The Photographer: Part 1, The beginning

I'm thirty years old, a bachelor, and have been a professional photographer for a dozen years. My stock in trade are weddings, babies, family portraits, anniversaries, and pets. Occasionally, there are special situations like a guy dropping to his knees to propose to his girlfriend. That usually works out except for the unusual situation when she says, "No." It is embarrassing for him and for some reason, I feel embarrassed as well. It has happened but fortunately, not too often.

So I make a good living and generally speaking, my clients are happy with the results. Sometimes the results are unexpected.

I was doing a wedding a few months ago taking pictures of the groom's bachelor party that got kind of got out of hand. There was a lot of drinking and a stripper. Because this is the digital age, I took lots of pictures and let the groom decide which ones to keep.

He kept the better shots, especially of him dancing with the stripper. He had me delete the girl giving him a blow job. That was hardly unexpected. Something else was an eye-opener.

On the day of the wedding, I normally shoot the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for the big event. Molly was the bride, and she used the pastor's office in back of the church to dress. Apparently, I was not expected when arriving unannounced in Molly's dressing room.

How can I say this politely? Molly was not alone. Molly was not with her bridesmaids. It was another kind of wedding rehearsal. Molly was in rehearsal for her wedding night with the best man. From what I could tell, Molly didn't need much practice. Of course, I quickly backed out without snapping the customary pictures. In the future, I was sure to knock first.

There are lots of other stories to tell about being a photographer, like the gals that called themselves "Lusty Divas." They were all in their late thirties and early forties. They wanted to make a Playboy-like nude calendar for their husbands. I obliged and took twelve women in various settings and poses. Some of them were more risqué than others. None of them could be considered pornographic. The women were over the moon with the results. Apparently, so were their husbands.

From what I learned later, the whole calendar experience gave me some notoriety. The women had developed a sense of trust in me and my work as well. During the shoot, I was creative and respectful. The news got around that I could be trusted with their secrets. I never quite understood why most of the women revealed their most intimate fantasies while posing for the calendar. I felt like I was their shrink.

That lead to another photographic engagement. One of the women, Tiffany, was having a New Year's Eve party at her home, and she wanted pictures that were more than selfies. It was to be a big event. The thing is, it was her twentieth wedding anniversary as well, so she really wanted it to be special.

Tiffany said to be there at ten and stay until just after midnight. I brought along a photographer's screen as a backdrop to photograph each of the couples. The photographs were meant as Tiffany's party gift to them. That's pretty much how it went although lots of pictures were of people mingling and generally making fools of themselves as people do after a few drinks.

While I was packing up to leave. Tony, Tiffany's husband, asked me to stay for one last anniversary shot. He was paying by the hour and the money was good. So I stayed.

It wasn't until after one in the morning when their guests had left that Tony took Tiffany's hand and asked me to follow them to the bedroom. I was in shock. They wanted a few bedroom pictures.

"Tony," I objected, "I don't do this kind of photography."

"Irv," he said to me, "We just want something a little more than the calendar. You know, a devoted couple making love on their anniversary."

I hesitated, then said, "Okay, but I have to ask you to sign a simple release statement."

"Like what?" he asked.

"Just a statement that says Irv's pictures were taken at our request, then both of you sign it."

"No problem."

Tony typed the statement on the bedroom computer, printed it, and they both signed.

I silently moved around the room with my Nikon snapping pictures from various angles as Tony undressed his wife, all but her high heels. Next, Tiffany stripped Tony down to his shorts.

Tony occasionally requested something for me to take such as when Tiffany pulled his cock out from his briefs and started blowing him.

Eventually the two were in bed "making love," in other words, fucking with her high heels high over his head. Tony wanted a close-up of his cock buried balls deep inside his wife and a few photos of Tiffany riding him cowgirl. He wanted to be sure I got a good angle of her tits. I did as he asked.

Tony wrote me a generous check before I left, and asked that after I edit the pictures, send them ASAP via Dropbox. I was happy to do it.

