The Aftermath of a Good Spanking, at Middlesex High

It was Monday morning and Bob Perkins, the dean at Middlesex High, was happy to return to work. He had a very busy weekend. Bonnie draining him Friday night, and the girlfriend, sensing something was taking his mind off her, putting him to work all day Saturday and part ways into Sunday. He was the one walking with the strange gait now, but when duty calls...

Bonnie, the strict principal of Middlesex High, had been turned on watching the dean spank her very sexy secretary, Julie. Julie, panties around her knees, was draped over Perkins' lap and given a very important lesson. She seemed to get the point the dean was making.

Then Bonnie took Bob’s secretary, Holly, just as cute, but more perky, over her lap and taught her firm, round and very bare buns the same lesson.

The young and very pretty secretaries, were both about twenty-two. They earned their over the knee spankings for being indiscreet about other school spankings administered in their bosses’ offices. The girls loved to listen in, but clearly didn't like being on the receiving end?

Why didn’t the dean spank both girls, that was his job?

Bonnie knew Bob had been spanking Holly since she was a student, four years before. When she graduated and was hired, Bob’s spankings were usually foreplay for some very wet and serious sex. Bonnie wanted Holly crying, not cuming!

As a matter of fact, Holly was the official school witness whenever the dean had to spank a naughty girl in his office. On those days, Holly couldn’t wait for the humiliated student to get off the dean’s lap and slowly walk back to class. Then Perkins could assuage her own hot body, getting ready to burst. Whether Holly got over Perkins’ lap for a play spanking, or just ate his wonderful cock, either led to a good fucking with multiple cums. Not today! Bonnie Anderson made sure of that.

After their very hard spankings, both howling girls raised their panties up over their very red and tender bottoms. After pulling their designer jeans into place, they left the principal’s office holding their swollen ass cheeks. As much as they loved their form fitting jeans, today was the day for a very loose skirt.

Being Friday afternoon, and unable to do any work regardless of the day, the very sorry, and thoroughly spanked young ladies were excused for the day. Their mascara stained faces would announce to all who saw them in the hallway that it was their sorry buns that had gone for the painful over the knee ride. They hoped no one saw them as they raced to the ladies room, although many heard their plaintiff cries for remission.

Perkins hadn’t heard from Holly all weekend. As he entered his office, Monday morning, Holly was already there with a sad look on her face. She ran up to him and held his arms. “Why did you let her spank me so hard on Friday, Mr. Perkins? I had a terrible weekend,” she cried.

“I’m very sorry, Holly, but you brought it upon yourself. In tried to warn you. I hope your sweet tush is okay.”

“It’s not! I had to sit in a cold bath Friday night and even that hurt. Actually I couldn’t sit in the bathtub. I had to stay on my knees and soak my poor bottom. That was the only thing that helped. I can still hardly sit down. I didn’t even wear panties today, I am so sore.”

“She was rather severe, Holly. I'm very sorry for you. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

“Yes, Boss. Can you put the salve on my sore tush? It feels like I backed into a beehive. Maybe it will help.”

“Sure, Holly. Whatever it takes to make you happy. Your sweet bottom didn’t need to be spanked so hard.” He placed his hands to her face and wiped her tears away with his thumbs, kissing her pouting lips gently.

“Thank you, Boss. You sit in the chair and I'll get the salve. You always know how to make things better.”

Perkins took off his sports coat and sat in the visitors/spanking chair. Holly came over, leaned over and kissed his cheek, and asked him to kiss her pained bottom cheeks before applying the salve. “Please do something to make the hurt go away, Mr. Perkins. We weren’t that bad, were we?”

“You’re a good girl, Holly. You just ignored my advice and got your pretty tush toasted. Now let’s see what we can do for you. Turn around and bend over.”

Holly did as Perkins said and put her bottom in his face. She hoped he could take the pain away but knew it would take days. Perkins lifted up her short skirt and draped it over her lower back. This exposed her wonderful, but deeply colored ass cheeks. As Holly had told him, she wore no panties today.

Perkins was surprised at all the dark blotches; this girl had received a very serious spanking and he understood her discomfort. He hadn’t spanked Holly like that since she was an eighteen-year-old tyrant.

