To Worship And Serve

She slips into the room, an air of sweet submission surrounds her, but you know the truth of her. You know her defiance, her greed and her insatiable need. She watches you sitting in your chair from across the room, noting you seem like a King on his throne and perhaps to her you are … her King.

Her bare feet barely whispering against the floor as she approaches, eyes downcast and her body showing all conduct of supplication and as she moves she pulls the belt of the silken robe, its whisper louder than her feet. The garment falls open, revealing what you know so well. She moves with grace and form to her knees, her thighs wide, her sex already swollen and glistening. She as always ready for what manner of debauchery you inflict.

She is yours, always, and she knows her place. However, she does challenge you and you wouldn’t want her any other way. You enjoy the game, breaking her again and again. And you know, without doubt that she enjoys it too.

She boldly looks up, meeting your gaze, her head tipping minutely as she whispers softly, “How may this slut serve you, Sir.” You know she means it and as the words spill from her plump crimson lips you feel your cock stir. You watch as she lets the offending robe fall from her arms, surrounding her in the midnight silk, her back arching as she brings her hands behind, her wrists crossed and the movement pushing her breasts out. An offering that she hopes you will not deny.

You simply look at her, taking in every delicious contour, remembering exactly what you’ve done to every inch of this insatiable minx. You watch her head tip, the dark tresses caressing her creamy shoulders, watch as her breasts heave with each breath, see her nipples growing under your scrutiny and the wisp of a smile touches your lips as you lean forward and grip her throat with your strong hand.

Her gasp of pleasure laced with fear finds your ears, causing the smile to grow on your face. You so love to torture your slut, keep her wanting and you know this particular thing is one she craves, almost as much as cock. Her eyes flutter closed as you hold her throat, watching her tongue slip across her lips, causing your engorged manhood to stir even more. You want that mouth … her mouth … around your cock. You want her worshiping; you want her aching and want her serving.

You chuckle low and deep, watching her melt under your touch. You know exactly how to play this slut, how to make her so fucking lustful and needy. Your grip on her throat tightens just a bit as you sit back, pulling her to you. Your cock it throbbing, aching to be released from it confines, eager to feel the warm wetness of her mouth and her loving care as she takes you deep in her throat. You bring your lips to her ear and whisper huskily, “You know exactly what I want. Mine,” she gasps, her eyes darting to yours once again, daring to defy.

Her whisper barely audible, “Yes Sir,” as her trembling hands move to your lap, her nimble fingers unbuttoning and unzipping. The mere thought of your cock causes her breath to quicken as she works the defiant material and finally frees your throbbing fuckmeat. She can’t help the whimper that purrs from her captured throat and you can smell her arousal at the prospect of worshiping such a magnificent organ.

You release her throat, noting the reddening finger impressions rising and smile again. One more mark for what is yours. You lean back again, watching as she moves and settles comfortably, her eyes drinking in the throbbing manhood before her. She mewls softly, her tongue darting out across her lips once again, she wants, she needs and you, her King, gracious to offer. You remember that first time, teaching her exactly what you desire, urging her to worship and glad that she was teachable…she being your favored of conquests.

You can see the greed in her eyes as she looks to you and whispers softly, “May this whore worship your cock, Sir?” Your cock stirs as she asks permission and with nothing more than a nod, you grant it. You watch intently as she leans in close, inhaling your scent and listening as she purrs her delight at your permission. You gasp as her tongue barely grazes your throbbing manhood, almost teasing, as her tongue finds the base and slowly…very slowly…moves upward toward the tip. Her tongue makes almost lazy circles around the flared head, causing your cock to jump. You know she’s teasing and though you want her mouth fully encasing your meat, you can’t deny her this one thing. This limited power you grant her.

You hear her purr and moan softly as she tastes you and your eyes drift shut as she finally takes you into her mouth. Her lips stretching tight around your girth as she welcomes you into the warm wet cavern. Her tongue flicking the underside of the tip, darting across the one hypersensitive spot, causing you to groan and hips to buck … and you enjoy every tormenting moment of it. She knows how to worship, knows exactly what you like and strives, always, to make each time better than the last.

She slowly drops her head, taking you deeply into her mouth until the tip brushes the back of her throat. She boldly move her hands from behind her back and with one finds your heavy sack while the other strays to the base of your cock, holding you steady as her throat opens and you are welcomed into the depths. Your eyes lusty and dark as they open and you watch her taking every last inch of you into her greedy mouth. Your breath coming in soft gasps as she swallows around your invading cock, sending ripples along the length. She is lost in you, lost in the worship, lost in the desire to please and the overwhelming need to serve you as best as she can. This girl, this slut, your favored and most cherished possession would die for you and you know it. She takes the limited power you give her and she makes short work of using it. She knows you so well, knows your needs, and knows your cravings and your desires are hers. She lives to serve, you, her King. She would do anything you ask and delight in doing it.

