RedTails : Tiger Tiger Burning Bright - Chapter 1 / Part I

RedTails: Tiger Tiger Burning Bright
By Scarletdown

Chapter I: The Tiger and the Hawk / Part I

"Well anyway, I do have work to get back to," Regent Tormanin said, "So
you go see Toraq and have fun. I'll join you if I can. Now good evening to
you, Warden."

"Good night, your excellency," Court Warden Arlin returned. He executed
a graceful bow, then padded down a side corridor to the dungeons to fetch Master
Toraq, while the Regent made his way to his study to attend to his business.

The Tiger swiped his access card through the reader slot by the door to
the dungeon. With a soft whoosh, it slid open, revealing a stone, spiral
staircase that led into the depths of the palace. Instead of the usual electric
lighting, this area was illuminated by old-fashioned torches set at regular
intervals in sconces on the walls. Despite this world's modern high tech
society, Master Toraq preferred to maintain his domain in the style of old, as
the castle was in the days when people traveled about by carriage, horseback, or
on foot. He claims that keeping a traditional dungeon instead of modernizing
has an indescribable psychological effect on his charges, leaving no doubt in
their minds that they are here for punishment for their crimes. Arlin could not
argue with the Hawk's logic. The gloomy ambiance of the entire dungeon level
gave even him a subtle feeling of foreboding and despair. But, he also found
this area rather comfortable in its old school rusticness. Of course, he would
feel differently if he was here as one of Toraq's tenants instead of as a friend
and guest.

He reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped into the reception area.
It was a small chamber with stone walls of course, and a floor of unfinished
wood. There was a large wooden door in the far wall, and to its left was a
large wood desk with a soft, leather-bound chair. The desk and chair were
unoccupied; apparently Toraq had sent Trish home already. The walls were
adorned with numerous paintings depicting prisoners of various species, male and
female undergoing a wide array of punishments. All of the scenes, despite being
rather macabre also emanated not so subtle erotic overtones. This also enhanced
the ambiance of the dungeon, which showed new arrivals that for their crimes,
they would not only be subjected to intense punishments, but also that their
bodies and lives now belonged to Wardens Toraq and Skara-Bree and their aides.

Since the day shift receptionist was not there to admit him, the Tiger
reached into his pocket and extracted an old-fashioned copper key, one of the
palace's original master keys. He inserted it into the keyhole in the door and
gave it a quarter turn. There was a soft click, then he took a grip on the
large iron ring above the keyhole, pulled the door open, stepped into a narrow,
dimly lit, stone corridor.

Arlin closed the door behind him and padded down the corridor. The
stone floor felt cool beneath his unshod feet, and the air was pleasantly warm,
its heat provided by the flickering, sputtering torches that lined the walls.
In the distance, he could hear the frequent crack of a whip, followed by a
pained yelp and moan from its unfortunate target. It sounded like Master Toraq
was still on duty and working late tonight. Then again, the Dungeon Warden was
in love with his work and was known to put in a lot of overtime. From the
sounds of the victims, Arlin had an idea who Toraq was playing with this
evening. As he rounded a bend in the corridor, which opened out into a large
chamber, considerably bigger than the reception area, the Tiger's guess proved
to be correct.

The main chamber, which palace personnel liked to call the
playroom was furnished with several large, wooden tables, fitted with iron
shackles at the corners. All of the thick wooden floor to ceiling support beams
had cast iron rings attached to them. Additionally, there were wooden chairs
lining the walls to the left and right. These were also fitted with shackles,
and their seats were covered in a loosely woven copper mesh. The far wall had
three dark, narrow passages leading back into the depths of the dungeon where
the prisoners were housed. Another passage in the far right corner had a sign
above it that read 'AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY'. Between the entrances to the
cell blocks, shelves and display cases housed an impressive collection of tools
crucial for administering the Regent's justice on the miscreants unfortunate to
find themselves as guests down here. None of the tools were lethal, or designed
to cause serious permanent injury or disfigurement, but they were all obviously
quite fearsome, and very effective at administering pain and humiliation on and
in a deserving prisoner's intimate areas. That was, of course, Master Toraq's
favorite place to focus his energies when giving his charges their workouts, at
least those charges who had the assets to get the Dungeon Warden aroused, such
as the pair receiving Toraq's loving touch in the center of the playroom.

Suspended from heavy chains hanging from the ceiling, their yellow,
taloned feet just barely touching the floor, were two Ornith Crows, the
father/daughter team of Beryl and Darlene, whom Denali had arrested earlier that
evening for armed robbery. The two birds were bound together face to face with
a wide leather belt around their waists. Attending to the Crows was a handsome
Ornith Hawk, dressed in nothing but a black leather X-harness. He was circling
the shackled up prisoners as he enthusiastically wielded a long braided
four-tail whip, landing it with expert precision across their backs, bottoms,
and thighs, not hard enough to draw blood, but definitely enough to punish. The
powerful wings protruding from his back were spread wide to help him maintain
his balance and control, and with each stroke of the whip, his ruddy tail
feathers fanned out and lifted upwards to expose his own muscular and shapely
down-covered rear.

As he paced around the Crows, Arlin could see that he was thoroughly
enjoying his task, as the pink shaft of his cock was fully erect from its
sheath. The Crows cried out and moaned delightfully each time the whip caressed
their backsides with its kiss of fire. To those not familiar with the eccentric
ways of Master Toraq, both prisoners moaning and squirming when one was struck
would seem odd. But Arlin was quite well aware of the Hawk's unique methods of
administering punishment. Judging by the way Beryl and Darlene's lower halves
flexed and thrusted against each other, the Tiger was fairly certain that they
were actually coupled together, and Toraq had inserted a stimulator probe into
the area between Beryl's sex and ass in order to keep him hard inside his
daughter throughout the whipping.

Finally, the Hawk noticed Arlin's presence. He paused in his task,
giving the Crows a brief respite from their ordeal, cocked his feathery head to
one side, and waved to his visitor.

