Birthday Girl

“Fore!!!!,” Sam shouted as he swung the club, striking the little white ball with a resounding ‘crack.”

I held my hand up to shield my eyes from the sun as I watched the ball sail into the distance, veering off to the right before disappearing into a copse of tall trees.

“God Damn It!” he cursed, pounding the driver into the turf in frustration.

I smiled in amusement as I made my way to the gold cart, taking a sip of the luke-warm beer in my hand.

“You know,” I said with a smile as I slipped into the driver’s seat.   “You don’t have to yell ‘fore’ every time you tee off.”  

“I like it,” he replied with a shrug as he slipped his club back into his golf bag. “Do you want another beer?”  

“No, I’m good,” I answered simply, reaching down to turn the key.   “Maybe you should slow down too. That’s probably why you keep slicing it.”

“Nah,” Sam scoffed as he climbed into the cart.   “I golf better when I’m drunk.”

I put my foot to the floor and sent the small vehicle speeding off across the fairway towards the location where we could hopefully find Sam’s ball.  

“Are you coming out tonight for Krista’s birthday?” he asked, leaning back and placing his foot against the dash.

“I don’t know man.   I’m kind of sick of nightclubs.”

“Oh come on!   I don’t want to be the only guy there.”  

“Ummm, well I might go for a bit. Does Krista have any good looking friends?”

Sam cocked his head towards me with interest.  

“Aren’t you still seeing that Amber chick?”

“Nope,” I replied, pulling the cart up beside the cluster of trees.

“Really?” he asked as she hopped out to search for his ball. “What happened?”

“Nothing.   I just wasn’t really into her.”

“Why not?” Sam asked, grabbing his nine-iron and strolling through the trees.   “She was pretty hot.”

“Yeah, she was,” I muttered as I followed close behind, scanning the underbrush for the little white ball. “She was just kind of...boring.”

“She seemed pretty fun to me.”

“I bed.   She was boring in bed.”

“Ah, I see,” he said with a wide, understanding smile.   “Boring for you?   Or boring for a normal person?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked with laugh.

“You know what it means,” Sam shot back.   “You’re a bit of a freak.”

“Trust me man,” I replied simply.   “She was lame.”

“She couldn’t have been that lame.”

“She wouldn’t even do doggy style! “


“Yeah. Or sixty-nine.”

“So I’m guessing she doesn’t take it in the ass either huh?”

I just shook my head.  

“I didn’t even try and bring that one up,” I explained, pulling some branches aside as I continued to look.

“Man, I’m having the opposite problem with Krista.”

I was about to ask Sam what he meant, when he struck his club against a tree and shouted out a frustrated curse.

“Fuck this,” he seethed, growing tired of the searching.   “I’ll just take a drop.”

“It’ll cost you two strokes.”


I laughed to myself as Sam trudged back out onto the fairway and tossed another ball down.   Without so much as a practice swing, he struck the ball with his club, sending it skidding along the ground into the distance.  

“Maybe you should stick to pitch and putt,” I teased, walking back to the car.

“Fuck you,” he muttered under his breath as he shook his head in frustration.

As we got back in and drove off, my mind remained fixated on his earlier comment.

“What did you mean?” I asked.   “When you said that you’re having the opposite problem with Krista?”

“All she wants is anal,” he explained, turning to acknowledge me through the dark lenses of his sunglasses.   “It’s like she’s obsessed with it.”

“You know, some guys would kill to be in your position,” I offered.   “Do you really have a problem with that?”

“It was cool the first few times,” he explained, sipping from his beer.   “But I’m over it.   I like the pussy! I want the pussy!”

I laughed out loud as he continued his humorous rant.

“Plus now,” he exclaimed.   “She’s always trying to do stuff to my ass.   I’m not into it.   I don’t want her anywhere near my ass.”

“Really?   Like what?”

“She’s always trying to stick her finger in there and stuff.   She even asked me if she could lick my ass.”

“Wow,” I exclaimed, growing more interested with every word.   “I had no idea Krista was so kinky.   She seems like kind of a good girl.”

Sam shrugged.  

“You should let her try it,” I continued.   “You might like it.”

Sam shook his head vehemently as he took another drink.  

“By the way,” I added, changing the subject.   “If it’s her birthday today, then why aren’t you spending the day with her? Shouldn’t you be taking her out to dinner or something?”

“Nah,” he said, dismissively.   “I wanted to go golfing today. I’m going to have to go out with her tonight anyways.”

“Yeah?” I asked sceptically.   “And she didn’t mind?”

“Yeah, she was a little pissed. But what else is new.”

I chuckled to myself as I shook my head with disbelief.   As far as I could tell, Krista had always been the perfect girlfriend while Sam seemed to treat her relatively bad.   Aside from being quite attractive, she was also intelligent as her recent acceptance into medical school had shown.   She was actually pretty fun to be around as well, although Sam didn’t usually like bringing her when we went out.   This was probably due to the fact that he had a penchant for hitting on other girls whenever his girlfriend was absent.   In fact, he had absolutely no qualms about cheating on Krista, even when the other girls were considerably less attractive, as they generally were.  

