An Unexpected Journey (formatting corrected)

Neha stood in front of the mirror, staring at her petite 5'2 frame, straightening her blue blouse, before moving to the shorts she had paired with them. Noticing a slight blemish on the right leg, she turned to change it, before stopping herself. It was an educational trip after all, that too with her elder sister and her friend. Dropping the plan to change her shorts, she began to apply sunscreen to her face, preparing for the hot sun that beat down outside.

As she applied the cream generously over her oval face, before rubbing some more on her forehead and over her eyelids, she again paused to check herself out. Barring the fact that she had some white strokes of excess cream making not so artistic lines on her cheeks, she looked pretty much the way she wanted to appear. At 19 and just out of her first year in a girls' college, Neha may have some half-baked ideas about what the world wanted a girl to look like, but no one could deny that she was pretty. If her father were to be believed, it was her almond shaped eyes, rare for her community, set on a slightly elongated face, with high eyebrows and perfect lips, which made her the cynosure of all eyes. That those eyes had hitherto been those of ageing aunts, street riffraff and ofcourse her prude of a sister, was not her fault. As she adjusted the straight shoulder length hair which completed her visage, she was filled with the all too familiar longing to be appreciated by a man. With her looks, why wouldn't they ? But first, she'd have to find a way of evading her sister's iron hold, something she'd not yet been able to do. Sighing, she reminded herself that it was an educational trip after all.

"Neha!" Somewhere from the depths of an all too familiar world, came the voice of her mother. Neha looked at herself once more, then rubbed the sunscreen more evenly over her face. This done, she headed downstairs, to see Mangala and her friend Ria standing around what looked like their luggage. THeir mother was standing a little away, by the kitchen counter, asking if they would need anything else.

"Mom if I needed anything else, I'd have added it already. Now if you'd do as I asked you to, maybe your daughters will be able to just catch the train." Typical Mangala. Neha sighed again, as she descended the stairs. Halfway down, however, Mangala noticed the apparition, and promptly shifted her ire onto her younger sibling. "My dear baby girl, if you could kindly get your things ready instead of staring at your cranium, we'd all be much obliged." It took Neha a few seconds to register the word cranium, seconds in which Mangala had covered the distance between them, and was pushing her up the stairs like a sack of potatoes.

Once the stunned girl was in her room once again, Mangala wasted one breath complaining about the mess in the room, before shifting to specifics. "Did you pack all I asked you to ?"

"Yes sis, all in that bag."

"Good. Extra batteries for the camera ?'


And so it went on, till Neha was quite sure they'd spend the day checklisting every article in her room. This, after Mangala had personally supervised her packing the night before. "What's that big bulky object sticking out of the backpack ?" Before she could answer, her sister had fished out her favorite stuffed toy out of the bag, and was holding it like the evidence of some henious crime. "Did I not specefically ask you not to include this ?" Neha gave a sullen look. The teddy flew into the wardrobe, and her sister stomped out. From the bottom of the stairs came a footnote to take her mobile and get her stuff downstairs in five seconds. Openly swearing now, Neha finished packing, intentionally placing the toy back in the bag. This done, she picked up her cell and purse, before running a quick check for anything she'd left behind. Nothing except.....her eyes spotted an elongated object sticking out of her underwear drawer. On a hunch, she picked it up and stuffed it into her bag. All done, she headed down, wondering if the educational trip would be allowed to remain just that.

An hour and another stuffed toy related argument later, Neha found herself in a train compartment with fifty more smelly females, all of whom were desperately trying to hide their body odour with a variety of aromatic compounds. None were succeeding, her nasal senses informed her, as she somehow managed to wedge between Apsara, who looked more like the obese mother of an angel than an angel herself, and her sister's friend Ria. Much to her relief, Ria proved to be more amiable company. Ria was 21, and easily stood a foot over Neha. A natural athlete and dancer, her figure reminded one of the features of the female figurines which adorned the walls of temples. "36C-28-40" Neha made a mental guess of the girl's statistics.

To her embarassment however, she found Ria staring at her as she was just rounding off her round ass. Looking away hurriedly, Neha pretended to be admiring Apsara, something which drew an appreciative smile from the heavy girl. Unfortunately, the smile only made her look even more like someone's mother-in-law, and Neha was forced to look away. Right in front of her, two conservative-looking girls were poring over something in a book filled with numbers. One of them met Neha's stare, shifting with disapproval to the shorts she was wearing. Exasperated by the responses she was getting, yet fearful of looking at Ria again, Neha moved her head in random directions for a few minutes. Everywhere she looked however, she was met with inquiring, sometimes disapproving looks. They seemed to say "What's your business here kid ?" They were right. This was a Third Year trip, and had her sister not used her influence to get an extra ticket for her, there was no way she'd have been in the train at that moment. On second thought, maybe getting bored for two long summer months was better than going to a bunch of rock cut caves with a bevy of evil looking girls. And where exactly was her sister ?

Ria seemed to read her thoughts. "Feeling out of place eh? It happens. Your sister is busy with the ticket-checker, probably haggling over something." Neha had no option but to look at her now, and she was again struck by Ria's features - only this time, they were facial. Neha noted, with appreciation the fact that Ria too had an oval face, but her eyes were big and round. So too were her lips, the light pink on them going well with her light skin tone. Like all girls Neha knew, Ria had black hair, made into curls which fell gracefully along her shoulders. Now, as she spoke, she gently brushed one of them aside. Before she realized what she was doing, Neha had reached out and was gently stroking those silky locks.

If Ria found her behaviour strange, she showed no sign of it. Instead she let her friend's sister stroke her hair, running her long white fingers through the black mass, gently pulling it till it gave way. Instinctively, she moved one, then all, fingers from the hair to the fair cheeks. Unable to break eye contact, Ria felt soft fingers glide ever so gently over her face, till they covered her cheeks, moving over her nose towards her forehead.

Suddenly Neha was aware of a cough behind her, and turned to see Apsara looking at her with an expression like that of her mother. Nonplussed, she stared straight ahead, at the two girls. They too had noticed the more than friendly affection of this stranger towards their classmate, and in all likelihood would have coughed, nay belched if Apsara not obliged. they now looked at her with an expression akin to the faithful towards a heretic. Unable to return to Ria after what had transpired, Neha instead settled in for a war of glares.

She did not know how long she kept up the unequal struggle, but eventually she tired of constantly giving stares which were more in the domain of her sister. Instead, she got up, and without casting so much as a look towards the object of her unexpected affection, she headed towards the toilet. Unfortunately, news appeared to have travelled fast, for she got inquisitive stares and the occassional giggle from many of the women. Reaching the door, of the compartment, she realized it was open,allowing the open countryside to rush by. More importantly, after the suffocating atmosphere of the berths, she found the cool air rushing in from the fields, refreshing. Evidently it had rained sometime in the region they were passing, and Neha settled down to enjoy the breeze.