"Ah, good evening, Court Warden," he said. His voice was gentle and
soothing, "Forgive me for not noticing you standing there earlier. As you can
see, I was rather wrapped up in my work. I hope that Otter lass who delivered
these two fine pieces of tail to me tonight might make a visit down here soon.
Beryl and Darlene are proving to be a wonderful treat, and I would like to give
her a personal thanking."

Arlin glanced down at the Hawk's erection and smiled, "Aye, I had a
feeling you would enjoy prepping your new toys. It appears that I was right."

"Indeed," Toraq agreed, "You know me all too well, Arlin. I am truly
looking forward to beginning their training after their trial tomorrow. They
are going to make for a fine pair of slaves."

"Hopefully, they will end up with the same owner. It would be a pity to
see them taken away from each other."

"Wait a moment," Beryl interrupted, his voice a raspy moan, "Are you
implying that all we've been through since we arrived down here has not been a
part of slave training? I mean, the whippings, that needle-sharp probe between
my intimates, and being forced to engage in incestuous pleasures with my

Master Toraq laughed melodiously and gave the Crow a playful slap on his
feathery butt, "Ah, no, sweet tail, this has been nothing more than your initial
disciplining for your crime. The real training will begin tomorrow after you
are brought before Regent Tormanin for judgment and sentencing. And son, I
can't even begin to describe the activities that my crew and I have in store for

Arlin smirked at the bound birds, "Some of them you may even learn to
enjoy and crave over time."

Darlene glared at the Tiger and snapped back, "Like fuck we will! We
are not going to become slaves. I just know that our counsel will come through
for us and spring us early."

Arlin took a few steps forward and glared back menacingly at the
impudent Ornith girl. In one smooth motion, his lightning crop was in his hand
and fully extended. The rod hissed in a graceful upward arc and landed squarely
under Darlene's tail feathers, striking dead center across her sit spot. With
the impact, there was a loud snap, and the girl gave out a pained scream as an
intense electric charge rippled through her bottom. This had a side effect of
causing her to tense and flex, which caused her father to moan helplessly as her
sex clenched tight around his cock; which in turn, caused him to finally unload
his hot seed inside her.

Master Toraq's liquid gold eyes were wide as an Owl's, and his beak was
half opened in amazement as the two Crows orgasmed together, "I am truly
impressed," he said in mock awe, "You, my dear friend have the magic touch. You
really should come work with me down here, you know. We would make a legendary

Arlin smiled and shrugged, "Well, you got them primed for me, Toraq. I
could tell when I arrived that they were both close to the brink already. And
as tempting as your suggestion sounds, my place is up top. From each according
to his abilities, and all that, you know."

Toraq nodded and patted the Tiger on the shoulder, "Yes, as it has
always been and always shall be. Still, you are always welcome down here any
time if you are bored and need some entertainment."

The Tiger idly caressed and kneaded Darlene's sore, abused rump and
nodded thoughtfully, "I will keep your invitation in mind. And by the way, why
are you working alone tonight? Where's the rest of your crew?"

"Ah, I sent them home shortly after these two were checked in. It was a
pretty slow night, and I figured that they could all knock off early." He
coiled up his whip and hung it on his belt, reached up to unlock the overhead
shackles, and unbuckled the strap binding Beryl and Darlene to each other, "As
long as you're down here, would you mind helping me finish their initial

"But of course," Arlin replied. He stood behind Darlene, wrapped his
arms around her waist, and pulled. The girl gave a soft gasp and moan as her
father's cock exited from her depths, still hard and dripping a trickle of his
seed onto the stone floor, "Where do you want her?"

Toraq gestured to one of the work tables, "Over there is fine. Shackle
her down in the invite position." He grabbed Beryl by the shoulder and guided
him to a table facing the one he had directed Arlin to. "Get up there, turn
around, and kneel" he ordered.

The Crow obediently climbed up onto the table, turned and faced the
Dungeon Warden, and dropped to his knees.

"Now, lay down with your arms out, legs spread, and ass in the air."
"Like your daughter, Beryl," Arlin said. Darlene was securely trussed
up on the table facing her father. Her breasts were pressed against the hard
wood; her tail feathers were spread and raised, and her bottom was thrust
tantalizingly high in the air, providing easy access to both her sex and aft

Beryl nodded his head and followed his daughter's lead, presenting his
plush butt for Toraq's administrations. The Hawk strutted around behind the
Crow, reached between his legs, and yanked out the stimulator probe that had
kept him erect throughout the whipping, causing him to gasp and squawk loudly.
He gasped again when he felt a taloned finger playfully probe past his southern
star and wiggle around inside his nether depths.

"Ah yes," Toraq cooed, "you two are indeed going to be a pleasure to
train. It was most kind of you to commit your armed robbery in my jurisdiction.
I have been needing a good challenge for quite some time, you know." He
removed his finger from the Crow's ass, and stuck it in his beak, tasting his
prisoner's intimate flavor.

"Mmmm, you are quite delicious, you know. Now, I have a special treat
for you and Darlene. Since we are going to become intimately familiar with your
asses, inside and out, we need to get them properly conditioned and receptive."
Arlin chuckled, "Let me guess, the porcupine shaft?"

Toraq winked and nodded his head, "But of course. Only the best for a
couple hot pieces of tail like these." He sashayed over to one of the storage
shelves and picked up a small glass jar and a pair of rather long and thick butt

"Ooh, I'm so fucking scared," Darlene taunted, "The big bad dungeon
warden is armed with a butt plug. Oh fear, oh dread." The girl's tail feathers
fanned out and flirted upward as if she was daring Toraq to use his toy on her.
"Darlene," Beryl interjected, "mind your place, young lady. Remember,
we are Master Toraq's prisoners. And considering our current positions, 'tis
unwise to mouth off to our master like that."

"Oh get real, daddy," she shot back, "It's not as if neither of us have
ever had our bottoms stuffed before. Granted, that shaft is a bit longer and
thicker than I'm used to, but fuckity-fuck! Anal play is a major Ornith

Arlin patted Darlene's rump, chuckled, and cast a knowing glance at the
Hawk, "Heh. That's a most grave understatement if ever I heard one. Anal is a
major pastime for many Furling species as well. But for you feathertails, your
bottom fixation seems more like a major religion."