With all the bare bottom spankings Perkins dispensed at Middlesex, he knew that Holly’s bottom was one of the finest specimens to cross his knees. Two perfectly round melons, barely touching each other. When white, they reminded him of the Greek statutes. He got hard whenever he though of them.

He gave each cheek a tender kiss, but upon seeing her reaction, used his tongue instead. A few wet licks seemed to soothe her a bit so he covered her round but discolored nates. When she began cooing he asked her to stand up.

Still holding the salve, Holly draped herself over his lap. “Please be gentle, Mr. Perkins. I can still feel those stinging spanks from Miss Anderson’s very hard hand. The last two from Julie’s hairbrush were horrible! I bet you can see the name of the company on my buns. I am so sorry I didn’t listen to you.”

“That’s what usually happens, Holly, when you don’t listen,” Perkins said as he lifted up the short skirt again to his delight. “Holly, spankings are supposed to hurt. That’s why we use them as a teaching tool. They help naughty young ladies learn the difference between what’s right and wrong. You know that.”

Perkins very gently touched each still swollen side, causing Holly to squirm a bit. Despite the discoloration, Holly’s round bottom was still a beautiful thing to admire, particularly when lying across his lap. Because of her current condition, there was no need to lower her panties, a chore that always stiffened his cock.

Holly handed him the salve and reminded him to be gentle. Perkins squeezed a bit on both cheeks and began spreading the cool jell around. At first she yelped, but then started enjoying its balming effect.

“That feels so nice, Boss. I never want to be spanked like that again. My butt hasn’t been so sore since I was a student and you took a hairbrush to my bottom. Then I needed it; this I did not!”

She lifted up her bottom and then ground down on his now swollen cock. It never took long for him to stiffen up with her sweet bottom in his face.

“Please make me feel better, Mr. Perkins, she said, spreading her legs. My poor bottom still hurts so much. That was a terrible spanking Miss Anderson gave me. Please take my mind off my tush.”

Taking her clue, Perkins separated her twin ass cheeks by holding the only parts that were still white. He dripped some salve on her anus, deep between her purple cheeks. The cool drops made Holly coo and grind into his cock again. He placed his experienced forefinger on the pink rosebud and rubbed it slightly.

It took about three seconds for Holly’s butt hole to open to admit his long finger into her warm insides. Holly loved the rear entrance and arched her back for the best possible angle to assist him. Keeping her pretty globes apart with his left hand, Perkins slowly and deliberately worked his long finger in and out of her back door. He alternated between in and out strokes and a sideways action with his finger fully immersed.

“Oh, Boss, that is so good. Please make me cum.”

Perkins took his time and let her prepare for her orgasm. The man was a master at delivering the perfect cum. He went very slowly, matching her every move with one of his own. Despite his knuckle preventing further entrance, Perkins gave her the best ass fucking he could. The deeper he entered, the more Holly’s ass twitched.

Soon Holly’s moaning told him she was ready. He concentrated on slow and deep thrusts into her sweet, wet and warm bung hole. Each time she thrust her pretty ass up, he gave her more finger. When Perkins saw Holly’s legs making like a scissor and heard her “Oh, oh, oh’s,” he knew she was coming even before she clamped down on his invading digit.

Not being able to pull out the finger for another insertion, Perkins just wriggled it back and forth. He matched each push with one of her convulsions. Giving her a probing thrust with each cum increased Holly's orgasms immensely. His final thank you was a long “Oh, Oh, Oh, Mr. Perkins,” as she stopped bucking and collapsed back down on his lap.

Perkins was convinced that several women knew he was having regular sex with others at the same time. Other than the live in girlfriend, they all wanted him for his expertise in bringing them off better than anyone else could, and were willing to share.

The stud of Middlesex High was a legend.

How he satisfied the girlfriend, considering all the women he serviced at school, even amazed him. But then very sexy women had that affect on him. So did administering bare bottomed spankings.

Holly could not speak or breathe for a few minutes. Her entire body kept trembling. When Perkins felt her anal muscles release his finger, he asked her, “Did Holly have a nice cum?”

Not be able to speak, she just shook her head up and down.

When the afterglow of her cum wore off, Holly raised herself from Perkins' lap and kissed him again.

"That was so nice, Boss. That was a wonderful cum. I'm starting to feel a little better now. Can I give you one now?"

