Auntie Sarah Spanks - Part Three

Yesterday was my 21 st birthday and I went out with my cousin Holly and a group of friends to celebrate. Holly and I have become really close over the last year and a bit. Unfortunately the celebration didn’t turn out as planned and right now Holly and I are in the lounge facing the wall, our skirts and knickers removed, our hands on our heads, and Auntie Sarah on the phone to my Mum telling her what happened, and in all likelihood explaining what is about to happen to our bare bottoms.


Whilst standing there, waiting, I reflected on how things have changed since last year when I stayed for 6 weeks at Holly’s house and of course my Auntie Sarah. What started as a spanking I wanted, became several spankings over the six weeks, and since coming home a permanent regime of being spanked when misbehaving. My Mum has really taken to the strict parent role and I can’t tell you how many times I have been turned across her lap. Forget that I might enjoy the afters. She spanks even harder than Auntie Sarah did and that is saying something. It’s not a weekly thing or anything like that because I have to admit I am far better behaved now that any naughtiness will invariably lead to me being spanked but I still can’t help being naughty I suppose although at least I know when I am I end up getting what I deserve. A good thrashing as Mum puts it.


Mum is far happier having full disciplinary control over me. She says how knowing she has control over my bottom makes her more relaxed. I hate to think how awful I would be making Mum’s life if she didn’t spank me when I needed it.


But life for Holly has seen an equally traumatic change. Two days after I left she and Auntie Sarah had a blazing row. Holly got grounded for a month. I went over at the weekend and spent most of it with her in her bedroom. She gave Auntie Sarah the silent treatment when she went down for meals and that really annoyed her. Poor old Jack got the rough end of that because he just needed to make a murmur at dinner and he went across her lap for an extra hard spanking.


Auntie Sarah felt bad for doing that but probably just couldn’t help it as the frustration at not being able to spank her 19 year old daughter Holly really got to her. I went to Jack’s room afterwards and followed what had become a bit of a routine of me rubbing cream on his bottom and then taking his stiff penis in my hand and rubbed him gently at first and then as he started to groan I increased the tempo until I felt his cum shoot up his shaft and spurt over his stomach whist Jack arched his back, groaned with delight, and fell exhausted back on the bed. He loved it and felt better afterwards. I rather enjoyed it really, a little bit of control over the 17 year old. I was actually getting quite fond of my cousin in a funny way.


The tension in the house was unbearable so I had a word with Holly as her resistance to being disciplined was having an impact on everyone else and told her she should give some serious thought to being spanked as her mood was upsetting everyone. She asked me how it was going at home and I told her my Mum is spanking me quite often but I knew I deserved to be punished. Of course I was helped by me getting all aroused whilst Mum was scolding me and I always spent some time alone afterwards on the bed.


Holly didn’t feel that way though which is why she has resisted all this time but all of a sudden she burst in to tears and we hugged. She cried for what seemed like forever then wiped her eyes and said she realised she was causing a problem for everyone else and had decided to accept whatever her Mum gave her. It seems that meant she was ready to be disciplined like Jack and I. She stood up and went to her cupboard, got out a pair of calf length trousers and laid them on the bed.


“I’ll put these on afterwards I guess” Holly said and asked me to come with her.


We went downstairs and Auntie Sarah said sternly “what are you doing downstairs Holly?”


“Mum” Holly said, “if you spank me will my grounding be over?”


Auntie Sarah looked closely at Holly, then at me. I nodded slightly although Auntie Sarah had already realised what was happening.


“Of course Holly so long as you accept you will be spanked in future, when I say, and no argument.”


Holly nodded.


“I need you to say it Holly” Auntie Sarah said sharply.


I thought Holly would run out of the room but she was tougher than I gave her credit for. “Yes Mum, I agree.”


Auntie Sarah stood up and walked over to the chair and sat down. Holly looked at the floor but walked over and stood beside her. Another minute and her skirt and knickers were bundled on the floor, Holly was across her Mum’s lap and a few minutes later her bottom was far redder than it had been for years, Holly was crying her eyes out, and Auntie Sarah looked resolute but relaxed.


