Holly’s Family Fortune’s Parts 3, 4, & 5

The sheriff said the gunman must have been following her or knew her itinerary as security at the conference centre was very strong. Who would target mum? She was kind and gentle. Holly broke down sobbing her heart out. Matt tried to hold back his own grief but was failing miserably, the big lump in his throat expanding while he held Holly tightly, both consoling the other. The news was a hammer blow to both of them and after the long process of grieving and coming to terms with their respective loss. Matt and Holly drifted in and out of each others life's.

The only tangible thing holding them together was the deep and never wavering love they held for each other. Be it wrong or right to have turned sexual before the cruel taking of Karen, wife and mother to both. Matt had spent a fortune hiring investigators to find the reasons and the perpetrators of the heinous crime that took Karen from him and Holly. Leaving the two of them to question the relationship they now felt so guilty about. Holly blamed herself for her mothers death saying she was being punished for her adulteress acts with her stepfather. Matt told her this was crap and took a more realistic approach to the tragedy.

Matt was also convinced their was a link to the Richford clan he despised so much. Not only for their abuse of Holly but the nagging doubt they had arranged Karen’s demise to speed up the inheritance Holly would bring on her marriage into that debauched trio of Val, Billy and Jim Richford, not forgetting the related sluts hanging on to their tails. Of course Matt and Holly were very aware their would be no happy couple disappearing into the sunset after this ceremony!!

Val and Jim along with uncle Billy sat round the long table in their drawing room. The trio listened intently as Holly flanked by Matt explained, in precise medical terminology the reasons for her miscarriage and subsequent psychological problems. All of course triggered by her tragic loss. “We all feel your loss honey.” Val said sympathetically. The others nodding in agreement. “We are so glad you still want to join our family, cant wait to have you with us again dear. Chloe was asking just the other day how things were progressing, she was very concerned as she hadn’t heard from you since the party which seems so long ago?”

Well I’m so much better now than the last few months, Matt and I feel that a celebration is needed to help us all get over the gloom of the past’s sad circumstances. I want to go ahead as soon as possible and get Jim and I together again Like we were before. Holly, leaning over toward her cheating fiancé, kissed him lightly on the cheek, “I really want you Jim.” The words meaning more to them and something completely different to Matt and Holly. A few hours later all the niceties over they went in to dinner and then had a little family get together in the evening.

Holly couldn’t help or hide her hatred for Megan. The fact she seduced Matt. The way she had treated her in the past. Megz as the family called her was now 18yrs old. Her appeal to the male species was even more apparent as she had filled out. Megan now sported 34D tits, her ass was rounder and she had a more mature look to her whole body. She used it to work the room and had any male who seen her drooling for her ass. She was more than aware of this as she sashayed over to Matt and Val who were talking intensely and unaware of the teen siren’s approach.

“That’s a very serious accusation Mr De Veer and one I do not… “Well well Matt, how good to see you again” purred Megan. “I’m speaking girl.” Val said eying her with that look, the one that Megan knew better to steer away from. “Later perhaps then.” Megan reached up to kiss an unsuspecting Matt fully on the lips, knowing Holly was watching from across the room. Megan licked her lips and slowly drew her hand across Matt’s chest as she flounced out the room Matt’s eyes attracted unwittingly to those twin cheeks swaying in the tight dress Megan had poured herself into this evening.

“Later Val. I meant what I said.” Matt reiterated strongly to the matriarch. Who was less than amused as she hurried over to uncle Billy and friends whispering in his ear as he turned his gaze smirking toward Matt then Holly. The night went on in a strange mix of mistrust, lost love, and pure lust. Adding to the female contingent were Chloe and her mum, accompanied by young Amy plus two very nubile young women who were Holly‘s friend‘s, the same one‘s who fantasised with Holly over Matt a few years ago? Lecherous males including Matt eyed up the young flesh on display. Especially uncle Billy. “Where’s Holly.” He asked Jim, who was getting cosy with his cousin Chloe. “Fucking rat.” Matt thought out loud, though seemingly unheard.

Matt drifted into the other lounge and through to the kitchen. He was having a drink made up when his shoulder was tapped. “One for old time sake?” Matt turned and was facing a grinning Aunt Laura and Holly. “You always sneak up like that.” Matt smiled back the joke lost on Holly though Laura knew its significance. Memories of the party flooding back and giving the aunty the old familiar tingle in her crotch. “Just giving some TLC to this girl of yours and telling her how unfortunate she is to have come back to our family circle. Laura playfully spanked Holly’s pert ass, “You’ve been missed lady, time for some fun again. Hope your up for it too Matt.” She said, emphasising the word up!

“Excuse me I just have to speak to someone, be right back.” Laura said, staring into Matt’s eyes then down at his bulging crotch. “Hmm you just love her ass Matt don’t you.” Matt suddenly aware he had been staring at Laura’s rear as she walked away. “That a boner she gave you or am I the cause. Dad?” ~ “You’ve not called me that since mom’s funeral Holly?” ~ “I know I just felt it was appropriate at this moment. Did you speak with that witch Val, what was her reaction?” ~ “As we guessed total denial and indignation, tantamount to a fucking confession in my book.” Matt grimaced hatefully. “I know but tread carefully Matt, these fucks are capable and powerful enough to have us silenced before we can act.” ~ “OK, think we better start mingling and looking part of this charade before they get any more suspicious.”

Matt and Holly went separate ways though not before she reminded him. “I do still love you Matt. I just cant sleep with you for now. Will you wait for me.” Holly pleaded with her big blue eyes. “You know I’ll be there when your ready baby.” Not really the answer she wanted, the only one he was prepared to give though. Holly spied Jim, Chloe, Val and Billy all huddled round a table. They all got up, looking very serious and made for the drawing room to the rear of the lounge. “Strange, that’s where Billy’s office was?” Holly thought. What did Chloe have to do with it? Also, if Jim was getting involved, why wasn’t she? After all, to all intents and purposes they were soon to be man and wife!

Amy and her two new found friends had snuck out to the summer house which was a good distance from the house, smoking weed and swigging on their stolen bottle of vodka. The girly chat soon got round to boys, boys toys, and their uses. As the teen girls state of drunkenness increased their inhibitions decreased making the girl’s get hornier. 18yr old pussies were wetting gussets, hardening clits and nipples were tingling in heightened arousal. The stories got more fantastic and fanciful.

Amy took a large swig of vodka and slurred. “I’m not supposed to tell anyone this, I know a real, genuine, true fuck story. That I actually saw for myself.” The other two girls were urging her to spill the details as they got more and more drunk. “Well no one must ever know I told you, promise you wont repeat what I tell you, ever, to anyone.” ~ “ Yeah fuck sake get on with it my cunts wetter than ever. We promise don’t we Sam? Samantha wake up.” The girl Clair. Shook her half asleep cousin Samantha who sat up giving her full attention to the revelation Young Amy was about to unearth..

Megan and one of the male guests from the party were strolling in the gardens near the summer house. “Lets go in there.” she said grabbing her male partner by the hard on protruding from his trousers. No second request was needed as they hurried toward the building. Getting nearer they observed the lights on, hearing the girls whispering and laughing. “what the fuck? Who’s in there? Megan wondered. Her male friend trying to remove her thong as she pushed his hand from her sopping pussy. Megan told him to be quiet while creeping closer, she distinguished Amy’s voice from the others.