You moan and pant as she works her mouth and throat around your cock. Her tongue dancing the length of you, tasting the pre-cum that gathers at the tip before her head sinks down again, taking you until her nose is pressed against your body. Here she stops, letting your feel the tightness of her throat, letting you literally hold her life in your hands and just as you grow fearful she may suffocate, her head moves and her hot inhales seems cool against your slick cock.

Her moans and purrs send vibrations to your very core and make your hips thrust eagerly. You want to fuck her mouth, fuck her face and claim what you own. You are determined to not play into her game, not fall victim to her teasing treachery and your fingers curl into her hair, holding her head and set the perfect rhythm.

Her eyes blaze with such lust and sin as she feels your fingers curl tight in her hair. This is what she wanted…your touch, your acknowledgment of her actions. Her entire body trembles as you thrust, pounding your cock into her mouth and down her throat. She struggles to breathe but her arousal of your control almost enough to make her cum. She rolls your heavy sack in her palm, daring to squeeze just a little as you use her mouth, staking the claim you already own and reestablishing just who is boss.

You grunt and moan, taking everything she offers and a little more. You know how far you can go, her limits and always push them. You want her to grow, to be more than what she is. You want your favored to be your one and only. You growl out your need, “Take it whore … take, my cock!!”

She eagerly obliges. She loves when you push her, loves your voice as you ride the edge of oblivion. She enjoys feeling your hands upon her, whether it’s for a simple caress or a sound smacking. She loves the marks you leave on her body, her badges of honor and the welcoming knowledge that she is owned by her King.

You use her mouth, fucking with intensity, driving her mad with a need so strong she almost defies you and touches herself, but she knows better … never without permission. She longs for your permission now, as rivulets of her need trickle down her quivering thighs. She senses how close you are and is so hungry for your precious seed. She wishes she could beg for it, but her mouth and throat are full … so full. Her eyes rise and meet yours over the vast expanse of your body and you see her desire there. You know exactly what she craves and though you are her King, you are not unkind. You thrust hard once more and cry out loudly as your cock swells and bursts, shooting the precious seed she so craved straight into her belly. She almost chokes at the sheer volume, you release her hair and she pulls her head back, your seed coating her tongue and oozing past her lips to drip off her chin. Drops land on her heaving chest, another mark of your ownership. She is undoubtedly yours.

You see her throat move, watching as she swallows every last drop of your seed into her fiery belly. You know this is simply the beginning, her need as profound as the heady scent of her lingering on the air. You know she will never be completely satisfied and you glory in that thought. You want her always needy, always hungry, always greedy and always wanting. She is your favored above all others and you simply can’t help giving her exactly what she wants.

You are mesmerized by her greediness as she swallows the cum filling her mouth and seeks more. Whimpering and mewling as she resumes sucking your still throbbing manhood, seeking every last drop you’re willing to offer. She is such a hungry whore…your hungry whore…and as you watch, amused by her longing, you inhale her lusty scent.

Her heady scent is so thick you taste it with each breath and you know, without even seeing; there is a dripping mess between her thighs. You pull her head off your sensitive cock by fistfuls of her thick mane, listening to the resounding pop as her lips leave your swollen head and her unfulfilled whimper. She wants more, wants it all and you plan to give her exactly that. You voice deep and commanding, “Lay back slut, show me My wet cunt.”

She eagerly complies, the floor cool against her back, her hands moving to her thighs, her feet planted, knees bent as she spreads herself wide for your scrutiny. She can’t stop the soft moans that pour from her throat as your eyes drink in every last inch of her weeping hole. You see her cunt fluttering, begging, and her clit throbbing with each beat of her heart. You have a devious thought as this girl displays herself for you, leaning close you inhale her wantonness, her musky lustful scent and as your eyes meet hers you blow against her quivering clit.

She cries out as the cool air brushes her aching clit, causing her hips to raise, eager for more and yearning for your touch. You seem amused by her reaction and do it again with the same result. Chuckling, “You are such a greedy whore. I’ll bet I can make you to cum with only my breath. Shall we see?” she groans at the rhetorical question. You will do what you like and she, being yours, will be grateful for any attentions you offer. You see her fingers twitch against her thighs and consider binding her so she won’t be the defiant whore you know she can be. The thought flits through your mind only briefly as you blow again, her body reacting with intensity, her hole dripping her essence down the crack of her ass to pool against the floor.

