Two Cowboys and One Dancehall Girl: Part One

I live in a town where the national rodeo cowboys come to town every year. And each time they come the testosterone level in town goes up, immensely. All of the big handsome, strong men in spurs and chaps and jeans and western-cut shirts and cowboy boots and cowboy hats get my clitty dick stirring down in my little panties when I see them around town in their pickup trucks or sitting tall in the saddle on horseback. They look rough and rugged and ready. And I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I had often thought about being roped in by one of them and herded into bed with him.

I saw all the sexy buckle bunnies, the girls who like rodeo cowboys, playing with their belt buckles next to their pickup trucks and horse trailers outside the rodeo grounds. On more than one occasion, I wished I was one of those buckle bunnies loosening a big, brawny cowboy's belt getting ready to enjoy riding his big hard cock. Being a twenty-year-old, hot tranny slut who was passable as a woman, I thought I might have a shot at one of these big, strong men. After all, I did look good in sexy lingerie like women did.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was worth a try meeting one of these real cowboys and letting him treat me like his little lady for the night. It fact, it became a fantasy of mine that I liked to think about while fingering my clitty dick for hours and putting a dildo in my tight little spinchter which is so much like a girl's cunt most men don't know the difference. Look at the Greeks, men fucking each other in public in the day then going home to fuck their wives at night. And some even thought the men in the day felt better than their wives' pussies, which were worn out.

I really loved spending hours finger fucking myself and running a nice big vibrator in my ass while thinking about those big stud cowboys at the rodeo grounds and in the saloons in town. Eventually, I got the fantasy of being a dancehall girl wearing a tight black corset and black fishnet stockings and high heels. I would imagine I was Courtney the dancehall girl or Courtina, an alluring Spanish temptress making a cowboy forget about his horse for the night and think about me and my sexy girly needs.

The fantasy eventually got too much to take and I went out and bought all the clothes I would need to fulfill my fantasy of being with a big stud cowboy. Every night, I would put on my black silky corset with lace trim on top. The corset had crotch snaps which would give a cowboy easy access to my hot, eager ass and my seven inch shaved hard dickie. I would put on the black fishnet stockings and high heels, too. Then I would dance in front of my full length mirror and kick my leg up high and imagine there was a handsome cowboy seated in front of me I was performing for, each night.

This became my favorite way to dress as an Old West dancehall stripper. For over a month., I imagined I was down at the saloon shooting pool with some cowboys and letting them buy me drinks and light my cigarettes for me each one wanting to be the one who took me to his room for the night. Then I would lay on the bed and unsnap the crotch snaps of my corset and take my big ten inch dildo and put it in me. I would fuck myself for hours thinking there was a big cowboy stud putting his cock inside me.

My clitty stayed hard the whole time I fucked myself with my big ten inch fake cock. I fingered myself with my free hand imagining my man was fingering my clitty for me the whole time he fucked me from behind. This always led to multiple orgasms for me with the cum covering my girly tits and soaking my sexy tummy and even getting into my sexy little belly button. I liked to put my finger in my belly button and get some hot sperm and put it to my lips and imagine it was the hot sperm from a big cowboy I just pleased. It tasted so good, I wanted to taste it all night from a real cowboy.

Finally, I heard the big pro rodeo was coming to town and I decided to do something about my cowboy-showgirl fantasy. I would wear a black wig and a flower in my hair and speak with an exotic accent and go be with a handsome cowboy in his motel room for the night or even all four nights of the rodeo if he treated me right. I knew I couldn't just walk into the saloon dressed as a tempting Spanish showgirl wearing a corset and expect to be greeted nicely. There are the haters.

But I decided to leave a message on the local gay chat line the week of the rodeo, figuring some lonely cowboy on the road might want to leave me a message saying he wanted to meet me in his motel room late at night after the rodeo. And we could spend four nights having awesome wild fantasy sex with ropes and leather and peacock feathers and all kinds of pleasure.

I got the number for the gay chat line from a local weekly newspaper in front of the convenience store in town. It was the same convenience store where most of the cowboys in town for the rodeo bought their cold beer and chewing tobacco and girly magazines to take back to their motel rooms to beat off to. I figured some cowboys might pick up the local weekly newspaper off the rack just so they could see the ads for the strip clubs in town.

So right away, I knew the men picking these magazines up were already thinking about strippers. And then they would see the chat lines and one might call the "men looking for men" category and I might have a shot at a handsome cowboy stud looking for a free tranny stripper to come please him for the night. The fact that I got two handsome cowboys to please doubled my pleasure and kept me fucking and sucking them for four wonderful nights while the rodeo was in town.