“ I know” Amy said, having relayed most of the details before Megan got within earshot. “Her cunt was gaping wide, she was rocking on Megz tits saying “Yes baby, oh yes, fuck Megz fuck, fuck, fuck.” She was shaking her soaking wet cunt all over Megan’s face. Megan was naked, her pussy and tits were all red and puffy after mum had fucked them!” Megan threw the door open and made a bee line for the drunk Amy. “You little bastard. You were told never to whisper a word of that to anyone. Not least of all your new found friends, Who both appear to be as immature as you are” Clair being rather stoned and mouthy said “ Fuck off, we wont be insulted by you. You slutty lezzy bitch.”

Megan slapped the younger girl hard and she fell crying to the floor. “You two want the same?” Both girls were nodding no to her request. “Amy outside now, I want to speak to you. ~ “Neil? take your eyes off these little sluts and fetch mum for me.” Sliding her hand around Amy’s waist, Megan hissed at her. “Have you any idea what this will do to our already poor reputation? Not to mention your precious finishing school placement when those two blab all the gory details of your little story. Which just happens to include your mum and me, you fucking idiot. I want reassurances from those little fuckers and you their will be no repeating of this ever again.”

Pushing her little cousin forward she said. “Get inside, till mum says how to resolve this fuck up.” Val arrived then, Megan relaying what she had found told her an entirely different version of the story but substituted Amy for her role in it. “Well I see we have a little problem then girls?.” Both Clair and Sam were staring at Val and Megan scared to contradict the embellished tale they had just heard repeated. Fascinated or terrified, it was hard to tell as they sat open mouthed. Megan told Val “I have an idea how we can keep this our secret.”

She whispered her plan to Val who looked at the girls with mock horror and laughed. Megz you devious wench, fine let’s do that. Clair, Samantha. Go outside and wait.” Both huffed and did as she said. “Right time to take charge of this unfortunate incident, other than us no one else knows. Tell those two to come back in Megan” Val ordered. I want you to listen very carefully as Amy tells you what to do. Who knows you may even enjoy what we have to offer for your silence.”

Val and Megan cackled as Val chirped. “Over to you Amy dear.” Amy stuttering and stammering wept loudly as she said “Sam, Clair. Take all your clothes off.” They sobered up quick as the words hit home. “What, are you nut’s Amy. Do what. No, not a fucking chance. Why?” “Fucking Strip, now.” Val’s angry voice said. Everyone stood in silence Megan stared at the girls repeating her mum’s command as she approached little blonde Samantha. Pulling her top down, revealing her small grapefruit sized tits.

“You get stripped when we say girl or I’ll fetch some men to do it for you. Both petrified girls slowly, tearfully began their humiliating disrobing in front of this pair of perverted and violent masochists. Amy was exempted and sent back to the house by Aunty Val for a later “Seeing to.” Amy ran out, sobbing heavily, not only for her friends predicament but being well aware of what a seeing to meant from aunt Val. Both Sam and Clair meantime, were now down to their skimpy panties as their debasement was entering its first stage.

Val sat on the sofa while Megan herded both Clair and Sam into the centre of the room facing their female captors. Both teenager’s were shivering with the cold and fear. Attempting to cover their naked breasts and barely covered vagina’s. “stand straight, legs apart and hands at your sides girl’s.” Megan ordered. Crying uncontrollably both girls complied standing taller than usual given the heels teens wear nowadays.

Samantha was about 5’0”, her hair was short and dyed blonde, this was obvious as her dark pubes were showing through the small thong type panties she still wore. Her tits were small with protruding thick nipples, slim to skinny hips and a peach shaped bum. which her small lingerie did nothing to flatter. The short blonde’s pink pussy nearly visible as her gusset was stuck to the side of her young slit.

Clair, uncooperative as ever, swore at the antagonistic bitchy madam‘s, forcing Megan to get up and pull on Clair’s long hair extensions, forcing a scream from the mouthy teen. Clair was much taller than Sam, about 5” taller, more with her heels on, athletic looking. Tanned legs showcasing her shaved vaginal cleft. Her firm breasts were round and slightly upturned, dark tanned skin highlighting the small though longish nipples. Clair’s ass was exquisite for an 18yr old girl. Even Megan commented on it.

“Wow, look at the ass on this filly mum.” Megz ran her hand over the tanned globes, shaking Clair’s ass cheeks, She flinched awaiting a slap. This never happened as Val moved proceedings on and told both girls to remove their thongs. Wailing with shame and fright the two terrified teens quickly did so standing legs apart showing their humiliation to the two smirking Richford bitches.

Clair to her further humiliation was dripping pussy juice in little strings which glistened on her dark thighs eliciting degrading comments from the cruel females. Sam had needed the toilet for some time and couldn’t wait any longer running out the door naked. Megan was right behind her and stood watching, smiling while the wailing Sam emptied her expanded bladder, pissing a strong clear stream onto the grass. “ Never mind wiping your slit bitch, you need'nt worry about making a mess.” Megan said sternly while dragging the piss dribbling blonde girl back in to front and centre. Forcing her to lay down on her back, legs splayed obscenely offering Val and Clair further carnal observation of her dripping wet hole.

Megan suddenly grabbed Clair forcing her to her knees, the screeching girls face was rammed against her friend’s young piss covered slit. Val ordering her to tongue fuck the writhing, screaming girls pussy. While the lascivious Megan fingered her own with practiced skill. The floor show continued. Val got up, opening a locked box in the corner she took two items from it. Sitting back down in her chair she deftly removed her own sopping knickers while watching the girls, including her half nude daughter,frigging their own and sucking on each other’s squelching pussies.

Val with lube in hand, stood up approaching Clair’s tight upturned ass, her young wet introitus still producing its sticky nectar, which hung from her fuck hole clinging onto her dark labia. Val, smeared lube onto her fingers mixing it with Clair’s own lubrication, temporarily forcing Clair to stop eating Sam’s ravaged cunt. Terrified, she tightened her puckering brown star up like a clam when the oily substance was applied to her anus. Wailing “Noooo, don’t? please don’t.” when Val’s long fingers sourced individual paths into the distraught teen girl’s squelching fuck holes.

Val finger raped both young girl’s with brutal glee. While later they were forced to endure the ordeal of sucking on Val’s hairy sweaty clit and pussy. Both were respectively photographed as being very willing participants in the sexual favours bestowed by them on each other plus the Richford crone. No actual penile intercourse took part, however the girls were subjected to very rough oral and fingering. Due to the tongue’s and hands of the cruel Val and sibling on the victim’s having been utilised to the max. Samantha & Clair were rendered to sweat covered, cum soaked rag dolls. Val’s spanking and raping of both young girls, leaving two very sore, crimson red asses. Val called a halt after half an hour of her depraved activity.

Totally shocked. Sam and Clair were escorted back to the house. Aunt Val left them to go see to Amy. Once cleaned then fully dressed, they were led back to the room they would be sharing for the rest of the weekend by Megan, her clit still throbbing from the girls enforced use on it. Both were strongly reminded if one word of what they saw or heard was uttered. All evidence from tonight showing them as the instigators of the proceedings, would be sent to family and college. They needed no reminding, both girls young ravaged pussies would testify to that.

