Tropical Island Vacation - Chapter 8

Talia pushes me backward ‘til I’m lying face up on the blanket. She climbs onto me, straddles my hips, takes my cock in her hand and starts rubbing the tip on her pussy lips.

She looks down at me and says, “How ‘bout it, sweetie-pie? Have you got another big load of cum for me today?”

I nod.

“Good! But I need to feel you inside me first. I want to ride your cock for a while!”

With that, she lifts herself up slightly and suddenly her pussy glides down the length of my shaft and we both breathe a happy sigh. Her inner walls tighten around me snuggly. She leans forward, her hands on my chest bracing herself with her arms and starts a circular motion with her hips, stirring her hot depths with my prick. She seems to slip into one of her fuck-trances, eyes closed, lips parted, sighing and moaning softly as she feels every inch of my bone inside her. I reach up with both hands and start fondling her breasts above me, tweaking and teasing her stiff, sensitive nipples.

Talia’s hip movements change from round and round to forward and back and I can feel her hard clit rubbing the topside of my cock. She leans farther forward and I crane my neck to reach her nipples with my tongue. Her body begins to quiver with mounting pleasure and her humping of my cock quickens. I wrap my lips around a nipple and suck her tit into my mouth as her orgasm crests and washes over her and through her. She groans loudly and her body collapses onto mine, shaking uncontrollably. Her convulsing pussy grips and squeezes my embedded cock with rhythmic contractions. I kiss Talia’s face lovingly and repeatedly as her orgasm rumbles through her to its conclusion.

Suddenly, we hear Lynnette and Steve applauding us and we both smile. We look over to see them still seated a few feet away from us. Talia sits upright and raises and lowers herself a few times to show our appreciative audience that my cock is still rock hard inside her.

“Christ, girl!” says Lynnette. “You cum as hard as any girl I’ve ever seen!”

“Amazing!” Steve says, smiling and shaking his head. Then looking at me he says, “Man, I don’t know how you could hold your load through that!”

“He held it because the show’s not over yet,” Talia says. “I want you two to see this wonderful man ejaculate on me!”

Talia rolls off of me and lays back propped up on her elbows and her legs extended straight forward. I climb to my knees and move in front of her, straddling her thighs and take my wet, hard cock in my right hand and begin stroking. I make long, measured strokes up and down the shaft, aiming the swollen tip at my girl’s torso reclining before me. Her skin is glowing with the perspiration of our exuberant fuck. I glance quickly over at Lynnette and Steve, who are transfixed with anticipation.

Talia breathlessly urges me on. “C’mon, Rog…pump your beautiful cock for me! Stroke it good! Pump it up to a huge cum! I know you can! You’ve cum so much for me already today, but I know you’ve got more! I just know it! And I wanna see it and feel it shooting on me! I want Steve and Lynnette to see it too.”

Looking back down at Talia, I see her chest heaving and her belly convulsing. Her gaze alternates between looking me squarely in the eyes as she begs for my cum and staring at my raging cock and pumping hand. She doesn’t want to miss seeing my ejaculation.

“Show ‘em how you cum for me, baby! Show ‘em what you’ve got for me in there!” She extends her hand and fondles my balls to indicate clearly where she means by ‘in there.’

Finally, after nearly and hour of fondling, ball licking, testicle tickling, cock sucking, fucking and now, masturbation, my inevitable orgasm can no longer be denied. With all the physical, visual and verbal stimulation, the novelty of being naked on this beautiful, tropical beach, and compounded with the eroticism of demonstrating my ejaculatory prowess to our two new friends, I begin my final climb to the summit.

I hold my cock in my fist, poised over Talia’s outstretched body. Her eyes fixed on my bulbous cockhead pointed directly at her. My hand, no longer sliding up and down the shaft, now merely holding it steady, applying pressure now and then, feeling it throbbing as my orgasm builds inside me of it’s own accord.

Talia’s words of encouragement are now coming in a hoarse whisper. “Yeah…yeah…oh, yeah! It’s building, it’s growing! Look at it throb! You’re getting close to releasing your load, I can tell! I want your cum, honey! I really do! Spray me with it! Paint me with it! I need it…I really need your cum!”

My orgasm, which has been slowly building, quickly gains momentum. My thighs tremble, my balls tingle, my stomach tenses, and my hips thrust forward and back a few times fucking my steely cock through my clenched fist. My vision narrows and all I can see is my beautiful Talia in her exquisite nakedness offering me the perfect cum target.

I thrust my hips forward one last time and hold my quivering prick at its root. It strains and throbs and swells as if to burst. And as the first bolt of semen surges up my shaft, I breathe an open-throated groan of joyous relief.