With the breeze however, the thoughts of Ria seemed to return. What had she done ? On the face of it, all she had done was admire the beauty of a person of the same gender. But as everyone in the compartment probably knew by now, the manner of admiration had exceeded the definition of friendly touching by a mile and more. Somehow, she'd felt attracted to the girl as she'd not been to any other person. Had Ria too admired her ? She'd always wanted to be admired by a man, but at that moment she desperately wanted to be appreciated by Ria. Unknowingly, she'd developed a crush on Ria.

As she pondered in depth the developments of the previous half hour, she did not notice another figure emerge behind her, and stand silently for a moment. It made a motion as if it'd prefer to go back, then stopped. Sighing, it lowered itself beside the retrospecting girl. Getting no reaction from her, she gently placed a hand over the girl's thin shoulders. The girl almost jumped out of the train in surprise, before stammering "Wh....who ? Oh!" Her attempt at hiding the shock of seeing the very person she'd been thinking about, was hardly concealed. Ria gave her a reassuring look, then settled beside her, admiring the countryside as it raced past them. It didn't help, as she could sense Neha trembling beneath her. Trying to calm her down, she moved closer, till their shoulders met. Now she could feel her entire body vibrating with the tremors emanating from the girl beside her.

Neha felt Ria shift closer. though she now had ample reason to look at her, Neha somehow could not bring herself to look at her. Why had she come ? To tell her that what she did was wrong ? Being the sister of the most prudish girl in the world, she'd heard the lecture a million times, and had become immune to such comments. Still, this was not her sister, but the girl she....Neha forced her mind to say the word "liked", but she knew her mind had formed a different word. A word which Ria seemed to somehow sense, for she withdrew her hand. Yet she did not leave, but stayed there, staring straight ahead.

Moments passed. Neha cast a fleeting glance at her sister's friend, who seemed so different from her sister, yet so distant right now. What was she thinking ? Neha cast another glance, and this time Ria met her gaze. Their eyes were locked onto each other, and again Neha found herself drifting somewhere she knew she musn't go. Strangely, it seemed that Ria.....Ria had broken the gaze, looking away, her eyes blank. Neha continued to stare, unable to break her gaze away from the beautiful face before her. Yet she too looked away after a moment, realizing that she had again drifted into dangerous waters. But, had Ria followed her, even for that minutest fraction of a second ? Neha couldn't tell.

They sat as before, each staring ahead. Yet now Neha had a burning desire to know what the other thought, and raised her eyes towards Ria again. Before she could study her in any detail, however, one of the girls from the compartment appeared at the edge of her vision. Quickly, she looked away, her ears nevertheless noting a giggle from the intruder before she disappeared into one of the toilet cubicles. Neha could not bear it anymore. Seeing no reaction from Ria, she decided to get up, perhaps go into some empty compartment, spend time alone. As she tried to get up, Ria suddenly reached out and grabbed her arm.

As their eyes met, she saw Ria mouth a single word "Wait". Neha settled down again, wondering why she needed to wait, and for what. Still, this was the first reaction she'd got from the girl after the second lustful moment, and she wasn't about to disobey. Ria made no further sign of knowing her, and as the minutes ticked by, Neha increasingly began to suspect that they were waiting for the giggling girl to leave. Her guess was right. After an eternity, the girl emerged and headed back, serenading the couple with another snigger.

As soon as she was gone, Ria jumped up, grabbed Neha roughly by the arm and with surprising strength, yanked her up. Before she knew anything, Neha found herself flying across the vestibule, into another compartment. This was evidently the first class compartment, for on each side were doors leading into cabins. Ria chose the second, and peered in. It was empty. From the look of things, all of them were empty. Next moment, Neha felt herself shoved into the cabin, with Ria following, shutting the door behind her.

Ria now turned around, staring at an equally breathless Neha. For the first time the two of them were alone, away from all the others. Neither of them made a move, till Neha could take it no more. Tentatively, she took a step towards Ria, her rapid breathing adding to the sense of desperation that animated her features. Ria instinctively took a step back. Neha stopped, then slumped down on a berth, looking out of the window. Ria waited another moment, before taking a seat. To Neha's surprise, it was not opposite, but beside her.


Neha didn't want to look. So far she'd been convinced that Ria had been offended by her overtures, and had come to clear matters out. But if that was the case, why drag them in here ? This secluded place was less apt for apologies than for.....'Neha...." Neha couldn't bear it anymore. She looked, and was surprised to see a strange look in Ria's eyes. Before she could realize it, Neha was looking deep into Ria's eyes again, and this time, Ria came forward, till they were right beside each other. As if on cue, Neha's hands moved towards her face, resuming what had been rudely disturbed earlier. This time however, her hands seemed determined to explore more of Ria's feminine beauty. Barely realizing it, Neha moved her hand slowly over Ria's moist lips, gently running over the soft petals before slowly parting them with her fingers. Her eyes fixed on Ria, her index finger began to push harder, till it was pushing against a bony barrier. Harder, and she felt Ria open her mouth a little. Warm air wafted out, drifting over Neha's hand, causing her finger to push harder, till it was inside her mouth. As it began to explore her buccal cavity, Neha could feel her desire growing stronger, forcing her to push in a second, then a third finger. But fingers were not enough.

Her partner meanwhile, was quicker in analyzing the situation. Having been surprised by the lust the younger girl felt towards her, she'd waited till she could be sure of it. Never the one to approach anyone directly, she'd played the part of the surprised girl to perfection. Now that she could be sure, she felt she could count on.....Ria's attention was distracted by one of Neha's nails brushing against her sensitive cheeks. Yet the very distraction brought back memories of an earlier time, with a different person. "So similar" she thought, "even exactly same." Suppressing the urge to laugh at the sense of deja vu, she instead decided that the risks were now minimal. She might as well get on with it. In a moment, she had effected it. Neha's wet fingers were now in mid air, her body turned around skilfully till it was flat upon the berth. Getting the familiar sense of being in control, she lowered herself onto the girl, wondering if she would taste just like......

Her partner, surprised by the sudden loss of control, was soon in the pure bliss of her first lesbian kiss. . She now felt sure she'd always wanted Ria, Ria's soft lips to be exact. She felt sure her attraction was primeval, something which she'd not clearly realized. Why how when. Neha's mind asked in a distant voice, one she was familiar with in her little room back home. A room where she'd longed for a man's touch. this alien compartment, it seemed everything had changed. She'd found pure love, and that too in a woman who was her sister's best friend. But again, did she care ? She didn't bother to reply. Instead her lips pressed harder, taking Ria's lower lip in an amourous embrace, delighting in the taste of another female. Pulling out slowly, she caught the pink petal again, prolonging the embrace, even as her eyes looked ever deeper into Ria's orbs, asking a million questions and getting what answers, she knew not.