I was wearing my sexy black corset when I called the chat line. It made my tummy really skinny for a man to see my girlish figure and desire me for sex. It had black lace trim over the high arching hips of the corset and lace trim at the top below my tits. In the back it was a g-string which highlighted my hot ass, which men tell me looks just like a woman's; some men even tell me it looks better than a woman's since I keep it in great shape doing aerobics and cycling.

I was wearing a black lace bra which showed off my C-cup tits and my pretty nipples visible through the sexy black lace material. I also was wearing thigh high fishnet stockings which were sexy and alluring and high heels which made me look taller and more slender, accenting the sexy g-string corset even more. I was ready to kick my legs high for a cowboy.

"Hi, I'm Courtney, or Courtina, a sexy dancer looking for a handsome strong cowboy in town for the rodeo to hook up for late night rendezvouses in their motel rooms. I like to wear sexy corsets and fishnet stockings and dance for a real cowboy in private, non gratis. All for his pleasure and mine. If you are tall and handsome and a real cowboy, leave me a message and I'll be there to please you."

This was on the Monday before the rodeo was set to be held in town on Thursday through Sunday. That evening, I had fifteen messages responding to my ad. One seemed particularly exciting.

"Hi, I'm Big Jack. I'm a cockstar in the rodeo. I'm 6'4" and I have a wide-girth on my 9 inch cock I like to give to sexy girls like you waiting for me along the lonesome trail. It sounds great you wearing a sexy corset. I'd love for you to come to my motel room and wear your sexy things and be a fine little lady and satisfy me and my roping partner this whole weekend starting Thursday night."

When I heard this message, I creamed in my panties like a girl without any physical stimulation. Not only did he have a nine inch cock and love girls like me, he had a big stud partner to share me with, too. I was in ecstasy with the thought of my fantasy of dressing as a dancehall girl for her cowboy. But to have two big strong cowboys to be with in one bed was driving me wild the moment I heard it.

I wanted to satisfy both of them and then sleep between them, letting them rub up against my smooth body with both their cocks all night. And then wake up every couple hours and suck one of them and make him big and hard so he could fuck me again. Since I had been using my ten inch vibrating dildo on my ass every night for over a month while dressed as a showgirl, my ass was good and ready to satisfy two big cocks per night in one bed. I called and made a date with Big Jack, the cockstar of the rodeo circuit for tranny sluts who like big cowboy cock, and with his partner, Mark Highcock. 

Big Jack and Mark were team roping partners and they got into tying me up and having a little two man tag team where one fucked me while I sucked the other one with my wrists tied to my ankles. It was kinky fun I love to remember now whenever I dress as a showgirl again and use my ten inch vibrating dildo. I started looking forward to Thursday night like a showgirl waiting for her cowboy to come off the range.

I had to get my wigs set at the hairdresser, and my nails done and go shopping to buy some sexy new outfits to wear for my tag-teaming Texas studs who were coming to tie me up and treat me like a woman for four nights straight. They lived on a ranch in the middle of nowhere in Texas when not on the rodeo circuit. And way out in the country, women were scarce.

Big Jack had seen a photograph of a sexy tranny in a magazine and gotten so turned on he jerked off, immediately. After that, he was hooked on us kind of girls who like to dress up sexy and show off our hot bodies to men. And he liked to lick our asses like they were pussies while he massaged our clitty dicks and got us ready for his big nine inch cock. It was a special treat. Every tranny girl loves for her ass to be licked like it's a pussy by a man. And then to be fucked in it just like a pussy gets fucked was an honor for a tranny slut with this big stud handsome cowboy.

This made Big Jack popular with the hot tranny sluts he met on the chat lines in each city he went to on the rodeo circuit. He was fucking sluts like me left and right and we were loving it, since he was a big, strong, powerful man who was rough with us the way we liked it. For those who don't know me, I like to be the slut for big, handsome men and Big Jack was a prize catch for every girl like me. We could be his dainty little lady wearing our sexy things and he would treat us like girls with boners he liked to lick.

After driving me wild by licking my ass and fucking me hard while he played with my clitty dick, Jack would then suck me just like he was a queer boy just like me who liked his mouth full of a man's cum. This was after playing the role of the real stud cowboy and being totally hetero acting for hours. Then he'd dress up and turn into a sweet fuckboy like me. We did 69 together, too. Fucking and sucking with Jack was wonderful.

I knew I was going to get some cock soon when I arrived at Jack's motel room Thursday night at ten-thirty p.m. and he answered the door wearing just his bath towel around his waist. He had just come out of the shower and he was ready for me to suck him good as soon as I entered his room the way he planned it.

"Well, come on in, little honey," said Big Jack. "You are such a fine little thing to look at, Courtney. My, oh my, I can't wait to get some of that honey pie between your sexy ass cheeks, darling."