“Man,” I said with exasperation.   “I don’t know how she puts up with you.”  

“Me neither,” he agreed with a cocky smile.   “Me neither.”

A couple hours later, Sam and I finished our game and we went our separate ways.   After the day of golfing and drinking in the hot sun, I was exhausted and wanted to take a long nap before going out later in the night. As soon as I got home, I collapsed on my couch and quickly fell asleep. Waking a few hours later, I felt refreshed and ready to go out.   I took a shower, made myself presentable and called a cab.  

Before going out to the club, I met some friends at a pub for a few drinks.   By 9 P.M. I still hadn’t heard anything from Sam, so I was beginning to wonder if my night was going to be ending sooner than I had thought.   It was around 10, when I finally received word, in the form of a garbled text message from my friend that was barely readable.   I was feeling pretty good and ready to continue having fun, so I left the pub and headed downtown to the club that Krista had chosen to celebrate her birthday.  

The bar was in a relatively seedy part of town, and I was relieved to see that there was no line up yet.   Flashing my ID and paying a small cover charge, I headed inside.   As soon as I walked through the doors, I began to scan the place for any sign of Sam.   It was actually fairly crowded and I was forced to push my way through the throngs of drunken party-goers in search of my friend.   I walked around the room before stopping at an empty table to scan the dance floor.  

“Damon!” a voice called out as I turned to see Sam pushing his way towards me. “You made it.”

He threw his arm around my shoulder and stumbled into me as I held my hands out to steady him.   He smelled like beer and was obviously very, very drunk.  

“Easy there guy,” I said with a smile as he immediately began pointing out girls on the dance floor, slurring his words as he spoke.

As I distanced myself from my friend’s uncharacteristically friendly embrace, I saw Krista emerge from the crowd, followed by two other girls that I recognized.  

“Hi Damon,” she greeted cheerfully as she cast a slightly embarrassed glance at her stumbling boyfriend. “Thanks for coming.”

“My pleasure,” I replied with a friendly smile.   “Happy birthday.”

I was blown away by Krista’s appearance.   I had always found her to be quite attractive, but this night she looked absolutely amazing. Her 5’5 toned athletic frame was sheathed in an extremely tight black and white striped dress that seemed to cling to ever curve of her body like a second skin.   She usually dressed quite plainly, so I was amazed to see her in such an enticing outfit.   Her legs, which I had never even seen before, looked irresistible as they protruded from the bottom of her tight fitting dress which only came down to about mid-thigh.   The muscularity of her sexy stems was emphasized by the pair of tall black pumps that adorned her feet, with thin black laces criss-crossing their way up her calves.   The dress allowed an ample amount of cleavage to be seen as it pressed her breasts together snugly before giving way to a thin string that tied at the back of her neck.   Her shimmering blonde hair was tied back and styled elegantly as the thick lustrous waves cascaded down between her shoulders.   Her bangs were styled to one side, sweeping down over her forehead and partially veiling her sparkling blue eyes that batted continuously from the tickling strands.   Her facial features were soft and cherubic, dominated by a broad, beaming smile displaying a prominent row of gleaming white teeth.  

“Thanks,” she said softly, leaning in to give me a platonic peck on the cheek.  

I suddenly felt a little nervous in her presence, as my thoughts kept drifting back to the comments that Sam had divulged earlier that day.   The other two girls were friends of Krista’s, named Carrie and Lisa respectively.   Bother were moderately attractive, although neither could compare to my friend’s girl who seemed to outshine any other female in the club.  

“Come on,” Sam urged, grabbing me by the shoulder and subjecting me to a drunken jostling.   “Let’s go find you some sluts!”

“Umm,” I stammered, growing concerned with my friend’s behaviour.   “How many drinks have you had?”

“I don’t know,” he snapped, spattering my face with a small amount of beer-tainted spittle. “I lost count after about twelve.”

“Wait a minute. Didn’t you take a break when you got back from golfing?”

“No, he didn’t,” Krista answered, sounding slightly annoyed.

My eyes widened in amazement.

“You mean you’ve been drinking constantly all day long?”


“Since noon?”


I knew that it was going to be a short night for Sam.  

“Come on,” he prompted. “Let’s hit the dance floor.”

“I don’t dance,” I replied shaking my head. “Besides, I think I need to get a drink.”

“Good idea. Let’s do a shot!”

“I think you’ve had enough for tonight,” I said, slowly moving away. “You go dance.   I’ll be right back.”

Sam agreed and stumbled out onto the dance floor as Carrie and Lisa joined him.   Krista remained standing at the table, looking slightly unhappy.

“Hey, it’s your birthday,” I said with a playful nudge.   “Shouldn’t you be the one stumbling around drunk?”

