To Sir, With Love Part II


Mathew was beside himself. He had no problem with Jamie being out with Amy, but she was very late and didn’t answer her cell phone. Mathew knew he had a terrible tendency to worry too much about everyone and everything. He can’t help but picture car accidents, muggings, airline crashes, earthquakes and just about anything else of a catastrophic nature.

All he asked was for a phone call or even a text assuring him of her safety.

As much as he knew he is really overboard about worrying, he still could not help but become more and more angry with Jamie. After all, she knew what he was like. Couldn’t she humor him with one damn text? To him, it seemed as if Jamie was saying that his concerns were of no concern to her.

Finally, at 3:35 am, a cab pulls into the drive, and out stumbles Jamie and her good friend Amy. Mathew noted that they looked a little worse for wear and tear, but at least they’re home. He paid the driver and helped the girls into the house.

They each collapsed on the couch in the living room.

Mathew asked, “Amy, should we call your husband and tell him you’ll be sleeping it off here tonight?“ Her car was in the drive, but she was in no shape to turn the radio on, never mind drive it.

Amy mumbled something as her eyes started to roll into the back of her head.

Jamie offered, “Oh, she already called him from the club and told him she’d be here tonight.”

As grateful and relieved as Mathew was, he could not help but feel the anger that was rising from his gut.

“Do you mean that you saw her let her husband know she was all right, and you didn’t have the courtesy to call me?”

Jamie knew Mathew was irritated, but her alcohol fog prevented her from truly appreciating it. She tried to “cute” her way out of it. It usually worked.

“I was going to call, baby, but something… or somebody said something… and anyway, I got distracted. You know what a dizzy blonde I am.”

Mathew uttered in frustration and a little disgust, “Just go to bed.”

Jamie bounced off the walls on the way to the bedroom. Mathew got Amy a blanket and pillow before joining her. When he got there, Jamie was sprawled out on her stomach taking up the entire bed…with her clothes still on. Mathew took her shoes off, covered her with a quilt, and went off to sleep in the spare room.

About 9:30 the next morning, Mathew woke up and went to check on Amy. There was a note from her apologizing for her state last night and thanking Mathew for the blanket.

“At least she has basic manners,” thought Mathew. He was once again upset with Jamie’s attitude and obvious lack of caring.

Knowing it would be awhile before Jamie would face the light of day, Mathew decided to go the garden store to get the fertilizer he needed for the back flower bed.

When he returned, Jamie was in the kitchen looking for coffee. Her party clothes from last night were replaced with her full length flannel bathrobe. Mathew hated that thing.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’ll be better soon. Sorry I took up the whole bed.”

“Whatever. We’ll have to go get your car when you’re ready. Do you know where you left it?”

Jamie remembered that she had taken the cab with Amy.

“Yes I know where the car is. Did Amy drive home?”

“She drove, but not until this morning.”

Jamie said she would get ready to go, and picked up her coffee to take it with her to the bathroom.

Mathew was more than a little irritated that Jamie was still oblivious.

Jamie knew something was wrong since Mathew said nothing the whole time they had been in the car.

“Hey, are you mad at me, baby?”, hoping he was going to say that he was just tired. Instead, it popped the top off the bottle Mathew had pushed his anger into.

“No, I’m not mad. I’m pissed! I can’t believe you are ignorant about the fact that I worry about you when you’re late…very late! I have no problem with partying, but one god damned phone call is not a lot to ask! Sometimes, I’m convinced you just don’t give a shit as long as you have what you want!”

Jamie was stunned by her own thick headedness, and knew immediately that she had crossed a line. Mathew did not like being treated as if he didn’t matter. And she knew that was exactly what she did. And she knew Mathew did nothing to deserve that disrespect.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I love you. I know was an ass, but the last thing I want to do is hurt you. You’re right, I would have called you if I didn’t have my head up my ass. Please forgive me, baby….please?”

She was really sorry, Mathew got that. But he did not like her trying to cute her was out.

“I forgive you and I love you too. I just don’t want to deal with you right now.”

Not another sound was made until the got to Jamie’s car. Mathew let her out and simply said, “I’ll see you at home.”

He decided to stop at the local sports bar for a couple of beers and not call Jamie. That’ll teach her.