It was good I wore the thong corset the first time, exposing a full view of my hot girly ass because now I knew his cock would be growing fast. That wonderful cock I had waited for on all the nights I fucked myself with my big dildo. Now, I was getting ready to suck it for the first time in a four day fling with my rodeo cowboy stud who really knew how to treat a tranny girl well.

"Can I get you a drink?" he asked. "I got beer, wine, and whisky."

"I want to drink your cum," I said. "Then I'll have some wine afterwards, big boy."

He really was a giant of a man at six foot four and I am only five-nine so I was glad I was wearing five inch high stilettos. This made me a perfect size for my big stud to look at with my black corset pulling in my waist and giving me the appearance of a runway lingerie model men like so much. I really was proud of myself being treated like a real lady by such a big, strong handsome man as Jack.

"Well, little lady," said Jack. "You read my mind. Because my cock is growing just looking at your sweet ass. I bet you got a nice tight hole down there for me to put my tongue and my dick in."

I laughed. "You make it sound like my ass is made of ice cream," I said.

"It's better," said Jack. "I can lick ice cream. But I can't fuck it all night like I can your sweet little ass, darling."

"Well, I'm looking forward to sucking you first, you handsome stud," I said. "I like to suck what a man's daddy gave him."

He smiled wide. "My daddy gave me a lot," said Jack as he removed his bath towel.

There was his lovely nine inch cock that was already semi-erect for me just from showing off my body to him. I quickly kneeled down before Jack and positioned my head to receive his cock in my mouth quickly like a whore working in a brothel so I could hurry and please my cowboy. In brothels, there was competition between the girls for the most handsome cowboys. Big Jack was definitely a man a working girl would hurry to please, so it felt natural to take a man's cock in my mouth I had just met since I felt it was my job.
His cock was now fully erect and in need of the relief I was about to give him with my hot lips and my long tongue men like so much on their hard cocks. I took his big cock in my hand and felt the stud power he possessed.

"Now, I know why they call you Big Jack," I said smiling.

I took my first boner in three months into my mouth like an eager whore out in the Old West and immediately my clitty dick shot pre-cum down in my g-string corset. What a power this man had over girls like me. We wanted to be his cheap and dirty whore just so we could please him. This was the power those handsome cowboys had over showgirls and working ladies in brothels and now I was experiencing it first hand with a real live cowboy.

Big Jack's cock really did have a power over me the moment I touched it to my lips. Since it was my first cowboy's cock, I wanted to really please him good. After all, I had had the fantasy of being with a stud cowboy for years since the national rodeo had been coming to town. I had wanted to please one of those studs every time I saw them in their pickup trucks or sitting in the saddle on horseback. I had wanted to please one of these studs in chaps and spurs with my mouth and my ass and here I was finally doing it. He reached down and patted my cheek and I looked up at him with his stiff cock still in my mouth.

"You make a beautiful girl, Courtney," he said. "And I know I'm going to enjoy you every time I come to town."

What a stud! He knew how much I wanted his cock and he was letting me know he wanted me, too. This was the beginning of a beautiful weekend of pleasure with not one but two handsome strong cowboys. I started sucking on his nice cock like a dirty brothel whore would licking the sensitive underside of it good to give him lots of pleasure.

"Oh, yes, " he said. "You're a good little whore, Courtney. You know how to satisfy a cowboy who just came out of the saddle. We're going to be great friends, my little brothel whore and me."

Although I wasn't charging my cowboy anything for sex, I still liked that he was talking to me like I was a whore to increase the pleasure of the fantasy for me. I wanted to be his whore and that's all that mattered, even though I was doing it for free. I figured I couldn't charge because it was my fantasy being fulfilled. I was the one who wanted to be treated like a cheap brothel whore by a big cowboy.

I spoke with a sexy Spanish senorita voice to my first cowboy. "You are what this Spanish woman has been waiting for, a big American hombre to please. You are so much bigger than the men from my country and I have waited so long to have one this big. I am Courtina, Big Jack."

I wrapped both my hands around his cock and put my mouth around the big wide head of it. His nuts hung down like a bull's and were so much bigger than my little ones he made me feel like a little girl, which is what I was to my big cowboy stud. Just a sweet little twenty-year-old Spanish girl needing his big American cock.

"Courtina," he said. "You suck good cock. You know what us big American men like our women to do, suck our big cocks good down on their knees like sleazy whores. That's why I only go for young whores like you. I don't want old sleazy whores. I like fresh little girl whores like you."

I pulled his cock from my mouth. "I bet you get many girl whores, my hombre."

"I get many, Courtina. But I love them all like the ladies they want to be. And that pleases them all like it is pleasing you."

