harry potter and the spellbook of desires.

Chapter Twenty-Eight – Ron’s Happy Birthday Part Three – An Evening Snack

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: mmf, mf, f-mast, ncon, cream pie, grope, magic, morph, rape, spank, unif, voy

Ron’s birthday had been an interesting one to say the least; not only had he gotten an early morning surprise by his very own sister, he had been given the best birthday present ever by the devious but sexy Hermione Granger. Ginny had thought it had been Harry she had fucked in the morning, while Hermione used her smoking hot body to trick Ron into giving her the location of the Spellbook of Desires. Hermione and Ginny had formulated a plan for revenge; all they needed was a few suitable spells from the book to exact an appropriate retribution from the sex-crazed deviant, Draco Malfoy. Meanwhile, Harry and Ron had set up a special little date with Fleur Delacour after helping her little sister during the Second Task. Fleur had agreed to fuck both of them for their trouble and had set up a little get together later at night in the Prefects bathroom on the fifth floor.

‘Where the fuck have you been Ron… And where the hell is Hermione? You two just left me standing there like an idiot’ Harry shouted at a very pleased looking Ron, who had finally met up with him at the entrance to their first afternoon class.

‘Uhhhh… Hermione just had to… Uhhhhh… Show me something!’ Ron replied, looking a little red in the face as he did so. Hermione had indeed showed him something very interesting; her sweet little teenage ass. Hermione used her feminine wiles to seduce Ron, extract the location of the Spellbook of Desires and manage to fuck his brains out in the process. After receiving a hot sticky load of cum all over her face, she ran up to Harry and Ron’s room, searched through Harry’s trunk and stole the infamous spell book from the devious pair without them ever knowing. ‘I think she ran back up to the common room to change’

‘Well… Class is going to start any minute, and it’s definitely not like Hermione to be late for class!’ Harry responded suspiciously, after realizing something was definitely up. ‘Anyway… It’s good she’s not here… Fleur sent me a note; we’re suppose to meet her in the fifth floor Prefects bathroom at eight’ Fleur had learned of the luxurious bathroom from Cedric Diggory months earlier when she had complained about not having suitable bathing facilities. In truth, Cedric had only told her so he could peek through a spy hole and watch her while she frolicked in the colorful soapy water completely naked.

‘Sounds good to me!’ Ron replied, with a smile on his face and a twinge in his groin.

‘What sounds good?’ Hermione interrupted Harry and Ron’s conversation. Hermione had indeed changed her slutty clothing for her afternoon classes, much to the chagrin of Harry and Ron. Hermione had taken the time to throw on some normal clothing after storing the Spellbook of Desires safely in her own locked trunk. She had told Ginny to meet her after her afternoon classes to look through the book for a few good spells to use on Malfoy.

The afternoon classes went by without much incident, other than Snape making some snide comments about Harry and Ron’s potion work and Malfoy staring at Hermione for almost the entire class. Malfoy had long been planning to add to his collection of private prostitutes, and Ginny Weasley and Hermione G ranger were prime candidates to fill those profitable positions. Pansy Parkinson, Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood had been earning Malfoy hundreds of Galleons since early January. Business had been booming, but Malfoy knew the additions of two hot Gryffindors like Hermione and Ginny would increase his income exponentially. Currently however, he was doing some recon on the two girls’ daily schedules and habits. He had been using his trusty invisibility cloak to do that recon, but every once and a while Hermione and Ginny had seen him peeping. It wouldn’t matter in the least after he made his move and turned them into his love slaves, but he definitely didn’t need any negative exposure to what he was doing within the walls of Hogwarts. He was following either Hermione or Ginny every night and he had recently decided that as soon as the earliest opportunity presented itself; he’d make his move on one of them. He already had two enchanted coins set up for the beauties and was ready to perform the necessary spell work whenever the occasion arose. Little did Malfoy know however, it wouldn’t be him doing the ambushing when he made his move on Hermione and Ginny.

As soon as the double potions ended in the afternoon, Hermione hurried out of the dungeons without even waiting for Harry and Ron. She had a certain inkling that Malfoy was going to spring into action soon and she wanted to be ready for when he did.

‘Hermione! Where are you going?’ shouted Ron, as Hermione bolted from the classroom and out of the dungeons towards Gryffindor Tower.

Hermione had no time to walk up with her friends; she had set up a meeting with Ginny as soon as the afternoon classes ended and she intended to meet with her as soon as possible. Hermione made it to the common room in short order and was shocked as soon as she entered.

‘Ginny… Why are you still wearing those clothes?’ Hermione said; looking very surprised at what she was wearing. Ginny was still wearing her skirt hiked way up with her floral patterned panties showing. She had also tied up her dress shirt, leaving her tight mid-drift visible to all.

‘I like it… Besides… Boys will do anything I want when I look like this!’ Ginny replied with a grin. Even her male teachers were taking notice of Ginny’s new and improved school uniform and Ginny had no problem with flaunting her newfound sexuality to get what she wanted.

‘Disgusting!’ Hermione responded, shocked that her young friend could be so slutty. She would have pressed the matter, but an inspiration came to Hermione that very second; she could use Ginny’s sexy clothing to ensnare the very boy they were out to punish. She quickly ran up to her room and got the Spellbook of Desires. She opened it and flipped through the pages to find a good spell to use on Malfoy. It took her and Ginny a couple of hours, but they were able to find a couple simple spells that were perfectly suited for a horny sex-crazed deviant like Draco Malfoy.

The first spell’s description read:

Infidelity a problem in your relationship? Want to make sure your man keeps his horses stabled? With the ‘Erectilus Impotes’ incantation, he won’t be able to get it up anywhere from a few weeks to an entire year. Warning! There is no counter-spell for this incantation and the effects may last up to a year; be sure about this before casting this detrimental spell!

The second spell was a little more pervasive:

The ultimate revenge for getting back at a sex-depraved lunatic; the ‘Minimus Phallus’ spell will shrink a man’s penis to a miniscule size for several days. The spell may only last a little while, but it will effectively teach the targeted creep a valuable lesson. Warning! This spell is not permanent and the shrinking spell will wear off within a few short days!

‘Wow Hermione! Those look perfect for that creep!’ Ginny said after reading the spells’ descriptions.

‘Yeah, I know… There’s just one little problem… These spells will only work when Malfoy’s got an erection’ Hermione replied embarrassed by using such vulgar language. ‘It looks like one of us will have to catch his attention… If you know what I mean?’ She knew there was only one sure way to catch Malfoy with a hard-on, and that was by using one of them as bait, while the other cast the spells. As an added bonus, Hermione had borrowed Harry’s magical camera, in order to catch Malfoy with his pants down after the spells had been cast. It would be the ultimate revenge when she posted the pictures around the school, showing all of Hogwarts Malfoy’s miniaturized penis.

‘I’ll do it!’ Ginny replied a little too quickly with a wicked grin on her face. Secretly, she had fantasized about being the object of Malfoy’s lust. It would be all the sweeter when he couldn’t have her after Hermione’s plan was enacted.