Toward the end of the second bar, Mathew was becoming a little ashamed at his sensitivity and tendency to pout. He looked across the bar and saw more than one attractive and possibly available women, but realized that none of them came close to Jamie. He needed to cut the crap and get home to her.

By the time he got home, the funk had left his mind. He just wanted to see her.

Jamie rushed out of the kitchen to greet him as soon as she heard him arrive.

“Hi,” she said, waiting to see what the mood of his response would be.

“Come here.” Mathew said as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

“I just can’t stand the thought of something happening to you, Jamie.”

Jamie squeezed back and kissed him on the cheek.

“I was an ass. I love you”. The domestic storm was over. Time for make up sex.

Jamie looked deeply into Mathew’s eyes and knew exactly what he was thinking.

She said, “I’m getting spanked for this, aren’t I?”

“Oh yeah. Get in the bedroom.”

Jamie headed off as instructed. Mathew took a detour to the basement on his way to join her.

When he arrived, Jamie was kneeling in the center of the bed with her hands behind her head. While Mathew started to remove his clothes, he asked, “How many times should I put this strap across your ass?” He tossed the strap casually on the bed at her knees.

Jamie hadn’t seen this one before. It was about 15” long, 3” wide and tapered down to a handle that would allow maximum velocity and accurate aim. One side had a half a dozen steel rivets, that would obviously add a distinct impression.

She knew her answer didn’t matter much. Whether she said too little or too many, Mathew would be giving her the number he wants to provide.

“Twelve, Sir.” It was a shot.

“We’ll start with twelve. Count them and remember to thank me. You are to take your punishment like the pain slut you are. Any screw ups and the number goes up. Now come over here.”

Jamie scurried off the bed and joined Mathew in the center of the room. He put his hands on her shoulders and said, “Suck it”.

She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth.

“Be sure to lick my balls, little one”

Mathew only let her blow him for a few minutes. He pulled out of her and pushed the upholstered foot stool next to her.

He reached down and pulled her top off over her head and ordered her to remove the bra.

“On the stool with you ass in the right position.”

He pulled her pants down and off in one motion. As he reached for her thong, he said, “No clothes for you today. You are to spend the rest of the day completely naked. Now get your ass in the air and get ready to count.”

Jamie wished that Mathew had tied her up a bit. Without restraints, she had to fight off the natural tendency to move or try to cover her ass with her hands. She knew twelve was just a place to start.


“One. Thank you Sir.”


“Two. Thank you Sir.”

Jamie’s ass was on fire and she had at least ten to go. Mathew usually started off slow and teased a little. It was clear that today, Mathew was serious.

She didn’t even think about crying or moving. Jamie knew that she really did screw up, and that she really did need to be punished. She also thrilled to know that Mathew needed to punish her and she wanted so much to please him.

To her amazement, the count was only increased to fifteen when she messed up the count between eight and nine. She was determined to take whatever Mathew thought she should have.

“Get on the bed.” Mathew commanded immediately after the fifteenth blow stripped her ass.

He knelt next to her head and told her to get on her side with her knees bent up. That way he could continue the assault on her ass while he fucked her face. Jamie could not wait until he put his cock in her mouth.

Mathew used his right hand to add additional red marks to Jamie’s ass. He lost count a long time ago. Until he shot his load, she was getting spanked. It was Mathew’s turn to be selfish.

Mathew knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He cheered her on by telling her to suck like she meant it and told her it would be a long time before she sat down again.

Jamie could feel the juices build up in her cunt. She so wanted Mathew to touch her there, but she too knew this was his turn. She could feel his balls tighten and she knew he was about to come. She was looking forward to the splash against the back of her throat.

But Mathew denied her that simple pleasure. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and proceeded to shoot his load on her face.

“Swallowing is reserved for good girls who remember to call. Thoughtless cum sluts wear it.”

Mathew reached down and plunged his fingers into her pussy. The orgasm hit her like an unexpected shot from a sniper…hard, decisive and completely unexpected.

Putting his now limp dick back to her lips, he ordered her to clean him up.



“So, you never did tell me what you did with Amy the other night.”

Jamie answered, “Well a lot of it is kinda fuzzy. We did the usual pub stops and danced with the girls from her work. By the way, more than one young stud thought we still had it. We did the usual girl talk thing and laughed like hell…but I think it got strange at the end.”