Amy was waiting to greet them and it was evident judging by the cute girls red eyes. That her “Seeing to” had indeed been seen to. She and the other two sobbed quietly as they now told factual tales of fucking and sucking. With painful recollection and reddened posteriors as memoirs. The girls would venture no further on this night. Amy wanted to tell her mum so much, though knew she couldn’t as she had heard from her two friends what their punishments would entail. Amy knew from an early age about mum’s family. Also her older sister Chloe and her cousins.

Holly and Jim were doing the mingling and chatting routine as Matt getting ever more drunk staggered to the toilet. Running into a flush faced Val who nearly bowled him over. “whoa Val where’s the fire? “ He joked. “Oh I’m sorry Matt I had to take care of something for Amy, silly girl has me all flustered now.” Matt noticed the paddle in Val’s hand as she hid it behind her. “Nothing too punishing I hope.” he smiled knowingly.

“ Erm no, no just the girls playing silly teen games from having drunk too much alcohol.” “That’s my type of girl.” Matt ventured. “I thought her cousin Megan was more your type of girl from what I’ve been told.” Val shot him her famous look and marched off paddle still behind her back. “fuck, that’s me told then, sour faced cunt” Matt knew then they all had knowledge of his sodomising Megan, “Little witch was asking for it.” He slurred as he watched his last three large malts stream down the urinal.

“You sure about that buddy.” Matt turned abruptly, facing him was Aunty Laura. She had followed him and had seen plus heard his altercation with Val. “I seem to recall you just assumed she asked for it. You took it, quite roughly I believe as I recall! “Shit Laura you keep sneaking up on me, you stalking me or something?” ~ “ Yes something like that. I prefer hunting as the term myself. “Guess I’ve been trapped then.” he answered shoving his dick inside his boxers before zipping up his pants. “Now that’s a pity. I so wanted to hunt you a little longer. What was that bitch sister of mine saying about my daughter?

“Oh something about taking care of Amy and her girlfriend’s who knows, who care’s? Matt staggered to the sink throwing cold water on his face. “Your getting wasted Matt it’s becoming boring. Watch your attitude doesn’t make the hunter look for new prey.” Laura left him staring at his drunken, ragged face in the mirror. Matt got himself freshened up. He stopped drinking anymore scotch, only sipping water or coffee for the remainder of the night. He found Laura with a gaggle of guests and asked her to follow him, Laura excused herself. Hurrying to follow Matt.

He stopped at a gazebo on the lawn and noticed her behind him. “Sorry, for that, plus earlier.” He apologised for his attitude and behaviour. “Oh that’s fine. It’s what you men do when your sulking,” she laughed. He caught a glint in her eye, her breasts gently heaving with the rush of chasing after him. “Matt grabbed Laura and risking all he held dear to him, he kissed her, shoving his tongue into hers. Her soft lips compliant with his. Laura held him closer as she reciprocated, unawares bitch queen Val was watching her every move. Including. Matt’s hand slipping into Laura’s panties as he stroked her furry mound. His fingers finding warm damp comfort in the folds of her sloppy vagina.

Rubbing her thickening clit, she moaned, her hand entering his boxers and gripping his hard shaft. Sinking to her knees, reluctantly releasing his hand from her aching pussy, she released his throbbing dick slurping it into her mouth like a starving child. Hungrily, greedily feasting on the pre cum of his thick engorged rod. drool dripped onto her dress from her sucking his knob till he felt like exploding. Matt was getting close, eager to give her his load. Picking Laura off her knee’s, he turned her around draping her gently over a chair, lifting the hem of her dress up he yanked her knickers to her knees, her round pale ass cheeks contrasting with her jet black hairy pussy, just begging to be taken. Matt thrust his hungry penis into her waiting fuck hole, Laura gasped as he entered her warm depth, seeking fullness, completion..

Two minutes of frenzied humping later a screaming Laura orgasmed. Squirting pussy juice and pre cum out over his thrusting cock which erupted inside her, shooting hot creamy sperm deep into her womb. Exhausted Matt pulled out her sloppy hole, even in the dim light from inside the gazebo. It was clear to Val her sister was courting disaster, her poor choice of him over family not being an option. Val hurried back to call a meeting with the others, her greedy cunt tingling to be filled again having been serviced earlier by the girls plus witnessing her sisters treated likewise.

Matt’s cum oozed out Laura’s gaping crack as she stood upright. Still breathless she simply pulled her skimpy panties up over her sticky folds, trapping the secretions from both their orgasms inside the thin material. “Where do we go from here then. It’s a little complicated, don’t you think.” ~ “Very.” Matt replied. “What are you going to do then Matt? I wont be a spare part or share you. Not with Holly, my niece, or anyone else for that matter.”

Matt stepped back, “Whoa Laura slow down, I thought you were only after a fuck! not a relationship. I really like you and you’re an amazing woman, in all ways, but I cant just drop everything and take up with you! I thought we were only having a screw around not starting a you and me thing. “A screw? A fucking screw? You arrogant prick.
I should tell everyone you fucking raped me and see how your precious Holly believes you didn’t do the same to Megan then.

Matt told her to “sober up and stop the bullshit Laura, that’s dangerous ground your on. I don’t take kindly to idle threats.” Well we’ll see how idle when I tell Val about it she’s dying to get you for ass fucking her daughter. “That’s rich coming from that witch honey, she probably did her ass long before me, given your Chloe’s influence with the sick fucker.” “You really are a bastard Matt, I gave myself to you thinking you wanted me for more than a Screw as you put it! Well I was hoping that anyway, now I just feel dirty and used and..” Laura broke down sobbing, “Just go to hell Matt I might have known this was a mistake.”

“Why Laura? what did I do to make you think that. You led me to believe all you wanted was fucked, nothing more nothing less.” Matt went on incredulous at her. “You stalked me to the toilet for fuck sake! Look let’s just leave this as it is and try to remain adult and responsible about our other commitments.” Laura, thrust her left hand into her panties, retrieving a copious amount of Matt’s spunk from her fresh fucked hole. “Commitment, what the fuck is this if not a commitment?” Holding the warm jizz out to him. Matt stomped off. Leaving the angry sobbing Aunt to ponder her next move as she wiped the gooey globs of thick cream from her fingers.

Retiring to bed, Matt was feeling a little guilty, also very confused. He still loved Holly and the father daughter relationship they shared. Though increasingly after Karen’s death. Holly had withdrawn right away from the sexual aspects of their life together. Even moving into her own place and only keeping in contact now and then. That was half the reason he had took his lust out on Laura! Also why he had assumed she was doing likewise. Perhaps he should start over where that was concerned. He did have real feelings for the voluptuous Aunt. Matt drifted off to sleep, his cock hardening as he pictured Laura’s puckered asshole while his rampant prick disappeared within her wet silky muff.

“Holly can I see you for a moment in here please.” Val requested from the boardroom.
Its regarding tomorrow.” she paused, “I realise how much you wanted a quiet affair dear. Billy and I don’t really have any issue with that.” Val paused again. “Its just that well we think perhaps a more formal, well attended ceremony could be arranged, as befits our family status. Val smiled, the smile that says “do it.”