"Thanks, Holly, but the girlfriend drained me this weekend and I think I better take it easy. But that's a very nice idea. Maybe tomorrow." He also knew Bonnie would want his cock today and there was only so much to go around, even for the legendary Dean Perkins.

“I still don't think I can sit today. Do you have any filing for me to do?"

"Why don't you lie on my couch for awhile, tummy down, skirt up, as I make my morning rounds. I'll lock the door."

"Thanks, Boss. If you happen to see Julie, her butt is twice as sore as mine. She was crying all weekend from that hard spanking you gave her. Her poor tush probably needs the salve more than I do."

"You just rest, Holly, I'll be back in a awhile. Enjoy your afterglow. You sure earned it going over Miss Anderson’s lap."

Perkins went down the hall and checked the boys' restrooms and gym. After looking in the cafeteria, he went to his principal to say Good Morning. Julie was at her desk, but not seated. She was making some entries in a book, leaning over her desk.

"Hi, Julie. The boss in yet?"

"Yes, Dean Perkins." She paused a moment, and blushed, thinking of how her naked ass danced over his lap during her spanking. "I want you to know you made your point and I will never listen in again when you and Miss Anderson are conducting school business in her office."

"I know you won't, Julie. You are a smart girl and I am sure one lesson is all you needed. Holly told me you had a tough weekend and I'm sorry for you. I want you realize the spanking I gave you wasn’t personal, just school business! I hope your pretty butt doesn’t hurt too much today. If I can do anything to help out, just let me know."

Perkins knew she would call Holly to see what he meant.

Perkins then went into the inner office and closed the door. He gave Bonnie a very cheery Hello. She came to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the lips.

"Bob, you were great Friday night. I slept like a baby and could use a fucking like that every few days. You are an animal!"

"Bonnie," he whispered, "Fucking you is a violation of the Federal Pure Food Act." As she looked at him with questioning eyes, he continued, "You were meant to be eaten."

Thinking of how Perkins sucked her clit, she blushed and kissed him again. "Will you have time to "have lunch" with your principal today?"

"I will make time, Boss. Gotta make my rounds now."

With that she grabbed for his cock, kissed his mouth, and playfully slipped her warm tongue in him.

Perkins left the office and told Julie he hoped she had a good day. "It may get better, Dean Perkins."

By the time Perkins returned to his office, Holly was replacing the phone to its cradle. He didn't need three guesses to know who Holly had been talking to.

"Mr. Perkins, remember I told you how bad Julie was feeling? You know she is working from her feet today. Well, I told her how you put the salve on my sore tush and she was wondering, if... you know, you might be able to, help her. She’s never been spanked like that before. The twenty-five over your lap were bad, but the fifteen by Miss Anderson, with her hairbrush, almost killed her. I know, that lady can really spank."

Perkins knew what was coming. He was not opposed to opening the way for Julie to make periodic visits to his office. Not wanting to appear too anxious, he asked what Holly meant.

"She was ashamed to ask you, but she could use some salve on her ‘still too tender to sit on bottom.’ She believes you putting it on will make her feel better than if I did it."

"This sounds very juvenile, Holly. Why don't you do it?"

"I think she wants you to see what her bottom looks like after that hard spanking you gave her. Please accommodate her, Boss. She started crying again on the phone just now."

“Mr. Perkins, not that I ever liked your spankings, but having them periodically made them easier to take. Julie was never spanked on her bare bottom as an adult before. Maybe, if you tell her it’s over now, she can move on.”

“What do you mean, Holly? You wet my pants plenty while over my lap.”

“Boss, that was only when you were very nice to me after the spankings. All those spankings ever did were wet my pussy enough to admit your humongous cock I love so. Without that pussy juice you would never fit that hunk of meat in me!”

He smiled at her and returned to the business at hand. "I think this is very foolish but if it will make you two silly girls feel better, I guess I can. Go call her now before I get busy. Had you listened to me last week, you would both be sitting at your desks thinking about what to have for lunch now, instead of feeling the throbbing pain of a hard, three day old spanking in your bottoms."

Holly leaned over, kissed him and gave his cock a squeeze. She then made the call and retrieved the salve. Julie arrived in a few minutes and locked the door behind her. She was a very pretty young lady and Perkins was almost sorry for the discomfort he caused her.

Thank you for seeing me, Dean Perkins. I can hardly walk and had to sleep on my tummy the last three nights. Can you make my very sore bottom feel better? Even this loose skirt burns my buns every time it swishes on them."