“What do you mean, you think it got strange?” asked Mathew.

“I’m not really sure if things were what I thought they were, or I just had too much to drink. I think Amy made a pass at me when were on out way home in the cab.”

Mathew thought to himself that this was a new line of discussion worth exploring. They had done the fantasy talk thing about maybe Jamie being with a woman someday, but until now, there hadn’t been anything in real life.

“What happened…did she say something, or what?”. She had Mathew’s attention.

“Yeah that..and just the way she acted. As soon as we got in the cab, she put her head down on my lap. I thought she was probably so drunk, she was about to pass out. But instead, she starts talking real serious…and starts giving me little squeezes to the back of my thigh. She was definitely more than friendly.”

“So what was she talking about?”

“I’m not real sure. There was a lot of how good a friend I’ve been and how much she loves to spend time with me.”

“Has she ever mentioned any interest in girls when you’ve had your little girl talks?”

“Yeah, but I always thought it was a kind of a joke. One time she was carrying on about how her sex life with her husband was great but that it wasn’t enough. I told her to go find another man if he wasn’t cutting it, and she said something like, she should have gone back to girls. When I asked what she meant by “gone back”, she laughed it off saying something like, “well things can get lonely in an all girl’s dorm”.

“Sounds like she’s had some history.”

“Yeah, but you never know with her. She’s like Marie; everything with a grain of salt. She may very well be all talk. One drunken night, she said she should steal money so the boss could blackmail her into being his little whore. She said that way, she wouldn’t be a slut…she’d just be protecting her family from the truth. Then there was the rape fantasy, the school girl thing…hell, I think she even carried on about farm animals.”

“You know,” said Mathew, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire. What do you think of this idea?”…………

- - - - - - - -

Mathew was very pleased with the quality of the video image captured on the unit’s hard drive. He was more than pleased with the performance of his Jamie.

By the time Jamie and Amy got into the third bottle of wine and second joint, Amy couldn’t talk about anything but sex. It was clear she loved her husband, but it was equally clear she craved for more, for different, for the unknown.

As we discussed, Jamie gradually gave Amy a glimpse into our sex lives. She described in great detail her submissive nature, her love of punishments, and the joy she experiences through complete obedience. Amy had a million questions and couldn’t get enough the subject. Amy regaled her with some of our most interesting scenes, and even told her about out extensive toy collection.

“I have got to see these toys. Do you keep them in a dungeon?” Amy honestly thought she was being funny.

Jamie responded, “Only the really big ones. The others are upstairs.”

Mathew easily switched to the bedroom camera while they made their way upstairs. He’d rather not be stashed away in the basement, but he had a feeling his patience would be rewarded.

Jamie opened the drawer she and Mathew had arranged and stocked just for this occasion.

Amy’s eyes seemed larger. “Oh, wow. Sam and I have a dildo and a vibrator or two, but nothing like this.”

She picked up one of the items, “What’s this for?”

“That’s one my special collars. The strap goes down my back so Mathew can secure my handcuffs to the loop at the end. Very hot. Know what these are?”

Amy listened attentively as Jamie explained the uses and features of each item. She was especially enthralled with the double dildo and the anal beads.

“These must be incredible,” Amy declared. “Where do you get these…I’ve got to try them.”

“Amy, Mathew and I have no problem sharing our playthings with our friends. Would you like to see how this feels?”, said Jamie while stroking the double dildo.

“What do I do?” answered Amy.

“I’ll show you.”


Over the next two weeks, it seemed like Mathew watched the video 100 times. Jamie knew whenever he turned it on since she was summoned each time to provide the needed relief to Mathew’s cock. She missed being a part of the foreplay herself, but at least she knew she had something to do with it.

“Now when she gets here, make sure she sits over here.”, said Mathew.

“Baby, I know. We’ve been through this a million times. Someone’s a little excited.”

“Co’mn, this is a once in a lifetime thing. If she calls my bluff fine, but I don’t want to blow it over something stupid.”

Jamie put her arms around him and kissed his neck. “It’s going to be what it’s going to be, baby. Now go somewhere before she arrives. Be back by 9:00 unless I send you text.”

