In Her Shoes Part 3

I guided Peter into the main shopping mall in town leading him straight into a shoe shop. The girl in the shop fetched a few pairs for me to try on and I relished asking Peters opinion. He tried not to look too obvious that he was hooked on my shoes and feet. I 'hummed' and 'ahmmed' a short while, telling the girl I was undecided and may well be back later.

Grabbing his arm once more we walked around the mall going into various shoe shops. In the ones without sales staff I would make him fetch different styles of shoes and got him to put them on for me. If nobody was close to us I would tease his cock further as much as I could. It was so nice having this power over him. You could see the disappointment on his face when the shop had staff out on the floor and the sheer delight when they didn’t.

I kept him shopping for over two hours and still hadn’t bought even one pair.

The embarrassment on his face was getting worse with the amount of tease I had given him. By now his cock could easily be noticed in his trousers and the fact that I kept my arm linked with his made it hard for him to hide it.

We reached a small restaurant at the end of the mall. Peter dutifully opened the door and we were soon sat in a corner at the back of the room. It wasn’t that long before the waiter brought us our meals. As we ate our meal I was teasing Peter by rubbing my foot on the inside of his calf which soon brought a smile. The waiter then brought our deserts mine being fruit and ice cream. I slipped myself forward to the edge of my seat, sensually licking the spoon while leaning forward enjoying each mouthful. My foot was now able to rise up more and reached his groin with me grinding the sole of my shoe into his again bulging cock. After we had finished I got up telling Peter to get the bill and meet me outside. I watched as he walked right through the restaurant, many customers seemed to notice his hard cock. His face was soon crimson as he exited as quickly as he could.

I, again, linked arms guiding him back down the mall. We were soon back to the very first shop we had visited and we again went inside. The same girl as before gave me a forced smile as if she really didn’t want us back.

“I ordered some shoes earlier in the week,” I gave the assistant my name and she went to fetch them from the back.

“How would you like to pay miss?”

“Oh I’m not…… he is,” I giggled as she handed me the bag.

Peter paid with his credit card and we walked back to the car park with me teasing him on which shoes he had liked.

Before we got back in the car for the ride home I couldn’t resist having him get down on his knee’s and lick me between my toes.

It gave me such a power rush knowing that no matter who was around he would not refuse me.

Finally I demanded that he drive us home.

On arriving back we noticed the curtain twitcher across the road once more having a good nose.

As we entered the lounge I told Peter to draw the curtains and get stripped. I popped the new shoes down and went upstairs to the bedroom to grab the locked bag, shouting on my way up that he wasn’t to look at the shoes.

“Hmmm…..looks like someone forgot their manners today, didn’t they?” I hissed as I place the bag down behind him.

The loud thud as it hit the floor making him shudder. It was soon unlocked and unzipped so that I could reach it’s contents.

I pulled some leather cuffs out and fastened them around his wrists, the distance between the cuffs was minimal. This stopped him being able to lower his wrists from the small of his back. Again I reached inside the bag bringing out some leg spreaders adjusting them out to quite a large span, then locked them firmly in place around his ankles. Finally I placed a ball gag over his head making sure the ball was forcing itself tight in his mouth.

I left him standing in the centre of the room.

“You should have been more attentive when we were out!”

I could see his puzzled face trying to work out what he had done wrong.

Standing before him, I now held the bag containing the new shoes he had bought.

“I had to carry these back to the car, didn’t I?” He slowly nodded his head.
I removed the flat sandals running them under his nose giving him a good whiff of the sweaty leather. I moved down letting him feel the warmth where my feet had just been as I slowly teased around the tip of his cock. It wasn’t long before he was semi erect.

I now turned my attention to the new shoes taking delight in showing him the black sandals I had chosen earlier in the week.
I teased him some more with the tip of the stiletto’s 4.5” heel, pushing it just a tiny bit inside the head of his cock. At last he was finally rigid just as I had planned.

I threaded one of the flat sandals over his now slowly leaking cock.

“If you drop it I will give you worse than your already going to get,” I sniggered.

Placing my feet in the sandals I bent down to fix the foot straps in place. Then walked around so he could see and hear the new shoes, it seemed he approved going on the glint in his eyes.

All the time I had been holding the flat pink sandal but was now more brandishing it.

I walked behind him and just to his left side before I rained down some really nasty blows across his backside. The supple leather of the sole flexing and I was sure would cause maximum sting across his ever reddening ass. As each blow came down the other sandal on his cock would almost drop off with the force of each hit.

After about five minutes I had to stop, my normally well tucked cock was straining to be released from the tight shorts.

I guided him down to his knees and released the ball gag. Before he could even say thank you I shoved the pink sandal into his mouth firm. His lip’s were full stretch over the widest part of that sweaty sole.

I now stood directly in front of him.

“Now it’s your turn to clean my cum for a change as from my shoes.”

