The Education Of Richard: 03

The Auditions were going poorly. I had cast my Knights. I had cast my Lords. I had cast my Clergy. I had cast my King Edward and my Prince of Wales. But I could NOT find a good match for Richard himself. I needed an actor with confidence. An actor with a force of personality, with Gravitas, an actor who could not merely play Richard on a stage, but one who could BECOME Richard.

Okay, really I mostly just needed ONE male actor who could tear his eyes from my K-cup breasts for long enough to read a line.

As the next one stepped up to the stage I snickered as I read his name.

“Uh, Richard, you will be reading for the part of Richard. From the beginning of the monologue on page 10.”

He began to recite:

“Now is the winter of our discontent

Made glorious summer by this son of York;

And all the clouds that lowered upon our house

In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.

Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths,

Our bruised arms hung up for monuments,

Our stern alarums changed to merry meetings,

Our dreadful marches to delightful measures.

Grim-visaged war hath smoothed his wrinkled front,

And now, instead of mounting barbèd steeds

To fright the souls of fearful adversaries,

He capers nimbly in a lady's chamber

To the lascivious pleasing of a lute.

But I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks

Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass;

I, that am rudely stamped, and want love's majesty

To strut before a wanton ambling nymph;

I, that am curtailed of this fair proportion,

Cheated of feature by dissembling Nature,

Deformed, unfinished, sent before my time

Into this breathing world, scarce half made up,

And that so lamely and unfashionable

That dogs bark at me as I halt by them--

Why I, in this weak piping time of peace,

Have no delight to pass away the time,

Unless to see my shadow in the sun

And descant on mine own deformity.

And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover

To entertain these fair well-spoken days,

I am determinèd to prove a villain

And hate the idle pleasures of these days.

Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous,

By drunk prophecies, libels, and dreams,

To set my brother Clarence and the king

In deadly hate the one against the other;

And if King Edward be as true and just

As I am subtle, false, and treacherous,

This day should Clarence closely be mewed up

About a prophecy which says that G

Of Edward's heirs the murderer shall be.

Dive, thoughts, down to my soul -- here Clarence comes”

He was no great actor, but he didn't seem quite as impressed with my chest as the previous students. I self-consciously adjusted my bra; was I losing my allure?

“Thank you! You've got the part! You read Richard well, Richard.” I scowled. “This could get confusing. Can I call you Dick?” I asked.

He smirked playfully, “I seem to be hearing that word a lot lately, but I haven't actually been called that.”

What was all that about?

“Oh well. Richard it is then. Go over there to Anna and Tiffany and have them get you costumed.”

“Yes Ma'am!” He quipped, snapping a sharp salute before heading over to join the two girls. As the three of them went backstage, I noticed them all ogling one another the way that high schoolers will. Maybe I was losing my touch to younger women; the way the boys now seem to like everything so curve-less these days. Tiffany had black hair like mine, but was barely adequate in her upturned, perky DD's. Blond Anna was even worse, super-slight with barely any chest at all. They were getting more attention then me?

As I auditioned other students for lesser parts I could hear a little more giggling than usual coming from behind the costume-room door. Eventually the two girls came running out of the costume room door, their facial expressions a confusing mix of shock, amusement...and something else I couldn't quite put my finger on.

“W-we have a problem!” Tiffany giggled.

“What is it, girls?” I asked.

“Well... we don't have the right clothes for him.” Said Anna, blushing deeply.

“He seems average enough. Maybe a slightly strapping build, but most of the costumes tend towards the taller anyway.”

“yes, but...” Tiffany tried, Anna had to help her to finish. “It's the codpiece ma'am. W-we...” And now she trailed off into a blush The two stayed silent a moment then looked at each other and exclaimed in unison, “We can't find one even CLOSE to big enough!”

I couldn't help but laugh, colossal breasts jiggling. “Oh now girl's, he probably just got a stiffie from you taking his measurements. Inseams will do that to a boy.” I explained.

They shook their heads.

I covered for the fact that I was suddenly curious, and a little aroused myself by rolling my eyes. “All right then, let's go check on the situation.” As we walked towards the backstage the two talked.

