Camp Wilderness

My mom and dad enrolled me in a five week summer camp, Camp Wilderness, when I was about eight years old.  I had gone back to it until I had reached the last year I could go and then became a junior counselor and, eventually, as I entered college, a senior counselor.  In the interim the husband and wife team who owned the camp had started acquiring other camps.  By the time I graduated from college they had a string of twelve camps throughout the South.  I went to work for them on a full time basis after college and during the summers worked as an Assistant Camp Director for a couple of different camps. 

Eventually they asked me if I would become the Camp Director for Camp Wilderness which was by now their largest camp.  I agreed and was looking forward to the challenges of managing a camp that was basically two camps in one – one for boys and one for girls.  I had an Assistant Camp Director for each of the two camps with a number of Associate Directors.  The boys’ camp was staffed completely by young men and the girls’ camp was staffed completely by young women.   The camp had two summer seasons each of which was five weeks.

I pretty much left the hiring of the camp counselors to my Assistant Directors.  My primary focus was on the overall management of the camp.  I would get involved only if there were an especially pressing issue.  Both camps were divided into a junior camp, ages eight to thirteen, and senior camp, ages fourteen to eighteen.  Each cabin had a resident camp counselor and each cabin had 12 campers.  As I had mentioned, it was the largest camp in the owner’s chain of camps.    

We had a number of our campers apply for counselor positions once they had turned eighteen.  Junior Counselors (the counselors responsible for the junior campers were eighteen and nineteen.  Senior Counselors had to have first been a Junior Counselor for at least one year but possibly two.  This meant that the Senior Counselors ranged in age from nineteen to twenty-two.  These positions were  good summer jobs for college students

The first session had gone off pretty much without any major issues.  I had heard some comments about one of the female Camp Counselors being overly strict with her campers.  In the week between sessions, we focused our training on camper behavior and how to handle problems.  We wanted the counselors to try to resolve issues by themselves.   However, we realized that would not always be possible. In those cases, we suggested that the issues be escalated up the chain, counselor to associate director to assistant director to me.  We also pointed out that failure to follow camp policy could result in disciplinary measures leading to, at the worst, termination, being sent home in the middle of a session.  I think that the majority of counselors dreaded this idea because this was a really fun and well paying job.  It also would be something difficult to explain to mom and dad.

We were about half way through with our second session when Judy, my Assistant Director for the girls’ side, came to me one evening after dinner.  She told me that she had something of a pretty serious nature that she needed to discuss with me and asked if we could get a cup of coffee and talk.  

“Tom, I have heard that we have a problem with one of our senior counselors, Melissa in Cabin 14.  I have documented proof that she took disciplinary measures in her own hands with regards to a couple of her campers.”

Melissa was in our senior camp.  We tried to keep the ages somewhat segregated with fourteen and fifteen year olds being assigned to a cabin,  sixteen and seventeen year olds being assigned and then seventeen and eighteen year olds being assigned.  I remembered that Melissa had the oldest grouping, the seventeens and eighteens.  

“What do you mean that she took matters into her own hands?”

“Two of her eighteen year old campers have been going at each other since day one.  Melissa threatened them and then one night she told them that they were to be punished.  She made them get in front of the others, bend over and take six strokes with a leather paddle she had in her kit.  She told them that if it happened again it would be worse.  Two nights later she pulled them out after campfire and told them that they were going to get it again that night.  This time however, she made them remove their shorts and panties, bend over and spread their legs, and gave them nine strokes each.”

“Judy”, I said, “these are pretty serious accusations.  Was this reported to you by one of the kids?  How did you hear about this?”

“Tom, apparently Melissa does not have any fans in her cabin.  One of her campers, Mary,  told me about this incident.  She was here last session as well and had heard comments about how Melissa used a leather paddle on a couple of the campers then.  This session she actually witnessed it both nights.  Apparently, Melissa feels that she can get away with it.”

“Judy, these are very serious offenses. Do you have any other eyewitnesses besides Mary willing to come forward as there is no way I can simply accuse Melissa of this.”

“Tom, we do not need any others to come forward.  Look at this video that Mary forwarded to me.  Mary told me that she had been able to video the second session with her phone as Melissa was not paying any attention to the other campers. “

I could not believe my eyes as I saw the video of Melissa, holding a leather paddle, order two of her campers to take off their shorts and panties and bend over.  She walked over to them and tapped the insides of their legs telling them to spread their legs.  This had to be totally embarrassing to the girls as their intimate parts were on full display.  It got even worse as Melissa laid into both of them before the video stopped.