“Val I believe you’ll find you agreed to all requirements regarding the ceremony.” Holly’s voice raising higher.
“Oh Holly, I didn’t mean for you to be upset honey. That’s why we’ve arranged straight away tomorrow, after the wedding. To arrange a grand ball later in the year. To allow all our friends and business partners, to celebrate your coupling.” “Oh thank you Val, you really think of everything for everyone, don’t you. I believe a lot of your friends already know all there is to know about *my coupling*.” Holly couldn’t resist the sarcasm in her words. Val very aware of this spat back. “Thank you dear, so many have commented on how nice it would be to see you being spliced? I do believe that was the sentiment used.” Val said in a touché form of reply.

“How fortunate they are. Having you arrange their social calendar Val. Perhaps make it a masked ball. I seem to recall being at one sometime before, or maybe It was a dream?” Holly waltzed out the room smiling, she couldn’t wait for the wedding to start. She also retired to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a big day. Matt and her had spoken of this day for ages. She intended seeing it happen precisely as they envisaged. Holly moaned contentedly while almost unconsciously slipping two saliva soaked fingers between her thighs and into her shaven slit..

Val was spread over the same table she had recently talked over with Holly. Her large tits mangled by her own hands while her loving son pounded his cock into her sloppy vagina. Churning her pussy into a frothing mire of juice and cum. He arched his back as his mother screeched in orgasm while he filled her hungry cunt with his incestuous sauce. Laura heard Val screech and knew from bitter experience she was in heat and to steer clear from her depraved state of mind. Val was no stranger to getting what she wanted. No matter if what she wanted was underage or under sedation. Inevitably, It would end up. Under her!

Laura headed to Amy’s room, only to find her, Samantha and Clair wide awake and very subdued. “What’s up ladies your very quiet. You lot plotting something? You went to bed earlier than I thought, didn’t you enjoy the party then? Big show tomorrow, hope your all up for it.” Amy started crying, setting the other two off also. “Bloody hell girls, what’s the problem? its just Holly’s big day!” Amy, kneeling on her bed hugged her mum and sobbed the story of what happened to them earlier in the summerhouse. “Oh my god, no, Amy, girls Oh no, no, no.” Laura had the girl’s undress. Appalled at the damage inflicted to their teenage buttocks. When Amy turned to show her the marks left by Val’s paddling on her also, Laura saw red, listening in anger.

Amy said “Aunt Val spanked my ass with a paddle, fingering my ass and vagina, forcing me to do the same to her. She said to tell no one or she‘ll do worse things to me.. Amy and her friends went on to relate all the vile acts perpetrated on them. How they were warned to say nothing or the dire consequences that would befall them and their family. Laura reassured them that nothing would happen to them or their family. Stating over and over again to just leave things for her to sort out. She kissed them goodnight then left to find Val!! Knowing exactly where she was and who she was with..

Matt unable to get to sleep went in search of a snack. He ran slap bang into Laura who was in no mood to talk to him at that point. Blocking her path he forced her to stop and she swore at him to move, her eyes blazing with anger. He took her by the hand into his room asking her what was her problem, thinking he was of course. Laura wept as she explained what happened to the girls. Matt knew then what Val had used her paddle for and who on.

“I’m going to make that bitch suffer for all she has done to my family, not just Amy but Chloe. Who she’s had under her spell from long ago, she manipulated her you know. I caught Val with other girls and men numerous times. Chloe? was always destined to be a slut, it was in her genes, same as me and all the Richford women. It’s a fucking curse, one I don’t intend being inflicted on me or my girl’s any longer.

Matt comforted Laura and apologised again for his outburst earlier. He promised her all would be fine with him after tomorrow’s show, all free to go their own chosen paths. “Hold on Laura, revenge is best served cold they say.” Laura hugged Matt closer and said firmly “It’ll be piping fucking hot when I dish it up to that slag sister of mine!
Matt? I have to tell you about my past, before you make any kind of decision on me and you.” Matt tried to say it didn’t matter but she was adamant and told her sordid story about her young teen years in the family.

The incest, the parties her late parents had. How she ran away, only returning when she was forced to for Chloe‘s future. She was living rough when she fell pregnant with her eldest daughter.” wait a minute, so Chloe’s dad wasn’t The ex then?” Laura paused. “No Matt Chloe was the result of my being stupid enough to crash out during one of my sick brother’s drunken orgies, just prior to my running off. Little did I know then I was pregnant already.”
Matt hissed the name. “Billy.”
Laura looking dejected nodded then went on. “That’s why she’s so different to me and Amy. That fucking curse has struck her like her aunt and all the other women and men in this god forsaken dump. The lure of the riches, the lifestyle, the advantages were very potent. Outweighing every other risk living with this family entails, that’s the truth Matt.” “Ok fine Laura, listen I cant explain too much right now, just go to bed and leave these assholes to their own fate. Tomorrow will be the new start we all need. Trust me.”

She looked quizzically at Matt, sighing in resignation, she agreed to wait but wanted to settle the score with Val and her brother Billy ASAP. They both kissed a long goodnight, Matt turned looking back to see Laura heading in his direction, smiling he took her to his bed. Meantime Val was still recuperating from the pounding she had taken from Jim and Billy’s cock’s, Chloe fared no better, limping from the boardroom with both males slick white liquid sliding down her legs. Billy told Val it was time to act as he suspected Matt and Holly were aware of what they were planning.

A few hours later Chloe barged into the room “Why does mum always have to take the moral high ground with me.” She screamed at Jim and Val. Meantime, Billy who was pacing up and down the lounge. Suddenly stopped, stating. “Don’t worry Chloe my slutty angel, we’ll soon have all we need, no one will be able to block our plan’s for taking control of Holly’s family fortune. Chloe kneeling in front of him looked up, smiling. While Billy, unzipped and slid his stubby cock between the girls voluptuous lips she sucked on the slug like member while gagging a little. Val smiled at the sight while gently rubbing her panty covered clit. Wondering? Has Laura ever told Chloe who her real dad is?

The first hint Matt got something had went awry was when he saw the men’s shapes prior to blacking out. Awakening in a basement type room, with what he knew were BDSM implements and frames. Already bound to one of the revolving tables. He was gagged and naked. Across from his line of sight, he could just make out Holly’s two young friend’s and young Amy. Matt’s hard on embarrassingly grew while looking helplessly at three naked gaping young pussies and asses. Linked up and splayed out on a waist high framework of mattresses like some crude nudist acrobatics team.

All were bound, totally naked, hands behind their backs. Their ankles strapped one to the other. Clair’s left leg to Amy’s right leg. Samantha’s right to Amy’s left. Both Clair and Samantha had their right and left ankles attached to iron ring’s which were fixed into the wall . With the effect of respectively pulling their uncoupled legs higher and wider, the effect of this plus Amy’s other two legs being raised upward in a V toward the ceiling on ropes. Was to Force all three youngster’s fuckhole’s, to spread open in an obscene enforced invitingness.

Holly meantime smiled and went to get showered. Her maid of honour was busy at present, arguing with her mother about her sleeping with “That prick Matt.”
Laura told her she had no right to speak to her like that and to remember just who she was addressing. Laura also asked her why she was so vile, selfish and totally devoid of any shame her family’s reputation solicited. “You cheap whoring slut, You think I don’t Know about you and your incestuous antics with Val and Billy?”

Chloe smirked back at her mum. Laura slapped her face sending her reeling. Shock and anger registering with a growing redness on Chloe’s face. “Typical mum, you always had to resort to violence. You always said that’s why dad left, remember? You swore you hated the violence. Didn’t stop you, or you stopping him. Taking your spite out on my bare ass! While you moralised about how the evil curse in you, had to be knocked out of me?