"I shall treasure the moments I spend with you this night, my big hombre. Your manhood is what I have needed on the nights we have been apart."

I really did feel like a Mexican whore with her American cowboy as I put my lips on his cock to suck it for him some more. I'm sure in the Old West, those girls had to finger themselves and use mini whisky bottles for dildos to give themselves pleasure on the nights their cowboys were away like I did with my dildo.

"Oh, yeah, baby, you're what this cowboy needs every night, too. We're gonna have a great weekend together," said Jack. "I'm gonna suck on that ass of yours like it's a girl's sweet ripe pussy. Thst's why I don't want no old whores. I like to eat that sweet young stuff like you. Sixteen to twenty-five is my limit. After that, they're too worn out for me."

I stopped sucking. "Then I have five more years to suck and fuck you and let you eat me like a girl, my big hombre Jack. Your cock is what this girl needs to make her a complete woman."

Jack first started getting tranny girls to come up to the ranch for the weekend after meeting them through the gay phone chat lines in Houston. So, Jack was used to having a sexy whoreboy to suck and fuck him all weekend. Jack would pay their expenses and give them money for lingerie so they'd keep coming back to see him, every weekend. It became routine to him, so he was letting me know he really was a "cockstar" to girls like me.

This was just the beginning of the night. First, I would be his Spanish whore, a lady of the evening. Then I would be a dancehall girl. Dancehall girls are more respectable and get lots of gifts from their admirers. I wanted Jack to treat me like I was one of his girlfriends and not just a little slut all night. Down in my thong corset, my clitty dick was rock solid and ready to explode just from me sucking on Jack's big cock and he hadn't even sucked me and fucked me yet. I couldn't imagine how good I was going to feel to have his nine inch cock inside me for hours and sleep with Jack and his roping partner all night, sucking and fucking them both.

Jack's partner, Mark Highcock, was out at the saloon drinking after the rodeo. He would be home when the saloon closed at two a.m. In the meantime, it was Jack and I alone for four wonderful hours of man on girlyboy sex. We were just beginning with the first blow job. I decided right then that I wanted Jack to cum in my mouth. I started sucking on his cock faster, going down it more and more until I got a good six inches in my mouth at once. With my hands around the base of his cock, I felt like a dirty puta doing her job well. His Spanish whore was ready to suck his cock as soon as he came home from the rodeo. My big hombre was ready to be sucked and I was glad to be sucking him.

Each cock a girl gets is different and different girls prefer different size cocks, so there is no exact science. But I tend to get the most pleasure pleasing men with cocks eight to ten inches long. They turn me on the most and I turn them on the most with my lips and my tongue and my ass and my fingers and my body. So, right away, when I saw Big Jack had a meaty nine inch cock, I had been extremely turned on for him. Not only was he a tall stud cowboy, he had the perfect cock. That's why I used my ten inch dildo instead of my eight and six inchers, so my ass will be ready for the men I love to please the most: men with big ones.

Sucking on Big Jack's cock now reminded me how much I wanted to feel it in my ass for hours tonight. But first, I wanted to suck down a big load of his hot, wet cum and swallow it for him so he would know how much I loved sucking his cock and tasting his cum. This was the preview for him that let him know he was the hombre this senorita would love to please every night of the week. He might even want me to come out to his ranch in Texas and be his hot little girlfriend forever if I did him extra good. I'm sure lots of girls like me dreamed of being with him forever, after all, he was sure a big "cockstar."

With my mouth around his big cockhead, he started spurting hot cum unto my eager tongue. It was sweet and salty at the same time and extra gooey since there was so much. Jack's big balls could really blow big powerful loads of cum and this was one of them. An inexperienced girl would have drowned with all the cum he was shooting into my mouth. But I had sucked dicks as a tranny hooker at the adult bookstore for a year and got lots of experience at sucking down big loads of cum. Now, I was showing Big Jack my cock sucking prowess by swallowing his whole big load, the first time I sucked him. Then he would want me to swallow lots more loads for him. I loved being a Spanish puta with a little pinga.

"Oh, yeah, my little Courtina, you suck cock good," said my big American stud. "Now, I want to suck on your ass and get it good and ready for my cock to fuck hard for your pleasure, my señorita."

It was so fun being a tempting Spanish seductress in a black wig for my first cowboy. I felt exotic and erotic at the same time.

"Your manhood has pleased me the most of any man, señor. I can't wait to have it between my legs."

Jack didn't need any more encouragement. He picked me up and carried me to the bed and dropped me on it on my back. Then he jumped on top of me and started kissing me on the lips while he rubbed my clitty dick through my sexy corset. After a few minutes, he reached down with his big hand and unsnapped the crotch snaps of the corset and pulled it up revealing my fully erect seven inch clitty dick and my tight little ass.