Quickly I unzipped the fly of the shorts and eased out my now rigid cock. I soon impaled it along the shoe and just near the tip of the shoe. Grabbing his head from behind I pulled him further onto my now grinding of the shoe as my hips swayed back and forth. It didn’t take me long at all before,

“AHhhhhhhhh,…..Mmmmmm,……Yesssss!” I shot cum in his mouth and over the shoe.

I had never had such a strong and lasting orgasm. What I had just experienced was awesome. This might have been so out of character for me but hell was I enjoying my power over him!

I slowly removed the shoe from his mouth turning it so that he could clean it fully.

“That’s it make sure it’s clean,” I giggled.

Once I was fully happy the shoe was now clean of cum I removed the leg spreaders.

“On your stomach now!”

He was quick to move, I was guessing not wanting to be spanked again. In his haste the other shoe had fallen from his cock.

I climbed up on his back grinding the heels down, the shoes making rings as I put my full weight into them. Once I was happy he was suitably marked I climbed off fetching a high back chair next to him. As I sat down I made him turn over and rested my feet near his ass, every now and then pushing a heel into his crack.

“Hmmmm…..I think you can wait while I decide your fate,” I teasingly goaded.

Reaching down I removed his cuffs giving him the chance to now rise onto all fours. Now I was able to work my foot into his groin once more just to un-nerve him further.

I kept alternating my target areas using more and more pressure. I could tell he was close to orgasm again for the umpteenth time that day.

“Go fetch me a drink!”

“Yes Miss,” It had been ages since I had heard his voice instead of his pathetic moans.

He returned with a glass of wine and the bottle in an ice bucket. Placing them down by my side as he assumed the position once more.

For a while I teased him further as I sipped on the wine until I noticed he was oozing pre-cum once more. A few well placed sharp kicks in his balls soon brought his cock down and readied his mind on the next task I would set.

“Remove my shoe’s and clean them fully! Now!” I rasped sternly, before placing my feet back to the floor.

As quick as he could he gave my feet the most amazing tongue bath just I expected.

After he was done I got him to give me yet another pedicure but this time choosing a red varnish. I loved watching him work he always had a steady hand and made sure that my toes were perfect. When he was finally finished and I had drank quite a few more wines I got him to replace my shoes for me.

My thought’s again were should I now allow him some pleasure or to just further prolong his agony. His rigid cock soon had my mind made up, it was time to further his suffering.

I re-attached the cuffs back in place and made him kneel facing me. I stood up laughing at him before snapping a posture collar in place around his neck. I stood close so my feet were now out of view to him with no way for him to now be able to look down at them.

“I bet you would love to cum wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Miss….Please,” came his pathetic cry.

I wandered around the room behind him knowing full well that the clip clop of the heels would have their affect on him once more.

I dragged over a sturdy wooden coffee table and placed it in front of him. With a sharp tug I placed his cock and balls on the table.

I stepped up carefully onto the table standing full weight flattening his cock.

“OK…..then you may,” I knew as long as I kept the pressure down he had no chance.

He looked at me with a grimace on his face it was obvious now that I was in charge.

I removed my foot making his cock lift off the table before placing it under, he knew it was their but was unable to see.

“Go ahead…..Go on!” I made no effort to tease him and he pathetically tried to hump the top of my feet.

The frustration was clear on his face that his new task was going to be unassisted. Eventually though he managed to force his cock between the arches of my feet and shoes and got a good rhythm going. Again his pre-cum was now acting as lube and his breathing was becoming erratic.

Before he got to far I stood back from his cock again I kicked him hard in the balls.

“I lied!” I couldn’t help myself from laughing.

“If you want to cum your going to have beg me!”

“Please Miss…..may I……Arghhhhhh!”

Another well aimed kick stopped him in his tracks.

“Maybe later we will just have to see.”

I stepped down from the table once more and pulled the table away.

I reached in the bag and pulled out a leash attaching it to his collar.

“OK…..It’s dark now, if you want to cum so bad then let’s give your neighbour something to talk about.”

I tugged on the leash dragging him on his knee’s towards the front door.

“Please Miss Noooo!” His voice was now sounding desperate as I opened the door. The fear was now fixed on his face that only I was blocking anyone’s clear view of him.

“What’s the matter…..don’t you want me to show everyone you’re my foot slave?”

“Please Miss no, we always kept thing’s private.”

“Oh so your wife didn’t push you as hard as I do then?”

“N-N-oo Miss never,” I pushed the door back closed watching the relief on his face.

This time I pulled him up to the bedroom as we hit the stairs he was able to stand at last once more.

I sat on the edge of the bed raising my feet up so I could now use them to wank his now desperate cock. It took next to no time before his pulsing cock gizzed out a whole days worth of hot sticky cum all over my feet and shoes. I may not have let his neighbours watch but they sure has hell must of heard him cry out.

I pulled myself up onto the bed leaving my feet near the edge as I demanded he clean up his mess.

Finally I removed the collar and cuffs and got ready for bed knowing that in the morning I would be leaving to give Julia all the details of how much I had made Peter squirm.

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