For the briefest of moments, Neha came up for air, before going back to capture the upper lip. Unconsciously her hands, moved closer. As she continued to kiss, her hands moved into the familiar silken refuge of Ria's mane, stroking it like she would stroke a lover's. Strangely, Ria seemed to be beginning to respond as well, her eyes betraying a lust that pushed aside confusion, even as her breathing became faster, seemingly matching the beat of Neha's heart.

Yet Ria seemed to want more, and faster. Stopping mid-kiss, she pulled away, and looked deep into the other girl's eyes. Next moment, she plunged into another kiss, but one which was faster, more lustful and for Neha, more ravishing. Before she knew it, her lips had been parted, and a writhing appendage had penetrated it, pushing past her teeth, seeking her tongue. Neha didn't need to comply: her tongue was found and engaged in passionate play by the invader. Not bothering to wonder what had occassioned this change, Neha lay there as Ria explored her mouth, running along her cheeks, teeth and what not, even as Neha's own resident appendage gave it relentless chase.

Just as she seemed to be settling into a rythm, Ria broke away again, this time to disappear from Neha's view. As the surprised girl raised her head to investigate, she was suddenly pushed down as something soft connected with her neck, moving up and down, running something slippery and warm, planting a thousand kisses on it. Neha raised her hand to hold this invisible attacker, running her fingers gently through the hair which she so loved, as Ria ravaged her neck and shoulders as she'd earlier done with her mouth.

"Unhhh" a moan escaped Neha's mouth, relating to what she knew not, but expressing the deep desire which was overflowing inside her, demanding that either she or Ria take her body to a state of ecstacy she'd never before experienced in her life. The movements on her neck stopped, and reappeared on her lips, kissing hard, eager to take in as much of the other as human anatomy would permit. Neha's hands now wrapped around Ria's shoulders, willing her to press harder against her torso, till they could become one. Ria replied by running her hands through Neha's hair, making waves and patterns which only served to stimulate her more.

They were kissing faster now, kissing with wild abandon, their tongues chasing each other, flicking and entwining, till one would come up for breath. And then back again. Neha was now pressing harder into Ria's back, digging her nails into the soft flesh, wanting to pull her completely inside. As they writhed, she was also aware of her breasts mashed against hers. Those perfect breasts! As Ria came up for air, she wedged her hands between their bodies, such that she was now cupping one of her lover's tits.

Ria paused, looking intently into the eyes of her lover. Then she slowly raised herself, till she was straddling Neha. As Neha looked on, Ria gave her the faintest of smiles, before removing her blouse. Before she realized it, Neha was staring at Ria's bra-clad breasts. Yes they were indeed big, thought Neha; any guy would die to have a pair like hers to play with. A moment later, as Ria began to unhook her bra, she realized that she was the lucky guy.

The fact that Ria made short work of stripping down to her waist, meant that Neha was now looking directly at Ria's breasts. As she'd guessed, they were quite large, almost pendulous. Yet, they appeared firm, without any more sag than that expected of such large orbs. Better still, as she looked on, she could almost see her nipples growing in size, till they were almost halff an inch long. As if to entertain her, Ria lazily raised her arms, till they were interlocked above her head. The movement caused an ever so slight bounce in the boobs, but it was enough to make Neha's lust for those tits uncontrollable. Strangely, Ria lowered her hands in time to push her back down.

Instead, she moved her hands up Neha's body, feeling her soft abdomen, before reaching her tits. Not as large as Ria's but also firm, they were subjected to some gentle pressing through the soft fabric of her dress. Then, as Neha raised her hands again, seeking the enticing fruits hanging from Ria's chest, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest - Ria was mauling her tits hard.

"Ahhh..." the involuntary moan caused Ria to pause for a moment, then resume the cruel squeezing. She now positioned her hands till they were each cupping a tit. As Neha realized that Ria's hands were just the right size for her tits, she felt Ria's fingers dig deep into the soft flesh, sending pangs of agony through her body, along with sparks of carnal passion. Squeezing till Neha was sure her fingers had penetrated her flesh, she held them there, looking deep into Neha's eyes. As Neha tried to focus through the blinding pain, she saw that Ria's expression had changed. It was no longer that of a confused girl, but one of a hungry female, who was determined to take everything she wanted from her partner. And evidently, she wanted it fast.

For the fraction of a second, Neha felt the pressure on her tits relax, then they were trapped in those vice like fingers again. Worse, she moved her hands up and down, mashind the captive melons against each other, causing Neha to emit another groan of pain. Again she held it for what seemed like an eternity. Then the fingers relaxed, and Neha lowered her head, hitherto craning upwards to beg mercy of her lover. As relief flooded her tits, she barely heard the tear of fabric. Yet she did notice the coolness of the cabin air on her bare abdomen, and a moment later, was shocked to find a blade appear out of nowhere. As her mind became fully aware of her predicament, she saw the blade lower itself onto her shoulder, before moving slowly over her skin till it was under her bra strap. She felt a tug against her breast, as if it was being pulled up, then an abrupt release. Her bra strap had just been sliced into two. Similar fate met the other strap, and thereafter Neha felt the knife in the valley between her mounds. The sound of fabric being cut met her ears, and then cool air brushed across her sensitive nipples.

Stunned by the developments, she was nonplussed to find that even after disposing so callously of her clothing, Ria still had the knife in her hand. Was she planning on killing her ? As a feeling of terror began to make her breathe faster, she found the knife hovering over her chest, dangerously near her pounding heart. She knew raising her hand would be useless - she had been defeated without a trace of difficulty earlier, and Ria hadn't yet shown what exactly she was intending to do. Neha had no intention of ending her life lying below a lesbian killer.

As her mind raced,and her heart throbbed in her throat, Ria lowered the knife till it was lying over her left nipple. With an expression of eagerness, she began to run the flat of the blade over her nipples, causing the nubs to react to the cold steel. The knife now moved from one nipple, over the space between her breasts, to the other. A similar treatment followed, making Neha feel that her heart would explode in her chest. The knife was now raised, till it hovered once again, this time over her face. Neha knew that even if Ria dropped it, Neha stood to lose some part of her face. Her eyes fixed on the Damocles' sword, she became aware of the hand on her tit again. This time it gave a playful squeeze, before reaching for her nipple. For a moment it lay there, just as the knife had done, feeling the hardness of the nipple above a hill of softness. Then it slowly captured the hill between two fingers.