Good job Uncle Billy took you back in! I might be dead by now otherwise. Oh and as for our precious Amy! Well cant do no wrong can she, hmm? Gets all she wants. Via Val and Billy’s generosity I have to say.” Laura, tired of her whining told her to. “Shut the fuck up, just sit there on your slutty ass and listen for a change.” Surprisingly! Chloe did as requested while nursing her stinging cheek.

“Ever stopped to wonder why Billy and Val are so.. Generous, as you put it? Or why you’re the way you are? Your difference in looks, the closeness to Aunt Val? Chloe furrowed her brow stuttering “ N ,n, no. What are you getting at?” Grabbing a photo of Val as a young woman and thrusting it at Chloe, Laura said “look, real close slut, really close. Who the fuck do you see?”

Chloe suddenly knew what Laura was eluding to, her demenour and attitude changing. “No it cant be, what are you saying? That your not my mum and Val is? Why the fuck would you have brought me up as yours then?” “Billy and your granddad used Val and me as well as others as fucktoys. I got so injured inside doctors said I wouldn’t conceive. Our family’s future rested on my marriage into Ray Malloy’s inherited fortune producing children. Val was the only one who could solve their self induced dilemma.

Father died suddenly? Mum went years before that. So Billy as new head of the family. Invited Val to attend some of his special parties, which she enthusiastically did. Your well versed enough in her and Billy’s little game’s to figure out her starring role in that evening’s activities Chloe. She was as you are honey. Adulteress to the stars. Val was made for the role. Especially with your naive, foolish father. Deluded fool.”

Meanwhile I was on drugs and anything else I could get hold of. Trying to keep the nightmare of this cursed, fuck up of a family from trashing my head completely. “I had no idea when I returned from the rehab clinic month‘s later. They had planned all of the subsequent drama. Raymond’s death in an automobile crash. You were taken from here. Only to be returned years later. After they had secured Raymond‘s. Your fathers money, businesses and all his other assets. They claimed you were his only heir!

He never even caught on when his only sister mysteriously vanished, months before you were born. He tried to deny you were his. They had all the DNA evidence on their side. Naturally, having bribed or blackmailed anyone who thought otherwise. I was left totally dependent on Billy. Also Val, who fell pregnant again after more of Billy‘s debauchery, Jim your fuck buddy the result.” “Mum..” cried Chloe, trying to sound hurt.

“Aw stow it slut, everyone knows about you lot and your fondness for one another. Yeah, he was the result of her having a vagina for a brain. She fucked anyone and anything with two or four legs.. Looks a lot like his dad. Mean, shifty, totally corrupt.” Laura huffed. Ring any bells Chloe love? The shocked Chloe sat and looked at Laura weeping.

“So that’s why you hate me, that’s why you allowed me to be taken by those fucking people and used from my early teens. I was so fucked up because of that. You knew and did nothing.” “No Chloe. I did nothing because there was nothing I could do. Same for Megan. She has learned as you did. That’s the way of life for a Richford girl at that age. What the hell do you think made Val and Me what we are, or were.”
Laura corrected her self.

“Amy’s dad is unknown? Thankfully, she has my looks. I hate to think what piece of rapist trash formed the gene’s on her other side? Oh yeah. Of course I went along with the show. It was the only way I could survive Chloe! The fact Val had abandoned you? meant I swore, no matter what. Amy wouldn’t end up like you, me or Val. So now you know. Billy or whoever of his spoiled rich chums swimmer’s survived. Happens to be Amy’s dad.” Chloe stared at her sobbing ex mum. Now confirmed as her real Aunt?

Desperate and overwhelmed with the revelation of her parentage. Chloe realised her future plans within the family were scuppered. Jim had always said they would set up together after Holly’s demise. He had promised her a life with just him. With her as his wife. She knew now this wasn’t ever going to happen as Laura also told her of Val‘s plans to kill all of them, Chloe included!!

History repeating its self all over again as the distraught girl got to grips with being used as a prostitute to further her families depraved ends. Furious, she vowed to get even. How though..? Chloe looked into the large wall mounted mirror and smiled. With an evil grin stuck on her pretty face. She practically skipped out the room and along the hall. Holly was just out the shower when their was a knock on her room door. Chloe stood in the doorway.

“Oh hi Chloe, what’s up? Shouldn’t you be getting ready, wont be long now.” Holly said. Looking rather suspiciously at the woman while drying her long raven locks. Bending over to towel them dry, meant Chloe got a tantalising peek at Holly’s freshly shaven pink slit. The cursed slut in her surfacing, arousing her clit, It tingled frustratingly, while her pussy lips slightly parted. Like a Venus fly trap awaiting its prey. “So the big day then Holly. You must be very excited, I know I am.“ Chloe purred seductively, moving closer to Holly. Holly was so distracted she never suspected a thing.

Until that is. She felt a tug and her towel fell to her feet, exposing her bald cunt while Chloe held her by the neck groping for her firm round tits. “What the fuck? What are you doing?” Holly lost control, reliving instantly the former rapes and abuse this woman had perpetrated and took part in against her. “You sick cow, stay away from me or I will kill you, with my bare hands. This charade has gone on long enough. I want all of you gone after this ceremony. Do you hear me. You twisted bitch.

“Chloe broke down at this point throwing herself on the king size bed and sobbing hysterically into the pillows. Holly felt a pang of conscience and sat down beside her attacker, attempting to console her. Both young women sobbed to each other as Chloe recounted her revelation, thinking Holly was unaware of the family’s real intent. To rob then murder her in the future. “I know Chloe, Matt and I have known for ages. Didn’t think they would tumble us so soon. What’s gone wrong I wonder!

“Well, there’s one thing certain. Your family certainly doesn’t do things by half does it.” At that. Holly’s hand slipped onto Chloe’s thong covered buttock. Turning, surprise written on her face. Chloe couldn’t, plus the rabid horny Holly didn’t. Resist the passionate embrace Chloe offered her. Both women kissing and hugging, sobbing softly for the wrongs in their past history. Holly not usually so forgiving and feeling a strange compulsion to allow herself to be manipulated by the vixen laying on her bed.

Chloe lay still staring wildly, while Holly tried to compose herself. Still naked, Holly made to stand up. Chloe suddenly grabbed her arm, pulling the surprised nymph down and onto her own soft body staring hypnotically into her big blue eyes. Chloe forcefully slipped her finger over Holly’s now very moist cuntal lips. Holly moaned softly, reciprocating though unsure why? Holly Gently pulled aside the thin ribbon of Chloe’s wet gusset as the girls mutually caressed each others firm soft folds.

Holly manouvered into a position where Chloe’s pussy was visible, as well as usable. Both were then shocked and surprised when Holly’s unlocked room door suddenly burst open. Revealing Laura. Who looked scared and flustered, not to mention embarrassed. ”Fuck sake Laura, don’t you ever knock?” Laura smirked at the irony of Holly’s remark. Wondering. Does she know about her and Matt? Quickly regaining her sense of danger Laura said. “Aw quit your whining honey and the two of you get decent. I’ve got some bad news.”

