Miss Parker - Part 2

Miss Parker – Part 2

“Gabriella will be home in two weeks time Miss Parker. By the time she arrives I expect you to have created a detailed plan of action regarding her education. I have taken the liberty of creating a report detailing where she is failing and have included comments from her teachers. Please deliver your plan no later than 1 o’clock next Friday.”

“Yes Mr. Wilson,” replied Caroline, rubbing her bottom. She could well imagine the consequences of failing to deliver.”

“That will be all Miss Parker. If you wish to take my offer of the apartment, let Charles know on your way out and he will organise access for you. I will also allow you to redecorate should you wish.”

“Thank you Mr. Wilson, both for the opportunity and the lesson. I’ll try my best not to disappoint you.”

Once Caroline had left, Robert picked up the contract and placed it in his desk drawer. Leaning back he considered Caroline Parker. She was without doubt a beautiful young woman. Intelligent, quick and had spirit, yet understanding of when she should submit. He felt himself harden thinking about that lovely bottom and hoped that it would not be long before he would have opportunity to chastise her again.

Over the next few days Caroline’s mind returned again and again to her interview. There was no doubting the strong attraction she felt towards Robert Wilson. His power to control her was both arousing and frightening at the same time.

She was also worrying about her duty to deliver not only the educational results he wanted for his daughter, but also his insistence that she be responsible for her punishment when he was absent. While Caroline had plenty of experience being on the receiving end, she had never spanked another person.

After carefully considering the problem, she phoned her Aunt Fiona.

“Hello Auntie Fiona, I was wondering if I could come over this afternoon and discuss a problem I have with the new job?”

“Of course dear, why don’t you come for lunch,” her aunt replied.

“Thanks, I’ll see you at 12:30 then, bye.”

Caroline’s parents had died when she was young and her aunt had brought her up. Caroline had been a willful child and had finally led her aunt to employ corporal punishment to keep her in line. At first she had resented it, screamed and shouted and even run away a couple of times. Eventually however she realised that her aunt loved her very much and was only doing what she felt was best for her niece. There were times when she even welcomed the punishment as it provided a release of pent up frustrations. It always hurt like hell as her aunt employed hand, hairbrush, slipper or strap to her backside with stinging accuracy, but there was always love.

After lunch, her aunt made some tea and they went through to the lounge and sat down.

“Now dear,” said aunt Fiona “What seems to be the trouble?”

“Well auntie, as you already told me, Mr. Wilson is very strict with his daughter.”

“Yes dear, it seems that Gabriella can be a bit of a handful at times.”

“Apparently so, and as part of my job, he wants me to take his daughter in hand and punish her whenever the need may arise.”

“So where is the problem?”

“I’ve never spanked anyone before. I’m not sure what to do. What if I spank too hard or too soft? I don’t know how to use any of the implements Mr. Wilson has in his cabinet.”

“Ah, I see. Well perhaps I can offer you a solution if you are willing.”

“Yes auntie. I don’t want to lose this job before I’ve even started it. Gabriella is due home next weekend.”

“Very well, wait here.”

Her aunt left the room and Caroline could hear her aunt rummaging around in the next room, opening cupboards and drawers. A few minutes later she came back into the lounge carrying the wooden backed hairbrush she once used to great effect on Caroline behind and oddly a notebook and pen.

“I see that you remember this item Caroline. It’s been what, four years since I last had to punish you. It was your first summer home from University and you thought yourself above my rules and too old for this.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well, what I propose is that I spank you, but rather than it just being a punishment, I’ll talk you through what I’m doing and how, that way you can experience as well as understand the process.”

“But Auntie, I’ve not done anything wrong,” Caroline smiled at her aunt as she said this.

“Oh Really? So the three years at university and through your teacher training you always obeyed my rules while you were out of my sight?”

Caroline looked a little guilty.

“Well most of the time.”

“Hmm, well let’s just look at this as making up for those times shall we?”

“Auntie, how did you know what to do with me?”

“I wondered when you were going to ask that. Do you remember your uncle Malcolm at all?”

“Only a little.”

“Well, when I stepped out of line too far, your uncle would spank me good and proper. I’ve felt his firm hand and this hairbrush myself many times so I knew the effect it would have when I used it on you.”