Next moment, Neha, fixated as she was to the deadly weapon hovering above her, felt an acute pain at the tip of her tit, which spread quickly over the rest of it, informing her of a new source of torture. Tears welled in her eyes, causing her to voice what her body had been screaming in her mind long before. "Please Ria, it hurts!"

Ria merely raised the knife to her own lips, in a motion telling her to stay quiet. Neha noticed how Ria had changed. She now looked not only hungry, but also dangerous, like a lioness over her prey. Neha had begun to wonder if she'd made a mistake by lusting after this seemingly friendly girl. Did she hate her sister ? Was she taking out all the angst against Mangala on the younger girl ? Illogical as it may seem, it appeared to be the only explanation, rather the only explanation she could find for the rapid change in her predicament. The other alternative, Neha shuddered to think, was that somehow Ria enjoyed causing pain.

Ria let go of her tit, only to attack the other, this time twisting her nipple hard, causing Neha to beg with growing desperation. To be honest, she'd at one time or the other masturbated to videos of girls being punished, and the pain, though great, was something she'd expected from a less than gentle lover. What terrified her, rather, was the fact that Ria was behaving in a sadistic fashion, one which told her of great tribulations lying ahead.

As she pondered over these, she saw Ria's head disappear again, along with the knife. Next moment, she felt something warm enclose her left nipple. Unrestrained this time, she saw Ria's head latching onto the tit, sucking it like it was going to yeild milk. Inspite of the pain (and she could make out some of the topmost marks on her tit), Neha couldn't help but wonder at the novel sensation that was beginning to course through her body. Having been freed temporarily (she guessed) from any new agony, she became more acutely aware of the soft pull on her breast, which was causing her sexual urge, momentarily overwhelmed by pain, to grow again. During the numerous bedtime sojourns into the world of her sexual fantasies, she'd wondered what it would be like to be sucked on by an adult. Now, it was all coming true, in the strangest of circumstances, and though she was fully aware that this lull in Ria's brutality may be deceptive, she couldn't help but seek more of Ria's soft mouth, lapping and sucking at her erect nub. Finally raising her right hand, she placed it gently on Ria's head, and was relieved to find no resistance. Emboldened, she began to press her palm harder against Ria's head, willing her to suck harder. Ria seemed to comply, causing Neha to become steadily more aroused.

As Ria's ministrations continued, Neha's mind began once again to think of pleasure, and pleasure alone. She began to press her bruised breast against her tormentor's face, raising herself in the hope that Ria would thus get more of her tit into her mouth. Rather conversely, Ria stopped, raising her head from the girl's chest. Her eyes disclosed nothing, and Neha wondered what she'd done to abort the sexual act. Slowly, Ria raised herself, till she was once again straddling Neha, her proud breasts bouncing. If Neha had hoped that she'd be allowed to suck on them, she was again disappointed, for Ria now moved off completely, lowering herself onto the floor. Before Neha could follow, however, Ria casually picked up the blade from wherever she'd left it, and made a single threatening motion towards her. In another moment, she was dressing up, and then, she was gone.

Neha lay there, as if she was still under the threat of the knife. Eventually, the emptiness of the cabin brought her to her senses, and she raised herself, massaging her brusied breasts as she did so. As the cool air conditioned air began raise goosebumps across her back, she realized her predicament. Ria had, by tearing her clothes (and taking them), left her practically confined to the cabin unless she wanted to publicly humiliate herself. 'Probably get raped too." Neha thought, recalling the fact that the guards and ticket checker were not known to be of flawless morality. Her mind told her she should be cursing herself for lusting after Ria, but she couldn't quite bring herself to do so. After all, Ria had given her such unknown pleasures, and as the pain subsided, Neha began to wonder if being with Ria the half lover half sadist, may not be such a bad proposition after all.

Having nothing to do for now, Neha's thoughts began to delve into fantasy once again. She wondered if Ria was experienced, if she'd had sex with other women before. there was nothing to prove it, yet something in her forceful, domineering character told her that even if she had not, she would likely know everything about lesbian sex, there was to know. And Neha wanted to find out. After all, now that she had taken the plunge, the plunge that had left her naked yet strangely fulfilled in an empty cabin, she might as well learn more. Maybe, she could spend the night with Ria, making love till.....

A sound outside caught her attention. It seemed someone had opened the door to the first class compartment, and Neha couldn't be sure if it was Ria or one of the guards. Somehow she didn't want to hide herself from Ria, but......Spotting the small space below the lower berth, she quickly crawled into it. Moments later, the door opened, and Neha could make out a pair of military boots framed by the open door. The intruder had evidently hoped to find someone, and for a moment he stood there. Then, he abruptly turned and walked off, the sound of heavy rubber dying away. He had left the door open, and Neha couldn't be sure if he had left for good, or was merely consulting a colleague. Her heart still in her mouth, Neha lay as still as she could for a while, before crawling out and moving as softly as she could to the door.

Peering out, she saw narrow passage devoid of life, but voices in the distance. What should she do ? If they ran a thorough search of the cabin, they would surely find her. Even if she was left unmolested, it would be a terribly embarassing to be discovered naked before so many girls. News would spread like Neha scrutinised the end of the corridor from where the sounds were coming, she suddenly found a lithe figure standing beside her. Jumping back in terror, it was a moment before she realized it was Ria, back with their bags and a shirt. Without a word, she threw the shirt at the nonplussed girl, and raced off in the direction opposite to the one towards which Neha had been looking.

For a moment, nothing seemed to make sense. The sound of a voices nearing, however, suddenly cleared up her head. Pulling on the shirt somehow, she saw the guard and the ticket checker moving towards the open door of the compartment. Her heart in her mouth, she made a dash for it. She had no idea where Ria had gone, or where she was supposed to go. All she knew was that she had to get away, and the only option seemed to be to keep running. Cabins whizzed past her as her eyes desperately searched for any sign of Ria. She was nearing the end of the compartment, and soon she would be at another vestibule. Should she slow down ? She realized too late that it wasn't an option, as a figure materialized before her. WHAM!

Next moment she was lying flat on the floor, or more correctly, upon someone who was lying flat on the floor. Whoever it was, however, was undaunted by this assault, and quickly pushed Neha off itself, before dragging her by the hair into the nearest cabin. Pain shot through her head, eclipsing all others, but Neha had no time, much less breath, to scream. Three seconds later, she was laid down flat on the floor, and the door securely closed.

