The College Experience

Anyway, for the first time I walked into the huge lecture hall and was shocked by the size of the class, it was something new to me fresh out of high school. I estimated that there were at least 300 students in the class, most of which had already taken their seats and had their books and highlighters out ready to learn.

I walked passed a few empty seats hoping to come across an cute girl to sit next to, or at least someone I knew from high school. I came across an empty seat next to a cute girl first. "Excuse me is this seat taken?" I asked a tad bit nervously. She looked up at me and shook her head so I sat down.

I noticed that her style was what some would call "artsy" or "eccentric" she wore a brown leather jacket with some sort of band t-shirt underneath, skin tight jeans, sandals that seemed to be made out of a single strip of fabric that just wrapped around her foot, a feather earring in one ear and a big diamond stud in the other. Her hair was not as dark as blood red and not as bright as fire truck red; if you could imagine the color directly between the two that was the color of her hair. He eyes were a grayish green that stood out because of her hair. I do no justice in describing this girl but she was a very good looking girl.

Of course her hair, eyes and style were not the only things that I noticed, under her jacket her t-shirt was low cut showing off some nice cleavage, her tits were not huge but they were not small either, they fit perfectly with her frame. He toes were painted almost the same color as her hair, I have always had a thing for feet so it is always one of the first things I notice about a girl. Dr. Short walked up the center aisle and took his place in front of the class, he began by saying that today he would not lecture, only talk about the syllabus and class policies; I was fine with this. The girl sitting next to me asked to borrow a pen; I suppose she wanted to take notes on the rules of anthropology class.

After our allotted hour and fifteen minutes we were dismissed from class and I got out of my chair picked up my back pack and headed for the door, I made it out of the class room and out into the main hall of the building and I was almost outside when I was stopped. "Hey... Here's your pen back." I had forgotten all about the pen and normally when people borrow a pen they don't return it so this was a nice surprise. "Oh... thank you it totally slipped my mind that I had given this to you."
"Yeah no problem, thank you for letting me borrow it." Her voice was a bit throaty but very sexy I had not noticed this is class because she had spoken to me in a whisper.
"No problem."
"My name is Monica" she extended her hand for a shake.
"James, nice to meet you." I took her hand in mine and gently shook it. Her skin felt as if she used moisturizer religiously, her skin was so smooth to the touch. It was the type of hand you just want to bring to your lips for a kiss.

After a few minutes of awkward small talk Monica announced that she had to catch the shuttle and I too made up some excuse to cover up my disappointment of her leaving. Again we shook hands, proclaimed how it was nice to meet each other and parted ways. As I walked away I turned around and took a peek at her ass as any guy would do, it was big but as with her tits it fit perfectly with her frame. It was nice and tight and round and bounced nicely as she walked, fearing that she might turn around and catch me looking at her ass I faced forward and walked on.


This was my first year but second semester of college; I had elected to come to school over the summer because it bettered my chances of getting in. My first class of the new semester was Anthropology and the only reason I was looking forward to it was because I had heard my professor, Dr. Short, was very easy so I could just breeze right through it. Stepping off of the shuttle I realized that it had been too hot for my outfit, a brown leather jacket, 3 Doors Down t-shirt and skinny jeans. Luckily I had elected to wear sandals today so my feet were not hot.

I had hoped that with my new semester schedule would come some new college boys to have fun with, I wasn't one of those huge chested bimbos but I got my fair share of boys. I always felt like my breasts were just the right size for my body which in turn made them look more attractive, although I wish my butt was bigger though people tell me it looks fine. Overall I am happy with the way I look, therefore I never have trouble getting guys, the only trouble is finding some that live up to my standards.

In class the air was coo, which was a relief. I took my seat about four or five rows away from the door and the second seat it, for some reason I never liked the aisle seat. About two or three minutes before the class started a cute guy sat down next to me. He was wearing jeans also, despite the heat outside, a Rays t-shirt and Rays hat. He was apparently either mixed, black and white, or some sort of Spanish I couldn't tell right away but he had that golden brown skin tone. He wore his hair in a skin tight fade that made him look very clean. Just for an excuse to talk to him later I asked to borrow a pen.