“I guess I should be,” she responded half-heartedly.  

“Well, come on then.   I’ll get you a birthday shot.”

Krista’s mood seemed to lighten as she agreed, accompanying me to the bar.   After a long wait and jostling for position, I managed to secure a couple shots which we downed quickly.   I also bought us both another drink and we headed back to the table.  

As we arrived at our previous location, I looked out over the dance floor to see Sam dancing with Lisa, his body pressed tightly into hers with his hands casually migrating down her back to her ass. I cringed and glanced over at Krista to see if she had noticed.   She cast her boyfriend a disappointed glare before shaking her head and taking a sip of her drink.  

“Doesn’t that bother you?” I asked, as Sam continued to shamelessly grope his girlfriend’s friend in full view.

Krista shrugged.  

“He does it all the time,” she explained. “I’m kind of used to it by now.”

I tried to get my friend’s attention and somehow urge him to stop, but he was oblivious to anyone else in the room.   I sipped my drink in uncomfortable silence, unsure of what to say.  

As the pair finished dancing, they made their way back to us, Sam’s eyes glazed over with inebriation.   As they reached the table, he gave Krista a slap on the ass which only won him another disappointed glare from his annoyed girlfriend.   I was beginning to think that things were going be getting very ugly.  

As the night wore on, it became obvious that Sam had had his fill and would soon be passing out regardless of his location.   Krista decided that it was time to go, albeit over the rambling protests of her slurring boyfriend.   I offered to share a cab, seeing that the night appeared to be over for me as well.  

No sooner had we hailed a cab, than Sam was vomiting on the sidewalk under the judgemental gaze of the surrounding crowds.   The taxi refused to take us and so we were forced to wait for another.   When we finally found another one, I was propping Sam up with all my strength as he had obviously lost any remnant of consciousness.   When we reached Krista’s house, I decided to help her by hauling his drunken body inside.   After we had successfully put him to bed, I made a quick trip to the bathroom to wash my hands before saying goodnight.

“Oh, are you leaving?” Krista asked, her voice tinged with disappointment.   “You can stay here if you   want.”

“No, that’s okay,” I said with a wave of my hand.   “I don’t want to be a bother. And it’s still too early to go to sleep.”

“Well, I’m not tired either,” she countered with an adorable smile.   “Why don’t you stay for a bit and keep me company. It is still my birthday.”

I nodded, conceding to her request as an expression of delight crossed her face.  

“Good,” she said simply as she skipped into the kitchen.   “Want a drink?”

“Uhhh, yeah okay.   If you’re going to have one.”

“Oh,” she said emphatically. “I definitely am having a drink.”

“Yeah, I guess you deserve it,” I said with a laugh as I sat down on the sofa.   “After the night you’ve had.”

“I know, right,” she piped back, the growing happiness expressed openly in the tone of her voice.   “What an awful birthday!”  

Krista poured us each a glass of wine and joined me in the living room.   I started to feel a little weird, as the two of us had never really been together alone before, but her carefree mood quickly put me at ease.   We discussed school and work, but somehow the topic of conversation always came back to Sam.  

“So it really doesn’t bother you when he dances with other girls like that?” I asked, still amazed by her accommodating nature.  

“Well, I’d rather have him dancing with them than screwing them,” she answered pessimistically. “Not that he doesn’t do that too though.”

I froze as a blank expression took hold of my surprised face. Krista knew that Sam cheated on her?

“It’s okay,” she offered, noticing me shifting uncomfortably in my seat.   “I’m not going to grill you for details.”  

Her assurance provided me with a little relief, although I still felt a little awkward. I couldn’t believe that Krista knew about her boyfriend’s recurrent infidelity.   I was truly beginning to wonder why she even stayed with him at all.   Aside from being so far out of his league in the looks department, she had to tolerate his disrespectful behaviour on a regular basis.   Now with this new piece of information I was completely baffled.  

“So how’s Amber?” Krista asked, diverting the conversation back to me.  

“I wouldn’t know,” I answered as I took a drink.   “We broke up.”

“Oh yeah,” she sighed as if recalling something from her memory.   “The no doggy style thing.”

“What?” I asked in surprise.   “He told you that?”

Krista cast me an impish smile as she giggled to herself.  

“You’d be surprised how much info I can get from him after he’s had a few beers.”

I began to wonder how much my friend had divulged concerning my sex life.

“And it wasn’t just the no doggy style thing,” I began to explain.   “She was just...”

“Bad in bed?” she piped in, finishing my sentence.  

“Uh, yeah,” I agreed.   “Kind of.   I mean...I don’t need a girl to be super kinky or anything, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little...”

“Sixty-nining and ass fucking!” she shot in again, an amused smile displaying her delight in teasing me.

“Wow,” I stated simply.   “He really does tell you everything huh?”

Krista laughed and drank greedily from her glass.  