Instantly her hands went to her poor hair, but it didn't prevent her from realizing that it had been Ria who had reacted so swiftly to Neha's headlong arrival, and had used a brutally efficient method to hide her before the two men found them. Now as she lay moaning and panting, Ria squatted over her as before, only this time, there was grim urgency written all over her face. Lowering herself till she was inches from Neha's face, Ria recklessly undid two buttons of the hastily donned shirt. Finding her left tit, she squeezed it hard, forcing Neha to focus on the girl above her. Again, no words were spoken, but from gestures, Ria made it clear that they would have to be absolutely quiet till the two men left. Neha wanted to add, "if they left", but she guessed the older girl already knew this.

But silence clearly did not equate with inactivity in Ria's book, for she was soon fondling Neha again. Softly at first, as if to get the bearing of what she'd left. Then harder. Neha's shirt was opened again, but Ria made no sign of wanting to taste the succulent buds. Instead, she furnished two evil looking clamps from her pocket (inspite of the fear of inevitable pain, Neha couldn't help wonder how a girl could be so resourceful, unless....she had planned for it!). Neha watched in wide eyed horror as one of her still erect nipples was slowly captured by the clamp, before it closed over it. "Unhhh....please Ria!" Next moment, a stinging pain on her left cheek had joined the pain coursing from her tit, and she opened her tearfilled eyes to see Ria giving her a stern look, one finger on her lips. Unfortunately, the sight also included the view of the other clamp, which was in the process of descending upon its helpless victim. Unable to look, Neha felt the pain all the more acutely as the clamp secured the second nipple. Unable to moan, and pretty sure that Ria would leave them on, Neha began to sob quietly.

As hot tears rolled down her cheeks, she felt Ria tug at the cloth lying on either side of her. In a moment it was gone. Ria now got up, till Neha could see her towering over her, the crotch of her pants directly above her chest. For a terrifying moment, Neha thought she would lower herself onto the clamp-held tits, but she moved off. Instead, she seemed to be bending over something. Though every movement, even the heaving of her chest, seemed to increase the pain in Neha's tits, she raised herself to see what Ria was upto. She was surprised to see her rummaging in Neha's bag. Eventually, she fished out thr ee bras, each of a different design. Selecting the most sheer of the lot, she dumped the others in the bag, and returned to the supine girl. In a quick motion, she grabbed one clamp and yanked it so hard that Neha felt her tit would be ripped off. Instead, she found that her body had responded by moving to a sitting position.

Ria moved behind the girl, and was raising her limp arms, so as to pull the bra straps over her shoulders from the front. This done, she hooked the bra behind her, pushing the clamps into odd positions, thereby causing the poor girl further agony. As tears now flowed freely down her cheeks before landing upon her tortured cleavage, Ria forced the girl to stand up, this time by pulling her hair. Staggering up in a pain-filled daze, Neha felt her last bit of respectable clothing, her little shorts, being pulled down, before her panties followed. Another slap was however needed, before Neha stepped loosened stepped out of them. Now standing practically naked (worse than naked, Neha told herself, realizing how obscene her bra-encased clamped tits were looking), the girl saw Ria move around the girl, checking her out. Satisfied, she grabbed one of her ass cheeks, and squeezed it hard. Neha, fearing another round of agony, instinctively moved away, but Ria merely pulled on her hair to end this resistance.

Instead, she moved away, rummaging in her own bag this time. Out came what looked like a very narrow belt, some tape and scissors. Leaving the belt-like instrument for the time being, Ria picked up Neha's panties from where they'd fallen, she balled them up and held them before Neha's eyes. Seeing the utterly confused look in her eyes, Ria chuckled, before landing another hard slap on her right cheek. As Neha opened her mouth in a scream, it was brutally cut short by a ball of cotton which was wedged snugly between her tongue and upper teeth. Still stunned by the unexpected assault, Neha provided no resistance as the older girl calmly cut out five inches of the thick tape, and glued her lips shut with it. To be safe, another length of tape was soon complementing the former, at a diagonal to it.

Effectively gagged, Neha saw Ria take out a length of rope, with which she first made a loop around a small handle protruding from an overhead AC vent, probably for pulling it down once the screws were loosened. This done, Ria tugged at it, noting the lack of movement of the panel. Neha realized now what the girl was intending to do, and she began to back off. She was almost at the door when she felt a familiar tug on her hair. Yelping ,she felt herself pulled back roughly. Should she scream ? Her mind told her she couldn't with the gag on. Still, she could easily rip it off. Why hadn't she ? Inspite of her obvious predicament, somehow, something prevented her from helping herself, or for calling out for help. The fear of embarassment ? the fear of rape ? Or some perverse attraction to the girl who was in the process of devising steadily more degrading and hurtful ways of torturing her ?

As her confused mind gave no signals, her limp hands were grabbed and attached rougly to the ends of the rope. Ria climbed upon the table between the berths to create a complex of knots which soon had Neha tied securely, like some puppet from a string. Worse, the way she'd been tied, her feet were barely touching the ground, while her lower arms were in an odd diagonal, unsupported and hurting. Whether Ria had intended this, or this odd position was all she could manage with the rocking of the train and the angle at which she had to do the job, Neha could not tell. All she could tell was that with her feet barely touching the ground, the rocking of the train was all the more noticeable, and she felt that at any moment she might loose balance, and begin danging mid air by the weight of her hands. Worse, she might bring the AC grill panel and whatnot upon herself.

While Neha had been trying to fruitlessly adjust herself, Ria had returned with the belt-like instrument. If Neha had known better, it was really a whip of sorts, disguised to look like a belt so that the owner did not get questioning looks when it accidentally came out. However, as Neha was to learn, it was just as effective as a normal whip, perhaps, on account of its girth, even more.

Ria now stepped back to admire the girl. Again, memories of an earlier encounter flooded her mind, making her half wish that her current victim would be more cocky, would try to escape and fight back, just like the earlier one had done. Then, she'd thought such resistance as a hindrance, but now, she realized it was half the fun. Sighing nostalgically, Ria wondered where that first girl was now, and how she would unite her with her present victim. That was in the future, she reminded herself : for now she must train this girl, though to be honest Neha seemed to be betraying a sense of attraction which made her task far easier. Indeed, Ria would have rewarded her for such devotion, but training came first. Opening the door just a little bit, she checked the corridor. As she had hoped, the men had gone, deceived by the remnants of Neha's clothing she'd left in another cabin on the other side of the compartment. "Good,"thought Ria, "I have to get this done soon." Closing the door, she looked at the poor girl, in whose eyes the faint expectation that she would leave her alone, was dying out. Ria smiled, as she advanced with the dangerous object in her hand, till she was almost touching her victim.

Unlike her first victim, this one seemed almost on the verge of passing out. It would be a pity if she did - after all, preparation did not include taking smelling salts. Still ,if her first victim was anything to go by, she would only become more aware as the session progressed, and Ria knew she never hurt one enough to make her pass out from pain. It took away all the fun. Almost laughing at the girl's predicament now, she stepped back.