"Yes yes," Toraq laughed. He spread his wings and flirted his ruddy
tail plumage up, "On behalf of all our feathered brethren; Ornith, non-Ornith,
and those in between, I plead guilty as charged. Our downy aft ends are our
pride, made to be used and abused."

"And the more intense the abuse," Arlin added, "the happier you are."

"Indeed and correct," the Redtail affirmed. On cue, he touched a
taloned finger to a red button set in the base of the plug. "You are still
young and naive, dear child. For sure you have already known many of the
pleasures beneath the tail feathers which our kind hold dear."

He turned his gaze to Beryl, "Am I correct?"

The elder Crow nodded his head, "Aye, master. My daughter is a sexy
young Ornith lass who has completed nearly sixteen trips around the sun. Your
question is rhetorical."

Toraq gave Beryl a playful swat on the rump, then turned his attention
back to the ever defiant Darlene, "But, my tender slaves, I can tell by the look
in your eyes and the sweet scent of your fear that neither of you have yet fully
embraced our most highly beloved and most intimate passion."

He held the shaft up for the Crows to see. The once smooth surface was
now bristling with long, needlelike spikes, like porcupine quills, "Pain beneath
our tails is the sweetest pleasure that we can know, whether it is the kiss of
the paddle or crop or whip upon our lovely bottoms, or the ecstasy of agonizing
punishment coursing through your nether passage."

"No...fucking...way," Darlene protested. Her eyes were wide with pure
terror, and her tail feathers dropped to protectively cover her vulnerably
exposed southern star. "You are NOT going to shove that up my ass."

"Yes fucking way," Arlin growled, forcibly lifting her tail feathers
back up and taking a firm grip on her bottom. His claws dug into her rump, not
deep enough to pierce her flesh and draw blood, but still enough to cause the
girl to yelp and whimper. "It is not as if you have a choice in this matter.
You belong to Master Toraq now, and if he decrees that your rectal chamber is to
be pin cushioned, then it will be pin cushioned Slaves do not negotiate their

"But master," Beryl interrupted, "Won't that thing, you know, kill us?
As far as I know, bank robbery is not a capital crime."

"You must trust your master," Toraq advised his slaves, "We will take
measures to keep this activity from causing lethal harm or even permanent
damage. I have tested the porcupine shaft on myself and my crew, and we are all
still alive, healthy, and yiffy as ever."

Arlin released his grip on Darlene's butt and picked up the small jar
that the Hawk had taken from the shelf. "This is what will keep you undamaged."
He handed the jar to the Hawk.

Toraq untwisted the lid and dipped his fingers into the clear gel
inside. "This is what is known as Unicorn Salve. As you are most likely aware,
a Unicorn's horn is capable of healing even the most grevious of wounds. And
according to legends, Lady Inanna; the Mink herself, discovered that the horn
can heal even while it harms."

"But master," Beryl interrupted again, "I thought it was the Mink's
master and brother, Lord Azoral, who discovered this when he made his pet sister
ride a Unicorn as an experimental punishment, impaled up the ass on his horn."
Toraq nodded and laughed, then thrust his fingers up Beryl's ass,
thoroughly swabbing his rectal wall with the gel, "Ah, I see that you are
familiar with the legends of the Falcon and the Mink. Very good, very good
indeed. A well rounded slave should be well versed in the traditions those two
initiated millennia ago." He removed his fingers from the Crow's depths and
licked off the remaining traces of the salve.

"Mmm, perfect. I'm tempted to purchase you myself after we complete
your training." The Hawk gently ran his free hand over the Crow's shapely
rump, squeezing and kneading the plush, feathered flesh, and even more gently
circling the tip of one talon around the tight, vulnerable rear opening. This
caused Beryl to shudder and moan; the pink shaft of his maleness again protruded
from the sheath between his thighs.

Toraq took Beryl's stiff member in his hand and playfully stroked it,
causing the Crow to squirm and whimper even more, "My my. Did your daughter
know before tonight that her daddy was and is a hightailed whore at heart?" He
lifted his gaze from his slave's assets to peer at the young Ornith girl trussed
up on the table facing them. Darlene was trying hard not to struggle too much
as the Tiger standing behind her worked his fingers deep inside her, lubing her
up and thoroughly coating her rectal wall with the Unicorn Salve.

"No, she most likely did not know," Toraq continued, answering his own
question. He touched the red switch on the base of the porcupine shaft, and the
spikes once again retracted back beneath its surface. He pressed the tip of the
plug against Beryl's tailhole, then slid it deep inside him in one smooth motion
until the base was resting snug against his black, downy cheeks. This brought
the Crow to orgasm for the second time tonight. His eyes closed; his back
arched; his bottom thrust upward, and his seed spilled from within him into
Toraq's hand and onto the table.

"No, I saw your records during your inprocessing," the Hawk continued,
still stroking his slave's pulsing, bobbing cock, "You never whored yourself
out. That was your daughter's task, for which you served as her financial
manager." He released his grip and licked the Crow's juices off his hand. "But
by the time I am finished with your training, that will change. You are going
to become one of Lovenmusk's favorite attractions. Your ass will indeed become
your greatest and most valuable asset. You my dear girl, will become one of the
finest whores the world has ever known."

Arlin finished prepping Darlene and removed his fingers from her ass,
licking off the remnants of the salve, "And I know just the two to train her,"
he offered, following Toraq's example and referring to Beryl in feminine terms.
"That Raccoon girlfriend of yours?"

The Tiger rested an arm on the girl's rump, "Yes, Allisson can more than
handle your little feathered lady there. And I'm sure my dear little sister
would be more than happy to assist."

"Ah, so Allisson actually went ahead and apprenticed Amanda? It's about
time. With that Ringtail's help, I predict that your sister is going to make
quite a name and fortune for herself down on all fours and on her back." He
turned his attention back to Beryl, "But we will deal with that when the time
comes. Now, dear girl, let's get your nethers properly punished. On the count
of three. One..."