“I had no idea my sex life was such an area of interest for you guys,” I muttered, as I shook my head.  

“Well, it seems a hell of a lot more interesting than our sex life,” she answered back softly under her breath.

“Yeah,” I said, jumping on the opportunity to turn the table on Krista. “Sam told me you had a few...unrequited interests.”

Her face instantly flushed red and her mouth dropped open in a horrified expression.

“Oh my God!” she howled, her voice muffled as she covered her embarrassed face in her hands.   “I can’t believe he told you that!”

“It works both ways I guess,” smiling as I lounged back and gloated with satisfaction.  

“I’m sooo embarrassed,” she continued.   “You probably think I’m some kind of perverted slut or something now.”

“No, no, no,” I assured in an attempt at dispelling some of her discomfort.   “Don’t worry.   It takes a lot to shock me.”

Looking up from her sheltering hands, her shameful expression gradually transformed into one of interest as I took another drink.  

“Mmmm,” I exclaimed, examining the wine.   “This is really good wine.”

“Yeah, it is,” she agreed, taking a drink of her own.   “It was actually a birthday present from Sam.”

“Well, there you go,” I offered, raising my glass in salute.   “See. Your birthday wasn’t a total loss.   At least you got a great bottle of wine out of it.”

“Yeah...” Krista answered with hesitation. “I think I would have preferred if he had gone down on me though.”

I coughed, and struggled to prevent the wine from spraying out of my mouth as I swallowed.  

“W...what was that?” I stammered, patting my chest as I tried to catch my breath following Krista’s surprisingly blatant comment.

“I thought you said nothing shocked you?” she teased, smiling with amusement.  

“It just caught me by surprise,” I explained, sitting the glass down on the coffee table. “Why? Were you trying to shock me?”

“Not at all,” she replied casually as she fidgeted with one of the small, silver hoops in her ear.   “I was just being truthful.   On his birthday, I gave him the best blowjob of his life.   I was just hoping for a little of the same.”

I was more than a little surprised at the manner in which Krista kept diverting the conversation back to the topic of sex.   She seemed unbothered however, which put me at ease.  

“ him it?” I asked, picking my words extremely carefully.

“I hinted,” she replied.   “I always do, but...he just doesn’t like to do that.”

I nodded in understanding, unsure of what to say.  

“Do you like to do it?” she asked, breaking the brief silence with the simple question.

“Do I like to...?” I began cautiously.  

“Eat pussy!” she exclaimed with a broad, gleaming smile.

“Uh...yeah.   I do.   I...actually like it a lot.”

“That’s what I thought,” she said with a satisfied expression, letting her blues eyes linger on me as she took another drink.  

“So...” I began, anxious to change the topic of conversation.   “What else did you get for your birthday?”

“Sam got me some lingerie too.   A pair of little lacy, black panties.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I guess,” Krista said unconvincingly as she circled the rim of her wine glass with her finger.   “I don’t really like to wear underwear.”


She nodded and the corner of her lip twitched as she tried to withhold a growing smile.  

“So...” I began, growing bolder as the conversation continued.   “Does that mean that you aren’t wearing any right now?”

For a brief moment I thought I had maybe pushed things too far as Krista’s eyes locked on me in an emotionless expression.   Slowly however, her visage softened and she shifted in her seat.

“What do you think?” she asked, tilting her head to the side.  

I smiled as my gaze was drawn to her toned legs, shifting together in an enticing fashion as her tight dress rode further up her thighs.  

“I...think you are wearing something under there,” I answered after some careful consideration.  

“Oh yeah?” Krista said, lightly stroking her fingers up the side of her thigh.   “Wanna bet?”

I sat back and crossed my arms, intrigued by the way with night was turning out.

“Okay.   Sure, “I stated with mock confidence.   “I bet you are wearing underwear.”

Without so much as another word, she casually reached down and began to inch her tight fitting dress up her thighs as she slowly spread her legs.   I tried to remain calm as I watched my friend’s girlfriend gradually expose herself, allowing me a clear view between her legs.   I swallowed hard as I found myself staring at Krista’s perfectly pink, hairless pussy from across the coffee table.   

“I win,” she said softly as I sat frozen with astonishment.  

“Y...yes...yes you do,” I stammered as she smiled with satisfaction and closed her legs back together.  

“So what do I win?” she asked, biting her bottom lip as she continued to study my expression.  

“W...what do you want?”

“Hmmm,” she hummed to herself as she rolled her eyes back as if in contemplation although it seemed like she already had something in mind. “Well, you could give me that birthday present I’ve been craving?”

My heart was pounding and I could feel my dick begin to expand at the very sound of her voice.   I suddenly found myself extremely conflicted, torn between my ever increasing lust and my loyalty to my friend.   I would have thought she might be kidding if not for the intense, sexual glare emanating from her crystal blue eyes.  

“Well?” she prodded, running her tongue across her bottom lip as she rubbed her legs together in a blatant attempt to entice me further.  

