Teen Titans Chronicles 5: Quiver Full of Toys

This is the fifth edition of my Teen Titans’ Chronicles series. If you haven’t read the first four parts of the series, you might be a little lost at this point. I would suggest that you at least go back and read parts 1 and 2 before you read this addition.

This story is set on the Monday after Parts 1 and 2, which happened over a Saturday and Sunday. Parts 3, 4, 5 are occurring at around the same time, with all of them starting on the same Monday.

Please note that my Teen Titans series is based on the comics rather than the show (the proper show, not that Teen Titan’s Go shit), and this storyline is set during the Teen Titan's storylines that occur just before Infinite Crisis. I’m mainly doing it like this because it provides me with the best range of characters and because I love this version of the story.

I hope you enjoy my new story. A quick disclaimer I'm not a professional writer, just a talented amateur, so please don't expect graphic novel level writing. I'm deliberately changing key storylines and characters for my own needs and I apologise in advance if I miss details that other Comic Book fans will notice. I’m setting it in an alternate universe (Earth 69), any changes to the cannon storyline and characters can be attributed to that.

There is one very major change that I have made to this universe that I need to point out before people read this story. This chapter in the Teen Titans’ Chronicles will focus mainly on Speedy, Green Arrow’s sidekick, and her superhero team (Team Arrow) in Star City. As most Teen Titans’ and Green Arrow fans will know, the Speedy that I’m using in this story, Mia Dearden, is famous for being a HIV Positive superhero. I have always loved this character arc and it’s great that they addressed such a serious issue in the comics in such a positive way. However, this is an adult fan fiction and the characters within are having a lot of unprotected sex. Thus, in this universe, Speedy does not have HIV and she is not transmitting it to the people she is having sex with. I feel that this is important point to make as a number of people commented on this when I released part one of the Teen Titans’ Chronicles some years ago. I apologise in advance if I offend anyone by removing Speedy’s HIV diagnosis, that is not my intention and I hope you appreciate that is necessary for the story.

All characters are over 18 years old and are property of DC comics. I own no rights to the characters and I am making no money for my stories.

Character Bios:
Speedy – Mia Dearden: The second hero to wear the mantle of Speedy, in this timeline Mia Dearden is Green Arrow’s sidekick and ward. Forced into prostitution as a teenager, Mia was rescued by Green Arrow following his resurrection. Mia was then taken in by Green Arrow and eventually became his sidekick and joined the Teen Titans. In mainstream comics, Mia was diagnosed with HIV following her early life as a prostitute, as noted above, in this universe Mia is HIV free. The Mia Dearden character has appeared in Smallville and is the inspiration for the Thea Dearden Queen (Speedy) character in Arrow.

Green Arrow – Oliver Queen: Oliver Queen is Green Arrow, long standing member of the Justice League of America and defender of Star City. While marooned on a desert island, Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen learned to use a bow to survive. On his return to Star City, Oliver used these abilities and a high-tech arsenal of arrows to become Green Arrow. After several years of fighting crim Oliver Queen was killed in a plane explosion. Recently resurrected by his best friend, the former Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Oliver has reunited with his family and his long-time girlfriend Black Canary, and has returned to fighting crime. Green Arrow is a major comic book character who has appeared in several TV series, including Young Justice, Batman: Brave and the Bold, Justice League Unlimited and Smallville. He is also the main character of current hit show Arrow.

Green Arrow – Conner Hawke: Following the death of the original Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, Conner Hawke, his long-lost son, took up his mantle and became the second Green Arrow. Fighting crime like his father, Conner soon joined the Justice League and battled with his father’s peers. When Oliver returned from the dead, both heroes kept the Green Arrow identity, fighting crime together. Conner has appeared very little in mainstream media, and has been mostly written out of the comics since the BS New 52 reboot. Conner has only appeared in one TV show, Legends of Tomorrow, with different parents. However, Oliver’s son with a similar origin story has appeared in Arrow and The Flash.

Arsenal – Roy Harper: Roy was originally known as Speedy, and was Green Arrow’s original sidekick. A founding member of the Teen Titans, Roy became a heroin addict and was kicked out by Green Arrow. After getting his life back on track with the help of Black Canary, Roy took up a new identity, Arsenal, and used a variety of weapons, not just a bow and arrow. Following Oliver Queen’s resurrection, Roy has restarted a relation with his old mentor and occasionally helps his cohorts in Star City. Roy has appeared in a number of shows, including Arrow, Teen Titans, Batman: Brave and the Bold and Justice League Unlimited. He is also appeared in Young Justice, where a clone of the original was a major member of the cast.

Star City, Earth 69:

It was the Monday after the Teen Titan’s first, all weekend orgy, and school had just ended in Star City. Mia Dearden, the teenage sidekick of Green Arrow was walking home, lost deep in thought. She was still recovering from her incredibly wild weekend, but was happy with how everything had turned out. Mia was a wild girl who loved sex nearly as much as she loved being a teenage superhero. So while, for the last few months her time at Titan’s Tower had been fun and fulfilling, she had been suffering from a lack of sexual release when she spent her weekends there.

She was therefore pleasantly surprised with what had happened at Titan’s Tower that Saturday following their victory over Deathstroke. It was late and she had been walking back to her room, when she came across Kid Flash whacking off in one of the corridors, his eye glued to a small gap in Starfire’s door. Hearing the grunts emanating from within, Mia had guessed that Bart was perving on Starfire being intimate with someone and had shot him with a very powerful tranquiliser. While she had only intended to knock on the door and let Starfire know about the intrusion, her curiosity got the best of her and she had looked through the door to see Starfire eating out Wonder Girl. Mia had been surprised at this unexpected development, but she was also horny and decided to get in on the action. What had followed was a chain of events that led to a new status quo at Titan’s Tower. A massive day long orgy had followed, which culminated in an agreement between all the Titan’s to have dirty, no strings attached sex, with each other whenever they wanted.

For an extremely sexual person like Mia, this had been a dream come true, and she was already eager for her next weekend with the Teen Titan’s. In the meantime, she was happily reliving the sexual highlights of the weekend, especially the moment she took Wonder Girl’s butt virginity. Mia was particularly happy with all the action she had personally gotten on the weekend and she now had some intense memories to pleasure herself to this week. This was another unexpected side bonus of the Titan’s orgy, especially for a week like this when she was unlikely to get any action. What with one thing an another her usual fuck buddies were unavailable, and she knew she was going to be too busy to cultivate any new ones. Still some alone time with her fingers and toys was hardly the worst thing in the world.

Mia was still happily fucking on memory lane as she walked into the house that served as both the headquarters and home of Team Arrow. Oliver Queen, the original Green Arrow had inherited the large property upon his resurrection from an evil wizard who was planning to steal his body (true story bro). Mia was barely paying attention to anything as she headed towards the shower for a clean-up and fun times with the high-pressure shower head. She almost walked right past the room that Ollie had turned into an office and research centre, but stopped suddenly at the familiar moaning and groaning sounds people having sex.