Mathew got to the door but suddenly stopped and went back to Jamie. He kissed her firmly with his right hand holding the back of her head. “Love you, slut.”

“Love you too, Sir.”, Amy giggled. She watched him pull out of the driveway.


“Jamie, I went to the internet site you told me about. Holy shit. I was on it for like two hours. Can’t wait to see that credit card damage.”, Amy said as she started her third drink.”

“Did you let Sam pick anything out?”, Jamie asked.

“That’s the weirdest part. Once I convinced him I wouldn’t be judgmental or shocked at anything he wanted to try, he loaded up on these cock and ball torture things! I was hoping he’s show more interest in spanking my ass or something like that. Oh well, it’s a start. At least he didn’t run out of the house crying like a girl.”

They both laughed at the image.

Jamie took a seat next to Amy on the couch. “So, what did you tell him about our little adventure?”

“Are you kidding? He’d freak if I put too much out there at once. I just told him that you showed me the toys and explained how to use them.”

“Well, you really seemed to enjoy my ‘explanations’. Anything else you care to know?”

Jamie kissed Amy full on. Amy’s response was everything she had hoped for. After a few minutes of groping and teasing, they were startled by a voice from the garage entrance.

“Jamie, I’m home. Hope you’re decent!”. They were so wrapped up in what they were doing, they didn’t even hear Mathew’s car pull into the garage.

“We’re in the living room,”, answered Jamie. “Get a drink and join us.”

She looked at Amy and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “Wattygonnado?”

Mathew came in the living room with his bourbon in his hand and sat down is his recliner after giving Jamie a most husband-like welcome home kiss.

“Amy, you sure look a lot better than the last time I saw you.”

“Oh yeah…hey Mathew I’m really sorry if I was a pain in the ass. Sam always complains about what a lousy drunk I am.”

‘Don’t worry about it. You had a good time and nobody got hurt. Besides the two of you were so funny, it was worth it.”

Jamie asked Amy about the vacation she and Sam had planned in Europe . As Amy was excitedly running down the scheduled itinerary, Mathew casually used the remote to turn the TV and DVD player on. The picture flickered into view with the sound on mute. Mathew never took his eyes off Amy.

Amy realized Mathew had turned the TV on but didn’t pay much attention to it. She thought maybe he wanted to check on a sports score or even the weather. Occasionally, Mathew would interject some question for Amy about the trip’s highlights.

Towards the end of her story, Amy peaked at TV out of the corner of her eye. When she realized what was on, she froze. At that moment, Mathew knew it was time to make his move.

“Sounds like a great trip you have lined up, Amy”

Mathew turned his head to Jamie.

“Jamie, take your clothes off and sit here.”, he said as he patted the floor next to his chair.

Amy was incredulous and speechless. She looked at Jamie who was removing her clothes as ordered with no hesitation or shame. Amy could do nothing but look.

Once Jamie removed her thong, she picked up her wine glass and made her way over to Mathew.

“Sir,”, she said, “should the girl go get her collar now?”

“Not just now sweetie. It would be rude to leave your company alone. There’ll be plenty of time.”

Mathew reached down and stroked Jamie’s hair as though he were petting the family dog.

“Amy, I have to admit, you are a beautiful woman. I haven’t been able to take my eyes off this video since they day you made it.”

Amy stuttered, “I didn’t know anything about making any video!”. Eyes never left the screen as she watched Jamie ease her down on the bed and slowly remove her jeans.

“You were in my house, Amy. Everything in this house is mine and I always keep an eye on what is mine.” He paused while they all watched Jamie take Amy’s nipples in her mouth one at a time. Amy’s head was thrown back in an obvious display of enjoyment.

“The house is mine. The toys are mine. The video is mine. Jamie is mine. I can do whatever I want with any of them.”

An involuntary gasp came from Amy’s lungs as she realized what he was saying.

“Mathew, what are you going to do with the video?”

“Why Amy, I thought you would know. Jamie and I share everything we have with our friends. The video will bring a great deal of excitement to our friends…all of our friends. By the way, how is Sam? Don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet him. He and I should get together.”

If Amy had any doubt about the game plan, they were all gone now. She was not only dealing with the instant events and conversations, she was also struggling with a strange feeling of fear and coercion, and the unexpected fire of sexual passion. Some secret part of her wanted Mathew to tell her what to do, and the thought was like a fire in her cunt. She could feel herself getting wet…while terrified as hell.