"Señorita, you got a nice dickie on ya and a real nice tight little asshole," he said.

"I'm glad you noticed," I said, hoping he would fuck me soon.

"Oh, I always notice a tight asshole on a girl," said Jack. "I like a nice tight asshole on a girl like you better than any pussy."

He reached down and started playing with my ass with his big strong hand.

"You did clean this nice for me, now, didn't you?"

"Yes, you big handsome stud," I said. "I douched really good before I came."

In an instant, Big Jack had his head down between my legs and was lifting me up by my ass cheeks so he could put his tongue inside the crack of my ass and lick it all over like a girl's pussy. This was definitely a special man at this point to me, one who treats girls like me like real girls. I was in love.

"You are so good, " I said. "I am so pleased we are together."

"Me, too," he replied. "I've been wanting to eat your ass ever since we talked on the phone Monday night and you told me how nice it is. You weren't lying. This is good ass to eat."

"I keep it in good shape just for men like you," I said.

It was true. I did do girly aerobics workouts to stay in shape so men would desire me sexually. And now to have my big handsome cowboy telling me he loved my ass so much was making me feel so good. It means a lot to a girl when a man tells her she has a nice ass. When a man likes a girl's ass, it means he wants her for sex. I could tell by the way Jack was licking my ass now that he really wanted me a lot. He put his big warm tongue inside my rosebud and started licking there really good. It was turning me on and I could tell by his cock getting hard again that it was turning Jack on, too. This was a pleasure a girl could really love, having her ass eaten by a big stud getting her ready for his big cock inside her.

I felt my tight little hole getting moister and moister from Jack's tongue. At the same time, I saw his cock getting big and hard again. Suddenly, I couldn't wait for him to put it in me. I had been fucking myself with my ten inch dildo fantasizing about being fucked for over a month. Now, I was just minutes away from being fucked by a big strong cowboy like a sweet dancehall girl. I wanted to feel his cock inside me and know I was giving him all the pleasure he desired. I don't know how many other girls get their asses licked by a man and know he is going to fuck them harder than they've ever been fucked before. But that was how Big Jack made me feel, like he couldn't wait to put his cock in me. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.

"Please, Jack," I said. "You're driving me wild. I want your cock inside me. Please, fuck me hard, now."

I was begging for it like a slut. Jack turned me over to where I was on all four on the bed. He got behind me and spread my ass cheeks and I felt the big head of his nine inch cock press against my little rosebud. The power of it was awesome. He came up with his lips behind my neck and start licking me. At the same time his cock was entering my wet asshole, he was nibbling on my neck and my ear. I had six inches of his cock inside of me and I couldn't wait to feel it all.

"You're such a hot señorita, Courtina. I want to shoot a big gusher inside you."

"Oh, your cock feels so wonderful," I said. "Please, shoot your load inside me any time you like, my big, handsome cowboy."

I was loving all nine inches of my big strong cowboy's cock like a girl. And I know I was really pleasing him from all the grunting he was doing while fucking me hard. There was a rhythm to our fucking that made it feel like my cowboy and I were one, the big cowboy and the sexy dancehall girl.

Dancehall girls weren't prostitutes. They were just paid to sing for and dance with the men and talk to them and be nice. And they got to choose which different man was going to fuck them, every night. So each man would be nice to her, trying to be the one she wanted to fuck that night. It was so sexy for me to feel like one now.

I wanted my stud cowboy to shoot his big load of hot cum inside me. I felt his big hairy balls slapping against my little peach fuzz ones every time he pumped his cock into me. I love being fucked from behind by men. Their cocks get so deep inside me that way. I can feel them deep inside me and it sends a warm pleasure through my entire body. This stud was one of the best I had ever had because he was so masculine and handsome. Big, handsome men always give me the most pleasure and this one was no exception. I looked back over my shoulder at my handsome stud.

"Baby, I love your cock in me. Your big balls feel so good slapping against me, too. You're so big inside me, you make me feel like a sweet little señorita."

"Do you like it?" he asked.


"I'm glad you like it," said Jack. "Because my roping partner has a twelve inch cock and he likes to tie girls like you up and keep fucking you hard for hours."

"Oh, my gosh," I said. "Twelve inches? He must be a ruler."

"He's a ruler, alright. He'll tie your wrists to your ankles and bend you over and fuck you hard."

"And what will you be doing?" I asked.

"I'll be feeding you my cock in your mouth while he fucks you hard from behind."

"That sounds like plan to me," I said. "When will he be here?"