Mia paused at the closed door of the office in confusion, as far as she was aware only Oliver and Conner should be home and there definitely shouldn’t be any other chicks here. Black Canary was out of town on a mission with the Birds of Prey and it was very unlikely that Oliver or Conner would have snuck a girl into the house for a fuck session. She listened closer and smirked as she realised that the sound was coming through a speaker. She rolled her eyes at this, of course, one of the boys was watching porn, it was probably Ollie or possibly Roy, who was always welcome at the house. Mia decided to sate her curiosity once more and moved to the door, opening it as quietly as she could, her eyes widened in shock as she saw what was actually going on inside.

Mia saw the two Green Arrows, Oliver Queen and Conner Hawke, and Oliver’s former sidekick Arsenal, aka Roy Harper. However, Mia was more concerned with the multiple images of her fucking the Teen Titans that were playing across the multiple TV screens on the wall. She stayed hidden in the doorway as she looked at the multiple screens, each of which showing one of her many sexual encounters from the weekend. “Well this happened faster than expected” she muttered to herself, as she looked into the room. Luckily the sexual images had distracted the male archers, and they hadn’t noticed her open the door. As Mia watched Conner, in a shocked voice turned to Oliver and asked “are these real”. Oliver nodded in response “ooh yeah, and this is only a taste, we managed to get hours of footage from the Tower this weekend”. Roy whistled as he surveyed the footage “damn, I didn’t think these kids had it in them” he paused for a minute before adding “well ok, I’m actually not that surprised that Mia is getting some, that girl knows what she wants”. Mia smiled at this assessment as Roy continued “I’m actually a little jealous, the Teen Titans were never this insane when I was a member, I mean I was fucking people left, right and centre, but we never had weekend long orgies with the entire team”.

Mia smirked and opened the door fully “well I’m glad that bugging the tower made Roy jealous, that makes me feel so much better about you guys invading our privacy”. The three heroes in the room turned around quickly, all of them with guilty looks on their faces. Oliver made a grab for the remote on the desk but Mia stopped him “no don’t turn it off, you may as well keep these videos going now that you’ve seen everything”. She turned to look at the videos playing across the screens “wow, I look good getting DP’d like that” she said pointing to one screen that showed Robin’s dick deep in her pussy, while Starfire fucked her ass from behind with a strapon. The boys all turned to look at the image, before averting their gazes quickly. Mia snorted at this act of modesty on her behalf “you can look if you fucking want to, I’m not ashamed of what I did over the weekend, hell I’m happy it happened, but I am pissed off at you Justice League douches for not trusting us enough and bugging the tower”.

Oliver only seemed remotely embarrassed as he responded “well it let us know what you kids are really get up to in that tower, I can’t believe that you are, you know….” Mia cut him off before he could finish his sentence “what? You can’t believe that we’re what? That we are having sex? We’re teenagers of course we’re fucking each other. It’s consensual, it’s fun and we know what we’re doing, and quite honestly, it’s none of your business. I would have thought the ultra-liberal Oliver Queen would be against authority figures bugging people without their knowledge”. Roy snorted as he heard this “she’s got you there Ollie”. Both Oliver and Mia glared at him and he backed up quickly “what?” he said looking at Oliver “how many lectures did you give about the basic freedoms of man”. Roy then looked to Mia “and I didn’t have anything to do with bugging the tower” he continued defensively. Mia continued to glare at him “no, but you didn’t call him out on it until I was in the room, you just drooled all over the video feed”.

It was at this point that Conner, the voice of reason, stepped in “look, Mia we’re sorry, none of us knew about the cameras, Batman showed Oliver the videos today and that was the first we heard about it”. Mia calmed down slightly, she trusted Conner and knew that he was telling the truth, the boy was a terrible liar “well ok, but I’m still not happy about this”. “Neither are we” Conner agreed “but it happened, and now we have to talk about it, surely you can understand why we are concerned about this, all that sex at your age is a bad, it can ruin…” “Yeah, I’m going to stop you there” Mia interrupted “I really don’t need the sex talk from Conner the monk, no offence”. “you forget” she continued “I used to be hooker, I’m guessing I know a lot more about sex then you do, besides, I’m already fucking a bunch of people here in Star City, and it hasn’t ruined my life yet”.

All three male archers looked at her in surprise “you’re what?” Oliver asked. “I said, I’m fucking a bunch of people here in Star City” she repeated calmly. “What?” Oliver asked, clearly flustered “who, when, why?”. Mia shrugged “whoever I want, whenever I get a chance and because I have needs, just like you men”. “Wait” Conner said “how come you didn’t tell us?” he asked. “And why” he continued turning to look at Oliver “don’t we know about this? Surely we should have noticed you sneaking out to have sex?” Mia shrugged “why would I tell you? As I said before, it’s none of your business and I figured you’d be stupid about it, like you are now. As for how you didn’t notice, I’m not 100% sure, but you guys are pretty distracted during your free time”. All three of the boys looked at her with purposely blank looks on their faces “what do you mean by distractions in our free time?” Conner asked suspiciously. Speedy’s face broke into an evil smile as she stared at her three male comrades “why I do believe I’m referring to your scandalous and clandestine activities” she said. “Um, whatever do you mean?” Conner asked with a guilty look on his face. Mia gave a short laugh at his poor attempts to conceal the truth “you know full well what I’m talking about, whenever any or all of you have a free moment in this house you immediately head straight to that slutty minx Black Canary and fuck her brains out”.

All three boys looked at Mia in shock, they had been careful in hiding their sexual trysts from Mia, there had been some close calls, but they thought they had gotten away with it. Looking between each other, the three men unanimously decided to continue the lie, perhaps they could talk their way out of it, they were mistaken. “What are…” Oliver started, but Mia cut him off “save it Ollie, I’ve walked into too many rooms with the three of you acting shiftily, and Dinah being suspiciously out of breath, oh and a tip for you guys, as a former prostitute, I know a little thing about hastily put on clothes”. Roy decided to step up to the plate “well we train all the time, you must have walked in on us after that”. Mia snorted at this “seriously, ok what exactly where you training for two nights ago when you snuck in through the skylight in Dinah and Ollie’s room?” she asked. Roy’s eye widened at this “ahh, well…” he tried to answer before Mia interrupted again “and that 10 minute DP session that followed, what was that training for? Cardio, abdominal stretches, advanced interrogation methods?” “How the hell do you know about that?” Oliver asked, before he realised what he admitted to “damn” he said as the others glared at him.

“Let’s just say you’re not as subtle as you think and I’m pretty damn observant” she said with a victorious smirk. Mia decided to keep quiet about her source being Black Canary, the two of them were close, real close, and always shared the details of their many sexual escapades. “So” she continued “now that you no longer have the moral high ground, what BS excuses are you going to come up with next?”

Mia looked around at the three male archers, were quickly went into a huddle to come up with a new answer. She knew that would keep trying to talk them out of staying with the Titans, but she wasn’t too concerned. She had been preparing for a similar situation for months, and while the orgy at Titan’s Tower had been an unforeseen event, she knew how to turn it to her advantage. It was time for things to change in this house, and Mia knew exactly what she wanted.