“I can't believe how he's bigger than all those small boys.” Said Tiffany. I smirked,

“Now girls there are no small parts, only small actors.” I told her.

“And small actors WITH small parts...” Said Anna. “Then there's Richard... His part is just HUGE!” She said as we rounded the corner.

And oh, dear god, it was. Richard was waiting patiently in the sewing room, form eased back in one of the cushy chairs, a leg thrown up over the arm of it, leg's splayed to show his unfathomably magnificent treasures. He was wearing a codpiece, but the girls were right, this was not merely the difference between a medium and a large. Richard's cock was coiled up on itself in an uncomfortable looking little patch of leather. Even if it had been large enough to cover the loops of meat, which it was not, there was still the problem of his balls, a pendulous pair of prick-plumbs that swung lazily over the edge of his seat, fat and heavy looking like a two huge oranges in a leather sack.

“Great Shakespeare's Ghost!” I gasped, eyes shooting wide as if they were unable to fit all that lay before them at their normal circumference.

“What?” Said Richard, playing it off all innocent despite the mischief that played behind his eyes.

“Y-y-y-y-you're c-c-co-penis is--”

He interrupted me. “It's okay ma'am, you can say cock. I've heard it before.”

“Your cock is a fucking monster, Richard. What are we going to do with you?”

“Well, if you do what the last couple of people to notice that fact did, then you'll probably be... oh what does Shakespeare call it...?...oh, making the best with two back with me in no time.”

The idea had appeal... but I was his teacher. I had decorum to maintain. I grabbed a stack of scripts.

“Let's do a little rehearsal shall we?” I suggested. He shrugged as I handed out the play to him and both girls, the four of us playing different characters surrounding Richard III's scenes as needed. As we read, I began to understand how my poor students felt trying to read their lines around me. Even as my mouth said the words, my eyes kept drifting back to that fat long rope of un-containable cock that my lead actor was sporting, my mouth going a little dry at the sight, my nipples perking up.

“Ma'am, there's something I don't understand.” Said Richard.

“Yes?” I asked.

“In the play Richard III is a hunchback and all messed up and stuff. Why did you cast me for that?”

I smiled. “It's a question of artistic vision, hon. When Shakespeare wrote these plays, he was doing so for Queen Elizabeth, whose bloodline beat out Richard's family for the throne in the war of the roses. To mollify her, he had to make Richard out to be a monster so that she'd feel better about her position in the world.”

“Oh.” He said, looking a little bored at the long lecture.

I stood up as I continued my little monologue. “I wanted my Richard to be tall. Strong. Handsome. A realistic portrayal of all the man might have been without Shakespeare's pandering to his queen. My Richard should feel confident, happy, and in command at all times.” I now stood, tits just inches from Richard's seated form.

“Tell me Richard... do you feel confident and happy? How about powerful?”

“Um...Uh....I....” He stammered as his whole field of vision was consumed in the view of my cleavage, pilowy titflesh inviting his lust.

“Well that doesn't sound very powerful to me. Girls, we have to help him!” I exclaimed, clapping my hands, making my tits ripple.

“Let us rehearse a few scenes that are not in the script so that Richard feels more comfortable in his role.”

Tiffany and Anna looked at one another and shrugged, putting down their booklets and awaiting my direction.

“Now Tiffany, you will be the Duchess of York, and Anna, you're Lady Anne-Neville. Both your husbands are dead by direct or indirect action of Richard here, and you hate him for it. But somehow....” And here I needed to make no more explanation as their eyes crawled up and down Richard's gorgeous body, meaty ball-sack, and the super-sized scepter that bulged powerfully behind the codpiece, “... you find yourselves drawn to him. Today you've come to confront Richard for his crimes and avenge your husbands. But perhaps Richard's.... power will overcome you.”

The two nodded.

“Scene.” I said, the command launching my actors into motion.

Tiffany and Anna closed their eyes a moment, getting into character and then both looked up at the pretender to the throne.

“Richard! We...hast come here to confront thee with thy, um, dark crimes!” Anna nobly attempted.

“Gadzooks! Thy member is huge!” Tiffany added, eyes down and wide.

