Youngsville Part 2

I got dressed and walked down the street as Let had told me at the train station. I walked out of town until I came to the outskirts of the ranch. There was a wooden fence and a gate which read "Day-Sea ranch". I needed to walk about a kilometer up a dirt road from the fence until I reached the farm's buildings. As I approached, I saw a farmhouse. I noticed its age. It must have been built sometime during the 1800s.

The farmhouse was on top of a hill, which made me a little tired after hauling my bags all the way from the train station in the hot summer sun. I took the final steps up onto the porch and I knocked on the door before taking a look around. The place was very quiet and peaceful. I could see some cows in the distance and hear a few horses from the other side of the farmhouse.

I heard the door open behind me, and I turned around so I could see a woman standing in the door. A beautiful, blond, blue-eyed woman standing 175 cm tall, and with quite a good pair of big breasts, C-size easily. She must have been in her early thirties and I had trouble taking my eyes off of her cleavage. She was hot! Although this woman was dressed, unlike Becky at the train station. She was wearing a cowgirl uniform, which I thought was amusing given that we were on a farm.

“Hello there,” she said politely. “What brings you to my farm, Mr…?” she continued and looked at me puzzled. She was probably wondering who I was.

“Holm, Mrs. Day-Sea,” I answered and held up my phone with a picture I had of the cottage. “I accepted your ad for the cottage.”

“Ah yes! How could I forget? Come in please. Or would you like to drop off your bags right away, Mr. Holm?” She asked me.

“I think it would be best to get it done.” I answered.

She helped me with my bags, and we walked to the cottage where I would be staying. She opened the door and we stepped into my new home. It was a simple one room house, equipped with the typical things you would need in a home, such as a bed, a table, a few chairs, an oven, and in the far corner, a small fire pit.

“Do you find everything to your liking?” I heard Mrs. Day-Sea ask behind me.

“Yes, it seems great. I like it already, Mrs Day-Sea,” I answered to her and I saw her smile. She had a beautiful smile, which made me smile too.

“Call me Gina. Just let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I have to go help my daughter with some work," she said before leaving the cottage. I began to unpack my things. I was surprised to find that the cottage had electricity and outlets in the walls, although the outlets were ancient. I plugged all my tiny gadgets like my phone and laptop into the power outlets. This place could get real cozy if I worked on it.

After I had finished packing up and getting my things in order, I decided to take a walk around the ranch and get an idea of my surroundings. Not more than fifty meters from my cottage was the farmhouse. Just behind the farmhouse was the stable. If you kept on going another hundred meters, you reached the barn and silo.

I thought about taking a peek inside, but I needed to use the bathroom. I walked back to the farmhouse and used the backdoor. The door lead into the kitchen where I saw another woman. She had her back turned towards me. She was facing the stove preparing some food. I walked up towards her and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Excuse me Miss, where is the bathroom?” I asked but I startled her by accident.

“Oh! Well hello there mister,” the girl said. “You must be Holm, the new boy?," she added. She looked very much like Mrs. Day-Sea. Blonde and sexy, but she was younger and just entering her twenties. Only she had a much thicker and curvier body, a little chubby to be honest. Her tits were amazing though! Double Ds.

“Yes miss. I’m sorry if I startled you. You can call me Eric,” I responded.

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, I like surprises. Especially boys such as yourself who come walking right up to me. I’m Jill," she said in a cute country dialect and extended her hand towards me. I greeted it with my own and I felt a little suspicious towards her. I think she was flirting with me. Which was unusual for me, but I was fine with it. I was actually day dreaming about fucking her right there and then. But I obviously couldn’t. My mind kept reminding me about manners, and the bathroom as well. So I asked again.

“It’s just outside, by the stables. We’ve got an outhouse.” She answered and gave me a smile. Fuck, an outhouse, really?

I thanked Jill and she returned to stirring in her pot as I stepped back outside. I headed in the direction of the stables and saw the tiny outhouse, attached to the stable’s wall. I walked up to it and opened the door.

“Oh!” said a young woman sitting on the seat as she tried to cover up.

“Oh I’m so sorry!” I yelled and shut the door. “I thought they had locks on outhouses.”

“Who are you?” I heard the girl asked on the other side of the door. She seemed calm, for talking to a stranger who had just intruded on her privacy.

“Um…I…eh-hem, my name is Eric, I just rented the cottage by the house," I stuttered.

“Oh, great. It’s good to have a man around here again. Say, do you know anything about handling some tools?” I heard her ask.

“I’ve been around them before,” I answered. My uncle had taught me a lot of things. He was a carpenter. I sometimes helped him build, bookcases, tables, even a room once, you name it. He was the one who had got me interested in tinkering and building.

