British Angel

Please be patient in that part I has little sex but I promise it will get better in subsequent parts.

I am a business man that travels in my job and therefore have met some very interesting people, in a lot of different places. This story is of one meeting that changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined.

I was on a business trip to England with a large group of businessmen from all over the US, Great Britain, and Europe. The meetings were held from Tuesday through Friday in the heart of London.

The conference was intense and very draining but since I had no immediate need to return home, I planned a week to see the English countryside. I rented a small car, tent and some basic gear to camp my way for 8 days in the British countryside.

I spent Friday night in a Hostel near Gatwick station and pulled out early Saturday toward the English channel and the Cliffs of Dover.

It was an unusually warm day on the Channel and I enjoyed viewing an area that has been so prominent in history for a thousand years.

I left the cliffs and proceeded up the center of the country and stopped at a little town called Wolverhampton. A very quiet older city. As is normal for England the weather had changed and it was now raining sideways and turning very cool.

I decided to find a roof to stay under and booked into a small hotel near the center of town.

With it being Saturday night I asked the desk clerk where I could get a meal and a drink. He sent me to a club one block away where they served a typical English dinner of meat and potatoes with draught beer. He also pointed out that the second entrance was to a club with dancers if I wanted some entertainment.

I told him thanks and proceded to the club for a healthy dish of bangers and mash with a tall draught. It was very filling but I decided to try the club next door before returning to my hotel.

It was not unlike a similar club in the US with a stage, pole and tables circling the stage. I picked a table near the back and ordered a straight bourbon and sat back to enjoy the show.

My drink arrived and Angel, my waitress, inquired what part of the US I was from. I said the southern part and asked if she had visited the US before.

Angel said no but that she had always wanted to. She then told me she would like to talk some more but it was time for her to dress for her act. As she walked away I could not help but notice her firm butt and clean-cut looks.
I sipped my bourbon and watched the end of the dancer on stage. When she finished Angel came onstage and I could not believe the change. She was in a schoolgirl plaid skirt and looked so clean-cut and innocent.

I could hardly believe this cute young thing would be a dancer in an adult club. But as the music started and she began to dance there was no doubt she was neither innocent or a schoolgirl.

She danced with such passion and grace that I was mesmerized and could not take my eyes off of her. As she finished her dance the tips rained down on the stage showing that I was not the only patron impressed by her dance.

I sat back and started to sip my drink and soon she came by my table with a second drink. I said thanks but I had not ordered a second. She said she ordered it and wanted to be sure I did not leave too soon.

She sat down and we began to talk about the United States and places she had heard or read about. Her eyes were wide as I described various places like Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, The Smokey Mountains, Miami Beach, Niagara falls, and most of all New York city.

Angel told me she had one more show and asked if I could stay till she was finished. I said sure and sat back to enjoy one more drink.

She had to circulate and perform for some of the patrons then go back on stage. I watched her till she disappeared backstage. She again came onstage dressed as a french maid.

At the end of her dance, she went offstage and sent one of her fellow dancers to bring me backstage. We left by a backdoor and she asked if she could return to my motel with me.

I of course thought of sex while she was wanting to talk about places in the United States. We got to my room and sat and talked till nearly daybreak. Angel wanted to know if I would stop back on Friday prior to my heading home. she had the day off and wanted to show me around for a day.

I proceeded to travel on through the country camping and enjoying all of the historical sites. On Thursday night I arrived back in Wolverhampton and booked a room at the same hotel. I left a message at the front desk that if Angela should call to give her my cell number.

I then proceeded to go back to the club for diner. As I was having diner, my phone rang and it was Angel wanting to know where we could meet. I told her I was having diner at her club but she said she would meet me at my hotel in one hour.

I finished diner and proceeded back to my room, picking up a bottle of Makers Mark along the way. Shortly after arriving my phone rang again and Angel was at the front desk.

I went down to meet her and we went for a stroll around town. She pointed out the historical locations as well as some of the homes of certain of her relatives. As we walked she contined to quiz me on America.

She pointed out her desire to travel to the US and wondered if I would be able to join her for some of her travels. She said she did not have a lot of extra cash and would need to travel economy.

I told her of camping and hostels that fit that style of travel and could stretch her pounds to allow more time and sights.

It got late and Angel walked back to my hotel and to my room but told me she would see me at breakfast for my extended tour.

I so wished she had come into my room. She was so pretty and so young and fresh but she had a different plan than mine.

At breakfast Angel and I sat and planned a car tour for the day that included the battle of Hastings and Stonehenge among other things.

We had a great day including a picnic lunch in a lovely park. As we approached town I invited Angel to have diner with me and she accepted as long as she could treat.

I reluctantly agreed and we agreed she would pick me up at seven. I showered shaved and put on a nice casual outfit and was in the lobby when Angel arrived.

She was dressed in a loose white muslin blouse and tight slacks. She looked so sexy but so conservative at the same time. She directed me to a small tavern outside of town and when we went in it was obvious that the management knew her well.

She asked how I liked her father's restaurant and I told her it was very quaint. She said the building was from the 1600's and that her father was the third generation of his family to operate the establishment.

We had a very nice steak with a nice wine and she introduced me to her father who told me he appreciated my gentlemanly manner with his daughter.

After diner Angel had me drive back to the hotel and asked if I would have a drink with her in my room.

As we got to the room she turned to me and said that because I had been such a gentleman she wanted to toast to my impending reward. We clinked glasses and downed the Makers as she nuzzled into my arms and kissed my neck.

To be continued...

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Please be patient in that part I has little sex but I promise it will get better in subsequent parts.I am a business man that travels in my job and therefore have met some very interesting people, in a lot of different places. This story is of one meeting that changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined.I was on a business trip to England with a large group of businessmen from all over the US, Great Britain, and Europe. The meetings were held from Tuesday through...


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