“Mathew, you wouldn’t show that to anyone would you?? Especially Sam. Mathew, this could ruin my whole life. Please?”

“Please what?”

“Please don’t show the video.”

“Please don’t show the video what?

Amy was confused and looked down to Jamie for support. Jamie mouthed the answer, and Amy understood.

She looked at the floor and said, “Please don’t show the video, Sir.”

Mathew looked down at Jamie without stopping his petting. “Sweetie, I believe Amy and I have an agreement, and you have a new playmate.”

“Thank you, Sir. Should the girl get the collars?

“Yes please. The triple ring one for you and the red buckle one for our guest please.”

Jamie was back in less than a minute. It was obvious to Amy that they had been laid out well in advance.

Jamie placed both collars in Mathew’s lap and knelt down in front of him with her hands behind her head. He put the collar around her neck and fastened it in the back. He told Jamie to resume her position by his side.

Mathew turned off the TV and said, “Amy, stand in the center of the room facing me.”

One part of her mind was wondering who this bastard thought he was to tell her what to do. Another part wanted nothing more that to obey his every word. Her stomach was in a knot; but a good knot.

“Amy, you will address me as Sir or Master from now on. You have an awful lot to learn, but you will find Jamie very anxious to help bring you along. Now put your hands behind your head and turn around slowly. He snickered to himself when he realized that would be the last command she would obey tonight with her clothes on.”

Once she had turned completely around and was again facing Mathew, he told her to remove her top.

“Before I have you remove your bra, tell me about your tits. Tell me what I am about to see.”

The humiliation burned her mind, but at the same time, she could feel the burn in her pussy.

Mathew thought, “Sometimes, this is better than the sex itself.”

Amy stammered about her cup size and nipple hardness before Mathew said, “Jamie, please get Amy’s bra for me.”

Jamie sprang to her feet and walked behind Amy to unfasten the bra. She guided Amy’s arms down so she could let is slip off her arms, and then grabbed both of Amy’s elbows to guided her arms back up and her hands behind her head.

“Jamie, are the girl’s nipples hard?”

Jamie reached around Amy and rolled each nipple between her fingers while fondling each boob at the same time.

“Not yet Sir. Shall I make them hard?”

“Amy, shall I have Jamie get your nipples hard, or will you do it yourself?”

Amy thought a moment and answered, “, this girl would like to have Jamie do it, but will do it herself if that will please you.”

“Well put, slut. I want you completely naked now. Pants off while Jamie does her magic.”

Amy had the jeans and panties off in quick order.

“Jamie, present the slave for this,” said Mathew holding up the second collar.

“Get on your knees before your new Master. Sit on your heels and put your hands on your thighs.”

Once she assumed the position, Jamie turned each of her hands so the palms were facing up.

“If Master allows you to put your hands down this is how you will hold them. Otherwise, you keep them behind your head.”

Amy nodded and kept her gaze to the floor. Jamie knelt at Mathew’s side.

“Do you know what this is Amy,” Mathew asked holding up the collar.

“Yes, Sir. It’s a collar.”

Mathew glanced at Jamie and nodded his approval for her to speak. “It’s not just a collar! The collar belongs to Sir! It is a great honor if he allows you to wear it.”

Mathew spoke. “I very much want you to wear it, Amy, but I want you to accept it. You need to clearly understand that by taking the collar, you will be totally submissive to me. I will treat you like I own you. You will only fuck who I tell you to and only when I tell you to. You will be allowed to have sex with your husband for now, it fact I insist on it. But you are to describe everything you do to me in great detail.”

“You have a lot to learn and a lot of training yet ahead of you, but I will train you with purpose and respect. That doesn’t mean you won’t be punished when that will further your training, in fact, you will.”

If you understand the expectations, you may take the collar. Otherwise, you may get dressed and leave now.

Amy didn’t see that coming. It was one thing to hide behind the threat of blackmail, it was quite another to have to ask to be enslaved. She knew she could walk out, and she believed her marriage would survive even if Mathew carried through on his intent to show Sam the video of her and Jamie. But she knew she didn’t want to leave. She knew she wanted to be told what to do.”

