Auntie Sarah Spanks Part Two

I was still crying as I washed my face. I could hear Auntie Sarah moving around in the kitchen. I went to my bedroom and looked at my bottom in the mirror. and couldn’t believe how every square inch of my bottom and the tops of my legs were a deep shade of red and I could see a few bruises as well coming up, from the hairbrush.


I got some cold cream and started to rub it all over those red marks which felt so good. So soothing. After screwing the cap back on I lay on the bed, on my stomach, and rubbed my bottom. That felt good too. Then I moved my hand down to between my legs. I felt my vagina and hair mound and realised it was soaking wet. From the spanking. I knew that Jack would have had the same feelings and probably did the same to his erection. I rolled on to my back, spread my legs, eased my fingers inside me, allowed my other hand to caress my breasts with their hard erect nipples, and slowly brought myself to an orgasm. A wonderful, electric, vibrant, exciting, orgasmic orgasm.


It took me a while to compose myself but knew I had to get dressed and face Auntie Sarah. I made a point of closing my door slightly hard so she would know I was on my way down. It worked as she met me in the hallway.


“How are you Emma?” she asked kindly.


I returned her smile. “Great actually Auntie Sarah. Sore of course. I won’t be sitting down for a while, but now my bottom is warm and even tingly.”


“Did you learn your lesson though Emma?” Auntie Sarah asked strictly.


That jolted me. “Erm yes. Definitely. I learnt not to be rude to you again.”


“And what happens if you are rude again, or naughty in some other way?” she asked just as sternly.


“I will have to go across your lap for another spanking.” I realised how strange that must have sounded. After all I am a 19 year old who has just been spanked and acknowledged that I will be spanked again the very next time I am naughty. Still, I realised she was imposing her authority and leaving no room for me to suggest it was a once only. Me being spanked again was definitely on the cards for the rest of my six week stay. I got a tingle between my legs just thinking about it.


“Yes you will Emma. Time and again in fact. Still, you have learned your lesson so that is very good. Come here young lady” she said with a much kinder tone, holding her arms open wide. I fell in to her arms and she hugged me. Such a warm hug. So strong. I felt so safe in those arms. It now felt so right. I have to admit I found the spanking itself very hard to take. It hurt much more than I expected it to. Afterwards was better of course. Much better. So when I take the two together I know I should be spanked when I am naughty. Hard. So I learn. Even at 19 years old, and who knows, maybe 20 and even older.


We went in to the kitchen where Auntie Sarah explained “I was a bit worried when I asked you to stay for 6 weeks. Your Mum said I would be run ragged what with you and Holly playing me up. You are a bit wild together after all. But me spanking you when you are naughty will be a real help you know. I feel much more relaxed now.”


I could see how it was better for her and I was more relaxed and what with it being such a great orgasm for me I was so pleased I agreed to be spanked. I still reckoned being good won’t be so hard for me, and if I earn a spanking, well, so what. I get what I earn.


I didn’t tell her I masturbated afterwards. She probably guessed, but as we were both gaining by it what did it matter.


“Is Jack better behaved Auntie?” I asked.


“Oh yes” she enthused. “Much better behaved. He is a naughty young man but instead of me getting all frazzled I put him across my lap and know whilst the tension leaves me he gets a very sore backside that reminds him of his bad behaviour for several hours at least. I get on with what I was doing and he suffers. That is great for me, and I can tell you as well as being far better behaved he is much nicer to be around. So we both win. And when he is naughty then he gets excited, as you saw, but he sorts himself out later in his room I suppose.”


Yes, I thought. Just like I did.


“How come Holly isn’t spanked?” I asked.


“Oh she wouldn’t agree to it. I asked her but she just refused and frankly at 19 years old it has to be something she agrees to. So we have our battles still, but not with Jack. He just gets spanked and it’s all over. Just like it will be with you from now on Emma.”


“I should tell Holly shouldn’t I Auntie” I stated.


She looked at me and said “I guess you should. She will watch you being spanked anyway.”


I worked out what I would say and when she and Jack got back from the shops later on I followed Holly in to her bedroom. She showed me all her new clothes and when she was putting them away she asked “how did you get on here then?”


I held my breath and said “I got spanked.”