It was at that point, that I came to fully realize Krista’s intentions and decided to give myself over to my desires.   With a stoic expression concealing my anxious anticipation, I rose to my feet and walked my way around the coffee table as she waited patiently with a subtle, sly smile.   My pulse raced with trepidation as I closed in, watching for any sign of reluctance on her part.   I studied her expression and saw nothing but unrestrained desire in her eyes as she gazed up at me. Smiling back, I hovered over her for a moment before lowering myself to my knees.   Krista took a deep breath as she saw me kneeling before her and paused for a second before her smile increased into a full sexy grin and she leaned back and spread her legs apart in expectation.  

I placed a hand on each of her knees and gently guided her legs apart as she pulled her dress up to her hips.   As my eyes descended from her beautiful, expectant face to the blushing folds between her legs, Krista shuffled forward on the sofa in preparation.   Her hairless, puffy mound seemed to beckon me from around her alluring, pink folds and I lowered my head.

A subtle moan of pleasure escaped her lips as the tip of my tongue flicked out over her soft, dewy lips. Up and down, like a small, wet paintbrush my tongue stroked the length of her inviting, pink slit before wriggling its way inside.  

“Mmmm,” she purred in appreciation as she lifted one of her legs into the air and rested it gently over my shoulder.  

I planted my lips around her little wet hole in an effort to slide my tongue as far as it would reach, tasting the insides of her delectable pussy as she stroked her fingers through my hair.   All feelings of inhibition and guilt soon faded away to be replaced by an eager, unrestrained lust as I stoked the fires of carnal desire with deep, wet stabs of my enthusiastic tongue.   With her pussy growing wet under my busy lips, I moved up and licked her tiny sensitive clit with playful flickering licks.   Clamping my lips around the fleshy button, I stroked my finger up the surface of her slit before pushing it inside as her body writhed with delight.  

“God, I love your pussy,” I gasped, pulling my wet lips from between her legs for a brief moment.

“Mmmm,” she sighed in response as her fingers clutched at my hair with every-growing intensity.   “I think my pussy loves your tongue.”

My finger began slowly plunging in and out as my tongue continued to tease her clit with small, frantic licks.   I could feel her moisture growing around my sliding finger and soon added another, curling them both up to press her G-spot with firm, massaging pressure.   Krista’s blissful gasping became more erratic and she hooked her heel into my back, urging me to continue.  

“Give me that,” she said softly as she reached down to guide my fingers out of her sopping wet hole.

She looked directly into my eyes with a heated stare as she brought my hand to her mouth and wrapped her soft lips around my wet fingers, sensually sucking them clean of her juices.   I could feel my cock pulsing in my pants as I watched with admiration, Krista dutifully licking my fingers with loving swipes of her little pink tongue.   Placing my hungry mouth back at her flushed, red pussy, I felt a renewed surge of sexual enthusiasm overtake me as the reality of the situation set it.   I was on my knees with my face buried in Krista’s pussy while her boyfriend slept in a nearby room!   The mere naughtiness of it all just served to further increase my arousal and I decided to take things one step more.

Working my way down from her dripping wet hole, I planted soft, exploratory kisses along both cheeks of her ass, gradually zeroing in on her perfectly pink little star.   As I closed in, I let my lips linger against her tender flesh, leaving small, wet patches on her quivering skin.  

“Yessss,” she muttered quietly as I continued to tease her by running my tongue agonizingly close to her asshole.  

Her quiet muttering soon turned to blissful moaning when she felt the tip of my tongue gliding gingerly over her tightly closed ring.   Her perfect little pink hole seemed to wink anticipation as I coated it in a warm, wet layer of glistening saliva.   Krista complimented the work of my eager tongue by working her clit over with slow circular movements of her fingers.  

“Do you like having your ass licked?” I asked, looking up at her in between lustful swipes of my hot, wet tongue.

“Oh fuck yes,” she replied convincingly, reaching down to pull her ass cheeks apart before my pressing lips.

I closed my mouth around her tiny hole, probing Krista’s butt with potent stabs of my willing tongue as she whimpered with pleasure.   I could feel her clenching muscular ring tighten as I wriggled deeper inside her, tonguing her ass with wanton carnality.   My head began bobbing back and forth, piercing her accommodating orifice with repeated hungry thrusts until she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back to catch her lustful gaze.  

“I want to do it to you,” she panted, her face displaying a resolutely passionate expression. “Will you let me lick your ass?”

“You can do anything you want,” I answered truthfully as she smiled back with excitement.

“Take your clothes off,” Krista ordered, sitting up and swiping a few strands of hair out of her eyes.  

A few moments later I was completely naked, standing before Krista as I nervously held my erect, throbbing cock in my shaking hand.

“How do you want me?,” I asked, eagerly awaiting the upcoming activities.  

“On your hands and knees,” she replied as her eyes flashed with zestful naughtiness.  