“So is yon noble-woman's breasts!” Richard retorted, sweeping his hand wide to indicate me. I hissed at him. “I'm not in the scene Richard!”

“Right!” He nodded. “Um... I have committed no crimeths good and hot ladies.” His butchery of Shakespearean English could not be more painful.

“You murdered our husbands!” Anna shot back, her rage seeming genuine, pointing her fingers accusingly. She was a good actress, why had I stuck her on costumes instead of casting her?

“Thou dost thinketh me hot?” Asked Tiffany, angling those DD's in his direction. Anna punched Tiffany's arm only increasing the visibility of those now-jiggling breasts.

“I thinketh thy milkfruits are hot!” Richard said.

Clearly this scene needed more direction.

“Richard, you're the KING. If you like much, get them out for yourself..” Richard nodded and abruptly tore Tiffany's blouse with a stage-whispered 'sorry' as he did so. I goaded him further. “She's your fallen enemy's widow. Those breasts are your spoils of war! Suck on them!”

Richard put out his long-fingered hands and palmed the firm young tits, lifting them both slightly as he leaned down and started licking their surface, saving the areolas then the nipples for last. Anna looked a little lost now, but teacher was here to help.

“Help your king out his codpiece and the other widow out of her pants” I told her, watching with growing interest as Anna first stripped herself, then got down and removed the inadequate codpiece and bulging tights from Richard's legs. She followed this up by unpinning Tiffany's skirt, revealing a beautiful purple thong beneath. She hooked her fingers into those, but I stopped her.

“No no. Those will be removed at the right time.” I said. Tiffany was purring now, stroking Richard's hair as he feasted on her ripe tits, lapping and sucking them, her nipples now poking up at full hardness in response. But then, my nipples were hard too and so were Anna's. What she lacked in breast meat she made up for in these long pink nipples that even I almost found myself wanting to suck.

Speaking of sucking, “Tiffany, to your knees, your King's cock is going woefully unsucked! You must resolve this!” She sunk to her knees, grabbing at the base of Richard's enormous prong, then put hand over hand until she was close enough to the tip to lift it to her mouth. She held only about six inches in her hand and mouth, but what she lacked in depth she made up for in enthusiasm, drooling all over his flaring cockhead, tongue lapping it from all sides. She moaned and mewed, slurping heaps of affection on to the turgid rod.

“Anna! You ought to be ashamed! Do you see those poor heavy balls just aching to be sucked? How can you ignore their needs!?” Anna blushed, her whole body turning red as she also sunk to her knees, angling her body sideways to get at his low-dangling nutsack, gathering the endless folds of scrotum in both her hands, bringing the ostrich eggs towards her face, panting them in easter-patterns with her tongue, making Richard moan loud. The king put his hands and both women's heads, stroking their black and blond hair as they worked his shaft and ball-bag. His cock had certainly taken notice, and what must have been the 19 inch monstrosity was now taking long thick shape, blood pumping through his massive veins as it throbbed up larger and larger

My own pussy couldn't believe the majesty of the sight, and gushed a little in response.

Tiffany's eyes met Anna's from across the vast distance of Richard's enormous shaft and she moved down to join her suck-sister, grunting slutily as she crammed Richard's left ball into her mouth and fed Anna the right. His big fat balls were so huge that with even just one, their cheeks bulged and their jaws stretched. Richard through back his head in ecstacy as his cock slipped and slapped gently between them, then roared as they drew away from each other, each taking a ball with them, their faces a foot apart because he had so much droopy nutsack to spare for each tugged testicle.

Anna reached out and stroked Tiffany's face, massaging Richard's ball through the other girl's cheek. Tiffany returned the gesture. Then the two reached up, each grasping the base of his now-hard colossal shaft. Even Anna's longer fingers didn't meet around it, and a preposterous amount of prickmeat still stuck out above their hands. Anna added a third hand and then Tiffany a fourth. I shook my head in amazement and crossed to join them, wrapping both fists around yet more cock. Richard smirked and put both his hands on two. Still a little bit escaped all of our grasps.

“Come on, teacher, don't you wanna join in on this scene?”

I scowled at my own behavior with this student's titanic tumescent shaft quivering hot in my grasp.