“Yeah right” Holly said, turning to look at me, stopping short when she realised I was deadly serious.


“No way” she still said.


“I did. I was rude to your Mum and next thing I know she has me across her lap and is spanking me.”


Holly was speechless now. A new experience I thought.


“Anyway, we had a chat and I agreed that if I was naughty whilst I was staying here she should spank me again. I don’t mind Holly. Really I don’t. I can see some benefits for your Mum. She has three of us to look after and if it makes it easier for her then what’s wrong with that?”


Holly found her voice again. “You know you will be spanked more times than you reckon.”


“I can be good you know” I rallied.


“I know from Jack. He gets spanked once or even twice a week. Heck that could be you being spanked maybe twelve times whilst you are here Emma.”


I supposed said like that it sounded a lot. But I had agreed and I knew there was no going back.


“That’s the way I want it Holly. It will be fine, you’ll see. I bet I don’t get spanked again” I said bravely, of course knowing I wanted to be whilst at the same time dreading the spanking itself.


Three days later it happened. Holly Jack and I were in Jack’s bedroom watching a gig on TV.   We were singing along. Auntie Sarah asked us to be quiet. We were for a few minutes then an anthem song came on and off we went again, even louder. Auntie Sarah came in and asked us to be quiet but we ignored her.


I was conscious of Auntie Sarah standing with her hands on her hips. “I am not going to ask you again.” she said sternly. She took Jack’s arm and said to Holly and I “follow me.” She lead us out of the bedroom and downstairs when I realised we were heading for the living room and the chair. The chair. The one she sits on when she gives a spanking.   Soon enough she sat down and I realised she had the hairbrush in her hand. Yet even as we walked towards the chair I felt alive. I knew what would happen and whilst on the one hand I knew I had earned my next spanking on the other found myself aroused by the very prospect.


“You will do as I say in future. Understood?”


“Yes Auntie Sarah” I responded as sincerely as I could and the other two said “yes Mum” but glumly, Jack in particular knowing what was coming. Auntie Sarah was cross. Very cross. This was going to hurt again I thought.


“Jack, you first.” Without any argument he removed his trousers and pants and stood in front of his Mother. It was a bit of a blur for me. I knew he was going to be spanked but I could only really think about what I was going to get. I looked sideways and saw Jacks erection. I remembered of course it happened last time and I was not surprised any more as I was conscious of the wetness between my legs.


Jack was taken across his Mother’s lap and soon enough was gasping at each spank and before very long was freely crying, Auntie Sarah scolded him throughout. The hairbrush was also a blur as it was brought down with a force that Jack was clearly finding difficult to cope with. His face was tear stained and his bottom bright red before his Mother allowed him up.


“Face the wall Jack” his Mother instructed.


It all happened too quickly but somehow not quickly enough as suddenly Auntie Sarah turned her steely glare on me.


“Right Emma, you now” she snapped pointing to the floor directly in front of her I walked over quickly. Now was not the time to upset her unduly bearing in mind where I was about to go.


“Knickers and skirt off please” she snapped as if I didn’t know that would be necessary. As I took my skirt and knickers off I realised my knickers were wet. I wondered if my Aunt would see how wet I was. I looked up and she was still glaring at me, so maybe she didn’t see.


Auntie Sarah gave me a real telling off. I was left under no illusion how annoyed she was with me. Her strict voice was exciting and scary at the same time.


I had been looking forward to my second spanking but now faced with my Aunt looking so stern and annoyed, holding the hairbrush, knowing she was going to apply it liberally to my bare bottom, I wasn’t so sure, but couldn’t argue. Wouldn’t argue. I was naughty and was going to be disciplined. Simple as that.


I glanced across to Jack. His red bottom almost glowing and yes his erection clearly visible. Would I still be aroused afterwards I wondered?


Auntie Sarah saw me look at Jack and without warning smacked me hard on the side of my leg and ordered “Get over girl”. I did as I was told not wanting another slap like that. My leg stung as the carpet came up to meet my face, just as it had done the first time. That same bit of carpet. I started to wonder at that moment how come a 19 year old University student was going to have her bottom spanked by her very annoyed Aunt. Willingly. I was scared for sure but wanted every last spank.