"I just heard his truck pull up outside. He's waiting for me to give him the signal to come in. But first I want to shoot this load of cum inside you before he stretches out your ass with his cock. When we share a girl, I always fuck her first, so he always gets my sloppy seconds."

"What's the signal you have to give him?"

"I'll turn out the outside light when it's time for him to come in. He's early. He wasn't supposed to be home until after the saloon closed. He must really want to fuck you good."

"He won't hurt me when he ties me up?" I asked.

"He'll only hurt you with his big cock. He hurts all the little girls like you. He stretches their tight little asses wider than they've been stretched before. And I like to watch him do it. His cock is beautiful. I like it, myself."

"You mean, you take his cock in your ass, too?"

"Yes," said Jack. "I like it in my mouth, too. What he's going to do is come in and tie you up like he's an outlaw. Then he's going to fuck you hard with his dirty dick. Then he'll go get a shower while you suck me off. Then when he comes from the shower, we'll untie you and you and I will both suck on his cock, at the same time. Does that sound good to you?"

"So good I can't wait for it, my big hombre," I said, smiling back at Jack.

He continued pumping me hard with his nine inch cock that wasn't as big now that I heard Mark had a twelve inch cock. The part about being tied up sounded a little dangerous since I had just met these men on the phone chat line, but Big Jack seemed so nice I felt safe with him even if his partner sounded like a dubious man. I figured Jack would protect his sweet little dancehall girl. But there was the other part about Mark's big twelve inch cock. A girl can only take so much cock in her and twelve inches was my limit. So, he was going to be pushing me to my limit when he put that big one in me.

Big Jack reached around me and started jerking my clitty dick off for me while he fucked me with his big niner. It felt amazing being fucked like a girl who was getting her clitty rubbed at the same time. Every girl likes it, but I absolutely loved it. Jack was the man this showgirl loved to be fucked by. And the most wonderful thing happened the first time we fucked. We both came at the same time. While he was shooting his big load of cum inside of me, I was shooting my first load by him jerking me off good like a lover should. It was terrific to feel like a dancehall girl in love with a cowboy and making love to him for the first time and have a mutual orgasm. I savor every second of the memory.

Big Jack wore the white cowboy hat and his partner, Mark, had the black hat. Mark had an outlaw persona of meanness to him. In other words, Big Jack was as nice as Mark Highcock was mean. Mark liked to tie tranny sluts up and use them as his own sex slaves and I was a willing participant since I had already been talking to Jack on the telephone about it. I knew if a man liked special fantasies and he wanted them fulfilled he would tell me in the conversation where I asked him what he liked to do. But if a man just asked me out of the blue to let him tie me up, my answer would be "No!" So, I was not afraid when the very handsome Mark Highcock entered the room carrying bondage straps to put me into.

In fact, I was looking forward to him tying me up and putting his twelve inch cock in me like I was a dirty slut puta, a stinking whore. I wanted to be like all the other dirty whores on the earth. And being tied up and fucked out of my brains by a big stud cowboy with a twelve inch cock was a good start.

Fuck me, dick me, stick me, lick me, hump me, ball me, was what I was thinking when I laid eyes on Mark Highcock for the first time. I wanted to suck his cock for hours and let him blow loads of cum all over my face and tits. That's how sexy and handsome he was.

Mark was the star stud of the rodeo, the one who left all the buckle bunnies' pussies dripping wet. They all wanted him to fuck them with his big twelve inch cock. Fortunately for me, Mark liked us tranny sluts the best of all the girls he fucked. He said our asses were tighter than pussies and we knew how to suck cock the best because we had one. That was why he came home early from the saloon tonight. The buckle bunnies showing off their tits and asses at the saloon made him so horny he couldn't wait to get back to his room and fuck a real tranny slut, the kind he liked best.

Mark's big cock was already rock hard when he picked me up from behind and pressed it between my naked little ass cheeks. I felt the sheer power of his cock through his pants and I started to imagine having it inside of me. I felt like a real woman with a real man and I knew I would never need another man's cock inside me as much as I needed Mark's right now. He was tall, dark and handsome, the kind of man my clitty dick just craves. I couldn't wait to suck his cock with Jack after Mark was done fucking me. Jack told me later that he loved sucking Mark's cock just like I did. Mark was so handsome to look at you didn't want to take your eyes off of him. He was a man's man who both men and women enjoyed sucking on for hours.

"You know what I think?" he said. "I'm gonna bend you over and fuck you good tonight. Would you like that, you little dirty slut whore?"

"I would love it!" I said.

"You'd love it what?"

"I'd love it, Mr. Highcock."

"That's it, little bitchboy. You know who the real man is now. And he has a twelve inch cock to fuck you with just like the little pussyboy you want to be."