“Only for the sake of the scene. I shall be lady...” My mind moved furiously trying to come up with another character from the list of females in the play.. “I shall be Queen...” No, there were none of them left to choose from who would make sense. “I'll be...” I paused blinking, the girls looking goop at me with their adorable cheeks stuffed full of fat ball-meat, Richard's stretched baggy scrotum dangling between them like so much pulled taffy.

“Oh fuck it!” I decreed, plunging my head down suck his head into my mouth. That was a task! His flared cock-knob was so wide it was a little like trying to get a doorknob into a can of soda. But with a little straining and an audible popping noise, I managed to get it in, reaching out with my greedy tongue to hook swallow after swallow of gooey precum right from his spunk-slit.

Richard was clearly in heaven... I could only imagine that this might be the first time he'd had his whole cock covered by anything at once, and the sensation of my mouth, all 8 our hands, and the two girl's mouths might have been a bit overwhelming. I felt his cock pulse and he threw his head back with a loud, lewd moan, shamelessly enjoying the ball-sucking, cock-slurping jack-off session he was in the midst of.

But not on my watch! I pulled off of the tasty prick and quickly wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. “Down girls! Tug down on them so he can't cum yet! We're not through with him yet, are we?”

They obeyed, dropping almost all the way to the floor his overtaxed nut-sack nearly reaching that far it was so capacious. I could only imagine that his ball sack must have gotten so long from the sheer weight of those stones inside it. The boy had big nuts, this I could admit to myself. Richard grimaced and groaned under the mix of pleasure and pain he was getting and even whimpered a little from the release denied. I leaned over and whispered in his ear,

“Don't whine deary, imagine how good it's gonna feel when you get to empty them!” And grabbed his wrists, moving his hands to my blouse, starting him on uncorking the top button while I toyed with his cock, rubbing my palm over the head, spreading his precum around to lubricate him with a gleaming sheen. I reached my spermy hand down and stroked Tiffany's cheek with it, leaving a nasty goo on her. Anna was quick to spit Richard's huge hanger out to come and lick it off, the girls turning to tongue each other, swapping and smearing the liquid around like it was their catnip.

“Anna, get up here and suck his cock. Now.” I directed, loving the role of dick dictator. Anna seemed wary, but raised up and gave it her all, requiring on a little manipulation from me, guiding her head to get his fat cocktop into her maw. Anna nursed and suckled the huge cock while I went down to join Tiffany. Together we spiraled our heads around his colossal, dangling sack, swabbing it with our tongues, trading licks and kisses as we passed each other from different angles. Tiffany got behind him slurped along the back of his ball sack, licking every inch up it, sliding her tongue across his taint and then into the crack of his muscled bottom Richard gave a yelp and then moaned, a thick sheen of precum suddenly spilling from Anna's lips as he gave it up.

“Never had that done before, huh?” I grinned. “Do you want her to stop?” Richard shook his head, and the three of us worked him over this way a while. Anna bobbing her head on his cock, me licking and slurping the huge balls and caressing them with my tits, Tiffany making hungry slurping noises at his ass, giving him the rim-job of a lifetime. His balls tried to go off again, but I looped my hand around the saggy sack, deny him release again as I pulled Tiffany up with me to join Anna at the cockhead.

“Okay, one pull each, then pass it on. We're sharing. Whoever can go deepest gets first fuck.” I announced.

Obeying my command we passed the cock woman to woman to woman, each of us throwing our faces down and deep. I'm damned good and got about 8 inches in on my best go, and Tiffany could only manage 6, barely more than the head of a rod as immense as his. But Anna was a nasty little slut, gagging hard and tearing up as she forced ten fat inches all the way into her horny throat, neck bulging obscenely from the mind-mashing width of his ultra-girthy wang.

“Where did you learn that you little slut!?” I demanded After she unthroated him and gasped out a huge wad of pre-cum she answered. “Tony's got one this big.” She explained, holding her hand down to the ten-inch mark on Richard's cock.

“Hm. If I hadn't met Richard to day, I'd be all over that. You never know who'll get one I guess. Teach me how later?”