Twenty minutes later and after Auntie Sarah had used the hairbrush liberally on Holly’s bottom, we went to the bathroom and I rubbed cream in to Holly’s red bottom. I enjoyed doing that, although I think Holly wasn’t thinking the arousal I felt, but rather more about how soon she is likely to receive her next spanking. An inevitable fact she knew. Soon though she was chatting like normal although still rubbed her bottom from time to time. She even started to make a joke about what she will do when she is next spanked which was a good sign I thought.


Once Holly had recovered sufficiently we went back downstairs to find Auntie Sarah in the kitchen, humming, and cooking.  


Holly said “my favourite meal Mum” to which she replied “for my favourite daughter” before giving Holly a huge hug and a kiss on her cheek. “I hope you will have learnt your lesson and won’t need to be spanked again, but if nothing else you know what will happen if you do misbehave.”


Holly laughed and said “hey Mum, I guess we both know what is more likely to happen. How about next time though you won’t spank me so hard?”


Auntie Sarah laughed and replied “I really don’t think so Holly. Me giving you a thoroughly hard spanking is best for both of us I can tell you.”


Holly laughed again, now seeing immediately some of the benefits of accepting her Mothers discipline. Auntie Sarah was already in a great mood, relaxed, and back to her Motherly best. Holly was back in her good books, no longer grounded, albeit she had a very sore bottom. A good outcome for everyone.


For some post spanking therapy Holly and I went shopping after lunch. We both bought loud tops and really wide belts as “let’s make a statement” accessories to wear with our post spanking trousers. It would almost be our uniform for us after we have been spanked.


I went back to my house and Holly went home and phoned me later from her bedroom saying how when she got back her Mum had chatted to her more like sisters than Mother and daughter so she was really pleased I had convinced her to take the decision to accept her Mothers discipline.


So now we are both spanked regularly but both know we do earn each and every one we receive. On the plus side we also get on much better with our respective Mothers. They are both so much more relaxed and fun to be with at least until one of us steps out of line when the inevitable trip across the maternal lap follows.


Anyway, I was really looking forward to going out for my 21 st . I got dressed up in my black sleeveless t-shirt and very short skirt, and it was summer so there was no need for stockings. We all met at Holly’s and my friends came over there first and we had a couple of glasses of wine. Auntie Sarah popped her head round the door and wished us all a good time. She did give me and Holly a wary look which told us we must behave ourselves. Holly laughed, gave her a hug and a kiss, and she left us alone. My friends don’t know we get spanked, but I knew Auntie Sarah’s look told me to be careful or risk a painful end to my birthday celebrations.


It was going to be an extra specially good celebration as I was sleeping over at Holly’s and a bed was made up for me That meant we would be together tomorrow as well, and both Mums were going to take us out for lunch.


The evening was great and it was late before we knew it but when we hit the open air again I felt all funny. I knew I was drunk of course. Holly looked as bad. We got a cab and went back to her house.


It didn’t all go as planned. We got home all right, and even got to bed without waking Auntie Sarah up. But we didn’t sleep too well.


Now we were both in the lounge, naked below our waists, facing the wall, our hands on our heads, waiting for Auntie Sarah to come back into the room. We didn’t need to be sober to know what was going to happen when she got here.


Auntie Sarah walked in but was on the phone.


“Yes, this morning they were both sick ..... they look awful but that won’t stop me ..... no problem, you go to the shops as planned and come here for lunch. It will be all over by then .... no I’m quite relaxed ....   exactly, after all I’m not the one who is going to be sore ..... don’t you worry, they won’t forget this in a hurry .....   Emma will certainly notice the difference as I can spank much harder now ......oh yes I can easily deal with both of them no problem ... yes, see you later on.”


Well even the one side of the conversation left us in no doubt of what was going to happen to us. We are each going to have out 20 and 21 year old bottoms tanned something rotten. I was sure our still silky white bottoms which were on full view were no doubt looking very inviting to my strict Aunt.


Auntie Sarah started to scold us, as usual.