‘Don’t worry Ginny… I’ll get him before he lays his nasty hands on you!’ Hermione responded, looking a little concerned at her friends overanxious volunteering. After that, Hermione filled Ginny in on the entire plan. Ginny would lure Malfoy to the fifth floor and into an empty classroom with Hermione following right after. Before Ginny could be taken advantaged of by Malfoy, Hermione would cast the two spells on him, stun him, and take a few pictures, before leaving him to be discovered by a random professor the next morning.

While Hermione and Ginny went over the final details of their plan for revenge, Harry and Ron were catching a quick supper before running up to the Prefects bathroom on the fifth floor to prepare for Fleur. Harry and Ron knew that the bathroom would be a very private setting, and although having sex in the massive bathing tub would be amazing, they knew it wouldn’t work too well with three players. They decided instead to adorn the hard tile floors with several large and comfortable pillows, which they hoped would please Fleur more than the hard stone.

Eight o’clock came extremely fast for everyone; Harry and Ron were waiting nervously in the Prefects bathroom, while Hermione and Ginny were getting ready to spring their trap on an unsuspecting Malfoy. As Ginny made some last minute adjustments to her sexy apparel, Fleur walked up to the bathroom doorway and said the password ‘Pine Fresh’ before entering.

‘Holy FUCK!’ groaned both Harry and Ron, as Fleur came into full view. Like always, she was looking as slutty as humanly possible. She was wearing the Beauxbatons school uniform for girls, but it looked like it was several sizes to small. Her top emphasized her perky breasts and hard nipples, and her tiny skirt wasn’t even long enough to cover her tight blue thong.

‘Language boys!’ Fleur said seductively, obviously pleased that she had elicited yet another astonished reaction to her ridiculously tantalizing clothing. She had shrunken her uniform to such extremes for the specific purpose of turning on her sister’s saviors. Their reactions were proof enough that shrinking all of her clothing was a stroke of brilliance. ‘Mon Dieu… What iz zis!’ Fleur continued, walking over to Harry and Ron and grabbing their bulging cocks.

Both Harry and Ron let out loud groans as Fleur’s experienced hands began to fondle their respective cocks. Harry and Ron didn’t even need to say anything; Fleur had a single purpose upon entering the bathroom, and that was fucking their brains out. Harry and Ron had no problem with that, and before long, Fleur was on her knees undressing her two sister’s rescuers and jacking each of them off with her two hands. Zis iz the least I can do for my two ‘eroes’

Just as Fleur started to work over Harry and Ron, Hermione and Ginny were setting out to ensnare and punish Draco Malfoy. Ginny was decked out in her most alluring outfit to date; a thin see-through top, an extremely short skirt, long knee-high socks and a plethora of make-up to emphasize her immense beauty. Even Hermione was a little turned on at how hot Ginny was looking; she could see right through her tight-fitting top and had noticed her rosy little perky nipples.

‘Are you alright Hermione?’ Ginny asked Hermione, noticing she looked a little flushed and overwhelmed.

‘Nothing… What… Umm… We should go!’ Hermione responded, a little too quickly. After Hermione controlled her little outburst of emotion, she led Ginny to the staircase and down to the fifth floor without meeting a single soul on the way there.

They were not alone however; Malfoy had been following both of them as soon as they had left the portrait hole. He had bided his time for days, and now that Ginny was looking so fantastic, he fully planned to take the opportunity to expand his burgeoning business. Unlike Pansy, Cho and Luna, he had no client lined up for Ginny or Hermione; he intended to have the first go with both the teenage beauties. As he followed behind them under his trusty invisibility cloak, he saw them turn a corner and start to walk down the fifth floor corridor. When he made it around the corner, he quickly noticed that Ginny was now walking all alone down the hallway, with her skirt flapping up over her ass with each step. Malfoy found it a little odd that Hermione had just disappeared all of a sudden, but Ginny’s tantalizing outfit was too distracting for him to worry about anything else. It was better that Ginny was alone anyway; it would make it much easier to corner her, stun her and enact his plan.

As Ginny opened the door to the vacant empty classroom, Hermione was silently following behind the invisible Malfoy. She had had a small hunch that they had been followed since the staircase; she had therefore broke off from Ginny and hid behind a suit of armor. But just as Ginny opened and closed the empty classroom door, Hermione heard a distant noise coming from behind a slightly ajar door.

Fleur was on her knees working two cocks with her hands and mouth, making both Harry and Ron moan in satisfaction. Both of them were on the verge of orgasm; Fleur’s amazing tongue and skillful hands were doing a number on their stamina, but just as they were ready to blow their loads all over her pretty face, she let go of them, as if she knew they were ready to pop.

‘Not just yet!’ Fleur said, as she tore off her tiny outfit and pushed Harry to the floor. Ron stared in bewilderment as Fleur got on top of Harry and straddled his waist. She reached back with her hand and grasped his hard five inches, guiding it towards her sopping wet hole in the process. She gave Harry a little wink just before prodding the tip of his cock against her tight hole causing her to moan in preparation for the eventual penetration. Harry just laid back and enjoyed the ride; in seconds, Fleur had Harry’s cock buried halfway into her cunt. It wasn’t long after, that Fleur had Harry’s entire five inches completely submerged inside her, grinding and riding him like a saddle.

Hermione knew that Ginny was counting on her stopping and stunning Malfoy before he found a way to take advantage of her friend, but her curiosity was peaked by the loud male and female moans coming from a mysterious door. She walked up to the slightly ajar door and was astonished to see that it was an entrance to a bathroom. She was even more shocked when she peered inside the small crack and saw that she recognized the three naked occupants. Harry, Ron, and who she suspected was Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbatons Champion, were engaged in some highly intensive sexual activities. Harry was on his back letting Fleur ride him like a stallion, while Ron stood over Harry and let Fleur suck his throbbing six inch cock. Hermione was both disgusted and slightly turned on; her first reaction to the unfolding scene in front of her was to stick her hand between her legs and into her pair of underwear. She put her fingers on her horny clit and began rubbing it, forgetting all about her friend, the peril she would be in and the role she was suppose to play in the revenge plan against Malfoy.

Ginny made her way into the dark empty classroom and just as she lit a small oil lamp for some light, she heard the door behind her open and close. After hearing that, she was certain that Malfoy was indeed following her; she hadn’t heard Hermione come in after him, but she was sure that she would show up before Malfoy did anything. Ginny looked back towards where Malfoy had clearly entered, but it appeared that he was still hiding underneath his invisibility cloak. Thinking quickly, Ginny decided to further entice the perverted Malfoy and make him reveal himself for a possible ambush by Hermione.

‘Come on Malfoy… Don’t you like what you see?’ Ginny said, bending over a table and wiggling her bare ass towards where she suspected Malfoy was standing. Her little skirt and tight thong emphasized her gorgeous tight teen ass and pussy and was more than enough to elicit a response from the sneaky Malfoy.