She nodded, then reminded me of my earlier promise. “Right. So you said I get to be the first to ride this beast?”

“So I did. Richard, stand up. Anna, put your ass on that table over there. Tiff and I are going beneath.” The two obeyed and I pulled Tiffany to crawl on her hands and knees under the table with me, so we were staring at Richard's powerfully built legs and magnificent balls. We couldn't see what happened next from this vantage point, but we could guess from Anna's almost anguished cry, her fists and heels pounding the table as her tiny little 'tang was spread wide on the impossible cockhead. Her thumps got harder, then softer as he angled forward more and more, his obscene phallus sinking deeper and deeper.

He had perhaps a foot in when he ended his long, slow first thrust, her whole body making a huge racket as she thrashed and thrashed on the hardwood and the hard wood. This was giving me an idea I'd have to execute later.

“Ready?” Richard asked when she stopped thrashing, both of his hands wrapped around the more than half of his unacceptably enormous cock which had probably never tasted pussy.

“Ungh yeah... but...” She started, her sentence ending as he began pulling his hips back, raking her innermost walls and g-spot, glistening drops of her overproduced juice dribbling to the floor from his now glistening shaft. Then he was stuffing back in again, his awe-inspiring balls swinging forward like a pair of wrecking balls. Tiffany and I exchanged a glance and wordlessly moved in position to offer our faces up for demolition. Richard pounded away and his grotesquely gargantuan nuts pounded our faces. Soon our tongues and moths were in the game, slurping and slobbering all over the orbs with moans and lusty little sucks.

The one I was sucking was so tasty, I schemed to make them both mine, stroking Tiffany's cheek as I whispered a new plan in her ear, pulling her almost forcefully off the huge face-smacking nut she was enjoying. Now I was free to grope, stroke and savor the sweaty sack as she executed her next order.

Tiffany came out from under the table, then crawled on top of it, straddling Anna's body and learning forward. In this position she could feed the studly student both her big DD cups; a good appetizer for what I'd be giving him later, and he took full advantage, hungrily swabbing and smacking all over those tits like a hungry lion on a pair of steaks. He fucked faster in his lust, eliciting an ear-splitting scream of orgasmic joy from Anna. Tiffany worked her hips in tandem, alternating between grinding Anna's clitty with her own and tilting forward enough on Richard's strong shoulders to let his un-sunk shaft grind her hot little button.

Meanwhile I had duty to do! Richard's balls were putting up a fight to get off, trying to lurch from my mouth or grasp so they could deliver the no-doubt massive payload they carried. Seeing no choice, I seized his huge right testicle in both hands, linking my fingers around the drooping sack and holding it down. The other ball was treated to some high-grade vacuum as I brought myself up to suck it, suck it so hard and diligently then I finally managed to get it into my mouth with an audible pop. Then I made the impossible downright miraculous, swallowing hard as I pushed up, gorging myself on the jaw-breaking stone, gagging it down into my throat.

Now with the strength of both my hands on one ball and my ravenous throat on the other Richard would be free to fuck his hardest without any fear of losing his juice. He looked down at me with a shocked expression, the obscene bulge in my throat spurning him to kick his fucking up a notch. His titanic testicle raked up and down my esophagus, challenging my gag reflex to the limit, dredging nasty throaty noises and moans as it bounced, stopping and unstopping my air-way with every pass, making my now slobber-spattered tits heave and bounce in response.

Shakespearean language cannot describe what Richard did to the girl so I'll put it in modern terms instead; that boy was fucking the ever-loving shit out of her. Her back arched off the table as his cockhead visibly pulverized her inner walls, making a large indentation in the skin of her tummy, and it was probably only Tiffany's clenching thighs that kept her from being love-shoved off the end of the table head first. She moaned horny and unashamed, no doubt alerting the whole school to what was happening to her as he drove deeper and harder, her young ripe pussy drooling out literal puddles of juice.

Tiffany scooped up some of that, licking her hands and then rubbing the rest onto her breasts for Richard to lick right off. I followed suit and let my hands run in the waterfall of her lust that poured from the edge of the table and then rubbed it all over his slobber-dripping ball sack, munching on the pounds of ball meat, slurping her tangy sweetness from his humongous gonads, moaning the whole time my pleasure.