“It wasn’t very nice being woken this morning by you two being sick in the toilet.”


  She sounded really disgusted. “You two girls drank far too much last night.”


Holly tried   “please Mum, I can explain” she started.


“Stop” Auntie Sarah said and put the palm of her hand on her daughter’s bottom. I glanced at Holly and saw her tense her bottom but not voice her objection. Quite a change from before the discipline regime changed at her home.


Auntie Sarah continued in a very stern voice “stop trying to evade the issue. You know young lady maybe you do just understand this” and she swung her hand back and brought it down hard on the left cheek of Holly’s bottom, drawing a loud gasp followed by a doleful “sorry Mum.”


Auntie Sarah gave a satisfied “Good” before turning asking “what shall we do with the pair of you then?”


We knew Auntie Sarah was well aware of the answer to her own question but was drawing out the agony.   The smack, and Holly’s gasp and wet apology but otherwise lack of resistance told her that Holly and me both accepted being spanked and that was going to be very relevant over the next half an hour or so.


“Well, clearly previous spankings were not sufficient for you to have learned not to drink, so a much harder spanking than usual is certainly in order.”


We both heard the decision but neither said anything. I lowered my head and tapped it lightly against the wall. We both knew Auntie Sarah was right. A good hard spanking might just teach us not to drink. Holly let out a short sob. She knew as well. We didn’t see it but Auntie Sarah smiled.


It was a stark reality that I had yesterday celebrated my 21 st birthday. 21. How many of my friends my age would wake up this morning with a hangover and be spanked for it. None of the others I guessed. None of them knew Holly and I were spanked though. Jack kept quiet about it for the same reason. He is now 18 years old and there is no sign that his spankings will end.


Auntie Sarah said “It looks like a really hard thrashing for the two of you coming up.”


She continued “but the first thing of course is for you two to clean up the mess in the toilet. The pan isn’t very nice and the basin is in a disgusting state.”


Auntie Sarah smiled knowing that it will be the first time Holly and I have ever had to clean a toilet out.


“Girls” she commanded, “both of you come here.”


Holly and I turned around completely ignoring that we were both naked below the waist and stood in front of Auntie Sarah, both staring at the floor and not prepared to return her steely glare.


“Right then. You will both clean out the toilet, and the sink which is totally blocked with sick. Have you anything to say for yourselves?” she demanded.


“No” we both said very quietly.


Auntie Sarah ventured “I think you should have something to remind you of what is coming, don’t you?” It was a statement.


Auntie Sarah sat down and held my left arm so I was standing sideways on to her, then swung her right hand back and brought it down with all her strength on my bare bottom. I arced my back but couldn’t avoid the spank. I didn’t dare say anything. I didn’t want to make Auntie Sarah any angrier though I wasn’t surprised when the second third and fourth spanks hit other parts of my bottom. My sniffles told her the spanks stung.


Auntie Sarah then took Holly’s arm and administered the same punishment. Soon we were both sniffing away with the hint of wetness in our eyes. We both knew we deserved to be punished and were faced with an Auntie Sarah who appeared to be more cross than either of us remember her to have ever been. It was only going to be a matter of time before we would both be draped across her lap to have our bottoms thoroughly reddened. I think at that moment we were both determined not to drink again. Ever. But we both knew that would not stop the spanking we were soon both going to have to endure.


“Right girls, follow me” Auntie Sarah snapped, and led the way to the mop and bucket and other cleaning materials. A few minutes later we were both scrubbing away, trying to hold our breath in view of the smell, but intent on getting the toilet and basin as clean as we could as quickly as we could under the watchful eye of our very annoyed Auntie Sarah but wondered in a cynical way whether she actually found the sight quite comical.   We were wearing rubber gloves but still nothing below the waist and our bottoms bobbed around as we changed position to better do the cleaning. We finished soon enough although as we stood up we looked at each other and knew that perhaps we should have taken longer. We removed the rubber gloves and looked at Auntie Sarah.


“In to the lounge you two” was the snapped order. We went ahead and both winced when we saw the chair and the hairbrush lying on the seat.