‘FUCK!!!! This feels so good!’ cried Harry, in the Prefects bathroom only a few doors down. Fleur was bouncing up and down on his cock, moaning and groaning into Ron’s piston-like cock as she fucked Harry’s brains out.

‘That pussy looks so good, Harry!’ Ron moaned, enjoying the sensual blowjob by Fleur, but wanting to fuck her even more.

‘I ‘av two ‘oles’ Fleur groaned, pulling her mouth off of Ron’s cock and slamming her pussy as far down onto Harry’s cock as possible in the process. She leaned forward and pressed her immaculate breasts against Harry’s chest, lifting her ass upwards, preparing herself for a second deep penetration.

‘So HOT!!!’ Hermione moaned to herself quietly, rubbing her fingers up against her moistening pussy. She knew what she was doing was perverted and wrong, but the scene in front of her was overwhelming her senses. As Ron got ready to slam his rod into Fleur’s tight ass, Hermione was feeling a twinge of jealousy; wishing it was her, instead of Fleur, about to be double penetrated.

Ginny kept wiggling her ass into the dark classroom as Malfoy made his move without her even knowing. Throwing off his invisibility cloak and stepping forward, Malfoy took hold of Ginny’s swaying hips and pressed his hardening shaft up against her warm thigh.

‘You want it bad, don’t you, slut?’ Malfoy whispered into Ginny’s ear, rubbing his hard cock up against her small ass crack.

‘Shit, you’re already hard!’ Ginny cried; a little worried that Hermione hadn’t yet showed up to save her.

‘I was hard as soon as I saw you shaking that fine ass down the stairway!’ Malfoy replied with a smirk, reaching around with his hand in the process and giving one of her hard nipples a squeeze through her see-through shirt.

‘You’ve got the wrong idea, you pervert!’ Ginny screamed, hoping that Hermione would jump into action before Malfoy progressed any further.

Hermione in fact, had completely forgotten all about Ginny, and the imminent peril she was probably in; she was far too engrossed with the scene developing right before her eyes. Fleur had just invited Ron to stick his thick six inch rod into her extremely tight and sexy teenage ass. While Ron got ready to fuck her ass, Harry was on his back holding down Fleur’s waist, with his shaft buried in her quivering cunny. Hermione couldn’t believe what she was doing; she was jamming her fingers in and out of her own pussy as she watched her two best friends ravage an extremely horny Fleur Delacour.

‘God Dammit! Her ass his so tight!’ groaned Ron, as the tip of his thick rod began to penetrate her tight o-ring. Fleur was relatively calm, considering that she had not one, but two cocks now plugging her tight holes. Harry remained patient, waiting as Ron did his best to work more and more of his six inches into her incredibly tight French ass.

‘Hurry up Ron, I can’t wait much longer!’ Harry said to the struggling Ron, wanting so badly to resume plowing Fleur’s gorgeous teen twat.

‘UNGHHHH!’ grunted both Fleur and Ron together, as Ron was able to force the remaining couple of inches into her ass. Fleur let out a quiet groan of pain as Ron pulled out and forced his six inches back into her. Harry let out a moan of triumph as Fleur moved her waist up a little and let Harry and Ron work together in double fucking her pussy and ass in a somewhat erratic rhythm.

As Hermione really started to enjoy the pleasure her own fingers were bringing her, Ginny was being sexually molested by a very horny Draco Malfoy. He had stolen Ginny’s wand and had broken it in two before he started rubbing both her small perky breasts and her little teenage twat. Ginny was still struggling against her captive, but was in fact enjoying herself a little too much.

Malfoy had intended to brand her and make her one of his slutty order-following escorts right away, but he had had a change of heart and decided instead to have his way with her first before making her his newest teenage prostitute. Her struggle only made him want her more, and as his fingers began thrusting in and out her little cunt, Ginny thrashed about in both pleasure and pain. As Ginny tried to break free, Malfoy took the opportunity to pull out his wand and hit her with the ‘Incarcerous’ spell, binding her wrists and ankles together and to the desk she was pinned against. Ginny tried her hardest to break her bonds, but the ropes binding her to the desk were too strong. All her struggling only made her more enticing to Malfoy; he lifted her skirt and slowly slid her panties off, stuffing them into his pants as a memento.

Malfoy got onto his knees and moved his mouth up to her sweet little snatch, getting a good whiff of her tasty smelling juices. He could just make out a small patch of orange pubic hair as he used his fingers to spread her lower lips and jam his long wet tongue into her. Ginny let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as Malfoy began eating her out. Using both his fingers and tongue, Malfoy worked on her pussy for a good ten minutes before Ginny couldn’t help but moan out in ecstasy.

‘Ahhhh! FUCK!’ groaned a defeated Ginny, as she went through a massive orgasm, squirting her juices onto Malfoy’s thrusting tongue. He quickly lapped up her tasty juices before standing up and pulling off his own pants. He tore off Ginny’s see-through shirt and guided his six inch cock towards her very wet twat. ‘STOP!!! HELP!!!’ Ginny yelled, hoping that Hermione would finally spring into action. It was to no avail however; Malfoy, unabashed, pressed the tip of his hard shaft against her cunny and pushed, breaking through her moist folds and filling her hot cunt with his thick throbbing cock.

As Ginny’s twat was being rammed unmercifully by a horny Malfoy, Fleur Delacour was being filled by two cocks at once, causing her to go through orgasm after orgasm as Hermione watched only feet away, unnoticed. Harry and Ron assaulted Fleur’s two holes with increased vigor as she went through what was like her fourth powerful orgasm. The sight of Fleur’s warm juices running down her legs and onto the soft pillows was almost too much for Hermione to take as her fingers pumped in and out of her dripping wet snatch. She pulled them out and licked her sticky fingers just as Ron and Harry began panting loudly.

‘Ahhhh, Shit! I’m gonna cum!’ groaned Harry, closing his eyes and trying to stave off his imminent orgasm for as long as possible.

‘Me to!’ shouted Ron, pumping his shaft into Fleur’s tight ass harder and faster with every passing second.

‘MON DIEU!’ moaned Fleur, only seconds later, feeling both Harry and Ron’s tools swell inside her. The friction, heat and speed of Harry and Ron’s thrusts were enough to cause her to go through her fifth orgasm, just as they both were ready to cum. ‘CUM INSIDE ME!’ she moaned, knowing full well she had several bottles of pregnancy potion and also knowing that she really wanted to feel both of them shooting deep inside her ass and pussy.

‘UNGHHHH! UNGHHHH! UNGHHHHHHHHHH!’ grunted Harry and Ron almost simultaneously, spurting their respective loads of hot sticky cum directly into her pussy and ass. Harry’s cock was fully submerged as his spasm stricken cock pumped load after load of potent seed directly into Fleur’s very receptive womb. Ron’s six inches were buried just as deeply in Fleur’s ass, as he blew his massive load directly into her tight rectum, filling it very quickly. Fleur’s holes hurriedly filled with Harry and Ron’s hot semen, streaming down her legs and onto the soft pillows. As Fleur’s holes filled with sticky cum, Hermione couldn’t help but quietly moan in satisfaction as she went through her own orgasm. The sight of her best friends spurting their seed into the Fleur’s pussy and ass were too hot for Hermione to handle, and her two submerged fingers were covered in her warm juices moments later.