A taloned finger touched the red switch once more. A muffled click was
heard inside Beryl. Half a moment later, the Crow gave a piercing yelp and his
entire body tensed so severely, it looked like he could tear himself in two at
any moment. Once he regained his breath, he broke into an ear splitting wail of
pure agony while his body thrashed about uncontrollably, straining against the
bonds that held him secure on the table. Toraq watched the show for a minute.
His cock was stiff and erect from its sheath as the Crow's screams and struggles
filled him with tremendous infernal arousal. He could not resist landing a pair
of hard, open-handed slaps on Beryl's upthrust, flexing ass. His talons dug
into the feathery nether flesh like nails with each swat. The trussed up bird
hardly noticed the biting smacks on his ass of course. No spanking could
override the unfathomable torture of all those needle-like spikes that were
piercing his nether chamber.

The Hawk turned his gaze back to Arlin and Darlene. The Tiger was
struggling to insert the other porcupine shaft up the girl's ass. She was
fighting him as best as she could, struggling to keep her southern star flexed
tight to keep the infernal plug out of her depths. The girl's face reflected
pure unadulterated terror as she watched her daddy thrashing about on the table
across from her, and she was determined to avoid such a fate for as long as

"Yes indeed, class," Toraq said, raising his voice so he could be heard
above Beryl's screams, "as I said, pain is pleasure. But for those like our
guests who have not yet learned to embrace this agony, the pleasure is for those
administering the pain, as you can clearly see by my own state of pride."

"Butt Master Toraq," Arlin shouted. He felt a moment of cleverness for
taking Beryl's earlier pleadings and using them to bestow a new, and truly
appropriate title upon his feathered friend, "This one is being most
uncooperative. She refuses to relax so I can insert the shaft. Granted, I can
understand why. But still..."

Toraq touched a switch under the front ledge of Beryl's table. A faint
blue-white glow emanated from the surface, and suddenly, all was quiet. The
Crow was still struggling in his bonds and he was still screaming and wailing,
but no sound escaped from his throat. "Aural dampening field," he explained.
"As much as I enjoy hearing the moans and screams of my slaves as they
endure their punishment, it does make it difficult to focus on other tasks.
Now, what's this about my other slave not letting the Tiger insert the shaft up
her butt? This is most inappropriate, young lady. Fortunately for you and us,
we do have a remedy for stubborn young brats like yourself. Arlin, touch the
tip of the plug to her opening and push the white button."

The Tiger took a look at the base of the porcupine shaft, "Which white
button, the blue-white one or the off-white one?"

"The off-white button," Toraq replied, "Using the blue-white button this
early in the procedure would defeat the purpose of this portion of the

Arlin nodded and touched the tip of the shaft to Darlene's southern
star. He touched a claw to the off-white button in the base, and the shaft gave
off a soft electric hum. The Ornith girl gasped and moaned seductively. Her
tailhole unclenched and feminine juices dripped from her hot sex onto the table
beneath her. The Tiger immediately thrust the long shaft up the Crow's butt
until the base was pressed against her bottom. Before she could react to the
insertion, Arlin touched the red switch, and as with Beryl, a muffled click
could be heard inside her.

Another ear piercing scream shattered the serene silence of the dungeon,
and like her daddy, Darlene thrashed about in her bonds in a futile attempt to
find relief from the horrific pain coursing through her rectum as the spikes of
the porcupine shaft bit deep into her inner flesh. Between gasps and wails, the
girl cried and begged for mercy and release from the punishment filling her ass.
But of course, there would be no release or mercy forthcoming any time soon.
And like her father, Darlene's screams were soon neutralized by a press of a
switch under the table's ledge, which activated another dampening field.
Arlin purred softly to himself. His maleness pressed hard against his
tight leathers as he watched this tendertail bird writhe in sweet agony on the
table before him. And with her sex vulnerably exposed and flexing rhythmically
with her struggles, the Tiger was tempted to strip and take the girl right there
on the table in front of her father and Toraq. No one would have complained if
he had followed his animal instincts. After all, these two Crows were slaves
now. They had no rights to how their assets were used, other than the basic
rights of life, nourishment, and freedom from permanent injury or disfigurement.
However, Darlene and Beryl were Toraq's properties, and it would be a breach of
protocol to have his way with them before their master could take his pleasure
first. The Tiger's arousal did not escape the Hawk's notice.

"Be my guest, Warden. I will have plenty of opportunities to use her in
the coming months. So indulge yourself while I do a bit of tidying up before
the night shift crew arrives."

"Thank-you, Butt Master Toraq," Arlin purred, "Your generosity is
legendary." He stripped off his pants. His cock, free from its bonds at last,
stood fully erect from its sheath, the tip glistening with precum in
anticipation of probing this young bird's treasure hole.

Toraq whistled appreciatively at the sight of the Tiger's ample maleness
bobbing before him in the warm dungeon air, "Oh, 'tis such a lovely piece,
Arlin, a true work of art. And it is such a pity that you only lean towards
feminine tails. Such an impressive shaft would be pure bliss under my tail

Arlin felt the insides of his ears heat up, both embarrassed and
flattered. He recalled his brief bit of chatter with Everett a few hours ago at
Up Yours, but couldn't bring himself to repeat what he had hinted to the
Secretary Bird. Instead, he just nodded and gave the Hawk a sheepish grin, then
climbed up on the table behind the writhing Crow. He pushed her tail feathers
back up and took a firm, two handed grip on the girl's rump and hips, claws once
again digging into her flesh. His groin pressed lightly against her bottom and
the tip of his cock stood out poised at the downy opening of her sex.
He paused and took a deep breath, then reached out with his thoughts to
touch Darlene's mind. Time seemed to distort and slow down almost to a

Arlin was momentarily stunned. There had been nothing in her file about
her being psionically empowered. But here she was, pleading with him via
telepathic sending. He made a mental note to investigate later and discover why
this rather important revelation had been overlooked.