Once we were dismissed from class I he left rather quickly so I had to chase after him to give him his pen back. I introduced myself to him and he introduced himself. His name was James, a name that I was not too fond of just because it lacked originality but I could live with it. We shook hands. His hands were rough and calasted, the hands of an athlete and judging by his choice of clothing I would have to say his trade was baseball, which I found adorable. We made small talk for a few minutes and I noticed that I had already missed one shuttle to my apartments and not wanting to wait another half an hour for the next one we said our goodbyes and went our separate was. As I walked away I wondered if he was looking at my ass, I hopped he was looking at my ass.


The next couple of weeks were not uneventful between Monica and I but there are not interesting either so I'm just going to skip over that part and spare you the mind numbingly boring stuff that needs not to be told in detail. The day things started getting interesting was about two or three days before our first anthropology test. We had recently become friends on Facebook, traded phone numbers and had spoken everyday so we had become fairly comfortable with each other. Today we had agreed to meet up in the library on campus to prepare for our upcoming test. We agreed on 1:30 but I arrived a little early because my class got out a few minutes ahead of schedule so I picked us out a table and waited.

I noticed her walk in before she was able to spot me and her outfit made me instantly stand at attention. Her shirt was very low cut and just barely held her tits in, she wore a skirt that was so tight it seemed as if it had had to have been painted on, it barely covered her thighs and she was wearing a pair of leopard print high heels in which her toes just barely peaked through the front, she looked damn sexy. She finally spotted me, waved, came over and sat down at the table. We were in the library for about an hour but didn’t get too much done, a lot of our time was spent looking at and talking about other girls that were around us. I liked how Monica didn’t expect that I pretend like she was the only girl in the room. Occasionally she would tease me by saying things like “I bet you’d love to get her and I into bed.” And would laugh and nudge me with her elbow a bit but boy how true it was.

After an hour of goofing around Monica invited me over to her apartment for a little while, I agreed but told her I couldn’t stay long because I had already made plans with my roommate to go watch the Rays game at a restaurant on campus and that was in two and a half hours. We got to the shuttle stop at the perfect time, the shuttle to her apartment complex was just pulling up, we boarded it, including us there were only about five or six people on the shuttle. We sat in the very back in front of a big air vent. I literally could not hear two words that she said because for some reason she was talking in a hushed tone and the rumble of the vent was doing a good job at drowning her out, not that I didn’t want to hear what she had to say.

The ride was close to five minutes long; she lived in a school affiliated apartment complex so it wasn’t far off campus at all. The shuttle dropped us off right in front of her building and we ascended the stairs to the third floor. She gave me the grand tour of her apartment and told me that her roommate was gone at the moment but would be back shortly. Her room was a bit messy, there were clothes on the floor here and there and her bed was unmade, she assured me that it was never this messy. On top of her TV was a dildo she either purposely left out for me to find or forgot to hide. I picked it up and waved it around.
“Ohhhh look what I found!”
“Oh my God! Give me that!” Her face turned red and I realized that she had just forgotten to hide it prior to me coming over.
“I’ll give it to you all right.” I gave her a sly smile to tell her that this indeed had been an innuendo. The embarrassment from her face quickly faded and the entire mood shifted rather quickly.
“Well since you’re going to play with my dick I’m going to play with yours.” She grabbed my cock through my jeans, the feeling of her hand on my dick made it get hard very quickly. “I see you don’t have a problem with that.” She said noticing the newly formed hard on in my pants.
“Why would I?” I asked her.
She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down around my ankles. Before she went any further and went over and closed the door and locked it. She came back to me and right away dropped to her knees in front of me. I love the way a girl looks when she looks up at me from her knees, I could feel my pre-cum starting to already flow a little. She pulled my cock out of my boxers. I didn’t have the biggest dick known to man but it was a decent size, between 7 and ½ and 8 inches; maybe a little bigger on a good day.
“You’ve got a pretty dick, much better looking than mine.” Her dick that she was referring to was the dildo I still held in my hand.
She started by licking the tip of my dick, her tongue was warm and felt amazing. She then ran her tongue all the way up and down the shaft, my knees felt weak when she did this, that was the only problem with getting BJs while standing up with nothing to lean against. Finally she took my whole dick in her mouth, she slid it as deep as it would go, I felt it hit the back of her throat, her mouth was so warm and so moist and so nice. She pulled it out and a long trail of spit came with it, she used it to get my cock all wet to stroke. She stroked it with both hands and it felt amazing, I felt my orgasm building deep in my balls.