‘OHHH SHIT… GINNY!’ Hermione reminded herself seconds later, after her orgasm had subsided. Hermione had totally forgotten about her friend, their plan, and Malfoy. Without hesitation, she ran down the hall and to the empty classroom Ginny was being sexually assaulted in.

As Hermione, Harry, Ron and Fleur all went through massive sticky orgasms; Ginny was being violated by Malfoy’s throbbing six inch cock. It had only taken a few seconds for Malfoy to slam his full length deeply into Ginny’s wet cunt. Ginny closed her eyes in defeat and simply accepted her fate; she was going to be Malfoy’s little fuck-toy and there was nothing she could do to stop him, not that she was bound and her wand was broken. Her mind quickly flitted to Hermione and why she hadn’t stopped Malfoy from violating her.

‘Just as tight as I thought you’d be!’ moaned Malfoy, moving his hips back and forth; ramming his cock in and out of Ginny’s clutching pussy in a swift and smooth motion. Malfoy grabbed her white ass, gave her a few quick slaps that left two large red marks and began to thrust into her harder and faster. ‘How would you like a little baby-batter in your baby-maker, slut!’

‘No…. Stop… Hermione… HELP!’ Ginny screamed trying to avoid a sticky load of potent seed deep in her clutching teen pussy.

‘No ones going to help you, you dumb bitc---!’ Malfoy started, before being cut off by a sudden flash of pink light. It hit him right in the back, only seconds before he was ready to cum and just like a switch; his large stiff shaft shrank to miniscule proportions inside Ginny. ‘What the fuck---!’ Malfoy started again, pulling his tiny cock from Ginny’s abused pussy and raising his wand towards the source of the flash, just before a bright orange flash of light hit him in the chest. Moments later, his tiny stiff cock softened and shank even more. Malfoy looked down at his tiny shriveled cock in shock before looking up to see a joyful-looking Hermione casting a stunning spell right at his distressed-looking face.

Hermione ran over to Ginny and used her wand to cut through her bonds. Ginny slowly and gingerly got off the desk she had been abused on and faced her savior. ‘WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN!’ Ginny screamed at Hermione.

‘Sorry… I… Uh… Got caught up in something very important’ Hermione replied, looking embarrassed and ashamed. Ginny finally forgave Hermione for her tardiness and spent a good hour taking pictures of Malfoy’s tiny cock. As an added precaution, the two girls went through his pockets, looking for any further incriminating evidence. Ginny took back her tiny thong and a several shiny funny looking gold Galleons, while Hermione found numerous pages of spells, which she suspected had been copied down from the Spellbook of Desires. After stealing Malfoy’s clothes and possessions, Hermione and Ginny left the impotent sex crazed lunatic unconscious on his back, waiting to be found the next morning by a Hogwarts professor.
Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires
Chapter Twenty-Nine – Hogsmeade

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: Mff, x-mast, hp, grope, magic, spank, unif, voy

It had been a very good week for Harry, Ron, Hermione and even Ginny; they had all had some fun on Monday night and the days that had followed, had been ones of joyous occasion. Hermione and Ginny had been hard at work on Tuesday morning; developing, copying and posting the pictures of Malfoy and his tiny impotent cock all around the school for everyone’s enjoyment. Malfoy was the laughing stock of the school for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with everyone, including a few of the teachers, making fun of him to his face or behind his back. Either way, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were all smiles until the fateful Friday morning before their trip to Hogsmeade. They had made plans to visit Sirius in Hogsmeade on Saturday, but none of them were prepared for what Friday morning had in store for them. When they walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast, they were shocked to find that everyone was pointing and laughing, not at Malfoy like usual, but at Hermione. Almost everyone in the hall had a newspaper in hand and was looking back and forth between the paper and Hermione.

‘WHORE… SLUT…. SKANK… PROSTITUTE!!!!’ a number of voices shouted at her, as she quickly ran to her seat to see why they were making fun of her. The newspapers had already been delivered and her daily subscription was sitting on the table in front of her. Plastered on the front page were several very lurid pictures of Hermione being fucked in one by Victor Krum, and in another by Ron. The last and largest picture of the three, saw Hermione receiving a load of hot sticky cum all over her pretty little face from Harry. The Daily Prophet was not an adult magazine, so nipples and private parts were blurred, but everyone who saw the pictures, instantly knew what was happening in each of them. Beneath the three moving photographs was a small article:

Hogwarts Slut in Action

The latest drama from the Triwizard Tournament comes from several cleverly disguised cameras placed strategically across the Hogwarts School and grounds. These pictures tell a tale most devious; each and everyone involving Hogwarts mega-slut Hermione Granger, whose sexual deviancy knows no bounds. Not one, not two, but three wizards have been ensnared by her very powerful sexual magic. This reporter has reason to believe that Miss Granger has been using powerful love potions to trick unsuspecting male teenagers into having sex with her. Although there is no conclusive photographic proof, this journalist has also learned of this deviant little teenager’s propensity to use her love potions on Hogwarts professors to raise her already high marks. Not only has she been tricking innocent boys into having relations with her, she has sunk her insatiable teeth into two Triwizard Champions, including an unsuspecting Harry Potter who was swept off his feet by her potent love potions. One Champion was obviously not enough for this sultry minx and instead of letting him down easy, Miss Hermione Granger broke his heart, not once but twice, with both the world-renown Quidditch star Victor Krum and some other unknown other Hogwarts student.

By Rita Skeeter

‘THAT BITCH!’ Ron shouted, as Hermione started to tear up in embarrassment. It was obvious to all three of them that Rita was getting back at Hermione for going off on Rita Skeeter on their last trip to Hogsmeade.

‘I knew you were a whore Granger!’ shouted Pansy Parkinson from across the hall, followed shortly after by a several loud raucous laughs from nearly everyone. The rest of the day was extremely tough on Ron, Harry and especially Hermione. Someone in every class pointed out the article and in Potions, Snape had made it a point to use the article to show his dislike for the Gryffindor trio. He had pinned the front page to front door of his classroom and alluded to the article and pictures whenever he had a chance.

‘Let’s leave for Hogsmeade first thing tomorrow morning… I need to get away from this school!’ Hermione sighed as she walked back up to the Gryffindor common room with Harry and Ron after their last class.

‘No argument here’ responded Ron, embarrassed almost as much by the Skeeter article, even though he wasn’t even named in it. His face had been visible behind Hermione, while he plowed her like an animal, but Rita hadn’t even shown him the respect of naming him as one of Hermione’s lovers. Harry on the other hand had been getting several secret high-fives from a number of his friends. He had gotten jeered by a number of Slytherins, but all and all; the press had been very good for Harry’s reputation as a major player and womanizer.

