As if he didn’t know. Matt turned grinning and left her room.

He looked in on Jim, Val was just leaving as he got to his door, “Oh hi Val,” he said. “how is he, I heard he and Chloe had an accident of some sort?. “Yes stupid pair decided to go walking in the woods not dressed for it and certainly not prepared for it shall we say. Chloe fell down some shaft and had to be, ehm, assisted to walk back here.” ~ “I’m just going to see her now.” said Val.

Unaware Holly knew about the rape. Jim kept up the mine shaft story milking Holly’s mock sympathy with relish. “Poor you. I know just how to cheer you up. Something you’ve always wanted me to do?” Jim perked up expecting some anal or a blowjob from the talented teens mouth. I’m going to make you dinner tonight. His face fell. “Hmm that’s great he mumbled. “Hey honey, I’m tired and my head hurts, mind if I just give dinner a miss tonight.” ~ “Aww, I’m sorry darling, how remiss of me. Not thinking of your pain and agony after being so traumatised in Chloe’s hole!

Oops too much wine” she laughed. “I mean, when Chloe fell down that hole. Silly me honey. Get a sleep, see you later. Sweet dreams.” Jim and Chloe both woke around the same time heads foggy holes aching and mouths dry and foul tasting. Jim could feel his anus very painful, plus wet and sticky, his mouth was sore, his throat parched and vile tastes in his mouth. Remembering very vivid and real visions from his dreams. Chloe was in them, so were Holly and Matt plus some of the tenant farmers and their family.

Chloe was remembering her own nightmare as she steadily regained her consciousness. Her pussy plus her ass were aching, her mouth was on fire also her throat sore and dry. She remembered five or six men and several young boys raping her in every hole her body hanging from a frame for all of them to use at will. She also remembered seeing Holly, with some women she knew were farmers wives appearing to fuck Jim’s anus with strap on dildo’s.

The women using his face to rub their naked hairy cunts onto as they screamed in orgasm or pissed into his mouth cursing his family while forcing him to swallow their mucky juices. Recalling more degradation on both their bodies, she realised that her and Jim had been used in the manner exacted by them on Holly.

“Oh fuck she knows.” Chloe whispered to anally crippled Jim as they both slowly hobbled into breakfast. “Don’t be fucking stupid cousin. Don’t you think, if she knew, she would be going ahead with this sham wedding or having this fucking child, hmm?” “I suppose your right, why now then? Why all of a sudden are we being targeted by those fucking farmers and their redneck offspring. I cant stand those yokel’s.

I hate the idea that fat old Mr Carson was fucking my ass last night and his skank wife was sitting her sleazy cunt on my face, what the fuck is going on, we were drugged cuz! Only certain people know about our little games, you call it coincidence and bad dreams. I call it conspiracy and revenge.” ~ “Fine. you call it what you will, its me! who has to marry this fucking wannabe and drop Billy and mother two sprogs. Or we are all fucking doomed.

Have you any idea the debt were in. to a lot of people. Who wont wait forever for repayment. They may not be too charitable should Billy and Val try to default. You and the girls may just end up as collateral for an extension on the loan. Get the picture, nice fresh teen pussy and ass like your’s used to be Chloe honey. So shut that trap of yours and just go with the flow.

“Morning you two, sleep well then? You look as if you were up all night. Holly quipped. Jim glowered at her letting her know he was aware what transpired. Chloe managed a strangled. “I’m fine” before collapsing into her chair, her ass still gaping and burning under her lycra trousers. “The weekend has been a revelation to Matt and me. We’ve seen all of you in a totally new light.” Holly chirped. “The real bare essentials? Lets say” Matt added staring at Jim.

Later, after they had helped get the party stuff cleared away and tidied up. Matt with Holly said goodbye to some of their guests. Holly returning to her room saying she was tired, she would see the others off before they left later.
“Well it cant be helped Holly.” Matt told her when she got up after her sleep. “Laura, Megan and Amy are going to be here a little longer that’s all.” Matt told Holly. “Laura informed me while you were in bed. Megan was feeling poorly and their staying over another night.” adding. “I’ve cleared it with my friend so no problems there.”

Holly stared at Matt stating. “Well at least those bitches Chloe and Val, with her creepy brother Bill plus her fuck up son Jim have gone. Good fucking riddance.” she spat. “For now honey, for now. your wedding will be the icing on the cake angel.” Matt replied, laying Holly down on the settee as he deftly removed her panties exposing her puffy vulva, cock rampant while it pushes into her wet waiting fuck tube..