As she continued to stroke the urge to cum kept getting bigger and bigger I was going to come as long as she kept stroking it exactly the way she was. I was about to tell her I was going to cum when all of the sudden her bedroom door swung open. It was her roommate “Hey Monica I… Oh Shit!”
I quickly bent down and pulled up my pants and Monica jumped to her feet as if getting up would give her roommate the illusion that nothing had been going on. We all just stood there and kind of stared at each other in awkward disbelief. Finally her roommate backed out and shut the door behind her.
“I really need to get that lock fixed.”
By now my erection and orgasm were totally gone but I needed to leave any way to go catch the baseball game. We walked outside and the shuttle arrived a few minutes later. “Well thank you for coming, I’m sorry about the thing with my roommate.”
“Thank you for having me, and forget about it.” We kissed for the first time and I got on the shuttle and headed back to school. As I got off the shuttle I got a text from Monica. “Your dick tastes great, I hope to taste it and a little more next time but for now my dick is going to have to take your place ;)” next a picture message came across from Monica; it was a picture of her with the dildo I had been holding, in her mouth. From that night on, Things between Monica and I were going to get interesting.


After a few weeks of getting to know each other, James and I were becoming closer and closer. I was very attracted to him and had masturbated a few times thinking about him eating my pussy or fucking my brains out. I imagined he had a good sized dick. When our anthropology teacher announced our upcoming test I suggested to James that we meet up and study together. He suggested the library and I told him that was fine and I had planned on inviting him over to my apartment once we were done with that.

In the library we didn’t get too much work done, I noticed him looking at other girls; it didn’t bother me because I too found these girls to be attractive. Instead of pretending to be offended by him looking at the girls I tried to use it as a way to get him turned on. I planted the idea of him having a 3some with me and some of the girls that he was checking out. I would say things along the lines of “What would you do to get me and her in bed at the same time?” I could tell he was enjoying the game and that was what I was shooting for.

After an hour of not getting work done, I asked him if he wanted to come over. He started off by saying that he had had made other plans previously and I thought he was going to shoot me down until he said he would come but he couldn’t stay long. We took the shuttle back and we sat in the very back in front of the big air conditioner. With my experience of riding on the shuttle I knew this was a shitty spot for personal conversation but decided to have some fun with it. I spoke to him in a hushed tone and said things like “You make my pussy so wet.” And “I want you to eat me out.” He obviously couldn’t hear a word I was saying because he just kept smiling and nodding. I got a kick out of this.

When we got to my apartment I was anxious to get him into my room but I decided to give him a tour first since it would take long because everything could be seen from the living room. Once we got into my room he picked up my vibrator which I had strategically placed so that it would easily be spotted. He began to taunt me with it and I feigned embarrassment but soon worked my way over it and grabbed a hold of his dick. It quickly got hard and I was impressed by his size. He was probably about 8 inches, which I felt was a good number to have inside of me.

After closing and locking the door I began to give him a blowjob, his dick tasted so good, it was nice and clean and not at all sweaty. Pre-cum dribbled out and it tasted sweet. Soon I could see that he was getting ready to cum and I was anticipating on wearing it all over my face but just before I could my bedroom door swung open.