“Judy, I am furious about this especially since I was the one who vouched for Melissa on her application a couple of years ago.  My dad and Melissa’s dad are colleagues and Melissa’s dad felt that this would be a great summer job for her.  I was under the impression that she had done a great job last year but maybe not.  Give me some time to think about how I want to handle this.  You can rest assured that I will take care of it.  In the meantime, can you forward that video to me?”

The next day I sent a message to Melissa that I wanted to see her during the campfire session that night.  I knew that she and I would have some privacy as everyone else would be at the campfire.

Melissa came to my cabin with non-camp counselor attire of very short shorts and a tee-shirt tied so that her very flat stomach was on display.  She sat down and told me that she was so glad that her dad had talked to my dad about this job as she was enjoying it as much this year as she had the last couple of years.  She stood up and started walking towards me saying that she wanted to thank me personally for helping her get the job as she had not had the chance to do that previously.  I think that my response caught her completely off guard.

“Melissa, what is this I hear that you took a leather paddle to the backsides of some of your campers?”

Melissa stopped short, looked at me and blushed slightly,
“Tom, is that what this meeting is all about?  You have got to be kidding me.  I know that I am a little more strict than the other counselors and, yes, I did threaten one of them with a paddling.   I showed her a leather paddle that I brought along for show in case I needed to ‘lay down the law’.  But I would never, never actually touch one of my campers with that paddle.  If anyone told you that I did then they are lying totally!  Our dads are friends and I cannot believe that you would put one ounce of credence into those kinds of lies”.

I had downloaded the video onto my computer so I simply turned the screen towards Melissa and started running the video.  Melissa froze in her seat and her eyes got wide as she watched (and listened to) the video.

“Tom, how in hell did you get that???”

“Melissa, the answer to that question is totally irrelevant.   You have lied to me and you have way, way overstepped your boundaries as a camp counselor.  I really have no choice but to ask you, during campfire tonight, to go pack your things so I can arrange a ride for you back into town so you can go home.  I would expect that you would tell your dad why you were released.  If you do not, I would expect that he will contact me asking for the reasons and I will simply show him this video.”

Melissa began to cry.  She was telling me that she could not go home as her dad would never, never forgive her.  He also would be totally embarrassed in having to see my dad, his friend and colleague, at work.  I simply replied that actions have consequences.  

“I know that they do”, Melissa sobbed, “but surely there are other consequences.”

“Melissa, there could be one other consequence instead of me firing you.  Are you willing to accept that?”

“Oh, God, yes.  I don’t care what it is but yes.  Please anything but sending me home.”

“So Melissa, you agree that you will accept whatever punishment I give you and there will be no comeback?”

Melissa hesitated and I could almost see her mind twisting.  I knew that she was thinking about the embarrassment of being sent home and what might be waiting for her when she got home.  She decided that anything would be better than being sent home.

“Yes, Tom.  I will accept whatever punishment you think I should have and there will not be any comeback from me later.”

I moved over to the bench in my office and told Melissa to stand up, take off her shorts and panties and come over to me.

Melissa hesitated, appearing to be unsure whether to do as I had instructed or not. .

“You want me to remove my shorts and panties?” asked Melissa dismayed.

“Melissa, the choice is yours. You either do as I have instructed or you go home.”

Melissa moved over to the bench and slowly removed her shorts and panties, obviously embarrassed at being made to expose her private parts, she held her hands in front of her crotch.

“Now lie across my lap Melissa,” I said.

I then took her over my lap and started spanking her hard.  Her bottom turned red quickly.  I stopped and started rubbing her bottom and decided to add to the embarrassment.  I started rubbing between her legs and realized that little Melissa was getting wet.  

In the meantime Melissa could feel Tom rubbing her sore bottom, then suddenly feeling him stroking her pussy lips, a shudder ran through her.  She knew that she had become aroused during her spanking. She hoped that Tom had not noticed when, all of a sudden, Tom exclaimed

“I cannot believe it, Melissa, but you are enjoying this.  You have got to be kidding me!.”

Oh God, thought Melissa.  He’s noticed!  He knows that I am aroused.  Then to her dismay and embarrassment, she felt Tom insert his fingers into her wet pussy.  Then to her further dismay, she felt her anus being probed.  She thought about protesting at being touched up but when the consequences of being sent home leaped into her mind she decided she would have to accept it.