Finally Anna came down from her orgasm, gasping for breath. Tiffany leaned over and licked her ear. “My turn she said. Right director?” She asked me, giggling.

“Right!” I Answered, proud at how far my girls had come in their understanding of dramatic pacing and staging.

Anna crawled whimpering from the table, too out of it to properly help as Tiffany positioned herself. The horny, busty young slut rolled over and got on her knees, sticking her pert ass in Richard's face, her glistening pinkness beckoning to him with a sheen of liquid drooling from it's pretty, plump lips. Richard playfully spanked his pussy destroying dong against each of her upturned ass cheeks, groaning in approval as they jiggled before placing his head at her opening. Tiffany quivered and trembled with anticipation, her face already a full-lidded mask of lust with parted lips and a healthy red flush.

I had to take extra-firm hold of those ready-to-go-off balls as Richard plunged into his new conquest, a wild scream erupting from her mouth as he slid perhaps 8 inches of wide fuck slab into her dripping sex. Tiffany beat a fist on the table and abruptly blasted the hung king with a deluge of her pussy punch, speckling his ripped arms, bulging pecs, and powerful abdominals with glistening droplets of twat tonic. At the same time her hips sort of pulled away, instinctively trying to escape the parking-meter thick cock from ruining her sex, but Richard only grabbed hold of her pigtails and crammed more in. The shower of cunt cream that followed was all the evidence I needed to know she was enjoying herself.

The young man was definitely enjoying himself, and he hefted one leg and planted it onto the table next to her heels, leveraging himself up and tilting her pelvis to drive down into her, his speed increasing. If I'd let go of his balls now, they'd probably smack a hole in the table. That gave me an idea, but I'd have to get to it later, instead giving his nuts a horny two-fisted kiss moaning “Oh God Richard, you're such a fucking stud...” At this point I was squirming in my own juices, my nipples raw and hard, my ass swiveling in time to his thrusts as though I, his proud and proper teacher were the one getting railed.

Then Richard kicked it up another notch, hopping his other foot up on the table and pulling poor Tiffany into a diagonal lean against her head, shoulders and big tits, pounding down with savage, animal grunts as he fucked and fucked away,his cunt-splitting log of meat eliciting ear-splitting screams of pleasure from the busty young woman. Anna bolted forward and I rushed to my feet, the two of us almost colliding as we sought to collect and restrain his balls from unloading. His scrotum was so long, we could pull it back between his legs, with plenty of slack left to table them onto my upheld tits. I cushioned his huge gonads while Anna held onto them, slurping them to soothe the no doubt mounting pressure they must be feeling. The gargantuan balls were grotesquely bloated now, fat with cum, but we forced his edging to continue as he proceeded to powerfuck Tiffany's brain into oblivion.

Tiffany let out her longest, loudest scream yet, somersaulting from his cock onto the floor next to the table, her bursting cunt exploding with wave after wave of syrupy fucksauce, her copious orgasm and his thick pre-seed combined in a nasty muff mix that squirted from her for what seemed like long minutes.

But I was not there to watch the whole show, I had a tool to grab, and I'm not referring to the one Richard had just powerballed Tiffany with..

The girls wasted no time while I was off grabbing my next tool, and when I got back they were both wrapped around Richard's humongous prong, rubbing their tits and tongues against it, and Anna even gave him a little pole-dance, grinding her clit and ass against the underside of his shaft while Tiffany held it up for her, spanking her partner in crime when the opportunity presented itself. I plugged in the circular saw I'd brought and proceeded to noisily and quickly cut a hole in the center of the table.

“Come here and lie down Richard. This will let us isolate your favorite part for a little play, and it should keep you from being able to cum too....”

“But what if I wanna cum!” He whined.

“Just think how sweet it will be when we let you. Come on. Lie down.”

Richard complied, positioning his gorgeous body onto the table, carefully feeding the whole of his endless length through, then with no small amount of difficulty stuck his nuts through one at a time. This was perfect...not only were we treated to a table that suddenly had a fleshy fifth leg that made our pussies clench with anticipation, but it would act as a cock-ring of sorts, preventing Richard from gaining release no matter how we worshiped him. And worship him we did.