With their plans set, Hermione ran up to her room to avoid further scrutiny and went to bed early, glad that she’d leave Hogwarts and her ridicule behind while at Hogsmeade. Harry and Ron did the same, turning in early and preparing themselves for a very long and possibly embarrassing trip to Hogsmeade.

Hermione had trouble sleeping that night and decided to pour through her stolen Spellbook of Desires. As she read through the several very lurid spells and potions, she wondered why she had become such a perverted sex crazed whore. At first, she had simply been a target for perverts like Malfoy and her sex-obsessed friends, but now, even she was starting to give into her sexual desires; something she would have never considered before.

Harry, Ron and Hermione all woke early in the morning and instead of walking down to the Great Hall for breakfast, they all left the castle and walked down to Hogsmeade for a little shopping before meeting with Sirius. Harry had to do a little shopping for Dobby and both Hermione and Ron followed along, not saying much for the better part of the day. Both Harry and Ron had noticed that Hermione’s clothing had taken a turn for the worse and instead of wearing short skirts and slutty dress shirts, she was wearing a long boring skirt and a heavy and very ugly sweater. Obviously Hermione was trying to dress down and avoid being noticed by anyone in Hogsmeade.

Hermione had dressed a little like her old self and although she had gone most of the day without being noticed by any residents of the all-wizard village, she did hear it a few times from her fellow students who passed them by. Hermione was very thankful then when two o’clock came around and the trio met up with Sirius, who was disguised as a large black dog.

Without transforming, Sirius led them up the countryside towards the mountains, and after several long minutes of fast-paced walking, they reached Sirius’s little hideout cave. Sirius scampered off ahead into the cave to change back into his human form and dress himself before they entered, but Hermione followed right after with Harry and Ron in close tow. Hermione had the fortune of walking in on Sirius just as he was pulling up his ragged pants.

‘Ohhhh!’ she moaned, after catching a glimpse of Sirius’s massive cock. It was six inches soft, and although Hermione would have usually been disgusted by something like a dick, she found herself instantly attracted to his thick throbbing shaft. She licked her lips without realizing before Harry and Ron walked into the cave oblivious to Hermione’s antics. Sirius hadn’t even noticed Hermione’s surprised reaction at his massive tool and although Hermione’s beauty often struck most men dumb, Sirius sat down and started scarfing down the food Harry had brought him without even noticing Hermione odd reaction.

Harry and Ron told him about the tasks and all the odd happenings at Hogwarts while he gulped down his food for the next hour. Sirius gave them a good deal of information to process as well and as three o’clock approached, Harry and Ron noticed that Sirius was still looking extremely hungry.

‘Are you still hungry Sirius?’ Ron said, watching Sirius scrape at the bottom of his bag of food for crumbs.

‘Yes… I haven’t been able to eat for several days… It’s just been too difficult to scrounge for any decent food’ Sirius replied, drinking the rest of his pumpkin juice in the process.

‘We’ll run back to Hogsmeade and get you some more food and water… It’s not a problem’ Harry replied.

‘No Harry… Someone might notice you walking back and forth from here… You’re too high profile’

‘I’ll do it!’ Hermione said, a little too quickly and enthusiastically. Hermione would be glad to stay behind and away from Hogwarts for a couple more hours. She was also strangely attracted to the ragged looking Sirius and doing him a favor might get her on his good side; a side she wouldn’t mind seeing again.

‘Sure Hermione… Harry, you and Ron go back to Hogwarts and find out all you can on what Karkaroff and Snape are doing!’

With that, everybody departed from the cave, including Sirius, who changed back into his dog form before leaving. Hermione snuck another peak and was delighted to see that his cock was just as big as she had remembered. Sirius was going back down to the nearest house to find a newspaper, so he could stay updated on the current events of the wizarding world. Hermione would get him some food and water and meet him back up at the cave in an hour’s time.

Hermione however, had other plans to attend to first. She waved goodbye to Harry and Ron and instead of making her way to the nearest grocery store, she ran over to a clothing store. She had no intention of showing up looking so shabby and decided to make a quick stop and freshen up. To her surprise, she found Ginny perusing the lingerie section of the shop, going through thong after thong, looking for the sexiest pair she could find. Like usual, she was wearing her sluttiest attire; a short plaid skirt, long socks, and a tight white dress shirt. Hermione was impressed by her amazing body and instead of avoiding her and buying her own slutty attire, she walked up to Ginny and told her about a little meeting she had in less than an hour. Ginny was shocked to learn that the man Hermione was talking about was none other than Sirius Black, but after some careful explaining of the events in the previous year, Ginny agreed to at least go up to the cave and see Sirius’s monster manhood for herself. Like Hermione, a certain force of nature had taken control of Ginny’s inhibitions, making her extremely susceptible to any kind of sexual activity.

Ginny helped Hermione pick out a nice and very short mini-skirt, a tiny pink frilly thong and a very tight fitting sweater with the Hogwarts logo sewn into the right breast.

‘Aren’t you going to buy any panties, Ginny?’ Hermione asked her red-headed friend, noticing that she had no underwear on at all after she had leaned over. Ginny’s tight pink pussy was visible every time she leaned over, along with her supple teen ass. Hermione was surprised at how at ease Ginny was in flaunting her tight pussy and ass all over the store without caring in the least. In fact, Hermione was getting a little turned on by how slutty she was acting.

After decking their selves out in some very enticing clothing and buying a couple of bags of food and water, they left the village of Hogsmeade and ran back down the road towards the caves Sirius was residing in. Hermione and Ginny crept into Sirius’s cave quietly and as they entered, they heard a few quiet moans and a soft smacking noise.

‘What’s that?’ Ginny said, a little concerned about the situation she found herself in.

‘Shhhh!’ Hermione whispered back, trying to be as covert as possible for safety’s sake. For all she knew, there was a dementor in the cave, sucking the life from Sirius.

‘Unnnnnhhh… She’s so HOT!’ groaned Sirius, pumping his hand back and forth over his cock while looking at Friday morning’s front page of the Daily Prophet.

Hermione and Ginny nearly fainted from the sight they now beheld as they turned the corner and saw Sirius sitting against the wall. He had the front page splayed out in front of him and his pants around his ankles. What really shocked them however, was the size of his member, which had grown to over ten inches in length.

‘Oh my GOD!’ Hermione muttered to Ginny, burying her hand in her moist little panties and rubbing her wet twat.

‘He’s so big!’ Ginny replied, sticking her own fingers under her skirt and right into her tiny slit with an increased fervor.