She focused on the boys again when it appeared that they had come to an agreement. Oliver took the lead again “ok, well, so you may know some things that happen between us and Dinah, maybe we should have told you about it, but, well we didn’t know how you’d react and we thought it would be best to shelter you from this stuff”. “Yes, you felt the need to shelter the former prostitute from sex” Mia responded dryly “what would I know about sex, my tiny fragile teenager brain would simply implode at the whole concept”. Oliver coughed at this “yes, well perhaps we were wrong about that, however, we aren’t wrong about you and the Titans”. “Don’t worry, they understand all about sex as well, as you can see” Mia said, pointing to the video screens surrounding the room. “And I know for a fact that none of the people in that tower were virgins, the older Titans have been fucking each other for years, Robin, Kid Flash and Superboy have been getting tail for ages, and even Wonder Girl wasn’t a complete angel before Saturday.”

Oliver looked a little surprised at this, so the former Teen Titan Roy took over the conversation “look, I get that, I had sex with a lot of people when I was a Titan, I can hardly say that there is something wrong with people your age having sex considering my record”. “Get to the point” Oliver muttered, Roy glared back at him before turning back to Mia “but, a whole super hero team having mass group sex isn’t good, its already a dangerous profession, and something like this could have serious consequences”. “Like what?” Mia asked innocently, a faint smile tracing her lips. “Well it could lead to distractions, you become less prepared for battle if you’re constantly fucking, drama could come up that may impact the team dynamic, stuff like that” Roy responded. Mia considered Roy’s words carefully “huh, those are actually some good points, I think I see your concerns” she responded. The boys looked relieved at this and Oliver was about to speak, when Mia dropped another bombshell “so how does the Justice League manage to survive when all you guys do up in the Watchtower is have, what did you call it Roy, mass group sex”.

Oliver and Conner winced at this and glanced to each other in shock while Roy just looked at Mia in confusion “what are you talking about?” he asked. Mia giggled at this “what, don’t you know?” she asked “oh of course you don’t, you’ve never been a member of the League have you?”. “You know I haven’t” Roy responded in annoyance “but I doubt that the Justice League is having group sex up at the Watchtower, right guys?” he said turning to the two Green Arrows. Both guiltily avoided his gaze and coughed in embarrassment. “You have got to be fucking kidding me” he said in astonishment “you guys get to fuck those hot Justice League chicks and you never told me”. He turned back to Mia “you know what, fuck it, I’m on Mia’s side now, I say you and the other Titans can do whatever you want, don’t listen to these guys”.

Mia couldn’t help but chuckle at this “thanks for the support Roy, glad I was able to sway you to my side”. Oliver glared at the two of them “now hold on, his support means shit, he’s just saying that to get back at us for keeping something from him, I still think it’s a bad idea for you kids to carry on like this”. “And I say you’re wrong” Mia responded “despite what you may think, we aren’t stupid, we all know what the consequences of our actions may be. Your problem is that you still see the Titan’s as kids, we’re not, not after all the wars we’ve been in, we’ve been forced to grow up and we are mature enough to handle this situation, let us do our thing our way and trust us”. “Besides” she said with a smile “sex is a great way to relieve stress and tension after a long day saving the world, it’s also really good for team building”. Oliver stood there for a few moments before he turned to Conner “son, what do you think about this, you probably have a calmer take on this situation”. The younger Green Arrow looked hard at Mia before responding “I think we should trust her, she’s right, the Titan’s aren’t kids anymore and we shouldn’t treat them like they are, it’s only going to lead to trouble. You remember what happened when the League last tried to interfere with the Titans, we don’t want another fight between mentors and mentees to happen”. “Beside” Conner continued “it’s not like we can really complain about sex in a Superhero team can we”.

Oliver absorbed his son’s statements for a few moments before he turned back to Mia “well I see that I’m not going to win this argument, fine you can continue doing whatever you want to do with the Titans, just be careful, that’s all I ask”. Mia smiled at the three male archers “thanks for seeing it my way” she said “I’m glad we could resolve this with a conversation, rather than me having to resort to threats or something”. “Threats, what threats?” asked Conner, but Mia quickly interrupted with a quick question “so what are you going to do with those videos?” she said waving to the screens lining the walls. “Hmm” Oliver responded “oh we’ll delete them and then we’ll make sure any copies that the JLA have are also destroyed”. “Thanks for that, and you know what” Mia said with a sly smile “feel free to keep your copy, think of it as a thank you gift for listening to me, although you’re going to have to burn me a few copies”.

“Anyway, now that we’ve got all that nonsense sorted let’s get down to brass tacks” Mia said standing up. “What are you talking about?” Conner asked. “I’m talking about what am I going to do now that we’ve established that I live with three sex crazed studs, personally I think this is a perfect solution for my problem”. “Problem? What problem?” Conner asked, while comprehension started dawning for the more experienced Oliver and Roy. Mia noticed this and focused on Conner “well Conner, I have a very healthy sex drive and I liked getting fucked, so my plan is to utilise you guys for my sexual pleasure while I’m here during the week”. Conner looked shocked at this and Oliver moved towards Mia “you can’t be serious?” he asked. “I’m dead serious” Mia responded, “why should Black Canary get all your attention while I’m here being extremely horny? I want sex, you want to provide sex, let’s make this happen”. “But we have a duty of care, we can’t just…” Oliver started, before being interrupted by Mia “the fuck you can’t, I’m old enough, I’m consenting and I sure as hell know what I’m doing”. Oliver couldn’t disagree with any of these points, but he tried “it would look bad if people found out because you’re our sidekick who we’re supposed to protect”. “Well that’s stupid” Mia responded “no one is going to find out, and even if they did, all the other stuff they’d need to find out first would be way worse for us. As for all that protection and duty of care BS just think about it like this, wouldn’t it be better for me to be doing this with people I trust, rather than all the random people in this City I’ll bone instead?”

None of the boys looked convinced at her argument and Mia decided to take the next step. “You know what, fuck it, let’s try this” she said, lifting her arms above her head and taking her t-shirt off, revealing a practical, yet sexy white bra that barely contained her teen tits. “I was planning to rub one off in the shower, but I’ve changed my mind” she said, deftly undoing her pants and letting them fall to the ground, revealing a matching pair of white panties. “What I’m going to do now is head down to the training room and have a bit of fun with myself” she continued, as she stepped out of her pants and allowed the boys a look at her tight body barely covered by the white undergarments. Mia’s next move was to unhook the back of her bra slowly for the salivating boys, she then crossed her arms over her breasts as she let go of the straps, trapping her bra against her tits. “All you need to do to get a piece of this” she continued, deftly dropping the bra when she said ‘this’ to reveal her perky breasts “is to come into the training room naked before I finish getting off”. Mia moved towards the door as she continued “so I guess it’s up to you, do you want to stay here and be ‘responsible?’” she said, inflicting as much scorn as possible into the word “or do you want to come down and get the fucking of your life?” Her panties dropped to the floor as she opened the door and stepped through the portal, her long strides causing her bare ass to bounce seductively. Mia paused a few steps from the door, before turning back to the room, revealing her hot and excited pussy to the boys, “oh and by the way, you should know that I always get what I want” she said with a wink. And with that she was gone, her naked body heading towards the training room, as the stunned male archers tried to process what had just happened.