"This never should have happened. I hope you will remember this spanking the next time you summon someone to your boss' office, Julie."

"I will never forget that spanking, Dean Perkins. Your hand was almost as hard as my hairbrush. I hope you never have to do that to my poor tush again. I may have to stand up for a few more days," she said, blushing brightly. She almost told him his cock was just as hard, but decided not to be so bold.

While this over the lap activity didn’t require a witness, Holly wanted to stay and watch. Nobody objected.

Perkins sat in the chair and rolled up his sleeve again. Both girls got buggy eyed and he smiled. He helped Julie over his lap and lifted her mini skirt. She too, had nothing but purple buns underneath. Colored or not, they were still beautifully shaped. Two pretty round mounds growing up from her well-shaped thighs.

Perkins remembered how great Julie’s ass looked as it bounced around his lap during her spanking. Just thinking about it shot his cock up into Julie’s belly. Julie felt it and rolled around on it.

Perkins dripped a few drops of salve on each adorable cheek and then started working it in. Julie squealed a bit at first, but then settled down for some very calming work on her rear.

Perkins ran his hand over both tender cheeks, very gently. When Julie started humming and spread her legs, he took his lubricated middle finger and ran it between her cheeks, deep in the separation.

Julie may not have needed the salve there, but the slippery finger found every nerve ending between her round globes. Julie arched her back and purred. When Perkins got to her pink asshole, he lingered for a moment and applied some pressure. Her moans increased. When the pink rosebud opened, Perkins inserted the slippery digit all the way in. Julie lifted her bottom to give him full access .

Shaking the exploring finger back and forth, Perkins looked at Holly. Sitting on the nearby couch, she smiled and gave him a nod. Julie started purring and rolling her great looking ass, matching Perkins' every thrust.

Perkins looked down and saw Julie’s glistening slash staring at him. He removed the finger from her rear door and brushed his thumb against her pussy lips to test her reaction, in case he read Holly wrong.

Julie moaned ever so slightly and opened her legs even wider. Perkins, knowing how to read a woman's signs, went for the kill.

Perkins took his right thumb and rubbed it ever so gently against her pussy. Seeing the sweet potion bubble up at the entrance, he gently inserted the stubby digit. It glided in effortlessly. Julie bounced her butt and continued with unintelligible sounds.

Knowing all was well; Perkins went in to the hilt and searched for that pointy little thing the girls found so sensitive. Julie jerked up a bit when he touched it but then settled down for a noisy ride.

Feeling the warm piece of meat in her wetness, Perkins stroked it to her musical accompaniment.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Dean Perkins. So good."

He ran his thumb along its slippery side and tickled the front. When Julie's sounds told him she was ready, he moved over to the G-spot and started the massage there. Julie’s legs started bouncing, showing him her bush. He grabbed his handkerchief and put it by her mouth.

"Bite down, Julie, unless you want the girls to hear you!"

The last thing she said was “Clity, clity, clity, Dean Perkins, please.”

Moving his thumb and forefinger over to where she wanted it, Perkins gave her little swollen bump a nice squeeze. He twirled it between the two wet fingers and felt it engorge. Very firmly, but gentle enough not to hurt her, he played the musical instrument inside her. Julie sang a wonderful song and bounced and kicked with each “Oh, Oh, Oh.”

Just making it in time, Julie’s mouth was gagged as her guttural screams came up her throat. Perkins kept stroking as Julie orgasmed. Every rub on her clit was answered with a long soft moan and a big bounce. But for his left hand, she would be on the floor. Eventually, the bouncing and quivering subsided. Even though the lock on his thumb was released, Perkins left it in place for Julie to enjoy.

"Holly, would you say Julie's spanking was twice as bad as yours?"

"Yes, Boss. At least."

"Shall I bring her off again? Do you think she would like another cum?"

Before Holly could answer, Julie's head swung up and down, still unable to articulate understandable sounds.

Julie’s pussy continued to drip as Perkins' thumb went swimming in her sweet honey pot. Perkins quickly searched for her clit again. Finding the sweet button, Perkins began the massage that he knew would start her sweet ass bouncing again. He put two fingers around the tender pea and felt it throb. It took about four or five squeezes and Julie was grinding her teeth into the handkerchief.