As a first time photographer of porn, the pictures were great. They were thrilled with them and couldn't thank me enough. My only regret was they had to be taken with a flash, and I told them so. Tiffany said, "Well maybe we can do it again at our summer home where there is more light and privacy."

That's how I got to their summer home by the lake.

The Friday was warm and clear when I left my apartment for Tony and Tiffany's place. The drive took me on the back roads for a couple of hundred miles until I reached a fenced property sitting on the edge of an azure blue lake. The fence stood six feet high and surrounded their estate on three sides. The fourth side was open to a beautiful white sandy beach.

I arrived just in time for dinner, unpacked, and changed into something casual. Tony was grilling salmon and shrimp while Tiffany prepared a wonderful looking casserole along with roasted potatoes garnished with fresh spinach in a sauce of garlic butter, sea salt and fresh rosemary. She finished it with a drizzle of olive oil and shredded Parmesan. The meal was fit for a king.

The conversation that evening was about their summer home. Tony is an architect and had it built three years earlier. He is a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright and designed the house in the Prairie School style. Tiffany is an interior designer which is evident by the luxurious interior. They invited me for a moonlight swim, swimsuits optional. We all chose optional.

I knew Tiffany's body from the other photo shoots, and it is well toned with the firm breasts of a teenager, nipples like bronze buttons and a shaved pussy. Tony on the other hand is slightly over weight but hung like an elephant. They must be in their upper thirties, maybe thirty-eight. They have no children as far as I could tell. They never spoke of children. We took no photos that night, and just relaxed with wine, a sparkling lake and the moonlight.

After breakfast the next morning, Tony took us out in their yacht to show me the lake. This time bathing suits were required in the likely case we should meet the neighbors. However, "bikini" would be in name only when it came to Tiffany's tiny strips of fabric. She said she bought it in Barcelona, and fell in love with it. She bought a half dozen in different colors but all of them minimized the material and maximized her body. That was photographic worthy, and I couldn't stop snapping her picture.

By the time we returned to the house in the late morning, several additional guests had arrived. They seemed to be making themselves at home, sitting on the patio drinking what I call umbrella cocktails. They looked like something you order under a cabana in the tropics.

Tiffany quickly filled me in saying she had invited two more couples for the weekend. I gave her an expression of extreme puzzlement.

"Look, Irv, Tony showed their husbands our after party photos from New Years. They mentioned it to their wives, and one thing led to another. The next thing I knew, the girls were calling me wanting to know more about it. I told them the truth. It was our twentieth wedding anniversary, and Tony and I both were horny. It just happened."

"And you said I was more than willing to take the pictures?"

"Not exactly that way, but I did say you were cooperative."

"So, tell me why am I here with the six of you?"

"Irv, you take such beautiful and sensitive pictures. I don't think any of us think they are porn. They are great art, Irv."

"Thank you for he compliment," I replied. "This apparently means your guests want to participate in my art form, right?"

"You are amazingly perceptive, Irv. She smiled and gave me a wink. Then she added, "Come on over, and I'll introduce you."

The two women that had just arrived were not calendar Divas. Caitlin was short with a nice curvy body. Her greatest asset was her face. The other women were pretty, but Caitlin was over the top gorgeous! Think Natalie Portman or Charlize Theron, only shorter.

Crystal was the other lady and completely different from the others. She was tall, maybe five feet ten with legs like stilts. Crystal's assets couldn't be ignored. To put it bluntly, she had two fabulous plus-size knockers. Crystal wore no bra making her appearance even more appetizing.

Later, Tiffany told me, "Crystal never wears a bra. I think she just likes to show off her tits, but she says it's something about feminism and her rebellious spirit. She's rather unconventional but interesting. You would think she had grown up in the counterculture of the sixties."