Twenty minutes later:

Speedy was happy with her choices and she felt that she had made the most of the last twenty minutes. She had done some sexual prep work and was now in the training room, having fun with her fingers and some toys she had found. She lay in the centre of the room, her legs facing towards the door with the training equipment surrounding her. Mia was working her pussy slowly, not wanting to cum too soon in case the boys took their time making up their mind. She needn’t have worried; she was barely getting close when she heard the shuffling of feet outside the training room. She smiled softly to herself as she heard a soft tap on the door, as someone, probably Conner, knocked. “Come in” she said cheerfully and the door opened, admitting the naked forms of Oliver, Roy and Conner.

The three naked men awkwardly stood near the entrance to the room and stared at the scene in front of them. Mia’s legs were split open, revealing her shaved pussy. Her index finger had parted her outer lips and was slowly rubbing up and down. “About time you boys showed up” she said “I was worried that you were going to leave me all alone in here”. She slowly lifted her legs up revealing the black handle of thick butt plug coming out of her asshole “as you can you see I prepared myself for a little fun back here” she said with a wicked smile. “And don’t worry about down here” she said, indicating her cunt with her finger “I made sure to prepare it before you came in”. The guys followed her gaze to a thick, 7 inch, purple dildo lying on the ground next to her, slick with her juices.

“Now how are we going to do….” Mia tried to continue but Oliver interrupted her with a wave of his hand. Unlike Conner and Roy, who’s attention was firmly fixed on Mia’s naked body and slowly moving finger, Oliver was focused completely on the purple dildo on the ground. “Where did you find that dildo?” he asked, pointing at it. “Why, do you recognise it or something?” Mia asked, a little too casually for Oliver’s liking. Conner and Roy looked between Mia and Oliver in confusion, not following Oliver’s concerns. But both had learnt to trust Oliver’s instincts over the years and they also focused on the purple dildo that had grasped their mentor’s attention. Both them recognised it at the same time and they gaped at each other in shock. As one, they turned to look at the rack of quivers lining the far wall, while Mia smiled inwardly as she slowly inserted two fingers into her twat. The boys turned back to the satisfied Speedy and Oliver asked “how did you know about those toys hidden in those quivers?” Mia shrugged “I have my ways” she said “and can I just say your new quiver design is genius Roy”. Mia was referring to some recent modifications Roy had made to several quivers in his and Oliver’s possession, using technology available to his superhero team, the Outsiders. Roy had been up to add some additional compartments into the quivers that were both hard to find and surprisingly spacious at the same time, and while he had originally intended for these spaces to be filled with hidden weapons and gadgets, Black Canary’s habit of demanding sexual satisfaction from the boys at various odd locations throughout the city had resulted in a different use for some of these compartments. The male archers had started storing sex toys and paraphernalia in their quivers to help please their kinky colleague, and it had soon become the compartments main use. This not only allowed for easy access to toys in the field, it also provided a place for the adults in the house to hide their sex toys from Mia, or so they thought. Mia pointed to one of her quivers on the opposite wall of the room “my quiver is going to need some of your upgrades ASAP, some of my favourite toys need to get to the Tower this weekend”.

“Do you know all our secrets?” Oliver asked in annoyance. “Pretty much” Mia responded “I was able to figure out your secret identity the first time we met, it didn’t take me long to find the hidden compartments in the quivers you don’t like me using” she finished with a smirk. She stared intently at the boys and decided more examples were required “I also know about your arrows with the ‘special’ heads”. This statement caused all three of the male archers to wince in embarrassment “Ah, well so much for keeping that a secret from you” Oliver said in annoyance. “You were hoping that I wouldn’t find out about the sexual arrows you fit with unique payloads to get your girlfriends off, I knew about them the first night you hid them in this room” said Mia. “And can I just say, when I first found out that you fired these arrows at girls to get them off I was a little shocked, but after hearing all the noises that Black Canary was making last week, I’m mighty tempted to try them out”. The boys looked at her in amazement, and Mia noticed that their cocks were getting harder and longer “but maybe not today” she said. “Actually, let’s just finish this little discussion now, yes I know all your dirty secrets and I know where every sexy toy in this house is hidden, hell I’ve made a point of using all of them without you guys noticing”. “You do?” Conner asked in amazement “you bet your cute butt I do Conner” Mia responded “what can I say, I really get my rocks off knowing that all those toys you are using on Dinah have all been used by me”. “But let’s not worry about that” she continued “let me worry about those mighty fine cocks I need to fuck and suck”.

“Ok boys, line up and let me what I have to work with” Mia instructed getting up off the ground and onto her knees in front of her new playthings. The boys had lined up with Conner on the left, Roy in the centre and Oliver on the right. “Ooh very nice boys” she said looking down at the row of cocks, before looking up at the three superheroes standing in front of her. All three of them were the specimens she was expecting, well-muscled and rugged from years of heroics. She looked back down at the cocks to get a better idea of what they were packing. Oliver, Conner and Roy were all decently hung in Mia’s eyes. Roy had a thick 7 inch cock, its base hidden in a mass of red pubes. Conner’s dick was 8 inches, long and thin like its owner, with a thicker purple head and a shaved groin. Oliver of course was the most impressive to Mia, he dick was nearly as long as Conner’s, but it was thicker than Roy’s. Mia knew instinctively that this was going to be the most enjoyable cock to ride.

“Not too bad, not too bad” she said, looking up at the nervous boys “I do believe I can make do with these”. She took a closer look then leaned down and kissed the tip of Conner’s throbbing manhood, she looked up at Conner and winked at him, causing him to gulp. “I suppose I better do something about these” she said innocently before laughing at their sudden and exaggerated nods. “Hmmm, now where to start?” Mia mused “they all look so excited and in need of some attention”. Mia kept looking up and down the line of cocks, before finally pointing at Roy’s meat, jutting out in the middle of the line. “I think I’ll start here; it looks the most in the need” she said staring up at Roy “you really need to learn some self-control Roy”.

Roy’s annoyed retort was cut short with a groan as Mia moved forward with snakelike speed and grasped his cock in her hands. She cupped his balls in her left hand, while her right hand quickly stroked along his shaft “oh yeah, this is going to be good” Mia said in appreciation before her mouth closed around Roy’s cock head. She slowly took half his cock in her mouth, before slowly moving backwards again until only the penis tip remained in her mouth. Her tongue twisted around Roy’s cock head, causing him to moan again in enjoyment at the treatment as she licked with powerful intensity. She pulled the cock out her mouth and started wanking the spit covered rod in her hand as she stared up at Roy, completely in control. She quickly went back to work with her mouth, getting a large amount of Roy’s cock into her mouth in one quick movement. Mia then concentrated and slowly moved her mouth further and further down, until her nose was brushing his pubic hair and his entire cock in her mouth. Roy gasped at the unexpected deep throat as Mia held the position for several seconds, before moving back again, gasping slightly for breath. “Fuck” Roy said as Mia’s mouth left her cock. Mia only smiled, took a breath and took Roy in her mouth again, this time only taking half of his shaft in her mouth while moving her tongue around her mouth.