Me and my roommate never bother knocking and closing the door was just a formality but I forgot to warn her about what would be going on and that the lock on my door was broken. I could see that James was embarrassed. He would have to get over this embarrassment because I had big plans for him later on. By now it was time for him to leave and get back to school. I really wanted him to fuck me but I didn’t press the issue, I gave him a kiss as he climbed onto the shuttle. As soon as it was moving I raced back upstairs and went into my room, I grabbed my vibrator and took a quick picture of me with it in my mouth and sent it to James along with a dirty text. “Your dick tastes great, I hope to taste it and a little more next time but for now my dick is going to have to take your place ;)” I knew that James and I were going to have some fun together.


A couple weeks went by and nothing else too interesting happened between Monica and I. I had invited her over to my dorm a few times but she was either busy that day or my roommate was there. She had invited me over once or twice but something had come up both times that had not allowed me to go. We would see each other in class and kiss when we left and said we’d see each other later and that was the extent of our interactions for a while.
That is until one night I got a picture message from Monica. It was of her with her “dick” again except this time she had it partially slid into her pussy. It was so sexy. A text came along right after. “You better fucking get your sexy ass over here tomorrow or I’m going to have to find someone else to pleasure this tight pussy.” I had had plans to play basketball the next day but I decided that that could wait until another day. I told her that I would without a doubt be there and that she would not need to find anyone one else to please her.
The next day came and all day all I could think about what fucking Monica, plowing deep into her pussy and making her cum. These thoughts that I was having were supplying me with a continual hard on throughout the day and I found myself constantly trying to situate my body in my chair so that no one would notice my erections. Luckily I only had two classes that day. After I got out of class I raced back to my dorm to relieve some of the stress that these boners had been giving me. After taking care of myself the first time, they were a lot less frequent and les intense but I knew that would change when I got to Monica’s.
At 6:30 I got a call from Paul, the guy I was supposed to play basketball with, asking if I was ready to play but I told him something had come up and I wasn’t going to be able to make it. He said it was fine and that he was just going to go play some pick-up games now since I wasn’t coming. For another hour I sat around waiting for Monica’s call, I was getting anxious. It got to the point where I thought she was never going to call and that this was just all one big elaborate joke but she called.
"Hey stud I hope you're ready."
"You know I am, I've been waiting for you to call."
"Well I'm ready for you so come one over."
"Alright. I'm leaving now." I hung up, told my roommate I'd be back later and headed over to the shuttle station. Outside the night air was cool with a slight warm breeze, it was nice. It took me about twenty minutes to get to the shuttle station so I had to sit on a bench and wait for the next one for about ten minutes. When I saw it approaching, that was when my heart started to pound and I started to get nervous. It pulled up and the doors open, I climbed on. No turning back now.

Before I knew it I was getting off of the shuttle in front of Monica's building. It seemed a whole hell of a lot darker over here than it did on campus. I went up the stairs to the third floor and knocked on Monica's door. After a few moments she opened the door in a red see through Teddy with a black bra and boy shorts set on underneath on her feet were a pair of red pumps that matcher her outfit perfectly; the only downside to them is they did not show off her toes. I crossed the thresh hold and she closed the door behind me.