“Go on” came the cross voice behind us. We stood aside to allow Auntie Sarah to pass by and she sat down now holding the hairbrush.


“I think your legs are far too white” Auntie Sarah said.


With that Holly was positioned sideways on to her Mum, but we could see each other easily. Holly had her hands firmly on her head to make sure she didn’t try to block Auntie Sarah smacking her legs as that would have led to a punishment that was far worse. I saw Auntie Sarah pull her hand back and bring it down hard on the back of Holly’s leg. She gasped and again with the second smack. Six landed in total and I could tell her leg stung like mad. Holly was spun around, but although facing the other way could still see me. Six more hard smacks and Holly was snivelling.


A few moments later and I changed places with Holly and had to stand still, my hands crossed against my breasts as my way to ensure I didn’t try to block any smacks, and felt the six spanks against one leg followed by six more on the other. They stung, like they really really stung.


There was a gap when we were being told off.   I say a gap because we weren’t actually being smacked although we were both sniffing, and no doubt Holly’s legs stung as much as mine did.


I glanced at Holly and couldn’t help think how different this was to when I stayed with her last year as I would have been the only one being spanked and she would just be watching, waiting for it to be over so she could go out. Yes, a real change. Now Holly accepted her punishments as necessary evils. Each one deserved. So now at 20 years old accepting a kiss and cuddle from her Mum when she is good is as normal and natural as a red and sore bottom when she is naughty, both given when they are needed or deserved, both given with a Mothers love, a hug being surrounded by her Mothers loving arms, and the spanking given draped across her Mother’s lap, her bare bottom positioned to accept the open palm of her hand, time and again, resolutely, ignoring her crying, just spank after spank. Just like my Mum.


Holly was as beautiful as ever though even with her tear stained face.


I felt my arm being tugged and looked at Auntie Sarah to realise she wanted me across her knee. I didn’t resist. I lay across her lap and looked across at Holly who was standing, watching me, her red legs in contrast to the rest of her smooth white legs. I looked at the carpet and was startled to see the hairbrush staring me in the face. How cruel i thought to have to look at this constant reminder as my bottom was being spanked by Auntie Sarah’s firm hand.


Auntie Sarah gave me the first spank. It stung. The first spank always did and then each spank hurt more and more. No matter how many times I was spanked I was always amazed how each and every spank hurt. I knew though that Auntie Sarah was spanking harder than I remembered, just as she had told Mum she would. I was in tears fairly soon and knew my bottom was being turned redder and redder.


I was squirming as Auntie Sarah’s hand landed time after time on my bottom and the tops of my legs. I cried , tears streaming down my face. I wanted to wipe then away, but each time I tried to rub my face Auntie Sarah spanked me even harder, on the same spot, until I returned my hands to the floor. Also I was left in no doubt that Auntie Sarah was spanking harder than my Mum did. How could she spank so hard I wondered, but she did?


Suddenly the spanking stopped. I sobbed for a while and was recovering my composure until I heard “Hand me the brush please Emma” Auntie Sarah instructed.


I scrabbled around on the floor through my tear filled eyes, found the brush, and held it out for her to take from me. I just managed to look at Holly and see her looking at me trying to give me support but looked away when a few seconds later my bottom stung as the first spank hit home followed moments later by the second. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on getting through what was surely going to be a huge number of spanks with the hairbrush. Auntie Sarah spanked me much more I was used to on the same spot making me scream out in pain and squirm around all over her lap, all to no avail. The spanks continued with unremitting rhythm. My tear filled eyes told me

she was really intent to teach me a lesson.


It went on forever, but stopped as suddenly as it started. I lay across her lap and cried and cried. I could not see Holly through my tears but guessed she knew her own bottom was going to receive the same punishment I had just been through.


I got up and Auntie Sarah said I could rub my bottom.   I actually thanked her with a smile, through my tears, and rubbed away, feeling the heat from my poor sore battered bottom cheeks.