While Mia did her wicked work and Roy enthusiastically grunted his appreciation, Oliver and Conner were getting impatient. As Mia took Roy deep into her mouth again, Oliver turned towards Mia and moved his hand forward, intending to grab her hair and move her mouth towards is throbbing dick. Mia had different ideas however and she suddenly stopped sucking the cock in her mouth and turned her head slightly to glare at Oliver and his outstretched hand, clearly not impressed. Oliver stopped in his tracks and then moved back to his original position as Mia’s angry stare continued. Once Oliver had stepped back into line, Mia turned her focus back to Roy’s cock and continued to move back and forth along his shaft. When she finished she took the cock out of her mouth and held onto it with her left hand, stroking it firmly as she turned to Oliver. “Naughty boy, did I say you could do that?” Mia said staring at Oliver. Oliver didn’t answer and Mia chuckled at him “looks like Roy isn’t the only one who needs to learn some self-control”. She looked over to Conner and said “good work Conner, you win a prize be being better behaved” before turning back to Oliver “you on the over hand are going to have to wait for some attention”.

Oliver looked at Mia incredulously, not used to this lack of control, but he decided not to say anything, he was too horny to risk any further delays. Satisfied with his silence, Mia turned back to Roy and continued her ministrations, licking, sucking and stroking his cock, taking him to the edge of pleasure and she even deep throated him a few more times. Mia smirked slightly as she sucked off Roy, she was enjoying testing Conner and Oliver’s patients, but she decided it was time for her to get a little oral fun herself.

She gave Roy’s cock one further lick before moving back “did you enjoy that Roy?” she asked. Roy smiled dumbly and nodded “yeah that was great Mia”. “Glad to hear it, now you can return the favour” Mia said pointing to the floor next to her “lie down here”. Roy hesitated for a second, but did as he was instructed, moving forward and lying down on his back next to Mia, his head pointing towards Conner and Oliver. Mia got up off her knees and stretched quickly, before moving over to Roy, placing her feet on either side of Roy’s head. She then knelt on Roy’s face, her pussy hovering above his mouth and nose, the thick plug in her ass brushing against his chin. “Alright Roy, get licking, I’ll let you know if you’re doing anything wrong” she instructed, and Roy eagerly obeyed, the smell of Mia’s damp pussy exciting him. Mia moaned deeply in satisfaction as she felt Roy’s tongue “ooh yeah, that’ good” she complimented before beckoning towards Conner “you, get over here”.

Conner wordlessly moved forward and Mia grabbed at his long cock as it got within reach and quickly engulfed it in her mouth. Conner gave an unconscious moan as Mia took nearly three quarters of his dick into her warm mouth and started sucking like crazy, clearly energised by Roy’s talented tongue. As Mia worked Conner’s cock with enthusiasm, Roy decided to go slow with his oral ministrations, planning to drive Mia crazy. His plans quickly evaporated when Mia squeezed his head with her knees “Roy work that tongue faster and make me cum or else you don’t get any pussy or ass” she said matter-of-factly. Mia smiled and moaned loudly as she felt Roy sped up his cunt licking “good boy” she said with satisfaction. Mia went back to sucking Conner’s cock as she felt Roy’s tongue find her clit. She moaned deeply into the meat filling her mouth, but she kept sucking until she felt herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. She quickly withdrew Conner from her mouth and started grinding her pussy against Roy’s face, the movement also causing the butt plug in her ass to jolt and move around, causing different sensations of pleasure to radiate out from her tightest hole. “Ooh fuck yeah Roy, keep going, keep going” Mia moaned loudly as Roy’s tongue did its job. A few seconds later she experienced her first orgasm of the night as Roy gave a particularly emphatic lick to her clit. She shook slightly and continued to ride his face “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cuuummmingg” she managed to moan as her orgasm overtook her.

Mia continued to shake for several seconds at the intense pleasure coursing through her body from her twat. Roy kept licking for all that time, briefly prolonging her pleasure as her body twitched and spasmed. Eventually her orgasm ended and Mia buckled slightly at the knees with a satisfied grunt. She found her feet a few seconds later and moved off Roy and sat on the ground next to him, a satisfied look on her face. Roy also looked pretty satisfied, a big grin on his face.

Mia shakily got to her feet and moved towards a waist high metal bench that stood to the side of the room. She hopped up onto the table and shivered at the feeling of the cold steel on her bare naked ass, she definitely needed to warm this table up. She beckoned to the Arrow men and lay down along the table, her head near one edge, while her legs dangled over the other edge. “Ok boys, what to do now?” Mia said, considering her options “ok, I’ve got it”. Mia pointed to Roy “Roy move over to here” she said, pointing to the side of the bench near a head “as reward for giving me the first orgasm of the day you get your dick sucked until you cum”. She pointed to Conner next “Conner babe, get over here near Roy, you are going to play with my tits, I love it when a man takes control of my tits” she said with a smile “you should remember that for the future”. Finally, she pointed to Oliver “Ollie, you get over here” she said pointing to the side of the bench between her legs”. Oliver moved quickly towards the spot where his sidekick was pointing, his erect dick bobbing excitingly as he eagerly moved towards Mia’s pussy. Mia stopped him with a raised hand “slow your roll Ollie, your dicks not getting sticky just yet”. Oliver stopped suddenly at this, his facing quickly turning angry “what, why not?” he asked. “Because I said so” Mia responded calmly. Oliver glared at her and Mia rolled her eyes at him “calm down stud, you’ll get some soon enough, you just have to do things my way until then”. “For example” she continued “you’re going to get one of those vibrating arrows you have and bring it over here to use on me”. Oliver looked at her in surprise “vibrating arrows?” he asked “yes, you know the ones you have hidden in that quiver over there” Mia said, pointing to a full quiver, identical to several others hanging on the far wall.

Oliver stared at the wall, before turning back to look at Speedy, surprise and suspicion clouding his face. He stood there for several moments before an impatient cough from Mia broke his concentration and he moved towards the wall to grab an arrow from the quiver. Oliver moved quickly, too horny to argue anymore and came back to the table where Roy and Conner had taken their positions. As he approached the table he held the vibrating arrow up before him. The arrow was coloured in the typical green of Team Arrow and was made up of green fletching, a long green shaft, and a green cylinder at the base of the shaft. The cylinder was a similar shape to many of the other trick Arrows that Team Arrow used in their daily crime fighting. Oliver quickly twisted the end of the cylinder, causing it to breakaway and reveal the payload, a thick green cock that elongated out into a 8 inch phallus. With another twist of his hand Oliver activated the mechanism inside the arrow, bringing it to life with powerful vibrations.