Auntie Sarah scolded me again and made me give her answers telling her in future I would do as I was told much faster.   Answers come easily when perched across someone’s lap, bare bottom showing, a bare bottom staring that person in the face in fact, waiting to be turned red. The scolding ended and I knew the punishment would start, and as expected her hand hit my bottom with a crack, followed by the second third and fourth spank. I felt some spanks hit my legs and soon the pain merged no matter where she spanked me. I was crying before long. On and on the spanking went. A constant rhythm of hand on bottom. Her hand on my bottom. All over my bottom in fact. Sometimes on different spots but several on exactly the same spot. Those were hard to take. It didn’t make any difference to me crying. It’s just that they stung more.  


Mind you even that was not as bad as when she focussed on the tops of my legs. They really were the worst. Especially when she rested for a while and rubbed my bottom and I thought she was leading on to something else.   How I could have thought that I simply don’t know. Maybe I was in so much pain and the gentle rubbing relaxed me too much. I spread my legs a bit giving my Aunt a view of my inner thighs.  


She said harshly “don’t you dare think I am going to be nice to you young lady” and she gave me several hard spanks on my thighs which I then knew were the hardest spanks ever given.


I tried to close my legs but Auntie Sarah screamed “you leave your legs apart so I can still spank your thighs and teach you a lesson you won’t ever forget.” I had to keep taking these stinging spanks and kept saying to myself this was going to be the very last time I ever spread my legs apart when over her lap and that was a certainty.


It was with some relief Auntie Sarah moved back to my bottom and allowed me to close my legs. That was certainly a lesson I had learnt. The spanks continued and I kept crying unabated, but at least she was leaving my thighs alone.


Auntie Sarah stopped spanking me although I kept crying until I realised she was speaking.   I looked up and through my tears I saw Holly and Jack both standing there, looking at me, their eyes moving to my bottom and wincing, which told me just how red my bottom musty be by now. Auntie Sarah had her hand on my bottom even though I didn’t try to get up. It seemed strange to have my two cousins watching as my Aunt spanked me but as Holly was one of them it was somehow arousing as well.


I listened as she explained to me “Yes Emma, Jack is watching as well, just as you watched him being spanked. He has been punished and so is now back in my good books. It is only right he can watch as you have been naughty and have earned this spanking Emma.”   She emphasised the comment with half a dozen firm hand spanks which each made me gasp.   I looked across at Holly who had on an “I told you so” face.  


Holly said “Look Jack, Emma’s bottom is getting as red as yours does. I bet it hurts.” Jack laughed but I knew Holly’s comment was directed at me. Was Holly right? Here I was, 19 years old, across my Aunt’s lap, bare bottom, or rather now I rather assumed a very red bare bottom, crying, being scolded, and all the other things that go with being spanked, being watched by both my cousins.


But I wasn’t embarrassed. I was hurting for sure. I knew I would be sore for a while yet. But I did agree to being disciplined. It was my own fault. I didn’t do as I was told and am now being taught to be far quicker when Auntie Sarah asked me to do something. Hard as the spanking might be I still knew I would learn from it. Was that so bad I wondered? Even for a 19 year old?


The spanking started again and the tears flowed once more.


I heard Holly telling her Mother “Get on with it Mum. Emma and I are going out tonight and need to get ready. She’ll have to wear trousers of course, but do please get on. Anyway, I’m going upstairs.”


“Not watching any more Holly?”


“No Mum, Emma crying is upsetting me actually.”


“You do know you should take your punishment as well don’t you Holly.”


“No way Mum” she said and walked off.


Auntie Sarah started spanking me again and I thought even harder, maybe because she was focussing on me, or maybe because she was upset with Holly’s answer. By now though I knew this was right.   We had made Auntie Sarah annoyed, had earned our spankings and were now receiving them. It hurt more than I expected but I knew it was teaching me a lesson. I was going to be good from now on. Yes, this spanking was hurting so much I never wanted to be spanked again and what’s worse is I knew that so far Auntie Sarah was only using her hand. I still had the horrid horrible painful unyielding hairbrush to come.


As though reading my mind, splat, the next moment the hairbrush hit home. I shrieked out in pain. I looked at the floor but heard Auntie Sarah say “learning your lesson yet Emma?”