A few weeks after the incident with my roommate I told James that if he didn’t come over tonight I was going to find someone else to please me. This had been a bluff but it worked and he was coming over and hopefully I would be cumming over and over. At around 6:30 I got out of class, I was so ready to be pounded by James, the entire day my pussy was dripping and the insides of my thighs were covered in my juices. I wanted to play with myself so bad but I felt like that would take away from when James finally dug deep inside of me.
As every other day, I took the shuttle home but today I was so horny that the vibrations almost got to me. I had to adjust myself so that they would not carry through my ass and into my pussy or else I was going to have a screaming fit as I came in my panties. I made it home by about 6:45 and took a shower and got ready for James. I warned my roommate that she did not want to come into my room tonight nor did I want her coming in; she understood.
At 7:30 I called James and told him to come over, after hanging up I slipped into a black lace bra and a pair of matching boy shorts. I thought about leaving my outfit at that but I decided that a red see through nighty would be a nice addition and a pair of red pumps would send it over the top. I had noticed before that James had a thing for feet and I wished that my shoes would show them off but I figured he would like them either way.
Finally there was a knock on the door, I looked through the peep hole to make sure it was James because if it turned out to be someone else that would be real embarrassing, but thankfully it was. I opened the door and tried to look as sexy as I could. James’ eyes got real big, as I imagine something else did, as he looked me up and down. He said nothing and walked through the door. I said nothing and closed the door behind him, tonight’s fun was about to begin and I was dying to partake.
This was not like every cliché sex date seen on TV, there were no rose peddles on the bed or scented candles burning all over the place. Just a regular bed with the ceiling light and fan on, and I was glad for that; anything else would have made the scene awkward. Monica was not far behind me.
“What are you waiting for? Lay down.” Her straight forwardness was a huge turn on. I did as she said, her bed was extremely soft and stood as the perfect alter for what was about to take place. She closed her door and slid a chair in front of it to brace it in order to prevent another mishap like last time. She reached up and pulled the cord to turn the light off but left the fan on full blast. “It’s going to get hot in here so we’re going to need this.”
She climbed on top of me, her pussy pressed against my already rock hard cock, I knew she could feel it through my pants. She began to kiss me, our tongues danced. As we were caught in this lip lock she was grinding her pussy against my dick, I thought for sure I was going to blow my load right then and there. By the way she moved her hips I could tell she was a dancer. After what seemed like two hours of kissing she pulled my shirt off over my head and kissed my chest as she slid herself down my body; my cock tingled with anticipation of being in her mouth.
It wasn’t long before she was unzipping my pants and pulling them off, my dick stood straight up in the air and she took it deep in her throat in one fluid motion, chills ran through me. She slurped on my cock, the sound of her sucking it only turned me on even more. She took it out and began to stoke it. “Give me all your cum, I want to taste it… There better be a lot of it or I’m just going to keep sucking until there is.” Although this sounded really tempting I didn’t want to just get head all night, I wanted to taste her pussy and rip her insides apart. My orgasm began to build. Again she slurped on my cock. I rested my hand on the back of her head as an indication for her not to stop sucking. “Ohhhhhh shit I’m about to cum!” She sucked harder and stroked faster. I was so close to cumming I felt as if my whole body was going to explode. Finally I released stream after stream of warm cum into her mouth, she moaned as I shot into her mouth, she swallowed every drop. “Mmmmmmm your cum tasted so good, it’s going to feel even better inside of me.” I wasn’t too keen on the thought of cumming inside of her but when that time came who knows what would happen.
I rolled her on her back after forcefully pulling her nighty off. Her bra and panty set was very hot but that had to come off. I fiddled with the bra straps but could get them so I just snapped it off; she seemed to like that. Her boy shorts proved much easier to get off, she spread her legs for me and I dove right in face first. Her pussy was dripping wet and tasted so sweet. She wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles, with every suck of her clit her legs quivered, clicking the heels of her pumps together. Sliding my hands over her knees I pinned her legs to the bed in the spread eagle position allowing for me to slide my tongue deep inside of her; she pushed the back of my head down forcing my head hard against her pussy, her control of the situation was very much to my fancy.
I continued to lick and suck and nibble, before too long Monica’s body was shaking violently. “Oh shit! Yes! Yes! Yes! Right there! Don’t you fucking stop!” She was about to cum and arched her back so that she was able to grind her pussy against my mouth as I swirled my tongue on her clit. “OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!” She was so close to cumming and I couldn’t wait to taste it, finally she exploded and all of her cum flowed from her pussy into my mouth and all over my face. Her breathing was labored as I continued to gently lick and suck through the afterglow.
She sat up and pulled my face to her and we again shared a passionate kiss. By now my cock was again rock hard and I was more than ready to pound away at her and she was more than ready for me to. She rolled me over onto my back and mounted me sliding my cock into her pussy; she slowly slid all the way down onto it. She was extremely tight and at first it hurt a little but as she began to bounce, it loosened up just enough for the walls of her pussy to rub just right on my cock. To be completely honest I was a little nervous about having sex without a condom but those thoughts quickly left my mind as I looked up at her bouncing tits. I reached up and tugged on her nipples and squeezed her tits, I was usually not one for the rough stuff but her attitude began to rub off on me just a little. She slapped me across my face and got my ear in the process, it rang loudly. She must have seen the shock in my face after this because she said “What’s the matter bitch? Can’t handle me?” Not to be out done I slapped her ass hard. “That’s what I’m talking about, show me who’s boss.” She was really getting into this and so was I. She rode my dick harder and harder until I thought the head board was going to break through the wall, she screamed with no regard for who heard her. I looked down at my cock and watched it slide in and out of her pussy; I could see a white layer of Monica’s cum have covered it.
Playing into the act of the rough sex lover I quickly sat up and flipped her onto her stomach, her pumps glistened in the little bit of light that filtered through the window. “Yeah fucking take that pussy.” I put my hand on the back of her neck and forced her face into the pillow as I jammed my cock deep inside her from behind; her cries of pleasure were muffled. I stared out slow at first but got quicker with each stroke; my balls swung wildly and slapped her clit as I fucked her pussy. She continued to yell. Again I slapped her ass “Who’s the fucking boss?”
“You are!” I twisted my hands in her hair and yanked her head up. “Say my fucking name. Who is in control?”
“Oh fuck James, you’re in control.” I shoved her face back into the pillow and continued my fast hard strokes. The feeling of another orgasm was quickly approaching. “I am going to fill your pussy up with all my cum you little whore.”
“Oh yes James please do, shoot every last drop in my pussy.”
Before she could finish that last thought I was beginning to spurt inside of her, I pressed hard and deep as I shot rope after rope of warm cum inside of her.
My body was so weak, I could barely hold myself up anymore so I rolled off of her and onto my back. We both breathed heavily and were drenched in each other’s sweat.
“Holy shit James, I’m not going to be able to walk for a week.”
“I aim to please.”
“And please you did.”
It was now 10:15 and the last shuttle back to campus left at 10:30. I had not planned on spending the night because there was nothing of that mentioned in the plans prior to me coming so I quickly got dressed, kissed Monica good-bye and raced down stairs just in time to catch the shuttle. In all honesty I would have been just fine with walking back, after what had just happened it would have been well worth it.
When I got back to my dorm I texted Monica to let her know I made it back ok, there was no reply so I assumed that she had already fallen asleep and I soon too planned on following suite.
In the morning when I woke up I had two new texts from Monica. The first one read “I’m glad to hear you made it back.” The second one said “You were so amazing last night, I’m going to have to introduce you to a friend of mine ;)” I could only think that she meant that next time there was going to be another girl involved, I had never done anything like this before so I didn’t know what to think but what I did know was that Monica and I were going to have fun together.