As Oliver moved the arrow towards Mia’s exposed pussy, Mia smiled up at Conner and beckoned him over with her finger. Conner moved his head down close the Mia, who quickly snaked her hand up to the back of his head and brought him down for a kiss. Conner was surprised at first, but he relaxed into it as he felt Mia’s tongue invade his mouth. After several seconds, Mia broke the kiss, but held Conner’s face near her own. “Do a good job on those tits sugar and you’ll get first crack at my tight ass” she whispered to him, causing Conner’s mouth to gape open in surprise. She winked at him and beckoned to the boys to move in. Conner leaned down and grasped her tits firmly, causing Mia to moan in pleasure as Roy’s cock advanced towards her face. She turned her head to the side and engulfed Roy’s cock with her mouth, causing the red-haired archer to moan in deep appreciation. As she started to blow Roy, Oliver advanced with the vibrating arrow and slowly moved it towards her glistening pussy lips.

Mia moaned in intense pleasure as she felt the strong vibrations that assailed her nether regions. Oliver focused the vibrating head of the arrow on the outer lips of her pussy, before slowly moving it up towards her sensitive clit. At the same time, Conner’s skilled hands were kneading her boobs with a combination of strength and finesse that caused her gasp in surprise. Mia spasmed and squirmed as the vibrating arrow hit her sweet spot and she moaned around Roy’s thick cock. Oliver kept the vibrating cock focused on her clit and Mia felt herself rocketing towards another orgasm. She doubled her efforts on Roy’s cock in her mouth, causing him to groan in pleasure. In a few quick moments, Roy’s cock and Mia’s pussy were close to exploding. The intense vibrations of the arrow head and the powerful sexual nature of the situation was causing Mia’s cunt to gush, while Mia’s current pace and her prior ministrations were working wonders on Roy’s cock. In addition, Conner’s skilled work on her tits was really causing Mia to lose her mind. She loved it when her lovers worked her tits like crazy and Conner was definitely getting his anal treat after this. Speaking of anal treats, Mia had almost forgotten that her ass was filled by a thick butt plug, and that kinky fullness, in concert with an intense tit mauling and focused clitoral stimulation were bringing her to one hell of an orgasm.

With a loud moan that reverberated around Roy’s thick rod, Mia came once again, her body shaking at the intense sensations emulating from her pussy and her tits. Oliver and Conner eased off their ministrations, but Roy stayed where he was, his throbbing cock still deep in Mia’s mouth. Mia was quick to come down off her orgasm and started sucking Roy with a vengeance. Roy moaned uncontrollably as Mia slowly deep throated his cock. Mia knew that Roy wouldn’t last much longer, all her oral work on Roy’s cock beforehand had seen to that, so she wasn’t surprised when she felt Roy start to shudder several seconds later. “Fuck, Mia I’m going to cum, oh shit, I’m going to cum right down your throat”. Mia’s eyes widened in delight and she nodded as vigorously as she could with 7 inches of pipe in her mouth. That was all the permission Roy needed, he released whatever control he had left and came hard in Mia’s mouth. Mia had withdrawn most of Roy’s cock from her mouth at this point, but the tip was still well positioned to fill her mouth with several strands of warm cum. Roy withdrew his cock with a groan of relief and stumbled back away from the table. Mia lay on the cool metal surface, a satisfied grin on her face, as she swallowed the cum Roy had deposited in her mouth.

Mia lay on the table for several moments trying to reorientate herself after her very recent orgasm. She lifted herself up slowly, just enough to see what Oliver and Conner where doing. To her surprise, they were both standing there watching her, their cocks iron hard and in desperate need of attention. “Why the fuck aren’t you guys putting those dicks to use?” Mia asked. Oliver coughed “ahh, you didn’t say that we could” he responded, obviously embarrassed at having to follow these instructions. Mia giggled at this, she couldn’t believe that she could get this sort of control out of them this quickly, she must have gotten them worked up and in need of release. “Good boy Oliver, turns out you can be trained” she said with a smirk, quickly reinserting her dominate personality “come over here and get your reward” she said, pointing to side of the table near her head that had be recently occupied by Roy. Mia pointed to Conner next “as for you hot stuff” she said “get over here and slam that gorgeous tool into my tight little ass hole”. Both boys gaped at her in surprise, but only for a second before they moved to the opposite sides of the table at speed. Mia chuckled at their enthusiasm before flipping herself over, so that her belly and tits were resting on the table top, her legs were resting on the ground, while her ass was pointing up into the air.

Once again, the boys wasted no time and were on her in a flash. Oliver’s long rod landed on the table in front of Mia’s face, causing her to lick her lips in appreciation. Mia reached out with her right hand and grasped Green Arrow’s cock and started to slowly stroke his shaft, causing him give an appreciative groan at his first real sexual contact of the night. As Mia was stroking Oliver’s cock, she felt Conner’s firm hands grasp her raised ass and she yelped in surprise as she felt a hard smack on her butt. “Ooh yeah Conner” she moaned with a smile “I’ve been a bad girl”. Conner responded to this statement with several other hard smacks to her backside, before he reached up to thick plug that was currently widening her back passage. He slowly worked it out of her ass, and Mia gave a low, deep groan at the feeling of emptiness that accompanied it. Mia felt Conner kneel behind her and she jumped slightly when she felt he tongue brush and then slightly penetrate her puckered asshole. She moaned in appreciation, she loved it when people, especially her bitches, ate out her asshole, but at the moment she needed far more than Conner’s tongue. “Conner babe, I appreciate you taking the time to give me a rim job, but I want your cock in my ass now”. Conner looked up over Mia’s ass with a surprised look on her face “are you sure?” he asked. Mia momentarily stopped wanking Oliver’s cock and looked down at the younger Green Arrow “I’m pretty damn sure babe, fuck my asshole with that big cock” she responded with enthusiasm. “Yes ma’am” Conner responded and she felt him stand up and slowly moved away towards another part of the room. Mia went back to wanking Oliver’s cock and soon felt Conner standing behind her again. She heard a squelching noise and shivered in erotic anticipation as she felt cold lube land on her butthole. Conner moved his fingers around her butt, rubbing the lube into the outside of her hole, before two of his fingers slowly worked its way through her backdoor, lubing her anal canal and causing her to groan in appreciation. The butt plug had apparently done its job, because Conner didn’t use his fingers to widen out the gap. Instead he quickly withdrew his fingers and she heard another squelching sound, followed by the sound of thick liquid being rubbed along skin as Conner lubed up his cock.

A few seconds later Mia felt the head of Conner’s dick brush her ass cheeks, as he got into position. She braced herself as the cock head moved down to her slightly gaping asshole and started to push inside. Mia quietly moaned as she felt Conner slowly push his thicker cock head into her ass. Even with the widening effects of the butt plug, Conner was still experiencing some resistance from Mia’s tightest passage. He pushed slightly harder and with only a little resistance, the head of his cock popped into Mia’s anal passage, causing her to grunt and moan quietly. As Mia spent a second adjusting to the new intruder in her ass, she felt Conner’s hands grasp her on either side of her body and gasped loudly as the entire length of his cock entered her ass in one, hard thrust. “Motherfucker” she swore, surprised at the sudden length of dick penetrating her ass. “Are you ok?” Conner asked, as he stood back a step, withdrawing his cock by a few inches. “I’m good, I’m good, don’t take it out” Mia said quickly, looking back over her shoulder “you just took me by surprise, but it was a nice surprise”. “Are you….” Conner started to ask, but Mia cut him off “I’m sure stud, I want all of that cock in my ass and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, I can take it and I will love it” she said with a wink.