The three of us spiraled around his now-dangling stalactite of cockflesh, hands pawing at each other's tits and thighs as we fought to gain space around the enormous organ that drooped so dangerously, hard and just shy of touching the floor it was so long. The three of us cleaned every drop of cunt sauce from the glistening skin, and then I directed everyone into patterns. Tiffany got the massive tendon that ran along the top of his prick, licking it up and down with drooling lusty affection, and on the other side of his meat Anna attended to the cum-channel, their tongue occasionally touching when they snaked over his tip.

For my part, I traced the veins, treating them like blue, purple, and red trails for my tongue to wander. When I'd followed all of them, I was confronted by the sight of his bulbous balls, bulging to the bursting point where they were pulled up against the underside of the table. The poor things! But I would have to see to them later. I wrapped my hands in the girl's hair and pushed them together into a slutty kiss, making them make out as I leveled Richard's prick between the tight seal they were making, bobbing his precum-dripping head up and down between their two sets of lips, coating their slutty teenage jaws and chins in his rivers of semen.

Then it was Tiffany's turn to direct, the clever girl pinning his cock by the underside of his head to the bottom of the table, allowing the three of us to give long worshipful licks to the underside all at once, his cock being so wide that it acted as a sort of race track for our tongues to be along side one another. Anna pulled his cock back down the other way, gently sandwiching the base between his colossal dangling gonads so that we could repeat this trick along the top, his shaft was now so nasty with slobber it looked like it had been marinating in our mouths for a day and a half.

Now it was time to soothe those aching balls...or make them worse...I'm not sure....I pushed the girl's heads up to where they dangled, encouraging each to make a futile effort to suck one in, Tiffany opened her mouth so wide, her thicks lips splayed almost 90 degrees from one another and her eyes rolled back into her head, the huge nut utterly dominating her mouth, her face, her head. Anna was craftier and used her hands to tenderly and carefully manipulate the massive man-yam into her maw, letting it stuff both cheeks and sit sideways in her mouth while she worked her tongue on it like a baster. For my part I took advantage of what little space they didn't cover in the middle, licking the thick seam of his scrotal bag.

Once the strip of sack I was licking couldn't be any moister, I licked up it all the way to the tip of him and prepared myself.

“Okay girls, I'm going down on this thing, and no matter what you hear, I don't want you pulling me off, okay?” They nodded, looking scared.

I arched my back, huge tits flopping as I angled his thick prickhead into my mouth and started to push myself down, almost crab-walking to get inch after inch in. It was a little easier with the new angle, but taking any more of a cock so long was more than challenging. It was just a few sniffs at first, then some lusty little coughs and gagging noises as my eyes rolled and I forced myself to take more. By the time I'd sunk a foot of him, my neck bulged with a horrid curve of meat, my innards were in full reverse and nothing but long ragged noises of painful rejection, my face a mask of nasty precum and slobber that dripped from my chin up into my eyes and down into my hair.

Finally I had to pull of, a gasp from my throat was met with a thick gout of precum, his balls buckling up against the table so hard trying to go off that the wood creaked. I just stared at the awesome and intimidating organ, thick ropes of streaming liquid connecting my face to every inch of his cock with a different strand. The girls wasted no time in attacking those thread, each curling her tongue to hook in a different arch of pre-seed, Anna even skillfully drizzling a little of it from her lips onto Tiffany's face and tits.

It was at this moment that the door open, and another one of my students entered the room with a script,

“Ma'am I have some questions about...” He stopped and stared at the orgy before him, the two girls snapping up threads of pre-spunk, his teacher's huge tits out and dangling, the enormous cock and balls almost like a fifth table leg. A sudden wet spot appeared on the front of his trousers, and you'd have though he was peeing himself if you couldn't see the erection. The poor boy had cum just at the site.

“Um, I'll come back later!” He said, voice cracking as he put the script in front of him to hide his shame as he left the room.

The three of us giggled. Richard whimpered.

“If he gets to cum how come I don't?” He whimpered.

