Little Arab Buttercup (part two)

All had gone as planned. I had been able to secretly and discretely get my little buttercup out of her Northern Africa country. I had simply made very special plans with a French smuggler in the port. We knew who all the players were at the consulate. We kept track. We sometimes used them for missions that were not quite kosher, so to speak. I was good friends with the CIA operative in the consulate. His title was Secretary of something or other, but we all knew his mission here. And we had become buddies. He was more than happy to help me out as long as it did not compromise any ongoing missions.

In fact he was glad to help me. The family my little buttercup belonged to had known ties to Al Qaeda in North Africa. It would be a welcome venture to strike at them in this way, just to get a little of our own back in a small way. They would, of course, be upset when she was discovered gone, but they would think twice about asking for the help of the U. S. consulate in such a situation. In fact, they would be more likely to assume some Arab enemy had struck at them in this manner.

Her name was Aisha. She was so happy to get out of her stultifying life and into the free world that she wanted to fuck me right there on the boat. I was happy to do so. She was given her own little bunk in a quiet, hidden part of the boat, and there I fucked my flower again. I took all of her clothes off, tossed them away to discard later, and began exploring her body. It was just as beautiful as I had remembered. Her skin was dusky, her hair black as the night, and her breasts proud and round. She had a perfect hour-glass figure, with wide hips and an ass that reminded one of cantaloupes, it was so rounded.

I stripped and she immediately went for my cock. I was to find that she was sexually insatiable. That was new to me, but I had no problem with it now. She grabbed my dick and started making love to it in every way she could have imagined in her little room upstairs. She licked and sucked my balls. She licked and sucked my cock. She gobbled and drooled with a passion I loved and came to expect later in our life together.

I looked up and saw that the captain and his two crew members were watching from behind the curtain surrounding the bunk. They had their cocks out of their breeches. They were all hard and were holding their dicks in an anticipatory way. As if they were ready to go. Fuck it, I thought, let them watch. It turns me on more. And it did. I got even harder.

I fucked her face with vigor and force and she took it all with the joy of a true little tart. She sucked me and even deep-throated me. She was such a natural at sex. I began shooting my streams of cum into her throat and she gobbled and drooled with pleasure. Very avidly. I was to learn she could not be filled when it came to sucking dick.

Finally, I pulled out and she whimpered with the loss. Then she looked around and saw the crew with their hard cocks that they had been slowly jerking as I fucked her face. She smiled at them, then at me, then said in French and English, "Je t'adore, mon petit chou-chou, but please, mon amor, may I have some more?"

It came as a shock, but it should not have. She had made love to me the first night we met. She was truly a sexual being. I loved her. I needed to accept her as she was or forget her. That I was not willing to do. I thought quickly and decisively and then said, "You may have all you want, my love."

The crew was listening. First the captain moved forward, grabbed her tits and then squeezed them hard, causing her inverted nipples to pop out. She squealed and whimpered with lust and happiness. The he offered his filthy cock and she happily began sucking on it. The other two moved in and started touching her everywhere they could find woman flesh. They mauled her tits, they pushed their fingers into her cunt and even fucked her ass with a finger or two. She took it all, and her eyes begged for more.

The captain shot his cum on her face when he was through fucking it, and she wiped it off and ate it. Another cock was shoved into her mouth and she gladly took it. The last crew member was too horny to wait. He was jerking off as his fellow crew member took his blow job. Both came at the same time and both shot their cum in her face and on her pretty, perky tits. She was covered with French cum. She was smiling with happiness.

I found some cloth to dampen and wiped her off. I still loved her so much. Maybe even more now. It was time for them to sail. I had taken leave for a week and would fly to Marseille to meet her. I said my goodbyes and I knew she would be fucked for the whole trip. These men liked pussy, and she loved cock. My little Arab buttercup was embarking on a whole new voyage of life. She asked me clearly, "May I fuck them? May I learn from them how to please you, mon ami!" "Of course, my love. Use them and make yourself happy."