You move to settle between her legs and can sense her hopefulness that you may devour her but you restrain yourself, longing for a better look at the reactions to your breath. You blow again, softly, and her body writhes, moans pour from her eager throat. You cluck, “Such a greedy, needy little whore you are,” as you do it again, and again. You enjoy watching her writhe and moan, her cunt spilling her liquid need and clit throbbing. Being this close, her scent is like a perfume filled with all the hunger she possesses. Her fingers curling against her thighs as you can see her determination to keep them there but you know how badly she wants to touch or be touched.

Your lips curl into a devilish smile as you rise, “Don’t touch, I’ll be right back.” She whimpers softly, as she watches you walk away toward your chest of delight. Her eyes never leaving you as you fish around in the chest and pull out the thigh spreader with accompanying wrist restraints. Her moan echoes through the room as she bears witness to your devious thoughts and longs to be bound for your depravity. You watch her as you approach, see her tremble and pant out her undeniable need. Yes, she is a greedy fucking whore, but she’s your greedy fucking whore.

You look down on her, pitifully writhing on the floor, her chest heaving as she whimpers and moans. You watch her a moment, rejoicing in her ability to continue to amaze you. You know she aches for your touch and though she is writhing she manages to keep her feet planted in the exact position you left her in but you can see she’s struggling as her hands move over her thighs, approaching her fiery sex. You quickly resume your spot between her thighs and expertly attach the thigh spreader just above her knees and taking each wrist, you bind her, making it impossible for her to touch herself. That is for you, your cunt, your essence, your whores need…all yours for the taking.

Satisfied that she is trussed up and still so achingly needy, you blow again and as before, her hips rise, her body trembles and the fire in her eyes as they meet yours is devastatingly beautiful. She is perched on the precipice of oblivion and you want her to linger there, ache to see her so fucking needy she can’t help herself. You want her to do the one thing she has difficulty with…beg.

The sounds that pour from her throat are music to your ears, her moans, whimpers, mewls and cries. You blow again, her cunt spasming and her liquid desire spilling out in an unrelenting stream. She is so fucking wet and it takes every fiber of your being not to go down and lap up every last drop of her need. You ache to taste her, to drive her mad with want, to push her over the cliff she’s so delicately balanced on, but you intend to fulfill this experiment. You want the lusty slut driven over the edge without your touch.

You lean in closer and blow. Her entire body jerks, her fingers flexing and arms tugging at the bindings. She is so close you can taste it and being the bad man that you can be you whisper hotly, “You know what you have to do. Mine.” You watch her face, see the defiance brewing in her lusty eyes and smile to yourself. She so loves to be broken, so loves to challenge and when she does acquiesce, she is the most incredible fuck you’ve ever had.

You blow again, watching as she struggles, her bottom lip snug between her teeth, her eyes squeezed shut as her body burns and aches. She is so close and she’s trying to will the white heat back. You see her resist and though you want to take pity, you don’t. You are eager to watch her cum with nothing but your warm breath as her only outlet. Her hips roll, hoping for some relief and when none is forthcoming she physically relaxes only to be tormented again as your warm breath meets her aching sex. Her clit so swollen and erect, her fuck hole contracting and spilling her essence, her body yours to toy with…and you do exactly that.

Just watching her struggle to maintain her willpower has made your manhood fully erect again. Yes, you want to impale her with your throbbing pole, but you need to finish this, need to watch her cum and need her to beg. You need her broken and aching. You need her to be the gorgeous, insatiable slut you know she is.

You’ve decided that if this should take hours, so be it. You’ve resigned completely and as you blow again, her body writhes and voice fills the room. You could watch her for all eternity as she fights against the impending orgasm. She is such a beauty when she rides the edge, beads of sweat form upon her body, her nipples extended and lovely, her flesh flushed with gooseflesh, her breaths coming in pants…all in the name of her defiance. You, being the evil bastard you are, watch as her struggle takes on a whole new level as you begin stroking your cock well within view of her lust clouded vision. You study her reaction and just as it looks like she’s about to relax, you blow again. Always slowly, always with the full intent of driving her mad and always with the reaction of one so lost in aching palpable need.

Your voice low and sensual as you whisper, “Cum for me, Mine. Cum so I can fuck you.” You blow again and this time her cunt contracts in pre-orgasmic sensations, her breath catches and her mind drifts as her body responds to the mere thought that she could have your fuckmeat driven deeply into her fiery core. She wants that so much, hungers for it, but not just yet as she teeters on the edge.