I don't know how many whores in the Old West enjoyed being tied up and fucked hard by a cowboy. But I knew I was going to absolutely love it. The raw sexuality of Mark was so refreshing after fucking men who were gentlemen. I felt like a cavewoman must have felt when her big strong man wanted to fuck her good all night. And I was ready for it. My fucking with Jack had just been a warm up for the main course. Feeling Mark's twelve inch cock pressing against my ass cheeks, I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I had it inside me fucking me hard. 

"We're gonna be good friends, Mark," I said. "Yours is the cock I dream about every lonely night while I use my dildo and wish you were with me."

"Yeah, well, first I'm gonna fuck you good. And then you're gonna suck on my cock to get it hard again after I take a shower. Jack's gonna be my other bitch."

Big Jack was a transvestite, too. He was in putting on his wig and make up and lipstick and bra and panties so he could come suck on Mark's big twelve inch cock and love it as much as me. And then Jack, dressed as "Jackie," would take it inside her like a girlyboy slut just like me. On those long lonely nights on the ranch, Jack started dressing for Mark and playing the female role. He said not only did it give him a chance to live out his sexual fantasy of being a woman, but dressing as a woman after a hard day of work was a nice way to relax, just like a drink or a drug you enjoy taking. Making cocks feel good makes your brain feel good when you are dressed as a slutty girl, he said. I couldn't agree more.

I couldn't wait to see Mark's big cock in Jackie's mouth while I beat off watching them do 69 together, my two tough cowboys. Mark was bi-sexual. But Jack had sworn off real women as soon as he discovered tranny sluts and he liked us so much he became one of us. He liked to have little tranny sluts like me to play dress up with for Mark. That way Mark liked it better, since he was bi-sexual and he liked to tie up little tranny sluts and long dong them with his twelve inch love muscle. He also was a bodybuilder with lots of muscles on his arms and chest and back, I saw as he took off his black buttoned shirt. He had a chest full of thick black hair that matched his head and mustache hair, the dark stranger with the harness to tie a girl up with.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard with my cock, you're gonna call me your big daddy. Jack will be your little daddy.""

I said, "I know who you are, you're Mr. Highcock. I've been looking forward to you cumming and cumming and cumming for me as soon as I saw you walk in the door. You are such a big handsome stud, my clitty dick is ready to explode with pleasure just looking at you. But to have you inside me is even more wonderful to think, Mr. Highcock."

While we talked, Mark removed his big leather rodeo belt with the big shiny buckle he won in a rodeo. I felt just like the sexy little buckle bunnies who liked big cowboys down at the rodeo grounds and in the saloon. I really could have been a sexy dancehall girl in the Old West and had a happy life or even a slutty whore in a brothel just as long as I got lots of big hard cocks every night to suck and fuck.

Here I was, with two big cowboys. One of whom would dress as a girl and have lesbian sex with me while we turned on Mark so he would want to fuck us both like the girls we wanted to be. Once Mark had his belt removed, he doubled it over and held it up to me.

"Okay, you little slut whore, you've been fucking another man tonight. You were supposed to save your little manpussy for me to fuck. So, now I'm gonna smack your ass hard and then I'm gonna tie you up and fuck your ass hard."

"I'll do anything you like, Mr. Highcock," I replied like a respectful wench.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "Well, what would you like to do? I bet you'd like to suck my cock."

"As you wish, Mr. Highcock," I replied.

Naked, I moved forward on the bed toward Mark, my big muscled cowboy. My little clitty dick was throbbing for him. I reached for his jeans, unbuttoned them, and pulled down the zipper and his underwear. Out flopped his big softie, ready to be primed for action by my lips. It was a full twelve inches and it was one of those cocks that stays long even when it's soft, instead of shrinking like my little clittty. I was definitely impressed with Mark's manhood and I could see why Jack would like dressing as Jackie and enjoy it like a girl, too. Those long nights on the ranch wouldn't be as long with Jack's long cock to suck and fuck like a woman. And then have him to spoon with, all night to keep you warm.

I quickly put four inches of his mammoth meat into my mouth and started licking on the bottom of the big head with my tongue like a girl sucking on a big jawbreaker candy. His pre-cum tasted so sweet, as I'm sure it tasted to lots of buckle bunnies and dancehall girls and little whores in hotels wherever the rodeo went. I was just really glad that the rodeo came to my town every year.

I started sucking him more and more, wanting to please him like a whore. That was the fantasy we were acting out. I was a dancehall girl in the Old West and Mark was my outlaw boyfriend and he caught me fucking Jack so he was going to spank me with his belt and then strap me down and fuck me hard in the ass with his twelve inch cock to teach me a lesson. There are stories of dancehall girls being shot for cheating by jealous boyfriends, so being tied up and fucked hard was a treat for a showgirl gone bad. I'm sure a few of them found prostitution more fun after being tied up and fucked. I'm sure it made their pussies feel so good to be fucked hard by their outlaw boyfriends when he was mad at them. I was about to find out.