Two days later I met Aisha at the hotel she was staying at. She was so happy to see me. She did really love me. She wanted to try something she had read about in a dirty magazine she had found in a street kiosk. She wanted to have anal sex. And she wanted something more. She wanted to eat pussy. She wanted to make love to another woman. I knew no women in Marseille, but I knew where to find an available one.

I left Aisha and went a few blocks away to where the street walkers congregated. I saw one that struck my fancy. She was a petite red head. I always tended towards red heads. And she had her hair cut like a pixie. She was even half-way pretty for a hooker. I approached her, we made a deal, and we went back the hotel room where Aisha was waiting. When we entered, I saw she had prepared. She was stretched out naked on the bed and her pussy was already wet. I could see the drips of cum on her hairy pussy.

Our hooker was called Marie, of course. They all were. First, I gave her the money which she placed in her purse and then she began to strip. Aisha sat up to watch, and was so fascinated by the shaved pussy that Marie displayed. She begged me to shave her later. "No problem. It would be pleasing to do it mon amore." When Marie had completed her strip I told her what we wanted.

"I am going to fuck Aisha in the ass while she eats your pussy. Is it dirty? She wants it dirty for the first time she does it." Marie assured me her cunt had been fucked several times today already and was filthy with spunk. So Marie moved up against the headboard, Aisha moved quickly to start licking and sucking the dirty cunt, and I moved in to fuck her ass.

Marie was already whimpering with lust at being eaten by a young girl, and Aisha was drooling and gobbling up the pussy juice Marie was producing. Aisha was inexperienced, but she was enthusiastic, and that always worked well in cunt lapping. I had stripped down to nothing. My 6 inch cock was standing high. I put on a condom and moved in to fuck some Arab ass. I started pushing my cock head in and Aisha moaned with lust. I pushed harder and she started pushing back.

Now we had a hard ass fucking. The hardest I had ever been part of. She was so young and tight, but I rammed her as hard as I could, because that was what she wanted. I could feel my cock tearing the inner flesh, but she kept pushing back wanting more and more. I crammed all I had up her bung hole and she squealed with pleasure and pain.

All this occurred while she was sticking her tongue into French whore cunt. She must have been enjoying that because I could see she kept gulping down all the cum that Marie produced. And Marie was actually enjoying sex for a change, not just acting for a client. She kept thrusting her pussy up into Aisha's face. Both of them were cumming and cumming. Finally all my spunk shot up into Aisha's ass and I pulled out fast. She created her first cream pie for me. I knelt over and gave her a rim job. Eating her ass out with all of my cum was a major turn on.

Now Aisha quit sucking pussy and turned around to suck my filthy cock. She did it with a grin and a gobble. Meanwhile Marie began rimming Aisha, licking up all the cum I had not been able to eat. She rammed her tongue up that abused ass and licked the cream and blood still oozing out. Aisha cleaned me up good. We all finally relaxed on the bed and enjoyed fondling pussies and tits and my cock. A fine time had been had by all. I gave Marie a large tip.
After Marie had departed Aisha and I discussed her situation. My CIA friend had given me a contact and I was in the process of getting dummy papers for Aisha. She would soon be on her way to the U. S. to be met by me when my tour was complete. Meanwhile, she was to stay with my family in California. What we discussed so deeply was how Aisha was to act while she was staying with my family. She would have to control her urges. She agreed readily because she loved me deeply and she knew how lucky she was to get this chance.


Months had passed. I had completed my tour in Northern Africa. I had not re-upped. I was on my way home and looking forward to seeing Aisha again. My family too, of course. I had kept in touch with all of them and my folks had grown to love Aisha. And she had learned to love California and its freedoms. I could not wait to be with them all.

I arrived at the airport to ecstatic greetings from family and my Aisha. She looked so American now. And her English had improved so much that she used it only now. She no longer spoke French and English and Arabic all at the same time. We gathered my things and with my arm around Aisha we all went to the family home.