Soon enough I saw Auntie Sarah was giving Holly the same treatment. The room echoed with the sound of palm on bare bottom followed by the brush. Holly shrieked and the tears flowed as spank after spank made her bottom bounce.   I saw Holly put her hand on her bottom just once and Auntie Sarah grab it and pull it up her back. She snapped “that’s extras for you young lady” as she resumed spanking Holly, with quicker smacks and on the same spot each time. Holly allowed her arm to drop back on the floor as her resistance was crushed.


After an age her spanking stopped but Holly’s howls still filled the room, Auntie Sarah trying to comfort Holly by saying it was all over. Slowly she recovered and was allowed to get up. We both stood there, both rubbing our bottoms, both knowing we had received the hardest spanking ever, both, in reality, knowing we had deserved every last hard spank, and I reckoned both of us knowing getting drunk wasn’t worth the thrashing we had each received.


“OK girls, treat yourselves as disciplined. Are you going to drink again?”


“No” we both said together.


Auntie Sarah held open her arms and Holly fell in to them before she gave me the same warm motherly hug. I still found that after spanking hug so comforting.   Soon though we were dispatched to the bathroom to tidy ourselves up.


The rest of the morning and the afternoon was spent playing cards and chatting, first with Auntie Sarah who was now in a particularly good mood, and later with my Mum as well after she came here having finished her shopping. She gave me a very short telling off but said everything was fine as Auntie Sarah had taught me a lesson. Things returned to normal. We stayed in at lunchtime as Holly and I were too sore to enjoy lunch out, and at both lunchtime and again at dinner two huge cushions were on our chairs for us which were most welcome.  


After dinner Auntie Sarah announced she and Mum were going out so long as the two of us agreed not to drink.


I looked at Holly and we both said we weren’t going to drink. Seriously drink was the last thing on our mind actually.


Once left alone we chatted for a while but the conversation inevitably turned to the spankings we had received that morning.


“That was the hardest Mum has ever spanked me” Holly said.


“You know Holly I reckon that goes for me too. She was pretty annoyed though wasn’t she?” I laughed and Holly joined in.


“How’s your bottom Emma?”


“Sore. Do you think yours is still red?”


“I bet mine is redder than yours” Holly said.


“Go on then let’s look.”


Still laughing we both lowered our skirts and knickers and turned to show each other our bottoms. We couldn’t see our own though.


Holly said “let’s go upstairs to the bathroom” as she kicked off her skirt and knickers. I followed suit and chased Holly up the stairs, my eyes glued to her bare red bottom.


Once in the bathroom we had a good look at both our bottoms. Holly felt mine and said “very warm Emma” and that allowed me to touch Holly’s bottom. Heaven I thought.


We were laughing away as we realised how I am 21 and Holly is nearly 21 and we were both comparing how red our bottoms are having been given a seriously thorough spanking.


Holly started giggling for a second and said “you know what is even funnier?”


“What?” I asked.


“My Mum asked me to give you a birthday spanking.”


“No.” Then I asked “What does that mean exactly?”


“Oh come on Emma. We all know you enjoy having your bottom spanked, well the feeling afterwards anyway. I think I was supposed to give you a few spanks and then let you do what you do afterwards.”


“Oh I see. And Auntie Sarah asked you to do it?”


“Well I think my Mum suggested it to your Mum who agreed and so my Mum asked me. You did have a thing for me as I recall.”


Yes I did recall, although it wasn’t in the past. I still did. I played that down though and said “Well I guess you still can, if you want to that is.”


“What, you can take another spanking now? After what we had this morning?” she asked almost aghast.


“Sure” I replied. I had wanted Holly to give me a spanking for so long. I couldn’t turn down the chance now.


“Ok, you’re on. Follow me” Holly commanded, suddenly authoritative, as she led the way to my bedroom grabbing the hairbrush from my dressing table before sitting on my bed. I licked my lips not sure I expected her to use the dreaded implement, but I didn’t argue.


“Get over my lap young lady” she snapped, quite getting into her role. She looked gorgeous but I didn’t say that. I said coyly “Yes Miss Holly.”


“I like that” she said. “Call me Miss Holly all the time.”