Julie’s legs started kicking and her throat went, "Aah, aah, aah," about ten times. She bounced so high his fingers almost slipped out. But Perkins, being a master at making women cum, held on and finished the screaming girl off.

After a totally spent Julie stopped bouncing, she remained on Perkins’ lap until she caught her breath. Still draped with her cute ass looking up, Julie turned around and offered the hanky back. Perkins removed it with his left hand and touched her forehead. She was wet with sweat. When she turned her face up to him, she started blushing.

"That was so nice, Dean Perkins. Thank you so much."

"This was all Holly's idea, you should be thanking her!"

Julie slowly raised herself off the pleasure lap and shook her skirt into place. She looked at Holly, and thanked her. They both blushed.

Then Julie turned to Perkins and told him this trip over his lap was much better than the last one. “I don’t mind you raising my skirt, Dean Perkins, but please be gentle with what you find there.”

“Well girls, just remember ‘Perkins’ Rule #1,’ Good girls get all the cums they want but naughty girls get their bottoms spanked.”

“They chirped in unison, “We’ll be good, Dean Perkins.”

Perkins, seeing a victory here, kissed Julie’s cheek and told her she could come by anytime she didn’t "feel right," and he would do what he could for her. Julie blushed again and went over to kiss Holly. Both girls, recent recipients of a great Perkins' cum gave each other a congratulatory hug, continuing to enjoy the after effects. Going over the dean’s lap could be a wonderful experience.

Then they approached him from both sides, kissed his cheeks and together held his stiff rod.

“Julie, I think you better return to Miss Anderson. No sense getting her angry with you again. Just a hard look at your bottom will start you crying again.”

“Yes, Sir, Dean Perkins. I don’t want to get on her bad side again, or be anywhere near her when she has a hairbrush!”

Julie left and Holly came over to her boss. “Mr. Perkins, thank you for making Julie feel so nice. She hasn’t had a real good cum since her boyfriend left a few weeks ago and has been very tense. I think she liked what you did for her, I know I did.”

”Let’s put these spankings behind us and look ahead. You are two very bright and pretty young ladies. You should cum every time your skirt goes up and your panties come down. Now, can I count on you to behave and listen to me?”

“Yes, Boss. I only want cums when you take my panties down.”

Kissing her on the lips lightly, Perkins added, “Then all you have to do is listen, can you do that?”

“Yes, Boss.”

He very lightly tapped her bottom and sent her back to her office. Holly squealed and smiled at the same time.

After several hours of reviewing reports, it was time for lunch, and Perkins went to Bonnie’s office. Perkins had an idea of what she wanted to eat. As he entered her outer office, Julie gave him a big smile and said, “Hello, Dean Perkins. So nice to see you again.”

“Hi Julie,” he responded. “I think Holly wants to join you for lunch. You guys might enjoy the taco place on the corner. The one with the side window without stools, you know the place. You eat standing up!”

“Yes I know the place, Dean Perkins, and think it would be perfect for today. I hope they have some cold sandwiches as I have had enough heat for awhile.”

“Okay, Julie. Lock the door on the way out. Miss Anderson and I brought our own today.”

Bonnie smiled at that comment, and Julie left. The well-spanked young lady had already been taught that whatever was going to happen was none of her business. Once they were alone, Bonnie went to Perkins and thanked him for coming over.

“Sweetie, I haven’t drank from the fountain for almost 48 hours and I am very thirsty.”

“I too, Bob, am very hungry today.”

After kissing and rubbing each other like teenagers. Bob got down to business.

“How does the boss want it today?”

“I need you sucking my clit. Can you do that for your principal, Dean Perkins? Just make believe it’s a little cock and take it all in. And please teach me another way to do it, Bob.”

Perkins walked her over to the couch and helped her out of her skirt. She was wearing those lovely thigh high stockings that stayed up by themselves. He loved the cute lace trim on top. It was hard to do but he took his eyes away from her thighs and released Bonnie’s tits. He immediately went to work on them.

He took the right one in his mouth and held its left twin with his right hand. The left one was twirled and pinched while the partner got nibbled and licked. It only took a few moments for those two little hard-ons to do everything but squirt. They fully engorged and stood up tall, looking over the road map her aureoles turned into.