“Oh very well.” I pouted, not wanting this fun to end. We worked carefully to feed his now engorged nuts and cock back up the hole, coming out from under the table.

“Now Richard, a huge cock and huge tits are made for each other. You're going to fuck my pair till you go off, while the girls service us both however they see fit.”

“But I want to make you cum!” He protested.

“I probably will just from the titfucking dear Richard. I can't have students fucking me. There's too much at stake.” Then I cupped my pre-cum spattered orbs and grinned, “Besides, these will cover you better than anything else here. I'll bet you've never sunk every inch of cock into anything, have you?”

He shook his head and then gasped as I lay on my back on the table, holding my huge tits into a perfect fuck-chasm for him to bury his beast in. My biceps were visibly strained by the act of hefting my humongous chesticles, and I spread my legs a little to give him room to kneel before my pelvis. First I held my tits together a little too tight for him to get between them, letting him instead roll the head and shaft of his colossal organ all over my tits, spewing pre-spunk onto them with each globe-jiggling tap of his rod.

Then I parted my valley and let him sink in, closing the way after him with pounds of perfect titflesh. My gum-ball fat nipples were already hard as he started to slide in and out, danging slapping hard into my clit as he moved. I sucked in a breath, this was going to make me cum much quicker than I'd anticipated. The girls were helping, covering my huge tits in hot lusty licks, slipping there tongues over every inch of my cream-covered bra boulders, focusing especially on the parts of my boobs that most men neglected in their horny search for nipple meat.

“And I thought mine were big!” Pouted Tiffany as she ground her big boobs into the side of one of mine, amazed at how even one of my bra cups could have probably contained both her breasts.

Richard grunted happily as he thrust away, loving the way that Anna licked the backs of his balls each time her pulled out of my cleavage. I shook my tits back and forth on his dick, wrenching it this way and that as I bit my lower lip, having the first of many orgasms from his clit-punching nuts.

He squatted a little higher on me, cock pelting against my lips before I finally opened up and lit him fuck the head of his prick into my mouth on the upstrokes, Anna moved lower to lap at my bubbling cunt as Tiffany came around to take over ball-duty, grinding her huge tits against them so that his whole unit was being pleasured by one pair of tits or the other.

I was having trouble keeping up with the flow of pre-sperm, and I gargled and drooled it from my mouth as he rammed harder and harder, rivulets pooling in the hollow my throat to be splashed around by his pounding shaft as it fed into my face.

“Oh Fuck Ma'am! Here it comes! Oh GOD I'm...I'm....!” As he drove me over the top for the sixth time, his own orgasm mounted, his humongous balls straining to tighten up and bloat out next to his shaft, his dick seeming to span thick as a thigh as it erupted a huge hose-spray of jizz directly into my face. His cum-slit had dilated to the size of a drinking glass to accommodate the sheer volume of fuck chowder that was spraying out.

His Ejaculate didn't cum in shots at first, only streamed and streamed, sometimes thicker sometimes lighter but always cumming and cumming, his out of control hose painting my splayed body, seeping down the hole we'd cut in the table to pool on the floor. Tiffany and Anna joined my position, putting there heads next to mine so their horny swallowing throats could catch more and more of Richard's unbelievable tirade of nut-nog.

Finally Richard subsided and sat up, the three of us completely dripping in Shakespearean gowns made entirely out of rich cum, he'd even had enough cum to paint my huge globes, and act alone that would have taken at least 30 or 40 other men. He ran a hand from the base of his prick to it's tip, shucking the last of his load that coated his shaft into the ring of his index finger and thumb, reaching out to feed it to Anna and Tiffany, smiling smugly as they hornilly whimpered and licked it from him, kissing each other to share his taste with one another.

He pumped his cock a couple of times in both fists.

“Ready for round two, teacher?” He asked sweetly. My jaw dropped. I was saved by the bell, the tinny klaxon making my overstuffed cum-crammed stomach breath a sigh of relief.

“We'll take it from the top tomorrow.” I said, as everyone dressed.

Anna giggled. “This is going to be the worst version of Richard III that anyone has ever put on!” She said.

“I don't care.” Was my only reply.

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