“Really?” I queried with surprise.

“Hey,” she shot back with a shrug of her shoulders.   “You said I could do anything I wanted.”

“Well, it is your birthday after all,” I stated with a smile, conceding to her kinky request.  

I felt oddly exposed as I assumed the subservient position as Krista climbed onto the couch behind me.   I rested my head on a cushion and waited as my heart raced with expectation.

“Oh yeah,” she softly exclaimed, laying her open hands against each of my cheeks as she eyed her prize with uncompromised lust.   “You have no idea how bad I’ve always wanted to try this.”

I held my breath as I felt her gentle hands pushing my cheeks apart.   I couldn’t believe this was happening.   My friend’s girl was going to lick my ass.

I shivered when I felt Krista’s warm breath on my backside, and then moaned when I felt her soft lips pressing against the flesh of my ass.   Gathering a suitable amount of saliva in her mouth, she let it trickle from the tip of her tongue down over my sensitive hole.   My dick was aching with desire as it hung idly between my legs, the agony becoming almost unbearable as Krista first touched her tongue to my asshole.

“Oh my god,” I gasped as her little pink tongue slipped over my tiny opening before testing the tautness with gentle, stabs.

“Does that feel good,” she asked, giving me a playful slap on the ass.  

“Fuck yes,” I groaned pleasurably, as she continued to bathe my hole with long, lingering licks.

“Have you ever had your ass licked before?” she asked as she gingerly wrapped her fingers around my dick and gave a few careful strokes.

“Uh huh,” I answered as I once again felt the indescribable sensation of Krista’s hot little tongue playing with my eager asshole.

“Probably not from a girl as hot me though?” she joked, running her tongue up the length of my cleft.  

“Nope,” I managed to sputter out.

Although she had been kidding, it was definitely true.   The thought of Krista’s beautiful face buried in my ass would be forever imprinted on the surface of my dirtiest fantasies.   I could feel my asshole growing wet under the unrelenting swathe of her busy tongue as she treated my throbbing shaft to a series of slow, lazy strokes.   Krista then took my balls in her mouth, sucking softly before running her tongue back up to my ass and renewing her oral assault with shameless enthusiasm.

“This is so fucking hot,” she purred, lashing my asshole with frantic, hungry licks. “This is making me so fucking horny.”

I had never encountered a girl with such a blatant fetish for the male ass before, but as Krista’s tongue proceeded to sheath itself inside me, I was extremely grateful for the opportunity.   For the next few minutes I relished in the sensation of having my most sensitive regions of my body treated to the talented abilities of her nimble tongue and soft lips.   A small bead of precum had been forced out of the tip of my pulsing cock and was dangling precariously when Krista pulled my shaft back and sucked the sweet droplet into her eager little mouth.  

“Mmmm, I could do this all night long,” she muttered, firmly stoking her fingertip over my clenching asshole.   “You have no idea how many times I laid in bed, fingering my pussy as I fantasized about shoving my tongue up a guy’s ass.”

“Well, you can put your tongue up my ass anytime you want,” I offered as I felt my tight little ring stretching to accommodate her pressing finger.  

“Hmmm,” she purred, pushing her slender finger in up to the first knuckle. “I might have to take you up on that.”

I struggled to relax as the further intrusion of Krista’s dextrous digit caused my ass to tighten before her continuing probing.  

“Would you like that?” she asked, twisting her finger and sliding it deeper.   “I could be your dirty little ass licking slave?”

I moaned at the thought as her finger began sliding in and out and her other hand pumped my dangling cock with increasing speed.  

“You’re going to make me cum,” I warned, which only seemed to encourage her playful thrusting.  

“Good,” she whispered before driving the entire length of her finger deep into my ass as she folded my dick back to plant within her accepting mouth.  

My ass clenched violently around her finger as the wiggling digit pressed against my prostate eliciting a series of pleasurable spasms that soon sent a copious amount of creamy white cum rushing down my cock and exploding forth into Krista’s sucking mouth.   My dick throbbed and pulsed between her lips as her mouth became filled with the warm, sticky load and she slowly withdrew her finger from the clutching confines of my tightening hole.   

Krista moaned with her mouth full of cum as she let my wet cock slip from her lips.   Moving back up to my ass, she opened her mouth and let the creamy white fluid spill out to bathe my hole with a trickling river of slippery, hot jism. As I felt the warm liquid dribbling down my crack and dripping down over my balls, she once again buried her face into my backside, lapping hungrily at the sticky mess.  

“Fuck, you’re a dirty girl,” I moaned, revelling in the warm sensation of her nimble tongue travelling the length of my ass as she sucked up the dripping fluids.  

“Yes, I am,” she concurred before driving her tongue deep into my pulsing asshole.  

I reached back and pulled her head into me as she struggled to force more of her wriggling, wet appendage inside me. I also noticed her hand busy at work between her legs as she tongue fucked me with savage, lustful strokes.  