“Yes Miss Holly” I repeated as I lay across her lap, her lovely bare thighs feeling good against my own tummy and thighs. So different to me lying across Mum’s lap. This was Holly and if she enjoyed ordering me around then that was just fine with me.


Holly slapped my bottom.


I feigned an “ouch” and raised my bottom inviting the next spank.   Holly gave me several more spanks before rubbing my bottom. It felt so good. She gave me about a dozen more before saying “Happy birthday.”


I turned around and said “is that it?”


“What, you want more? Not hard enough for you? Are you sure?”


“Yes Miss Holly. I’ve been a very naughty girl” I said smiling but feigning seriousness.


“OK” she snapped. “If you want harder you’ll get harder.” She spanked me again, and this time I really felt the difference. My bottom started to sting as her spanks on alternate cheeks changed to several on the same spot.


“Hard enough yet young miss? In fact don’t answer. You are right. You are a naughty little girl and I am going to teach you a lesson.”


I started to squirm as her spanks started to really sting.


“Don’t think I am going to go easy on you young lady. Naughty is naughty and you need to learn.”


The spanks continued to rain down on my bottom which I was sure was being turned bright red again. I was loving it though. Not the pain because it really did hurt, but the fact I was lying across Holly’s bare legs and she was deciding how hard she was going to spank me turned me on.


She rested for a while and I raised my tummy as she rubbed my bottom and it felt so soothing. As she stroked my bottom she moved her hand to the tops of my legs and without thinking I spread my legs apart, inviting her to rub my inner thighs. She did, and I groaned enthusiastically thinking she would continue until I came.


“You little tart” she said. “You do need a lesson don’t you.”


I felt her lean over and the next moment she held my hairbrush out in front of me so I could see the hard wooden back. “Let’s see how you are after a few of these then shall we?”


I knew I mustn’t say anything. I was being disciplined by the person I wanted to be disciplined by. Even when Holly had spanked me several times with the hairbrush I didn’t object. I couldn’t stop myself crying although crying didn’t make Holly go any softer on me. She just said “good, it must be doing you some good then” and continued. That was taking a leaf out of Auntie Sarah’s book.


It was doing me some good though. I was getting more and more aroused as I squirmed around on her lap pressing myself down on her bare thighs. I knew I was getting wetter and wetter. The next time Holly rested and stroked my bottom my legs shot apart and she edged her hand right down my inner thighs and brushed my hair mound.


She kept her fingers on my wetness, caressing me gently edging her fingers inside me, finding my clit and teasing it saying soothingly “what a naughty girl you are” as I breathed heavily getting close to an orgasm.


“No you don’t slut” she snapped and stopped caressing my clit and spanked me hard on my inner thighs which stung and all I could think of was the pain. I could make out that Holly was scolding me as she spanked. I couldn’t hear the words but I found the tone exciting and far better than I had ever imagined.


Holly again caressed my inner thighs and moved her hand back to my wet hair mound and again found my clit. She took me back up but again stopped me just short of an orgasm and spanked me hard again before I could come scolding me again. Then once more she brought me up and this time allowed me to get closer and closer to orgasm until I let out a long fantastic ecstatic groaning sigh that told Holly how much I had come. I lay across her lap, breathing heavily as she kept her hand between my legs whilst stroking my bottom with her other hand.


Slowly I recovered and looked around.   I saw Holly had a broader grin on her face than I had seen in a long time. “Thank you Miss Holly” I said, now laughing and sobbing at the same time knowing my face was covered in tears.


“My pleasure young lady. I’m sorry if I hit you much harder than Mum said.”


“That’s OK Holly.   I enjoyed it didn’t I” I said laughing, referring to that enormous orgasm I got.


“Actually you know something Emma, I did enjoy it as well.”


“Did you really?” I asked eagerly.


“Oh Em, sorry, I didn’t mean in a sexy way. I enjoyed spanking you and controlling when you came, but I really am only in to the boys. I gave you a birthday present Em. What I meant was that I’ll spank you again if you want and I don’t mind helping you get to an orgasm. It’s quite satisfying actually. It’s just not full on sex for me, not with a girl anyway. You do understand don’t you? You mean so much to me.” She looked really worried.