You are amused at her resilience, her ability to hold back even though she wants so badly to cum. She whimpers and moan, her body defying her as she tries to no avail to hold back the waves that threaten to crash over her. You see it, sense it and blow one last time. She cries out loudly as her body seems to literally explode, her hips rolling hungrily, her nipples throbbing, her clit burning as she falls into the abyss she’d been riding so long. Her cunt spills out an abundant amount of liquid, staining the floor and leaving her scent. As she rides the waves of pure pleasure, you unbuckle her wrists and move her to her hands and still widely spread knees, plunging your cock in with a singular motion. Her heat and wetness surrounding you like nothing you’ve experienced before. “Fuck! Mine! Fuck!” are the only words that you can even begin to express, while her cunt ripples along your invading length and the waves of her orgasm continue to flow through her and into you.

You drive your cock hard and fast, deeper with each thrust, taking what you own, claiming the slut before you. You feel her begin to buck back and with a resounding smack your hand falls against her upturned ass, leaving a blazing print there. Her body in utter chaos as you thrust harder, the flaming print on her ass like an electric current as she again explodes in orgasmic pleasure. You feel her cunt tightening once again, rippling along your length and this makes you want her continually cumming. You want her to beg for it to stop.

Just as her body seems to be relaxing from the most recent wave, your hand finds her aching clit and rubs sending her spiraling again. She bucks with the newest of sensations, crying and moaning loudly as her body sinks even deeper into the blissful pleasure. Her pussy skillfully contracts, suckling around your cock as you pound unforgiving into her demanding cunt, seeking your own orgasmic state. Your hand once more marks her as you leave another brilliant print on her upturned ass, her orgasm never sating as you push her to cum over and over.

You feel your cock swelling as your own impending orgasm lurks just beyond reach and take out your frustration on her, swatting her ass repeatedly, you fingers never still on my sensitive abused clit. Your frustration drives her into new bouts of orgasmic release; her entire body trembling as wave after wave takes her down and drowns her. She is so lost in sensations that she doesn’t even notice your cock swelling and finally bursting with your precious seed filling her hungry cunt. She barely hears your howl as you finally feel the pleasure, the orgasm that’s been just on the edges for what seems like hours.

You collapse atop her, driving her body to the floor, your weight covering her. She feels your thundering heartbeat against her back, your cock still buried in her quaking cunt, the fluid oozing out and dripping unyielding on the floor. You are lost in her, in what she gives you, what she means to you…your precious prized possession. You whisper hoarsely against her ear, “You didn’t beg. Mine. I’ll have to remedy that.”


by Oediplex 8==3~ The sweetest mom discovers her boy is both convenient and delightful. [She also recounts when her dad fucked her at nineteen!] Like the name of Madame DeVille's moniker, Cruella, some names fit the personality they are bestowed upon. Disney came up with that evil woman's apropos handle. My mother's folks named their only child, a daughter, Candy. This was shortly before the infamous 1968 movie was out. Though there were aspects of mom that...


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THE MASTER AND THE SLAVE: THE CONVERSATION: On a hot July evening in 1838, Winton Chamberlain is seated with his 12 year old grandson, Matthew, on the covered front porch of a grand mansion of Charleston, South Carolina. As he used his leg to add motion to the chain overhead tethered bench, he savored his Mint Julep. Matthew had one too, but without the bourbon Matthew was asking many questions of his grandfather. Winton was somewhat intimidating, but...


Island Royale: Institutional White Slavery in the New Millennium (REPOST)

This is a repost of the story I recently submitted, edited as necessary because of the limitations of the XNXX website format which confuses graphics, inexplicably substitutes a question mark for quotation marks at times, and does not permit footnotes. It is hoped therefore that this reposting will provide more clarity. I have also reposted the story as one entire novella because it is hoped the sprinkling of negative comments I have received results from the...


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Thus, Mike is pleased on both counts. But the alarming thing about Terry´s predicament was that she was sitting astride the rail of the ship ready to fall into the sea. She had no hands with which to save herself. Then I saw the rope on her ankle. It pulled her foot out sideways and helt her tight so that she did not go over the edge. Her other ankle on the opposite side of the rail was held by a handcuff. I wondered why, until I saw that it held her foot so that she could...


My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 16 Moving into the New Mansion with New Beginnings and Jessicas Decision

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My name is John. An ordinary name, and it fits, because I'm an ordinary guy. I'm fifty-seven, short, and not particularly well-built; I have thinning hair, a weak chin, and ears that kind of stick out. I'm not exactly ugly; I just have the kind of face you don't remember two minutes after you see it. I'm a corporate accountant, which is every bit as dull as it sounds. I drive a twelve-year-old Toyota, and I live in a small one-bedroom apartment. I have no close friends, no...


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