When Bonnie started moaning, Perkins kneeled down and put his fingers into the waistband of her panties. They were very cute, small and silky. As he slid the panties down her thighs, he began kissing her bush. He took them the rest of the way down and helped Bonnie step out of the silk sheath.

Turning her around, Perkins bit her lovely milky white ass cheeks. He then ran his tongue up and down between their separation, until she began shaking. When Bonnie reached the point of exploding, Perkins turned her around again and leaned her back against the side of the couch.

Taking Bonnie’s hands in his, he very slowly allowed her to fall backwards onto the couch. With her back and head on the seat, her long shiny stocking clad legs stood up and over the side of the couch. Perkins dropped to his knees and got between the long black legs.

He pulled her a bit so that her pussy was over the side and right in his face. Not having any panties in his way, Perkins began licking her wet lips and tried to keep up with her bucking. The principal was then asked if she was ready for her first cum of the day.

“I am ready, Big Boy. Get moving!”

Perkins teased her with his tongue; jabbing it in and out a few times. He ran one hand up her tummy until he found a firm nipple. With his thumb and forefinger in place, Perkins caressed the sweet nub and rolled it until she squealed again. He then ran two fingers around either side of the nipple feeling the raised aureole. It was also massaged until Bonnie sang her song.

Feeling she was ready, Perkins brought his hand back to the main course. Her pussy was right in his face; her legs on his shoulders and trembling. As soon as Perkins opened Bonnie’s pussy lips up as far as he could, her sweet love juice began dripping out. Not wanting that to be wasted, Perkins lapped it up and returned it to its home.

Keeping her pussy wide open, lips separated, and exposing the pink innards, Perkins put his tongue to work. Just as with the spankings he doled out, Perkins went slow and steady with firm strokes of his tongue. Even though Bonnie rolled with ecstasy, she wrapped her legs around his neck and kept her pussy in his face. She was not going to fall off this mount!

Perkins held Bonnie open as far as he could, looking for the red button. Finally it popped out and looked around. Perkins took her swollen clit in his mouth and washed it with his tongue. He nibbled on it with his teeth, ever so gently. His lips went to its base and gave it a very wet blowjob.

Perkins knew Bonnie had something in her mouth as her screams were muffled. When he felt her tense up and her clit got real firm, Perkins clamped his lips down a bit harder than before and put some pressure on her love button. His tongue set her off.

Bonnie arched her back and kicked her legs. He heard a long moan as her pelvic area drove into his face and her shiny black legs shot straight back. Her clit shot a hot stream of love juice into his mouth. When fully spent, Bonnie collapsed back onto the couch. 

When Perkins heard Bonnie’s labored breathing, he knew the long and very hard cum was over. She relaxed on her back and tried to breathe regularly. Perkins went around to the front of the couch and kissed her gently. She blushed, smiled and touched his face. When she could talk, she awarded him a black belt in pussy eating.

“Bob, every cum you liberate from my body is better than the last. I am afraid of what will come next.”

“Bonnie, don’t give me all the credit. You have a great body that cries out to be loved and all I do is what nature demands. Now, I’d like you to get up and allow me to watch you walk over to the desk. I guarantee you will see a cock bigger than you have ever seen in your life.”

Bonnie needed help in rising from the couch. When she did, she showed him her great ass and began her prance. Perkins followed her long shiny black legs down to her high heels but quickly returned his gaze to those luscious round buns. When she arrived at her desk and looked back, Bonnie noticed how the dean’s pants had been pushed out. As promised, Bob’s dick had shot up to flagpole position and was raring to go.

Perkins thought of the two firm young bottoms he covered with salve earlier that day. Then of the three cums he gave the two virtually nude beauties. Thinking about them till lunchtime made his cock very sore with anticipation. Then coming in here and having a face full of Bonnie’s pussy only added fuel to the fire. With his balls pulsing, and full of jism, Perkins needed his release.

Bonnie stayed at her desk and asked him what he wanted her to do.

“Just lean over on your forearms and keep the bra high.”

Perkins got behind her, dropped his pants, and slipped his fully tumescent and throbbing cock into the well-lubricated entrance. He ran both hands along her chest until he came to her pert firm tits.

Rolling each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, made them hard again; Perkins had been hard since 9 a.m. Perkins closed his eyes, held onto the nipples and stroked her firmly but very slowly. He wanted to enjoy this cum after delivering four powerful ones today. His steady in and out motion got Bonnie going again and after just a few hot thrusts she began singing again.