I thought about Jack and how I was now helping him after his spankings by jerking him off. It was just the same really.   He fancied me but I didn’t fancy him, and the same went for me and Holly.


“Holly it’s fine. It was great and yes it will be wonderful if you spank me again. You are my best friend and I don’t want to lose you. Really, it was the best birthday present ever.”


I twirled around and sat on her lap and we hugged each other. We were both so glad we had cemented our friendship.


Holly laughed and said “so, when shall I spank you next then Em?”


“Whenever you want Holly, if I haven’t been spanked by Mum that day of course” I answered. We both laughed. “Just don’t leave it too long” I added.


Holly was thoughtful and said “Mind you Em, I might just try to find myself a boyfriend who wants to be controlled. It really was great fun.”


“You do that Holly. Lucky bloke. It was quite something being controlled by you Holly, feeling frustrated when you let me get close to orgasm and then snatching it away. It made the actual orgasm a million times better.”


“I could tell Em” Holly said, giving me a kiss on the cheek and another hug before snapping “OK young lady, we better get dressed before our Mums get home. If they find our skirts and knickers strewn over the lounge we may have some difficult questions to answer.”


“Yes Miss Holly” I said and we both scampered out of the bedroom and with hoots of laughter ran down the stairs and in to the lounge.   The clothes weren’t there though. We looked around and found our Mums looking very cross holding our clothes. Then we saw the two chairs. Spanking chairs, with a hairbrush on each seat.


“Right you two, stand in front of us.”


We walked over. I stood in front of Mum and Holly stood in front of Auntie Sarah. Surely we weren’t going to get another spanking.


“Well?” Mum demanded.


I looked at her and she really was cross. I couldn’t speak, and wasn’t sure what to say anyway.


“Look young lady, I have just got a speeding ticket so I’m not in the best of moods. If we need to discuss this with you across my lap then so be it.”


Before I could say anything Auntie Sarah said “your bottom is very red Emma. It can’t be from this mornings spanking.”


I could see Mum suddenly remembered what must have happened and asked “did Holly give you a birthday spanking Emma?”


“Yes” I admitted.


“Rather harder than I expected Holly to give you wasn’t it?” Auntie Sarah said staring at Holly.


My Mum said sounding shocked “What, after you were thrashed by Auntie Sarah so severely this morning. It must have stung.”

”It did Mum, but it was ok, a nice present really. You can’t blame Holly.”


“I don’t blame anyone” she said before starting to laugh turning to Auntie Sarah and saying “We can’t very well spank them for doing what we asked Holly to do can we?” Auntie Sarah looked at Holly but her stern look relaxed, then she looked at my Mum and agreed, with a grin.


I looked across at Holly who was just as relieved as I was as I think she was much more worried than I was about getting another spanking.


“Mind you,” Auntie Sarah said in a tone that made me hold my breath not knowing if she had changed her mind and I was going over someone’s lap again “it just shows I didn’t spank you hard enough Emma so you’re Mum can jolly well make sure you feel the difference next time.”


“I certainly will. You can expect to be spanked much much harder in future Emma that’s for sure” Mum said equally seriously as she stood up and gave me one of her best hugs even rubbing my hot bottom gently and saying with a laugh “happy birthday Emma.”


I started to think about the extra hard spankings I have been promised in future. As Mum hugged me and I felt super safe in her arms I hoped I would never get one of those, but I could feel my heart pounding as I thought about how much it will hurt, and my breathing told me how aroused I was becoming at the very thought of it, so I knew I couldn’t wait for my first extra hard spanking. I hugged Mum even harder as she will pick just the right moment when I will deserve to put me across her lap and given one of those extra hard spankings, and I hoped it would be soon.

Auntie Sarah Spanks - Part Three

Yesterday was my 21 st birthday and I went out with my cousin Holly and a group of friends to celebrate. Holly and I have become really close over the last year and a bit. Unfortunately the celebration didn’t turn out as planned and right now Holly and I are in the lounge facing the wall, our skirts and knickers removed, our hands on our heads, and Auntie Sarah on the phone to my Mum telling her what happened, and in all likelihood explaining what is about to...