When Amy did not move, Mathew asked, “Amy, why would you want to accept my collar?”

“I want to be trained and I want to be in service to you.”

“Amy, what do you want to be trained to do?”

“I want to be trained to be a slave. I want to be taught how to please you. I want to be told what to do.”

“Amy, do you know that punishments will be involved? Jamie, explain some of the punishment to Amy please.”

“You will be whipped, spanked, clamped, gagged, bound, chained and humiliated. You will accept all punishment willingly and you will be pushed beyond what you believe your limits to be. You will be punished for what you do wrong, and sometimes you will be punished just because it pleases Sir.”

Mathew was so proud of Jamie.

“Do you want this, Amy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want to be punished when you believe I should be. I want to be spanked, and chained and everything else…whatever else you decide.”

Mathew reached down between Amy’s legs and ran his fingers between the lips of her cunt. By the degree of moistness he found there, he knew Amy was sincere in her desire.

Mathew put the collar around her neck and locked the small padlock on the back.

“Amy slut, put my dick in your mouth. When I come, you are to hold it in your mouth until I tell you what to do with it.”

Jamie was a little jealous, she had not yet been told to hold it. Up to now, she either swallowed it or wore it. She realized it may not be the last time something like that would happen. She let the video camera continue to run. They now had a record of Amy asking to be of service without a hint of blackmail. Soon they would have a record of the first blow job she would give Mathew.”

Amy attacked Mathew’s pants and crotch with abandon. She did not remember being so turned on before, and Mathew had not laid a hand on her. She took Mathew in one gulp and alternated sucking with well practiced attention to his balls and ass.

Mathew was aware that Jamie had nothing to do. “Jamie, it would please me to have you spank Amy’s ass while she sucks me off.”

Jamie smiled and knelt beside Amy’s ass to give herself the best access. She spanked Amy as Mathew had spanked her the first time. One cheek at time, each one rubbed to remove the sting after each blow.

Amy’s moans become louder. She was not the quiet one Jamie was by a long shot.

Mathew was not going to last long. The feeling of a strange mouth sucking his dick and the mere image of naked Jamie spanking the hell out of naked Amy was enough to put him over the edge within a few minutes.

As he shot his semen into Amy’s mouth he admonished her, “Remember bitch, don’t swallow!”

Amy looked up at Mathew with her lips shut tight, waiting anxiously for her disposal instructions.

Mathew held her head up with his right hand under her chin. He looked in her eyes and said, “Jamie was nice enough to spank your ass for you. I think you should thank her by sharing your mouthful. Now kiss each other and share nicely.”


Jamie sucked on Amy’s mouth like it was her Master’s penis. Her brain seemed to float as she tasted the cum she so loved being pushed down her throat by the tip of Amy’s tongue. Amy pulled Jamie’s head in so tightly that she was sure their lips would be crushed and bruised.

While Jamie and Amy had enjoyed each other before, the thrill of doing it at their Master’s direction and in his presence catapulted the experience into a new and beautifully depraved dimension.

They held each other so close that their breasts seemed to be vying for the right to occupy the same space. Each could feel the hardness of the other’s nipples.

Mathew was in awe. This had gone beyond his wildest dreams. Not one, but two obedient sluts craving nothing more than obedience to his will. He removed the rest of his clothes and sat back to watch his fuck puppets put on the show of a lifetime.

As the girls finally broke their kiss, you could hear them gasp for air at the same time. In the same instant, they put their hands on each other’s pussy and ran their fingers along the velvet folds. Mathew could see each girl’s fuck juice drip down the other’s hand.

Jamie sucked on one of Amy’s nipples as she increased her assault on her crotch. Amy’s moans filled the room. Mathew could feel the first tingle of his recovery and he needed them both now…all of them.

Mathew grabbed each girl by the hair and pulled them to their feet. He took his time guiding them for his kiss. The girls watched as Mathew devoured the mouth of the other and counted the seconds until his mouth returned to theirs.

Mathew gently pushed the girls away from him and released their hair. “Both of you, get to the basement now!”

Jamie felt an overwhelming sensation in her very core when she heard Mathew’s command. This was new, this was unique, this was her Master’s world. She could not get downstairs fast enough and Amy was nipping at her heels.