I reached down a bit further and rubbed her pussy lips and saw that she was getting wetter and wetter.  I decided to try to embarrass this naughty young lady some.  I inserted one of my fingers into her pussy, then a second as I continued to rub back and forth.  I inserted my third and then pulled out and inserted my thumb as my fingers moved back to her ass hole.  Using the lubrications from her pussy I started to probe her rectum and felt Melissa begin to tighten up her rectum as I probed.  I finally got the tip of my finger into her.  Once in it was much easier to go deeper and I could then feel my thumb and finger rubbing each other through that very thin membrane.  I pulled them out fairly abruptly and finished her spanking with vigor.

I pulled Melissa off my lap and had her head to the corner.  I told her to lean over and spread her legs so I could see the “damage” I had done. Bending over and spreading her legs Melissa felt embarrassed and humiliated at being made to display herself in such a way, but what could she do? She couldn’t allow herself to be sent home.  I finally told her to get dressed.  She looked at me as she got dressed and asked if everything was now ok.  

“Yes and no Melissa.  You have another punishment session coming tomorrow.  Plan to be here at the start of campfire.”

With that, she quickly left.  I figured that this obstinate young lady had absolutely no idea what I had in mind for the next night.

After campfire, I went to find Judy.  I told her what had happened and told her of my plans.  Judy grinned mischievously and told me that I had no worries in that she would take care of all the details.

The next evening Melissa appeared at my cabin and I noticed tonight that she was dressed very appropriately in camp counselor attire.

She came in and quietly sat down.
“Melissa, I have decided that if you accept your punishment tonight I will allow you to stay on.  Is that acceptable to you?”

“Oh God, Tom, yes, yes, yes!  Like I said last night I will do anything to keep from you sending me home.  I do not want my dad to know what happened here.  I guess you want to spank me again?”

With that, I called out and asked Judy to come into my office.  Judy stepped out of my bedroom and entered the office.  Melissa looked a bit confused as she looked at Judy and then back at me.  Judy walked in and told Melissa to stand and remove every item of clothing she had on.  Melissa turned bright red and reluctantly did as Judy asked.  Judy then told Melissa to head to the desk and bend over.  Melissa did so.   Judy walked up to Melissa and told her to spread her legs apart.  She then placed a blindfold over Melissa’s eyes and told Melissa not to move.  She then simply stated, “You may enter.”   You could tell that Melissa was wondering what in hell was going on as she heard footsteps and some mumbling.

I let Melissa stay in that position for about five minutes and then told her to stand up, turn around and remove her blindfold.  As Melissa removed her blindfold she saw that the two campers she had punished, Tammy and Rachel,  were seated on the floor in front of her.  Melissa immediately covered her breasts with her arm and placed her other hand over her crotch. Judy on seeing this ordered Melissa to place her hands down by her sides and stand with her legs spread apart and not move until she was told otherwise.

Melissa complied feeling embarrassed and humiliated at having to stand naked with her breasts and pussy on display.  We let Melissa stand in that position for a few minutes.

Judy told Melissa to walk over and lay on the bench that I had been sitting on earlier.  I had moved it so that it was pointed away from the two campers.  As she sat and turned Judy stopped her and told her to lay back on the bench with her legs facing the campers.  Melissa did as Judy had ordered.  I asked Judy if she had been able to locate Melissa’s paddle.  Judy walked to my desk and opened the top drawer and withdrew the paddle.  Melissa quietly groaned.   Judy and I then stepped forward on each side of Melissa and raised her legs into the air so that both her anus and vagina were on full view of her campers. 

“Tammy, Rachel, it is my understanding that both of you have been paddled by Melissa.  It is my understanding the both of you have been paddled by her not once but twice.  Is that correct?”

Both girls nodded

“I furthermore understand that the reason for both those paddling were because you were being ‘obnoxious’.  I understand that there was no more of an explanation than that.”

I then looked at Melissa and asked her if that was correct.  By now Melissa was sobbing a bit and she also nodded.

I looked at Tammy, told her to pick up the paddle and asked her to give Melissa six very hard strokes.  She looked at me a bit wide eyed, then she giggled a bit and told me she would do so with pleasure.  She delivered those six slaps very slowly on Melissa’s rear.  Her bottom, as it had done the previous night, quickly turned red.   I asked her to give the Rachel the paddle and asked her to do the same.  Rachel jumped at the chance and focused her strokes on Melissa’s upper thighs and “sit spot”.

Melissa felt humiliated at the spanking she was having to endure from her subordinate and younger campers, but knew that she could not protest otherwise she would be heading home.

“Girls,” I said, “I understand that each of you were given six stokes the first night Melissa paddled you and then nine the second night.  Tammy, I believe that you still owe Melissa another nine strokes and then you need to pass the paddle to Rachel so that she can finish her nine.  Meanwhile, Judy, let’s you and I give these girls a little bit better target.”  Judy and I then spread Melissa’s legs a little more.