Auntie Sarah Spanks – Part Three

Yesterday was my 21 st birthday and I went out with my cousin Holly and a group of friends to celebrate. Holly and I have become really close over the last year and a bit. Unfortunately the celebration didn’t turn out as planned and right now Holly and I are in the lounge facing the wall, our skirts and knickers removed, our hands on our heads, and Auntie Sarah on the phone to my Mum telling her what happened, and in all likelihood explaining what is about to...


Auntie Sarah Spanks Part Two

I was still crying as I washed my face. I could hear Auntie Sarah moving around in the kitchen. I went to my bedroom and looked at my bottom in the mirror. and couldn’t believe how every square inch of my bottom and the tops of my legs were a deep shade of red and I could see a few bruises as well coming up, from the hairbrush.   I got some cold cream and started to rub it all over those red marks which felt so good. So soothing. After screwing the cap...


Auntie Sarah Spanks Part Two

I was still crying as I washed my face. I could hear Auntie Sarah moving around in the kitchen. I went to my bedroom and looked at my bottom in the mirror. and couldn’t believe how every square inch of my bottom and the tops of my legs were a deep shade of red and I could see a few bruises as well coming up, from the hairbrush.   I got some cold cream and started to rub it all over those red marks which felt so good. So soothing. After screwing the cap back...


Auntie Sarah Spanks Part One

I knocked on the door. I was so looking forward to the next six weeks. I was staying with my Aunt and my cousins over the summer break from University. My cousin Holly opened the door, smiled, and held her finger to her lips. I said nothing.   “Hi Emma” she said loudly.   She looked gorgeous. Her black hair flowing down her shoulders, her black sleeveless t-shirt showing her bare midriff, black bra straps showing, and her red mini skirt. It...


Auntie Sarah Spanks Part One

I knocked on the door. I was so looking forward to the next six weeks. I was staying with my Aunt and my cousins over the summer break from University. My cousin Holly opened the door, smiled, and held her finger to her lips. I said nothing.   “Hi Emma” she said loudly.   She looked gorgeous. Her black hair flowing down her shoulders, her black sleeveless t-shirt showing her bare midriff, black bra straps showing, and her red mini skirt. It took my...


Sarah Is Humiliated By Megan

Sarah was surprised to get the instant message from Megan, Dillon’s twenty-one-year-old girlfriend. She asked if Sarah could come over the following day to discuss a surprise she had in mind for Dillon.Sarah knew Megan to be quite a forthright young lady with a dominant personality and had often fantasied about being humiliated by her. Sarah supposed it would never happen as Megan was Dillon’s girlfriend and it would seem like two-timing, unless it was a...


Another Week with Auntie Beryl (Part 4)

This current stay with Auntie Beryl had been eventful certainly, on only my first or second day I had been made to strip and was caned by Aunty and her friends all because of a stolen biscuit and broken plate. She wasn't even my real Auntie, just a friend of my Mum's we used to call Auntie. Then the following day my friend Ron & I had witnessed Kate being made to undress and Auntie caned her bare bottom. And yesterday both Kate & I had been in trouble before going...


Anal Threesome Part Three

They were in Claire's room, or rather what used to be her room. Now, it was slept in by all of them nearly every night, and the huge King sized bed was frequently put to the test with regards to the durability of it's bed springs. Kath lay on her side, wearing nothing but a pair of white-ankle length socks, propped up on her left elbow whilst her right arm draped elegantly along the contours of her right side. Her body was small, slim and firm, round little titties...


Upsetting the apple cart Part 7

The clock on Lynn's bedside table read just after eight and with Sandra coming at ten Steve decided to get things moving, he had a semi lob on and wanted sex followed by a good breakfast before then. Steve untangled himself from Jane and spooned up to her mum, he dribbled a mouthful of sylvia onto the palm of his hand and smeared it around his ever swelling bellend and the top two inches of his thickening shaft. Aiming it between Lyndi Loo's soft arse cheeks...


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