I followed close behind James into the room. I was going to waste no time tonight. Closing the door I braced it with my desk chair to avoid another mishap like last time. I clicked off the light and climbed on top of James who was already lying on the bed waiting for me. He was such a good kisser; we kissed for at least twenty minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore and was ready to get dirty. I pulled his shirt off of him and made my way down to his cock. Giving him head was so sexy to me, just having his cock in my mouth made me cum without even touching myself, which was the first time that had ever happened.
After sucking him for a few minutes he filled my mouth with his cum, I have never really been one for the taste of cum so I swallowed it quickly so that it wouldn’t sit in my mouth.
Next James ate me out; he was so talented at this part of the fore play. I had never had anyone do some of the things he did to me, when I was about to cum I thought for sure I was going to squirt all over him and the wall behind him but to my relief I only came really hard which he seemed to enjoy almost as much as I did.
I didn’t want to take my pussy away from his mouth but that the same time I wanted his cock to be stretching me out. When I climbed on top of him and slid him into me his cock felt much bigger than expected, it literally felt like my little cunt was being torn in half; it hurt so bad but at the same time felt so good. It was smooth sailing once I loosened up a bit.
I had never warned James that I liked to get a little rough so it came as a complete shock to him when I slapped him in his face but a little pep talk got him right over his surprise. He slapped my ass so hard the vibrations carried all the way through my pussy and I thought I was going to cum right then and there but I didn’t although I did cum soon thereafter.
I would have to say the sexiest moment of the night was when he flipped me over and fucked me from behind. He took complete control which drove me crazy and I came over and over and over again, by the end of the night I came probably close to ten times. Finally the moment I had been waiting for all night came; he filled me to the brim with his hot cum. I felt him cover the walls of my pussy and slowly drip out of me and onto my thighs, his load was so big and so warm and just as he finished, I added my own cum to the mix and I nearly passed out from exhaustion. It was now almost 10:15 and the last shuttle came at 10:30 and I would have hated for James to have to walk back to school so I didn’t mind too much that he left soon after we were finished although I did wish he could have stayed a little longer.
James was one of the best fuck buddies I had ever had and I knew a girl who would love to experience him almost as much as I did and I was willing to share as long as I was included in the festivities. I did not know how long our affair was going to last before the flame died or it turned into something more serious but what I did know was the James and I were going to have some fun together.