Looking down at Melissa’s pussy, I noticed that she had become aroused with the spanking, her pussy appeared to be glistening with moisture.

Tammy and Rachel looked at each other and smiled.  Rachel stepped back to make certain that she was not going to interfere with her cabin mate in any way.  Tammy stood at Melissa’s right side as she gave her five vicious slaps.   She then moved to her left side to give her the final four before smiling, handing the paddle to Rachel and telling her to have a go at it.  Rachel basically reversed the action.  She started at Melissa’s left side for the first five and then moved to the right for the final four.  By this time, Melissa was pounding the floor with her hands and sobbing miserably.  Her rear end and upper thighs were scarlet with noticeable bruising.  I realized that some of those bruises were going to be on display the next day when Melissa had lifeguard duty at the lake.  I was wondering how she was going to explain them.  Then I realized that she would not have to as word about what was happening tonight was going to spread throughout the senior camp .  

I then looked at Melissa and told her that my punishment for her was done.  I could see the almost grateful look on her face knowing that her dad would not become aware of what had happened.  Judy and I let Melissa's legs down and Melissa turned so that she was laying more on her side.  I told Tammy and Rachel that they should go back to their cabin.  Before they left, I advised them that I was aware that the other campers in their cabin would be asking questions.   Judy had gathered them together before the campers were leaving for campfire so the other campers knew that something out of the ordinary was happening.  I told them that they should tell the other campers that Melissa had been punished, in fact, that she had been spanked with her leather paddle.  However, they were not to go into any other details whatsoever.

 When Melissa heard me tell them that she looked at me and begged me to tell them not to say a word about what happened.  I shook my head at Melissa and told them again what they could say.  I then told them that if I heard that any details had leaked out it would be obvious to me who had leaked them.   If that occurred then both of them would be back in my cabin with Judy and me and I would be borrowing Melissa's paddle.  They both promised me that they would not discuss any details and quickly left the cabin.

Melissa slowly stood up and started moving towards her clothing.  I stopped her. 

“We are not quite finished, Melissa.  I believe that you have been well spanked for your behavior.  But I think that you need to be humbled just a little bit more.”

I nodded at Judy as she walked towards Melissa and led her back to the bench.  She laid her back onto it with her rear end close to the edge.  Melissa’s eyes were darting from me to Judy and back again.  Judy stood up and removed her tee shirt and bra.  She then peeled her shorts and panties off to show her perfectly trimmed bush.  She walked over and felt between Melissa’s legs, nodded and looked over at me.  

“She is very wet, Tom.”

Judy then walked towards Melissa’s head and lifted her left leg over the bench so that she was straddling Melissa.  She looked down at Melissa and simply said, “Eat me.”

Melissa started and it was very obvious to me that Melissa was not the only one who was wet.  Judy started moaning and giving instructions to Melissa.  I walked over and reached down to Melissa’s pussy and realized that she was very wet indeed.  My finger found her clit and I could feel Melissa tightening around my fingers.  I made a quick decision, stepped back and dropped my shorts.  I realized that Judy had turned so that she was now facing me.  She told Melissa to keep eating her as she reached out and grabbed my cock, massaging it as it got longer and harder.  Judy smiled as I stepped back from her hand.  I quickly found a condom and slipped it on.   I reached down for Melissa’s butt and raised her so that I was pointing directly at her vaginal opening, 

I thrust once, twice and then a third time as I put my full length into her.  I started long slow thrusts in and out.  Judy started making sounds that she was going to cum and I could feel Melissa tightly grabbing at my cock.  I was holding myself back as I wanted the three of us to come together.  Judy started by saying that she was cumming and Melissa was yelling that she was as well.  That was the signal I was waiting for as I exploded into Melissa’s hot, tight cunt.  The three of us literally collapsed onto the floor.  We clung together for a while and then I turned to Melissa.I slowly stood her up.  Judy, Melissa and I washed ourselves off and got dressed.  I  walked her back to her cabin.  She turned to me as we got there.

“Tom, there is no way that I can go in there after what they have seen.  I know only Tammy and Rachel  were there but by the time I walk in everyone in that cabin is going to know what happened.”

“You are correct, Melissa, and I hope that you think of this incident the next time you even consider taking matters into your own hands.  Go get your campers ready for lights out.”

I turned and headed back to my cabin hoping that Judy had decided to stick around to help clean up.  It turned out that she had.

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