“Well do you mind opening that cabinet and taking out a roll of toilet paper?” I looked around and saw a small cabinet next to the door and opened it. It was full of toilet paper rolls and I chuckled. I took out a roll and the door to the outhouse opened slowly. A small hand came reaching out and I placed the roll in the hand. A minute later the door opened and a young girl stepped out of the outhouse. She was very pretty and I was much taller than her, at least a foot. She had a nice petite body with some B-cup boobs which were in good development. She was dressed in a tank top and a pair of hot pants.

“Well it seems Eric has the skills. You might just make a good handyman after all," she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek as I asked for her name. “Sandra Day-Sea, she replied as she started to walk away. I watched her and her cute little butt shake in her daisy dukes until she disappeared into the farmhouse. Three hot women in such a short period. I stepped into the outhouse to do my thing.

Inside the outhouse I noticed on the right wall there was a tiny hole into the stables. From the stables I could hear a voice and some moaning. My curiosity got the better of me and I peeked through. On the other side I saw two horses and piles of hay spread out through the room.

On one of the haystacks I saw a girl laying on her back naked, playing with herself. She was a short petite teenager, with short brown hair and looked younger than Sandra, the girl I just met. I could not take my eyes off her fingering her own anus, as I was only a meter distance away. I could see everything. There was a small patch of dark hair above her pussy which twitched as her two tiny fingers were inserted into her butt.

My cock grew hard and I began stroking it as the girl on the other side started picking up her pace. I kept watching this little girl fuck her ass with her hand and the horses seemed to enjoy the show too. Soon she began shaking and it was clear she was having an orgasm. I watch as her butt shot out her fingers and she stretched out on the hay.

“Did you like what you saw?” she said. Shit! Had I been caught? She asked again and made eye contact with me through the wooden hole. I had to answer.

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you," I whispered and moved away from the hole. After a few seconds of silence I heard her stand up and peek through the hole.

“You will be sorry if you don’t come into the stables," she said and disappeared from view. I looked back through the hole and she had disappeared. I wiped my ass and rushed into the stables. Horny and excited I closed the large gate to keep the horses from leaving. It was quiet now and I could only hear my own breath and the horses eating hay.

I walked past the stalls where the horses were. Each horse examined me carefully as I walked by. It became darker the further I went into the stables. My feet stopped when I reached a stall with no horse, instead I found something else. There was a different beautiful creature laying in there.

The girl who I had seen through the outhouse hole was laying on her back in a pile of hay as she was rubbing her clitoris. She looked at me with bright blue eyes, almost glowing, in the dimmed light. I stepped closer as her eyes lured me into the stall. I took my clothes off and I laid down beside her.

I was about to ask her who she was when she kissed me. Her mouth was wet and her fingers went across my cheek. My body climbed up on top of her little one and my cock grew quickly to full length. We kept kissing and rubbing up against each other. My lips then wandered down to her small tits and I began sucking on her nipples.

After a few minutes of making out and playing around with her tits I wrapped my arms around her back as I rolled over into the hay. Making her sit on top of me as a cowgirl would. My dick rubbed up against her pussy and a little bit of her lower belly. She spit in her hands and stroked my cock until it was wet and slippery. This little girl did all the work.

She sat right down on top of my cock and I was surprised. The cunt was so tight! I could barely fit into her. I was expecting her pussy to be much wetter and easier to get in. Because, up until I had arrived in Youngsville, I was still a virgin. I looked down to see the progress and I understood why it was going so slowly. I was halfway inside her asshole!

I had always enjoyed watching anal porn clips on my laptop and now I was getting the real deal. Looking up at her cute face I could see from her facial expressions that she was struggling to get it in. My hands rested on her shoulders and I pressed her body down further on my fuck rod. She gasped and let out a loud moan as I pushed the rest of my cock into her dirty hole.

I kept watching as she began riding up and down on my cock. She went slowly and she went fast. She teased me by just going down on my top, and she pleased me when she let me all the way in. I pulled her down and held her tight against my body and took over the work. Thrusting upwards hard into her tight and soft bum.

After a few minutes of fucking in the ass she tensed up and kissed me. Her tongue was out of control in my mouth and her anal wall squeezed my dick hard, making me cum like a horse. I lost control of my body as I fucked her furiously. At the same time I was shooting my spunk deep into her bowels. I looked into her bright blue eyes that were out of this world and watched her go into ecstasy with me.

She collapsed on top of my chest and kissed me again. After a minute of making out my softening cock withdrew from her ass and I felt a large amount of cum drip out of her asshole and drop down onto my balls. She rolled over to my right side and snuggled into my arm and laid her head on my chest. We lay in the hay together and after a short breather she spoke to me.

“You’ve got the biggest balls ever,” she said and kissed me, “and I loved your nice cock!”

“You’ve got a nice little body yourself. How old are you?” I asked as I fondled her little butt cheeks.

“Sixteen, and congratulations,” her hand found its way to my down and began to stroked my wet flaccid dick. “You’re my first. I’ve been waiting for a cock to take me in the ass, hihihi.” She giggled.