“Wow, I didn’t know.”

“Well, it’s not the sort of thing one talks about, but you are a grown woman now, so it’s alright. When he was told he had cancer, he knew that I would have to be prepared to deal with you as you got older and so he made sure I understood what was required. To be honest, there are times when I’ve missed his firm hand.”

Caroline sat a little stunned at this admission, however thinking about her reaction to the firm ministrations she had herself endured at the hands of Mr. Wilson, she could well understand her aunt's feelings.

“Now then,” said her aunt, interrupting Caroline’s thoughts. “I suggest you take off those jeans and we’ll get started.”

Caroline stood and removed her shoes and jeans while her aunt moved the coffee table out of the way and placed a straight-backed chair in the middle of the room. Sitting down she patted her lap and Caroline obediently placed herself over her aunt’s knee. All the old feelings of nerves and guilt came flooding back to her as she positioned herself with the ‘target’ uppermost. She felt her aunt’s hands, one on her lower back and the other resting on her upturned bottom.

“Well now, I never thought I’d have you back in this position again,” laughed her aunt. “But I’m sure you’ve done something to deserve it.”

“No auntie, I’ve been a good girl,” Replied Caroline meekly.

“Now then, when you are going to spank someone, you should always stay within the main target area. Not too high and not too low,” Aunt Fiona placed one hand at the top and one at the bottom to indicate. Placing her left hand on the small of Caroline’s back, she raised her arm and brought her palm down with a firm smack on the left check and then one to the right.

“Ow, Auntie, not so hard, this is supposed to be a demonstration.”

“Since when do you dictate how hard I spank you young lady? I think you should remember where you are.”

“Sorry, Auntie”

“Now then, I’m going to start out firmly but not too hard and then we’ll build up from there.”

Aunt Fiona gazed down at her niece lying obediently across her lap and felt a small thrill course through her. This was going to be fun. She had no doubt that Caroline had dodged many a spanking while away at university, but over the course of this afternoon, Fiona was going to make up for it, all be it for Caroline’s own good and education. Raising her arm once more, she began spanking Caroline. Watching in appreciation as her niece began to squirm and cry out and her bottom turned from white to light pink to a rosy glow where her bottom peek out from the sides of her knickers. Fiona picked up the pace a little and increased the strength of each spank.

Caroline gasped as the heat and sting in her bottom began to rise. Memories of spanking past came flooding back and she was once again a teenager getting punished for some misdeed or other. She writhed on her aunt’s lap, trying to get her bottom away from the awful sting.

Fiona continued to rain spanks down on Caroline’s bouncing bottom, feeling a deep glow with herself. God she had missed this. While never going out of her way to punish Caroline, each opportunity gave rise to feelings she could barely control.

“Right young lady,” her aunt’s commanding voice cut through her reverie. “How many times have I told you not to try and avoid that which you have earned? It appears that I’ll have to take sterner measures.”

Before she could protest, Caroline’s knickers were pulled down and she felt her aunt fold one leg over hers locking her in position so she couldn’t wriggle off.

“Now then young lady, hand me that hairbrush”

“Oh auntie please, not the hairbrush. I promise I’ll be a good girl,” Caroline pleaded.

“Don’t argue with me girl or you know what that means.”

“But auntie, you’re supposed to be teaching me.”

“Oh, but I am teaching you. I’m teaching you a very valuable lesson. When one is on the receiving end of a spanking, you do not argue. You do as you are told immediately, without question. Do you understand me Caroline?”

Caroline burst into tears, “Yes auntie, I understand.”

“Well then, hand me the hairbrush immediately.”

Caroline reached down and picked up the hairbrush and handed it back to her aunt, stealing herself for what was to come. Why had she argued with her aunt? She knew what would happen. Did she secretly want this? Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a solid thwack, followed by a burning pain across her bottom.

“Yeeow,” yelled Caroline as she struggled to escape her aunts vice like grip.

“Pay attention Caroline,” said her aunt. “A spanking with the hairbrush follows the same rules as with the hand, but stings a good deal more.”

Aunt Fiona returned to the task in hand and began to methodically tan her niece’s bottom with the hairbrush, back and forth across her steadily reddening bottom, varying the speed and force of each series of smacks until Caroline, unable to control herself anymore, collapsed over her aunts knee, sobbing and begging her aunt to stop.