Before Darlene could respond further, Arlin slid his long, thick cock
deep into her tight, slick egg passage. He blocked out her thoughts for the
moment as he rode her. He wanted to focus only on the moment. He did not want
to hear any more of her thoughts. All that mattered was that he use her assets
as they were meant to be used. The sole purpose for Darlene's existence at this
moment in time, was for his pleasure. Nothing else mattered.

He started with slow, gentle thrusts, taking his time with her and
savoring every passionate moment inside her wonderfully hot depths. Darlene
continued to writhe beneath him, mostly from the spikes piercing her rectal
wall. But now, the feel of the Tiger's cock sliding in and out of her and
stretching her tender sex caused her struggles to intensify. She clenched and
relaxed rhythmically as Arlin took her like the whore she was meant to be.
Arlin briefly dropped his mental shield and touched her mind again. As
he had predicted, the girl was managing to find pleasure amidst the punishing
bite of the porcupine shaft filling her ass. He increased the intensity of his
thrusts until his groin and balls were slamming hard against her bottom.

Darlene countered by grinding her ass against him each time his cock pounded
into her, and her wings began to beat frantically as a confusing tide of passion
rippled through her body. The girl's writhings became so hot and heavy that the
Tiger had to lower himself on her back. His paws took a firm grip on her
feathery midsection and her perky breasts, while his powerful chest against her
back held her wings in place, spread eagle. Five interminable minutes later, a
low growl rumbled deep in Arlin's throat. His jaws gently clamped down on
Darlene's shoulder, and he made one final thrust. Time came to a standstill
again as he closed his eyes and his entire body tensed tight. His hot seed
pumped fast and hard into the girl's depths, and finally he was spent for the

He released his grip on the girl's shoulder, and nuzzled her neck and
cheek. He lingered inside her for a quarter minute more, then reluctantly
extracted his cock from her sex and dismounted. As he stepped away from the
trussed up, freshly raped slave and pulled his leather pants back on, Toraq
stepped in and jabbed a needle into her soft upturned bottom, injecting a thick,
blue serum into her from the attached syringe.

"Peace of Mind," he said. "While you were raping her, I realized that
she had not received her PoM shot yet. Don't want to accidentally have a
fertilized egg on our hands, you know, what with all the legal paperwork and
whatnot that would entail. So, if you don't mind my probing, how was she?"

Arlin took a deep breath and regained his bearings, "You have a real
treasure on your hands, Butt Master. In fact, when she goes up for sale, you
may have some competition to contend with. And you know that is a sign that the
universe is about to come to an end when I would actually consider purchasing a

Toraq removed the needle from the girl's butt and tossed it and the
syringe into a nearby disposal hole in the floor, "So then, Arlin, what brings
you here to my domain? Are you seeking counsel in naughty matters, or perhaps
seeking a slave to serve as a devoted companion for a night of passion? Or did
you just stop in to say hello and good night?"

"The first point is correct. The second is partially so," Arlin
replied. "I want to schedule appointments with you for Kennewick, Katella, and
the princess. They are getting to that age, if you know what I mean."

Toraq nodded understanding, "It's about time, I say. So, I take it you
want me to give those three the Awakening lecture?"

"Yes. And also, Regent Tormanin wants them all started on Peace of Mind
as of tomorrow. We have a feeling that Kennewick is going to be boinking
Princess Amalie real soon, judging by the way she was swooning after him during
their punishment earlier tonight."

"No problem. I've been looking forward to this moment for quite some
time. What else did you wish to see me about?"

Arlin put a paw on his friend's shoulder, "Well, I have a busy night
ahead of me, involving a Ferret lass from up north, she's an acolytic student, a
Rabbit Whore from Arborvale, and then who knows what else at Up Yours. I was
hoping that you would be able to join me for a guys' night out, if you don't
have any other plans."

"Up Yours? That's Everett and Rhiana's place, correct?" Toraq asked.

Arlin nodded, "Aye. It's definitely worth paying them a visit."

"Count me in then. I need a bit of down time, and it will be good to
see my old school time fuckmates again. 'Tis been way too long. But we need to
wait until Skara-Bree and her night shift crew checks in. In the meantime, how
about joining me in my chambers for drinks and chatter?"

Arlin nodded and smiled, "Lead the way...Butt Master."

Leaving the Crows trussed up on the tables to silently suffer in their
punishment for a while longer, the Hawk took the Tiger by the paw and led him
down the passage that bore the 'AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY' sign.

"So tell me, Arlin," Toraq said as he loosened and removed his work
harness, "Who was it that really got you worked up before you came down to

The Tiger paused in his pacing, looked over the now skyclad Hawk, and
cocked his head to one side, "What do you mean, bird?"

"Oh come now. I scented your arousal when you first walked in on me and
the Crows. And that bulge you fact, still have beneath your leathers
confirmed it. Surely that wasn't caused by my work on those birds' backsides
with my whip."

Arlin felt the insides of his ears heat up again. He dropped his gaze
to a spot on the floor in front of him and clasped his paws behind his back,
"You are a shrewd judge of character indeed, my friend. Nothing seems to escape
your notice."

Toraq strutted over to the mini bar near the entrance to his private
kitchen, and bent over to rummage through the wide selection of relaxants that
he maintained for himself and his guests, "So who was it? Oh, go ahead and have
a seat and make yourself comfortable first."

Arlin pulled off his sleeveless shirt and tossed it aside, then padded
over to one of the big soft couches near the fireplace. All the while, he could
not keep his eyes off of Toraq's plush, down-covered bottom. The way the Hawk
was keeping his tail feathers spread and raised as he worked, and idly swishing
his backside back and forth, it was obvious that he was specifically playing and
flirting with him in hopes of finally breaking down the Tiger's inhibitions and
getting his ass filled with feline meat.

"It's been one fuckuva night," he began, "It seems like everyone wants
to play with the Tiger lately."