WHACK! The sound of the whip whistling through the air, before landing hard on a captive's delicate body, was something Ria always relished. She relished even more the pathetic yelp of a gagged girl, who was being tortured for the first time in her life. The whip, to be true, had landed on abdomen, and the girl was now trying to back off. Ria had anticipated this, tying the knots tight enough to prevent her from going beyond a certain distance without leaving the ground. The rocking of the train made matters worse for the girl. As if to mock her attempt at escape, the space between the beths was sufficient for tying up a girl and whipping her, but everytime she tried to escape, she would hit one of the berths. This now happened, the girl being wedged in the corner made by one of the berths and the table.It gave Ria the distinct impression of a cornered rat, terrified of the feline approaching it.

Ria knew she could whip Neha to a bright red in the current position, but she was never one to use her whip indiscriminately. She now raised the whip again, allowing Neha to admire the weapon for a full two seconds, before landing it on her calf. Neha jumped and lost her balance, hitting the table and being forced forward to regain her footing, due to the shortness of the bonds above. Ria used this occassion to land another hard blow, right across her clamped tits. Stunned by the third assault, Neha now fell back onto the table, before being forced to somehow move forward again.

Ria couldn't help it anymore. Lowering the whip, she broke out laughing, which grew as she noted the thin line that the whip had made across her tits, the bra providing scant protection to her tits. Yet Ria the moment Ria realized that her tits had some cover, she brought out the scissors. Beginning with the left cup, she slowly began to cut out the weird bulge at the center of the cup. This freed up the clamp, and it stuck out of the bra like a impossibly long nipple. The other cup followed, and Ria let the pieces of cloth fall away.

Grabbing Neha, she roughly pushed the helpless girl towards the other side of the cabin, till she was almost at the door. This allowed Ria ample acess to Neha's tight butt. Though she always had a preference for tits, she couldn't help but admire the round suppleness of her muscles, which clenched involuntarity in futile anticipation of where the next blow would go. Yet for a few moments Ria paused to admire her prey again. Neha was thinner than the other girl, and her ass more tight. She could just imagine how a dildo would look, sticking out between those globes. Ria smiled - what Neha lacked in spirit,she more than made up with a killer body.

Whack! Neha felt as if a knife had been run across the length of her back. She would have believed that that was indeed the case, had she not known what was in Ria's hand. Ever since the crop had begun flying, she had been in one endless nightmare, trying to flee what was impossible to run from. To make matters worse, not only were the lashes hard and unpredictable,with each blow, her scurrying only added to the pain in her hands. By now she was sure her joints were about to pop out. Yet she couldn't simply stand there and take the pain could she ? Crack! This blow landed between her bare ass cheeks, periliously close to her anal hole. She lost her balance again, and tumbled to one side, hitting the berth and bouncing off, her armpit flaring up in the latest of series of painful experiences.

But it was far from over. As Neha turned to see where the next blow would come, the next blow indeed landed on her side, making her jump like a scared cat. As she moved to one side, so as to avoid getting the next one at the same spot, she saw the whip rise again, and land on her left leg. Again, she lost her balance, and crashed into a berth, this time hitting her shoulders. And so it went on. Every time Neha would move, she would get a whiplash on a different part of her body. Though her mind told her that escape was impossible, her body tried on, getting exhausted, and developing a severe strain in her hands. All the while, Ria continued to look on with an expression of amusement, which somehow, Neha feared but could not hate. Somehow, even when torturing her, when making her run around like an animal in a cage, there was something alluring about the girl, something which Neha knew would make her stay even if she was on the verge of death. Somehow, she was attracted, fatally perhaps, to everything Ria, including the sadistic fetish for hurting her.

Ria watched with growing amusement as the girl kept on trying to escape the blows. Eventually she felt her whip arm tiring, and knew her other arm wouldn't be able to whip her half as well. Neha too seemed to be tiring, and Ria realized that she might either do permanent damage to her tied hands, or may pass out. She landed a final set of lashes to the clamped tits, causing the clamps to fly in all directions, bringing forth fresh moans and looks of desperation from the exhausted female. Flexing her muscles, Ria now threw the whip on one of the berths, before sampling the salty fluids which were freely flowing down the girl's face. This done, she gently stroked Neha's head like a dog, before gently probing her pussy. She had intentionally left her pussy untouched, such that it was most responsive when she began to fuck her. But first, she decided that it was time to check upon the girls, and find a way of getting her first captive, into the cabin. Undoing the bonds which held the girl upright, she allowed her to collapse onto the floor. Using the freed rope to tie her legs, she checked the gag, then walked out, making sure that no one saw her emerge.

As Neha drifted off to a fitful, exhaustion induced sleep, her tormentor made her way swiftly to the exit of the compartment. Thankfully, no one had locked anything. Even more thankfully, her first captive had probably guessed what was happening. After all, she had followed the instuctions relating to Neha to the letter so far, and would probably know what was expected of her right now. Congratulating herself on her excellent training, Ria opened the door to the girls' compartment and realized that dinner was being served. Swiftly, she inquired about the whereabouts of her first victim, and soon found her, overseeing the serving of food. Pulling her aside, she instructed her to head to the first class compartment unseen. 'Yes mistress', she replied, as she had done so many times earlier in these two years.

Once she was gone, she approached the ticket checker and the guard, who looked at her with expectant eyes. "Has she....?" she asked. Both nodded, barely able to hide their excitement. "Give me half an hour." They nodded again, and Ria went back in, resuming her earlier seat opposite the two conservative girls. They paid no attention to her. Apsara was gone, and Ria stretched herself. Training was tiring, if pleasurable and she was hungry. Further, though she would have preferred to starve Neha and the other girl, she knew she would have to smuggle food out for them. Thankfully, it seemed that her first victim, who should have by now joined Neha, had anticipated this. Sitting where Apsara had been, were three food packs. Smiling, she hid them with a blanket, before getting on with her work.

"Err....Shilpa ?" she barely recalled the name of one of the girls, though they studied together. "It's Shilpi" the girl answered.

"how rude, she deserves everything that's coming to her." thought Ria as she quickly told them that there was a problem with their tickets and that Mangala had asked her to inform them about it. They had better talk to the ticket checker. The two exchanged worried glances, not bothering to doubt the sincerity of Ria's statement. Once they had hurriedly finished their food, Ria asked them to take their baggage in case they had to relocate to some other compartment. This done, she led them out. It couldn't be helped that they became a spectacle, but she was sure her first 'love', rather captive, would handle it. She led them straight into the pantry car, where the two men were waiting, smoking cigarettes. Once the girls stood right in front of them, Ria smiled at them.