Caitlin's husband, Vince, was a banker and looked the part. He wore a mustache and slicked back hair. Vince was a head taller than his wife, Caitlin, and reminded me a little of Clark Gable,

Then there was Jesús, with sparkling eyes, a huge smile, black slick hair, and copper skin, married to Crystal. He could have been Spanish or Mexican. I didn't ask.

"Let the party begin," Tony announced and they all toasted the idea. Who wants to play bocce?" he asked.

"I'm in," Jesús was quick to respond. "Come on Vince, we'll play strip bocce, men against the women. For each point we score in a round, one of the girls looses an article of clothing. The opposite when they score."

Crystal smiled at her husband but said nothing. Caitlin squirmed, and said she didn't know how to play.

"It's easy, Caitlin," Jesús said. "We'll play a practice round. The first team to twelve, wins. The second game will be for real," he said with what I interpreted to be a lecherous smile.

"Fine, but I'm not good at sports," Caitlin said.

For half an hour, everyone demonstrated their techniques at throwing the ball. Caitlin was better at sports than she had said. She caught on quickly and soon was rolling the ball right near the pallina. Everyone encouraged her by cheering her success.

While they played, Tony refilled their drinks and Tiffany brought out hors d'oeuvres . I became a sports photographer of sorts.

The first game ended with the men eking out a slim two point win, twelve to ten. The second game would be more interesting in theory.

It wasn't that the women cheated, but they didn't fully cooperate either. The first question that arose was regarding whether each point the men won meant both girls were to lose clothing or just one of them. Tony was the referee and settled the dispute by siding with the men. The women cried, "Foul, biased, unfair!" Both women were to strip for each point lost and the same for the men.

"How could that be unfair?" Tony asked. "It's the same for both teams!"

The women said, "It just is!"

While the game progressed, the women would exact their revenge. They removed a shoe, then the other shoe. They followed that by taking off a watch, a bracelet and an earring, then the other earring. Other than a watch and shoes, the men were definitely at a disadvantage. No matter how hard the men tried to gain points, the women were mostly still covered while the men were down to their briefs.

The score was tied at ten when the referee declared that the winning team needed to win by two. The game continued with neither team gaining a two point advantage. This left both men naked with nothing left to shed. Tony declared the women winners.

Now it was the men's turn to declare, "Foul and unfair!"

Caitlin had taken off her blouse during overtime as did Crystal but without a bra, Crystal revealed those gorgeous boobs that were so much fun to photograph. That left two men naked, Caitlin wearing a pink bra and pink shorts, and Crystal half naked.

Tiffany, being a great hostess, enacted the female friendship rule of never leaving a friend feeling awkward or out of place. So, Tiffany untied the tiny strip covering her tits becoming topless in solidarity with her friend. Caitlin soon followed by removing her bra.

Tony was the odd man out. The situation was quickly resolved by Crystal who walked behind him and pulled down his swim suit.

For me, the afternoon was heating up in more ways than one. I tried to be inconspicuous and blend into the background. It was difficult but "someone has to do it," as the cliché goes.

Lunch was buffet style with lots of fruit and cold cuts. The drinking never stopped as did the stories they told about friends and neighbors. Some of the gossip could fill a bookshelf of erotic novels. It was hard to tell what was malicious salacious rumors, and what was gospel truth.

The three couples rested during the afternoon. The men caught some rays stretched out on chaise lounges. Caitlin went skinny dipping with Tiffany. I just went back to my room for a nap.

My room was in the back of the house on the second floor away from the lake. The windows were open catching a cool breeze off of the water. I just stood looking out the window enjoying the scenery.

I glanced down just below my room and saw that Crystal was on top of either her husband, Jesús, or Tony. I couldn't tell with Crystal's back to me and blocking my view of her lover's face. Anyway she was fucking the hell out of him. It was indeed a Kodak moment.

For a moment I considered going downstairs to take close-ups, but settled on zooming into the action from the upper story window. The whole thing lasted maybe ten minutes filling a good portion of my camera's memory card. There were some really great shots, especially when Crystal leaned back exposing her boobs.