A few hours later Holly looking flustered, came into the lounge to speak to Matt. “Mum phoned, she’s home, but feeling ill. Ca

Batwoman meets Catwoman (Part One)

Introduction: Batwoman goes in search of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, only to find her fill-in, Holly Robinson. It was all going so well. A simple looting of a rich persons home of a few baubles, and what not. Yep, everything was going so well until she found herself blacking out from something hitting her. She groaned as she came to, her vision blurry as she looked around. Where am I? she groaned, then tried to move only to find herself hanging from the ceiling...


Me, my friend and his younger brother and sister part 1

Well it started when i was at jacobs house 1 day. However jacob wasnt home at that point at time but his kid sister and brother were. Holly his very cute 13 year old sister, was great looking, she was 5'4ft,small budding tits and a cute preteen ass and brown hair. his brother jack was 11 and small for his age, he was very skinny with blonde hair. Anyway i walked into the house and walked into their living room were their computer was kept and i saw a porn...


Seducing the Kid Sister Part 2

Pulling into the driveway Holly put her Focus in park but left the car in silent mode with just the battery running. The blondes hips squirmed a little as she smiled to herself thinking about how much fun the night would be with the hottest sisters in town. Holly giggled to herself as she honked her horn. Swinging her legs out of the car she was pretty sure she flashed Shauna a clear view of her cream panties underneath her black leather skirt. On top of that...


Holly’s Family Fortune’s Parts 3, 4, & 5

The sheriff said the gunman must have been following her or knew her itinerary as security at the conference centre was very strong. Who would target mum? She was kind and gentle. Holly broke down sobbing her heart out. Matt tried to hold back his own grief but was failing miserably, the big lump in his throat expanding while he held Holly tightly, both consoling the other. The news was a hammer blow to both of them and after the long process of grieving and...


Part 48: Foreshadowing

Introduction: PArt 48 of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 48: Foreshadowing I awoke, a blanket hastily draped over us, struggling to cover our naked bodies still wet from the night before. Breakfast, I heard Anne say behind me. I sat up somewhat and looked at the doorway. Anne was looking right at us, easily seeing our naked bodies. Fun night? She asked. Sure was, Holly said, waking up. Well have to shower first, I said. Ill keep it warm, She said,...


My Friends Daughter Holly 1-6

For years I've dreamed of my friends daughter, her father had showed me a lot of photos of his daughter posing for photos, there was also photos of her in the bath and laying naked on her bed, these photos were burned into my mind and my memories. Now that his daughter was a sexy teenager, I was always hoping something like this would happen. It was a Saturday night, I was at my friends Mal’s house watching the football on tv with him having a few beers...


Holly's Family Fortune's Parts 1 & 2

Holly fought to clear the fog from her mind, her head hurt and so did her body. Gently opening her eyes, Holly gasped in shock gathered around in a circle were her intended future in-laws and her fiancés extended family. They were all looking on as she was held down while her fiancé’s cousin Chloe stripped Holly of all her clothing. “This is your new family circle Holly. Welcome to the family.” Her future mother in law Val announced stroking Holly‘s...


Holly Chapter 2

Chapter Two About a week after our first playdate, Holly called me, and let me know she was on her way. I told her she was welcome any time she liked, and I asked her to wear a skirt, if at all possible. Then, I went about preparing for her arrival. She knocked on my door shortly after that, I open the door, and she is standing there in a gorgeous little standard schoolgirl skirt. It was even the red plaid color we all like. She came inside, and I gave her a...


Batwoman meets Catwoman (Part Two)

Introduction: Batwoman returning back to Hollys loft from patrol beliving trhe woman is asleep is in for a rude awakening. It had been a long night and an even longer patrol, and Kate was drained. Slipping into the window quietly to find her Holly fast asleep, Batwoman moved quietly for the chair and started to get undressed. Removing the belt with practiced ease, she then took off the cape before she removed the gloves and boots…, only then placing her hands...


My Friends Daughter Holly Part 5

I woke up hearing the screams that sounded like someone was in pain, then I heard a someone scream out, “NO.” I was alone in Barbara’s bedroom, I looked at the clock and it was nearly midday, I climbed of the bed and threw on a bathrobe and went looking for everyone, I looked into Bill’s bedroom and it was empty. As I entered the suites lounge room, I immediately saw Amanda laying there on the couch, she was being fucked by someone I didn't recognise...


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