The first thing we did that week was to get married. They had planned it all for me while I was away. My sweet little Arab buttercup would so happy to be married to her love. And it was what I had dreamed of for months now. The wedding went off fine. In fact, better than fine.

The night before we had a special party for the men who were standing up with me at the altar. Just the men and me and Aisha. This was her special surprise. I was going to make her very happy. I knew her so well. We all went out to dinner, then we went to a hotel room I had rented especially for the occasion. The men had no idea what was going to happen. I was getting odd looks from all of them as we went up in the elevator with Aisha dressed in her sundress and sandals. It was summer.

First, I had all the men sit down where ever they felt comfortable. Then I ordered Aisha to take off her clothes slowly and sensuously. The men were actually agape with wonder. I could see bulges in some pants. Aisha stripped and then began to do one of her dances that I had seen back in the old country. The men looked at me and I said, "This is for her and for you and for me. We need to strip too and and I want to see how long it takes for each of you to cum on my baby. And the first to cum on her gets to fuck her first later."

It didn't take a second command. They took off everything as fast as they could and their dicks were getting hard. Two, I knew were getting hard looking at the other men. That was cool. I had lots of bisexual and gay friends. There were many in the services. Then they all began to jack off and little Aisha knelt in the middle of the room awaiting the bukkake to come. She had the broadest of grins on her sweet face.

I was joining in. This was my baby and I loved her and wanted to share in all her love making. The two gay guys started jerking off watching each other, but all the rest were looking at Aisha's luscious ass and tits and her freshly shaved cunt. Soon all were extremely hard and were jacking as fast as they could.

I was not the first to cum. So I was not the first to fuck her later. But I would be getting plenty of Aisha pussy in my life with her. The names don't matter. One fellow started cumming on her face and screaming with pleasure as he did it. Aisha opened her mouth to catch as much as she could, but most covered her face. Soon others were shooting spunk into her mouth and on her tits and face. It was dripping all the way down to her cunt. She was soon covered with sperm and was rubbing it into her inverted nipples and all over her body. I had not taken long, but every man had his cum on my baby, except the two gay guys who had sucked each other off. Each to his own.

Now the first to cum on her had to revive his cock. He had been allowed a few minutes while the others had hosed my baby. Now he was hard again. He moved in to get his new reward. Aisha was on her back on the bed, covered with cum and awaiting more in her pussy. He began fucking her and held her legs wide and high as he humped her cunt as she squealed with glee. It took about ten minutes for him to cum again. She whimpered as he withdrew from her little cunny.

"Who is next," she cried, "please fuck me more, please."

The names did not matter. Each man stepped up and fucked my baby as I watched and jerked my dick. Since they had all shot their wad once already each one took more time to fuck and cum in my baby than usual. She loved it. One fucked her doggy style and she pushed back so hard as he rammed her and rammed her. When he had shot his wad another moved in and fucked her ass. This was a favorite for her now. He came in her ass and filled it with man spunk. It drooled out and gave the next man plenty of lubricant as he fucked her ass too. Each man fucked her the way he wanted. She did not care what they choose. She wanted and needed them all.

The two gay men were enjoying fucking each other in the ass and having other men around to watch. This was their dream come true. They were happy, so I was happy.

All the while I had been sticking my cock in her mouth for a blow job. I finally came again and she ate me as she was getting fucked. At last I sent them all away. They washed as well as they could, gathered their clothes and each gave Aisha a kiss of admiration for her fortitude and honest love of sex.

The next day was a happy day of festivity for my family. They had no clue. They just loved me and they loved my Aisha. And all the groomsmen spent the whole ceremony with huge grins on their faces. It was a great occasion.

And it was only the beginning for my little Arab buttercup.

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My little Arab buttercup, Aisha, had been married to me for over a year now. I found work with a civilian contractor for the military. My technical and computer training in the army gave me the knowledge and experience they needed there in Silicon Valley. We were living about thirty minutes away from my job. Aisha preferred to be called Annie now. She was completely westernized in every way. She always spoke English, and had become fluent. She was so fluent that...


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