‘OH… Wha… FUCK!’ Sirius exclaimed, seeing both Hermione and Ginny standing in front of him with their fingers rubbing their pussies. Sirius tried to cover up his enlarged manhood, but stopped shortly, after realizing that the two teenage girls in front of him were actually enjoying the show he was putting on. Sirius couldn’t really help himself however; it had been over a decade since he had gotten any pussy and after seeing Hermione being fucked by three different boys, including his Godson, Sirius had to do something with his engorged cock. ‘You two girls wouldn’t mind helping me out, would you? It’s been so long’ Sirius said, hoping beyond hope that they would agree to his absurd request. Sirius hadn’t been able to rub one out for over a decade in Azkaban; every time he got close, a dementor would swoop in and suck the joy his nearing orgasm had given him, leaving him completely limp. It was for this reason he had whipped out his hardened cock and attempted to rub one out before Hermione actually returned. Seeing that the girls were actually enjoying the sight of his massive cock and how unbelievably hot they were looking, Sirius took a risk and made his move.

‘Ummmm….’ Hermione started, looking over at Ginny with a small grin to see if she wanted to or not. Hermione normally would have never considered such a vile act, but that was the old Hermione; ever since the start of the fourth year at Hogwarts, the sexual depravity that had consumed the school, had also consumed her.

‘Only if I get to go first!’ Ginny replied, with a wink and a smile. Hermione nodded in agreement and walked over, side by side with Ginny, to the still sitting Sirius.

Sirius’s eyes lit up with joy at how easy it was to get the two teenage beauties in front of him to pleasure him. He didn’t even have to move; Ginny and Hermione got down on their knees on either side of him and lowered their heads. ‘That feels so good!’ Sirius murmured, nearly catatonic with joy.

Hermione and Ginny each took one side of Sirius’s enormous shaft and began licking it up and down like a tasty lollipop. Both girls were obviously enjoying the taste of his big cock, because they kept on licking it and his balls for several more minutes. After Ginny was quite satisfied that Sirius’s long pole was properly lubricated, she basically pushed Hermione’s head off of his cock and sat on his waist, just above his massive cock.

‘This should be interesting!’ Ginny moaned, as she lifted her ass above his cock and guided the tip of his bulbous rod towards her quivering and very wet teen twat. As she slowly sat down on his ten plus inches of manhood, Hermione and Sirius began to undress her. Hermione unclipped her tiny skirt and Sirius removed her shirt and tie, revealing her pert teen tits and rosy pink nipples. Sirius couldn’t help himself from getting a quick taste of her perfectly shaped nipples. He gave each one a lick before he began sucking on her sweet and surprisingly hard nips. While Ginny slid slowly down on Sirius’s rod, Hermione got onto her stomach and came face to face with Sirius shaft and Ginny’s slowly expanding pussy. As Ginny moved her pussy down on Sirius’s shaft, Hermione continued lubricating his thick cock and Ginny’s pussy with her skillful tongue. Her true goal however, was to get a good taste of Ginny’s tight snatch; something she had been dreaming about for a few days.

‘Ummm… That feels so good Hermione!’ Ginny purred as she struggled mightily to force in more of Sirius’s immensely long and thick cock. With Hermione licking and lubricating and with Ginny slowly sliding more and more of Sirius into her, she was finally able to accept almost all of his ten plus inches.

‘It’s TOO MUCH!’ cried Ginny, just as Sirius slammed his hips upwards and drove the last inch of his cock up into her quivering pussy. Ginny screamed out in ecstasy as an orgasm overcame her and her juices flowed through her body, down Sirius’s cock and into Hermione’s waiting mouth.

‘Mmmmmmm!’ moaned Hermione, lapping up all of Ginny’s tasty orgasmic juices. Just as her orgasm subsided, Ginny started bouncing up and down on Sirius’s long shaft with a little more ease, thanks to her added lubrication. Unable to lick Ginny’s sweet snatch, now that she was being fucked like a rag-doll by Sirius, Hermione stood up and took Ginny by her shoulders, and started slamming her up and down in concert with Sirius’s powerful thrusts. It only took a couple more minutes before Ginny hit her second orgasm and after nearly fainting from joyous ecstasy, she slid off of Sirius’s throbbing shaft and fell to the ground.

‘MY TURN!’ Hermione said, as Sirius caught his breath and slid down the stone wall so he could lie on his back. Hermione pulled off her skirt and pink frilly thong to reveal her tight pussy and a small strip of brown pubic hair. She then tore off her sweater and threw it across the cave before moving over to an exhausted looking Sirius. Hermione’s body was even better than Ginny’s; she had slightly more developed tits with tiny pink nipples and an even juicier ass. The few seconds of rest was enough to help Sirius recover some his lost stamina before Hermione sat on his waist like Ginny had done before. Ginny slowly got up off the floor and like Hermione before her; she decided to get into the action. Hermione reached back and took a firm hold of Sirius’s manhood before slowly guiding it towards her own sopping wet hole. As Hermione’s tight twat began engulfing Sirius thick shaft, Ginny walked around the pair and stood over Sirius’s face before she squatted down and sat directly on his face. Sirius opened his mouth and slid his tongue into her juicy pussy as Ginny leaned over facing Hermione and came face to face with her.

‘IT’S SO BIG!!!’ Hermione grunted, just as Ginny leaned in and gave Hermione a long deep kiss. Hermione, in considerable pain, kissed her back and gave into temptation. As Ginny locked tongues with Hermione, Sirius took the opportunity to thrust his hips upwards into Hermione’s tight snatch without mercy. Hermione cried out in both pain and pleasure as Sirius’s full ten plus inches nearly split her in two. Sirius didn’t stop there; he continued to thrust up into her with unbridled force with an ever increasing speed. The sweet taste of Ginny’s delicate and very wet pussy, combined with the tightness and unbelievable sensation of Hermione’s twat was causing him to go through his own massive orgasm; one which had been building for some time.

‘YESSSSS!’ screamed both Hermione and Ginny almost simultaneously, as they both went through their own orgasms. It was perfect timing; just as Hermione’s juices slid down his cock; Sirius was nearing his own end. He pushed Ginny off his face and told the two of them to get on their knees in front of him. Hermione pulled her pussy off his cock with a plop and got onto her knees in front of him with Ginny alongside her.

Sirius stood up quickly and with his hand pumping his shaft with unbelievable speed, he aimed the tip of his cock directly at the two sweet teenage faces in front of him and grunted in pleasure.

‘UNGHHHHHHHHHHHH! UNGHHHHHH!’ Sirius grunted in exaltation, as his release overcame his senses and his cock began to spasm and spurt out several long thick streams of hot sticky seed all over Hermione and Ginny’s smiling faces. Several years of pent-up sexual frustration was released all over two hot little faces as they took it in stride, even opening their mouths and getting a good taste of Sirius’s sticky cum. After thirty seconds and a nearly a gallon of cum, Hermione and Ginny were a mess, but instead of using magic to clean themselves up first, they began kissing again. After a few minutes of intense making-out, Ginny and Hermione separated and cleaned themselves up, got dressed and made to leave.