A thick, heavy dollop of cum deposits itself on Talia’s smooth tummy just above her navel, the tail of the blast tracing a thin thread down her lower belly almost reaching her pussy. On contact, Talia sucks in her tummy and the thick blob of cum cascades into her bellybutton. Meanwhile, my cock discharges a second and third spurt, larger and more forceful than the first. Long creamy ropes reach as high as her tits, one drenching her right nipple. The fourth arches high and plops directly into her navel, adding to the spunk from the first. A fifth and sixth shoot higher and attach to her ribs and trickle down her side. Number seven is a heavy stream that oozes from my cockhead onto her sunken belly and flows towards her bellybutton, which is already overfilled.

I give my cock a quick stroke and two more jizz bullets spew forth up her body to her tits, one right between them, and the other splashing the underside of her left breast. I point my cock upward slightly and another gush of cum squirts in the air like a fountain, splattering her wet skin. I slowly stroke my hand up and down my cock. My loins keep contracting rhythmically and yet more cum drains from my balls and dribbles into the puddle on her tummy.

At last I’ve emptied myself completely. Talia’s upper body is streaked with ribbons of thick, white spunk. Rivulets of semen drip off her tits and flow down her torso to her cum-swamped tummy.

I release my hand from my cock and lean forward above Talia’s body and kiss her sweetly yet passionately on the lips. My deflating penis dangles over her inundated tummy and the head dips in, getting coated with thick cum. Climbing to my feet, I straddle Talia’s shoulders and crouch slightly so I can feed my spunky penis into her mouth for her to lick and suck clean. As she’s doing so, Talia hand reaches for her pussy and starts rubbing her clit. Within seconds she’s consumed by another orgasm.

Talia’s cum-drenched body quivers and trembles, her lips wrapped tightly around my spent cock, her tongue massaging the underside to draw out the last drops of jism, her mouth and throat vibrating with a contented hum as she rides her orgasm to conclusion. I pull back causing my floppy, rubbery penis to slip from her lips with a ‘pop’ and step to the side. Talia looks down at herself and runs her fingers up and down her body through my spermy emissions adorning her skin.

“Jesus H. Christ!” we hear Lynnette say in wonderment.

“Absolutely amazing!” Steve says a moment later. “Awesome show!” And they both begin applauding us.

We all look around at each other exchanging smiles. Talia continues playing with the slick, sticky slime on her tits and belly.

“Look at all his cum, Lynnettte,” she says proudly. “Look at all his lovely cum!”

While the girls walk down to the lagoon to rinse and refresh themselves, Steve and I towel the sweat and sand off our bodies and I gather our belongings in preparation of heading home. It’s nearly dusk and I stand letting the cooling breeze off the ocean play over my body. Steve suggests the four of us meet for dinner, perhaps later in the week, and we exchange phone numbers.

We see Talia and Lynnette approaching from a distance. Steve steps forward and starts stroking his semi-erect cock in the direction of the girls. Looking back over his shoulder at me, he says, “After watching you and Talia, I’m sure Lynnette is going to want me to fuck her again before we leave. So I’d better get this thing ready.”

He keeps up a steady stroke and sure enough, he’s rock hard by the time the girls reach us.

“I hope you’re gonna fuck me with that!” Lynnette says boisterously with a big grin on her face. Steve gives me a knowing glance.

“Well, before you get started,” Talia says, “Roger and I are going to say goodnight and thank you!”

Steve and I shake hands and Lynnette envelopes Talia in her arms and hugs her warmly. Lynnette then turns to me and says, “You two are so adorable!” And she hugs me as well. Steve takes Talia’s hand in his and leans in kissing her on the cheek.

Talia giggles and glances down at Steve’s raging hard-on. “Such the gentleman you are,” she snickers.

Saying our last goodbyes, Talia and I start walking back up the beach toward the trailhead. Occasionally, we look at each other with warm, loving smiles and remark what a wonderful day it’s been. Remembering our initial reluctance to shed our clothes, we marvel at how quickly we embraced being nude in public.

Reaching the trailhead, we know that this is where we should cover ourselves with some clothing for the short walk back to the car. We stop and look at one another for a few long seconds. Talia then breaks into a naughty grin.

“Let’s stay naked,” she says. “All the way back to the car and as we drive back to the condo too!”

And so we walk back through the cane field stark naked, giggling like mischievous school children. It’s twilight when we reach the car and climb in for our naked drive home.

Arriving back at the condo, we again elect to remain naked as we make our way from the parking lot up to our room on the second floor. It’s quite dark now but grounds were well lit, so it’s still a bit risky.

Once inside we take a quick cool shower together to rinse ourselves clean. We acknowledge our newfound love of nudity and agree that for the duration of our vacation, we will remain naked as much as possible.

After our shower, Talia heads for the bedroom while I go to the kitchen and make two cups of tea for us to take to bed with us. But as I enter the bedroom, I see Talia’s naked body curled up on the bed. She’s already fast asleep.

“Oh well,” I think. “Tea can wait ‘til morning.”

Setting the cups on the nightstand, I cuddle up with my Talia in bed. Within seconds, I too am fast asleep.

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