“I’m so fucking turned on from eating your asshole,” she gasped, licking her lips with devilish intent.   “I’m going to cum.   I want to cum with my tongue in your ass.”

The rapid rubbing of her fingers sent vibrations from her shaking body to mine as she moaned into my wet, cum covered ass.   Now lubricated with slippery fluids, her tongue slipped easily inside me as her lips enclosed my hole with a firmly pressing seal, sucking and kissing with obscene desperation.   I was already feeling my flaccid, hanging cock expanding back to life under the unrelenting assault when Krista’s body began to shake with signs of a rapidly advancing orgasm.   With her ecstatic squeals muffled, her nails dug into my flesh and she moaned her way through a restrained, turbulent climax as my hungry asshole swallowed up her wriggling tongue.  

“Oh my God,” she gasped, sitting back and wiping her chin.   “That was fucking hot.”

“Yes it was,” I agreed, glancing back at her contented face, flushed red from exertion.  

“I...want to do something else,” Krista said after a brief moment of contemplation.   “Do you want to do something...dirtier?”

“Dirtier than what we just did?”

“I want you to...fuck my ass,” she said, somewhat reluctantly as if embarrassed to make the request.

“You’re the birthday girl,” I replied with a broad smile that betrayed my growing anticipation.

“I sure am,” she shot back enthusiastically.   “I’m going to go get some lube.   Turn on the TV please.   We’re going to need some noise to cover up the sounds.”

As I searched for the remote control, Krista straightened herself up and tip-toed into the bedroom, being careful as to not rouse her slumbering boyfriend.   A minute later, she re-emerged, stepping gingerly as she gently closed the door behind her.  

“Got it,” she whispered, holding up the small plastic bottle as she strolled back into the living room.  

She then tossed me the lubricant and began peeling off her tight fitting dress, finally presenting herself to me in completely naked splendour.   I studied her with admiration, marvelling at the perfect roundness of her breasts, protruding from her chest as a tiny silver locket dangled from her neck between them.   Without so much as a word, Krista then walked over and knelt before the sofa, bending over to lay her upper body against the soft cushions in a submissive and alluring pose.   I knelt directly behind her and squeezed some of the lubricant into my palm as I eyed her lusciously round backside with covetous desire.  

“Did you like licking my ass?” I asked, coating the shaft of my penis with the slippery substance.

“Yes,” she whimpered, reaching back to rub her fingers over her exposed asshole. “I loved it.”

I smiled at her answer as I watched her delicate fingers trace casual circles around her tiny orifice.  

“Me too,” I added, leaning down to plant a soft, sensual kiss on the inside of her ample cheek.  

Krista purred as she felt my lips touch her skin and ceased the movement of her fingers as my tongue worked its way towards her eager hole.

“Did you like it when I shoved my whole tongue inside your ass?” she asked, in a subdued, gentle voice as I licked playfully at her moving fingers.

“Oh fuck yes,” I hissed, recalling the sensation of having a girl’s warm, wet tongue sliding into my ass. “It felt amazing.”

My licking grew more intense as my tongue began wrestling with Krista’s finger for supremacy over the entrance to her eager asshole.   As she relented and withdrew, I moved in, stabbing her tight little star with enthusiastic, wet thrusts as my hand continued stroking my dick in preparation.  

“Mmmm,” she cooed, pulling her cheeks apart in a lewd invitation.   “I want you in my ass.”

With her hole nice and wet, I took hold of my cock, now shimmering with a thin coating of lubricant, and moved it into position between her widely splayed globes of flesh.   Krista moaned with encouragement as my wet tip began butting into her taut little ring before slowly inching its way inside.  

“Oh yeahhhhh,” she muttered, allowing her asshole to gradually stretch around my advancing cock.   “I want it deep inside me.”

I watched with concentration as her greedy little ass continued to swallow up my length, beckoning me forth with enticing, subtle squeezes and constant lustful moans. I pushed on, steadying myself by placing a hand on her back and proceeded to sink the remainder of my shaft into her pulsing tunnel.  

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked with smug satisfaction, wiggling my hips to get every last inch of my pole inside her.

“Yes,” she replied in a lusty gasp, holding her cheeks pulled wide around my buried cock.   “Now...fuck me.”

Prompted by her urging, I started to sway back and forth, pulling my dick out a small amount before pushing back inside.   I increased the length of each stroke until my gleaming shaft was sliding deep and withdrawing almost completely with every thrust. I continued my unrelenting reaming for the next five minutes as Krista grew more excited with each passing moment.

“Fuck yes,” she groaned through clenched teeth.   “I fucking love your cock in my ass.”

Leaning over, I pressed my sweat slick chest against her bare back as I shifted from deep strokes to short gyrations, manoeuvring my dick inside her hole with careful sensual movements of my hips. As she panted and gasped with ecstatic delight I whispered into her ear.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.”

