Miss Parker - Part 6

Okay folks, I've pondered this and decided that if you folks want more of this story then who am I to deny you.

Not sure if this scene really works, but I'm sure you'll let me know if it sucks :-)

Miss Parker - Part 6

Over the next several months, Robert, Caroline and Gabriella got to know each other better. Both Caroline and Gabriella found themselves bent over, bare bottom in the air, to receive punishments from Robert. Caroline also found herself in a similar position with Robert, but for pleasure. Robert, for his part, spent such occasions exploring every inch of her body and finding out what excited Caroline. Their frequent sex sessions left both exhausted but somehow renewed and ready for what ever lay ahead. Both now acknowledged they shared a deep bond of love and submission.

Caroline and Gabriella spent much of those months working on her ‘A’ Level studies and Caroline found her to be a very bright and intelligent girl. This was not to say that they didn’t have their moments. Caroline got plenty of practice with Roberts’s implements but also began to suspect that there were times when Gabriella manufactured situations where she would end up on the wrong end of the strap, paddle and hairbrush.

In early December the two women were visiting Aunt Fiona for lunch where Fiona regaled Gabriella with a few stories from Caroline’s childhood, all of which ended with Caroline getting a very sore bottom.

“Miss Parker is still ending up with a very sore bottom,” remarked Gabriella.

“Gaby, that’s enough of that,” said Caroline.

“But, Miss Parker, I know dad spanks you.”

“Gaby, what your father and I do is certainly none of your business.”

“I’m sorry Miss Parker but I disagree. My father and I have been on our own for many years and in the last six months I have never seen him so happy. I’ve seen you squirming at the breakfast and dinner table often enough to know that my father has had you over his knee but I can tell that that is not all you’ve been up to.”

Caroline felt a warm glow inside on hearing this. She was deeply in love with Robert Wilson and had become a surrogate mother to Gabriella. They not only shared knowledge but Gaby had begun confiding in Caroline her hopes, fears and personal feelings. However, she was concerned that Gabriella would feel that she was somehow trying to take her mothers place.

“What exactly do you think I’ve been up to with your father?” asked Caroline with an irritated tone.

“I’ve always known that my father loved me and that the punishments I receive are for my own good and mostly deserved. I also know from reading my mothers love letters to my father that he and my mother indulged in spanking as part of their sex play. I see the way my father looks at you.”

The candid way in which Gabriella was speaking was setting off alarm bells but Caroline decided to keep quiet and let Gabriella talk.

“I’m not sure it’s appropriate for you to be talking about your father and me like this Gaby.”

“Since you came along, I have had to face up to the fact that as hard as my father has tried what I really need is a mother. You let me away with more that dad ever did but I know I can only push you so far, before my knickers come down. I want and need you because I know you care about me.”

Caroline looked at Fiona, who sat with a mysterious little smile playing across her lips.

“My exams are in a couple of months time and once they are done, you are going to leave us and my father and I will be alone again.”

“I don’t know what is going to happen Gaby. Truth be told, I love your father very much and he loves me but we have never talked about the future. We have existed just in the moments we spend together and the rest of the time, he is away or busy with business and I am teaching you.”

“I don’t want you to go.”

“I don’t want to leave you or your father, I love you very much too.”

Caroline pulled Gabriella to her and Gabriella burst into tears, hugging Caroline hard. Once her tears had subsided, Aunt Fiona left them to go and make tea and they sat on the sofa to talk.

“Since we are being so candid with each other Gaby, I need to ask you something. It seems that there are times when you intentionally provoke me or break the rules on purpose knowing full well that you are going to get punished.”

“Damn. You noticed.”

“Would you care to explain?”

“I guess I’ve inherited the spanking gene from my mother.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know Miss Parker,” said Gaby, giving Caroline a penetrating look.

Caroline flushed. Yes, she knew exactly what she was talking about, but should she reveal this to Gaby. After a few moments silence, Caroline decided to tell Gabriella more about her upbringing under her aunt’s roof.

“When I was about your age, Aunt Fiona was spanking me on average twice a week. I was rebelling against her, or so she thought. Actually I was doing things I knew would earn me a spanking. I think that I somehow knew that she got something more out of spanking me than just the satisfaction of keeping me on the straight and narrow. She was always very flushed and agitated afterwards and would go to her room to lie down.”