Toraq stood upright again, holding a bottle of some emerald-colored wine
and a pair of medium-sized crystal chalices. He set them down on top of the bar
and peered coyly over his shoulder at his friend, "Well, you can't blame them
now, eh what? After all, a handsome, powerful, leather clad boog like you? Any
girl would be a fool to not want your cock inside of her, even those who would
normally lean towards other girls." He turned his attention back to the bar and
poured the green wine, filling both chalices half way. "Ah, fuck. Any boy, for
that matter would be a fool as well to not want your cock inside of him," he

Arlin sighed and turned to watch the Hawk sashay towards him,
feather-clad hips swishing back and forth with each step like a waitress at Up
Yours. Toraq never ceased to amaze him with his ability to switch demeanors at
will from the stern and powerful dungeon warden to a sultry, seductive, and
submissive 'lady'. He had to give the bird credit for his talents. Even for
one such as himself, who had only ever engaged in passionate trysts with real
girls, he could not deny that this redtail was no less desirable than the likes
of Allisson or Amanda, as the stiffness which persisted beneath his leathers

"Thank-you for your kind flattery," he purred, "I was honored to learn
that so many desired my company. However, I was also embarrassed to learn that
it was not only the girls, but guys that wanted me as well, specifically

Toraq laughed softly, handed a chalice to Arlin and sat down next to
him, crossing one leg over the other, and gently patting the Tiger on the thigh,
"Now now, my friend, you make it sound as if that is a bad thing. Having that
silly bird lust for your maleness inside him is nothing to be ashamed of. And
believe me, boinking his lovely bottom is a most wondrous experience."
Now it was Arlin's turn to laugh. He took a sip of his wine then placed
a paw on Toraq's hand, "Yes, you of all people would know best. It's no secret
that you two were lovers back when we were in school."

"Guilty as charged." The Hawk took a dainty sip of his drink and smiled
sweetly up at the Tiger, "But it was more than just the two of us. It was
actually a love triangle, as Rhiana was also involved. Though truth to tell,
she served more as a shared pleasure pet between the two of us. But we both
loved that girl as much as we loved each other. 'Tis a pity that Everett
recently married his sister though."

"Oh? How so? They seem to be a perfect match, and are quite happy

Toraq briefly averted his golden eyes from the Tiger's inquisitive gaze,
took another sip, and sighed wistfully, "I say that out of jealousy, I must
confess. You see, I was seriously considering asking Everett to be my bride or
to take me as his. Ah well, such is life and love. It turns out I was a little
too slow and Rhiana became his mate instead."

Arlin removed his paw from Toraq's hand and put his arm around him,
letting the Hawk rest his feathered head on his shoulder. Without even thinking
about it, he gave him a friendly pat and squeeze on the flank as he consoled his
childhood friend, "All is not lost, silly bird. You of all people should know
good and well that sluts like Everett and Rhiana would have an open marriage.
If you really want him, I am sure that Everett would gladly take in another

Toraq looked adoringly up at Arlin and nuzzled his shoulder and neck
with his beak, "Surprisingly, I never considered that possibility. Complex
marriages have become rather uncommon on our world these days."

"There's no laws against such an arrangement," Arlin reminded him,
"After all, in a society where people can be legally bought and sold as slaves
and pleasure pets, and where sibling revelry is as normal and accepted as
breathing, it would be a gross hypocrisy to make something as benign as
polymating a taboo."

The Hawk snuggled closer to the Tiger, his free hand now idly inching
towards Arlin's inner thigh, "Ah yes, I will consider approaching Everett and
Rhiana about this soon, possibly even tonight when we pay their little night
club a visit."

"Atta girl," Arlin purred, giving Toraq an affectionate swat on the
flank. "Knowing the three of you, I have no doubt that you will perversevere."
He chuckled softly at his own joke, then took another longer pull of his drink,
swishing the wine around in his mouth and savoring its sweetness before

"Say! This is fantastic stuff," he said, momentarily changing the
subject, "What is it?"

Toraq held up his chalice which was still three quarters full, "It's
called Dryad's Dream, imported from Arborvale. I bought several bottles from
some Spriett trader who had set up temporary shop in the bazarre today.
Handsome fellow he was, and another who I wouldn't mind being boinked by. But
he didn't seem the type who would do another girly-guy, so I didn't pursue that
course of seduction."

Arlin laughed again and snugged the Hawk close to him, "You are just as
obsessed with your own aft end as Kennewick is with his, always looking for an
excuse to stuff something fulfilling up there. Is there anyone you wouldn't
bend over and lift your tail feathers for, you little slut?"

"Well, erm... Let me think... No. No one I can think of at the
moment," Toraq flashed a mischievous, tipsy grin up at the Tiger and playfully
preened his neck and shoulder with his beak. "And speaking of Kennewick, how is
she, er, he and his sister doing these days? It's been too long since they were
last sent down to me for discipline on their or Princess Amalie's behalf. I
really miss paddling their cute little musky bottoms." He sighed wistfully.

"The twins are sleeping with sore butts tonight," Arlin replied, filling
Toraq in on the latest gossip, "Against Tormanin's wishes, Princess Amalie
convinced them to go with her to Up Yours and get some stage time."

"Oh, I wish I could have seen that. How did they fare?"

"All I can say is those three danced like professionals. They nearly
upstaged Rhiana even, and when I hauled them out of there, their asses were so
full of cash capsules and coins, they could barely walk." The Tiger shifted
uncomfortably on the couch. The thought of the three tenders and that Secretary
Bird cavorting about on the stage, flashing their assets, and working those
dance poles renewed the aching erection he had been sporting since before coming
down to the dungeon.

This did not escape Toraq's notice. In an effort to help his friend
become a little more comfortable, the Hawk slid his hand up the Tiger's thigh,
unfastened the clasp on his pants, reached in, and gently grasped his cock,
pulling it out so it stood stiff and free from its tight leather prison. He
gazed longingly at the hard fleshy shaft and teasingly ran a talon along its
underside, causing Arlin to gasp and purr like a kitten.

"You'll have to let me know in advance next time when they are scheduled
to perform. Tendertails they may be, but they are most certainly pleasing to
the eye."