Jamie fell to her knees, put her hands behind her head, closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Amy followed her example, both facing away from the stairs.

Mathew let them wait a few minutes before joining them. He had not planned on things going this far this fast. He needed a few minutes to tap his imagination for just the right activities.

Mathew was energized with the power that consumes the dominant as he senses the bubble of sub-space that draws him in. At the same time, he was aware of the responsibility he had to help his charges rise to new levels of service and completion. And to sexual fulfillment.

He went to the shelves that held the vast majority of their toys to consider his first game for the girls. He decided he would need both pairs of handcuffs and the three long straps.

Mathew pulled down the chain that hung from the ceiling in the center of the room. He decided not to speak for awhile. His actions would speak for him.

Mathew guided Jamie to her feet by her hair and took her over to the chain. Jamie moaned as she felt first one, then the other cold steal handcuffs encircle each wrist. As always, her Master ensured that just the tightness was just right. Mathew secured a clip to the chain in the center of the cuffs, and then used it to raise her arms straight above her head. Once there, Jamie could hear the clip lock on the ceiling chain, holding her upright and taught.

As Amy heard Mathew’s foot steps come toward her she thought her heart was going to pound out of her chest. She understood why Jamie was so anxious to serve him at every turn. In a moment or two, she was also cuffed and hung on the chain.

Mathew then pushed the girls bodies face to face and used the long straps to bind them together. He stood back and marveled at his creation for a moment until he guided their heads together into yet another kiss. An extra little squeeze let them know that they were not to break the kiss until it suited him.

He was torn between the rubber whip and the heavy flogger until it dawned on him, he could use both! But before he began, he took the small bull whip and cracked it a few times out of Amy’s sight. Each crack brought her to terror but she had faith that he would never cause her any real harm.

The rubber whip started on their shoulders and upper back. Mathew was constantly moving to vary his targets and to keep up with their movements as they tended to spin to maintain their balance.

Adequate attention was paid to the backs of the thighs, their calves and even to the bottom of their feet. Mathew had fun forcing them to lift one foot behind them for the beating while trying to balance on the other. Hard enough to do by yourself, but very challenging tied to another.

Their asses were saved for last. The rubber whip did a good job of warming them up, but Mathew needed to feel the sting of his hand as he painted each check to a dark shade of pink. The girls grunted at bit, but never screamed. This pleased their Master.

Once he was satisfied with color of the asses, Mathew released the straps but only to put them back on; this time his sluts were back to back.

Mathew made sure the top strap was under their tits, forcing them up with their hardened nipples proudly on display. He lowered the ceiling chain a bit giving enough slack for ladies to spread their legs.

The heavy flogger hit each one and wrapped around to the other. Mathew spent a good deal of time on their tits before paying attention to the open and welcoming pussies at his command. Amy let out a scream at the first blow, but it was mainly out of surprise, not real pain.

Mathew was sweating and knew it was time to extract his pleasure. When one blow hit both cunts at the same time at just the right angle, he could see a light spray of their pussy juice rise and fall to the floor.

Both girls were close to cumming and would have with the slightest encouragement. At this point thought, Mathew could not give any more. It was his time.

He removed the straps, released them from the ceiling chain and pushed each to their hands and knees. They were side by side with their asses touching. Mathew placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Amy’s pleasure hole and worked it is slowly and methodically.

The air itself seemed to split when Mathew finally spoke. “Is this where you want my cock, slut?”

Amy failed to answer so he swatted her already red ass and asked again. Amy yelled, “Yes damn it! Please fuck me Master…please fill my cunt!”

After a few more strokes, Mathew pulled out and aimed hid throbbing dick at Jamie’s waiting pussy. “What about this slut? What does this slut want?”

Jamie could barely get the words out as she felt Mathew work his thumb into her ass. “This slut wants you to used her as you see fit. My holes are all yours to use as you wish, Sir!”.

As Mathew plunged his cock into Jamie’s cunt, he kept working the thumb in her ass and managed to use his other hand to work on Amy’s clit. No one was more surprised then him that he was able to last as long as he did. Both girls came with spasms, screaming and tears before he knew he was ready to unload.