“Did she know you knew?” Gabriella glanced at Aunt Fiona.

“I suspect she did but what she didn’t know was that I secretly craved most of those spankings. They showed me that she loved me and there were times when I needed love very much.”

“Caroline, I had no idea you felt this way or were aware of the effect your punishments had on me. There were times I was very confused and I have to admit that there were perhaps the occasional spanking for my own satisfaction.”

“Aha. I knew it.” Laughed Caroline.

“It seems to me Gabby, that you have been rude and ill mannered - sticking your nose into both your father’s and my private time together and you Aunt Fiona have jest admitted to punishing me for no reason other than to satisfy your own sexual needs. I think that you both deserve a sound thrashing don’t you?” Caroline said this with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Well Caroline, I’m not that would be appropriate, but…..”

“The only buts are going to be the your two, pointing skywards, now then I suggest the two of you wait here while I go upstairs and prepare.”

With that, Caroline got up and left the room to collect the things she needed to punish them both. Fiona and Gabby heard here going up and down the stairs a couple of times and furniture being moved around.

“What do you think she has in mind Aunt Fiona?” Asked Gabriella.

Fiona smiled at the familiar use of "Aunt". “I’m not sure dear, but I fear neither of us is going to get away without a sore bottom.”

“Right you two, upstairs in the spare room if you please,” called Caroline.

When they entered the room, they saw what Caroline has been up to. She had pushed the bed up into the corner of the large room to make space and had set up two wooden trestles with thick towels over the top. On the bed, Caroline had placed two leather paddles and the cane.

Caroline looked at them both and said “Strip.”

Fiona and Gabriella looked at each other and then began removing their clothes. When they were naked, Caroline directed them to stand in front of a trestle.

“Legs well apart and bend over.”

Caroline stepped between the trestles and placed a hand on each bottom and stroked the cheeks, running a finger up and down the crack.

“Now, then you too, are you ready for your punishments?”

“Yes Miss,” they both replied.

Caroline returned to the bed and picked up both paddles and returned to her position between the trestles. She took one in each hand and began smacking them gently against each bottom, alternating between each cheek. Little gasps and sighs came from both Gabby and Fiona as Caroline continued warming up their bottoms. Caroline stopped, rested the paddles on their lower backs and stroked and rubbed their bottoms some more, running her finger between their legs, feeling their wetness. Picking up the paddles, she continued to spank Fiona and Gabby, slowly beginning to increase the force of each smack, stopping every few minutes to rub and stroke their bottoms and gently run a finger over each pussy to elicit a soft moan from each woman.

“How are we both feeling?” She asked, “Nicely warmed up I hope.”

“Yes Miss,” they both replied.


Caroline took careful aim, raided both paddles and brought them down hard on each bottom, brining a yowl for them both. Again and again, she brought the paddle down on their upturned bottoms making them bounce and squirm to Caroline’s delight. Lessening the force, she continued to spank them both back and forth across each cheek making sure she covered every inch of bottom. Both Fiona and Gabby were squirming and crying out as each spank of the paddle reddened their bottoms more and more. Finally Caroline stopped. She dropped the paddles back on the bed and returned to rubbing and stroking Fiona and Gabby’s bottoms. Both women were sniffling and moaning at the same time, such was the intensity of feeling.

“Stand up, go and face the wall, legs apart, hands high on the wall, bottoms out,” commanded Caroline.

Both women obeyed and Caroline sat on the bed and surveyed her handiwork so far. Both bottoms were bright pink with slightly deeper patches here and there.

Finally Caroline got up and rearranged the room again, dispensing with one of the trestles. She picked up the cane and began swishing it around and adjusting its bend to ensure a smooth action.

“Aunt Fiona, come over here and bend over, Gabriella, you may turn around and watch.”

Once in position, Caroline tapped the cane on Fiona’s bottom a couple of times and then delivered the first stroke with a firm thwack. Fiona stiffened and a small cry escaped her lips. The second and third strokes were delivered in the same crisp manner, bringing cries from Fiona. Caroline then began tapping the cane up and down making Fiona gasp. She increased the force a little and then eased off, repeating this over and over until suddenly she delivered and fourth, fifth and sixth stoke hard and in quick succession, causing Fiona to jump up and dance around the room clutching her bottom. Caroline fought to stop herself from laughing and commanded Fiona back into position.