Arlin gasped again as Toraq continued teasing and stroking his shaft,
then he chuckled softly, "Sorry, my friend. I'm afraid you might have to either
seduce Everett into letting you borrow the footage from his security cameras, or
try to get the kids to put on a private performance for you. This was an
unscheduled act tonight, and the Regent was not very happy about his daughter
showing off her treasures to a drunken, yiffy crowd."

"Ah yes, Tormanin's obsession with the family's image. I suppose he's
never going to understand that a hot young nymph like Amalie could very well
boost their approval ratings in the public's eye beyond his wildest

Arlin shrugged, "He might eventually. But he was more concerned about
the kids' safety. We might be able to maintain a close watch on that part of
town, and keep the people in line and whatnot, but we can't keep Amalie and her
pets under lock and key around the clock, and her actions could someday attract
the attention of slavers or worse. And that is why Kennewick and Katella had to
be paddled tonight."

Toraq smiled and sighed wistfully at the thought of the two young Skunks
getting their furry bottoms roasted, "Ah, another show I would have loved to
see. 'Tis a pity you didn't summon me to be a witness. So then, how many swats
did they take this time?"

The Tiger finished his jade wine, closed his eyes, leaned back on the
couch and shuddered uncontrollably, guiltily enjoying the magic that the Hawk
was working on his maleness with his hand and talons, "Twenty each," he purred,
"with Princess Amalie's paddling to be taken and shared between Kennewick and

"Mmmmm... Did you take them over your lap, or did you have them bend
over this time?"

"Kennewick and Katella took their paddling over my lap," Arlin revealed,
"then they took Amalie's bent over with their paws on the bench. Tormanin
administered his daughter's spanking to them of course, since he's Amalie's
father and it was her punishment they were taking."

"Sounds like it was a wonderful show. 'Tis a pity though that the
Regent is so old school and subscribes to the belief that a princess is above
getting spanked. I would so much love to see her bratness get her lovely regal
bottom reddened one of these days, especially if I could be the one to redden
her lovely regal bottom."

"You and me both, Buttmaster," Arlin agreed, "All it would take is one
good hard session with the paddle for her to understand just how much her
girlfriends suffer for her. She would then think twice or more before going off
on her little misadventures if she really and truly knew what was in store for
her paddlegirls when they got caught."

"Aye, but that is Tormanin's call. There's nothing we can do to change
Regency policy in that department," Toraq mused, "At least we can dream, and we
do have the twins with their sweet asses to abuse as needed." A devilish gleam
flickered in his eyes, "Oh, and we have the lovely Lady Tormanin as well.
Thankfully, unlike her daughter, she doesn't accept immunity from the paddle and
other physical disciplines. That was a wonderful session I had with her down
here late this morning. I'm sure that she had to attend her various social
functions on her feet this afternoon. I'll have to tell you all about it

Arlin pulled the Hawk onto his lap and smiled down affectionately at
him. The Tiger's stiff cock pressed teasingly along the length of the warm,
downy crevasse between the bird's nether cheeks, "Damn, but you really are
obsessed with pretty bottoms, girl."

Toraq squirmed on Arlin's lap, his own cock stiffening harder with the
feel of the Tiger's maleness beneath him, so tantalizingly close to his tight
southern star, "No moreso than any other red-blooded Ornith or Furling," he
argued, "Well, perhaps a little moreso. But still, in my line of know what it's like."

"If you mean those street sentences that I administer to select
miscreants at my discretion," Arlin replied, "Then yes, I do understand. I will
admit that it is one of my favorite benefits of being a Street Hunter."

"And your other task as well?" Toraq prodded, "You know, that delightful
task of paddling Amalie's pets, which I sense is what really has you worked up

"What? Truth to tell, I wasn't expecting an Ornith inquisition."

"Heh. Don't you know? Nobody expects an Ornith inquisition. But
anyway, you didn't answer my question."

Arlin sighed again and wrapped his arms around the Hawk, running his
paws along his inner thighs and up his stomach and breast, "Guilty as charged.
There's just something I can't explain about Katella and Kennewick. I know it's
not proper for me, but every time I have them over my lap or bent over a table,
I just want to take them and..."

Toraq finished the confession for him, "And boink the daylights out of
them. I fully understand your feelings, my dear friend, and there is no cause
for shame. Those two are definite head turners and unintentional cock teases.
And you are not alone. There are many others at the palace, both male and
female, who would love to have a night alone with either of them, myself

"Both of them, I presume?"

The Hawk laughed melodically, "But of course. Kennewick is every bit a
hot piece of tail as his sister. And with the right training, like from
Allisson and your sister for example, he could easily become one of the most
successful whores the world has ever known, the delight of kings and emperors
from here to the farthest reaches of Lockke and beyond."
"You really think so?"

"Believe me, lad. I have a gift for judging a girl's potential value as
a pleasure toy, even if that girl is really a boy. In fact, that day that you
first delivered them to me for punishment after they were brought in for
pickpocketing three years ago, I really wanted to stuff this shaft of mine in
them and teach them how to use their assets to earn their keep without turning
to crime." He took said shaft between his thighs in his hand, giving it a
squeeze and a few strokes.

"Well why didn't you?" Arlin asked. His hands ran back down the Hawk's
sides and again along his inner thighs, teasingly avoiding his friend's aching
maleness, "After all, for that short time, they belonged to you. You completely
owned them while they were in your care. You could have taken them any way you
wanted at any time. And don't tell me they were too young then either. I know
for a fact that with many slaves, you are more than willing to play with them as
young as nine like they were back then."

"I didn't want to overwhelm them so soon. They were pretty frightened
when they first found themselves down here. And considering that their crime
was fairly minor, I felt it best for the time to just give their bottoms the
riding crop and be done with it, none of the other usual pleasures that our more
long-term guests get to experience. But, I did orchestrate matters to provide
additional future opportunities to sample their sweet assets."

"Ah, you mean arranging for Tormanin to employ them as Amalie's
paddlegirls. And after three years, despite them being sent to you on countless
occasions, you have still never used their tails to their fullest potential?"