I didn’t say anything.   Couldn’t actually. I was crying too much. Yes I knew I was learning my lesson though. I was going to be such a good girl from now on. Maybe I understood now because I was 19 years old.


The hairbrush hit home time and again. I know I was squirming around on Auntie Sarah’s lap but never once avoided the hairbrush. Not once. I was sure the spanking was harder than last time. Tears were streaming down my face but my eyes were too blurred to see if the carpet was wet. I really expected it to be.


It was with some relief I heard Auntie Sarah say “OK Emma, it’s over. You can get up.”


I couldn’t move. I was crying so hard I didn’t have the strength. Not for several moments, until I edged myself up. Auntie Sarah rubbed my bottom, soothing it, maybe trying to rub the pain away, and whilst I slowly stopped myself crying I knew my bottom was going to be very sore.


“Go and face the wall Emma” Auntie Sarah instructed. I knew I had to. I walked over, still sobbing and put my hands on my head without being told.   I wanted to be a good girl.


Holly must have come back into the room once the spanking stopped. I heard her say

“Some red bottom Mum.”


“It wouldn’t do you any harm Holly.”


I felt the silence. I glanced around. Holly was looking intently at my bottom. She then said “what for Mum? What do I get? Jack enjoys it really. Maybe Emma does. But I don’t.”


“Have you thought what I might get out of it Holly.   You make me frazzled but I can’t punish you. At least if I spanked you it would calm me down. But no, you can’t have that can you. You are very selfish you know Holly. Very selfish indeed.


Holly looked at her Mother, and I thought that made her think. But she shrugged her shoulders and walked off.


“Have it your way Holly” Auntie Sarah said, “you always do.”


Ten minutes later I had recovered my composure and was upstairs in my bedroom. My bottom hurt but I was already thinking about my next spanking. Yes it hurt, but I was now alone and ready to lie on my bed and enjoy the sensations the spanking now gave me. Yes, I will be spanked again.


Just then though Jack came in, and to my astonishment he was still erect.  


“Emma” he said, would you do me a favour?”


“What” I laughed, “deal with that?”


“Please Emma.” He was serious. I looked at my 17 year old cousin. He was a nice boy but only a boy. I was 19 and his cousin. But he had been nice to me over the last couple of days. I felt sorry for him. I wanted to treat myself, but knew that Jack needed me and I was happy now to help him.


I smiled and asked “Have you put cream on your bottom Jack?”


“No, would it help?”


“It does actually. I tell you what I’ll cream your bottom for you.”


"Thanks Emma” he said and almost ran over to me.


“Lie down” I ordered, and he did on the bed but looked uncomfortable.


“Too stiff eh?” I laughed. I started to rub cream in to his sore red bottom which was warm to my touch. He relaxed and started to groan as the cream soothed his bottom. He spread his legs apart and I creamed the inside of his thighs which led to deeper groans. Maybe I should help him out I thought.


“All done” I said and I am sure that without thinking he spun over on to his back. His erection was huge. He could tell I was surprised by its size.


I looked at him and he stared at me but didn’t move and didn’t say anything but I could see his eyes willing me to grab him.


I laughed and said “Just this once Jack” I said with a smile. He nodded and gasped as I put my hand around his shaft, rubbing gently up and down and slowly moved it up and down, feeling the heat, the stiffness, enjoying the reaction of this 17 year old breathing heavily. All too soon I felt the surge of his cum as it shot up his shaft and spurted over his stomach as he let out a long gasp. His breathing subsided as he collapsed back on to the bed and he opened his eyes.


“Thanks Emma, really, that was great.”


“Just this once don’t forget” I said, knowing I would do it again.


“I could help you Emma” he said wistfully.


“Out” I said still smiling.   He knew he had no chance of that.


He laughed, got up, gave me a kiss on my cheek, and almost skipped out of the room. One happy young man I thought as I saw his very red bottom disappear through the door.


I got up and walked to the mirror and started to apply cream to my own bottom. Holly came in just as I was rubbing the cream in. I didn’t mind Holly coming in. Maybe she will help me then just as I helped Jack.


“Nice colour” she said, laughing. “Shall I say I told you so Emma?”