“Six more strokes and an extra two for moving out of position,” Said Caroline.

Once Fiona was back in position, Caroline took aim and delivered six strokes spacing them a few seconds apart.. Letting Fiona rest for a moment she then delivered the last two strokes hard but at an angle to each other. Creating a crisscross pattern.

“Look,” said Caroline, “hot cross buns and it isn’t even Easter,” she laughed.

Even though Fiona was gasping from the discomfort, she laughed as well.

“Okay, you can get up now Fiona, Gaby your turn, bend over.”

Gabriella nervously approached the trestle and bend over, getting herself as comfortable as she could.

“12 strokes for you as well my girl,” said Caroline.

Caroline took up her position and delivered the first three strokes to Gabby’s bottom, making her cry out and wriggle.

“Keep your bottom still Gabby, I don’t want to miss and accidently cane your pussy.”

“I’m trying Miss but this really stings.”

“Well, you should have thought about that earlier, shouldn’t you?”

Caroline began tapping the cane on Gabby’s bottom and like with Fiona increased the tempo and force and then reduced it over and over, up and down her bottom. Gabby continued to writhe over the trestle and began moaning and trying to rub herself on the towel covering the trestle top. Caroline stopped the tapping and taking aim raised the cane and brought it down firmly, causing Gabby to gasp. Two more strokes were delivered quite hard and Gabby cried out.

“That’s the first six. I’ll let you rest a minute.”

Caroline turned and looked at Fiona. Fiona’s eyes were glued to Gabby’s writhing bottom and a hand had crept down between her legs. Caroline turned to look at Gaby and noticed that she too had slipped a hand up to rub herself. Caroline thought for a moment and then turned to Fiona.

“Fiona, as you have much more experience than I do with the cane, why don’t you give Gabriella her last six strokes?”

A look of understanding passed between the two women and Fiona stepped forward and took the cane from Caroline with a whispered, “Thank you.”

Caroline stepped away and Fiona took up her position.

“Gabriella, you’d best place your hand back on the floor, as I’m sure you don’t want it caned. Are you ready for your final six?” asked Fiona.

“Yes Aunt Fiona.”

“Very well, brace yourself my dear, Auntie canes hard.”

Fiona took aim, winked at Caroline and let fly with the cane brining it whistling down with a hard crack. Gabriella shot straight up and clutched her bottom.


“Back in position girl and don’t move again or that stroke won’t count.”

Fiona delivered the last five stokes in the same fashion as the first and by the time the sixth stroke landed Gabriella was crying and sobbing.

Fiona put down the cane and ran her hands over Gabriella’s now very sore bottom, stroking and soothing. She turned to Caroline.

“Perhaps, you’d beter leave her with me now. I’ll take good care of her.”

Caroline nodded and went downstairs to get a drink. After about ten minutes she went to the bottom of the stairs and listened. She could hear her Aunt speaking in soft soothing tones and could also hear little moans coming from Gabriella.

Caroline smiled to herself, got her coat and heading back home.

Gabriella didn’t come back for dinner but was in her room the next morning when Caroline went to find her for her lessons.

“So, how was Aunt Fiona after I left?”

Gabriella’s face flushed a little. “She was wonderful. She took good care of me.”

“I knew she would. You don’t have to be embarrassed you know. It’s okay to have these feelings and reactions.”

I know but it’s not like I’m lesbian or anything, there is just something about being dominated like that. I don’t know how to describe it.”

“You don’t have to right now, just remember that you can come to me or Aunt Fiona if there is anything you need to talk about and one of us is always around if you need anything more than just talk.”

“I’ll tell you what though Miss, you’d better watch yourself the next time you visit Aunt Fiona.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“Well before I left, she said that as you had also admitted to going out of your way to earn some of those spankings she gave you, then you ought to be thrashed as well.”

Caroline laughed, “Fiona will come up with some excuse to spank me I’m sure.”

“She loves you very much.”

“I know and I love her too.”

“I love you very much as well Miss.”

“I know you do darling and I love you too. Now, it’s time to work and you’d better have those answers otherwise you know what will happen.”

“Just not today please, I’m not sure my poor bottom could handle it after yesterday.”

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