"Do I have a settlement ?" she asked in English, knowing the two girls were poor in it.

"Sure sure" the two men replied in unison. Ria smiled, nodded at the confused girls, and exited the compartment to the jarring tune of female screams.

Meanwhile, in a first class cabin, Mangala had just discovered her sister lying in a state of mess, with red lines crisscrossing across her back. Her hands were tied and her she was gagged. As she digested the full implications of what had happened to her, she ran her hands gently over the red lines, which turned her sister's fair flesh into a chequerboard. Turning her over, she saw that the poor girl's bra had been cut out, two large clamps attached on her nipples. Reaching down to remove one, she though the better of it. Instead she paused to admire the firm melons of the girl, which she had seen often, but for the first time, in this "new" way. Not sure why she did it, she gave one of the clamps a gentle tug, causing the flesh to rise with it, before falling back with a bounce. She repeated the process with the other clamp, harder this time. Neha made a slight movement, and Mangala let go. Instead, she cupped the tit, marvelling at its fulness. No wonder boys lusted after her - Mangala's sweet and innocent sister, who was just embarked upon an unpredictable journey into the unknown.

Though seeing her sister this way made her want to lessen her agony, she knew better than to do anything about it. Instead, she realized that she was feeling as strange, unacceptable sensation in her loins, one which told her that her sister would be a great fuck. For a full five minutes she resisted the urge, forcing her mind instead to wonder what all her sister had been through. This her mind easily guessed, and as she pictured the torture, she felt the urge growing stronger. Finally, her mind told her that there was no way the sadist who had done this to her sister would make life any easier for Neha, and she might as well get a few loving moments between endless sessions of torture. Lowering herself till her tits touched the clamps, she placed her full lips onto those of her sister.

Ria quickly exited the compartment, and entered the first class one, this time without pausing. Her plan so far was working perfectly. She felt no pity for Shilpa and her friend. Or was it her sister ? Maybe she'll never know. When the two brutes were done with them, they would either be dumped beside the tracks or sold. Either way, since they stayed in the hostel, it would be months before their parents came to check, and by that time, she was sure she could cook up something. Perhaps she wouldn't need to, if what she was now planning went well.

Reaching the cabin door in a dozen strides, she banged on the door. A moment later, a scared looking female opened it, with another lying gagged and bound in the background. Wordlessly, she strode in, leaving it to the first girl to close the door. Once she turned after doing it, she found Ria inspecting the girl on the floor. Smiling at the sleeping form, Ria got up,and nodded at the other girl. The girl knew what was expected of her. For the first few days of her training, she had not, and then had refused to know. Her stubborness had been dealt with in the harshest way possible, with her body being left half suspended in water for a full January night. To her relief, and subsequent dismay, her excellent immunity prevented pneumonia, though she went down with a fever. Worse than fever, though was the experience of being in icy cold water for hours on end, almost totally naked. Coupled with whippings and cigarette burns, she had not only learnt to do what she was about to do now, but also a plethora of difficult, degrading and exhausting services that her cruel mistress demanded of her. If she still maintained an air of haughtiness, that was simply because it served her mistress' purposes. Inside, she was her personal sex slave.

The slave now began to get out of her clothes. Ria had ruined dozens of her dresses, sometimes ripping them off, more often cutting them at special places, so as to turn the means of defending her modesty into instruments aiding her humiliation. She did not want to destroy her latest dress, and got out of it before Ria could lose interest in the bound girl. Now in her lingerie, the girl waited for her mistress to give the signal. Many a times, she would ask her to keep her lingerie on, though again it would serve purposes diametrically opposite to what they normally were meant for. On this occassion, she got the signal to strip completely, and with a feeling of guilt at how completely she had fallen under Ria's spell, she stripped off her clothes with a sense akin to relief.

Next instant, she was on all fours, crawling towards her owner like the bitch she was. Ria paid no interest to this development till the girl was literally at her feet. Now she allowed the girl to remove her jeans, and then her panties, exposing her hairy gash to the female. Ria now got up and sat down on Neha's bound body, positioning herself upon her thigh. As the slave changed direction, Ria casually opened her legs, allowing the girl to lower herself to the level of her vagina. The slave began with gentle licking, flicking the outer fleshy folds. Ria knew she had had to train her quite a lot to teach her the art of eating out another woman, but today she wasn't in a mood to test such art. Grabbing a fistful of the girl's hair, which was done up in a ponytail, she pushed her harder into her love hole. The girl between her legs realized that her mistress was impatient today, and began licking harder. Grabbing her head with the other hand, Ria responded to this effort by reaching below her to fondle one of her slave's pendulous tits. Those tits, easily 38DD, were one of the reasons she had chosen her, and not one of the more beautiful (and athletic) girls. Had she known then that she would have such a great cunt of a sister, she would definitely have broken both. As it were, she was only vaguely aware of Neha till she saw her a couple of days back. Now, she was grateful that she had indeed chosen such a slut.

Her hand reached one of the heavy flesh sacks dangling from the slave's chest, and she cupped it for a moment, adjusting herself so that the owner of the tits could continue her work at her cunt. As the girl lapped harder, she squeezed the tit hard, finding the elongated nipple easily. Taking it between her thumb and forefinger, she twisted it cruelly, causing the slut to gasp into her pussy. Laughing, she released the tit, focussing on getting maximum pleasure out of the efforts of her slut. She could feel the fleshy tongue probing hard at her, seeking her clit, then finding it and flicking it, then moving off to make circles and patterns on her pussy walls before returning to the most sensitive part of her vagina. Ria had taught her well, too well, she realized as she felt herself heading towards the pinnacle of orgasm at breakneck speed. But she made no effort to slow down, allowing her slave to keep up the tempo.

"Ahhh.....faster you bitch. Lick like your life depends upon it." She could not be sure that the girl, with her head trapped between her Ria's thighs, heard her correctly, but Ria made no effort to change anything, apart from grabbing her hair with both hands and pushing her head further into her pussy, till she was sure the girl could harldy breathe. But the slave knew better than to pause, going harder and faster, licking desperately at the slick walls, burying herself in the fluids it produced, which were currently coating her cheeks, eyes, nose and indeed her whole face, matting her hair as it did so.As she flicked her clit again, she felt the girl's legs stiffen.Next moment she was writhing in orgasm, thrashing like a crazed creature atop the bound girl, with her slave being drowned in her cum between her legs.