Laura screamed again at the girls, “Move. Quickly, I mean it, they haven’t much time?” Both girls stared at the woman questioningly while rapidly getting fully clothed again. “What? Who haven’t?” they quizzed. Laura went on to fill them in on things while they made for the summer house. “Billy and Val have lost the plot. They intend to kill you Holly and Matt and us Chloe. They owe so much money to some mob family, they need your family’s fortune to save their asses, or its curtains for them, most probably us as well.” She sobbed.

Holly and the other two hurried into the summer house. sitting breathless, strangely, on the very same sofa Val had raped Sam and Clair on recently. Holly listened and then informed Laura that her and Matt knew they were planning this. Explaining the filmed abuses to Laura who glared at Chloe, she now sitting red faced, her head bowed while crying onto mum, Laura, as the sad sorry tales came out. “Billy must have got wind of Matt knowing, that’s probably why he’s taken Amy, Clair, Sam and Matt somewhere. I cant find any of them? Val and Jim are missing too, there also part of this whole rotten scheme though. So we better look out for them.”

Jim. was at this point, returning from meeting some clients Billy had hurriedly arranged. The girl’s in the basement offering the perfect opportunity. He would offer his creditors free gratis with the females sexual favors. Before giving their starring role in the next movie. Sadly for the females, it was to be there one and only role. Billy was not for leaving any possibility of them talking, including his own family. Quitting while he was ahead. Or that was his plan anyhow. The family fortunes just might get sorted after all, only he planned keeping it for himself. Contrary to the information relayed to Val and Jim of course, Val was aware and alert to her brothers duplicitous leaning’s. Forming her own plan B well in advance.

Chloe looked up at this point she said. “Aunt Laura?” Laura smiled. “Mum, honey. I’m still mum.” Both hugged and smiled. Chloe said she knew of the basement Billy kept, where they made movies for the mob. Billy had used her in some a while back before she got too old for the clientele. Laura glanced at her, swore, then hugged Chloe, apologising for the things she said and did in the past that led Chloe into Billy’s corrupt claws.
The women planned what they would do then set off for the basement. Megan and Val were scouring the house looking for Chloe, Holly and Laura.

Megan was spotted at the window of one of the rooms by Holly. “Down, Megan’s upstairs scouring the grounds, she must be looking for us. The bitch.” Too late! Megan had immediately turned. Screaming alerting Val that the three were in the grounds. Laura and Holly ran back to the summerhouse as Chloe split up heading back towards the house. “Might have known that slut would turn on us. Chip off the old block. Next time Holly? Save your pity and your affections.”

“Fucking two faced bitch.” Holly cursed Chloe and herself for falling for Chloe’s poor me act, also the fact she seemed to mesmerise her into having sex? Holly felt something truly hedonistic had entered her mind during her finger session with Chloe, weird? She thought. “ Holly, snap out of it! Laura screeched. “Wake up. What the fuck do we do now?” Startled with fright, both women jumped when the door suddenly burst open. Val, Megan, plus the traitorous Chloe smiling wickedly with guns in their hands.

Ordering Holly and Laura back to the house. Megan pushed and shoved Holly on route. “Not so smart mouthed now slut, hmmm. Where’s your child rapist daddy now whore? Oh yeah, last seen laying into my two faced aunty Laura. Like you slut, a fucking hypocrite.” Holly turned on the vicious girl at this point, only Laura holding her stopped her from getting killed. “You kill Matt the same cowardly way you murdered my mother. You fucking spawn of hell, I swear. I will see you rot back down there before my time is through. You and her.” She spat at Val.

Who calmly struck Holly over the head with the butt of her gun. Knocking her out cold. Laura was forced to carry or drag Holly’s prone body back to the house at gun point. Chloe said she needed to pee and slipped out of the lounge. Holly still out, lay on the settee beside Laura. Both were bound hands and feet. Chloe meantime had made her way to the basement. As she got nearer she heard muffled voices and girls screams. Spying through the half open door, Chloe witnessed Billy with a small pale ass stretched up in front of him.

The screams were her sister Amy’s. Her vile old uncle was slowly, painfully, inserting his stubby thick dick. Into his nubile nieces virgin bum hole. Eliciting pained screeches from his sodomisation on her once tiny anus. The other two girls were at the mercy of Billy’s eager and able fingers, as he took further pleasure on their exposed vagina’s and reddened asses. “Cry girls. Scream! all you want. No one is coming to your rescue down here. The only person apart from me. Is him.”

Billy pulled quickly from Amy’s newly enlarged anus, forcing her to scream out in a higher pitch. Her rectum was almost prolapsed with the vicious withdrawal of his filth caked prick. Billy walked over to where Matt remained tied to the table, squeezing his captive balls hard. Matt’s pain and humiliation mirrored In a chorus of wails from the naked threesome similarly terrorised by his protagonist earlier.

Billy’s distraction with torturing Matt enabled Chloe to sneak into the room. She hid behind a contraption she recognised. It was the same one she had been chained to when she was gang raped 2 years ago. She shivered, her crotch and anus tightening with the vivid memory of those events. Ten of them had ravaged her in every way for hours that night.

She wondered if she would suffer the same fate as Laura? A possibility she could be unable to conceive? That thought rapidly diminished. Tiring of his cat and mouse game with Matt. Billy, returned to his other victims. Their screams returning even louder on feeling his rough fingers and tongue again probing their pained ravaged fuckhole’s. Billy laughed as he ploughed his thick ugly slug like penis into Clair’s sloppy muff hole.

Holly slowly came around, realising her predicament. She along with Laura now also captured, bound, so utterly, utterly helpless. She watched Val and Megan, who noticed she was awake. “Well slut, enjoy your sleep, don’t worry precious, you’ll soon have a permanent rest. Under the new highway flyover.” Holly and Laura squirmed on the sofa, While Megz teased. “Along with daddy and those two hot bitches you invited. That Clair has a tight ass! Oh but you already know that I’ll bet, don’t you Holly.”

Val and her wicked sibling cackled at the remarks. Holly sobbed along with Laura who was mumbling into her gag. Val wandered over, pulled the gag down allowing the gasping Laura to curse at her. Val stuck the gun barrel up between her tied sister’s thighs. “Now sis!” Val thrust the barrel further into Laura’s cotton covered cunt. “That isn’t a very nice way to speak to your loving sister. Is it?” The barrel slid in a few millimetres more. Pushing the damp cloth deeper into the helpless woman’s pussy. “Supposing this thing were to go off!! My, what a mess that would make? Don’t you agree Holly dear.” Holly squirmed. Wailing pitifully. Her and Matt thought their plan couldn’t fail. How wrong that now turned out to be.

Holly shifted uncomfortably again, mumbling, wailing through her gag. “Pleed, thst snaop.” (Please just stop) Val turned, still rubbing the gun into Laura’s panty covered, heavily moistened pussy, saying. “Megz dear. Will you come over here and shut your very nearly, future sister in law the fuck up? She’s starting to annoy me with her wailing. Plus poor Laura here is likely to have two pussy holes if that cacophony continues.” Val, smiled down at her sister, sighing in mock concern as she stated. “We wouldn’t want you to suffer like that sis, now would we. Val by now having replaced the gun with her own hand, steadily teasing Laura’s clit with her cruel incestuous fingers. Though, not for the first time. Just a long time, since they found themselves in Laura’s damp pubic forest.