“You can if you like Holly, but I deserved it.”


“Yeah, but if you hadn’t agreed to be spanked then what would have happened? A bit of an argument but no sore bum.”


I didn’t argue. I couldn’t. After all the one thing I realised was how wet I was between my legs. I just needed Holly to leave so I could sort myself out. But she stayed, looking in my cupboard. She held up some trousers and laughed.


“You better wear these as the tops of your legs will be a real giveaway that you’ve had your 19 year old bum thrashed.”


My eyes went wet again. Holly came over and sat on the bed. “You silly girl, and it won’t be the last time. I know my Mum.”


She lent over and hugged me. She smelt so good. But it was just a hug. I was just about to ask her to help me when she stood up and said “come on, we need to get ready. I’m going for a shower.”


The moment was lost. “I’ll go after you then Holly.”


I heard the shower start up, and lay back on the bed, putting my hand between my legs, and let myself go. Heaven.


Holly was right. Over the next six weeks I was spanked so many times. They weren’t all full spankings. Several times Auntie Sarah would spin me around and smack me on my bottom a couple of times as a reminder to be good. I didn’t count those. Other times I made the trip across her lap and my bare bottom was given a dozen or so spanks with her hand. Not the hairbrush though. She said this was a slightly more intense reminder of what will happen if I continue to be naughty. But there were still seven more full blown spankings.   Most were when Jack Holly and I were naughty, although only Jack and I were spanked. Holly would always watch whilst Jack was being spanked but usually went to her room to wait for me saying she couldn’t take my crying. Not enough to be good though. Auntie Sarah would remind Holly she deserved to be spanked each time as well but she just scoffed.


Yes, so many times spanked in six short weeks, but then so many times afterwards spent on my bed in heaven. I helped Jack three times as well. I got used to him coming in and lying on my bed. I didn’t mind really.


Jack was out when my Mum came to pick me up.   I walked in to the lounge with Holly. I had wondered how I would feel about going home. Not having Auntie Sarah teach me her lessons across her lap. Maybe I can come back at the next holidays.


“So Emma, how was your stay?” Mum asked me.


“It was great Mum, can I stay longer?” I asked with a beaming smile. It had been fun. If I set aside the spankings I really had a wonderful time. Even the spankings weren’t so bad when I take my afters into account. Auntie Sarah was great fun, and Holly and I had pretty much free rein.


“You don’t want to outstay your welcome Emma. You have to come home sometime” she said laughing, and then more seriously   “and of course we’ll be continuing with Auntie Sarah’s good work”


I looked at Mum not understanding at all.


“Maintain the new rules at home.”


I still didn’t understand.


“You know. Now we won’t have to have all those silly arguments when you do something naughty.”


Suddenly I realised what she meant. So maybe I won’t have to worry that Auntie Sarah won’t be there to deal with my bad behaviour.


“Oh, I see” I said quietly looking at the floor. I looked up to find Mum holding a hairbrush. “I bought a couple of these for you. Well for both of us actually. At least for me to use on you” Mum said with a smile.


Before I could say anything Auntie Sarah said “and things will change here as well for you Holly.”


“What do you mean?” she snapped. Crikey I thought, if that had been me that would have earned me a trip across her lap.


“Calm down Holly. It’s simple. I can’t have you riding roughshod over me any more. In future I’ll be grounding you when you are naughty. I have to make you learn somehow and Emma has certainly become better behaved since she first got here.


We all walked out to the car. I asked Holly quietly “you could just agree to be spanked.”


Holly looked downcast. “I know. It’s just that it looks like it really hurts.”


“It does, but it’s for the best Holly. Really it is. You don’t want to be grounded do you?”


“Emma” Holly asked softly, “how much does it really hurt?”


“Like crazy Holly. And I’m sore for ages afterwards. But it’s OK really. You know you deserve it anyway. And I like how it feels afterwards. It does things to me.”


“You mean like Jack?”


“Exactly like Jack. Really, it’s nice.”


Holly went silent thinking hard.   “Maybe I should buy some trousers then, for when I go out afterwards” she said quietly, looking serious.


“I m sure you will make the right decision Holly” and gave her a hug and a kiss.