For what seemed like an eternity, the slave felt wave after wave of her mistress' cum wash over her, till she believed that this time she would surely be drowned. Finally, the legs on either side of her went limp,and she was thrown away, hitting the berth and collapsing beside it. As her tits bounced on her chest before coming to rest, she saw the girl staring at her, with a mixture of shock, horror and dismay. The slave sighed, and looked away. Much as she knew that this was bound to happen sometime, it still hurt her to realize that her younger sister, the sweet and innocent Neha, had just seen her elder sister, the proud, haughty and prudish Mangala being used like an inflatable fucktoy. As the slave Mangala closed her eyes, a tear escaped it, mixing with the cum flowing from Ria's pussy.

As the afterglow of a mindboggling orgasm subsided, Ria raised herself to survey the two females. One, the one she had been with since morning, was thin, lithe and had small firm breasts. Her sister, however, was slightly fat, but over her bulging tummy, she had two huge melons. Infact she had lusted after them from the first day she had met her. With some amusement,she remembered the days she'd spend wondering how to break the haughty girl. In the end it had been ridiculously easy. Perhaps she had never been in such a position. More likely she had never had to use her arms to defend herself in her life. Either way, one night when they were sleeping over at Ria's place, she had grabbed her, and armtwisted the girl into giving her a long lesbian kiss. To be sure, Mangala had put up much more resistance than Neha had, but in the end Ria had won, and thus began Mangala's descent into debauchery. She had been progressively broken, made to suck off all sorts of men, and eventually act like a portable toilet for Ria. All that had been achieved months ago, but it was only recently that she had seen Neha, and Neha's training had just begun. There was still a long, albeit pleasurable way to go.

It was time to raise Neha. As she bent down, she saw that Neha was indeed awake. On her face was a look of dibelief, coupled with hopelessness. Had she hoped that her sister would somehow rescue her ? It was not unnatural given the air of invincibility Mangala gave out to the outside world, albeit interspersed with sessions of slavery as the present one. Supressing her desire to laugh at her naivete, Ria dragged Neha up. It was now safe to undo her bonds and gag, and these were skilfully done away with. Once blood surged back into Neha's arms, the pain in them seeemed to grow again. Yet she barely felt the pain, as the news that her sister was infact a sex slave was yet to sink in. She saw the Ria land a kick on Mangala's back, and the girl scurried up onto her knees, her eyes betraying total submission.

Ria felt amused by the look of continued surprise in her eyes. As she continued to look at this strange reunion, her mind formed an idea. She grabbed Neha and forced her to stand. Ria motioned Mangala to lay down, and pushed down Neha on top. However, she made her turn around ,such that Neha, when she was finally lying on her elder sister, was staring at her sister's pussy. Positioning Neha such that her legs were on either side of the older sister's head, she grabbed Neha, one hand on her head the other on her ass. Pausing for a moment to admire her ass again, she then pushed both downwards.

Neha found herself staring at her own sister's pussy, her wondered if she was to do what pornstars did in such circumstances. Her fears were confirmed when she felt a tongue,which could only be that of her sister, gently probing her pussy. She tried to pull away, still unable to fathom the consequences of being eaten out by her own sister. But Ria would have none of it, controlling her by the hair. Realizing that she had no option, tears began to form in her eyes again as she extended her tongue to the brown gash. With extreme reluctance,she began to probe the pussy with her tongue. However, clearly she was doing something wrong, for Ria pulled her up by the hair again. Using one of her hands, she pried open Mangala's pussy opening, and pushed Neha into it. Neha, suffocated for the moment, had no option to lick away at the pink inside of her sister's gash.

As Neha slowly licked, Ria stood back to admire the sight of the two sisters eating each other out. "the perfect family" she thought. Just one thing was missing, her mind added. Going back to her bag, she searched for a dildo, and found it. Strangely, it was different from the one she had. It was thinner, but longer. As she wondered at its presence, she realized that she had been going through Neha's bag. Smiling at the fact that the "innocent" girl was not so innocent after all, she picked it up and took out a bottle of lube from her own bag. Applying it generously over the dildo, she went back to the "couple", and settled down upon Neha. By now, Mangala's ministrations had brought out a fair amount of juice from her younger sister. Mangala's own pussy was getting wet as well, but given the lack of expertise of Neha, Ria suspected it was more out of the sense of eating out Neha that Mangala was getting wet.

Having thoroughly lubed the dildo, Ria positioned it over Neha's ass. As she did so, she saw the older sister's eyes, visible through the crack of Neha's ass, beseech her not to take her younger sister's virginity. "It's your sister's Mango (the name by which Ria referred to Mangala, and specifically to her breasts). She's not so innocent after all." Before she could digest the fact, Ria added "And, it's not for her pussy." Mangala's expression changed to one of shock,as she realized what her mistress meant. A moment later, she saw her fears turn into reality, even as her sister's pussy released increasing amounts of cum onto her face.

Neha was becoming steadily more aroused. She had given up the unequal fight against her sister's expert work, her mind forcing her to accept the fact that just like when she'd been tied up, no matter what she did, she would have to face the same fate. This time, the fate was pleasurable, and she settled down to enjoy her sister's licking. Though Ria was no longer forcing her, Neha continued to lick at her sister's pussy, which rewarded her with juice she never knew her sister had. Unimaginable though it was, Neha realized that if indeed she was Ria's slave, she would herself have cum hundreds of times. The very thought, instead of being repulsive, created a strange urge in her, as she pictured Ria brutally breaking the haughty Mangala. Now she had given her Mangala's pussy to explore. Refusing to answer the questions her mind asked, she began to lick with greater vigour, seeking to find the one spot which was sensitive in every girl.

Mary's Unexpected Journey

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An Unexpected Desire (Updated) - Chp 1-4

This story, plus the following chapters, is interwoven with a little bit of truth, fantasy, and fiction. Stories are what you make of them ... the more realistic, the better. Due to editing problems, I'm including the entire story here rather than separate chapters. If you are waiting for another chapter to be added, it will post soon! As always, all comments and suggestions are appreciated. All characters are of legal age and any similarity to...



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Summary Bethan’s back from her first term away at uni, freshly-pierced, freshly-tattooed and now, it seems… freshly-bisexual. And what better way to shock everyone back home than showing off her sassy, rebellious, dreadlocked new girlfriend Emily? But when they visit her old school friend Jadie, it’s Bethan and Emily who’ll get a shock. And Jim might just have something to do with that… Jim’s had his ups and downs in life, a parent at...


Unexpected Stranger (From novella entitled: ESCAPE)

Chapter One It was Friday night around ten o’clock, Lauren guessed. She wasn’t really sure, because the only thing that had her complete attention at that moment were dark brown handsome eyes boring into hers with such intensity that she couldn’t look away. She was mesmerized. The night had started out innocently enough. She and her girlfriend had come to MacAllister’s bar to celebrate her girlfriend’s birthday. The next thing she knew, her...


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