After they finished, the two lovers walked nonchalantly back to join the others as if nothing had happened. The only clue was that Crystal was now fully naked like the other women who were still frolicking in the lake.

I had just dozed off when I heard raised voices coming from inside the house. Tony and Tiffany were arguing about something. From what little I could hear, a good guess was that she wasn't taking Tony's liaison with Crystal very well.

"For Christ's sake, Tiffany, that's why we invited them," Tony barked.

Greatly annoyed, Tiffany responded with, "Maybe it was your reason, not mine.

So this put a new wrinkle on my photographic adventure. Who could tell who would partner up with whom. Everyone was nude and mingling but me. I, of course, was there in a purely professional capacity. It's not as easy as it seems.

Dinner was a gourmet meal again. The steaks were tender and rare. Caramelized asparagus tips and Thai style rice graced the menu. The conversation revolved around how I was to photograph each couple that evening. I explained that the setting sun made for excellent lighting, and we should begin shortly after dinner.

"Tonight's full moon might provide a romantic setting if some of you are interested," I offered.

All of the couples soon agreed that it was okay for the others to watch as I photographed everyone. Caitlin was a little resistant, but her husband reassured her and said, "It'll be okay, honey. We'll just do it in the moonlight."

Tony and Tiffany were first and wanted their pictures shot on the yacht. They pretty much knew the routine from their New Years session, so it went smoothly. Tony did not disappoint the others with his mammoth cock as he plowed into Tiffany's shaved slit. Tiffany, for her part, performed like a porn "model." When they finished, the results were evident and everyone gave them an ovation.

The others now had their mentors. Crystal wanted to start giving her husband a blow job. She wanted it back-lit with the sun setting over the lake. She sank to her knees as Jesús just stood before her as she administered a mouth watering fucking to her husband's stiff erection. He wasn't Tony's size, but he wasn't small either.

Their second scene was on the beach again with Jesús fucking her doggy style That made for a spectacular view of Crystal's tits as they hung down exposing their delectable form and size. They finished with Crystal riding cowgirl, and Jesús squirting her breasts. Another ovation credited the couple with a great performance.

Caitlin and Vince were last. They opted for a moonlight setting. Stretched out on a colorful blanket on the beach, they began the sequence with kisses and hugs. Each photo was to illustrate their love for each other. Vince nibbled on her nipples. She kissed his cock. Eventually, Vince penetrated her in the missionary position, then she turned to let him enter her from the rear. They moved to several more positions including the final photos of Caitlin taking Vince's strong vocal climax in her mouth. 

The cum shot was an epic portrait of love and lust. Caitlin's stunning beauty made for an incredible contrast to the lascivious sight of her husband's creamy fluid dribbling past her lips. Vince didn't have the size and girth of the others, but he sure had stamina. It took over a half hour to film their sequence of love making.

The audience respectfully applauded as if they had just witnressed a Romeo and Juliet love scene.

I left early Sunday morning before the others had gone down for breakfast. My job was done. Actually, that isn't entirely accurate. In some ways, my job had just begun.

When I returned to my studio, the first order of business was to prepare release statements stating the pictures were purely voluntary; there were no liabilities on the photographer, stated or implied; all pictures were the property of the photographer; and the collection of photos taken that day could only be viewed by the participants. All six individuals were to sign the document and return it before I released the pictures.

I spent the day culling the blurred, out of focus, and poorly exposed shots. There were hundreds left to encrypt with water marks and make into thumbnails. Finally they were put on a cloud site for future viewing by my clients.

It took about a week for the release statements to be returned and for me to invite the couples to access the portfolio. Like wedding pictures, they paid me per photo. Once I received their choices and payment, the pictures were released in full size without water marks but encrypted in a way that only the clients could download them. I didn't get rich from this job, but made it was worthwhile in more ways than one.

As sometimes happens, an unexpected event becomes only a beginning. I was soon hired for more "adult" photography.

To be continued ...

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