“Oh, Bob. Oh, oh, oh, ahh,” Bonnie screamed out as she shot out another hot stream of her sweet juice. Perkins then did the same, shooting burst after burst of hot jism into his principal. He kept pumping until he lost his strength.

He then lay on her back keeping his cock in its wet and warm home.

Finally they both got up and slowly walked to the couch and sat down. Sitting next to each other they held hands and enjoyed the afterglow. When able to talk, Bonnie told him how wonderful he was. Perkins leaned over and kissed her, telling her how sweet her pussy was.

When their fuck fogs cleared and their minds returned to reality, they spoke of their day. Bob reported to her some small problems he was attending to. She told him that she had received four notes from teachers about students who were discipline problems and she wanted him to deal with them when he had time.

“Two new transfers-in, Bob, girls, unable to graduate from their last schools for disciplinary reasons, and sent to us. Another girl, still misbehaving after being put on probation, and a senior boy who you have spoken to before. He just fails to learn. We treat them as adults but they still needed to be punished as children.”

“I’m pretty beat today. Can I deal with it tomorrow, Boss?”

“With a tongue like that, Bob, you can do whatever you want.”

© 2014

Rickey Smarts

Wonder what’s going to happen in Perkins’ office as he “handles” Bonnie’s new problems? With Holly’s help, who knows?

Tune in next time and watch the dean welcome some new bottoms, and some repeat offenders to his special classes.

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Chapter Eight Zak walked to Anniel’s quarters, just a few doors away from his own. The look on Anniel’s face when she greeted him at the door didn’t bode well. 'She wants to leave,' Anniel sighed into his mind. “Like hell she is,” Zak snarled and made to storm into her rooms, but Anniel gripped his arm and jerked him to a stop. Zak frowned at her. “She’s been crying for the past ten minutes, Goliath. Go easy on her,” Anniel...


Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, Missy Meets the Dean, Part A

Missy’s mom, Denise Johnston, had just upset her daughter’s world. They were moving at the end of the month, two counties over, to a new school district; one well known for turning out well-behaved and productive graduates. Missy’s dad had died eight years ago, when she was ten. He had handled the domestic discipline as needed until that point. At those tender years, all it took was the announcement of a spanking and two or three slight...



By Oediplex 8==3~ This Oedipus opus is dedicated to my mother, Dell PREAMBLE Greeting to all Oediplex OediPals, both sons and mothers who ever thought about committing incest with their parent or child, most especially those who did share that intimate act. This piece of writing is produced to make you cum. But it has a second purpose as well. I am working on building a network of all those who are interested in the subject of...


The Lamia

An Adult Story by: Miss Irene Clearmont Copyright 2011 (September) It is in the bosom of a woman that the ray of the Divine splendor will receive human form. (Vedangas). Isis Unveiled Written by, Helena Petrovna Blætavsky, neé Van Hahn Born 1831. THE LAMIA. Empty Moors. --------------------- The Scottish moors are bright with purple heather in the late autumn. Two months later the color is gone and the...


Island Fever Ch. 42 - the FINAL chapter!

Island Fever Written by: JeremyDCP Chapter 42: "Nuptials" - the FINAL chapter! =====================_________________________________________________ A romantic affair... Something special is in the air! Kindly save the date for a seaside wedding extravaganza uniting Kristanna Sommer [Last Name] and Jeremy Michael [Last Name]...


Lady Catherine's Fall

The Earl Howarth's Butler rushed out in agitation crying "Are you expected sir, only His Grace is away at the whipping Sir." His Grace indeed, as if he was a Prince or Archbishop not a mere Earl. "Oh! Then direct me pray," I requested, in as haughty manner as I could muster. "In the town sir, Allerton, in the square sir, at the whipping sir," he said deferentially whereas by rights he should be ordering us hence. "And the Lady...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Two)

Introduction: To make sense, start from the beginning…. Chapter Two ____________________________ A glorious sun-drenched early morning greeted me as I awoke in my bed alongside the lovely brunette door prize I had won at the party the previous evening. It had been arranged for me to interview Greg at nine oclock, so after fucking the young woman just once more I dismissed her from my suite, showered and shaved, and then contemplated what to...


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