Megan, ran over to Holly, yanking her lycra pants down as far as her tied ankles allowed. Thrusting long manicured fingers into Holly’s wet pussy. “Fuck slut, your wet. She is soaking mum, must get off on gun’s.” Megz commented, lewdly groping Holly’s tits. Her long finger nails rasping the tender inside wall of her howling victim’s bald vaginal introitus. Glandular fluid’s squelching and lubricating Megan’s piston like fingers. Driving them ever harder into Holly’s puffy cunt. Electric shocks started firing across Holly’s clit as she vainly tried stopping the flood she knew was coming. Arching up onto her shoulders. Holly’s pussy flexed, squirting more of those same fluids over the adept hand of her cruel lesbian rapist. Voices and car doors slamming heralded the arrival of Jim and his dubious guests. Laura was left with her soaked vagina demanding release.

Val had suddenly detracted from her incest duties in her sister. Concentrating on rubbing her own cunt, while watching her adept daughter finger rape her one time daughter in law to be. “Nnnng ahhhh, Fffuuuuck.” Val screeched as she came, in a mind blowing shudder, her body shaking and twitching. The cum from her earlier fucking with her son, mixing with her own mature self abasement juices, combining to make a powerful sexual aroma which now mingled with other female musk’s to permeate the room with a heady erotic incense

Part 5.

Billy reluctantly stopped his defilement on the girls and hurried to get dressed to meet his guests. “Soon bitches soon.” He snarled, slapping Clair’s upturned tanned cheeks while slipping his finger into her hairy snatch. He tasted her cunt juice, savouring the tang as he left the room. Billy turned the key in the door. “Fuck Chloe thought I’m stuck here now, then remembering the same thing happened to Val! Chloe ran and turned on the lights. The trio and Matt, staring at her, asking for help. “Fuck up, I’m trying, just stay still and silent OK.” Chloe reached under a frame on the wall and retrieved the spare keys for all the implements and the door in the room.

Releasing Matt, they both helped the girls to get free. Their naked state no longer a concern, nor as would normally be the case. A big distraction. they escaped from the torture chamber at speed Chloe leading them to the cellar and out into the cold night air. “Brrrr ~ Fuck, we better get some shelter quick.” Matt said his erection rapidly fading. “Some clothes too.” Sam echoed, her teeth chattering as the girls shivered violently. Chloe told them to go to the gardeners shed as it was always open and had a heater inside. “Keep all the lights off and be quiet. You take care of them Matt, while I try to get clothing and see what’s happened to Holly and mum.

Billy was in the main lounge along with his guests, Val, plus her captives. Megan having been despatched to stop the hired help. Soon arriving to start the wedding proceedings etc. Chloe heard her footsteps and hid as Megan rounded the corner of the kitchen to phone the staff. “Hello cunt.” these were the last words Megan heard as the heavy pan smashed across the side of her gorgeous face. The cruel teen lay helpless as Chloe quickly stripped her of her clothing, stuffing it into a sack. Hiding Megan’s bound and gagged body in the store cupboard. “Freeze you fucking bitch.” She spat out the word’s at the unconscious Megz naked form.

Chloe, utilising any form of clothing from the laundry and some knifes from the kitchen. Returned to the shed and told the others to use what they could and make do till they found footwear. Telling her tale about Megan’s exit for now. She and matt told the girls to stay hid and they returned to the house . Checking on Megan who was still sound asleep, the large bruise on her right cheek evidence of the blow Chloe had delivered. “Jeez Chloe. Remind me to keep in your good books.” Matt smiled. “C’mon lets see what’s happening.” They moved toward the sound of raised voices in the lounge.

“No please, stop, please, Ahhhh, your hurting me. Oh god please, no not that.” Matt and Chloe froze, the voice was Holly’s, she sounded so afraid. “Chloe where does Billy keep weapons in here.? quickly girl! Any guns? For hunting maybe?” Chloe thinking fast said. “In there.” pointing dejectedly to the lounge. “Great, what about Val? I’ll bet she has a gun in her room knowing what she’s like.” “Hell yeah and I can guess where it is too.” Chloe took off before Matt could stop her. He frustratingly hid behind a large drape as he listened to proceedings from the room.

“Sign the fucking papers or we go ahead, Do it.” A strange voice with a thick east coast accent demanded. A slap of flesh on flesh and a scream swiftly following. The door opened allowing Matt to glimpse in as Jim went looking for Megan. He could see Billy with two other men. One of them was naked from the waist down, his thick 8” long dick semi hard and dripping a string of semen from its tip. The door creaked open a little further which gave him a clearer view. Val was standing next to Laura. Who was trussed over the table, her arms spread across its breadth and secured by ropes around her wrists and legs, which were lashed to the table legs.

Her long sweat caked hair hid her face, her tits were squashed uncomfortably onto the mahogany polished wood. Laura groaned in agony from the treatment of her abusers.
Her legs were tied to the table legs at her ankles, spreading them wide offering her holes to any taker’s. Those same holes obviously recently filled, thick white semen oozed from her gaping, battered cunt. Laura’s moans and pleas for mercy went ignored.

Returning his gaze to blindfolded Holly. Matt observed the man holding a cattle prod near her bald pussy, Holly’s cries of impending pain temporarily hushed when he walked to the other end of the table, jabbing the prod onto Laura’s exposed outer labia. She screamed in pain. Squirming violently, even though she was tightly bound. Her asshole clenching and puckering as her nerve ends jangled. Holly agreed to do anything they wanted her to. Hearing the rapes and torture on poor Laura. Holly just wanted their abuse to end. Another of the men quickly unzipped his pants, swiftly ramming his throbbing penis into Laura’s pain filled cunt. Pounding her brutally, telling her to “ squeeze my cock good babe just like little Holly’s bitch whore momma.” Confirming exactly what Matt always knew. These bastards took Karen’s life. Spurred into a frenzy. Matt was just about to commit suicide by rushing into the room.. “Here.” Chloe returned, breathless. She was holding two hand guns. “Both loaded and ready. I checked. Let‘s go.” She said.

“Wait Chloe, we cant just rush in there all guns blazing that’s suicide. Holly or Laura almost certainly would be killed.” Matt stated. The sound of screams numbing his senses. He heard the woman plead for the men to stop. Screeching she couldn’t take any more, only to be reminded. “ You will take all we give when we want to give it. Bitch.” Matt heard the sound of flesh on flesh, another scream. Crying heavily with her spanked ass on fire. Holly begged them to leave Laura alone. “Sure sweetheart, no worries you and her be tucked up snug. Just as soon as you’ve took care of our dick’s for us. Heaving his full weight behind his thrusts into Laura’s brutalised pussy. She wailed ahh ahh ahh owww while the assaults continued.

The three girls were getting restless. Amy said. “I’m not staying here any longer, lets get out and go get some help.” “We need to get the police.” Clair said to Amy. “No we cant, me and mum are involved in this. They’ll take us away too. We’re part of this family, for all I know, she’s mixed in with their fucking crimes. We have to get help from somewhere else.” “Oh yeah, fine Amy, like where? Fucking superman.” Sam screeched, Sobbing heavily.
“I want to go home. I wish we had never got involved in Holly’s fucking sham. We’ve been abused and used. My ass still hurts and that old bastard is dead if I get the chance.” she wailed. “I’ll get help. You two have to promise to stay here and not move. I will come back. So promise me. Please, they’ll kill us if they find us. So stay hidden. I wont be gone long.