Toraq shook his feathered head and closed his eyes, "Sadly, no. Amalie,
as I'm sure you have noticed, has monopolized their time. She almost always has
some activity going on that includes the twins. I swear, those three are
totally inseparable Kennewick and Katella are for all intents and purposes, the
princess's personal pets, despite not having yet experienced my training

"Aye," Arlin agreed, "They are totally devoted to her. It will be
interesting to see how their relationship develops in a few more years."

"I'm guessing that Kennewick will either end up marrying both of them,
or he will marry the princess and Katella will give herself to them as a pet
sister for their wedding present."

"You're probably right," Arlin agreed.

"I'm always right," Toraq reminded him, "Now, what about you? You have
pretty much admitted that spanking the twins turned you on tonight. And I can
understand a straight upright fellow like you wanting to boink a sweet little
lass like Katella. But what about Kennewick?"

"What about him?" the Tiger asked, "Of course he would also enjoy
boinking Katella, if he understood what fucking was all about and how it was
achieved. After all, only an impotent fool would not want to do her."

Toraq laughed heartily, "My dear friend, I don't know whether you are
being innocently obtuse, or purposely dodging the question, but let me clarify.
What are your feelings for Kennewick? I know that you have never taken a lad
before and most likely feel uncomfortable with the thoughts and feelings that
course through your body when applying the paddle or your open paw to his girly
bottom. But, considering how you refer to him in feminine terms and even treat
him as a girl, could it be that there are some repressed fantasies deep within
you that you are holding back?"

Arlin was getting perturbed by the Hawk's rather intimate probing of his
deepest feelings. Frustrated, he responded in the one way he knew worked best
for stress relief. Moments later, Toraq was surprised and shamelessly delighted
to find himself held face down over the Tiger's lap. Arlin's left arm was
pressed firmly against the bird's lower back, and his left hand had a grip on
his ruddy tail feathers, holding them up out of the way to fully expose his
plush, shapely bottom. Without hesitation, Arlin's massive paw was rhythmically
slamming down hard on his friend's rump while he scolded him as he would one of
the twins.

"You, my dear friend presume too much," he growled. The smacks on the
bird's ass came hard and fast, with no more than a quarter second's reprieve
between strokes. Toraq closed his eyes and relaxed his body, being well
conditioned to not struggle unless the one spanking him wished for him to do so.
He did gasp sharply whenever Arlin's paw struck the most sensitive area of his
rump, the sit spot. But he stoically gave neither a yelp nor a whimper as his
friend gave him this surprise, and much appreciated, roasting under his tail

"I refer to Kennewick in the feminine because that is how our princess
treats him and dresses him. He accepts that, the Regent accepts that, and I
accept that." The pace and intensity of the impromptu spanking increased. A
light crimson glow was beginning to show through the creamy white down of the
Hawk's aft treasure trail.

The Tiger continued his spanking-punctuated rant, "When I paddle
Kennewick and Katella, I do so in accordance with my responsibilities as their
designated father figure. It is my duty to guide and discipline them as needed.
They understand that and expect such treatment from me when they misbehave.
Any arousal I experience during the process, we all understand is simply a pure
uncontrollable primal instinct, nothing more." He landed another half dozen
swats all over Toraq's ass, and finished with one final strike dead center.

In the quiet moments immediately after the spanking ended, Arlin gently
ran his paw over his friend's reddened butt, taking in its softness and warmth.
They both said not a word for a minute. The crackle of the flames in the
fireplace, and Toraq's heavy breathing and occasional gasps as the Tiger fondled
his aft end were the only sounds audible in the cavernous parlor. During that
moment of silence, Arlin contemplated the Hawk still held firmly in his grip.
He purred as his fingers caressed over the shapely hills that formed his bottom,
and probed along the crevasse between them, until his fingers touched the rim of
his southern star. He remembered again what he admitted to Everett earlier that
night, 'With birds, some Furling species, and quite often Elves, male or female
doesn't matter. It's that tight, warm port to park in that counts.'

He became even more aware of the stiffness between his legs, a stiffness
that was also pressing hard against the bird's thighs, and realized that his
words to the Secretary Bird also applied to this Hawk who lay submissively and
vulnerably over his lap like a naughty young
Kennewick. Without any further thought, he slipped one finger, claw retracted,
up inside his childhood friend.

Toraq's back arched and his bottom thrust upwards. The feel of the
Tiger's finger probing inside his ass nearly caused him to orgasm, and he had to
struggle mentally to keep from spilling his seed all over Arlin's thighs. A
moment later, the Hawk regained his composure and chirred softly, "So, now that
you have worked out your aggressions on my poor, abused behind, my dear and most
trusted friend, will you now go ahead and drop that silly macho facade and admit
your true feelings for that sweet Skunk? And don't try to play dumb. You know
that I am talking about Kennewick, not Katella."
Arlin inserted a second finger up the bird's butt and gently pumped them
inside of him. He sighed and released his grip on Toraq's tail feathers so that
he could knead and massage the warm, reddened flesh beneath them with his other

"Well?" Toraq impatiently prompted.

This was answered with one more smack on his ass before the Tiger
finally opened up, "Very well, silly girl. I can see that there is no keeping
any secrets from you. These words do not leave this room."

"You have my solemn word," the Hawk promised.

"Every time that I have to spank Kennewick, I do indeed feel an improper
desire to haul him off to my bedchamber and fuck the living daylights out of his
adorable furry ass. I am going to blame Princess Amalie for corrupting me in
this way. Before she started making him girl up, I had never ever even
considered boinking another male of any age or species."

"Awww, not even me or Everett?"

"Not really," Arlin admitted, "However, you two have briefly turned my
head a number of times, but until tonight, not enough to make me want to
actually fuck."

Toraq teasingly clenched his aft cheeks around Arlin's fingers, holding
them tightly in place inside him, "Well well, this is surely a sign that the
universe will come to an end really soon now. For years and years, if you
haven't guessed already, me and Everett have fantasized about seducing both you
and the Regent. Could it be that we might see at least half of that fantasy
become a reality? In other words, do you want to fuck now, and take me as you
have imagined yourself taking Kennewick?"

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