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RedTails : ReckoningsThe Paddled PrincessByScarletdownChapter II: Party Crasher"Good evening to you too, Allisson," Arlin growled. His body shuddered, and his aching, still stiff maleness flexed at the Raccoon's touch. "I trust that you and Amanda are having a profitable night?"She nodded and flashed him a coy smile, "Yep-yep, our tails have been remarkably busy. And we have only been working for not even two hours so far tonight." She snuggled up against the Tiger,...


The Major's Pretty Baby Face

By Beagle9690 June, 2011 ****************************** I found his note instructing me to wake him by four in the afternoon when I returned from a pleasant early afternoon lunch date with his mother. My Master, Matthew, naps after workouts on his pommel horse or weight machine in the basement. In preparation, I will undress completely and take down my dark honey blond hair. Today I wore it in a braided bun as he instructed before I left the house. It...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Two)

Introduction: To make sense, start from the beginning…. Chapter Two ____________________________ A glorious sun-drenched early morning greeted me as I awoke in my bed alongside the lovely brunette door prize I had won at the party the previous evening. It had been arranged for me to interview Greg at nine oclock, so after fucking the young woman just once more I dismissed her from my suite, showered and shaved, and then contemplated what to wear for my appointment...


The Ten of Them Chapter 15

Introduction: I?m not sure what happened with the last post, but it was entitled the two of them when I posted it. I reposted it hopefully the same problem won?t occur. The Ten of Them: chapter 15 In our last chapter we discovered Sam was afraid of thunderstorms. Hopefully not as much after we try to calm her down and show there was not much to be afraid of. But I got a feeling every night theres a strong thunderstorm Sam will be sleeping on my chest, not that I mind....


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Four)

Introduction: Please read from the beginning….. Chapter Four ______________,,______________ I was not scheduled to interview Island Royales female partner, Cynthia, until the afternoon and therefore assumed I would be on my own throughout Wednesday morning. Greg, however, caught me as I was leaving the dining room following breakfast and suggested I accompany him for a tour of the Ladies Boudoir, located at the far northern end of the building. The...


The two of them: chapter 15

I n our last chapter we discovered Sam was afraid of thunderstorms. Hopefully not as much after we try to calm her down and show there was not much to be afraid of. But I got a feeling every night theres a strong thunderstorm Sam will be sleeping on my chest, not that I mind. Mom and Alyssa are stuck waiting on the court to finalize the divorce this upcoming Monday, five more days before they can return. Today I have to assistance a friends father and mother continue...


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