Mathew withdrew, got between the girls and turned their heads so they faced each other and then let out a stream of cum that he didn’t think possible after Amy’s blowjob only an hour or so before.

The sluts had a tongue duel to gather and swallow as much of Master’s gift as possible.

Mathew fell on his back and thought to himself, “Yeah, this could work out.”

Wrinkles in Time Part 1 (long)

The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl Book 3: Wrinkles in Time Part 1 Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Goddess Elaine hadn’t completely withdrawn from the mental image of her sister’s quarters on the great ship as she was awakened by one of her adoring worshippers, causing her to cut short her dream-walk with her sisters, Béla and Beth. She could still hear them talking to each other. ‘Dream-walking?’ Beth asked, giggling. ‘No wonder...


Dress Code, part 4

Anne lowered her head slowly and hesitantly at first. But soon, captured by curiosity and lust, she licked firmly between Ms. Davenport’s open pussy lips. The strength of her initial lick provoked a gasp and a shudder from her long-legged superior. Anne was struck by the taste of the executive woman’s shell-pink pussy. It was at the same time familiar, as it reminded Anne of her own scent, but there was something “other” about it at the same time. As had been the...


Return of the Ultimate LoveDolls

The client, heir to a banking fortune in Canada, nodded impatiently as he perched on his chair in the showroom.. He was young, he had speedboats and vacation houses and girlfriends and more money than he knew what to do with. Which suited Max just fine, because his firm catered to exactly such clientele. Max pressed a button on his desk. The door opened, and a woman trainer escorted the man's custom-designed LoveDoll to stand in the center of the room. The young man...


Acts of Infidelity - Mel and Chris - Part 1

Melanie contacted me three months ago and asked whether I would be prepared to something that might help save her marriage. Describing herself as a housewife in her forties, she has been married for twenty-five years and has two children, both currently at University.A year before she wrote to me, Melanie had an affair with the husband of one of her closest friends. It lasted only a few months and as you will see, did not end well.She and her husband Chris had spent the...


A Couple's Play Day Part 3 - Revelations

Your feedback, thoughts, comments and suggestions are always welcome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rick awoke to the muffled sounds of the TV playing downstairs and a rock hard erection. He realized that the kids must be up and watching something downstairs. The bedside clock showed 8:30 am. Joanne lay naked beside him with her left leg draped over his and her...


Aid in Africa : Part One : Emily

PART ONE: EMILY (this is the first of three parts,each part will concentrate with one girl, though the second and third will include the preceding characters as well) The girls were excited. Their NGO had just tied up with an aid organization working in Africa for victims of human trafficking and drug addiction, and they had been selected by their head Mr Samuels for going there. It would be the first time Mandy, Emily and Trish went out of their country. They...


The Ultimate Lovedoll

"Yes, Christina?" Lydia Dunn asked, without a loss of her legendary self control. "I don't recall us having an appointment." Christina weathered the stare and marched right up to her boss's desk. "I want to know why my investigation of the XTC Doll Company has been shut down!" she exclaimed. Lydia Dunn arched her eyebrows. "I was prepared to tell you during our normal staff meeting this afternoon. I saw no point in continuing this fishing expedition of yours. I...


A Couples Play Day Part 3 – Revelations

Introduction: A young couples continuing exploration of their sexual relationship and what they learn about themselves. Dear Reader, This is the continuation of a narrative that began with A Couples Play Day and A Couples Play Day Part 2 Consequences and Exploration you may want to read those chapters if you have not already done so. As mentioned in the introduction to the first part many elements of the first story are based on actual occurrences, beginning with Part 2...



Forty years after Will received the life-changing blessing of inheriting the mansion for the benefit of the extended family, it was time for another from the ‘family at large’ to take on the considerable responsibility of managing the property for the rest of his life. Will’s was already over, leaving Mandy his wife to house-sit the mansion until the new owner would move in. She was being well taken care of by her dear departed love, who had made very abundant...



No one under the age of fourteen in this story has any sex. INTRODUCTION: THE MARCUS STORIES: I drove a cab for a number of years and some of the experiences that Marcus encountered were similar to mine. But, he is not me. He is my surrealistic cabbie. He lives with one foot firmly planted in reality and the other way out there in his imaginations. Sometimes he confuses the two for each other and other times doesn’t connect them together, even though they often...


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