‘Thanks for the food and water girls… I hope to see you soon!’ Sirius sighed, pulling on his own pants and looking through the bag of goodies the girls had gotten him. With that, the girls left Sirius to his food and walked back out of the cave and towards Hogsmeade.

‘I wonder how such a nice man ever went to prison.’ Ginny asked herself as she followed Hermione out of the cave, giving her nice ass a quick smack in the process.
Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires
Chapter Thirty – The Twins Come of Age

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: mmF, mmf, cream pie, exhib, grope, hp, magic, orgy, preg, spank, voy

As March wound down and April approached, the school was abuzz from the latest sex scandal involving Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and nearly half of the school. So prodigious were the circumstances of the abnormally graphic and revealing pictures and subsequent article on the scandal, the Hogwarts Board of Governors and several Ministry officials made formal inquiries into the happenings at Hogwarts. The only punishment to be doled out from the entire affair was for Hermione to receive special counseling sessions from her Head of House, Professor McGonagall. That wasn’t the only exciting thing going on at Hogwarts however; Fred and George Weasley were all set to celebrate their seventeen birthday. Like all seventeenth birthdays in the wizarding world, the Weasley twins’ seventeenth would be no different, except for the fact that they were planning the largest practical joke ever to celebrate it. Because the twins’ birthday fell directly on April Fools Day, the twins had a certain amount of fun every year celebrating their birthday by playing hilarious practical jokes on anyone they could think of. This year was a special one, and for that reason, they had quite the elaborate plan set up for the celebration of their coming of age. Unfortunately, the Spellbook of Desires had been stolen out from under them some time ago, but the last spell they had taken a look at, was a perfect fit for their plan.

‘I hope you remember how to do this, or all are hard work will be for nothing!’ Fred said to his brother, as they planned out their masterpiece. The plan was an intricate one; it would involve the twins sneaking down to the Slytherin common room underneath Harry’s invisibility cloak, gaining access, placing enchantments on all Slytherin students’ clothing and exiting without getting caught. During the evening meal in the Great Hall on their birthday, the twins would make a few simple wand movements while everyone is eating and with that, every single piece of Slytherin students’ clothing would disappear. In the resulting chaos and confusion, no one would see the cameras Fred and George had already set up, magically snapping away at the naked pandemonium. The pictures would serve a dual purpose; embarrass the hell out of every Slytherin student, and provide a suitable scapegoat for Hermione, Harry and Ron’s sexual antics in the Daily Prophet. They had already run the plan past Harry and Ron; not just because it was one hell of an idea, but because enchanting all of the Slytherin students’ clothing was just too big of a job for them to do alone. They would gain access the night before their birthday and let Harry and Ron in after them to speed up the process.

Harry and Ron only agreed to their unbelievably complex and perverted plan under one condition; that the twins lure Rita Skeeter to a place of their choosing under the pretense of buying more pictures of a sexual nature for her to plaster all over the front page of the Daily Prophet. Harry and Ron felt a little guilty for turning their best friend into a whore and the laughing stock of the whole school and magical world. Their devious plan was to lure Rita to an isolated location, where they would show her who the real whore is.

The night before the twins’ birthday, Fred and George used Harry’s invisibility cloak to sneak into the Slytherin common room when one of the students said the password and walked inside. They waited in the common room, under the cloak, for a couple of hours until the last student had gone up to his dormitory and called it a night. They then quietly pulled off the invisibility cloak and opened the door to let Harry and Ron in, and after ten more minutes of waiting for them to make it to dungeons, all four of them started their rounds; casting the vanishing enchantment on every single piece of Slytherin clothing. The spell was quite easy and was able to enchant more than one piece of clothing at once, so it only took a few short hours. They had to be extra careful not to wake any of the students, or they would have been in real trouble. While in the seventh year girls’ dormitories, Fred and George decided to get a quick preview of what they would be seeing the next evening. There was only one attractive seventh year female Slytherin, and although she was just as big of a bitch as every other Slytherin girl, Fred and George couldn’t help but take a peak at her gorgeous teen body.

‘She’s pretty hot, isn’t she George?’ Fred whispered to his brother, as they crept up to her bunk under the invisibility cloak they had kept with them. The Slytherin girl was wearing some extremely revealing lingerie. She was lying on her stomach, on top of her bed covers and both Fred and George had a perfect view of her juicy teen ass. As they stood by the bed and took in the girl’s great body, both twins couldn’t help themselves any longer and just had to reach out from under the cloak and give her great ass a good squeeze.

‘Mmmmmm! Mr. Malfoy… That feels so good!’ she moaned in satisfaction as both Fred and George molested her sweet teen ass.

‘Huh… The bitch thinks were Lucius Malfoy… I bet she’s his little whore!’ George whispered to his brother, as his fingers slipped underneath the band holding up her thong. He tugged them down and the twins were treated to both her supple naked ass and just a hint of her tight little teen pussy. Not wanting to wake her up though, the twins each gave her ass one last squeeze and then left to finish the rest of their work.

Harry and Ron finished almost at the same time the twins had, and after rooting through the Slytherin common room for anything they could use to further incriminate Slytherin House, the four pranksters left the common room and went back up to Gryffindor Tower.

The next day, Harry, Ron, Fred and George were all smiles as they celebrated the twins’ birthday all day long, just waiting for the evening meal in the Great Hall. Fred and George’s Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes were on special for their birthday, and that included their adult line, which had done exceedingly well over the past few months. Demand for the sex oriented potions and spells had reached new highs, even though the twins no longer had the Spellbook of Desires. They could reproduce the potions and spells they had already mastered and developed for their Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, but they had no way to introduce any new products into the line.

The twins filled the day by playing hilarious jokes on anyone they could find. They made sure to set up a few hidden cameras in the Great Hall when no one was around, making certain they had concrete proof that it was they who concocted such a brilliant April Fools prank. The day seemed to fly by with all the fun they were having, and before they knew it, the time to unleash their greatest practical joke was at hand.

Fred and George walked down with Harry and Ron to the Great Hall, with all of them nearly in tears from how funny the joke was going to be. They sat together, and after the last Slytherin student sat down at their table, Fred and George suddenly stood up and waved their wands about, finishing the vanishing enchantment and making all the Slytherins’ clothing disappear in an instant.

’AHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHH!’ screamed almost every Slytherin after a second or two. Almost every single piece of their clothing had disappeared, other than a few socks and a couple of pairs of underwear. Everyone in the hall stood up immediately to see why all the Slytherins were screaming and running for the exits while indeterminable clicks from the well-hidden cameras rang throughout the hall. Malfoy was the most noticeable one running around naked; his tiny limp dick was once again the laughing stock of the school as he also ran for the exit.

The whole hall broke out in raucous laughter; all the students and even a few of the professors at the front couldn’t help but giggle at the hilarity and craziness of the situation. The laughs from the Gryffindor table were loudest of all, especially those coming from Harry, Ron, Fred and George; the masterminds behinds the April Fools practical joke.