“First? You seem to have had a lot of practice.” I stated as my finger found her tiny little asshole. It was wet and gooey. My spunk was still seeping out of her. She giggled some more and started kissing my chest.

“Oh yes, I’ve been playing with my butthole for years,” she stated as I watched her move further down on my body, near my bellybutton.” Ever since I started getting my first periods. I’ve just never gotten some alone time with a boy.” She continued as I pushed my index finger past her anus.

“A girl like you? You could have any boy you want with that ass of yours!” I told her and moved my finger around in a circle inside her ass.

“Aw you’re sweet.” She replied and gave my cock a lick. “My mother has been real defensive against boys here on this farm. I have thought about making my own toys. The problem is that I am not the best craftswoman. I usually go up to my mom’s bedroom and steal her dildo and buttplugs.” She said a little ashamed.

I started thinking about how my uncle had shown me how to cast keys and small metal items. It can’t be too difficult to make a dildo form and pour some gel into it. I told her about my idea.

“Really, you would? I would love that so much!” She said and gave me a real passionate kiss as I played some more with her ass. “Gosh, I don’t even know your name! I’m Catherina," she said and lifted her head from my crotch.

“I’m Eric, I just moved into the cottage on the farm,” I said as I slowly fingered her asshole.

“Oh you're him? The guy from the city? What’s brings a young guy like yourself out here?”

“I needed to get away, change surroundings.”

“Does my ass count as a new environment? I hope it does. I also felt like having something new. That’s why I joined the church. My mom didn’t like it. But they’ve taught me so much. I love it.” A church? I was surprised she let me have sex with her.

“You’re a religious girl? And you let me fuck you?”

“Up the ass, there’s nothing in my holy book that condemns sodomy. But my vagina is only for my lord or when he commands me to submit it," she responded with pride in her voice.

“I didn’t know the lord worked that way,” I said as I was curious. "Why aren't there men around here?"

“Before the only man that was allowed to step foot on this ranch was my daddy,” she answered.

“Really? Why am I allowed here now then?” I wondered.

“Well, since daddy died, we’ve been having trouble raising money. In this part of the country, not many people like doing deals with a lonely woman like mama.”

“What? That is horrible!” I announced a little shocked.

"The man in the family has the final vote out here. It is good for the ranch’s image. It looks better having a man in the house,” she told me as she began stroking my cock faster. “We have most of the things we need to get by. Although it’s always nice to have nice stuff," she confessed to me.

“So I’m like a sign to the other ranchers that you’re successful?” I asked with a chuckle.

“No, no, no! I didn’t mean it like that!” she said and crawled up closer to my face. “I want you to stay with us. Especially after our fun here in the stable," she added and kissed my cheek. She was lying flat on top of my stomach as her powerful eyes stared into mine.

“I was only joking Catherina, I’m not leaving,” I promised her and pulled her legs apart. She felt my cock push against her ass again. This time she resisted.

“I’m sorry, although I want more, we should be getting out of here. My sister is going to come in here soon and announce that dinner is finished,” Catherina said and stood up. I didn’t want to leave but she promised we would continue somewhere else later. We got dressed and left the stables. Catherina said that Jill should be done with supper soon, so we headed inside.

During dinner I was introduced to the whole family at the same time. So far it was Gina, mother of the girls on the farm and owner of the ranch,Jill, the cook who controlled the kitchen, Sandra, a horse lover who spent all her time with the animals, and Catherina, the religious girl who I had spent a lovely afternoon with in the stable. She would not stop flirting with my feet under the table during dinner.

The last girl I got to meet was Jessie, I had not seen her earlier that day. She had been studying in the library the entire afternoon when I arrived. I had trouble getting a good picture of what she was like. That’s what got my attention. Her sisters were open and honest with what they were thinking. But Jessie just sat there at dinner very quiet and observing. The only time she spoke to me was to greet me, and ask for the pitcher of water next to me.

Jessie was a beautiful girl. She had a very slim and well-trained body. Her breasts were b-cup and her black hair went down just above her shoulders. Her make-up was dark which brought out her eyes which were a bright blue color, just like her sister Catherina.

It felt like an honor dining with these beautiful girls and my thoughts easily drifted away when I looked at Catherina. I would think about how my jizz was still inside her tight asshole. So far, this family sure knew how to welcome a newcomer! I had no problems if every day in country life was like this!

Youngsville Part 4

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Youngsville Part 8

After Jessie’s and Jill’s request to be more open with the family I began to notice a few chances around the farm. I noticed how lightly the girls had begun to dress. They would walk around the house in light clothing which revealed a lot of their beautiful skin. Obviously trying to catch my attention, I think it excited them to prance around the house trying to impress a boy, and it certainly excited me! Those occasions usually turned out to them unzipping my pants and...


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