Fiona dropped the hairbrush and stroked her niece’s now burning bottom, allowing the warm glow coming from beneath her hand to transmit itself between her legs.

“Now then Caroline, what have you learned from this?” asked her aunt.

“That you can still wield that hairbrush like a pro auntie,” replied Caroline between sniffs.

Fiona laughed. “Yes I can and don’t you forget it young lady. Now then, I want you to get up and think about your spanking and how you might use this new knowledge, then once you have written down your thoughts in that notebook, I want you to go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head.”

“But auntie, I’m too old for corner time.”

“I thought we had already discussed total obedience,” her aunt admonished sternly. “But I see a further lesson will be required. Go to the corner immediately and do not move until I call you.”

Caroline slowly walked to the corner and placed her hands on her head, cursing her stupid mouth. She heard her aunt leave the room and once sure her aunt was gone, lowered her hands to her burning bottom and rubbed furiously, trying to get rid of some of the sting. Closing her eyes while she rubbed, she thought back to the paddling she had received at the hands of Robert Wilson and soon was lost in more pleasant thoughts.

Fiona quickly walked upstairs to her bedroom and stripping off her summer dress and soaking knickers, lay face down on the bed and pushed her fingers deep into her pussy. She stroked her clit hard with her thumb and reached over to the bedside table to retrieve her favorite vibrator. Switching it to half speed, she pushed it into herself until the rabbit ears rested on her clit. Fiona closed her eyes and let her mind wander over what had just happened and what was to come, replaying each spank over and over again, until pressing her face deep into the pillow to mask the sound, she came hard, grinding the rabbit ears into her needy clit. Gasping in pleasure as a second wave washed over her.

More than twenty minutes had passed when Caroline heard her aunt coming down the hall and back into the room. She heard her aunt moving furniture again, but did not dare to look around.

“Right then Caroline, you have twice questioned my instructions and you know that is forbidden, so I have prepared a further punishment for you. Turn around and come over here.”

Caroline turned and gaped at what her aunt had done. I the middle of the room was a wooden trestle with a cushion over the top and in her hand was a long leather strap.

“You will learn, as I am sure young Gabriella will learn that commands are not subject to discussion. Is that clear Caroline?”

“Yes auntie,” replied Caroline in a meek voice.

“Stand in front of the trestle and spread your legs so that one foot is at each side, bend over and grasp the bottom rail.”

Caroline knew that arguing was only going to earn her further punishment, so she did as she was told. Fiona gazed down at the her nieces toned legs and bottom, noting the nicely trimmed pussy peeking out from between her spread legs and felt once again the heat rising in her centre.

“I think twelve strokes should suffice on this occasion, but do not disobey me again, or I’ll double it, am I making myself clear Caroline?”

“Yes Auntie.”

“You will count each stroke and if you miss one, it will not count”

Fiona rested the leather across Caroline’s bottom and Caroline felt it’s cool touch knowing it was going to be replaced by...

“yeeeoow,” Caroline gripped the bar hard as she fought the urge to leap up and dance around the room.












Fiona paused, resting the strap on Caroline’s now very sore bottom.

“That’s halfway. I feel confident that after this you won’t disobey me again will you?”

“No Auntie,” gasped Caroline, fighting down sobs.

“Ready for the last six?”

“Would it make any difference if I said no?” asked Caroline.

“No, but you have earned yourself an extra two for impertinence,” replied her aunt.

Oh, god. Caroline groaned to herself. Can’t I keep my big mouth shut? Fiona raised the strap again and brought it down sharply across the tops of Caroline’s thighs.


Caroline screamed out, “seven” as she wriggled her legs trying to make the sting go away as the strap came down again.



“Keep still or I’ll start all over again.”

“I’m trying auntie, but it hurts so much.”









“Now for the last two.





Fiona dropped the strap on the floor and helped her niece to her feet. Caroline was crying and rubbing her bottom as her aunt guided her out of the lounge and upstairs to her bedroom. She lay Caroline on her front and fetched a pot of cold cream from her bathroom. Taking a large dollop, she began rubbing it into Caroline’s now well and truly thrashed behind.

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