Amy disappeared into the blackness, leaving two very scared and half dressed young women sobbing and at the mercy of fate. Jim had ran back to the lounge to inform Val and Billy where and how he had found Megan. Billy, immediately thinking out loud said. “Where’s that slut Chloe?” Holly meanwhile, having endured more vicious treatment. Watched with horror as Laura's stretched vagina already saturated with spunk, was again filled with the men’s vile seed. Which slowly dripped from her over used gash. Trailing down her legs to gather at her bound ankles. Whimpering in agony the gang raped woman passed out.

Holly had already agreed to their wants. The boss grabbed her by the throat. “I know you said yes cunt” He snarled cutting off her air supply. “I wanted you to watch her suffer as a warning. You try any tricks slut. You and her are history. You will marry that piece of piss Richford! Then? We’ll take special care of you and your, ‘em lovely guests. Get my drift gorgeous.” He let her fall onto the settee gasping in large breaths as her lungs sucked greedily for air. He shouted into the other room.

“Val their ready for you..” “Do something with these two whore’s until we get the papers all sorted and faxed.” Both were taken by Val and Jim to the basement. Laura still unconscious, Holly was blindfold, both with their hands tied behind their back. Throwing cold water on her sleeping sister Val smugly told them. “You can join the others for your final party.” Finding it empty when she opened the basement door. She screeched at Jim. “Go get that prick Billy. I fucking knew he’d mess it up. Lecherous twat.” Meantime. Matt had followed them, narrowly avoiding being caught by Jim who rushed past him armed with a heavy weapon

Chloe as directed by Matt. Was heading for the shed to get the girls when she was grabbed. losing her gun as she fell to the ground. A gruff male voice telling her to. “Shut up and listen.” She had heard that voice before, many times. The last time, was when its owner fucked her so hard, her cunt ached for days. The grazes from the tree bark on her bum cheeks took even longer to heal. ”Well, well. Little Chloe! Remember our last meeting girl? He snidely hissed. Where you off too then. She knew Carson the farmer had been her rapist that night.

As did Matt. He had hired him. To carry out surveillance on the bastard family that he said blackmailed his. Matt obviously unaware Carson sold his family to the Richford clan. Who Raped and sodomised his daughter and son’s from their early teens. Defiling his wife in front of her own family. Forcing her own sons. To fuck her and their sister in front of a select paying audience.

Who eagerly watched while mum and daughter were forced into sexual activities with each other plus certain farm animals. Used as sex slaves for porn movies. Which were made at the behest of what Billy called The Associates? Depraved acts of bondage and masochism all took place with the blessing of jolly Farmer Carson. Who allegedly owed Billy a fortune from rigged gambling and farm estate debts.

“Yeah slut you remember alright. I promised you, next time it would be your ass girly, didn’t I. Well you wont believe this but tonight I get me two Richford girls shitter’s for my pleasure.” Ripping her cardigan off he tossed it aside, Chloe’s struggles were futile while he cable tied her hands and feet. Carson dragged the screeching girl to his nearby shelter in the woods. Chloe howled as he forced her inside and she looked at the other Richford ass he had been talking of playing with?.

Her little sister, Amy. Similarly bound her mouth smeared with saliva and cum. Carson’s rapist intention’s were obviously interrupted by Chloe’s approach. Young Amy

Holly’s Family Fortune’s Parts 3, 4, & 5

The sheriff said the gunman must have been following her or knew her itinerary as security at the conference centre was very strong. Who would target mum? She was kind and gentle. Holly broke down sobbing her heart out. Matt tried to hold back his own grief but was failing miserably, the big lump in his throat expanding while he held Holly tightly, both consoling the other. The news was a hammer blow to both of them and after the long process of grieving and...


Holly's Family Fortune's Part 6 & 7.

Laura had awoke to find herself hidden behind some crates in the cellar. She grabbed some clothes that were lying next to her and after dressing, well in a fashion as the clothing was all jumbled and obviously stained. Laura tentatively made her way along the corridors to try and find Matt and the girls her thoughts were for Amy’s safety and protecting her first and foremost. She found herself back in the kitchen, hearing shouts and noises from the...


Part 47: A Family Affair

Introduction: john and holly head to her parents house after they become engaged… Episode V Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 47: A Family Affair I had previously met Hollys parents, but that was when we were boyfriend girlfriend. Its a little different when we are engaged. Meet the Parents comes to mind, so I as hoping against the disapproving in-laws. To start our post college lives we put our resumes out there, and decided to take a few months...



We walked into the big eat-in kitchen and ordered our breakfasts from Janet. Mamma and Mother were there seated at one of the smaller tables off to one side. Taking the bull by the horns I walked over, said “Good Morning,” and turned to Mamma. “Mamma, I’ve made arrangements for you to return to Naples a week from Friday—the day after our Thanksgiving. I’ll see to it that your clothes are cleaned, pressed, and packed.” “I would prefer...


Private Heroes - The Devils Breath Part 7

No place like home. While me and Jodi hang up our jackets, Jake and Ashley come down from their rooms. I dropped Holly and Daniel off at their hotel so that they could pick up their stuff. I wanted to go with them through fear of them not coming back but I have to remember that they are my guests not my prisoners. Me and Jodi announce a family meeting and everyone sits in the living room. "Kids we're gonna be having some guests for a while. My nephew...


My Friends Daughter Holly 1-6

For years I've dreamed of my friends daughter, her father had showed me a lot of photos of his daughter posing for photos, there was also photos of her in the bath and laying naked on her bed, these photos were burned into my mind and my memories. Now that his daughter was a sexy teenager, I was always hoping something like this would happen. It was a Saturday night, I was at my friends Mal’s house watching the football on tv with him having a few beers...


Batwoman meets Catwoman (Part One)

Introduction: Batwoman goes in search of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, only to find her fill-in, Holly Robinson. It was all going so well. A simple looting of a rich persons home of a few baubles, and what not. Yep, everything was going so well until she found herself blacking out from something hitting her. She groaned as she came to, her vision blurry as she looked around. Where am I? she groaned, then tried to move only to find herself hanging from the...


European Nightmare Part V

Author’s Note: I would greatly appreciate any feedback whatsoever, any suggestions or ideas for the continuation of the story or the characters would also be much appreciated. My email is [email protected] so please don't hesitate to get in contact. Enjoy. The smoke from the stubbed out cigarette curled into the air in thin blue wispy tails. As he pored over the documents, the greying detective's furrowed brow sweated slightly. Years of...


Ty and Cinda--A Tale of Forbidden Love-Part 4

The school gym was open Saturday and Sunday afternoons for anyone who wanted to play some ball. I rarely went—I played plenty at practice during the week--but Kenny and all but begged me. I took Cinda so she wouldn’t be home alone even though Fred would look after her. We’d been in school together about two weeks and Cinda was still making new friends. Cinda was seated in the bleachers when I walked into the locker room to change. I was on the...


Seducing the Kid Sister Part 2

Pulling into the driveway Holly put her Focus in park but left the car in silent mode with just the battery running. The blondes hips squirmed a little as she smiled to herself thinking about how much fun the night would be with the hottest sisters in town. Holly giggled to herself as she honked her horn. Swinging her legs out of the car she was pretty sure she flashed Shauna a clear view of her cream panties underneath her black leather skirt. On top of...


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