I got in to the car and Mum drove off. Mum smiled. “Spanking you is the right decision Emma.” I didn’t quite register then but it was said as a statement and not a question.


“Yes Mum, when I deserve it” I said, smiling.


  “Of course it will only be when you deserve it. I’ll be strict of course. Very strict actually, but Auntie Sarah told me how much more relaxed she was and, well, I rather want to be like that as well. I don’t like the endless arguments we have had in the past. A good hard thrashing and move on is ideal.”


“Mum” I said, knowing I had to say this. “You do know I like the feeling afterwards.”


“Yes Emma. Your Aunt told me. That’s OK though because I know you are still learning from it. The spanking I mean. And that is important.”


“Right” I agreed. Then there was silence as we both thought our own thoughts. It was seven years since Mum last spanked me. After a few minutes though Mum was quite talkative asking me how often I got spanked, although I had the feeling she knew the answer. At first I wondered whether I should agree. That is when I thought it was still up for discussion, but reckoned that if Mum is more relaxed then maybe home life will be as good as when I was with Auntie Sarah, so I was relaxed as well.


We got home and I unpacked. Mum came in to my bedroom and sat on the bed. “You do know it was so relaxing at Auntie Sarah’s because there was no tension. She was really worried about you and Holly being difficult to handle, but you made it much easier for her.”


Just as I thought in the car. “Yes Mum” I answered.


“So spanking is right going forward, just like at Auntie Sarah’s.”


“Well, not quite Mum.   I was only at Auntie Sarah’s for six weeks.”


“Six weeks or six years, what’s the difference really Emma?” An interesting comment giving the spectre of being spanked at 25 years old. Somehow that didn’t worry me really.


Mum looked at me and said “Auntie Sarah said you haven’t been spanked for nearly a week”


“Yes Mum that’s right?”


Mum looked serious again and said “So, today is the start of the new discipline regime Emma.”   I looked at her, knowing she was being more authoritative than ever before. “You will have to be good, just like at Auntie Sarah’s and as I will have to spank you sooner or later so the new regime is enforced I am going to give you your first spanking now.   To get it out of the way.”


Mum was being much more forceful than usual. Being 19 years old made it a bit strange to know the discussion was about my Mum spanking me but I had to agree it made sense for both of us.


“I understand Mum.”


“Good girl Emma. Come with me young lady.”


Wow, that was nicely done I thought, to get the first spanking out of the way. It was then I realised I wasn’t even asked, just told.


I was wet in anticipation. I found the walk so exciting. Following my Mum as she strode purposefully to the spare room where she had already put in place what was to be her spanking chair, with the hairbrush already on the seat, ready. She sat on her chair and pointed to the floor in front of her.   She lent forward and undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor. This was more exciting than me taking them down. Then she pulled down my knickers and manoeuvred me out of them.   She felt them and must have seen they were wet but didn’t say anything.


Mum had taken control and I knew she would enforce the new regime strictly. That my education across her knee was about to start.


“19 years old or not young lady, you are going to learn. This will be for all the times you should have been spanked but weren’t” she said as I went across her lap and looked at a different piece of carpet but one which I expected to get to know all too well and made myself ready for the first of many many more spankings.


I realised then that Mum had used my feelings of arousal to take disciplinary control over me, and I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t object. A few minutes later I dissolved in to tears as Mum thrashed me harder than I had ever been spanked before with those tears I knew Mum was fully in control.


To be continued......


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38-year-old Nina was still back home although her Mum was away and she was under the disciplinary control of her 18-year-old niece Megan. Nina woke and immediately felt the twinge of soreness right across her bottom and remembered the reason was the severe spanking her niece had given her the previous day. The third discipline spanking she had given her in just five days. Still, that was again behind her, so to speak, and Nina got up, looked in the mirror and saw the...


Impregnating Sara – Part 13

Introduction: Jim watches Sarah Part 13 Jim watches Sarah Laura walked over to Sarah, carrying a thick robe and hand towel. She offered her hand to Sarah who took it and rose to her feet. She took the robe and slipped it over her shoulders covering her naked body. Pulling the robe around her, she loosely tied the belt around her waist. Once the robe was secure, she used the towel to wipe small dabs of semen from her lips and chin. Laura put an arm around Sarahs...


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