Conner really didn’t need any more encouragement than that, and started pounding Mia’s ass with wild abandon. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” Mia groaned out as her whole-body rock to the fury of Conner’s anal assault “that’s it big boy, I fucking love it”. She looked up at Ollie, dick still hanging out in front of her face “get that cock into my mouth Ollie, fucking spit roast me” Mia growled at him, her lust over coming her. The older Green Arrow quickly obeyed and moved his cock within reach of his sidekick’s face. Mia greedily grasped it with her hand and engulfed the top of his cock with her mouth. Oliver groaned as Mia proceeded to give him a fast-paced blowjob, sucking his dick hard and fast, spit running down his cock as Conner slammed into her from behind.

Mia gagged and gulped on Oliver’s cock as her body jerked and spasmed from Conner’s hard fucking of her ass. She had always had a hair trigger when it came to anal sex and she could feel a nice, hard orgasm on the horizon. Several hard slaps to the rump from an enthusiastic Conner caused her to give a gurgled squeal of pleasurable surprise around Oliver’s hard rod, causing him to grunt in appreciation. The erotic situation Mia found herself in was making her even hornier and her pussy was warming up in response. She quickly withdrew Oliver’s cock from her mouth to shout at Conner “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh shit, Conner fucking fuck my ass”. Conner took this suggestion to heart and started pounding Mia’s ass at a harder pace as she began bobbing her mouth down on Oliver’s cock again. Conner’s right hand snaked around her ass and reached for her inner thigh, probing for her pussy. A finger run up and down her wet slit, coating it in juices, before reaching up to her clit. Mia gasped in intense pleasure as Conner’s finger rubbed her sensitive clit. Her body, already sensitive from her hard anal pounding, gave in and a massive spasm of pleasure ripped through her body as Mia orgasmed with a mighty moan around the thick, meaty cock in her mouth. Mia shuddered and shivered and gave another uncontrolled moan as the intense sensations radiated throughout her body. Conner gave an almighty thrust, and stopped, balls deep in Mia’s tight anal tunnel. Oliver quickly withdrew his dick from Mia’s mouth and stepped back as she continued to shake, mewing with pleasure. Once the shakings stopped Conner slowly withdrew his cock from Mia’s ass, an action that caused Mia to give a low “ooh” with every inch that was pulled out. Once the tip of Conner’s hard dick exited her ass with a loud plop, Mia slowly got up and took several wobbling steps away from the table, and back towards the centre of the training room.

She sat down on the floor and breathed hard from the intense pounding to her mouth and ass and glanced up at Conner and Ollie who were looking down at her, satisfied at the pleasure they had brought her. “Whew, well boys that was intense” she said with a smile, Conner smiled back “it was our pleasure Mia, let us know when you are ready to go again”. Mia frowned back at them “ready, I’m ready now fuck slaves, get over here and use me” she said with a greedy smile. Even thought they had just spit-roasted her, both the heroes where surprised at Mia’s comments and attitude, was this really the same girl who had begged to become their sidekick. “Are you sure?” Oliver asked, but Mia just looked back, lust and desire written across her face “fucking use me” she demanded. There wasn’t anything else Oliver and Conner really needed to hear, the advanced towards Mia once again, and only paused when she piped up again, and evil smile on her face “and boys when I say use me, I mean fucking DP me, this fucking second”.

Seconds later Mia found herself being manhandled by her fellow superheroes, and she loved the sudden loss of control. She found herself on her back, being held just above Conner who was lying down on the ground. She was slowly lowered until she felt the tip of Conner’s dick poking at the entrance of her asshole again. With some careful positioning, Conner’s dick slowly entered her tightest hole once again, causing her to groan with pleasure at the sudden reinsertion of his long pleasure stick. Mia was slid down until most of his dick was lodged in her ass, causing her to moan again as she glanced up at Oliver who was now hovering above her “come one Ollie, get in my pussy, I think you’ve been patient enough”. Oliver also felt that he been too patient, but he was through with that, he jumped forward and grabbed hold of his sidekick and started to position himself in the tangle of bodies before him. It didn’t take him long to get his cock in line with Mia’s slick slit, and in moments his cock was deep in her pussy, causing her to moan in intense pleasure. “Oh shit, that’s what I wanted” Mia said in appreciated, there was nothing quite like getting double penetrated by two hot studs and she was in heaven.

The boys quickly got into a rhythm, fucking Mia’s pussy and ass in sync while she moaned like a banshee at the intense sensations. It only took a few minutes of hard fucking for Speedy to be reduced to another quivering mess as she came again. However, this time the two Green Arrows didn’t show the same restraint they had last time. They kept fucking her at the same pace throughout her entire orgasm, intensifying Mia’s pleasure as she came. Once Mia stopped her shaking, the boys grabbed hold of her in their strong hands and rearranged her limp body into a different position.

This time Mia found herself lying face down, straddling Conner’s hard, naked body. She kissed him hard as she felt his hands reach down to his cock and guide his throbbing rod into her drenched pussy. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his whole cock disappear into her pussy in one swift movement. Mia immediately tried to start bouncing her tired body up and down on Conner’s cock, but his strong hands held her in place, causing her to whimper in frustration. Behind her, Mia felt Oliver running his hand along her ass for several seconds, before bringing it down on her ass with an almighty smack. She yelped in surprise, and then again as she felt another hard slap to her ass, that left a red mark on her skin. Oliver continued to spank Mia’s ass hard, and Mia was unable to do anything but sit there and take it, impaled as she was by Conner. Once again, this entire erotic situation was too much for Mia and she cried out for more from the Green Arrow “ohh spank my ass Ollie, fucking spank it”. Another hard smack landed on her exposed cheek and she grunted again, her pussy throbbing on Conner’s cock “yeah, just like that” she moaned again to Oliver. “Does my little bitch of a sidekick like being spanked?” Oliver asked, raining several hard smacks down in quick succession. “Yes, I do, this bitch loves being spanked” she purred, “she would also love having her ass penetrated by the great Green Arrow” she continued, glancing over her shoulder with a wink.

Oliver smiled and gave her ass another hard smack that Mia moaned at, still looking directly at her mentor. He quickly walked over to the table and picked up the bottle of lube Conner had used before. Applying the lube to his cock, he moved back to Mia, held immobile by Conner, who had used his hands to spread her ass cheeks apart, revealing her still gaping asshole. The older Green Arrow, once again carefully positioned himself above Mia and Conner and aimed his cock at one of the most pleasing targets he had ever seen. Mia gave a long, powerful growl as the tip, and then the shaft of Oliver’s cock entered her ass. “Sidekick fucker” she grunted in a low voice once Oliver was balls deep in her ass. In this position, she could really feel the two cocks buried deep inside her, the tiniest movements from either of the Green Arrows caused her to grunt and groan with pleasure. At some unseen signal both boys started thrusting in and out of her again. Mia bounced along to this hard pace and didn’t even try to hold back this time. She started squealing and moaning unintelligible sounds at the top of her voice, her screams of pleasure reverberating around the room.