Part one of the plan was now over as the Slytherin students bolted for their own common room, hoping to cover up their shame with the clothing from their rooms. Part two was about to commence, with the removal of the hidden cameras and the meeting with Rita Skeeter.

As the twins took the cameras back up to their room to be developed, Harry and Ron left the hall to meet up with Rita Skeeter. Fred and George had told her to meet them in the second floor girls’ lavatory because of its relative seclusion. Moaning Myrtle haunted the gloomy bathroom and although Harry had often tried to avoid the bathroom since his second year, Fred and George told him and Ron to go ahead and make Rita at ease while they went to work on the pictures. Fred and George might be setting Rita up for a little payback from Harry and Ron, but they still intended to give her the photos of the naked Slytherins. The pictures would take the heat off Harry, Ron and Hermione, all the while, embarrassing the hell out of Malfoy and the rest of his malevolent house.

Harry had his own plan made up for when Rita entered the bathroom looking for her tantalizing pictures. He had kept the ‘Essence of Love’ perfume Fred and George had given him and after he placed a hair from Ron’s head into the perfume, it was ready to instantly attract any woman to the two of them.

The invisible label read:

A wonderful and fragrant concoction for the love a young man’s life. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is proud to present a potent and intoxicating perfume, able to create an immediate and powerful attraction between two people. Simply drop a single hair into the perfume before spraying it on the girl of your dreams. The reaction will be immediate and sexually bond the wearer to the giver for several long lustful hours! Warning! One spray will intoxicate the wearer and sexually stimulate them for hours and hours! There is no antidote to the perfume until its effects wear off!

Harry and Ron made it to the bathroom in record time and to their relief, Moaning Myrtle was nowhere in sight. Not that it really mattered though; Harry and Ron fully intended to fuck the living hell out of the Skeeter bitch whether they had an audience or not. They only had to wait a few minutes before Rita came bustling in, wearing a shiny green cloak and a smirk of triumph on her face. She didn’t even have time to react before a delightful mist enveloped around her. Rita’s eyes glistened over before both Harry and Ron walked into her eyesight. She pulled off her glasses and threw them to the floor as her whole frame of thought was altered from mischievous journalism to an unstoppable lustful affection for both Harry and Ron.

‘I don’t know why, but I’m so horny!’ she murmured to herself, as her eyes suddenly dropped from Harry and Ron’s smiling faces, to their bulging crotches. She smiled, licked her lips and pulled off her shiny green cloak to reveal a tight fitting blouse and a long, but tight, black skirt. Instead of simply unclipping her skirt and unbuttoning her expensive looking blouse, she decided to take the easy and quick route, by simply tearing the pieces of clothing off of herself.

‘FUCK ME!’ Harry and Ron groaned together. Rita Skeeter may not be a sweet nubile teenager, but her outstanding body told a completely different story. Her tits were immaculate, both quite large and indescribably juicy looking. Her body and ass were just as amazing; both tight and firm. Harry and Ron had to blink and regain their senses as they drooled over Rita’s outstanding rack and body.

‘MY PLEASURE’ Rita purred seductively, getting on her knees and crawling over to the two in the process. Harry and Ron stood stunned; of course they fully intended to fuck the sultry minx, but they had never imagined it would be so pleasant. Before they could contemplate what they were going to do with her, Rita had reached up and had pulled down their pants to reveal two massive erections.

While Harry and Ron were being pleasantly surprised by one Rita Skeeter, Fred and George were hard at work developing the pictures their cameras had snapped during the dinner. To speed up the process, their friend Lee Jordan had volunteered his services. Lee had found the entire prank unbelievably entertaining and although he had no major part to play in the grand scheme of things, he was happy to help speed up the process. A few skillful spells from the trio and the magical pictures took no time at all to take form and reveal a very telling tale. Fred and George gathered up the moving pictures, thanked Lee for his help and got ready to run down to the scheduled meeting with Rita Skeeter.

‘Wait… Maybe we should bring a camera… Just in case!’ George said to his brother before they left their room.

‘Good idea brother… You never know when a photo of Rita Skeeter being doubled fucked could come in handy’ Fred responded as he picked up a camera and followed his brother out of Gryffindor Tower and towards the second floor girls’ bathroom.

Harry and Ron hadn’t moved an inch since Rita had stripped her clothes off and had pulled down their trousers. She had taken hold of both of the sizeable and very stiff cocks and had begun sliding her small hands up and down over the pulsing members. Harry looked down at the insatiable slut and saw a little twinkle in her eye before she began to lean in and engulf his throbbing cock with her very accommodating hot wet mouth. Her oral skills were every bit as good as Fleur’s, and as he she traded off between Harry and Ron’s shafts, a growing need to fuck the slutty reporter started to overwhelm the duo.

Rita, sensing the growing urge to fuck her silly from the two boys she was sucking, decided to fulfill their every wish. She really had no say in the matter; the sexual attraction she had for both of them had truly overwhelmed her better judgment and although she loved the taste of their meat in her mouth, the sensation of having a cock fill her up was too tantalizing an opportunity to pass up. Like the good whore she was, she pulled her mouth off Harry’s rigi


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Harry Potter NR.1

by Roff WARNING! There is no pairing and Ginny is a good person. Chapter One – Privet Drive "GET UP BOY AND GET BREAKFAST READY!" "Yes, Uncle Vernon," said a groggy voice. Uncle Vernon opened the bedroom door. "After that I have some chores for you to do outside." Uncle Vernon almost seemed cheerful when he said that. "Yes, Uncle Vernon" said Harry while putting on his glasses. "HURRY UP," Vernon growled then turned and went...


The Devils Pact Chapter 53: The Fall of Rome

Introduction: Chase plans the downfall of her parents and their Theocracy. The Devils Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Fifty-Three: The Fall of Rome Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. My name is Chasity Alberta Glassner, the Tyrants daughter. I write these words down so my motivations will not be lost to time, and so there will be no confusion, speculation, or misunderstanding about my actions. Excerpt from...


harry potter and the spellbook of desires.

Chapter Twenty-Eight – Ron’s Happy Birthday Part Three – An Evening Snack Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mmf, mf, f-mast, ncon, cream pie, grope, magic, morph, rape, spank, unif, voy Ron’s birthday had been an interesting one to say the least; not only had he gotten an early morning surprise by his very own...



________________________________________ Albus spent most of the days preceding Christmas at Rose's house. James was determined to use all of his spare time for Quidditch practice, and he had to go to Rose's house for that. Albus usually went with him and he and Hugo would help James practice while Rose read. Harry had to practically separate James from his broom by magic on Christmas Eve so they could go to Godric's Hollow. James...



Chapter 6 - Too Close an Encounter ~~~***~~~ When Harry shut the door to his room and descended the stairs he was, perhaps, the happiest he had ever been in all his life. The sun sent golden rays streaking through the coloured windows above and cast a golden image on the floor below, tinged with enough red to make Harry think fleetingly of Fawkes. His hair a tangled mess, he was wearing a T-shirt, boxers and socks, one with a rather large hole...



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