I had six inches of Mark's cock in my mouth and I was stroking the rest of it with both hands. His balls were so big, they were slapping my chin whenever he came forward into my mouth with his big twelve inch cock. I suddenly realized I would need help from Jackie to suck this cock really good for Mark, letting two tranny sluts suck it at once. He had too much meat for a cute twenty-year-old girl like me to handle herself.

"You're just sucking my cock so I don't beat your ass with this belt," said Mark.

I stopped sucking to talk. "No. I still want you to beat my ass with the belt, Mr. Highcock," I replied.

I wiggled my ass around to where he could reach it with the belt while I went back to sucking his cock. He pulled back his arm and let the belt smack my ass hard. It stung me badly and his big cock got even harder in my mouth. This man was a masochist and one a girl was glad to please because he was so handsome. But he was really quite frightening to be alone with without Jack in the room. I could only imagine how many other tranny sluts this big man had abused with his big cock. I was just glad to be one of them. Even with my ass stinging, my little clitty dick was rock hard from me being super horny for Mark's giant twelve inch cock.

Suddenly, Mark pushed my head hard into the mattress. He pulled my arms down between my legs to my ankles and strapped my wrists and my ankles together with the bondage harness he brought in with him. In this position, my hot little ass was sticking straight up in the air where Mark could get at it easily with his big twelve inch cock. And I was glad to be restrained by such a handsome hunk who wanted to fuck me hard. My ass was in a perfect position for him to get to with his big meaty dick.

I had learned that when girls get fucked from behind they get fucked so much harder than from the front. And I was about to get fucked harder than I had ever been fucked in my life by a handsome cowboy with a twelve inch cock. My life from meeting men on the gay phone chat line was so wonderful. And this was one of the best ones ever.

To be continued...

The Island Inhabitants

November 2010 The small independent island nation was at the end of a long chain of Pacific archipelago islands more than 40 miles from it’s nearest island neighbor, 154 square miles in size, large and protected shallow clear blue lagoons surrounding the island with white sugar sand beaches, many isolated coves with similar beaches and a very small stable population of less than 450 natives. Only one very bored part-time policeman and a...


The Island Inhabitants

Introduction: Female Researchers Encounter A Tropical Big Foot The Island Inhabitants November 2010 The small independent island nation was at the end of a long chain of Pacific archipelago islands more than 40 miles from its nearest island neighbor, 154 square miles in size, large and protected shallow clear blue lagoons surrounding the island with white sugar sand beaches, many isolated coves with similar beaches and a very small stable...


The Island (Chpt 7 Part 2)

Thus, Mike is pleased on both counts. But the alarming thing about Terry´s predicament was that she was sitting astride the rail of the ship ready to fall into the sea. She had no hands with which to save herself. Then I saw the rope on her ankle. It pulled her foot out sideways and helt her tight so that she did not go over the edge. Her other ankle on the opposite side of the rail was held by a handcuff. I wondered why, until I saw that it held her...


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

WORD COUNT: 76,000 Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely...


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

WORD COUNT: 76,000 Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely...


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

A Work in Progress Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. Author's Disclaimer: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental. Chapter 1 I stuffed my last...


No Man's Land

(A Work in Progress) Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental. Chapter 1 I stuffed my...


Two Cowboys and One Dancehall Girl: Part One

I live in a town where the national rodeo cowboys come to town every year. And each time they come the testosterone level in town goes up, immensely. All of the big handsome, strong men in spurs and chaps and jeans and western-cut shirts and cowboy boots and cowboy hats get my clitty dick stirring down in my little panties when I see them around town in their pickup trucks or sitting tall in the saddle on horseback. They look rough and rugged and...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Six)

____________________________ Greg had warned me that Alexis was on a “pretty tight schedule,” and so the next morning, after having only fucked the cute little fourteen-year-old a couple of more times, I dismissed Anya from my quarters, showered, and arrived at Alexis’ apartment – actually a pair of rooms much like the Guests’ quarters – promptly at 10:00 a.m. Alexis greeted me pleasantly, dressed in a standard light blue...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Four)

____________________________ I was not scheduled to interview Island Royale’s female partner, Cynthia, until the afternoon and therefore assumed I would be “on my own” throughout Wednesday morning. Greg, however, caught me as I was leaving the dining room following breakfast and suggested I accompany him for a tour of the “Ladies’ Boudoir,” located at the far northern end of the building. The Boudoir consists of a series...


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