Mia was surprised when another cock appeared, dangling in front of her mouth. She looked up at Roy, once again hard as a rock “here you go Mia, suck on this, it should shut you up”. Mia glared at him for a second, but she still engulfed his cock in her mouth and started to suck it. Inwardly, Mia was smiling, when she woke up this morning she did not expect to be made airtight, especially not by her team, apparently, all her kinky dreams were coming true this week.

For several minutes, Mia was sandwiched between her superhero team-members who were relentlessly fucking all three of her holes. The intense sensations for her pussy and ass, coupled with the sheer kinkiness of the situation where enough for Mia to come another two times, squealing like crazy around Roy’s cock while Ollie and Conner continued to pound her without mercy. Mia was content to just lay there and take it until all three of the boys came inside her, however, she was surprised when she felt Oliver withdraw his cock from her ass. At first, she wasn’t too concerned, but then she felt something thick and solid inserted into her ass. She wanted to look around but Roy’s cock was still deep in her mouth, however, she did see Oliver walk around her from the side and move to her face, his hard dick swinging towards her face.

“Want to switch?” he asked Roy “I think all of us deserve a crack at our sidekick’s tight little asshole before the Titans ruin it for us”. Roy chuckled at this and slowly withdrew his cock from Mia’s mouth. Mia inhaled quickly and turned her head around trying to get a look at whatever Ollie had inserted in her ass. However, all she could see was a green shaft with green fletching. With a start, Mia realised that Oliver had taken the vibrating dildo arrow he had previously used on her cunt. “Asshole” she swore glaring at Oliver as Conner continued to pound her pussy, but Oliver only smiled. “Yep, that’s where I left that toy you insisted I get down, and don’t forget it vibrates” he responded, and, as if on cue, the arrow attached dildo stuck in her ass started to vibrate.

Mia gasped in shock and then groaned in pleasure as the powerful vibrations rippled down her ass and throughout her body. How Conner didn’t cum with that arrow vibrating next to his dick she would never know, but he was hanging in there somehow. Mia on the other hand had no such control, once again her hair trigger for anal pleasure came into play and the young heroine experienced another vigorous orgasm that caused her to squeal loudly from her recently vacated mouth. Oliver noticed this and quickly fed her his cock. Mia grunted in surprise at having Oliver’s dick, which had recently been fucking her ass, appear in her mouth so quickly, but she started sucking on it anyway. Ass to mouth was no issue for her, and she had prepped her rear-end appropriately before this afternoons sexual festivities. However, Oliver had been bold, and while Mia loved it in the heat of the moment, she knew she would have to put him in his place after they had finished. Roy walked behind her and delivered several smacks to her ass, causing Mia to grunt onto Oliver’s dirty cock. She managed to extricate Oliver’s dick from her mouth and glared back at Roy “dude, as much as I love a good spanking uhh” she grunted as Roy delivered another spank and Conner gave a particularly hard pound into her pussy “and I appreciate your enthusiasm uhh, but, I thin

Teen Titans Chronicles 4: Young Justice

Hi, I know I say this with a lot of my stuff, but sorry about the gaps between my writing. I haven't got much of a defence, except that I get easily distracted by other stuff and it takes me a while to get back to doing this. I did get halfway through another story in this series, however, my computer crashed and I lost everything. I will be re-writing this story in the future, with some improvements. I have decided to put my The Big Bang...


Teen Titan Chronicles 3: Amazons Attack

I have been reading some graphic novels lately for one of my graphic design classes at university and one of the major novels studied is DC comics Teen Titans. While reading them it occurred to me that the writers had made it too unrealistic. It’s not the superheroes, aliens and monsters that struck me as being unrealistic; it’s the fact that a bunch of teenagers left alone in a tower every weekend don’t have more sexual attraction to each over....


Teen Titan Chronicles 2

I have been reading some graphic novels lately for one of my graphic design classes at university and one of the major novels studied is DC comics Teen Titans. While reading them it occurred to me that the writers had made it too unrealistic. It’s not the superheroes, aliens and monsters that struck me as being unrealistic, it’s the fact that a bunch of teenagers left alone in a tower every weekend don’t have more sexual attraction to each over....


Teen Titans Chronicles

I have used one of the later versions of the Teen Titans, made up of Cyborg Starfire Beast Boy Robin (3rd Robin) Wonder Girl (2nd Wonder Girl) SuperBoy Kid Flash (2nd Kid Flash) Raven Speedy (2nd Female Speedy) The sun was setting over San Francisco as the Teen Titans relaxed in Titan Tower. In the TV room, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Robin where sitting watching the latest news report for that day, detailing their fight...


Teen's Night of Horror (Parts 1-3)

Teen’s Night of Horror It was a beautiful fall evening. The weather was just right for the season. It was a little nippy, but it really wasn’t cold yet. The aroma of burning leaves hung in the early evening air. A few clouds drifted past the full moon. Some of the younger trick or treaters were convinced they had seen a witch or two, or maybe a large bat, fly past the moon as well. Of course, the older kids sort of encouraged...


Chronicles of Kresh

Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events are entirely fictitious. Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better! ******** The stench of smoke and death hung in the air like a putrid fog that refused to dissipate. The ransacked buildings of Namh-Jhong village littered the landscape like discarded trash, and the great hall of the town's chieftain came down with a crash as...



(Incest - mother/son, mast, solo, breasts, teen, facials, WS, uniform) PROLOGUE Debbie was only sixteen when she gave birth to her son, Jake. The father was only eighteen himself and didn't fancy the responsibility of fatherhood, and he didn't stick around. In fact, he never saw his son. Debbie's parents were supportive and looked after baby Jake during the daytime to allow their daughter to finish her schooling. Debbie took her toddler son to...


Young, effeminate teenager takes my seed like the good and submissive teacher’s pet that he is.

I had just started my current vacation of three weeks in total, when I traveled to Sweden to visit my parents for a few days, staying in the guest bedroom of their small but comfy house, located in the outskirts of the harbor town Gothenburg. The world cup (in soccer) had just started, with my dad intent on watching most of the matches. Having been reassured, both through their own words and from my own observations, that everything was indeed more...


Trailer Trash Teen Ch. 11

Chapter Eleven: Rough and Gentle (M+/f, F/f, blackmail) ************* Tina awoke screaming. Ice cold water was spraying down on her body. She lashed about, trying to keep the water out of her face, but strong hands restrained her. She gurgled as water rushed into her mouth. She couldn’t move, couldn’t get up from her sitting position. Her strong slender legs flailed about helplessly as someone laughed gleefully at her plight. She...


The ZOOphilia Chronicles – Part 1: The Cat

Introduction: An 18-y-o virgin is trapped in a magical zoo and must have sex with different animals to escape. Her first lover: a talking cat! ***Prologue*** Ever since she was a little girl, Barbie Lez had loved animals. In fact, her lifelong dream was to one day work in a zoo. So you can imagine just how thrilled she was when she finally landed a job at the city zoo mere days after her eighteenth birthday. Of course, she was only a night janitor,...


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