Krista smiled and reached back to hold me close.

“Me too,” she said softly.   “What else have you thought about doing to me?”

“Everything,” I answered, forcing my dick deep inside her accepting ass.

“Do you want to know what I would like to do?” she asked, panting with every gyration of my busy hips.


“I want to be on top,” she explained briefly.   “I want to sit on your cock and fuck you until you cum in my ass.”

Those words alone almost brought me to orgasm and I was forced to stop all movement with my shaft embedded tightly in her tiny, squeezing tunnel.  

“Let’s do it.”

With agonizing slowness, I unsheathed my dick from Krista’s welcoming asshole and laid back on the carpet in patient wait.     She spun around to flash me a sexy, sultry smile before moving to stand over my body with her back facing me as she stroked her violated anus with tender strokes of her delicate fingers. I held my cock pointing upwards as I patiently awaited her descent with eager anticipation.  

Lowering herself down with deliberate slowness, she positioned her hole directly over my upturned dick and nestled her luscious ass down around my throbbing shaft.   I watched with kinky delight as my cock quickly disappeared into her hungry hole for the second time that night. Resting her knees on the floor, Krista settled into a comfortable position as she pushed her ass down around my rapidly vanishing pole.  

“Mmmm, there we go,” she muttered with a quiet gasp as she rocked her hips gently, moving her asshole up and down my glistening cock.   “Does that feel good?”

“Yes,” I replied as she fucked me, essentially jerking me off with her ass.  

“Good,” she purred, reaching down caress my balls.   “I can’t wait to feel your cum inside me.”

“Well, keep talking like that and you’ll be feeling it sooner that you think. “

“Oooh, is that a promise?”


“Well just think about how good it felt to have my slutty little tongue licking your asshole,” she taunted in a blatant attempt at taking me to the edge. “Think about how good it felt to shoot your cum in my mouth while I fingered your ass.”

Reaching back, Krista pulled her ass wide, giving me a perfect view of my embedded dick being hugged by her taut little ring.  

“Think about...” she continued as she pushed back, forcing my rod forcefully inside her. “How you’re violating my tight little ass while my boyfriend sleeps in the next room.”

I swallowed hard.   She was pushing all the right buttons and I felt the end approaching soon.

“Does that turn you on?” she asked, shifting from a slow, deliberate grind to faster rhythmic rocking as her tantalizing butt continued to coax the cum from my tensing body.

“Y...Yes,” I stammered, laying my head back and closing my eyes, giving myself over to the overwhelming pleasure that began to course through my body, instigated by the simple action of her ass sliding up and down my wet shaft.

“Come on,” she prompted in a sexy, sensual tone.   “Do it.   Cum in my dirty little asshole.”

A few more strokes of her clutching ass and I let out a long, gasping groan as I felt my dick pulse within her tight confines.   A second later Krista moaned with satisfaction as she felt my warm seed flooding her willing hole.   She stopped moving with my tip still stuck inside before gradually renewing her gentle rocking.   Slowly, the creamy white cum oozed out from her hugging ass and coated my cock with a thin, wet film as my hard shaft began to gradually wilt before slipping free of her squeezing ring. My flaccid pole fell against my stomach, Krista moved backwards as her reddened asshole clenched and unclenched, sending a stream of jism trickling out to drip down onto my bare skin.  

Just as I thought the night’s activities had come to an end, Krista reached back and began to spread the dripping cum over her winking hole.

“Mmmm, I love the feeling of cum in my ass,” she proclaimed, pushing a thin digit into her cum-filled orifice.

Even in the afterglow of post-coital recovery, I found my gaze drawn to the filthy spectacle as Krista slipped her finger deep into her ass and gave herself a few quick strokes.   As she withdrew her slick, glistening finger, another thin stream of cum followed, dripping down from her shimmering, wet hole. She then turned to face me, smiling with a provocative expression as she put the cum-coated finger to her lips and sucked it into her mouth as she stared down into my astounded face.    I silently mouthed the word ‘wow’ as she smiled and lowered her face to my stomach, lapping up the glistening sheen of cum dotting my naked skin like a hungry kitten.  

“Now that’s what I call a birthday present,” she said with a child-like giggle as she sat back and grinned with satisfied content.  

Suddenly feeling very anxious, I began to gather my clothes in preparation of a flighty departure as Krista did the same.  

“So...” she said as she tossed me one of my socks.   “Are you going to Craig’s party tomorrow?”

“Um...Yeah, I think so.   Why? Are you going?”

Krista nodded.  

“You know...,” she continued as she looked up at the clock on the wall which showed the hour hand past 12.   “Today is actually my birthday.”

I responded with a puzzled expression as she smiled back at me.  

“Maybe tomorrow...I might require another birthday present.”

I studied her face for any sign of joking, but found only insistent resolve as she stared back at me with a confident smirk.   I had a feeling...this was only the beginning.

To be continued...   Chapter 2 coming soon.

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